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Jit literature, Science, ;mt> tire June |lrts. 







©ffereb at gtofrerate prices bn 





West-End House 1—36, PICCADILLY, W. 

(Opposite St. James's Church.) 


Telegraphic Address, Bookmen, London. 

18 88. 








Jit SSferatee, Science, anfo % Jfiro §>rfs; 






©{ft reti at brru jftttoerate prices fcg 



Telegraphic Address: BOOKMEN, LONDON. 

ax Odd Medley of Literary Curiosities, 
original and selected : including Letters and 
Extracts from the MS. Writings of James 
Pierrepont Greaves : by Alist F. Barham, 
Editor of Collier's Eccl. Hist., etc., portrait, 
2 vols. 8vo. in one, cloth {scarce), 10s 6cl 1839, etc. 

An eccentric production : included are these pieces by the 
same author: Alist, an Autobiography ; or an Author's Life in 
the Nineteenth Century — The Adamns Exul of Grotius; or the 
Prototype of Paradise Lost; now tiist trans, from the Latin — 
Socrates, a Tragedy — The Alist or Djvine ; a Message to our 
Times, etc. 

A. B. C. (The), with tlie Catechism, 12mo. clean 
imc ut copy, stitched {just as issued from the 
printer's warehouse) : 

" This little Catechism learned 
by heart (for so it ought), 
The Primer next commanded is 
for children to be taught." 

7s6d Stationers' Co., 1757 

A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) The Comic 
Blackstone, illustrated by George Cruik- 
SHANK, post Svo. new morocco gilt, 7s Od n. d. 


The Comic Blackstone, revised and ex- 
tended by A. W. A'Beckett, Barrister-at-Law, 

and numerous woodcuts by HARRY FURNISS, 
severely trouncing the Profession of the Author 
and Editor. 8vo. new half morocco gilt, uncut,, 
top edges gilt, with the original wrappers bound 
in, 15s 1887 

The same, handsomely bound in new bright 

calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt, 185 Od 

Comic History of Rome, Edition de 

Luxe, impl. Svo. red polished Levant morocco, 
top edges gilt, £3. 10c? n. d. 

A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) Comic Hist- 
ories of England and Home (Edition de 
Luxe), in large type: the illustrations by Jon's 
Leech printed direct from the steel engravings 
and wood-blocks on Japanese paper, the 
former carefully HAND-COLOURED, 3 noble vols, 
medium imperial Svo. cloth, uncut, £3. 3s (1881) 

Another copy, morocco elegant, uncut, top 

edges gilt, £8. Ss 

Comic History of England, with 10 

coloured 'plates and ' 120 ivoodc ids by John Leech, 
early EDITION, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, uncut, scara , 
£3. 3s Punch Office, 1851-48 

Comic History of England, with 20 

COLOURED PLATES and200 woodcuts by J. LEECH ; 
thick Svo. clot/i^ gilt edges, Ss Gd n. d. 

The same, half morocco, gilt edges, Ids 6d 

Comic History of Rome, with 10 coloured 

PLATES and numerous woodcuts by JOHN Leech ; 
Svo. cloth, gilt edges, 0$ iid n. d. 
The same, half morocco, gilt edges, 12s 

ABBEY (Rev. C. J.) The English Church 
and its Bishops, 1700-1800, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. 1S87 

ABEL A (II Coram. Fra G. P.) Descrittioxe 
di Malta, Isola nel Mare Siciliano ; con le sue 
Antichita, map and plates, small folio, fine copy 
in tree- marbled calf extra, gilt edges, with bullion- 
tagged marker, by Kcdthocber, rare (Mr. Beck- 
ford's copy), £2. 17s (5d 

Malta ; P. Bonacota, 1647 
The First Book Printed in Malta. Seiner, whose 
Latin translation was printed by Burman in his Thesaurus, 
asserted that even in his time the book had become extremely 
rare ; a fact confirmed by a copy selling in the Bibliotheca 
Westreniana for 85 florins. 


ABBOTT (Dr. E. A.) Bible Lessons, post 8vo. 
cloth, As 1879 

Through Nature to Christ, or the 

Ascent of Worship through Illusion to the Truth, 
Svo. cloth, As Gd (pub. 12s Gd) 1877 

and W. G. RUSHBROOKB, The 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

Common Tradition of the Synoptic Gospels. 
in the text of the Revised Version, post 8vo. cloth, 
3s 1884 

ABOUT (Edmond) L'Homme h l'Oreille 
Cassee {a splendid illustrated edition in large 
type on thick paper) ; with 61 clever compositions 
by E. Courboin, impl. Svo. sewn, 10s Gd Paris, 1884 

ACERBI (J.) Travels through Sweden, Fin- 
land, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in 
1798-9, port., large map, and 15 plates of Views 
and Natural History, 2 vols. 4to. calf extra, 
135 Gd 1802 

ACHERLEY (Roger) The Britannic Con- 
stitution, or the Fundamental Form of Govern- 
ment in Great Britain, wherein is proved that the 
placing on the Throne of William III. was Con- 
stitutional, thick folio, LARGE paper, red morocco 
super-extra, gt. cd. (very fine copy), £2. 10s 1727 

ADAM (Mrne. Edmond) La Chanson des 
NOUVEAUX EPOUX, with fine portrait and 10 
large etchings, roy. 4to. sewn, in portfolio, £1. 

Paris, 1882 

ADAMS (C. P.) Notes on Railway Accidents, 
post 8vo. cloth, 35 1879 

ADAMS (Rev. W.) Sacred Allegories, new 
edition, portrait and view of Bonchurch, post Svo. 
antique mor., bevelled boards, gilt edges, 10s 1863 

ADAMS ( W. H. . Davenport) The Golden 
Book of English Song, crown Svo. cloth, As 1875 

— ; — Good Samaritans : Biographical Illustra- 
tions of the Law of Human Kindness, Svo. cloth, 
Is 6d 1883 

ADDISON (Right Hon. Joseph) Complete 
WORKS, in Prose and Verse ; with Notes by 
Bishop Hurd, new edition, with Additions, por- 
trait, 6 vols, post Svo. half calf gilt, £1. 12s 1883 

Another copy, calf extra, £2. 5s 

Essays, chosen and edited by the Rev. J. 

R. Green, portrait, 12mo. morocco extra, gilt 
edges, 10s Gd 1882 

ADOLPHUS (J.) History of England during 
the Reign of King George III., 7 thick vols. Svo. 
calf gilt, £2. 2s 1840-5 

The best history of this interesting period, comprising the 
fullest accounts of the American and Indian Wars, the French 
Revolution, etc. 


— — — Recollections of the Public Career and 
Private Life of, with Extracts from his Diaries, 
by his Daughter Emily Henderson, illustrated 

[most of them fine engravings) selected with taste, 
of Actresses and Actors, Men of Letters, and 
Public Characters, 8vo. new half olive morocco 
i ctra, uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 5s 1871 

E.) From the 
in a Dog -Cart, 
165) 1887 

Pyrenees to the Channel 
illustrated, Svo. cloth, 5s (pub. 
.ZESCHYLUS'S Agamemnon, and Euripides's 
Racchanals, translated into English Verse by 
Dean Milman, large cr. 8vo. cf gt., 10s Gd 1865 

Agamemnon, translated by the Earl of 

Carnarvon, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1879 

AESOP'S Fables, and those of other eminent 
Mythologists, with Morals and Reflexions, by 
Sir Roger ^Estrange, frontispiece, folio, half 
morocco neat, top edges gilt, \5s Reprint of 1GG0 

The " Reflexions " introduced into this curious work furnish 
the author with continual opportunities of libelling his oppo- 
nents; and as Hallam says, he was a master of "slang." 

Fables, New Version, by T. James, with 

over 100 engravings from designs by Tenniel and 
Wolf, post Svo. calf, Is 1882 

Another copv, calf extra, gilt edges, Ss Gd 

AFFIANCED ONE (The), a Novel, 3 vols, 
crown 8vo. olive morocco extra, with Arms on 
sides, gilt edges, 10s 1832 

AIDS TO FAITH, a Series of Essays by Dean 
Mansel, Prof. Rawlinson, the Editor, etc., edited 
by Abp. Thomson, Svo. cloth, As Gd (pub. 9s) 1862 

AIKIN (Dr. J.) and Anna L^etitia Barbauld, 
Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose by, Svo. calf 
ailt 6s Gd 1792 

AINSLIE (H.) The Pilgrim and the Shrine, 
post 8vo. cloth, As 1884 

AINSWORTH (W. Harrison) Novels and 
Romances (large type library edition}, with the 
numerous original illustrations by G. Cruik- 
SHANK, "Phiz," J. Franklin, etc.,' 16 vols. Svo. 
new half calf gilt, £5. 105 — or, new half morocco 
gilt, £6. n. d. 

Tower of London, Star Chamber, Guy Fawkes, Miser's 
Daughter, Auriol, Jack Sheppard, Rookwood, Flitch of Bacon, 
Old St. Paul's, Lancashire Witches, Crichton, Mervyn Clitheroe, 
Spendthrift, Boscobel, Ovingdean Grange, Windsor Castle. 

Another Edition, with portrait and 

illustrations by G. Cruikshank, H. K. Broiunc, 
Sir J. Gilbert, etc., 30 vols, post Svo. half 
morocco gilt, £7. 15s 1879 

Cheap Edition, 26 vols. fcap. 8vo. in 13, 

half calf , £3. n. d. 

Auriol, or the Elixir of Life, plates by 

" Phiz," 8vo. half roan, Gs Gd n. d. 

Cardinal Pole, illustrated by F. Gilbert, 

crown 8vo. cloth, 3s 1880 

The Flitch of Bacon, illustrated by Sir J. 

Gilbert, Svo. cloth, As n. d. 

Guy Fawkes, illustrated by G. Cruikshank, 

Svo. cloth, 5s n. d. 

Jack Sheppard, illustrated by G. Cruik- 
shank, crown Svo. cloth, 3s 1879 

Ovingdean Grange, illustrated by "Phiz," 

Svo. cloth, As n. d. 

St. James's, illustrated by G. Cruikshank, 

crown Svo. cloth, 3s 1879 

Windsor Castle, illustrated by G. Cruik- 
shank and Tony Johannot, Svo. cloth, As u. d. 


AMICIS (E. de) Morocco : its People and 
Places, translated byC. RolKn-Tilton, with illust- 
rations, impl. Svo. cloth, Is (pub. €1. Is) n. d. 

ANDERSSON (C. J.) Lake Ngamij or Ex- 

plorano)!^ and Discoveries in the Wilde of S.-W. 
Africa, with <>>"/>, 16 lithographs by A. Wolf 
and <>th< /-.,, and JO woodcuts, royal 8vo. half calf 
gilt, 10y ba 1856 

ANDERSSON (C. J.) The Okovango Kiver : 

Travel, Exploration, and Adventure, numerous 

illustrations, Svo. new hf. cf. gt., 8s Gd (]>ul>. 

£1. Is unbound) 1861 

BAKER (Sir Samuel W.) Works on Africa 
etc. : — see under " Baker." 

BELLAIRS (Lady) The Transvaal War, 
1880-1, view of Pretoria, 8vo. cl., 5s (pub. 15s) 1885 


>oks on Africa, continued:— 

AINES (T., f.r.g.s.) Explorations in 
South-West Africa -. a Journey from Walvisch 
Bay to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls in 
1861-2. maps, mates, and woodcuts, thick Svo. 
doth, Ss Qd (pub. £1. 1*) 1S64 

ARTH (Dr.) Travels and Discoveries in 
North and Central Africa, 1849-55, maps, tinted 
plates and woodcuts, 5 large vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. 15s (pub. £5. 5s) 1857-S 

Comprising Journey from Tripoli to Kouka : from Kouka to 
la, the Capital of Adumawa, and back to Kanen, accompany- 

a Slave-Hunting Expedition toMusgo; and his Journey to 
I Residence inBagirmo. Also a Journey from Kouka to 
nbuctoo, a Residence there and Journey back. 

RJJCE (James, of Kinnaird) Travels in 
Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, etc., to discover the 

Source of the Nile, with numerous fine engravings 
i.nd maps, 5 vols, royal -ito. sound russia neat, 
saffron edges, £1. 185 Edinburgh, 1790 

Travels and Adventures in Abyssinia 

md Nubia, 176S-1773, to Discover the Source of 
the Nile, edited by J. M. Clingan ; map and 
illustrations, square post Svo. calf gilt, Ss 1873 

" I have beer, reading Brkce's Travels. No words can 
>ress the pleasure they have given me. . . . The singular mixture 
romantic adventure and historical truth, etc. . . . Cried down 
so many years as a series of falsehoods, and then proved by 
. Clarke, and Mr. Salt, and half-a-dozen other travellers to be 
e, even in its most improbable details !" — Miss Mitford's Letter, 

CJRTON (Sir Richard) First Footsteps in 
East Africa, or an Exploration of Harar, with 
a, Vocabulary of the Language, coloured plates, 
thick Svo. half calf gilt, 12s 3d (pub. ISs) 1856 
A.MERON (Commander) Across Africa. 
with numerous full-page plates and. other wa 

. maps, etc., 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 12s Qd (pub. 
£1. 12*) 1877 

ROUDE (J. A.) Two Lectures on South 
Africa, at Edinburgh, thin Svo. cloth. 3s Qd 1SS0 
OOKER (Sir J. D.) and J. BALL, 
Journal of a Tour in Morocco and the Great 
Atlas, with a sketch of the Geology by G. Maw, 
folding front ispieee, map on linen and other plates, 
Svo. half calf gilt, Us (pub. £1. 1*) 1878 

AMES (P. L.) The Wild Tribes of the 
Soudan, with map and illustrations, post Svo. 

- 'If extra, by Riviere, 12s 1SS4 

IVINGSTONE (Dr.) Missionary Travels 
and Researches in South Africa, including 
his 16 years' Residence in the Interior, n 
portrait, and engravings, thick Svo. cloth, Is Qd 
(pub. £1. Is) 1857 

Smaller edition, with map and numerous 

engravings, post Svo. calf gilt, lis Qd ; or, calf 
extra, gilt edges, 13s 6d 1S75 
Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tribu- 
taries : and of the discovery of Lakes Shinva 
and Nyassa, IScS-GL map and numerous illust- 
rations, post Svo. calf gilt, Us Qd 1S75 
[ACKINNON (Rev. J.) South African 
Traits, Svo. cloth, 5s Qd (pub. Is Qd) 1SS7 
icQUEEN (J.) Geographical Survey of 
Africa, with Letter to Lord John Russell regarding 
the Slave Trade, and the Improvement of Africa, 
Svo. sprinkled calf extra, yellowedges, as good as 

. with LARGE FOLDED MAP t fn\ COSt 

(a fins specimen of the late F. Bedford's bind- 
ing), 12s Qd 1840 

MADAGASCAR :— DRURY (Robert) Advent- 
ures during Fifteen Years' Captivity in the 

Island of Madagascar, with description of the 
Island and a Vocabulary of the Language, etc. 
etc., revised edition, with plates, Svo. calf gilt 
[name on i 1S07 

MADAGASCAR, Three Visits to, by the 
Rev. W. Ellis, 1853-4-6, a Journey to the Capital, 
Notices ol the Natural History, People, etc., 
folding frontispieci <<n< ! other ulustratu 
cloth, 'is Qd (pub. 16*) 185S 

MADAGASCAR Revisited, describing the 
events of a New Reign and the Revolution which 
followed'; with 14 engravings, Svo. calf gilt, 
12s Qd 1867 

MADAGASCAR:— An Historical and Descript- 
ive Account of the Island and its former De- 
pendencies, by Captain S. Pasfield Oliver, 
with frontispieces and maps, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£2. 2s lSSb" 

METHUEN (H. H.) Life in the Wilderness ; 
or Wanderings in South Africa (with entomolog- 
ical appendix i. 3 plates, post Svo. new half m 0\ 
extra, top edges gilt, 5s Qd 1S46 

MOLONEY (Alfred) Forestry of West 
Africa, crown Svo. cloth, 5s Qd (pub. 7s Qd) 


PARK (Mungo) Travels in the Interior of 
Africa, 10 illustrations; post Svo. calf gilt, Ss; 
or, calf extra, gUt edges, 9s Qd lSt>7 

PARKYNS (M.) Life in Abyssinia, Notes 
collected during three years' Residence, map 
illustration*, poa t Svo. calf gilt, lis Qd 1S6S 

RAE (E., f.r.g.s.). The Country of the Mo 
a Journey from Tripoli in Barbary to the City of 
Kairwan. with maps and etched illustrations by 
Leon Bicheton and the author, crown Svo. cloth, 
7s Qd (pub. 12s) 1S77 

SCHWEINFURTH (Dr. G.) The Heart of 
Africa, Three Years' Travels in Unexplored 
Regions, 1S6S-71. with Introduction by Winwood 
Reade. maps and wood-eng . 2 vols. Svo. 

half calf gilt [nearly new), £1. 2 1874 

SHOOTER 'Rev. Joseph) The Kafii: 
Natal and the Zulu Country, tinted plates, Svo. 
cloth. Is Qd 1857 

SPEKE (Capt, J. H.i Journal of the Discovery 
of the Source of the Nile, with 'llust- 

rations by Capt. Grant, map, and full-length 


cloth, 8s (pub. £1. Is) 1S64 

THEAL (G. McAll) Kaffir Folk-Lore. 

Svo. cloth, 5s 
THOMPSON (G.) Travels and Adventures 
in South Africa, with large map, plans, and 
numerous plates of the ( lony, Jfo 

Zulus, etc., 4to. half calf gtl 9,7 1823 

VALDEZ (Francisco T.) Six Years of a 

Traveller's Life in Western Africa, with 
■numerous illustrations, 2 vols. Bvo. in one. 
calf gilt, Ss Qd (pub. £1. 10s) 1S61 

Journal of a Visit to Ethiopia, m 

•y illustrations, -ito. cloth, 5s 1822 

ITKIN (Rev. W. H. M. Hay) God's Ever- 
lasting Yea, crown Svo. cloth, 3s n. d. 

AKEMPIS (Thomas) De 
Christi, crown Svo. cloth, Is 


1 * 


A'KEMPIS (Thomas) The Imitation of 
Christ, printed within red borders, with illumin- 
ated titles, and ornamented capitals, square Svo. 
morocco critique, edges gilt over red, £1. 16s 

Oxford, n. d. 
Illustrated Edition, printed within red 

borders, and illustrated by beautiful photographs 
after the Great Masters ; thick crown 4to. morocco, 
gilt edges, £1. 18s n. d. 

Another Edition, printed within red borders, 

12nio. calf antique, carmine edges, 9s 6d — or, 
morocco, gilt edges, lis n. d. 

The same, polished morocco extra, gilt over 

red edges, £1. Is n. d. 

Parker's Edition, with red line round each 

page, fcap Svo. polished morocco, edges gilt over 
red, 18s n. d. 

Parchment Library EprnoN, frontis- 

piece, fcap. Svo. morocco, top edges gilt, 12s 6d n. d, 

Another edition, 12mo. limp calf, gilt edges, 

10s n. d. 

and the Brothers of Common Life, by 

the Rev. S. Kettlewell, portraits, 2 vols. Svo, 
cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £1. 10s) 1882 

AKERMAN (J. Y., f.s.a.) Archaeological 
Index to Remains of Antiquity of the Celtic, 
Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon Periods, 19 
plates, containing many hundred figures, and 
woodcuts, Svo. cloth, 9s 6cl (pub. 16s) 1847 

ALAMANNI (Luigi) Gyrone il Cortese, in 

Ottava Rima, the title surroitnded by woodcut 

borders, 4to. beautiful copy in blue morocco extra, 

edges gilt over red, byC Lewis, £7. 10s Parigi, 1548 

From the Hamilton Palace Collection. " Bonne 

Edition, qui a e"te imprimee sous les yeux de Fauteur." — Brunei. 

A copv of this work sold at Sotheby's for ^ J 68 in 1884. 

ALBEMARLE (George Thomas Earl of) 
Narrative of a Journey across the Balcan, 
also a Visit to Azani and other Ruins in Asia 
Minor in 1829-30 (when Major Keppel), coloured 
frontispiece, maps and other plates, 2 vols. Svo. 
new half ca If gilt, 1 0s 6d 1 83 1 

Fifty Years of my Life, engraved front- 
ispiece and pedigree, 2 vols. Svo. hedf calf gilt, 
12s 6d 1876 

Life of, by Sir Theodore Martin, k.c.b., with 
'portraits and views, 5 vols. Svo. morocco, gilt 
edges, £4. 10s 1875-80 


The same, 5 vols, imperial Svo. Large and 

FINE Paper, with fine impressions of most of the 
portraits and views on India Paper ; cloth, uncut, 
top edges gilt, £30. 1875-80 

It is believed that the above copy is the only one on large 
paper that has ever occurred for sale, as a very few such copies 
were executed for presentation only in quarters whence it is 
very unlikely that they will ever emerge for sale. Apart, how- 
ever, from its rarity, its handsome character makes it well 
worthy of the collector's notice. 

EARLY Years of, compiled under the 

direction of her Majesty the Queen by Lieut. - 

Genera] the Hon. C. Grey, 2 beautifully engraved 

portraits, thick Svo. calf gilt, 12s 6d 1868 

many interesting particulars of the Prince's early 

Life, including his Journals, etc. It was intended as a Preface 

to Sir Th. Martin's Life of the Prince Consort. 

Early Homes of, by Alfred Kimmer, 

illustrated, large Svo. cloth, 13s 1883 

ALBERT (P.) La Litterature Francaise au 
Dix-neuvieme Siecle, 12mb. half morocco, 5s 

Paris, 1882 

ALFIERI (Vittorio) Tragedies complete, in- 
cluding his posthumous works, edited hy E. A. 
Bowring, 2 vols, post Svo. calf extra, 15s 1876 

ALBINOVANI (C. P.) Elegms III et Frag- 
menta ; cum Interpretatione et Notis Scaligeri, 
Lindenbruchii, Heinsii, Goralli et aliorum, front. 
and /wads, sm. Svo. olive morocco extra, gilt edges, 
by PADELOUP (Mr. Beckford's copy, formerly 
Bamoignon's), £1. 15s Amst., 1703 

ALCOCK (Sir Rutherford) The Capital of 
the Tycoon : a three years' residence in Japan, 
with maps and numerous chromolithographs and 
woodcuts, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 15s (pub. £2. 2s) 1863 

Art and Art Industry in Japan, illust- 
rated, post Svo. cloth, Qs (pub. 15s) 1878 

ALEXANDER (W., Bishop of Berry) Bampton 
Lectures on the Witness of the Psalms to 
Christ and Christianity, Svo. cloth, 4s 1877 

The same, second and best edition, Svo. 

cloth, 8s (pub. 14s) 1878 

ALFORD (Dean) Poetical Works, with 
beautiful woodcut frontispiece after W. Dyce, 
R.A., 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, lis M 1845 

Chapters on the Poets of Ancient 

Greece, frontispiece, Svo. cloth {scarce), £1. Is 


Essays and Addresses, chiefly on Church 

Subjects, Svo. cloth, Ss6d 1869 

ALPORD (Lady Marian) Needlework as 
Art ; being an Historical Account of Design, 
Stitches, Materials, Colour, Dress, Ecclesiastical 
and English Embroidery, etc., with 85 plates 
(mostly in photogravure), and 29 woodcuts, thick 
roval Svo. white cloth gilt, gilt edges, in case, 
£L 5s (sells £2. 2s) 1886 

The same, a Large Paper copy, printed 

on thick paper, royal 4to. white vellum extra, 
top edges gilt {a very handsome gift-book), £3. 10s 

ALGAROTTI (Count) Essay on Painting ; 
translated from the Italian (dedicated to the 
Society of Arts), 12mo. calf neat, 5s 1764 

ALGER (W. R.) Critical Histoiy of the 
Doctrine of a Future Life, with complete 
Bibliography by E. Abbot, thick Svo. cloth, 6s 
(pub. 18s) Boston, Mass., 1880 

ALICE (H.R.H. the Princess) Letters to 
her Majesty the Queen, new edition, with 
Memoir by the Princess Christian, portrait, post 
Svo. parchment, 6s 1885 

ALISON (Sir Archibald) History of Europe, 
from the beginning of the French Revolution ; 

with numerous fine portraits, 23 vols. Svo. and 
the Atlas of Maps and Plans, oblong 4to. cloth, 
£9. (pub. £20.) 1860 

The same, new half calf gilt, £12. 12s 

A set, without the Atlas, 23 vols. Svo. bright 

calf extra, nearly new, £10. 15s 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £15.; or, new 

tree-calf extra by Puviere, £16. 16s 

Cabinet Edition, without Atlas, 21 vols. 

post 8vo. half cedf gilt, £6. 6s 1853 

History of Europe during the French 

Revolution, 1789-1815, 10 vols. 8vo. half calf 
gilt, nice set, £2. 2s 1839-42 

History of Europe, from the beginning 

of the French Revolution, 1789 to 1815, with 
numerous portraits, fine library edition, LARGE 
paper, 14 thick vols, royal 8vo. tree-calf gilt, a 
very fine set, £10. 10s 1849-50 

Only a few copies of this fine edition were printed on 
large paper as above, and sold at 23 guineas each unbound. 

History of Europe, the continuation from 

the fall of the great Napoleon in 1815 to the 
Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852, library 
edition, 9 vols. Svo. and ATLAS in oblong 4to. 
cloth (cheap), £3. 3s 1852 


ALISON (Sir Archibald) Essays : Political, 
Historical, and Miscellaneous, 3 thick vols. 8vo. 
cloth, uncut, 10s 6^/ (pub. £2. 5s) 1801 

■ The same, calf gilt, £1. 5s 

Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir 

Charles Stewart, Second and Third Mar- 
QUESSES of LONDONDERRY, with Annals of Con- 
temporary Events, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s Ocl (pub. 
£2. 2s) 1850 

Life of John Duke of Marlboroi tgr, 

with portrait, map, and plans of battles, etc., 
2 vols. 8vo cloth, 12* (pub. £1. 10a : ) 1855 

ALLAN (J. H.) Pictorial Tour in the Mepi- 
TERRANEAN, with 40 lithographic plates and 
numerous woodcuts, folio, cloth, 8* Od (pub. 
£3. 35) 1S45 

ALLIBONE (S. A.) Great Authors of all 
Ages, royal 8vo. cloth, 16s 1880 

ETC. : 

ALPS, The Pioneers of the : A Collection of 
Portraits of some of the leading Guides in the 
three great Mountaineering Districts in the Alps, 
Zermatt, Grindelwaldj and Chamonix, by C. D. 
Cunningham and Captain Abney, r.e.^ f.r.s., 
4to. cloth, £1. lis Od 1887 

A Large Paper Copy, on hand-made 

paper, with earliest i^roovcs of the photogravures on 
India Paper (only 50 copies printed), £3. 3s 

I. Introduction. 

II. The Growth and Develop- 
ment ok Mountaineering. 
The portraits are in Photogravure, from the original plates 
taken by Captain Abney, and each is accompanied by a Bio- 
graphical Sketch. 

Amongst the contributors are G. S. Barnes, H. Cockburn, 
W. M. Conway, the Rev. W. A. B. Coolidge, W. E. Davidson, 
C. T. Dent, James Eccles, G. E. Foster, D. W. Freshrield, 
F. Gardiner," the Rev. W. S. Green, J. Walker Hartley, 
H. Seymour Hoare, T. S. Kennedy, J. O. Maund, C. E. 
Mathews, William Mathews, the Rev. F. T. Wethered, and 
E. Whymper. 

" It has been thought that the present is a singularly favourable 
time for forming such a collection, as in addition to the portraits of 
those guides irho have perfected the Art of Climbing, we are still 
able to obtain the likenesses of men ivho were among the first 
pioneers in the Alps." 

III. Biographical. 

IV. " In Memoria.m. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 5 

ALPINE CLUB:— Peaks, Passes, and Gla- 
CIEHS ; ;i scries of Excursions by Members of the 
Alpine Club, both series, edited by .J. 15;ill and 
E. S. Kennedy, illustrated by numerous plates 
and maps, souk' coloured, and many woodcuts, 

3 vols. Svo. original cloth, uncut, VERY SCARCE, 

£4. 15s 1859-62 

ALPS :— Brockedon (W.) The Passes of the 

Alps, 109 beautiful engravings by I-'ni<i<>t, Will- 
more, etc., including Maps of each Pass, and 
general Map of the Alps by Arrowsmith, with 
interesting Historical and Descriptive Letter- 
press, 2 vols. 4to. half morocco extra, uncut, top 
edges gilt, £3. 15s (pub. £10. 10s) 1828-9 

Another copy, 2 vols, in 1, handsomely bound 

in yellow morocco extra, £2. 18s 

ALPS :— Cockburn (Major) Views to illustrate 
the Route of the Simplon and Mont Cenis ; 
100 large lithographs by J. D. Harding, 2 vols, 
royal folio in one, full russia gilt, gilt edges, fine 
copy, £2. 2s 'l822 

ALPS :— The Dolomite Mountains : Excursions 
through Tyrol, Cavinthia, Carniola, and Friuli ; 
by J osiah Gilbert and G. C. Churchill, with 
numerous pretty tinted lithographs and woodcuts 
by Whymper, Svo. cloth, very SCARCE, £1. 15s 1864 

ALPS:-King (Rev. S. W.) The Italian Val- 
leys of the Pennine Alps, with illustrations by 
the Author, maps, etc., 8vo. cloth, £1. As 1858 

ALPS :— Monson (Lord) Magnificent Views 
in the Department of the Isere and HIGH Alps; 
with Descriptions in English and P'rench, 24 large 
plates by L. Haghc, on India paper, atlas folio, 
half morocco, £2. 14s (pub. £4. 4.s) 1840 

ALTER EJUSDEM, being another instalment 
of Lilts and Lyrics, by the Author of " Mistur; 
Curiosa," with 150 Pen-and-ink Sketches and 
occasioned Music, crown 4to. neic cloth, gilt edges, 
SCARCE, 185 Edinburgh, lc-7'/ 

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges, £1. 5.; 

AMADIS of Gaul, by Vasco Lobeira, trans- 
lated by Robert Sou they, 3 vols, post Svo. 
cloth, lis Od 1S72 



ALCEDO (Don Antonio de) Geographical 
and Historical Dictionary of America and 
the West Indies, with large Additions and 
Compilations from Modern Travels, by G. A. 
Thompson. 5 vols. 4to. hedf cedf gilt, 18s 1812-15 

Bugle-Echoes, post 8vo. cloth, 4s Od 1886 

Life with Mosby, by John Scott, of Fauquier, 
with portrait, map, and numerous woodcuts of 
the extraordinary exploits and adventures of this 
celebrated Confederate Land Privateer, rov. 8vo. 
cloth, Is 6d (pub. 16s) 1867 

W. H.) My Diary North and South, maps, 
2 vols, post Svo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1863 

ATKINSON (Rev. W. C.) Historical and 
Statistical Account of New Brunswick, with 
Advice to Emigrants, large map, third edition, 
12mo. cloth {scarce), 9s Edinburgh, 1844 

CLAIM (The) of the American Loyalists 
reviewed and maintained upon incontrovertible 
principles of Law and Justice, Svo. old smooth 
red morocco neat, gt. cd., yery SCARCE, 15s 1788 


A copy on LARGE PAPER, excessiyely 


BUCANIERS of America; or a true Account 
of the most remarkable Assaults committed < ; 
late years upon the Coasts of the West Indies, bv 
the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, both 
English and French, by JOHN ESQUEMELINt I. 
Wherein are contained more especially the un- 
parallel'd Exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, our 
English Jamaican Hero, who sacked Puerto Vein, 
burnt Panama, etc., 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 
with brilliant impircssioiis of the portraits and 
plcdes ; very fine clean copy, in new panelled 
calf gilt, yellow edges, £22. 10s W. Crooke, 1684-5 

A very few copies only of this fascinating book were struck 
off on Large Paper, and are now of the greatest rarity, fine 
copies of the ordinary paper being very scarce. The present copy 
is tine and clean throughout, the brilliancy of the impressions of 
the plates being markedly different from those usually seen. 

BUCANIERS of America : Histoire des 
Ayanturiers qui se sont signalez dans les 
Indes, contenant ce qu'ils ont fait de plus re- 
marquable depuis vingt annees, etc. etc., par 
Alex. O. Oexmelin, with maps, etc. engraved 
on copper (margin of pictorial title shorn), 2 vols 
12mo. crushed green morocco extra, rough gilt 
edges (SCARCE), £2. 2,y Paris, 16S6 


Books ox America, continued :— 

BANCROFT (Hon. G.) History of the United 
States, from the Discovery fof the Continent, 
revised edition, 6 vols, crown Svo. cloth, £1. 10s 
(pub. £2. 145) 1876 

The same, Author's last revised edi- 
tion, with portrait, 6 vols. Svo. cloth, £3. 3s 

New York, 1886 

History of the Colonization of the 

United States, portraits and plates, 3 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, 10s 6d Boston, Mass., 1840-1 

History of the Formation of the Constitu- 

tion of the United States, Svo. cl., 10s 6d 1885 


BANCROFT (Hubert Howe), Works of, 
forming a complete Historical Account of 
the Western Half of North America ; from all 
the original sources ; with numerous maps, 
19 large vols, {all yet published) royal Svo. cloth, 
£13. 10.? San Francisco, 1883-6 

The above most extraordinary work is still in progress. 
Nineteen volumes of it are now offered on very advantageous 
terms to persons intending to complete the set. It is not too 
much to say that as the work of a single author carried on un- 
interruptedly for many years this series is unsurpassed, and can 
only be compared with such achievements as Littre"'s Dictionary 
or Herr von Ranke's Universal History (had its venerable 
author been spared to complete it). 

The volumes now offered consist of the following sections: — 

History of the Native Races, <; vols., embracing Wild Tribes, 
Civilized Nations, Myths and Languages, Antiquities and 
Primitive History. 

History of Central America, 1501-1860, 2 vols. 

History of Mexico, 1516-1861, 5 vols. 

History of the North American States and Texas, vol. 1, 

History of California, 1542-1824, 3 vols. 

History of the North- West Coast, 2 vols. 1543-1846. 

History of Alaska, 1 730-1885. 

Subscriptions are invited for the completion ok the 
set, which will form 39 volumes. Every public library and 
every important private collection should possess a work which 
is equally remarkable for the vast amount of new and trust- 
worthy information contained in it and for the vigour and 
eminently readable character of its literary style. 

Indians of the Pacific Seaboards (The 

Native Races of the Pacific States of North 
America), maps, Svols.roy. Svo. cloth,£±. 18s 1885 

Vol. 1. Wild Tribes, their Manners and Customs; Vol. 2. 
Civilized Nations of Mexico and Central Africa; Vol. 3. 
Mythology and Languages of both Savage and Civilized 
Nations;' Vol. 4. Antiquities and Architectural Remains; 
v'ol. 5. Aboriginal History and Migrations, and General Index. 

BARLOW (Joel), Life and Letters of, with 
Extracts from his works and unpublished Poems, 
by C. B. Todd, portrait, etc., Svo. cloth, 5s 6d 
(sells 10s 6d) New York, 1886 

BOUCHBTTB (J., Surveyor-Gen.) British 
Dominions in North America, a Topographical 
and Statistical Description of Canada, New Bruns- 
wick, and other Possessions, with numerous fine 
lithographic and steel plates, 2 vols. 4to. half 
russvx gilt, l.l.v 1831 

BOWDITCH (N. I.) Suffolk Surnames, 
third edition, portrait, thick Svo. cloth, 6s 6d 

Boston, Mass., 1861 

••Suffolk" County means Huston and its neighbourhood. 
The work was favourably noticed by Dickens in " Household 
Words," 1X57. It contains a vast number of Curious Names, 
many of which appear to be quite extinct: it is dedicated to 

BRYANT (W. Cullen) and S. H. Gay : Hist- 
ory' of the United States ; from the first 
Discovery of the Western Hemisphere by the 
Northmen to the End of the first century of the 
Union, with Sketch of the Pre-historic Period 
and the Age of the Mound Builders, with 22 
maps, 50 plates on steel and woody and 1550 
woodcuts, 4 vuls. imp]. Svo. cloth, £1. llv 6d 
(pub. £8.) 1876 

BROWN (Marie A.) The Icelandic Discov- 
erers of America ; or, Honour to whom Honour 
is due, illustrated, post Svo. cloth, 6s 1887 

CAIRNES (Prof. J. B.) The Slave Power: 
its Character, Career and Probahle Designs •: an 
attempt to explain the real issues involved in the 
American Contest ; enlarged ed. , Svo. cl. , 5s6d 1863 

CATLIN (G-.) Eight Years' Travels and Advent- 
ures among the "North American Indians, 
first edition, with 400 engravings illustrative of 
the Manners, Customs, etc. of the most remarkable 
Tribes now existing, after the Author's drawings, 
2 vols. roy. Svo. scored cedf gilt, £1. 10s 1841 

CHARNAY (D.) Ancient Cities of the New 
World ; Travels and Explorations in Mexico 
and Central America, 1857-82 ; copiously illust- 
rated, super-roy. Svo. cl., 14s (pub. £1. llsOd) 1S87 

CHESTER (Col. J. Lemuel) Original 
Papers on the City of Washington, Motley's 
United Netherlands, and the Bombardment 
of Copenhagen, 3 MSS., 4to. and fcap. Svo. 
{interesting and valuable), £7. 10s n. d. 

COLDEN (Cadwallader) The History of the 
Five Indian Nations of Canada, with Char- 
ters, Treaties, etc., Second Edition, map, 8vo. 
original calf gilt {fine clean copy of this SCARCE 
book), £2. Is 6cl ' (1747) 

The bottom of the title-page, owing to its length, often (as 
in the present copy) has the date shorn off by the binder. 

CRANTZ (D.) History of Greenland, with a 
Relation of the Mission carried on for thirty years 
in that country by the Moravian Brethren, 
map and copper plates, 2 vols. 8vo. cf, 10s 6d 1767 

CUMING (P.) Sketches of a Tour to the 
Western Country, through Ohio and Ken- 
tucky ; and a Voyage down the Ohio and 
Mississippi; 1807-9, thick post Svo. sheep, 10s 6d 

Pittsburgh, Pa., 1810 

CURLEY (E.) Nebraska ; its Advantages, Re- 
sources, and Drawbacks, ivith plates and maps, 
Svo. cloth, 4« (pub. 12«) 1875 

DICKENSON (Jonathan) God's Protecting 
Providence Man's Surest Help and Defence, 
evidenced in the remarkable Deliverance of 
Robert Barrow, with divers others, from the de- 
vouring Waves of the Sea, from which they 
suffered Shipwrack, and also from the cruel 
devouring Jaws of the Inhuman Canibals of 
Florida ; Third Edition, post 8vo. newly and 
bcaidifidly bound in smooth olive morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges, £5. 5s F. Sowle, 1720 

The first edition was printed at Philadelphia, and may be 
considered unattainable : the present is exceedingly scarce. 
The late Henry Stevens of Yt. in his "Nuggets" only mentions 
an edition of 70 years later. 

DIXON (W. Hepworth) New America, 
seventh edition, with illustrations from photo- 
graphs, 2 vols. Svo. cl., 12s 6cl (pub. £1. 10s) 1867 

D'OMENECH (Abbe) Seven Years' Residence 
in the Great Deserts of North America, with ■map, 
tinted plates and woodcuts ; also, Missionary 
Adventures in Texas and Mexico, map, together 
3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1.5s 1860-58 

DRAKE (S. A.) The Heart of the White 
Mountains, their Legend and Scenery, with 3 
maps and 56 beautiful wood engravings, royal 
4to. cloth extra, >//. ed., 15s (pub. £1. Ils6d) 1882 

HAYDEN (Prof. P. V.) and Prof. A. It. C. 
Selwyn: North America, with map cud 

illustrations, thick post 8vo. cloth, 16s 188.'? 


Books ox America, continued :— 

EDWARDS (Jonathan) A Faithful Narrative 
oi the Surprising Work of God in the Conversion 
of many Hundred Souls in Northampton and the 
Neighbouring Towns and Villages in New Hamp- 
shire in New England; published, with Preface, 
by Dr. Isaac Watts and Dr. post Svo. 

title mounted), VERY RARE, 11* 6d. 

nburgh, 17 -'IT 

An Interesting little book being a reprint of Dr. Watts 
of one of the earliest worl : the celebrated Jonathan- 



EMORY (W. H., Brevet Major, Corps Topogr. 
Engineers) Notes of a Military Reconnais- 
sance from Fort Leavenworth. Mo., to Sax 
Diego, in California, including parts oi the 
Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers (with 
copious Botanical, Mineralogies!, Ethnological. 
Antiquarian, and other details*, u/ith large folding 
map. and numerous /-' . s enery, 

Vegetal . etc., Svo. cloth (very rare . £7. 7 
Printed by Order of tl - . - 

Washington. 1^4> 

HARDY (J. D.) Betweex Two Oceax- : 
Sketches of American Travel. Svo. cl., \OsQd 1>>4 

HENRY (J.) A New and Accurate Map of 
Yirgixia. the Counties laid down from Actual 
Surveys : with concise Account of the number of 
the Inhabitants, the Trade. Soil, and Produce, in 
sheets 52 by 3S £ inches, lis 6d 1770 

HILDRETH (Richard^ History of the United 
States, from the Discovery of the Continent to 
the Organization of the Government under the 
Federal Constitution, 3 vols. Svo. half calf neat. 
10s 6d New York, 1850 

HITTELL (J. SJ The Resource^ of Califor- 
nia, oomprif ..iculture. Mining. Geography, 
Climate, Commerce, etc. etc., crown Svo. new 
half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt. Ss 6d 

v .< Francisco, 1S63 

LANIER (Sidney) Florida: nery. 

Climate, and Historv. illustrated, post Svo. cloth, 
ids 6d n . d. 

LEE (Robert E., Confederate ■'- . Life of, 

by J. Estex Cooke', with fit portrait*, 

■maps, and plates, thick Svo. cloth. Ss Qd (pub. 
£1. Is) New York, 1S71 

LIPENIUS (M.) Navigatio Salomoxis 
OphtrtTICA illustrata, engraved title-page, thick 
ISmo. vellum, 12s 6d IVitieb., 1660 

An elaborate and learned Dissertation on the site of C 
Many pages are devoted to the question : ■ 

et nominatim vel Hispaniola, eel Pern, vel Peru et Mexico 
simul ? " At 501 Columbus is referred to. 

MACDONALD 'Duncan G-. Forbes, c.e.) 
British Columbia and Vancouver's Island ; 
with the Manners and Customs of the Indians. 
map, Svo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 12s) 1S62 

MACKAY (C.) Founders of the Americax 
Republic, post Svo. 4s 6d (pub. 10s 6rf) 1 385 

McM ASTER (J. B.) History of the People 
of the UxiTED States, from the Revolution to 
the Civil War. vols. 1 and 2 {to be completed 
royal Svo. doth, 16s (pub. £1. \ s ) U-4-.-» 

NICHOLS (Dr. T. L.) Forty Yeai 
Americax Life, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 6s (pub. 
£1. 12s) 1864 

NORSE (Prof. J. E.) Americax Explora- 
tions in the Ice Zoxes, many illustrations, 
crown -ito. cloth, ISs n.d. 

ft CO., 136, STRAND. 

PARKMAN (Francis) Collected Woj 

(uniform edition 1 , 10 vol-, crown 

. £3. 1885 

Contents: — Montcalm and Wolfe; Conspiracy of Pontiac; 

The Oregon Trail; Count Frontenacand New France; Pioneers 

of France in the New World ; The Old Regime in Canada; The 

Jesuits in North America ; La - 

by Pen and Pencil of t li«- Mountains, Livers, 
Lak Waterfalls, Shon . I ions, 

Valleys, Cities, etc., edited by W. Cm 
Bryant, with 24 • 
•100 jfhly finished wo 

Artists, 3 vols, royal -ito. cloth 
extra, gilt edges, £4. 10s 

PORTER -David D. ( Admiral V 
Naval HISTORY of the Civil War. ill 
from original etc.. impl. bvo. cloth. 10s 6d 
(pub. £1. 5 

PORTLOCK and DIXON (Captains) 
A OYAGE ROUND the World, but more parti- 
cularly to the NorthAVestof America, in 1785-88, 
wii -. 12> 6(7 

RIGGSiRev. S. RJ Dakota Language. Cram- 
mar and Dictionary of the, collected by Mem- 
bers of the Dakota Mission (Vol. - oith- 
sonian Contributions to Knowledge^, 4to. cloth, 
£1. 10s Washington, D. 

RODENBOUGH -T. F.) Uncle Sams Medal 
of Honor. I - thportraitsand illustrations, 

crown 4to. cloth, 3s 6d } >>.j 

ceedixgs and Transactions of the, 1^2-4. with 
plot . and numerous i . 

2 thick vols. 4to. cloth, £1. Is Moi 


SCHOOLCRAFT (H. R. History, Condition 
and Pi - of the Indian Trills of the 

United states, with fine portra leuts, 

and 335 fine engn MANY colouee: 

Antiquities, Manners. Customs, V 
Arms, Cost ts, Uten- 

sils, Skulls, Sportit ling 

-. roy. ito. £10. 10s 


These valuable Ethnological and Historical Researches 
respecting the Indian Tribes were collected and prepared under 
the direction of the Bureau of Indian ArTairs, and published. 
authority of Congress, and contain all the Original Papers laid 
before Congress respecting the Hi- cities, Language, 

Ethnology, Pictography, Manners, Customs, Physical Geo- 
graphy, Tribal Organization, Governmc: :ualCapa«. 

. Types of the Ra.L £ Indian 

Medical Knowledge, Literature, Population, Statistics, and the 
Rites, Su] hology of the Indian Tribes of the 

United States. 

The Indian Tribes of the Lxited States: 

their History, Antiquit: -. atoms, Religion, 

Arts. Language, Traditions, Oral Le-ends and 
Myths: edited by FRANCIS S. Drake, with 100 
fine steel Engravings, and portrait leraft, 

2 large and fine vols, roval 4to. cloth. £2. 10s 
(pub. £4. Philadelphia, ISSo 

A condensation of the elaborate work of Schoolcraft, 
undertaken by order of the United States Government. It pre- 
sents such a be .ta concerning the American 
Indians as does not elsewhere exist in so concise a form. Much 
additional information is included in the present edition. 

" A most important and valuable « ing us as com- 

and exact an account of the American Indians as it is 
possible to furnish on the existing state of our knowledge." — 

STROUD <G-. M.) sketch of the Laws relating 
to Slavery in U.S.A., Svo. boareh, 5s 6d 

Philadelphia, 182? 


jlJooks ox America, continued:— 

SILKWORM : — Compendious Account of the 
whole Art of hreeding, nursing, and the right 
ordering of the Silkworm, illustrated with 
figures engraven on Copper, curiously exhibiting 
the whole management of this profitable in- 
sect, 6 large folding plates, 4to. half bound, £1. Is 


Dedicated to Lords Percival and Carpenter, etc., trustees 
for establishing the Colony of Georgia, to aid the project of 
introducing silk-prowinc; into it. 

SMITH (W.) History of the Province of New 
York, from the first Discovery, with a Descrip- 
tion of the Country, Account of the Inhabitants, 
Trade, Religious and Political State, and Consti- 
tution, Svo. new olive morocco extra, gilt edges 
[very nice copy), scarce, £3. 10-s 1776 

THORNTON (Dr. W.) Cadmus, or a Treatise 
on the Elements of Written Language, with an 
Essay on teaching the Deaf and Dumb to speak 
(Magellanic Gold Medal Prize Dissertation), Svo. 
calf gilt, Is Qd Philadelphia, 1793 

TILE CLUB, BOOK OF THE, handsomely printed 
throughout on white vellum paper, and illustrated 
with 27 beautiful photogravure plates and 86 illust- 
rations in the Text, roy. 4to. artistically bound in 
canvas, with gilt device and brass corners, top 
edges gilt, £6. 6s Boston and New York, 1S86 

Contents: — Their Habitat; One of their Meetings; Shop 
Talk ; Around the Wood Fire ; Club Chestnuts warmed over. 

The Constitutions of the Sixteen States 
which comprise the Confederated Republic of 
America, to which are prefixed, the Declaration 
of Independence ; Articles of Confederation ; the 
Definitive Treaty of Peace with Great-Britain ; 
and the Constitution of the United States, with 
all the Amendments, small Svo. clean copy in the 
original sheep, very rare {with autograph of Titos. 
M u mford, Ca y uga ,1799), £4. 4s Boston [Mass. ] , 1 797 

WILLIAMS (Albert Jr.) Mineral Re- 
sources of the U.S., 1883-4 (U.S. Survey of 
the Territories), woodcuts, Svo. (pp. 1016), cloth, 
6s 6d Washington, B.C., 1SS5 

WARD (Sir H. G., H. 31. Charge, d' Affaires, 
1825-7) Mexico in 1827, with an account of the 
Mining, Political Events, etc., 2 vols. Svo. boards, 
good uncut copy (SCARCE), £2. 15s 1828 

WASHINGTON (General George) Ac- 
counts with the United States, beginning- 
June 1775, and ending June 1783, comprehending 
a space of 8 years, a reprint in facsimile of the 
Account, in his own handwriting, of Washington's 
Expenses during the Revolutionary War, 66 pages, 
folio, morocco, £1. \s {Washington) 1833 

WEBSTER (Daniel), Great Speeches and 
Orations of, with Essay on him as a Master of 
English Style bv E. P. Whipple, 2 ports., thick 
royal Svo. cloth, '7s Qd (pub. 14*) 1879 


BARBADOS etc. :— Relation of the Great 
Sufferings and Strange Adventures of HENRY 

Pitman, Chyrurgion to the late Duke of Mon- 
MOUTH, telling of his Trial and Transportation to 
BABBADOES, his Ill-treatment by the Governor 
and Assembly, his Escape in a small open boat, 
Residence on an uninhabitable Island, deliverance 
by a Privateer intending to attack St. Augustine, 
Florida, and arrival in England, with the separate 
adventures of \ii< Companions and their being 
made Slaves by the Spaniards, 4to. calf gilt, 
uncut, £5. os 1689 

EDEN (C. H.) The West Indies, with illustra- 
tions and map, post Svo. cloth, Zs 1886 

STEPHENS (J. LI.) Incidents of Travel in 
Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, 
revised by F. Cathenvood ; with numerous illust- 
rations, 8vo. hedf calf neat, SCARCE, 8* Qd 1854 


AGASSIZ (Prof, and Mrs.) Journey in Brazil, 
numerous plates and icoodcuts, Svo, cloth, Is Qd 

Boston (Mass.), 1869 

BATES (H. W.) The Naturalist on the River 
Amazons, a Record of Adventures, Habits of 
Animals, etc. during Eleven Years of Travel, map 
and illustrations, post 8vo. calf gilt, \\s Qd 1884 

BIART (L.) Adventures of a Young Natur- 
alist, edited by Parker Gillmore, illustrated by 
117 wood engravings, square post Svo. calf 
extra, 12s 1874 

■ My Rambles in the New World, translated 

by Mary de Hauteville, with 28 illustrations, 
square post Svo. calf extra, gilt edges, 14s 1877 

CREVAUX (Dr. J.) Voyages dans TAmer- 
IQTJE dn SUD (l'lnterieur des Guyanes, 1876-77; 
de Cayenne aux Andes, 1878-79 ; a travers la 
Nouvelle-Grenade et le Venezuela, 1880-81 ; Ex- 
cursion chez les Guaraounos, 1881), with 253 fine 
woodcuts {many full-page), super-royal 4to. cloth 
elegant, gt. cd., £1. 16s "(pub. £3. 10s) Paris, 1SS3 

EMPSON (C.) Antiquarian Miscellany: 
Observations and Correspondence relating to 
various Ornaments of Gold, Idols, Sculptured 
Stones, Coins, etc. [from S. A.] in his possession, 
numerous engravings {some coloured), 4to. cloth 
(with autograph Letter from the author to Mr. 
Beckford added), £1. 4s Bath, 1838 

Onlv 30 copies printed, for the eminent Author. 

HENDERSON (James) History of the 
Brazil ; comprising its Geography, Commerce, 
Colonization, Aboriginal Inhabitants, etc., plates, 
4to. half cedf neat, yellow edges, 8* Qd 1821 

KOSTER (H.) Travels in Brazil, with 10 

coloured plates and maps, and three original 

avater-COLOUR drawings inserted, 4to. dimity 

boards {scarce), £1. Is Qd 1816 

The above copy bears the autograph inscription from the 

author to Robert Southey, who used it in reviewing the work 

{in a highly eulogistic manner) in the Quarterly Review 

MUSTERS (Capt. G. C.) At Home with the 
Patagonians : a year's wanderings from the 
Straits of Magellan to the Bio Negro, best edition, 
with map and numerous full-page wood-engrav- 
ings, Svo. cloth, 5s Qd (pub. 16?) 1871 

The same, Cabinet Edition, with map and 

illustrations, post Svo. calf extra, nearly new-, 
10? Qd 1873 

OVAGLIE (Alonso d', S. J.) Historica 
Belatione del Begno di Cile [Chili], map and 13 
engravings, besides those on the letterpress, folio, 
old cedf (very slight defect at p. 377, otherwise 
good copy), extremely rare, £2. 2s Roma, 1646 

The illustrations are very interesting as giving views of 
the Missions and other settlements, Inhabitants, Historical 
Scenes, etc.. at this comparatively early date. 

SOUTHEY (Robert) ' History of Brazil, 
with large map, 3 vols. 4to. cloth (good copy), 
£3. ~>s 1817-22 

This title is not commensurate with the bearing and extent 
of this valuable work, which comprises the Rise and Progress 
of all the European Colonies from the Andes to the Atlantic, 
and from the Plata to the River of the Amazons. 

For works on the Natural History etc. of America 
see under Natural History, post. 


AMICIS (Edmondo de) Holland and its 
People : Zuyder Zee Edition, illustrated with 
man// beautiful etchings and photogravures, some 
proofs on Japanese paper, 4to. cloth extra, rough 
edges (A BEAUTIFUL VOLUME), only 600 copies 
printed, £3. 3s New York, 1885 

A M I C I S (Edm. de) Spain and the 
Spaniards, translated by W. W. Cady : 

including portrait (PROOFS ON India Paper), 
% photogravures on India Paper, and 13 wood 
engravings (proofs before letters ON Japan 
Paper), 4to. printed on vellum paper, new cloth 
gilt, uncut [only 600 copies printed), £3. 15s 

New York, 1885 
AMORY (T.) Life of John Buncle, hand- 
somely printed edition, 3 vols, post 8vo. half 
olive morocco neat, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 5s 

"The soul of Rabelais passed into Thomas Amory, the 
luthor of John Buncle." — If. Hazlitt. 

ANACREONTIS Carmina Greece, cum Xotis 
G. Baxteri: tertimn edidit, varr. lectt., fragmenta, 
animadversionesque adiecit J. F. Fischeras, gem 
portrait, 8vo. handsomely bound in dark red 
■morocco, with arms of U. N. Evans in gold on 
sides, gilt edges, £1. Is Lipsice, 1793 

and Sir Erasmus Wilson, a Scries of 201 large 
and finely coloured Lithographic Drawings, with 
References and Physiological Comments illust- 
rating the structure of the different parts of the 
Human Body, 2 thick vols. impl. folio, strongly 
bound in half morocco, £7. 1842 

This tine work was published at £14. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian) Fairy 
Tales, translated by Mrs. H. B. Paull ; with 

numerous illustrations (MANY COLOURED), 8vo. 
calf gilt, 12s Qd n. d. 

Der Improvisator, crown Svo. calf gilt, 5s 

Leipzig, n. d. 

ANDERSON (Adam) History of Commerce 
from the earliest Accounts ; containing Account 
of the great Commercial Interests of the British 
Empire, frontispiece by Stuttiard, new edition, 
revised and continued, 4 vols. 4to. calf neat, 
£2. 155 / 1787 

The entire work was published by John Waller, at the 
' Logographic Press," Printing House Square (now the 
'Times" Office). The author was connected with the South 
Sea Company for forty years; and his work contains the best 
iccount of that Corporation, and of the extraordinary transac- 
:ions of 1720, etc. 

ANDERSON (Rev. C.) Words and Works 
in a London Parish (St. John the Evangelist's, 
Limehouse), Svo. cloth, 3s 1873 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 9 

ANDERSON (W., f.r.g.s., H. B. M.'s 
Legation) The Pictorial Arts of Japan, 
illustrated with Eighty Plates executed in 


Native Engravings on Wood and Copper, 
and a large number of woodcuts, etc., printed 
in the body of the work ; with General and 
Descriptive Text, 4 vols, folio, in portfolios, 
£7. Is 1886 

The same, Special Edition, with Artists' 

Proofs of the illustrations on JAPANESE Paper 


in 4 portfolios, £12. 12s 

The entire English and American edition is limited to 100 
artists' proof and 1000 ordinary copies, the Publishers having 
bound themselves neither to print further copies nor publish 
any smaller edition. 

ANDREINI (G. B.) La Maddalena, Sana 
Rappresentatione, engraved title, small 4to. 
vellum, Mr. Beckford's copy; with the auto- 
graph of Dr. G. F. Xott, 13s 6d Mantova, 1617 

It was the author's drama of Adamo, which is supposed to 
have suggested to Milton the idea of writing his Paradise Lost. 

ANDREWS (J. P.) History of Great 
Britain, connected with the Chronology of 
Europe, with numerous pedigrees, etc., 2 vols. 4t<>. 
with MS. Notes by Mr. Beckford, sound 
russia extra, leather joints, edges marbled and 
gilt, by Kalthoebcr, 15s 6d 1794-5 

A valuable work, including Anecdotes of the Times, Lives 

of the Learned, and Specimens of their Works ; and a variety 

of curious and amusing particulars. 


collection of nearly 600 Memoirs of distinguished 
Personages. French, English, Italian, etc." of all 
Classes and of both Sexes, most carefully and 
distinctly written in black and red. inks, and 
GRAVED Portraits by Dcsrochcrs, bound in 6 
vols. 4to. French Marbled calf, £9. 9s 

{Paris) 1760 
In addition to the above the volumes contain a number of 
curious pieces, among them the following — some probably un- 
published : La Rome Ridicule de Monsieur de S. Amans, 
Caprice ; Paris, 1759 — Les Philippiques Francoises, and other 
severe attacks on the scandalous life of the Regent Orleans — Trial of 
Charles I. — Oraison Funebre de Madame Tiquet— Abre'ge 
Historiquede la Naissance, de la Vie, et de la Mort de Marie 
II., Reine d'Angleterre — Ye'rite'es. Railleries. Universelle 
Satyre: par le Docteur Jean Petit dont les Ouvrages ont e'te 
brtiies le 25. Lex. 1415— Ode a la Reine de Hongrie par M. de 
Voltaire en Sept. 1742— Ide'e de la Personne, de la Maniere de 
Yivre, et de la Cour da Roy de Prusse, Jain, 1752 — Declaration 
de M. de Voltaire, detenu en prison a Francfort par le Roy de 
Prusse — Lettre de Mons de Voltaire a Me.***Der.i?, 1 755 — 
Chanson sur le Rov de Prusse. 


BADHAM(Rev. C, m.d.) Prose Halieutics, 
or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle, post Svo. 
cloth, 9s 1S54 

BLAKEY (R., " Palmer Hackle")] HINTS on 
Angling, with Suggestions for Angling Excur- 
sions in France and Belgium, etc., Svo. cloth, 
Ss 1S46 

BOOSEY (T.)] Piscatorial Reminiscences 
and Gleanings, by an old Angler and Bibliopol- 
ist, with Catalogue of Angling Books, front., 
post Svo. cloth, Is Qd Pickering, 1835 

BURN AND (P. C.) The Incompleat Angler, 
after Master Izaak Walton, with numerous illust- 
rations by Harry Furniss, Svo. cloth, 2s 1SS7 

Angler-Naturalist ; a Popular History of 
British Fresh- Water Fish, with the Rudiments of 
Ichthvologv, over 150 woodcuts, crown Svo. cloth, 
6s (1863) 

The Modern Practical Angler, a Com- 
plete Guide to Fly-Fishing, Bottom-Fishing and 
Trolling, numerous plates and woodcuts, crown 
Svo. cloth, 6s (1S70) 

CRAWHALL (Joseph) : Collection of Right 
Merrie Garlands for North Country 
Anglers, edited by J. C. and continued to this 
present year, with iroodcuts after Bewick, and the 
MUSIC, crown Svo. red morocco extra, gilt edges 
(scarce), £1. 5s Xcwcastlc-on-Ty/ic, 1S64 


Books on Angling, continued :— 

[DENNYS] ( J[ohn]) The Secrets of Angling, 
1613, a Reprint, with Introduction by T. West- 
wood, small 4to. roxburghe, 7s Qd 1883 

FISHER (P.) The Angler's Souvenir, 
edited by G. C. Davies, plates, crown 4to. cloth, 
£l.2s6d 1886 

FRANCIS (Francis) A Book on Angling, 
with numerous illustrations, sixth edition, revised 
thick crown Svo. cloth, 12s (id 1885 

HALFORD (F. M.) Floating Flies and how 
to dress them, with 90 hand-coloured engravings, 
royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER [only 150 copies printed, 
this being no. 36), roxburghe, £1. 16s 1886 

HAMILTON (Dr. E.) Recollections of Fly- 
fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Grayling, frontis- 
piece by Seymour Hayden, and woodcuts, crown 
Svo. cloth, top edges gilt, os 1884 

HENDERSON (W.) My Life as an Angler, 
with portrait (tnd illustrations, Svo. half morocco, 
uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 1* 1879 

: — The same, cheap edition, illustrated, post 

Svo. cloth, 6s (id 1880 

IRELAND, The Angler in, an Englishman's 
[BELTON] Rambles through Connaught and Mun- 
ster, front, by S. Lover, and map (other front. 
wanting), 2 vols, post Svo. /if. calf gilt, scarce, 
7s 6d ' 1834 

JESSE (E., f.l.s.) An Angler's Rambles 
(Thames Fishing, Trolling in Staffordshire, etc.), 
post Svo. cloth, Is Qd Van Voorst, 1836 

KEEN (J. H.) The Practical Fisherman, 

plates and cuts, crown Svo. cloth, gilt edges, 
Ss 1881 

MARTIN (Rev. J.) The Angler's Guide ; the 
most complete and practical ever written, with 
Descriptions of Tackle, Baits, Seasons, etc., and 
a laughable story, "The Three Jolly Anglers," 
front., fcap. Svo. cloth, 4$ 6d 1854 

OLIVER (S., the younger) Scenes and Recol- 
lections of Fly-Fishing in Northumberland, 
Cumberland, and Westmorland, icoodcuts, fcap. 
Svo. cloth, 4s Qd 1S34 

PRATT (T. E.) North-Country Flies, with 
particulars of the Dressings and Seasons of each 
Fly, illustrated with 11 hand-painted plates, Svo. 

' cloth, 5s 1886 

RENNIE (Prof. J.) Alphabet of Scientific 
ANGLING; for the use of beginners, woodcuts, 
12mo. cloth, 2s Qd 1833 

SALTER (T. F.) The Angler's Guide, a com- 
plete practical Treatise on Angling for Sea, River, 
and Fond Fish, numerous vjooclcuts, post Svo. 
half calf gUt, Ss Qd 1830 

STODDART (T. Tod) The Angler's Com- 
panion to the Rivers and Lochs of Scotland, 
engravings, thick post Svo. cloth, 9s Qd (pub. 
16*) 1853 

THEAKSTON (M.) British Angling Flies ; 
revised and annotated by F. M. Walbran, 
numerous illustrations, crown 8vo. ''loth, 4s n.d. 

WALTON and COTTON'S Complete 

ANGLER, edited by J. .Major, 2 portraits, 
and 12 other engravings after Wale and Nash, 
all on India Paper, and 77 woodcuts also 
Walton's Lives, with Notes, II portraits and 
plates after Leslie, Stephanoff, etc., on India 
Paper, and 52 woodcut ether 2 vols, posl 

morocco < ctra t gilt edges, 69. 8s 

Major, 1824-5 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 


Angler, seventh edition, with the Lives of the 
Authors by Sir J. Hawkins, portraits and 9 
fine steel plates, royal Svo. Large Paper, hand* 
sonicly bound in half olive morocco extra, uncut, 
top edges gilt, £3. 10s 1808 
The Complete Angler, with Essay and 

Notes by J. MAJOR, FIRST EDITION, 2 port raits 
and 12 other engravings from drawings by 
T. Creswick, A. Cooper, and G. Lance, 


(somewhat foxed), and 77 icoodcuts, large post 
Svo., LARGE PAPER, beautifully bound in green 
'■rushed morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hay day, 
SCARCE, £6. Qs Major, 1823 

The same, with Walton's Life, including 

Notices of his Contemporaries, by T. Zouch, 
portrait, 13 beautiful steel engravings (Proofs), 
and facsimiles and cuts, 1826: forming 2 vols. 
post Svo. uniformly bound in orancje morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £6.' 10s 1823-6 

The Complete Anglee, also Walton's 

Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and 
Sanderson, Pickering's beautiful diamond 
edition, with engravings from designs by Stot- 
HARD, 2 vols. 48mo. cloth, £1. Is 1825-7 

The Complete Angler; edited, with Original 

Memoirs and Notes, by Sir Harris Nicolas, 
illustrated with 61 beautiful engravings from 
Designs by Stothard and Inskipp, fine im- 
pressions, 2 large and handsome vols, Svo. 
half morocco gilt, gilt edges; SCARCE (a feu- plates 
foxed), £13. los Pickering, 1836 

Pickering's Splexdid Edition - , handsomely printed on 
vellum paper by Whittingham, and beautifully illustrated. 

The series of upwards of 50 exquisite 

engravings from designs by Inskipp and Sto- 
thard, PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS (with a few 

. exceptions) ON India paper; on royal 4to. paper; 
A CHOICE SET, VERY RARE ; unbound, in port- 
folio, £8. 156- 1836 
The Complete Angler, edited by "Eph- 

emera" [E. Eitzgibbon], 4 plcdcs and woodcuts, 
crown Svo. cloth, 3s Qd 1853 

Complete Angler; with Copious Notes, 

Bibliographical Preface, and Notice of Cotton and 
his writings by the American Editor, G. W. 
BETHUNE, d.d. ; new edition, with additions and 
corrections from the Editor's copy, the illustrations 
by Inskipp reproduced; 2 vols. Svo. in 1, hand- 
somely printed, cl., £1. lis Qd New York, 1880 
The same, polisheel red Levant morocco, gilt 

edges, £3. 3s 

Complete Angler (Edition de Luxe), 

a fine reprint of Major's edition, on large 
and THICK PAPER, with the beautiful engravings 
and VOOdcutS, ALL ON INDIA PAPER, and Q 

Paper, thick Svo. (only 250 copies printed), half 

vellum, top edges gilt, £1. \\s Qd Nimmo, 1S83 


Complete Angler. The same, with the 


I-'isiiing, by the late John JACKSON, with 10 
steel plates, coloured, representing 120 Flies, 

natural and. artificial, forming 2 vols. impl. Svo. 

Large Paper, /" w half polished morocco, uncut, 

t. r. g., £4. 10* 1883 

Two hundred and fifty copies only of this extra illustrated 
edition were printed, of which this Is no. 4. 


ANGLO-CATHOLIC Theology, Library 
of, complete from the BEGINNING, S8 vols. 
Svo. cloth, £11. Oxford, 1841-67 

Comprises works by Bishop Andrewes, Bishop Beveridge, 
Archbishop Bramhall, Bishop Bull, Bishop Cosin, Crakanthorp, 
Frank, Bishop Forbes, Bishop Gunning. Dr. Hammond, 
Hickes, John Johnson, Archbishop Laud, [/Estrange, Marshall, 
Bishop Nicholson, Bishop Overall, Bishop Pearson, Thorndike, 
md Bishop Wilson. 

ANGLO-SAXON Grammar, Elements of, by 
the Key. Dr. J Jos worth, roy. Svo. bds,l2s6d 1823 

ANGLO-SAXON :— Thorpe (B.) Analecta 
AngL0-SaX0NICA, in prose and verse, from 
authors of various ages, with Glossary ; im- 
proved edition, post Svo. cloth, ~s 6d 1846 

ANGLO-SAXON Poetry, Illustrations of, 
by Professor Conybeare, edited with Notes, 
etc., by the Rev. W. D. Conybeare, square Svo. 
boards, £1. 3s 1S26 

ANGLO-SAXON :— Layamons Brut, or 
Chronicle of Britain ; a Poetical Semi-Saxon 
Paraphrase of the Brut of Wace ; with Literal 
Translation, Notes, and Grammatical Glossary by 
Sir F. Madden, coloured facsimile^ vols. roy. Svo. 
boards (SCARCE), £2. ISs Soc. of Antiquaries, 1S47 

ANGLO-SAXON Version of Boethius de 


the Great, with modern English Translation 
and Notes by J. S. Cardale, Svo. cloth, uncut, 
18s Pickering, 1829 

Another copy, half calf extra, top edges gilt 

{nice copy), £1. Is 

ANNE DE PRANCE {Duchcsse de Bourbon- 
noiseet d'Auvergne) Enseignements a sa Fille 
Susaxne de Bourbon ; Texte original d'apres 
le MS. unique de St. Petersbourg, avec un 
glossaire, etc., par A.-M. Chazaud, Archiviste 
de l'Allier, with fine woodcuts of the original 
miniatures by A. Queyroy, and illuminated 
frontispiece, square roy. Svo. finely printed, bound 
■in vellum extra, gilt edges, with the wrapper 
bound in, £2. 2s Moulins, 1S78 

ANNE of Denmark : — The Royall Passage of 
her Majesty from the Tower of London to her 
Palace of White-hall, with all the Speaches and 
Deuices, both of the Pageants and otherwise ; 
woodcut, S.S. for lone Mdlington, 160-4 — The 
True Narration of the Entertainment of his 
Floyall Maiestie, from the time of his departure 
from Edenbrough ; till his receiuing at London, 
Thomas Crccdc for Thomas MUlington, 1603: — in 
one vol. small 4to. old boards, £4. 1603-4 

The former of these tracts belongs to the London' Series, 
and is of the greatest rarity. The text is perfect, but the top 
inner margins are damaged and stained. It is interspersed with 
metrical speeches and songs. The second piece, of which a copy 
was recently marked .£'12. i2.>, is interesting as containing '• the 
names of those Gentlemen whom his Maiestie honoured with 
knighthood," and is quite complete and clean. 

ANSON (Sir W. R.) The Law and Custom of 
the Constitution, Part 1, Parliament, Svo. 
cloth, 8* Oxford, 1886 

ANSTEY(C) Poetical Works: New Bath 
Guide, Election Ball, Select Eables, Speculation, 
etc., "with Life by his son, J. Anstey, fine portraits 
and enc/ravings, 4to. mottled calf, £1. 1808 

ANSTEY (F.) The Giant's Kobe, crown Svo. 
chdh, 5s 1884 

ANTHROPOLOGY— see Natural History. 

ANTIQUARY (The), a Magazine devoted to 
the Study of the Past, edited \v E. Walford, 
from the beginning in January, 1880, to June, 
18S4, numerous cuts, etc., 8 vols. 4to. roxburghe, 
uncut, and Vol. 9 in numbers, £1. lo^ 1880-4 

The same, vol. 1, 4to. roxburghe, -is 1S80 

136, STKAND. 11 

Astle, and other eminent Antiquaries, with 
upwards of 200 fine engravings of architecture, 
ancient curiosities, portraits, copies of old prints, 
etc., 4 vols, royal 4to. large paper, russia gilt 

(FINE COPY), £6. 105 1807-9 

A most interesting assemblage of Topography, History, 
Biography, Customs, and Manners, intended to illustrate and 
preserve valuable remains of old times. 

APULEIUS'S Metamorphosis; or, Golden 

Ass, and Philosophical Works, translated by 
Thomas Taylor, with the suppressed pas- 
sages, Svo. boards, uncut, SCARCE, £1. IsQd L822 

'An esteemed version, by the translator of Plato and 

Works, comprising- the Metamorphosis, the 

God of Socrates, etc., translated into English, 
post Svo. cloth, -is 1886 

ARCHERY, Treatise on, with Sketch of Laws 
for Archers, List of Clubs, etc., by T. Waring, 
2 plates, leap. Svo. boards (scara \, Is 6d 1828 

MENTS in the original Arabic (Alif 
Laila), from an Egyptian MS. brought to India 
by Major Turner Macan, edited by W. H. 
MACNAGHTEN ; 4 vols, royal Svo. sewn, £2. 10s 

Calcutta, 1839 

translated, with copious Notes, by E. 

W. Lane, new edition, by E. S. Poole, with 
many hundred beautiful wood engravings from 
designs by W. Harvey, 3 vols. Svo. cloth gilt, 
£1. 5* v. y. 

— ■ Another copy, half morocco gilt, top edges 

gilt, nearly new, £1. 15s 

Or, cedf gilt, £1. 18s 

revised by J. MASON, profusely illustrated, 

thick -ito. cloth, 12s 6d n. d. 


Handsome illustrated edition, care- 

fully revised and corrected from the translation 
of Jonathan Scott, ll.d., printed onfinepaper, 
with 19 fine original etchings by Adolphe 
Lalauze, Proof Impressions on Japanese 
Paper, 4 vols. Svo. cloth, wholly uncut, £2. ~LQs 


Only one hundred copies were executed in the above state. 

Les Mille et une Notts ; traduites par 

Gall and, edition illustree ; augmented d'une 
Dissertation par SYLVESTRE DE SACY, withseveral 
hundred full-page and, other illustrative woodcuts, 
3 vols. roy. Svo. scored calf extra, £3. 3s Paris, s.d. 

ARABIAN POETRY for English Readers, 

edited, with Introduction and Notes, by W. A. 

Clouston, thick Svo. Large Paper, If. morocco, 

top edges gilt {only 70 copies so printed), £1. \\s Qd 

Glasgow, privately printed, 1S81 

ARABIC :— Specimen Histoele' Arabum, sen 
Abul Farajii de Orig. et Moribus Arabumsuceincta 
Narratio, in Lat. conv., Notisque ex ipsis Authorr. 
illnstr. , opera E. POCOCKH, Hebr. et Arab. Pro- 
fessoris Oxon., small 4to. calf, Ss 6d Oxon., 1650 

Golins calls this book "opus pneclarum," and the author 
"doctissimus." Edward Pococke, the editor, was the first 
Arabic scholar of his age. 

ARABIC PROVERBS, or the Manners and Customs 

of the Modern Egyptians, illustrated from their 
proverbial Sayings current at Cairo, translated 
and explained, by J. L. BURCKHARDT, 4to. half 
russia gilt, top edges gilt, £1. 18s ISoO 

ARABIC GRAMMAB ; translated from the German 
of CASPARI, and edited, with numerous Additions 
and Corrections, by W. WRIGHT, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 
in one, cloth, Ss 6d (pub. 15*) 1S()2 


ARABIC, Concise Grammar of, by W. J. Bea- 
mont, post 8vo. doth, 2s 6rf (pub. Is) Camb., 1861 


ARABIC, Tales from the, of the Breslau and 
Calcutta (1814-18) editions of the Arabian Nights 
not occurring in the other printed texts of the 
work, now "first done into English by John 
Payne, 3 vols, super-impl. Svo. large pater, 
boards, wholly uncut, £7. 10s Villon Society. 18S4 

Only 50 copies were printed on Large Paper, of which this 

s no. t, -,. 

ARBER (E.) English Reprints, being Selec- 
tions front Milton, Latimer, Lyly, Gascoigne, Sei- 
dell, etc., etc. preceded by illustrative documents, 
4 thick vols. fcap. Svo. ///". cf. antique, 15s 1868-9 

ARBLAY (Mme. &\ Fanny Burney) Diary 
and LETTERS, including her Residence at the 
Court of Queen Charlotte, with portraits, 7 vols. 


£1. is Colboru, 1842 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

ARBLAY (Mme. d', Fanny Burnet/) Diary 
and Letters, New and cheap edition, with 7 
portraits, 7 vols, post Svo. cloth, £3. 3s 18.14 

Another copy {foxcel), 7 vols, post Svo. cloth, 

£2. 2s 

Another edition, revised, with numerous 

portraits, 4 vols. Svo. new calf gilt, £2. 12s ; or, 

tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £2. 18s n. d. 

"Miss Burney's Diary: sparkling with wit, teeming with 

lively anecdote, and delectable gossip, and full of sound and 

discreet views of persons and things." 

ARCHAEOLOGIST and his Friends, Stories 
by an, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, 7s Od 1856 

ARCHAICA and Heliconia, containing Re- 
prints of Rare Old English Pieces of Prose and 
Poetry, edited by Park, Sir Egerton Brydges, 
and Haslewood, 5 vols. 4to. complete, half 
russia neat, uncut (scarce), £8. 10s 1814-15 

Only 250 copies of these rare pieces were privately printed 
by Longmans, at £2$. 3s the set in boards. 


ADAM (Robert and James) Architectural 
WORKS: Elevations, Plans, Sections, etc. of 
Sion House (the Duke of Northumberland's), 
Kenwood, Luton Park, the Earl of Derby's house 
in Grosvenor Square, Sir Watkin Williams 
Wynn's in St. James's Square, the Earl of Shel- 
burne's in Berkeley Square, Mistley Church, 
Essex, Drury Lane Theatre, and other Public and 
Private Buildings, Designs for sham ruined 
Bridges, etc. etc. ; IN ALL 80 LARGE plates, 
besides pictorial frontispiece, finely engraved by 
BARTOLOZZI, PlRANESI, VIVARES, etc. {the ceilings 
in the first vol. COLOURED), with Descriptions in 
English and French, 2 vols, atlas folio, calf, 
scarce. £14. 145 1773-8 

The above does not include the supplementary volume pub- 
lished in 1822, but is otherwise a fine copy. 

ADAM (R.) Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor 
Diocletian at Spalatro (sic), in Dalmatia, with 
61 fine engravings, some very large, by Bartolozzi 
and others, impl. folio, beautifully bound in 
crimson morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by J. 
Wright, ra the finest condition, £6. Qs 1764 

Sir Gardner Wilkinson, in his " Dalmatia," observes, " If I 
have confined my description of the Palace of Spalato to a nar- 
rower compass than the importance of that monument deserves, 
it is from its having been so amply described bv Adam." 

ALBERTUS (Leo Baptista) De Re tEdied 
CATORIA, Editio Princeps, folio, calf (rare), 
£3. 10* Florcnticc, 1485 

With the exception of being very slightly wormed and 
having a few corrections with the pen by an earlv owner, the 
above is a fine and large copy. It contains the separate leaves 
at the beginning and end which are sometimes wanting. 

ANTIQUARIAN Itinerary, by Storer and 
Greig, with 336 beautiful copper plates and 
numerous woodcuts of Monastic, Castellated, and 
Domestic Architecture, 7 vols. 8vb. large paper; 
half morocco neat, top edges gilt, £3. 3s 1816 

ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cab- 
in kt, a Series of Elegant Views of the most 
interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great Britain, 
with Descriptions, 500 engraving* by Storer and 
GREIG, 10 vols. fcap. 8vo. calf, £l.'5s 1807 

Memoirs of the Norwich Meeting, -July, 1847: 
Proceedings, Catalogue, Hudson GurneyonCaistor 
Castle, and other articles by.J. M. Kemble, Dean 
Stanley, J. G. Nichols, Petit, Parker, Albert Way, 
etc., numerous illustrations, 8vo. cloth, lOsQd 1851 
under Publications of Learned Societies for a set 

of the ArchAOLOOK al Journal, etc. 

ALLEN (C. B.) Cottage Building, or hints 
for improving the dwellings of working men, etc., 
post Svo. cloth, 2s 188b' 

ARCHEOLOGY :— Collectanea Arch.eo- 

logica : Communications made to the British 

Archaeological Association, Vols. 1 and 2, 

with numerous fine illustrations, 2 vols. 4to. in one. 

hf. calf gilt (VERY FEW PRINTED), £1. lSsOd 1862-71 

Contains valuable papers by B. Botrield, the Rev. R. W. 

Eyton, T. Wright, and J. R. Planche, on Shropshire Antiquities ; 

and manv others by the* Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman, the Rev. ]. I.. 

Petit, G. M. Hills,' the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, E. Roberts, T.J. 

Pettigrew, F. J. Baigent, T. Wakeman, G. V. Irving, Sir 

Gardner Wilkinson, etc. ; also an extensive Inventory (22 pp.) of 

the Furniture, etc. of a Tavern at Stratford-upon-Avon, taken in 

the time of Shakespeare : by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps ; Fountains 

Abbey, illustrated, etc. 

BARBER (Mrs. Mary) Drawings of Ancient 
Ecclesiastical Embroidery : Thirty Specimens 
of great beauty and interest, executed in the first 
style of Chromo-lithography ; edited by William 
Butterfielu, royal 4to. extra cloth] gilt edges, 
scarce, £3. 3s 1880 

" Mrs. Barber's work as a copyist deserves high praise ; 
colour and texture are wonderfully well rendered in her plates, 
and the book, is a beautiful one, of unusual historical and artistic 
value." — Saturday Re-vieiv. 

" There are some remarkably fine bits of decorative work in 
the book, including admirable examples of some of the finest 
qualities of decorative design. It is one which any decorator or 
worker in embroidery may be glad to have. It is full of hints. 
To the Archaeologist it has a value without any drawback." — 

BARRY (Sir Charles), Life and Works of, by 
Bishop Barry, portrait, map, and numerous 
illustrations, Svo. tree-calf gilt, ISs 1867 

BARRY (Prof. E. M.) Lectures on Archi- 
tecture at the Royal Academy, with portrait 
and illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 10s 1881 

BARTHOLOMEW (A.) Specifications for 
Practical Architecture, with 160 woodcuts, 
thick 8vo. cloth, 0s Qd 1841 

BILLINGS (R.W.) Baronial and Ecclesiast- 
ical Antiquities of Scotland, 240 finely 
i u graved plates of Old Castles, Palaces, Abbeys, 
Cathedrals, Churches, Towers, Priories, Univer- 
sities, Nunneries, etc., besides Woodcuts, with 
Historical Notices and Descriptions [chielly by 
Dr. -). Hill Burton]; 4 vols. 4to. cedf extra, red 
edges (SCARCE), £11. lis Edinburgh, 1845-52 

Mr. James FerguSSOD, in the new edition of his History of 
Architecture m all Countries, characterizes it as "certainly the 
most correct and beautiful that has yet appeared on the subject." 


>ooks on Architecture, continued .— 

3ILLINGS iR. W.) Architectural Illustrations 
and Description of Durham Cathedral, with 
75 engravings, 4to. new half morocco, top 

(jilt., 18s (id ' 1843 

Illustrations of Geometric Tracery from 

the Panelling belonging to Carlisle Cathedral, 
20 plates, 4to. in portfolio, ~s6d 1842 


Illustrations of Geometric Tracery 

from the Panelling of Carlisle Cathedral. 

A large PAPER COPY of the book. with India 

Proofs both of Etched and Finished Engravings of 

the 20 plates, and the author's drawings, royal 

folio, finely bound in dark purple morocco extra, 

with Oroad borders of gold, gilt edges, by Hering, 

in perfect condition, £10. 10s 1842 

This tine volume contains the whole of Mr. Billings's 

iriginal Water-Couh'r Drawings for the above-mentioned 

opiates ; each Drawing being mounted on a neutral-tinted card. 

3LORE (E.) Monumental Remains of Noble 
and Eminent Persons, comprising the Sepulchral 
Antiquities of Great Britain, 30 fine plates by Le 
Keux, with Historical and Biographical Illustra- 
tions, imperial Svo. hedf morocco, top edges gilt, 
15s (pub. £3. 15s) 1826 

A Large Paper copy, with Proofs of the 

plates, 4to. smooth morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 
£3. 10* (pub. £6.) 
These interesting Monuments are selected from Westminster 

Lbbey, the Cathedrals of Canterbury, Durham, Winchester, etc. 

30SC (E.) DlCTIONNAIRE Raisonne d'Archi- 
TECTURE, et des Sciences et Arts qui s'y rattach- 
ent, with several thousand fine woodcut illustra- 
tions, some in COLOURS AND GOLD, 4 large vols. 
impl. Svo. hedf morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 
£4. 4* Paris, Didot, 1S77-SO 

3QURASSE (L'Abbe) Lbs plus Belles 
EGLISES du Monde : Notices historiques et archeo- 
logiqnes, with man:/ fuH-page woodcuts after 
Girardet, super-royal Svo. morocco extra, gilt 
edges, 8s 6d Tours, 1S61 

30UTELL. (Rev. C.) Monumental Brasses 
and Slabs of the Middle Ages, numerous illustra- 
tions, with historical and descriptive Notices, 
royal Svo. cloth, £1. 5s 1S47 

BOYS (T. Shotter) Picturesque Architect- 
ure in Paris, Ghent, Antwerp, Rouen, Laon. etc., 
26 large and fine plates, coloured and mounted 
after the original drawings, impl. folio, in 
portfolio, cheap. £2. 10s (pub. £i0. 10s) (1S39) 

BRANDON (Raphael and J. A.) Open 
Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, with 43 plates 
(some coloured) of Perspective and Working Draw- 
ings of the best varieties of Church Poofs, with De- 
scriptions, royal 4to. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £3. 3s) 1S49 

BRITTON (John) Cathedral Antiquities of 
Great Britain, with nearly 250 highly finished 

engravings by Le Keux, and others, Proof Im- 
pressions, 11 vols, imperial folio in 5, Largest 
Paper, hf., uncut, top cd. gt. ,£2S. 1814-32 

Containing the Cathedrals of Canterbury, Exeter, Hereford, 
.ichtield, Norwich, Oxford, Salisbury, Wells, Winchester, 
V'orcester, and York. In the above fine copy, some of the plates 
re in duplicate on India paper, and some have the Etchings. 

Cathedral Antiquities of Great Brit- 
ain, with 311 fine engravings by Blorc, L<: K 
etc., PROOF IMPRESSIONS, 5 vols, royal 4tO. LARGE 
PAPER, half brown morocco extra, uncut, top 
edges gilt, £17. 17a 1814-35 
A complete set, comprising the Cathedrals of Bristol, 

anterbury, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield, Norwich, 

Ixford, Peterborough, Salisbury, Wells, Winchester, Worcester, 

nd York. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 


BRITTON iJohn) Chronological History 
and Graphic Illustrations of Christian 
Ai:< iiirij lure in ENGLAND, unth 86 grav- 

ings by Li Keux, etc. q/Pla ions, Eleva- 

tions and Views, thick 4to. morocco gilt, gilt << 
£1. 106- 1826 


CARTER 'John > Architectural Views of 
Malmesbury Abbey, and of Lacock Nunnery, 

Wiltshire, with specially printed titles : 01 
beautiful drawings in sepia by this well- 
known draughtsman, with short MS. descriptions 

by Sir R. Colt Hoare, atlas folio, half r 
a (a most desirable collection), £30. 1801 

These beautiful drawings are quite worthy of the tine 
architectuial fragment which they delineate, which (with the 
Augustinian Nunnery of Layccck; does not need to have its 
interest and importance pointed out to the architect or antiquary. 
Sir R. Colt Hoare says in a MS. note that these collections, 
made for him, cost £"189. $s td. 

Ancient Architecture of England, in- 
cluding the Orders during the British, Roman, 
and Saxon Eras, also under the Reigns of Henry 
III. and Edward III. ; edited and enlarged by 
J. Britton, 109 fine large etched plates, comprising 
2000 specimens, impl. folio, half morocco, top 
edges gilt. £2. 2s 1S37 

CAUMONT (A. de) Abecedaire ou Rudiment 
d'Archculogie, et Architecture Religieuse, 
Civile, et Militaire, 2 vols, post Svo. in one 
(pp. 1108), with several hundred woodcuts, half 
morocco neat, top edges gilt, 8s 6d Paris, 1853-4 

CHAMBERS iSir W.) Treatise on the Decor- 
ative Part of Civil Architecture, third 
and enlarged edition, with 54 fine plates, by old 
[sic] Booker, old [sic] Foudrinicr, Grignion, etc., 
etc., royal folio, half morocco neat, with the lute 
Mr. Vulliamy's bookplate, £1. 4> 1791 


CICOGNARA (IlConte L.) Le Fabbriche 
piii cospicue di ^ enezia. misniate, illustrate ed 
intagliate, with 250 large plates, 2 vols, imperial 
folio, half cedf, uncut (Mr. Beckford's copy), 
£13. 13.9 Venczia, 1815-20 

CLERISSEAU(C) Antiquites de la France : 
Texte Historique et Descriptii par J. G. Legrand; 
Best (enlarged) Edition, with Q3fine engravings 
by Poulleau, Nee, Reville, etc., 2 vols. impl. folio 
in one, sound half russia gilt, a fine copy, £1. \Ss 

Paris, b'id.ot, 1804 
This great work, chiefly consists of full details of the archi- 
tecture of Nimes, with the Pont du Gard and some other Roman 
remains elsewhere in France. 

CONEY (J.) Ancient Cathedrals, Hotels de 
Ville, and other grand examples of Gothic Arch- 
itecture in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy, 
32 very large and beautiful engravings, atlas 
folio, hedf morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, 
£6. 6s 1S32 

CORNER (Sidney) Rural Churches, their 
Hi-tories, Architecture and Antiquities, IS coloured 
'■■'■ ws like drawings,TOjAto. (pub.£l.l6-)(lS69) 

COTMAN (J. S.) Architectural Antiquities 
of NORMANDY ; with historical and descriptive 
Notices by Dawson Turner, 100 large and 
hie/hlu finished Etchings, 2 vols. impl. folio in 1, 
halfmor. gilt, uncut, £4. 4s (pub. £12. 12s) 1822 

Liber Studiorum, a Series of 4S Studies 

and S hitches, impl. folio, hf. morocco, £1. 15s 1S3S 

CUITT (Gr. ) Wanderings among the Ruins of 

Olden Times, 73 Etchings, embracing some of the 

t interesting Picturesque Architectural Subjt cts 

in England, Proofs on Japanese Paper, folio, 

in neat hedf 1 nor occo portfolio, £4. 10s 1S38 


Books on Architecture, continued:— 

CUBITT (J.) Church Designs for Congrega- 
tions, with U) plates, Svo. cloth, 5s Qd 1870 

DALLAWAY (Rev. J.) Discourses upon 
Architecture in England : from the Norman 
.Era to the Reign of Elizabeth, with Notes and 
Account of Master and Free Masons, royal 8vo. 
tree-calf gilt, yellow edges, 10s fid 1833 

DECLOUX et DOURY (MM., Architccte ct 
Pet 'ntre) Histoire Archeologique, descriptive, et 
graphique, de la Sainte-Chapelle du Palais, 
with 25 large and elaborate plates, most of which 

OURS, folio, hf. mor., toped, gt., £2. 2s Pam,1865 

DENTON (J. B.) Farm Homesteads of Eng- 
land ; Plans of such in different parts of the 
Country, in about 70 plates, with copious Descrip- 
tions, impl. 4to. cloth, £1. 55 1864 

DONALDSON (T. L.) Handbook of Specific- 
ations ; or practical Guide to the Architect, 
Engineer, Surveyor, and Builder : Avith the Law 
of Contracts hy W. C. Glen, numerous plates and 
plans, 2 thick vols. Svo. cl., £1. 15s (pub. £4.) (1859) 

EASTLAKE (C. L.) History of the Gothic 
Revival, with about 50 beautiful illustrations on 
wood of many of the most important works of the 
Revival during 50 years, square royal Svo. cloth 
extra, Us (pub. £1. lis Qd) 1872 

ECCLESIOLOGY:— Illustrations of Monu- 
mental Brasses [Architectural Details, Views, 
etc.], published by the Cambridge Camden [Eccle- 
siological] Society, 55 illustrations, with De- 
scriptions by the late Mr. Beresford Hope and 
others, royal 4to. half calf, £2. 2s Cambridge, 1846 

FERGUSSON (James) History of Archi- 
tecture in all Countries and from the Earliest 
Times (including the INDIAN and MODERN 
Styles), with over 1500 illustrations, 4 vols. 8vo. 
new half morocco extra, top edges gilt, £7. 1873-6 

The same, new calf gilt, £7. ; or, new tree- 

ccdf extra, by Riviere, £7. 10s 

Another copy, new morocco extra, gilt edges, 


£9. 18.? 

History of Architecture in all Countries, 

from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, 
illustrated, 2 vols. 8vo. hf bd., £2. 12s Gel 1874 
History of the Modern Styles of Archi- 
tecture, Svo. half bound, £1. 6s Qd 1873 
Another copy, new cedf gilt, £1. lis Qd; or, 

neu) morocco super -extra, gilt edges, £1. 18s 
The same, original edition, with 312 illus- 
trations on wood, Svo. roxburghe, £1. Is 1862 
History of Indian and Eastern Archi- 
tecture, with numerous illustrations, Svo. half 
bound, £1. 15s 1876 
The Temple of Diana at Ephesus ; with 

especial reference to Mr. Wood's Discoveries of 
its Remains, with plan and ivoodcuts, 4to. cloth, 
?,sQd 1883 

POSSATI (Chevalier) Aya Sofia, as restored 
by the Sultan Abdul Medjid, 25 fine large 
LITHOGRAPHS, BY HAGHE, of exterior and in-' 
terior Views coloured in imitation of the 
ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, 'mounted on cardboard, 
with descriptions in French, atlas folio, in port- 
folio, half morocco, £3. 3* (pub. £10. 10.s) 

Colnagln, 1852 

This exceedingly fine work, gives the only worthy and satis- 
factory delineation of the present condition of Justinian's 
glorious church, and may, if recent accounts he true, ere long be 
the only pictorial record left when it shall have finally suc- 
cumbed to the eilccts of ever-hastening decay. 


Published at £45. Offered for a short time 

at £14. 14*. 

FOERSTER (Ernst) Monuments of German 
Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting, 
from the Introduction of Christianity to the 
present Time [Denkmiile Deutscher Baukunst, 
Bildnerei und Malerei etc.] : 600 splendid 
plates engraved ON steel {with German 
letterpress, there being no English translation), 
12 vols, royal folio, strongly bound in half cloth, 
£14. 14s (pub. £45.) Leipzig, 1855-69 

The above is a large and fine paper copy of this interesting 
and valuable work : very few copies were struck off in this state. 
The plates of Buildings are rendered more useful by Ground- 
plans, Sections, Details, Ornaments, etc. All the plates are 
engraved in the finest manner on Steel. But few copies now 
remain for sale, and the price has already been raised by the 

GLOSSARY of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, 
Italian and Gothic Architecture (hy the late 
John Henry Parker, c.b.), with 1700 most 
beautiful ivoodcuts by Orlando Jewitt ; fifth 
and best EDITION, 3 vols. 8vo. half 'red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, nearly neio (scarce), £3. 15s 

Oxford, 1850 

Another copy, cedf extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s 

GOODWIN (P.) Domestic Architecture : 
Designs for Mansions, Villas, and other Resi- 
dences, with Observations on the appropriate 
choice of Site, etc., many plates, 2 vols. 4to. 
cloth, £1. Is 1850 

GUERNERIUS (J. P.) Delineatio Montis 
Winter-Casten, yEdincioruni et Aquarum 
Fontium, a Carolo Landgravio H assise 
exornatorum, 16 large folding plates of the build- 
ing, its grottoes, waterworks, etc., with Descrip- 
tions in Latin, Ltcdian, French, and German, 
folio, half calf (with the late Mr. Vulliamy's 
book-plate), 15s Qd Cassellis, 1706 

GWILT (J.) Notitia Architectonica 
ITALIANA, or concise notices of the Buildings and 
Architects of Italy, plates, Svo. bds., 4-s Qd 1818 

HALFPENNY (W.) Magnum in Parvo; or, 
The Marrow of Architecture, numerous plates, 
4to. hcdf bound, very scarce, not in Lowndes, 
8s Qd 1728 

HALL (Sir J.) Essay on the Origin, History, and 
Principles of Gothic Architecture ; second 
edition, 60 engraved plates, chiefly in illustration 
of window -tracery and vaidting systems, impl. 
4to. brown calf gilt, £1. 10.? Buhner, 1813 

[HARTSHORNE (Rev. C. H.)] Illustra- 
tions of Alnwick, Prudhoe, and Warkworth 

Castles, Warkworth Hermitage, Alnwick and 
Hulne Abbeys, Dunstanborough Castle, etc., 
92 very fine ivood engravings and steel plcdes (the 
latter foxed) of Architectural Antiquities, Seals, 
etc., engraved by Orlando Jewitt, Le Keux, 
etc., royal 4to. hcdf morocco, gilt edges (SCARCE), 
£3. -175 Qd For Private Distribution, n. d. 

This valuable work contains the Pedigree of the Earls and 
Dukes of Northumberland, and the Surnames of the Families 
whose Arms compose a Shield of Quarterings of Alliances 
appertaining to this most noble Family. 

HEMMING (S.) Designs for Villas, Parson 
AGES, and other Houses varying in cost of 
erection from £200 to £5000, with Plans, Eleva- 
tions, Perspectives, and Specifications, 4to. half 
bound, 10s Qd n, d. 


Sooks ox Architecture, contin ued . ■— 

lOBBS'S Architecture. wmtairiingDesigns and 
Ground Plans for Villas, Cottages, etc.. adapted 

to the United States, with rol< riticism, 

and Introduction, by J. H. Hobbs and Son, 
Architect?, 122 engravings, royal 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 

Philadelphia, 1876 

NWOOD (H. W.,-4r«A«fec«)TheERECHTHEiON 
at ATHENS : Fragments of Athenian Architecture, 
etc. in Attica, Megara, and Epirus, with numerous 
fine outline plates, roval folio, half moro 
cloth sidt s t 10s 6d 1831 

r ONES (Owen) Grammar of Ornament, the 
original large edition of this magnificent 
work, containing 101 LARGE AND EXQUISITELY 
coloured plates, comprising 3000 examples of 
the decorations of all ages and nations, drawn on 
stone by F. Bedford, and printed in colours by 
Day and Son. with full descriptions by the 
Author, impl. folio, halfmoroeco extra, gilt t 
{in fresh condition), £10. 10s Day and Son, 1S50 

new EDITION, containing 112 beautiful 

coloured plates, comprising 3000 examples of the 

•ations of all ages and notions, with full 

descriptions, folio, cloth, gilt edges, £2. 10s (pub. 

£5. ■' Dag and & . >. d. 

Designs for Mosaic and Tesselated 

Pavements ; with an Essay on their Materials 
and Structure, by F. O. Ward; 10 large) 

finely executed in colours, folio, hfi bound, 10s 6d 



CORTUM (Dr. C. W.) Alt-Christliche 


bis XIII. Jahrhundert : auf Befehl S. At. des 
Konigs aufgenommen und historisch erlautert von 
W. Salzenberg : ini Anhange des Silentiarins 
Paulus Beschreibung der Heiligen Sophia und 
des Ambon, metrisch iibersetzt und mit Anmer- 
knngen, versehen von Dr. C. W. K., a 4to. 
volume of Letterpress, and an Atlas Folio 
r 40 large plates of the Architecture, 
Sections, Details, etc., 13 c/ which representing 
the Mosaics, Marbles, Figures of Saints, 
etc., are finely executed in chromo- 
lithographv or illuminated in Gold and 
Colour-. £13. 10* Berlin, 1854 

ZERR 'Prof. R.) The Consulting Architect. 
Practical Notes on Administrative Difficulties 
and Disputes, post Svo. cloth, Is 1SS6 

The Gentleman's House, second and best 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 


edition, with 45 folding plans, Svo. cloth, scarce. 
£L Is 1S65 


CING (T. H.) Study Book of Medlsyal 
Architecture and Art ; Working Drawings 
of the Principal Churches of the Middle Ages in 
Germany. Belgium, and France, drawn TO 
uniform Scales from actual measurement ; 
to which are added. Illustrations of Remark- 
able Chalices. Cups, Ironwork, Stained 
Glass. Tombs, etc., in all between Three and 
Four Thousand Subjects, engraved on 400 
copper-plates, with Descriptions by 6. J. Hill, 
M.A.. 4 vols. impl. 4to. half morocco, top > 
gilt, £9. 9* (pub. £12. 12 (1S6S) 

The same, the plates on INDIA paper, 4 vols. 

half morocco, top edges gilt, £12. 12s (pub. 
£16. 16s) 
The copies on India Paper have a very beautiful appearance. 

LE PAUTRE (Antoinel CEuvres d'Archi- 
tecture, wi larg< plat luding portrax 

I u ws, Eli vatu . and Orna- 

"olio, half calf gilt, £2. 5s Paris 

These designs by this celebrated architect are very useful 
examples of the style of the period. 

LESSING (Otto, Sculptor) Abchitect 

< tBNAMENTS IN BERLIN, 100 plates [siZi 19 U 

12| in. >, exquisitt ■'. comprising about 200 

imens of artistic embellishments, complete in 

5 parts, forming 1 vol. roval folio, roxourghe, 

£5. 5s I pub. £0. 

Modern Architectural Ornam: 

100 beautifully i .1!) in. by 12 

. complete in 5 part-, forming 1 vol. roval 
folio, roxburghe, £5. 5s [pub. £6. 1884 

These unique works are beyond all praise, and have only to 
be seen to be appreciated. No just idea can be formed of' the 
extreme beauty of the conceptions, and of the skill and delicacy 
with which they are carried out. They will be found invalu- 
able to all engaged in the production of artistic designs, the 
originality and variety of the subjects being unrivalled. 

LONGMAN (W.) History of the Three 
Cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in London, 
with reference chiefly to their Structure and 
Architecture, with many steel plates and wood- 
cuts, square Svo., half calf, 12s 6d 1873 

The same. Levant morocco super-extra, 

'de borders richly gilt, gilt edges, £1. ISs 

LOUDON (J. C.) Cottage, Farm, and Villa 
Architecture and Furniture, with analytical 
and critical remarks on the Designs, with n 
100 pi" more titan 2000 woodcuts, thick 

Svo. half morocco gilt, 10s (pub. £1. 6s) 1S33 

Last edition, edited by Mrs. Loudon, with 

titan 2000 wood engravings, thick Svo. 
(1340 pp.), half bound. 12s 6d (pub. £1. 5s) n. d. 

" We believe no single work has ever effected so much good 
in improving the arrangement and the external appearance of 
Country buildings generally as this Encyclopaedia." — Times. 

"Should be on the library-table of every country gentleman ; 
and we shonrd like to see a copy of it deposited in every parish 
in the kingdom for general use." — Athenjeum. 

MILIZIA (Fr.) Memorie degli Architetti 
Antichi e MODERNI ; terzaedizione. 2 vol-. Svo. 
intly bound in calf extra, gilt edges, by 
F.' Bedford. £1. lis 6^ 

Pal ma. delta Stamperia Reale, 17S1 

MITCHELL iT.) Rudimentary Manual of 

Apchitecture, post Svo. cloth, Ss 1S70 

MURRAY'S Cathedrals :— See under King 
R. J.) in English Topography, post. 

NARJOUX (P.) Notes and Sketches of an 
Architect in the North- West of Europe, 214 
illustrations, Svo. cloth, 8s 1S76 

NASH (Joseph) Series of ViEWs illustrative of 
Pugin's Examples of Gothic Architecture, with 
Descriptions by W. II. Leeds, 22 fine views of 

riors and interiors, drama f,-., 
stone {different from, those in the work), impl. 4to. 
half morocco, top edt . 18s ls.'lo 


THE OLDEN TIME >-see under English 
Topography, post. 

NEALE (J. P.) Views of Collegiate and 
Parochial CHURCHES in Great Britain, in- 
cluding Screens, Fonts, Monuments, etc., 100 
highly finished engravings byhE Keux. fine im- 
pressions, with Descriptions, 2 vols, royal Svo. 
cloth [nice fresh copy), 15.* l^-_!4-."> 

Another copy, 2 vols, in 1, half morocco, top 

edges gilt, £1. Is 


Books on Architecture, continued .— 

NESPIELD (W. B.) Specimens of Medleval 
Architecture, selected from the best Examples 
of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries in 
France and Italy, 100 large and elaborate plates, 
with descriptions, inipl. folio, half bound, orna- 
mental boards, 14s (pub. £4.) n. d. 

NORM AND (A.) ^'Architecture des 
NATIONS ETRANGERES ; Etude sur les principales 
Constructions du Pare a l'Exposition Universelle 
(1S67) ; 73 fine plates, some in tints, royal folio, 
half morocco gilt, £1. 15s Paris, 1870 

PALEY (P. A., Greek Critic) Illustrations of 
Baptismal Fonts, with Descriptions, with 128 
beautiful woodcuts by Orlando Jewitt, etc., 
Svo. half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. Is 

Van Voorst, 1844 
Among the contributors are Boutdl, Hasla'm, and Markland. 

PEACOCK (E., f.s.a.) English Church 
Furniture, Ornaments, and Decorations, at the 
period of the Reformation, as exhibited in a list 
of the goods destroyed in certain Lincolnshire 
Churches, a.d. 1566, with facsimile of mured 
painting, Svo. cloth, 14s 1866 

PFNOR (R.) Monographic du Palais de 


Figeac ; 150 beautiful plates, some exquisitely 


impl. folio, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £6. 15s 

Paris, 1863 


DECORATION, by Audsley : 

— sec under n P } " post. 

PUGIN (Augustus and A. W. N.) 
Examples of Gothic Architecture from 
Ancient Edifices in England, many plates of 
Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at large ; 
with historical and descriptive Accounts by E. J. 
Willson, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 15s 1831-6 

PUG-IN (Augustus Welby Northmore) 
Apology for the Kevival of Christian Archi- 
tecture in England, with 10 fine steel etchings 
by the Author, 4to. cloth, 7s 6rf 1S43 

Floriated Ornament, 31 beautiful plates 

in GOLD and COLOURS, roy. 4to. half morocco, 
top edges gilt, £1. Is 1875 

Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament 

and COSTUME, illustrated by 7 '3 plates printed in 
gold and colours, and many fine woodcuts, from 

his masterly designs, third edition, enlarged and 
revised by the Rev. B. Smith, royal 4to. half 
morocco, top edges gilt, £4. 18s Qd 1868 

PUTTRICH'S Monuments of Medleval 
Architecture in Saxony ; Denkmaler der Bau- 
kunst des Mittelalters in Sachsen, with nearly 400 
fine plates of the Ancient Cathedrals, Ab- 
beys, Churches, and Feudal Castles, in 
< \ ntral r << rmany, including plans and engravings 
of the Monuments and Decorations, 5 vols, in 4, 
folio, new half morocco extra, top edges gilt, 
£10. I0.s Leipzig, 1836-52 

One of the most splendid and elaborate archaeological works 
which the Leipsic press has produced. The Saxon States abound 
in tine specimens of German Gothic, so interesting to the 
English Antiquary and Architect. 

QUINCY (Quatremere de) Histoire de la 
\'ii. y\ <!<■> OUVRAGES de plus Celehres ARCHI- 
i BCTES du Xle. Siecle jusqu'a la fin du XVIIIe., 
2 vol-, roy. Svo. ///. morocco, top edges gilt, £1. \s 

Paris, 1830 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

RAWLINSON (R.) Designs for Factory, Fur- 
nace, and other Tall Chimney Shafts, 25 large 
plates of original designs, introducing the Indian 
Tower, Eastern Minaret, and Italian Camp- 
anile, impl. fol., cloth, £1. 18s (pub. £3 3s) (1859) 

RICHARDSON(J.)The Englishman's House, 
with 600 illustrations, crown Svo. cloth, 6.9 n. d. 

ROBINSON (P. F.) Designs for Cottages, 
Lodges, and Park Entrances, in various 
styles, 48 plates by Harding, Allom, etc., 4to. 
new half morocco, top edges gilt, 13s Qd 1833 

RUSKIN (J.) Works on Architecture etc. :— 
see under Ruskin, post. 

SANDERS (W. B.) Examples of Carved Oak 
Woodwork in the Houses and Furniture of the 
XVI. and XYII. Centuries, with 25 Photo-Litho- 
graphs from original sketches, folio, cloth, 16s 1883 

SCHWBNKB (P.) Designs for Decorative 
Furniture and Modern Chamber Arrange- 
ment, including a Practical Guide to Upholstery; 
illustrated by 72 large and fine Plates, exhibiting 
the latest Improvements, accompanied by minute 
and accurate Working Plans, the Subjects care- 
fully selected from the best existing specimens 
exhibited in the Department of Industrial Art, 
Berlin : royal folio, half bound, top edges gilt, 
£3 3s 1882 

SCOTT (Sir Gilbert) Remarks on Secular and 
Domestic Architecture, present and future, 
vignette, Svo. cloth, Is 1857 

Gleanings from Westminster Abbey, 

with Appendices byW. Burges, a.r.a., the Rev. 
T. Hugo, J. H. Parker, Prof. Willis and others, 
numerous fine steel plates and woodcuts by 
Orlando Jewitt, enlarged edition, Svo. cloth, 
9s (pub. 15s) Oxford, 1863 

SHARPB (Edmund, f.s.a.) Visit to the Domed 
Churches of La Charente, by the Architectural 
Association of London in 1S75 (published as a 
Memorial of the Author), 60 photo-lithographs, 
with Historical and Descriptive Text, 4to. morocco 
elegant, gilt edges, £1. 16s n. d. 

SHAW (H., f.s.a.), Works by :— see under 

SHAW (R. Norman, r.a.) Architectural 
Sketches from the Continent, 100 fine large 
lithographic plates, folio, half morocco, gilt edges, 
15s " 1872 

This fine work exhibits accurate Views and Details of 
Cathedrals and other famous Mediaeval Buildings in Amiens, 
Auxerre, Beauvais, Bourges, Chartres, Le Mans, Paris, Rouen, 
Strassburg, Toul, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Erfurt, 
Freiburg, Prague, etc. 

SIMPSON (P. ) A Series of Ancient Baptismal 
Fonts, Chronologically arranged, 40 fine engraved 
plates, with Descriptions, 4to. new half morocco 
extra, top edges gilt, £1. Is 1828 

SMITH ( Bernard ) Sketches Abroad : in 
Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, 30 large 
plates representing 47 examples, mostly of the 
Ji'r/iascence Style of the \6th Century: with 
Descriptions, folio, cloth, £1. Is 1883 

SMITH (Prof. T. Roger) Architecture: 
Classic, Early Christian, Gothic, and Re- 
naissance, with 280 engravings, thick crown Svo. 
cloth, 8s 6rf 18S2 

S T O R E R (J.) Cathedrals of Great 
Britain ; History and Antiquities of the, with 
256 highly -finished engravings, etc., accurate in, 
architectural details, 4 vols. Svo. half roan, top 
edges gilt, £2. 10s IS 14 


Jooks on Architecture, continued:— 

>TOTHARD (C. A.) Monumental Effigies 
of Great Britain, selected from the Cathedral 
and other Churches, with Descriptions by A. J. 
Kenipe, illustrated with 1-47 etchings, many of 
them, coloured and heightened with gold, 9 vig- 
nettes, portrait, etc., royal 4to. beautifully bound 
in red morocco extra, <jilt edges, by J. Clarke, 
£6. 10s 1817-32 

" The objects contemplated by Mr. Stothard in this beautiful 
lblication were to afford to the historical painter a complete 
"lowledge of the Costume adopted in England from an early 
:riod of History to the reign of Henry VIII. : to illustrate 
: the same time History and Biography; and, lastly, to assist 
>e stage in selecting its costume with propriety for the plays of 
ir great Dramatic Bard." — Gentleman's Magazine. 

TUART (James) and N. REVETT : 
Antiquities of Athens and other Monuments 
of Greece, with 71 plates, post Svo. new calf 
extra, gilt edges, lis 1873 
Antiquities of Athens, etc. : the Sup- 
plementary Vol. by Cockerell, Kinnard, 
Railton, Donaldson, and others, 50 large plates 
and several vignettes, with descriptions, roy. folio, 
hf. morocco, toj) edges gilt, £2. 15s 1830 
or a complete set of the Dilettanti Society's 
Publications on the Antiquities of Athens see under 
Publications of Learned Societies, post. 

URNER(T. Hudson) and J. H. PARKER, 
c.b. : Some Account of Domestic Architec- i 
TUBE in England, from the Conquest to the 
end of the XV. Century, with several steel plates 
byLcKcux,and upwards of '300 beautiful woodcuts 
by Orlando Jewitt of existing Remains, 4 vols. 
Svo. cloth, top edges gilt, £4. 4s Oxford, 1851-9 

Another copy, half morocco gilt (stilted), top 

edges gilt, £4. os 

"ILL A and Cottage Architecture: 
Examples of Country and Suburban Residences 
recently erected, with full description of each, 80 
plates, folio, half morocco elegant, £2. ISs Qd 

Black ic, n. d. 

ILLA-AMIL (G. P. de) Espana Artistica 
y Monumental, a Series of 144 large views in 
the finest style of lithography of many of the 
magnificent examples of liomancsquc, Moorish, 
Early (did Late Gothic, and Renascence Archi- 
tecture now existing in Spain, with Descriptions 
in Spanish and French, edited by P. dc la Esco- 
sura, 3 vols. impl. folio, half morocco extra, gilt 
edges, a beautifully clean copy, £10. 105 

Paris, 1842-50 
IOLLET - LE - DUC (E.) Dictionnaibe 
Raisonne de 1' Architecture Francaise, 
du Xle. au XVIe. Siecle, with portrait and 
upwards of 3000 engravings on wood, 10 vols. 
roy. Svo. half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 
£10. 105 Paris, 1867 

Another copy, new half morocco gilt, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £11. lis ibidem, 1875 

Histoire D'UNE MAISON, with numerous 

woodcuts illustrating all the stages of house- 
building, royal Svo. half calf gilt, 10s Qd 

Paris, s. d. 
FARING (J.) The Arts connected with 
Architecture illustrated by Examples in 
Central Italy, from the XIII. to the XV. 
Century, with Descriptions, 41 large and finely 
coloured plates, impl. folio, new hf. morocco, 
uncut, £4. 45 (pub. £10. 105) 1858 

Comprising the most splendid examples of Stained Glass, 
escoOrnament.Marble, and Enamel Inlay and Wood Inlay.etc. 

WARRINGTON (W.) History of Stained 
GLASS, from the earliest period of the Art, with 
24 very large and beai tifully coloured 
plates, exhibiting whole Windows in the various 

styles, impl. folio, hf. morocco, gilt edges, £3. :\< 
(pub. £8. 85) 1848 

The best guide extant for distinguishing the various ages of 
Glass Painting. Only 200 copies were printed. 

WICKES (C.) The Spires and Towers of the 
MEDLEVAL CHURCHES of England, with Observ- 
ations on the Architecture of the Middle A e 
with the Supplemental Volume ; 72 large plates 
comprising 107 Cathedral and other Churches, ;; 
vols. impl. folio, £3. 15s (pub. £11. 11*) 1853-9 

This tine work illustrates the most beautiful specimens of 
Steeple Architecture in all parts of the kingdom. 

Memorials of English Medueval 

Churches [a condensation of the previous work], 
Studies of the finest existing Ecclesiastical 
Steeples of Great Britain, with Essay on Ancient 
Church Architecture, 71 fine Views, impl. folio. 
cloth, £1. 7s 6rf 1857 

WILD (C.) Twelve Etched Outlines, selected 
from Architectural Sketches made in Belgium, 
Germany, and France, with descriptive letter- 
press, 4to. half bound, 7s Qd 1S33 

WILKINS, (W., F.S.A.) The Antiquities of 
MAGNA Gilecia, with 87 large and fine Aquatint 
and other engravings of the Temples at Agri- 
gentum, P.estum, and elsewhere in Italy and 
Sicily, giving general views, and the architectural 
details on a large scale, impl. folio, beautifully 
bound in crimson uiorocco super-extra, gilt edges, 
£7. 105 Cambridge University Press, 1S07 

WINKLES (B0 Cathedrals of England 
and Wales, Architectural and Picturesque Il- 
lustrations of the, with historical and descriptive 
Accounts : new edition, with the addition of 
Manchester Cathedral, nearly 200 fine engraving.-. 
3 vols. impl. Svo. half morocco, top edges gilt, 
£2. 12s Qd 1860 

[WINSTON (C.)] Enquiry into the Difference 
of Style observable in Ancient Glass Paint- 
ings, especially in England, with Hints on Gla^s 
Painting; by an Amateur, with 75 plates [same 
coloured) from the author's drawings, 2 vols. Svo. 
figured cloth, top edges gilt (scarce), £1. 165 6^ 

Oxford, 1847 

WOOD (R.) Architectural Antiquities and 
PvUins of Palmyra and Balbec, or Heliopolis in 
Ccelo-Syria, upwards of 100 fine engravings, some 
very large and folding, original impressions, 
2 vols. impl. folio in one, half calf gilt : a medioci e 
copy, cheap, £1. 105 1753-7 

A nice copy of the second edition, strongly 

bound in half morocco neat, uncut, £2. 25 (pnb. 
£7. 75) Pickering, 1S27 

One of the most splendid works ever published, and its 
accuracy is equal to its beauty. Succeeding travellers are all 
indebted more or less to Wood's delineations and descriptions. 

YORKSHIRE, The Monastic Ruins of, a fine 
■ series of large tinted Drawings on stone, and 
numerous engravings of Plans, Sections, and />■ - 
tails, by W. Richardson, Architect, with De- 
scriptions by Archdeacon Churton, 2 vols. 
impl. folio in 1, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 
nearly new, £9. 175 Qd York', 1843-52 

A tine subscription copy of a work in every way worthy of 
its glorious theme, having the large ornamental capitals beau- 
tifuHv coloured. 




the late Polar Search [by Captain Austin for Sir 
John Franklin] : by the Officers and Seamen of 
the Expedition, woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, is Qd 1852 

BACK (Captain) Narrative of the Arctic 
Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great 
Fish River, 1833-5. map and numerous engrav- 
ings, Svo. half calf gilt, Qs Qd 1836 

BACK'S (Capt.) Journey to the Shores of 
the Arctic Ocean, 1833-5, Narrative of, by 
R. King, Surgeon and Naturalist to the Exped- 
ition, plates by Wcstall, etc., 2 vols, post Svo. 
half morocco, 5s Qd < 1836 

BARRINGTON (Hon. Daines) The 
Possibility of Approaching the North Pole 
Asserted, with Appendix by Colonel Beaufoy, 
F.R.S., map and vignette, Svo. new half morocco, 
top edges gilt, 9s Qd 1818 

BEECHEY (Capt. P. W.) Voyage in H.M.S. 
" Blossom " to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, 
to co-operate with the Polar Expeditions, 1825-8, 
numerous maps and steel plates bu Findcn, 2 
vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 185 1831 

BELCHER (Capt.) :— The Last of the 
Arctic Voyages ; the Expedition in Search of 
Sir J. Franklin in 1852-4, by CAPTAIN Sir E. 
Belcher, map and plates, some coloured, 2 vols, 
royal Svo. cloth, £1. Ss 1855 

The descriptions of Natural History are by Sir J. Richard- 
son, Professor Owen, T. Bell, J. W. Salter, and L. Reeve. 

DUFFERIN (Earl of) Letters from High 
Latitudes ; an Account of a Yacht Voyage to 
Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitsbergen, in 1S56, 
numerous woodcuts, post Svo. cf. gt., llsQd 1S87 

KANE (Dr. E. K.) The Second Grinnell 
Expedition (1853-4-5) in search of Sir J. 
Franklin, with portraits and 300 engravings on 
steel and icood, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. Is (pub. 
£1. lis Qd) Philadelphia, 1856 

M'CLINTOCK (Capt.) Voyage of the " Fox " 
in the Arctic Seas in search of Franklin and his 
Companions, with numerous illustrations and 
maps, post Svo. calf gilt, Us Qd 1881 

LYON (Capt. G. F., H.M.S. " Hecla'] 
Private Journal during- Capt. Parry's Recent 
Voyage of Discovery — Brief Narrative of an 
unsuccessful Attempt to reach Repulse Bay in 
H.M.S. "Griper "in 1824, by the same— together 
2 vols. Svo., icith charts on linen and plates ; 
newly bound in half green morocco extra, uncut, 
top edges gilt, lis Qd ' 1824-5 

MARKHAM (A. H.) Whaling Cruise to 
Baffin's Bay and the Gulf of Boothia, with 
Account of the rescue of the crew of the 
"Polaris; " and Introduction by Rear-Adml. S. 
Osborn, illustrated, post Svo. calf gilt, Us Qd 


The same, calf extra, gilt edges, 13s 

NORDENSKIOLD (A. E.) The Voyage of 
the Vega round Asia and Europe, with an 
historical review of previous Journeys along the 
North Coast of the Old World, translated by A. 
Leslie, complete in one vol., with fine steel por- 
traits, besides nearly 300 maps and illustrations, 
Svo. cloth, 10s 6f/(pub. £1. 5*) 1SS5 

Another copy, calf gilt, 17s Qd 

Cheapedition, with portrait and illustrations, 

post Svo. calf gilt, 10s 1883 

PARRY (Capt. W. E.) Three Voyages for 
the discovery of a North- West Passage, and an 
Attempt to Reach the North Pole, fine engravings 
half after Westall, Lyon, Head, etc., 3 vols. 4to. 
calf {not uniform), £1. 10s 1821-6 

The same, with Appendixes of Scientific 

Observations, etc., fine engravings by Findcn, 
5 vols. 4to. boards, £3. 5s 1821-0 

PAYER (Julius) New Lands within the 
Arctic Circle : the Discoveries of the Austrian 
Ship "Tegetthoff" in 1872-4 ("Franz-Joseph 
Land "), with numerous maps and coloured and 
other illustrations, 2 vols. Svo. half calf extra, 
£1. 4s 1876 

SMITH (D. M., f.r.g.s.) Arctic Expedit- 
ions, from the Earliest Times to 1875-6, 
numerous coloured illustrations, maps, and other 
engravings, thick 4to. leather gilt, emblematically 
tooled on sides, gilt edges, \5s Glasgoiv, 1877 

ARGENSOLA (B. L. de) The Discovery and 
Conquest of the Molucco and Philippine 
Islands, translated into English [hy Captain 
John Stevens], map and three oilier plates, 4to. 
old calf, £2. 10s- 1708 

ARGYLL (Duke of) The Reign of Law, 
ivith 4 plates by Wolf, post Svo. cloth, 8s (pul>. 
129 Qd) 1867 

ARIOSTO (Ludovico) Orlando Furioso; 
novissamente alia sua Integrita Ridotto; con 
a! nine Ktanze del S. Aluigi Uonzaga, una breve 
Espositione, etc., numerous woodcuts, thick 12mo. 
half bound [wormed)^ babe, t'l. 5s 

Ven., G. Jolito, 1543 

" Jolie e*dit. en petits caractbres romains, avec fig. en bois. 
C'est la plus ancienne que Giolito ait donnde en ce format, tant 
en caractcrc:, romains qu'en taracteres italiqucs." — Brunei. 

Although the Sunderland Library contained many of the 
earliest editions of the "Orlando Furioso," the above >vas not 
amongst them. 

ARIOSTO (L.) Orlando Furioso, Basker- 
ville's beautifully printed edition, with 
numerous beautiful engravings by Bartolozzi, 
etc., from Cipriani's designs, 4 vols, royal Svo. 
a very fin e set, in old marbled calf extra, decorated 
backs, gilt edges, £5. 5s Birmingham, 1773 

Another copy, green morocco extra, gilt edges, 

£6. 65 

The impressions of the plates in this fine copy are particu- 
larly brilliant and clear; it is unusually free from stains. 

Orlando Furioso, translated into 

English Verse, with Notes, by W. Stewart 
Rose, 8 vols, post 8vo. half morocco extra, top 
edges gilt, nearly new, £3. 3s 1823-31 

" A spirited and faithful translation." — T. Moore. 

The Seven Planets Uouerning Italie, or, 

His Satyrs in Seven famous Discourses, trans- 
lated into English verse [by Robert Topte], 
small 4to. half russia, 10s Qd W. Stansby, 1611 

.RIOSTO (L.) SATYRES, in seven famous Dis- 
courses, shewing the State of the Court, Lihertie 
and the Clergie in generall, of the Rornane Clergie, 
Marriage, Soldiers, Musitians, and Lovers, etc. 
In English Verse [with Anecdotal Annotations] , 
by Garvis Markham, small 4to. calf, gilt edges, 
by C. Smith {title mounted), £1. lis 6d 1608 

This copy brought ^3. i5j- at Mr. Perry's sale in 1822. It 
.s Lord Leigh's bookplate. 

Roland Furieux, Poeme Heroi'que traduit 

par A. J. Du Pays ; avec une Notice Biographique 
et Litteraire, elegantly printed and embellished 
with several hundred finely executed wood engrav- 
ings, 81 of which are the full size of the page, 
conceived in GlJSTAVE Dore's happiest vein, a 
splendid vol. folio, cloth, £2. os (pub. £7. 10s) 

Paris, 1879 

" In no work does the genius of Gustave Dors' shine with 
)re lustre than in his illustrations of the ' Orlando Furioso.' 
this work he has full scope for evincing his unequalled power 
er both the Tragic and Comic." 

RISTOPHANIS Comcedle, cum Perditarum 
Fragmentis ; tertiis curis usui scholarum accom- 
modavit, additis adnotatione critica summariis 
descriptione metrica, H. Holden, 8vo. calf gilt, 
16* 1868 

The same, vellum, carmine edges, ISs 

Comedies ; translated into familiar Blank 

Verse, with preliminary Observations on each 
Play, etc., by C. A. Wheelwright: also 
Wachsmuth's Dissertation on the old Greek 
Comedy, 2 vols. 8vo. original boards (nice uncut 
copy), Is (pub. £1. 4s) Oxford, Talboys, 1837 

Peace, translated with Notes by J. B. 

Rogers, crown 4to. cloth, 7s6d n. d. 

See tender John HOOKHAM Frere for other 

translations from Aristophanes. 
RISTOTLE'S Politics, with English Notes 
by R. Congreve, 8vo. cloth, 106- 6d (pub. 18s) 1874 


AP12T0TEA0YS, Editio Princeps, large folio, 
red morocco super-extra, gold, borders, gilt edges, 
% very fine copy, with the bookplate of the late 
Master of Trinity, £5. 5s 

Venetiis, turns Z. Calliergi, 1499 
A most splendid and beautiful specimen of early Greek 
iography. The title and all the large initial letters and 
idings of the chapters are impressions from wood-engravings 
.ick off in red. — "Edition tres-rare et fort belle." — 

Rhetoric and Poetic, translated by T. 

Buckley, post 8vo. cloth, 4s 1851 

Ethics, illustrated with Essays and Notes 

by Sir Alex. Grant, revised edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 
'loth, 8s 6d (pub. £l.«8s) 1866 

The last edition, 2 vols. Svo. neiv cloth, 

61. 3s . 1885 

Lewes (G. H.) Aristotle: a Chapter from 

:he History of Science, including Analyses of his 
■Scientific Writings, Svo. cloth, 12s Qd 1854 

Another copy, calf gilt, 15s 

RMSTRONG- (Edmond J.), Life and 
Letters of, edited by G. F. Armstrong, portrait 
ind vignette, post Svo. cloth, 5s 1877 

RMSTRONG {J., Engineer in Ordinary to the 
King) History of the Island of Minorca, ivith 
c olding map and plates, Svo. cedf, 6s Qd 1752 

RMYTAGE (Hon. Mrs.) Old Court Cus- 
roMS, and Modern Court Rule, plates, crown Svo. 
loth gilt, 5s 6d (pub. 10s Qd) 1883 

RNOLD (Edwin) The Light of Asia, Illust- 
rated Edition, with numerous beautiful wood- 
mts, crown 4to. cloth, 16s 1885 


ARNOLD (Matthew) Poems, collected edition, 

3 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 19s 1885 

- The same, new calf extra, £1. 14s; or, mor- 

occo super-extra, gilt edges, £2. 8s 

Selected POEMS, vignette, fcp. 8vo. new 

calf gilt, Is M 1885 

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s ; or, mor- 

occo extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d 

Discourses in America, post Svo. cloth, 

3s 6d 1885 

ARNOLD (Dr. T.) Works, best large type 
library editions, 16 vols. 8vo. newly and hand- 
somely bound in half morocco extra, uncut, top 
edges gilt (fine uniform set), £10. 10s 1832-74 
The same, new polished calf extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £11. lis 

Another set, bound in 15 vols., tree-calf 

extra, gilt edges (very fine set). £12. 10s 

Comprises History of Rome, 5 vols. ; Lectures on Modern 
History; Sermons, 6 vols.; The Church; Miscellaneous 
Works ; and Life and Correspondence by Dean Stanley, 2 vols. 

History of Rome (to the end of the second 

Punic War), 3 vols. — History of the later Roman 
Commonwealth to the Death of Julius Caesar, the 
Reign of Augustus, and Life of Trajan, 2 vols. — 
together 5 vols. Svo. tree-calf gilt, by Riviere, 
£3. 3s 1871 

History of the Later Roman Common- 

wealth, from the end of the Second Punic War 
to the Death of Julius Caesar ; the Reign of 
Augustus, and Life of Trajan, new edition, 2 vols. 
Svo. cloth, 10s (pub. £1. 4s) 1882 

Another copy, tree-calf extra, by ffivi&re, 

£1. 5s 

Life and Correspondence, edited by Dean 

Stanley, port., 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, 10s 1882 
Another copy, calf gilt, £1. 

ARNOBII Disputationum adyersus Gentes 
Libri Octo, nunc primum in lucem editi [studio 
Fausti Sabse]. folio, old red morocco gilt, gilt 
edges (with the Syston Park bookplate), 
fine COPY, £1. 16s Romac, 1542 

ARPI (P. P.) Ferle iEsTiVALES; sive Script- 
orum suorum Historia, front, and vignette, small 
8vo. smooth crimson morocco, gilt edges (Mr. 
Beckford's copy), 10s 6d Hamburgi, 1726 

ART, WORKS OP— sec Grand Galleries 
AND MINOR Art books, post. 

ART (Practical), Illustrated Handbooks of, 

by H. B. Wheatley and P. H. Delamotte, 

Svo. cloth, 2s each, as follows : — 

Art Work in Gold and Silver : Medleval. 


Art Work in Porcelain. 

Art Work in Earthenware. 
ART at Home Series, illustrated, crown Svo. 

cloth, 2s each, as follows: — 

Music in the House, by John Hullah. 

Amateur Theatricals, by W. H. and Lady 

Dress, by Mrs. Oliphant. 

Needlework, by E. Glaister. 

ARTHUR (Kyng), Byrth, Lyf, and Actes 
OF, and of his noble Knyghtes of the Rounde 
Table, theyr merveyllous Enquestes and Aduen- 
tures ; Thachyeuyng of the Sane Ureal, and in the 
end Le MORTE D ARTHUR, {reprint of Caxtori'sim- 
pression, 1485;) with Introduction and Notes by 
Robert So\JTHEY,2\o\sAto.ccdfgilt,£S.'JsQd 1817 

" Indisputably the best prose Romance the language can 
boast."— Sir [falter Scott, 

2 * 


Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights, 
from the edition of Caxton, with Introduction by 
Sir E. Strachey, crown 8vo. cloth, 3s 1883 

The same, calf (jilt, Is 6d 

ory of that valiant Knight ; a Romance of Chival- 
ry, originally translated from the French by John 
BOURCHIER LORD BERNERS : an accurate reprint 
of Robert Redborne's edition, edited by E. V. 
QttersoNj with 25 outline plates from em ancient 
MS. of the Romance, crown 4to. new calf extra, 
marbled edges, £5. 15s 1814 

Another copy, with the engravings 

FINELY COLOURED after illuminated dancings in 
an early MS., crown 4to. ef. gt.,finc copy, £9. 156- 

Another coloured copy, with a duplic- 
ate set of the plates uncoloured, large crown 4to. 
newly and handsomely bound in claret-coloured 
morocco extra, gold-tooled on back and sides, 
UnCUt, top edges gilt, EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE, 

£15. 10« 1814 

Of the above beautiful and interesting book but two 
HUNDRED copies in all were executed, and copies in any con- 
dition are consequently very scarce. A coloured copy is of 
course particularly so, while a copy with a duplicate set of the 
plates but very rarely occurs for sale. 

Digby) Notices of Sculpture in Ivory ; a Lec- 
ture ; with Catalogue of Ancient Ivory-Carvings 
in various Collections, by E. Oldfield, 9 photo- 
graphs, thin 4to. half bound, 14s- 6d 

Arundel Society, 1856 

For the tine chromolithographic publications of the 
Arundel Society see under Grand Galleries 


ASCHAMUS (Rog-erus) Epistol,e, accessit J. 
Sturmii aliorumque ad Aschamum Angiosque 
alios eruditos Epistolarum liber unus, edente Gul. 
Elstob, frontispiece by M. Burghers containing 
'portraits of Edward VI., Queen Elizabeth, etc., 
post 8vo. new sprinkled cedf gilt, by Riviere {nice 
copy), £1. Is Oxoniw, 1703 

Best edition of the letters of Queen Elizabeth's tutor. 

A Report and Discourse of the Affaires 

and State of Germany and the Emperour 
Charles his court, duryng certain yeares [1550-52 J 
while the sayd Roger was there, 4to. fclarU If tier, 
hoards, morocco backs, scarce, £1. 4s 
John Dayc dwelling oucr Aldersgate [circa 1552] 

It is doubtful whether this or the edition dated 1552 should 
be properly termed the first; both are equally scarce. Dr. 
Campbell says of the work, it is one of the most delicate pieces 
of historv that ever «as penned. 

ASHBY-STERRY (J.) Boudoir Ballads, 
crown 8vo. cloth, os 1877 

ASHTON (J.) The Dawn of the xix. Centura 
in ENGLAND, a Social Sketch of the Times, with 
110 illustrations from contemporary engravi/u/s, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12* 6d (pub. £1. 10) 1880 

Humour, Wit, and Satire of the XVII. 

CENTURY j with nun, irons curious woodcuts ami 
music from old crumples, 4to. large paper, half 
parchment hoards, wholly uncut, £1. 10s 18S3 
The same, morocco elegant, inside borders of 

gold, top edges gilt, £4. 4s 

Another copy, morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, €4. 4s 

()i this Iar^'e paper c.lition only log copies were printed, 

and of them only *o for sale 

OLD TIMES : ;t Picture of Social Life at the 

end oi the XVIII. Century, with 88 tinted 
illustrations from the satirical and other sh tches 
of tin day, royal 8vo. cloth, uncut, top edges gilt, 
ids 1885 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

ASHTON (J.) Romances of Chivalry, told 
and illustrated in Fac-simile, with 45 quaint 
illustrations from old woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 9s- <>^ 
(pub. 18s) 1887 

TRACTS of the 16th and 17th Centuries : pro- 
duced under the superintendence of E. W. 
Ashbee, 24 parts, crown 4to. sewn (scarce, only 
100 copies printed), £2. 2s (pub. £5. 16s) 1869-72 

Contents : 
Assyse of Breade, what it ought to YVeye, etc. 1540 ? 

Taylor's (J.) Wandering, to see the Wonders of the West 1649 
Ordinance tor the Suppression of Stage-Playes 1647 

Edward Wehhe's Travels 1590 

Taylor's (J.) The Carrier's Cosmographie 1637 

Debate and Stryfe between Sorner and Wynter 11. d. 

Merry conceited Humours of Bottom 1661 

Maryage of the Bosse of Byllyngesgate n. </. 

Play called Canterburie his change of Diot 1O41 

A certaine Relation of the Hog-Faced Gentlewoman 1640 

Drinke and Welcome, or the famous Historie of Drinks 1O37 
Strange and Wonderfull Prophesies 1649 

The Generous Usurer, Mr. Nevell in Thames Street 1(141 

The Primrose of London 1585 

Taylor's (J.) Mad Fashions, Od Fashions 1042 

The Poet's Blind Man's Bough 1641 

A Three-fold Discourse between Three Neighbours 1O42 

Heads of all Fashions 1642 

The English Mountebank, or a Physical Dispensatory 1652 

To-day a Man, to-morrow none 1644 

The Sea-Man's Triumph 1592 

The Last Will and Testament of Charing Crosse io 4 o 

Crete Wonders Foretold by her Crete Prophet of Wales 1647 

Historia Histrionica, an Historical Account of the English 
Stage 1699 

The above series of Reprints of short Tracts comprises not 
mere Typographical Reproductions, but absolute facsimiles of the 
originals, produced by the lithographic process under Mr. Ashbee's 
own immediate superintendence. 

7he impression tvas strictly limited to one hundred copies, the 
stones have been destroyed, and a further supply thus rendered 

Rerum gestaram .Elfredi MagnI; recensuit 
F. Wise, 2 J °rtraits and Jewel, royal 8vo. LARGE 
PAPER, russia gilt, by Walthcr {fine copy, with 
autograph, of Daines Barring-ton), 10s tid 

Oxonii, 1722 

ASTLE (T., f.r.s.) Origin and Progress of, 
^Yriting, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary : 
also some Account of the Origin and Progress of 
Printing ; second edition, with Additions, por- 
trait and 31 fine engravings, from ancient 
Marbles, 3ISS., and Charters, 4to. beautifully 
bound in tree-marbled cedf extra, gilt edges, by 
Rivi&re, a fine copy, £1. 18s Qd 1803 

New edition, with portrait and 31 fine 

encjravings from ancient MS S., Inscriptions, etc., 
royal 4to. roxb., uncut, top edges gilt, £1. \s 1876 

— A Large Paper copy, royal folio, rox- 

burghc, uncut, top edges gilt, CHEAP, £1. 6s 
Most valuable for interpreting State Papers, Charters, and 

other early documents. 

ASTLE Y (Francis Duenfield) Varnishando, 
a Serio-Comic Poem, addressed to Collectors of 
Paintings, with autograph corrections by the 
author, illustrated with Catalogue of his 
Library, marked with prices, and various 
Autograph Letters, etc., loose in boards (an 
interesting and entertaining collection, from Mr. 
Mayer's library), £1. 15s n. d. 

ASTROLOGY :— Livre d'Arcandam, Docteur 
et Astrologue : traictant des Predictions d'Astro- 
logie, principalement des Xaissances, ou fatales 
Dispositions, et du Jour de la Nativite des 
Enrans, avec faciles inventions pour trouver le 
Bigne et planete, dominant en la nativite dechacun, 
woodcuts, l8mo. gilt veau fan re, gilt edges (Mr. 
Beckford's copy), £2. 5s Lyon, 1625 

lSTROLOGY: LbMiroib d'Astrologie.ouIc 
Passetemsde la Jeunesse,parSiiiiba] deSpadicime, 
Astrologue de TEtat de Milan, curious cuts of 
chiromancy, etc., post 8vo. clean copy, sewn, os 

Troyes, s. d. 

136, STRAND. -21 

ASTROLOGY: Wobsdalb(J.) Astronomy and 
ElementaryPhilosophy, portrait . Lilly's I \ ] ki >- 

DUCTION to ASTEOLOGY, by Zadkitd, with MS. 
Notes (title damaged), illustrations. Lectures on 
the Science of Celestial Philosophy, by Zuriel — 
3 vols. Svo. in one, cloth, 10s 6d 1835 


.BNEYiCapt.) On the Photographic Method 
of Mapping the least refrangible End of the Solar 
Spectrum, plates, 4t<>. sewn, Is Phil. Trans., 1SS0 
.BNEY and Schuster on the Total Solas 
Eclipse of May 17. 1SS2. plate, 4to. st wn, 2s 6d 

Phd. Traus., 1SS4 
IRY (Sir G. B.) Mathematical Te acts on 
the Lunar and Planetary Theories, etc., Svo. 
boards {scarce), 10s 6<i Cambridge, 1S42 

AJLY (P., P.R.A.S.) Astronomical Tables 
and Formulae, with Problems, and the Elements 
of the Solar System, interleaved throughout with 
ruled writing paper, 8vo.hfmor.,t. e. g., 12s6rfl827 

Catalogues of Stars of Ptolemy. Ulngh 

Beigh, Tycho Rrahe, Halley, and Hevelius, with 
Prefaces, and Synonyms from Flamsteed or 
Lacaille. 4to. half calf neat, £2. 15s 1S43 

REWSTER (Sir David) More Worlds 
rHAN ONE, the Creed of the Philosopher and the 
Hope of the Christian, plates, 12mo. tree-calf gilt, 
\0s6d n . d. 

RINKLEY (Bishop J.) Elements of Plane 
Astronomy, edited by the Rev. T. Lnby, folding 
iiagram, Svo. cloth, 5s Dublin, 1S45 

^RRINGTON (R. C.) Observations on the 
Spots on the Sun, Nov. 9, 1853 to March 4, 
LS61, with 166 plates, impl. 4to. cloth, 12s 6d 
pub. £1. 5s) 1S63 

ATALOGUE of Stars of the British 
ASSOCIATION : Mean Right Ascensions and North 
Polar Distances of S377 Fixed Stars, reduced 
o Jan. 1, 1850 : Annual Precessions, Secular 
Variations, Proper Motions, and Logarithmic 
Constants for computing Precessions, Aberration 
md Nutation ; with Preface by F. Baily, 
P.R.A.S., 4to. half calf gilt. £6. ' 1S45 

TAMBERS (G.F.) Handbook of Descriptive 
tnd Practical Astronomy, illustrated, thick 
lost Svo. half calf gilt, 4s 6d 1861 

jERKE (Agnes M. ) History of Astronomy 
n the XIX. Century, large post Svo. cloth, 6s 6d 

Edinburgh, 1SS6 
:CK T.) Celestial Scenery ; or the Wonders 
>f the Planetary System displayed; illustrating 
he perfections of the Deity and a plurality of 
rorlds, illustrated, post 8vo. calf gilt, Is Qd 1S67 
HUMMOND (W.) Memoir on the Antiquity 
>f the Zodiac of Esneh and Dendera, in 
Sgypt, Svo. new calf, top edges gilt, £1. Is 1S21 
JNKIN (E.) The Midnight Sky, 32 maps 
'I'd other illustrations, pott folio, cloth, 6s n. d. 

— Obituary Notices of Astronomers, post 
ivo. cloth, 3v (pub. 6s) 1879 
jAMSTEED (Rev. John, First Astronomer- 
loyal) History of his own Lire, compiled from 
is MSS. and other unpublished Documents : 
rith his British Catalogue of Stabs, corrected 
,nd enlarged, and the Supplement : by FRANCIS 
>AILY, 4to. hf. calf (VERY SCARCE), £.'!. 5s 1S35-7 
Privately printed, by order of the Lords Commissioners of 
Admiralty. The Appendix contains much valuable infor- 
ion relating to the science ; many Letters to and from 
nsteed ; the alleged vexatious conduct of Sir Isaac Newton 

Dr. Halley towards him, etc. not hitherto made public. 

GUILLEMIN (A.) Le Ciel, Notions Element- 
aires d'Astronomie Physique, with 62 large 
plates [of which 22 are coloured) and 361 illust- 
rations in the text, thick impl. Svo. half man 
gilt edges, £1. 8s Paris, 1877 

■ — The Heavens : an Illustrated Handbook 

of Popular Astronomy, edited by J. N. Lockyer, 
with $£S plat coloured), and 191 woodcuts, 

impl. Svo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1S66 

New edition, edited by J. N. Lockyer and 

R. A. Proctor, with ZJ plates and /<" oood- 

cuts, Svo. cloth, 10s 1S76 

The same, new calf gilt, 16s 6d 

The Sun, translated by T. L. Phipson, with 

58 illustrations, cr. Svo. new cf. gt., 10s 6d 1870 
The World of Comets, translated and 

edited by James Glaishee, f.r.s., with numerous 
woodcuts and chromolithographs, impl. Svo. cloth, 
Ss6d (pub. £1. Ils6f/) ]s77 

HANSEN 'P. A.) Tables de la Line, con- 
struites d'apres le Principe Newtonien de la 
Gravitation Universelle, royal 4to. cloth (with 
ctions in the Tables*. 15s 1S57 

HERSCHEL (Sir J. P. W.) Outlines of 
Astronomy, illustrated, Svo. cloth, with i 
paper cuttings by Mr. Callcott, 4s 6'/ li>49 

New edition, illustrated, thick Svo. new calf 

gilt, 16s 6d ; or, new tree-calf extra, by !!>' 
17s 6rf 

JOHNSTON (W. A. Keith) School Atlas of 
Astronomy, edited, with a Survey of the 
Heavens, by Prof. R. Grant, enlarged edition, 
with 21 cola u red maps, impl. Svo. 6s (pub" 12s 6el) 1S77 

Another copy, half bound, ~s 6d 

LAPLACE (Marquis de) Traite de Me- 
CANIQUE Celeste, avec les Supplements, 4 vol-. 
4to. seo reel calf extra, £3. 3s 

Paris. Crapelet, An VII (1799) 

LEDGER (Rev. E.) The Sun: its Planets and 
their Satellites, chart, 94 woodcuts, and 8 litho- 
graphic plates, Svo. cloth, Ss 1SS2 

LEWIS (Sir G. Cornewall) Historical Surrey 
of the Astronomy of the Ancients, Svo. cloth 
[very scarce), £1. 10s 1S62 

Another copy, hedf cedf gilt, £1. ISs 

LOCKYER (J. Norman) Contributions to 
Solar Physics, many coloured and other pi 
thick Svo. cloth, 15s (pub. £1. lis 6d) ' 1S74 

LOOMIS (Professor Elias) Introduction to 
Practical Astronomy, with a Collection of 
Tables, cuts, Svo. sheep, Ss 6d New York, 1SS2 

MAIN (Rev. R.) Practical and Spherical 
Astronomy, Svo. cl., Is (pub. lis) Comb., 1S63 

MITCHEL (O. M.) Popular Astronomy, 
illust rated, crown Svo. cloth, 3s 6(^ ,>. d. 

NASMYTH (J.) and J. Carpenter: The 
Moon, considered as a Planet, a World, and a 
Satellite, second edition, with 24 fine woodburytype 
plates, and numerous woodcuts, 4to. cloth, £1. 
(pub. £1. 10s) 'ls/74 

NICHOL (Prof. J. P.) The Planet Neptune, 
illustrated, fcap. Svo. cloth, 6s 6d Eelinbu.rgh, 1S4S 


Books on Astronomy, continued:— 

PEARSON (Rev. W.) Introduction to 
Practical Astronomy : with Tables recently 
computed for facilitating the reduction of Celest- 
ial Observations, -with many plates, 3 vols, royal 
4to. boards (scarce), £4. 10* 1824-9 

Essay, also a Dialogue on the same, frontisp 
post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d 1S54 

PROCTOR (R. A.) STAB-ATLAS for Students 
and Observers, showing 6000 Stars and 1500 
Double Stars, etc., fourth edition, 12 maps, folio. 
cloth, Qs 6d (pub. 15*) 1877 

Half-Hours with the Stars, 12 maps, 4to. 

boards, 3s 1884 

Other suns than Ours; a series of Essays, 

with two on Whist, etc.. illustrated, post Svo! 
cloth. 8s 1887 

nomical Observations made at the, 1841-1876, 
35 vols. ; Results of Meteorological Observations. 
1S76-9; Catalogue of Stars for 1S45, 1S60, and 
second ditto for 1S60, 1870— together 3S vols. 
royal Svo. cloth. £4. 10s Oxford, 1841-79 

RAMBOSSON (J.) Histoire dea Astres : 
Astronomie pour Tous, with 10 coloured plates, 63 
woodcuts, and 3 celestial charts, royal Svo. calf 
gift. 15s 6d ' Paris, 1874 

SMYTH (Admiral W. H.) Synopsis of the 
Published and Privately-printed Works of : 
thin royal 4to. cloth, Is Privately printed, 1864 


SMYTH (Admiral W. H.) A Cycle of 
Celestial Objects, containing Prolegomena, 
and the Bedford Catalogue, numerous woodcuts, 
2 vols. Svo. cloth (scarce), £1. 1* 1S44 

Speculum Hartwellianum : the Cycle of 

Celestial Objects continued at the Hart- 
well Observatory to 1S59, numerous plates, 
4to. cloth, 10s 6d Privately printed, I860 

SOLAR ECLIPSES (Total), of June 29, 
1S7S and Jan. 11, 1SS0, Reports on the, issued 
by U.S.A. Naval Observatory, 5S coloured and 
other j)lcdcs and woodcuts, royal 4to. cloth, \Qs 6el 

Washington, D. C, 1880 

TENNANT (Col.) Report on the Transit of 
Venus, Dec. 8, 1S74, as seen at Roorkee and 
Lahore, plates, 4to. sewn, Is 6d Calcutta, 1>77 

VEGA (Baron v.) Logarithmic Tables of Num- 
bers of Trigonometrical Function-, trans, from Dr. 
Bremiker's edition bv Prof. Fischer, Svo. cloth, 
7* 6d Berlin, 1SS3 

WARD (Hon. Mrs.) The Telescope, a familiar 
sketch, illustrated, post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d 1879 

WHEWELL (Dr. W.) Astronomy and 
General Physics, leap. 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d (pub. 5s) 

Cambridge, 1864 
Another copy, calf extra, 6s 

WILLIAMS (W. Mattieu) The Fuel of the 
Six. illustrated, Svo. cloth, ±s (pub. Is 6d) 1870 

ATHANASIUS (St.) Historical Writings, 
translated bv the Rev. W. Bright, d.d.. post 
Svo. cloth, 8s 1881 

ATKINS (E.) Pure Mathematics, 2 vols. 
12mo. cloth, Is 1S74 

ATLAS (The New), or Travels and Voyages 
in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with 
account of Ethiopia, and the Pilgrimage- to 
Media and Medina, post Svo. old calf gilt [newly 
rebacked), 6s 5d 1698 



BLACK'S General Atlas of the \Yorld, 
embracing Latest Discoveries, New Boundaries, 
etc., 56 coloured maps, and plate of Flags, with 
copious index, folio, half morocco gilt (cheap), 
£1. Is (pub. £3. 3s) Edinburgh, 1S73 

Last revised edition, embracing the Latest 

Discoveries, etc., with Letterpress and Index, folio, 
n w half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £3. 3s 1884 

BLACKIE(Dr. W. G.) The Comprehensive 
Atlas and Geography of the World, with a 
copious Index of Geographical Positions, Pro- 
nouncing Vocabulary, etc., with 67 large coloured 
maps, 10 coloured plates of the Paces of Mankind, 
a,,'] numerous woodcuts, impl. 4to. half morocco 
" (CHEAP), £1. hs (pub. £4. 4v) 1SS3 

BRITISH IMPERIAL Atlas, being a Series of 
7»J Mai'- -elected from Lette'e Popular Atlas, with 
Index of 23,000 Names, half morocco gilt, gilt 
i does, 10* 6d (pub. £1. is) 1SS1 

and India, etc., coloured folded maps, roval Svo. 
cloth, 2*6rf<pub. 9s) 18S7 

INTERNATIONAL A i las, 62 maps, with 
descriptive Text by W. p. Collier, impl. Svo. half 
morocco, 10b • »'/ //. <i. 

JOHNSTON (W. A. Keitln Royal Atlas 
of Modern Geography, containing wholly 
original and authentic Maps with special Index to 
each, LAST REVISED EDITION, impl. folio, new 
iudj fUi edges, £6. 6s 1SS7 

JOHNSTON (W. A. Keith) Royal Atlas of 
Modern Geography :— An earlier edition, half 
morocco gilt, gilt i dg> s, £3. 3s 1:>74 

Handy Edition, with General Index, folio, 

new half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 12s 6d 1S86 

Historical Atlas. 3-4 coloured maps, 

chronologically arranged, with Descriptive Text, 
2 vols. 4to. cloth gilt, gilt <dges, 14s 1SS0 

LETTS'S Popular Atlas, complete edition, with 
150 coloured /naps, 6 star maps, and Indi 
23,000 A«//;c^fol.,c/.,^.tY/.,£1.106(pub.£2.2^)lS83 

Popular County Atlas, a complete 

Series of Maps of England and Wales, with a 
copious Index, 47 coloured maps, folio, new half 
morocco gilt, gilt edges, \6s 1SS4 

MILNER and PETERMANN'S Descriptive 
Atlas of Astronomy, and Physical and Polit- 
ical, Geography, with descriptive letterpress, 
■4 astronomical, 15 physical, and 50 political 
coloured maps, and numerous woodcuts, 4to. 
cloth, Is 6el (pub. £1. 10s) /'. d, 

PHILIP'S Family Atlas of Physical, General, 
and Classical Geography, new edition, with Intro- 
ductory Essay on Physical Geography by Prof. 
W. Hughes, -~>7 large coloun and L 

royal 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 16s n. d 

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges, 


Populab An. a- of Physical Geography, 

royal 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 10o> 6d 1S76 



lTLASES, contin ucd : — 

^ILIP'S Atlas of the Counties of England, 
48 Maps, including X. and S. Wales, the 
Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, new and 
revised edition, -with copious Index, folio, new 
half morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. lis 6d 1885 

'UBLIC SCHOOL Atlas of Modern Geo- 
graphy, 33 maps, with Introduction by Dr. But- 
ler, 4to. cloth, 4s 1885 

■MITH(Dr.W.)andSirG.GROVE:— Atlas 
of Ancient Geography, Biblical and Classical, 
to illustrate the History of the Bible and the 
Classical Dictionaries, 43 fine large coloured maps, 
with Indexes, and descriptive text, royal folio, 
half morocco extra, gilt edges (nearly new), £4. 4s 
(pub. £6. 6s) 1874 

TANFORD'S Parliamentary County 

Atlas, and Statistical Hand-book of England and 
Wales, Svo. roxburghe, lis 6d (pub. £1. 8s) 1885 


STANFORD'S London Atlas of Universal 
Geography, exhibiting the physical and politica 1 
divisions of the various countries of the world, 
90 maps, including 7 of the British Islands on a 
large scale, Stereograph ical, Fluvial, Geologic! , 
Parliamentary, Railway, Meteorologiccd, and 
Statistical; British Possessions, Central Africa, 
etc. etc., with Geographical Index, impl. folio, 
new half morocco extra, £9. 1887 

Earlier Edition, with 44 coloured maps and 

index, folio, half 'morocco, £1. Is (pub. £1. 10s) 1884 

SPRUNER (Dr. K. von) Historisch-Geo- 
GRAPHISCHER Hand-Atlas, zui Geschichte der 
STAATEN EUROPA'S, vom Anfang des Mittelalters 
bis auf die Neueste Zeit, last and enlarged 
edition, containing 90 coloured maps, with many 
Districts, Bcdtlc Fields etc., and full Description 
to each, folio, half morocco gilt, £4. 15s Gotha, 1880 

JJBIGNE (J. H. Merle d 5 ) History of the 
Reformation in Europe in the time of Calvin, 
8 vols. Svo. calf antique, red edges, £5. 156' 1863 

Later edition, with 12 steel engravings and 

200 woodcuts, 4to. calf gilt, £1. 4s 1870 


cum Varr. Lectt., Notts Variorum, etc. etc., 
complete in 141 vols. 8vo. original boards, uncut, 
£10. 10s (pub. £150.) Vcdpy, 1819-30 
Another set, 141 vols, in 139, calf gilt, £11. lis 

Contents: — Virgil, Caesar, Juvenal, Persius, Sallust, 
icitus, Claudian, Eutropius, Ovid, Paterculus, Corn. Nepos, 
laedrus, Florus, Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Justinus, 
artial, Lucretius, Valerius Maximus, Boethius, Ausonius, 
:rence, Aulus Gellius, Prudentius, Apuleius, Horace, Quintus 
irtius, Dictys Cretensis, Pomponius Festus, Suetonius, Pliny, 
vv, Manilius, Panegyrici Yeteres, Aurelius Victor, Plautus, 

The typographical manager of this extensive publication 
is Philarete Chasles, who, on his banishment from France for 
5 Republican opinions, passed seven years in Yalpy's printing 
ice. The best Text is used, and not the Delphin. 

.UCTORES Mythographi Latini (Hyginns, 

Fulgentius, Lactantius Placidus, Albricus) ; cum 
Notis Variorum, curante A. VAN Stayeren, 
plates, 4to. LARGE PAPER ; fine copy in citron 
morocco extra,, joints, and gilt edges, ItuC. Hering 
(Mr. Beckford's copy), £3. Lugcl. Bat., 1742 
.UDELEY (Lady Eleanor) Strange and 
AVonderfull Prophesies [8 pages in Verse, with 
explanations], with rude woodcuts, small 4to. red 
morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 5s 1G49 

Curious prophecies stated to have been made sixteen years 
fore King Charles's execution, and predicting that event, and 
ler things pleasing to the Parliamentarians ; one, however, 
lich seemed likely enough in 1649, " that there should be no 
jre kings in England," has not been justified by events. 

UDSLEY (G. A., f.r.i.b.a.) The Ornament- 
al Arts of Japan, with about 100 fine plates, 


and heightened with gold, the remainder being 
autotype and 'photogravure reproductions from the 
most beautiful originals, a n etc ut and modem , with 
General and Descriptive Text, printed on the 
finest thick plate paper, in four parts forming 2 
handsome folio vols, unbound, in 4 new cloth port- 
folios, £9. 9s (pub. £16. 16.?) 1882 
.UDSLEY (W. and G.) Outlines of Orna- 
ment in LEADING Styles, with 60 large plates, 
folio, cloth, c/ilt edges, £1. 1SS1 
UERBACH (B.) Edelweiss, 12mo. mottled 
cedf gilt, Is Qd Stuttgart, 1874 

AUGUSTINUS (S., Hippon. Epise.) Opera 
Omnia, post Lovaniensium Theologorum recen- 
sionem, opera et studio Monachorum Ordinis S. 
Benedicti : editio Parisina altera, emendata et 
aucta, 11 large vols. impl. Svo. in 15, brown calf 
gilt (nice set of this good edition), £10. 10s 

Parisiis, Gaunic, 1836-9 
See post for a like copy of St. Chrysostom. 

Certaine Select Prayers, gathered out 

of his Meditations, which he calleth his private 
talk with God; also his Manuel, blarfe Irttrr, 
every page printed within woodcut borders, 16mo. 
beautifully bound in morocco extra, gilt edges 
(RARE), £6. 65 John Wolfe, 1586 

A Worke of the predestination of saints 

wrytten by the famous doctor S. Augustine, byshop 
of Carthage, translated out of Latin into Eng- 
lysshe, by Nycolas Lesse, Londoner, small Svo. 
Marfc letter, calf (re-bached), gilt edges, the sides 
covered with gold tooling and stamped icith A. S. 
1550 (good copy), £3. 10.* 

Imprinted at London in Aldersgatc Strete by 

the wydowe of Jhon Herfordc, for 

Gwalter Lynne, 1550 

Extremely rare. Unknown to Lowndes, and quoted by 
Herbert only on the authority of Maunsell's Catalogue. From 
the late Rev. John Fuller Russell's collection. 

Seventeen Short Treatises, Svo. cloth, 

4s Oxford, n: d. 


AUSONII PAEONII Epigrammaton Liber 
(cura Hier. Avancii), Venctiis, in cud. Aldi etc., 
1517 — PoET/E tres egregii nunc primuin in 
lucem editi : Gratii de Venatione, P. Ovidii 
Xasonis Halieuticon, M. Aur. Olymiti Xeme- 
SIANI Cynegeticon, Libri quidam ; ejusdem 
Carmen Bucolicum ; T. Calphurnii Siculi 
Bucolica; Adriani Cardinalis Venatio, ibidem, 
1534 — in 1 vol. 12mo. crimson morocco extra, with 
" anchor on sides, gilt edges, by C. KALTHOEBER ; 
fine COPY, with the Syston Park bookplate, £3. 3s 

Ausonius. " Edition peu commune." Poetae Tres. " Petit 
volume recherche et peu commun." — Brunet. 

AUSTEN (Alfred) At the Gate of the Con* 
vent, and other Poems, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1S85 

AUSTIN (J.) Lectures on Jurisprudence, 
2 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 6s 6d 1885 

AUSTIN (J. B.) The Duties and the Plights of 
Mais, Svo. doth, 6s 1SS7 

2 4 

NOVELS, complete; with 

AUSTEN (Jane) 
Memoir by J. Austen Leigh, and illustrations, 
vols, post Svo. half morocco, £2. 2s and £2. 8s — 
Or, half cell ion neat, £2. 12s 6d n. d. 

Another edition, 5 vol*, post Svo. half cedf, 

£1. Is n. d. 

AUSTEN (Jane) Works, complete, Steventon 
Edition, 'prettily printed in brown ink on rough 
paper, with illustrations, 6 vols, large post Svo. 
half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £3. 13s 6d 1882 

Comprises: — Sense and Sensibility; Mansfield Park ; Emma; 
Pride and Prejudice; Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion; and 
Lady Susan, and Memoir. 


ATKINSON (J.) Account of the State of Agri- 
culture and Grazing in N. S. Wales ; with 
Observations on the Soils, Natural Products, 
Expense of Convict and other Labour, etc. etc., 
■with -1 coloured plates, Svo. boards, uncut (SCARCE), 
Us6d 1826 

BADEN-POWELL (G. S.) New Homes for 
the Old Country, a Personal Experience of the 
political and domestic Life, Industries, and Natural 
History of Australia and New Zealand, with pretty 
woodcuts, Svo. cloth, Is 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1872 

BENNETT (G., f.l.s.) Wanderings in N.S. 
Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore, and 
China, being a Naturalist's Journals in 1832-4, 
fronts., 2 vols. Svo. half calf gilt, £1. Is 1834 

BRAIM (T. H.,Princip<d of Sydney College) Hist- 
oryof New South Wales, from its Settlement to 
1S44, illustrated, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, 12s 1846 

COLLINS (Lt.-Col.D.) Account of the Colony 
of New South Wales, from the first Settlement 
in 1788 to 1801, with the Manners, Customs, etc. 
of the Natives, Vocabularies, etc., with portrait 
and 33 engravings, 4to. boards, uncut, £2. 18s 1804 

CUNNINGHAM (P.) Hints for Australian 
EMIGRANTS, with engravings and Descriptions of 
Water Raising Wheels, crown Svo. boards, 
4,- U - 1841 

CRAWFORD (J. C.) Recollections of Travels 
in New Zealand and Australia, maps and 
.'/lustrations, Svo. cloth, 6s 6d 1880 

EVANS (G. W., Surveyor-General) CHART of 
Van DiEMAN'S LAND, from the best authorities 
and from Surveys, mounted on linen, in Svo. case, 
6s 1822 

FORSTER (Anthony) South Australia, its 
Progress and Prosperity, with folding map, Svo. 
cloth, Is 6d (pub. 156) 1866 

GORST (Sir J. E.) The Maori King ; the Story 
of our Quarrel with the Natives of New Zealand, 
map and mezzotint port, of W. Thompson, crown 
Svo. cloth, 6s 6d 1864 

GREY (Sir George) Two Expeditions of Dis- 
covery in North-West and Western Australia, 
1837-9, with Observations on the Condition of the 
Aborigines, etc., numerous engravings {many 
coloured) and maps, 2 vols. Svo. half calf gilt, 
£1. 2s6rf(pub. £2. 2s) 1841 

Vocabulary of the Dialects of South- 
Western Australia, second edition, i2mo. 
sheep, 9s 1840 
Another copy, sewn, 7s 6d 

(• n<;.\ Maori (Poems, Traditions and Chaunts of 
the Maories, collected and edited by Sir George 
Grey), 8vo. cloth, scarce, £1. 5s 

Wellington, N.Z., 1853 

HENDERSON (J.) Observations on New 

South WALESand Van Diemen's Land, plates, 

Svo. cloth, 136- Calcutta, 1832 

LEIGH (W. H.) Reconnoitering Voyages, 
Travels, and Adventures in the New Colonies of 
South Australia, etc. etc. ; with Visits to the 
Nicobars and other islands in the Indian Seas, 
p>lates, Svo. cloth, scarce, 6s 6d 1840 

Another copy, half cedf, 10s 6d . 

MEREDITH (Louisa Anne) Some of my 
Bush Friends in Tasmania, 14 beautiful 
coloured plates of native flowers, 
Berries, and Insects, etc. and elegant borders 
surrounding the Descriptions and Poetry, folio, 
stamped leather binding, gilt edges, £1. 5s 1860 

Another copv, gilt cloth, gilt edges, £1. Is 

(pub. £2. 2s-) 

One of the most beautiful books of the kind ever published. 
"The plates and borderings will satisfy the most fastidious 
eye. It is a triumph of florid taste and lithographic skill." — 

My Home in Tasmania, during a Residence 

of Nine Years, frontispiece and vignette, 2 vols, 
post Svo. in one, half morocco gilt, 8s 1852 

MOORE (G. P.) Descriptive Vocabulary of 
the Aborigines' Common Language of Western 
Australia, with copious meanings, etc., post 
Svo. cloth, 10s Qd 1842 

MUNDY (Lt.-Col. G. F.) Our Antipodes: 
Residences and Rambles in the Australasian 
Colonies, with a Glimpse of the Gold Fields, 
frontispieces, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 16s 1852 

POLACK (J. S.) New Zealand : Travels and 
Adventures during a Residence there in 1831-7, 
map and plates, 2 vols. Svo. boards, SCARCE, 
£1. Is 1838 

Manners and Customs of the New Zea- 

LANDERS. their Habits, Usages, etc., and Remarks 
to intending Emigrants, numerous engravings 
and charts, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth {scarce), 18s 1840 

REID (T.) Two Voyages to N. S. Wales and 
Van Diemen's Land ; with a Description of 
their present Condition, and observations etc. on 
Convicts of both Sexes ; also Reflexions on 
Seduction and its Consequences, Svo. new hedj 
cedf gilt, 9s 6d 1822 

STURT (Capt. C.) Two Expeditions into the 
Interior of Southern Australia, 1828-31, with 
observations on the soil and general resources of 
N.S.W., with large map, ana plates {those of the 
Ornithology COLOURED), 2 vols. Svo. half calf 
neat, as good as new, £2. 2$ 1833 

TROLLOPE (Anthony) Australia and New 
Zealand, with numerous large maps, 2 vols. Svo. 
cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. 16s) 1873 

WALLACE (A. R., Anarchist) Australasia, 
with Ethnological Appendix by A. H. Keane, 
maps and illustrations, thick post Svo. cloth, 
16* 1SS4 

WENTWORTH( W. C.) Statistical, Historical, 
and Political Description of NEWSOUTB Wales, 
and its dependent settlements in Van Diemen's 
Land, second edition, view of Sydney and map, 
Svo. boards, £1. Is 1820 



Books on the Australasian Colonies, continued :— 

WENT WORTH (W. C.) Statistical Ac- 
count of the British Settlements in Australasia, 
including New South Wales and Van Diemen's 
Land, third ed., with Acts of Parliament, with 
maps and View of Sudneu, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 15s 
(pub. £1. 4.s) 1824 

WESTGARTH (W.) Victoria : late Australia 
Felix : an Historical and Descriptive Account of 
the Colony and its Gold Mines, map, Svo. cloth, 
15s Edinburgh, 1853 

Victoria and the Australian Gold Mines 

in 1857 ; with Notes on the Overland Route from 
Australia via Suez, maps, post Svo. cl.,"is 6d 1857 

WESTGARTH (W.) Victoria; an historical 

and descriptive Account of the Colony and its 
Gold Mines, its Social and Political Institutions, 
etc., map, Svo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. 16s) 1864 

WIDOWSON (H.) Present State of Van Die- 
men's Land, its Agricultural Capabilities, etc. 
(interleaved), map, Svo. boards, 12s 6d 1829 

YATE (Rev. W., Missionary) Account of New 
Zealand ; and of the Formation and Progress 
of the C. M. S. Mission in the Northern Island, 
illustrated, post 8vo. half calf neat, 4s Qd 1835 

AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, of great interest 
and rarity, as below : — 

CAMPBELL (T., Poct\ Two letters, on Svo. 
note paper, declining invitations to dinner : " I 
have been obliged for ever to abjure dining 
out." £1. Is 
CLARE (J., Northamptonshire Poet) VALU- 
ABLE Autograph Poems, written on both 
sides of two pages of foolscap paper, viz. : On 
Seeing a Marble Copy of the Venus de Medici 
(24 lines) : To P * * * * (32 lines), and To a 
Lady, an early Friend (40 lines) ; also some 
Queries for the Scientific Receptacle, with 
three signatures, one of which has been cut 
out, and another damaged (VERY cheap), £2. 2,9 
AUTOGRAPH Letters of Celebrated Indi- 
viduals of all Nations from the XVIth to the 
XlXth Century, 300 facsimiles of entire letters, 
4to. roxburghe, top edges gilt, 14s Stuttgart, 1846 
AYSCU (E.) Historie contayning the YVarres, 
Treaties, Marriages, and other Occurrentsbehveene 
England and Scotland, from K. William the 
Conqueror untill the HAPPY Pinion, icoodcut on 
title, small 4to. old calf {with the Ostcrley Park 
bookplate), £1. 8s G. Eld, 1607 

AYTOUN (W. E.) Ballads of Scotland, 
2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 10s 1870 

Another copy, morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 6s 

Both well, a Poem in Six Parts, post Svo. 

cloth, 6s 1858 

Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, and other 

Poems ; with illustrations bg Sir Noel PATON, 

crown 4to. cloth, 16s 1881 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 

Another edition, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1881 

The same, cf gt., lis; or, mor. extra, gt. eel. 16s 

Cheaper edition, fcap. Svo. cloth, 3s 1885 

The same, calf gilt, 9s 

Another copy, morocco, gilt edges, 10s ; or, 

morocco extra, gilt edges, 12s 

^pA ABRIUS'S Fables, translated into Eng- 

ylf*v) lish Verse, from the Text of Sir G. C. 

<flL2J Lewis, by the Rev. J. Davies, fcap. Svo. 
calf, scarce, Is 6d 1860 

BACH (J. Sebastian), Life of, by J. E. Kay- 
Shuttleworth, post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d n. d, 

His Work and Influence on the Music 

of Germany, bv Philip Spiller, 3 vols. Svo. 
cloth, £1. 12s 6^* 1S84-5, 

BACON (Sir Francis, Viscount St. Alban) 
Works, both Latin and English, together with 
his Life and Letters, collected and edited by 
J. Spedding, P. L. Ellis, and D. D. Heath, new 
library edition, 14 vols. Svo. new tree-calf extra, 
bg Rividre, £12. 1879 

— ■ — Works only, in 7 vols, new calf gilt, £5. 5s ; 
or, new calf extra, by Riviere, £5. 15s 

BACON (Sir Francis, Viscount St. Alban) 
Works, edited, with Life, by Basil Montagu, 
finely printed in large type, with portrait mid, 
other plates, 16 vols. Svo. in 17, original cloth, 
£5. 5s Pickering, 1825 

A LARGE PAPER COPY, with the plates on 

India paper, 16 vols. impl. Svo. boards, uncut 

(VERY SCARCE), £15. 15s 

Works, English and Latin, with Introductory 

Essay and Indexes, fine portrait after Van- 
somer, 2 vols. impl. Svo. mottled calf extra {nice 
copy), £1. 10s 1841 

Moral and Historical Works, including 

his Essays, Apophthegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, 
New Atlantis, and Life of Henry VII., with In- 
troduction and Notes by J. Devey, portrait, post 
Svo. calf gilt, 1s6d; or, cedf antique, red edges, 8s 


Essays, with Annotations bv Abp. Whately; 

Svo. calf, 15s 1882 

Physical and Metaphysical Essays, post 

Svo. tree-calf, Ss 6d 1879 

Life and Works, by Dr. E. A. Abbott, Svo. 

cloth, 10s 1885 

Life and Correspondence, Svo. cl., 5s 1861 

'■ An Answer to Mr. Hepworth Dixon's ' Personal History 
of Bacon ' : by a Member of the Middle Temple." — Ad'vt. 

BACON (M. A.) Flowers and their Kindred 
Thoughts, a scries of Verses beautifully printed 
and ornamented in gold, and illustrated with 15 
INGS, from designs by Owen Jones, royal Svo. 
green morocco extra, elegantly tooled and gilt, gilt 
'edges, £1. 8s 1848 

Fruits from the Garden and Field, a 

series of verses beautifully printed in gold, and 
illustrated with 16 plates of various fruits, coloured 
drawings, from designs by Owen Jones, royal 
Svo. green morocco extra, elaborately tooled and 
gilt, 'gilt edges, £1. Ss 1S50 

BADGER (Rev. G. P.) History of the Imams 
and SEYYIDS of 'Oman, by Salil-ibn-Razik, A.D. 
661-1856, translated from the Original Arabic, and 
edited with Notes etc. and Continuation to 1870, 
large map, Svo. hedf russia gilt, £1. 10s 

HaUuyt Society, 1871 

B^ED^j (Venerabilis) Historia Ecclesiast- 
ICA Gentis Anglornm, post Svo. cloth, 7s 6d 1869 

BAGEHOT (Walter) Literary Studies, with 
Memoir, edited by R. H. Hntton ; 2 vols. Svo. 
calf gilt, £1. 15s 1879 

Physics and Politics, crown Svo. cloth, 3s 


Postulates of English Political Eco- 
nomy, with Preface by Prof. A. Marshall, post Svo. 
cloth, 2s 18S5 


BAGOT (Alan) Principles of Civil Engineer- 
ing, post 8vo. cloth, Qs 1885 

BAILEY (P. J.) Festus, a Poem, post 8vo. 
cloth, is 1854 

BAILLIE (Joanna) Dramatic and Poetical 
Works, complete in 1 vol., with Life, portrait 
and vignette on steel, thick Svo. cloth, os (pub. 
£1. Is) 1853 

BAIN (Prof.) The Emotions and the Will, 1859 
— The Senses and the Intellect, by the same, 
1868 : together 2 vols. 8vo. doth, £1. Ls 1859-68 

The Emotions and the Will, Svo. cloth, 

12s . 1880 

Mental and Moral Science, thick post 

Svo. cloth, SsQd 1884 

Practical Essays, post Svo. cL, 3s Qd 1884 

The Senses and the Intellect, thick Svo. 

cloth, 14.v , 1868 


Examples. Conclusions, and Maxims of Modern 

Naval Tactics, 26 fall-page diagrams, Svo. 

cloth, 8s 6d 1885 

BAKER (J.) Turkey in Europe, 2 maps, Svo. 

cloth, 4s Qd (pub. £1. Is) 1877 

BAKER (Sir S. W.) The Albert N'Yanza 
Great Basin of the Nile, illustrated, post Svo. 
m ic calf gilt, 9s 1870 

Cast up by the Sea, illustrated by Euard, 

post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s ; or, new tree-calf 
extra, lis 1884 

Eight Years in Ceylon, new edition, 

illustrated, post Svo. new calf gilt, lis Qd 1874 

The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon, illust- 
rated, post Svo. new calf gilt, lis Qd 1874 
ISMAILIA ; a narrative of the expedition to 

Central Africa for the suppression of the Slave 
Trade, with maps, portraits, and many full-page 
illustrations, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s; or, new 
tree-calf extra, lis 1879 

The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia ; 

many maps and illustrations, post Svo. new calf 
gilt, 10s; or, new tree-calf extra, lis 1874 

BAKER (T.) Laws relating to Burials, post 
Svo. cloth, 4s 1873 

BALE (Bishop Johan) The first two partes of 

LYSH VOTARYES, gathered out of their own 
legenades and Chronycles, woodcut of the author 
presenting his book to Edward VI., 12mo. ilarft 
letter, new panelled calf, imperfect at end, 
14s (circa 1550) 

One of the Bishop's most salacious works. 

The Image of both Churches, parts 1 

and 2, woodcuts, 18mo. good clean copy in purple 
morocco, gilt edges, by Mackenzie, 18s 

[./. Bay and W. Seres, circa 1548] 

This copy wants the last leaf of part 2, and the whole of 
part 3. Perfect copies are of great rarity. 

BALE (M. P.) Woodworking Machinery, 
numerous folding plates, crown Svo. cloth, 10s 1880 

BALEARIC ISLANDS: Descripciones de 
las Islas PiTHlUSAS y Baleares, with Tables 
of Population, 4to. morocco extra, watered silk 
linings and fly leaves, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, 
Is 6 Madrid, 1787 

Written by Hon Joseph Vargas y Ponce, and highly praised 

by Mensel and Sempere. 

BALFOUR (J. H.) Botany and Religion, 

post Svo. cloth, As 1S82 

BALFOUR (F. M.) Treatise on Comparative 

Embryology, numerous illustrations j 2 vols. 

Svo cloth, CI. Ils6d 1885 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

BALLAD Book ; a Selection of the Choicest 
British Ballads, edited by W. Allingham, vignette, 
12mo. calf gilt, 9s Qd 1865 

BALLADS, Book of British ; a Collection of 
the most Celebrated Ancient Songs, Ballads, etc., 
edited by S. C. Hall ; every page embellished 
with beautiful engravings after Creswick, Gilbert, 
etc., crown 4to. morocco super extra, gilt edges, 
£1. 5s n. d. 

Condensed Edition, illustrated, post Svo. 

calf gilt, Is Qd 1879 

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s Qd ; or, 

morocco extra, gilt edges, 12s Qd 

First series only, original edition, with 

fine impressions of the woodcuts, impl. Svo. beauti- 
fully bound in morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. Is 


BALLADS (Illustrated British), Old and 
New, edited by G. B. Smith ; finely printed, with 
numerous fine woodcuts after eminent Painters, 
and 2 etchings by Lalauze, 2 vols. impl. Svo. 
cloth, llsQd 1881 

Another copy, in 1 vol. new morocco, gilt 

edges, £1. lis Qd 

BALLADS (Old), Historical and Narrative, with 
some of Modern Date ; collected by T. EVANS ; 
with vignette frontispieces by ISAAC TAYLOR, 4 
vols, post Svo. calf gilt, £1. Is 1777 

Enlarged edition, by R. H. Evans, 4 vols. 

post Svo. half morocco extra, top edges gilt, 
£1. 16s 1810 

BALLADS (Old) Collection of ; corrected 
from the best and most Ancient Copies extant, 
with Introductions, Historical and Critical, or 
Humourous [by A. Phillips] ; curious engravings, 
including the Swimming Lady, large paper, 
3 vols. Svo. boards (SCARCE), £2. 15s 

1723-5 {reprint, 1871) 

BALLADS : — Towneley Hall MSS. : English 
Jacobite Ballads, Songs, and Satires, etc. 
(many hitherto unknown or inedited) — (The 
Spending of the Money of Robert Novell, of 
Reade Hall, Lancashire (brother of Dean Alex. 
Nowell) ; being a MS. Book kept for : with Cor- 
rections and Insertions by Dean Nowell, 1568-1580: 
and Particulars relating to the Poet Spenser, 
Hooker, Bp. Andrewes, etc.— together 2 vols. 
4to. edited by the Rev. A. B. Grosart ; LARGE 
PAPER (only 100 copies of each so printed), cloth. 
£2. 2s Privately printed, 1877 

For the Ballad Poetry of Scotland, see under 
Scotland, post. 

BALLADS (Ancient Danish), translated from 
the originals by R. C. Alex. Prior, m.d., 3 vols. 
Svo. cloth, scarce, £2. 2s 1860 

BALLADS (Ancient Spanish) relating to the 
Twelve Peers of France mentioned in Don 
Quixote (in Spanisli), with English Metrical 
Versions by T. Rodd ; also History of Charles 
the Great and Orlando, ascribed to Abp. Turpin, 
2 vols. Svo. in 1, half calf gilt, 16s 1812 

See also Lockhart, 2 J ost. 

BALZAC (Honore de) Contes Drolatiques, 
colligez ez Abbayes de Touraine ; illustrated with 
425 woodcuts from t lie fantastic designs of Gus- 
tave Dore, post Svo. calf gilt, 10s Qd aotten, 1864 

Another edition, crown 8vo. half morocco 

gilt, top edges gilt, 15s Paris, s. d. 

Pere Goriot : Scenes from Parisian Life, 

with illustrations by Lynch, royal Svo. boards, 
uncut (only 500 copies printed), 8s 18S7 


BALZAC (Mounsieur [J. L. Gr.] de), New 
Epistles of, newly translated by Sir Richard 
Baker, 2 parts, 1638 ; also, A New Collection of 
Epistles, with a fine engraved title-page by 
Marshall {bound in the front of the book), 3 vols. 
Svo. in one, old olive morocco, gold tooled, gilt 
edges, £1. 4s London, 1638, and Oxford, 1639 

BANISTER (H. C.) Text Book of Music, 
post Svo. cloth, is 1883 

BANNISTER (Rev. J. T.) Pictorial Geo- 
graphy of the Holy Land ; to elucidate the 
Imagery of Scripture and demonstrate the Ful- 
filment of Prophecy {printed within coloured 
borders), woodcuts, row Svo. cloth, gilt edges, 
10s 6d ' n. d. 

BARATTE (L.) Poetes Nokmands, 32 finely 
engraved portraits after the most authentic 
originals by C. Deer its, avec Notices Bibliograph- 
iques par Tissot, Janin, etc., impl. Svo. half 
morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £1. Is Paris, s. d. 

BARKER (W. B., m.r.a.s.) Lares and 
Penates, or Cilicia and its Governors, an hist- 
orical account of that province from the earliest 
times, edited by W. F. Ainsworth, F.R.G.S., map 
end over 100 illustrations, Svo. cloth, 6s 1853 

BARLOW (G-.) A Life's Love, post Svo. cloth, 
4s 1882 


BARCLAY (Alexander, Priest), The SHIP 
of POOLES, wherin is shewed the folly of all 
States, with divers other workes adjoyned unto 
the same ; translated out of Latine into Englislie 
by Alexander Barclay Priest ; Ix Verse, with 
numerous quaint and characteristic large wood- 
cuts, the title in perfect facsimile, otherwise a 
complete and excellent copy of this highly curious 
and popular boo!:, folio, fclarfc letter, new dark 
brown morocco super-extra, gilt edges, BY Pratt, 
£11. lis John Cawood, 1570 

The "other works" mentioned in the title include the 
Eclogues of Barclay, which, considering their early date, are 
remarkable for their poetry and literary interest. 


The Shyp of Fools, translated by Alex- 
ax der Barclay, from the Original by Sep.. 
Braxdt, a faithful reprint of the Pynson Edition 
of 1509, with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, 
by J. H. JAMIESON, finely printed, and illust- 
rated with nearly 120 QUAINT AXD INTERESTING 
Edition of 1497, 2 vols, crown 4to. cloth, uncut, 
£1. lis Qd (pub. £3. 3s) 1874 
The same, prixted on large axd fixe 

paper, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, uncut (ONLY 150 COPIES 
so prixted), £2. 12s 6d (pub. £5. 5s) 

A LARGE PAPER COPY, bright calf extra, 

yellow edges, as good as new (very cheap), £3. 15s 
Another large paper copy, new calf super- 

extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £4. 14s Qd 

Also, handsomely bound in new vellum extra, 

uncut, top edges gilt, £5. 5s 


tooled in gold, with gold borders within the covers, 
joints, and vellum linings, top edges gilt, exces- 
sively scarce, £50. 

A reproduction of an extremely curious, interesting and once 
widely-popular Satire, under the allegory of a Ship freighted 
with Fools of all kinds, ranks and professions. The Text of 
Pynson's edition has been printed intact to preserve so interesting 
a monument of the English Language. So valuable a contribu- 
tion to the illustration of Mediaeval Life and Literature — as well 
as Art — has scarcely ever been produced. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 27 

BARCLAY (John), his Argexis ; or, the 
Loves of Polyarchus and Argenis, faithfully trans- 
lated out of Latin into English, by KlNGSMILL 
LONG, Esquire ; second edition, beautified with 
Pictures ; together with a Key to unlock the 
whole Story : portrait of Barclay by C. Mellan 
and copper-plates by L. Gaulticr, 4to. dark olive 
morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by the lair. 
F. Bedford (fixe copy, in perfect condition), 
£5. 5s 1636 

A very desirable copy of this Political Allegory, pronounced 

by Cowper the most amusing romance ever written. 

BARHAM (Rev. Richard Harris, Prebendary 
of St. Paul's) The INGOLDSBY LEGENDS: 
VARIOUS EDITIOXS, as below :— 

Early editiox, with Memoir, 2 portraits, 

3 engraved titles, and 17 humorous illustrations 
by G. Cruikshaxk and Johx Leech, 3 vols. 
post Svo. new half morocco extra, uncut, top edges 
gilt, FIXE COPY (SCARCE), £5. 5s 1848, '42, 17 

The first volume of the above copy is the fourth edition, 
the second and third of the second. All have good impressions 
of the plates. 

Illustrated editiox, with upwards of 

60 designs in their best style, by G. Cruikshaxk, 
Leech, and Texxiel, crown 4to. cloth, gilt 
edges, 16s 1870 

The same, new hedf morocco, gilt edges, £1. 4s 

Other copies, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 

£1. 18s, £2., and £2. 8s 

CARMINE editiox, printed within red lines, 

with 20 illustrations by G. Cruikshaxk and 
Leech, square Svo. cloth, gilt edges, 8s 6d 1882 
The same, new calf gilt, 15s ; or, new 

morocco, gilt edges, 15s 

Another copy, new morocco extra, gt. cd., £1. Is 

Popular editiox, post Svo. hedf calf gilt, 

6s ; or, calf gilt, Is 6d n. d. 

Another edition, with 3 illustrations by 

Cruikshank and Leech, fcap. Svo. calf gilt, 8s (id 

n. d. 
Edixburgh editiox, with 32 woodcut 

illustrations by Cruikshank, Leech, and Tenniel, 
fcap. Svo. calf gilt, 10s n. d. 

People's editiox, with 80 illustrations, Svo. 

sewn, Is 1885 

The Jackdaw of Rheims, illustrated by 

E. M. Jessop, folio, boards, 5s n. d. 

The Knight and the Lady, illustrated by 

the same, folio, boards, 5s u. d. 

The Lay of St. Aloys, illustrated by the 

same, folio, boards, 5s n. d. 

The Witches' Frolic; and The Bag- 

MAN's Story, illustrated by J. E. Cooke, 4to. 
cloth, gilt edges, 16s 1876 

Life and Letters of ; with a selection from 

his Miscellaneous Poems : by his Son the Rev. 
R. H. D. Barham, with portrait, 2 vols, post 
Svo. cloth, 6s (pub. £1. Is) 1870 

Popular Edition, portrait, post Svo. cloth, 

3s 1S80 

BARNARD (Prof. G.) Theory and Practice 
of Laxdscape Paixtlxg in Water-Coloi i;s, 
illustrated with 26 drawings and diagrams in 
COLOURS, and numerous woodcuts, impl. Svo. 
cloth, 15s 1855 

Another copy, morocco extra , gilt cd., £1. Is 

Drawixg from Nature, with 18 coloured 

plates arid numerous u-oodcuts, rov. Svo. cloth. 
17s 6d 1877 

BARNES (Albert) Scexes and Ixcidexts in 
the Life of the Apostle St. Paul, portrait, 
crown Svo. calf gilt, 10s 6d n. d. 



BARNES (Rev W, B.D., Rector of Winter- 
bourne Came ; Poet) Notes on Ancient Britain 
and the BRITONS, post Svo. cloth, 5s Qd 1858 

BARNES (Miss, Daughter of the above, 
"Leader Scott") Sculpture, Renaissance and 
Modern; with numerous illustrations, crown Svo. 
cloth, 4s 1S86 

BARROW (Sir John, Secretary to Admiralty), 
Autobiographical Memoir of : including Re- 
llexions, Observations, and Reminiscences at 
Home and Abroad, from early Life to advanced 
age, portrait, Svo. cloth, 5s 18-47 

The Recollections of men, perhaps of no great notoriety, 

who have passed long lives in the conduct of affairs, are among 

the best aids to the adequate perception of history that we 


BARROW (G. S.) The Mystery of Christ, 
post Svo. cloth, 3s Gel - 1879 

BARTLETT (W. P.), Memoir of, by F. W. 
Palfrey, portrait, 12mo. cloth, 4s (hi 187S 


BARTLETT (W. H.) Illustrated Works: 
— The Nile Boat, seconded., 1850 ; The Over- 
land Route, 1S51 ; Footsteps of our Lord 
and his Apostles in Syria, Greece, and Italy, 
third ed., 1852; The Pilgrim Fathers, or the 
Founders of New England, 1853 ; Pictures from 
SICILY, 1853 ; Walks about the City and 
Environs of Jerusalem, n. el. : Jerusalem Re- 
visited, 1855 ; Forty Days in the Desert, or 
a Journey on the Track of the Israelites from 
Cairo by Wady Feiran to Mount Sinai and 
Petra ; fifth ed., n. el. — together 8 vols. imp]. 
Svo. containing many hundred beautiful engrav- 
ings on steel and wood •' new half morocco super- 
tra, uncut, top edges gilt, scarce, £8. Ss 

Hall, Virtue, and Co., v. y. 

The Christian in Palestine, or Scenes 

of Sacred History, by the Rev. H. Steering, 
d.d., with 80 steel engravings from Sketches on 
the spot by Bartlett, 4to. red morocco super-extra , 
gilt edges, £1. Is Virtue, n. d. 

— — — WALKS about the City and Environs of 

Jerusalem, with upwards of 50 fine steel plates, 

woodcuts and maps, Svo. el., gilt edges, Ss 6d n. el. 

BATH (Marquess of) Observations on ■ 
Bulgarian Affairs, post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d 1880 

BATTY (Lt.-Col.) French Scenery, the set of j 
04 highly finished steel-engravings by Le Keux, 
Blore, Heath, etc., brilliant impressions on j 
India paper, folio, LARGE paper, finely hound '■ 
in purpli morocco extra, joints and gilt edges, 
£2. 10* 1822 

Scenery of the Rhine, Belgium, and 

Holland, with Descriptions in English and 
French, 62 highly finished engravings by Heath, 
Findi n, > tc, and 60 woodcuts, India proofs, 4to. 
LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s- 
(pub. £18. 1 Ss) 1825-6 

BAXTER (Richard), Life of, by J. H. Davies, 
portrait, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 10s Qd) 1887 • 

BAXTER (William E.) Impressions of Cen- 
tral and Southern Europe ; Notes of Journeys 
in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the 
Levant, Svo. half calf neat, 4s 1S50 [ 

BEACONSFIELD (Earl of) Novels (the 
elegant Hughendeh Edition), well printed 
uHthin red lim t, with portraits and vignette vu ws 

of II agin nil. a Manor, 11 vols, posl 8vo. new half 
morocco gilt, £3. 15i ; or, tree-calf extra, by ( 
Bivu • • , Z5. 15* 1SS1 , 

BEACONSFIELD (Earl of) Novels, 
Library Edition, 11 vols, post Svo. new half calf 

gilt, £3. 18s 1881 

The same, half morocco gilt, £4. 4s 

Cheap Edition, 11 vols, post Svo. cloth, gilt 

edges, £1. Is n. d. 

The same, half bound, top edges gilt, £1. Ss ; 

or, half calf gilt, £2. 5s 

Coningsby ; or, the New Generation, First 

Edition, in large type, 3 vols, post Svo. original 
half cedf gilt, very nice COPY ; SCARCE, £1. Is 

Col burn, 1844 
Endymion, First Edition, in large type, 

3 vols, post Svo. cloth, Is Qd (pub. £1. Us Qd) 1SS0 

Another copy, half morocco gilt, 14s 

- Lothair. second edition, in large 

vols, crown Svo. half morocco, 14s 

Vivian Grey, third edition, in 

5 vols, post Svo. in 4, cloth, IsQd 





The Letters of Runnymede, "a volume 

illustrative of Whigs and Whiggism,"8vo. original 
boards, rare, £1. Macrone, 1836 

It is curious that this work, though anonymous inside and 
never avowed by its author, should have been labelled on the 
back ^of the original binding) " D'Israeli's Letters of Runny- 

Selected Speeches, with Introduction and 

Notes by T. E. Kebbel, portrait, 2 vols. Svo. 
cloth, 16s (pub. £1. 12s) 1882 

[Macknight (T.)] The Right Hon. B. 

Disraeli, m.p., a Literary and Political Bio- 
grapliv addressed to the New Generation, Svo. 
cloth, Is 6d 1S54 

BEATTIE (J.) and W. COLLINS, Poetical 
WORKS of, with Memoirs of their Lives and 
"Writings by T. Miller, illustrated, crown Svo. 
morocco extra, gilt edges, 15s 1846 

BEAUFORT (Emily A.) Egyptian Sepul- 
CHRESand Syrian Shrines, post Svo. el., 6s- 1874 

with Notes, Lives, and Commendatory Poems, 
edited by the Rev. A. Dyce ; best edition, in 
large type, with fine portraits, 11 vols. Svo. new 
bright calf extra, gilt edges, contents lettered, fine 
set, £12. 12s Moxon, 1S43 

with Introduction by G. Darley ; new edition, 
in'th 2 portraits and 2 vignettes, 2 vols, thick 
royal Svo. cloth, 12s 6rf (pub. £2. 2s) 1866 

The same, tree-marbled calf gilt, £1. 10o> Qd 

Another copy, new tree -calf extra. £2. '2s 1SS0 

BEAUVOIR (Marquis de) Pekin, Jeddo, 

and San FRANCISCO, 15 illustrations, crown Svo. 
cloth, Ss 1S72 

BECHSTEIN (J. M.) Cage and Chamber-Birds, 
translated by Adams, with coloured illustration*, 
post Svo. cloth, 5s del 1881 

BECK (S. W.) Gloves, their Annals and Asso- 
ciations, illustrated, post Svo. cloth, Qs 1SS3 

BECKFORD (W., of FonthiLl) ■. Vatiiek. re- 
imprime* but l'Edition francaise originate avec 
Preface par Stephane Mallarme, finely printed 
on hand-made paper, Svo. vellum, with tags (no. 
141 of 220 copies only printed), £1. ls Paris, 1876 

History of the Caliph VATHEK, with Notes • 

also RasseLAS, Prince of Abyssinia, by Dr. 
Johnson, with fine portrait of Bcchford, and 4 
other etchings by Damman, after A, H. Tourrier, 
post Svo. new hj. /nor., uncut, top ed. gt.,Ss 1S83 


the etchings on Japanese paper, Svo. cloth, 

'incut, 12s dd 



BECKMANN (J.) History of Inventions and 
Discoveries, trans. by Johnston, and enlarged, 4vols. 
Svo. cf. at. (with Bp. Jebb's bookplate), 8s 6rf 1S17 

BEESLEY (A. H.) The Gracchi, Marias and 
Sulla, maps, 24mo. cloth, 2s 1S77 

BEETON (S. O.) Great Book of Poetry, from 
Caedinon to Tennyson, with American Poems : 
nearly 2000 Pieces, with Biographical Notices, 
thick royal Svo. cloth, gilt edges, 10* n.d. 

The same, calf, gilt edges, £l.j or, morocco 

super extra, gilt edges, £1. 8-v 

Tales of Chivalry, numerous illustrations, 

Svo. half roan, 4s 6d n. d. 

BEETO'N'S Christmas Anneals : The Siliad, 
or the Siege of the Seats [and others as under : 
all prof usety and execrably illustrated), bound in 
one vol. crown 4to. half calf , £1. 5s v. y. 

The Fijiad, or English Nights' Entertainments — Jon Duan, 
1S74— Edward the Seventh, a Play on the past and present 

Times, with a View to the Future, 1876 — Benjamin D his 

little Dinner, 1876 — Pan the Pilgrim, a Vision of Judgment, 1877 
— Dizzi-Ren-Dizzi; or the Orphan of Bagdad, 1878. 

BEEVER (Rev. W. Holt) Daily Life of our 
Farm, front. and vignette, 'pout Svo.///'. roan, 4s 1871 

Notes on Fields and Cattle, post Svo. 

half roan, 3s Qd n. d. 

Successful Farming, its essentials, etc., 

post Svo. half roan, 3s Qd 1ST 1 

BEHMEN (Jacob, "Teutonic Theosopher") 
Works, complete, with Life by William Law, 
fine portrait and figures illustrating his 
principles, left by Law, 4 vols. 4to. calf gilt, red 
edges, contents lettered (FINE COPY), VERY SCARCE, 
£8. 85 1764-89 

BELANG-ER (Ch. ) Voyage aux Indes-Orient- 
ales par le Nord de l'Europe, les provinces du 
Caucase, la Georgie, l'Armenie et la Perse, pen- 
dant les annees 1825-9 ; 3 vols, royal Svo. of Text 
(Zoology, Cry 'togamic Botany, and History of the 
Expedition), and4to. vol. of coloured plates, in 
n\\4xi\\ neat, top cd. gt., £2. 10s Paris, IS34-S 

Plates in Atlas: Mammals, 8; Birds, 10 ; Reptiles, 7; 
Fish, s; Mollusks, 3 ; Insects, 5: Zoophytes, 2; Botany, 31; 
Scenery and Costume, 41 ; Maps, 2. 

BELISARIUS, Life of, by Earl Stanhope 
(when Lord Mahon), Svo. calf gilt, 8s Qd 1839 

BELLARS (W.) The Fine Arts and their 
Uses, post Svo. eloth, Qs Qd 1S7G 

BELL (Sir C.) Anatomy and Philosophy of 
Expression as connected with the Fine Arts ; 
third edition, enlarged, with fine engravings, impl. 
Svo. cloth, 10s Qd (pub. £1. Is) 1S44 

Another edition, post Svo. calf, 9s ; or. calf 

gilt, gilt 1 dges, lis 1S77 

BELL (J.) New Pantheon ; or Historical Dic- 
tionary of the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroes, and 
Fabulous Personages of Antiquity, also of the 
Images and Idols of the Pagan World, etc., with 
many fine copper-plates, 2 vols. 4to. old mottled 
calf extra, yellow edges [nice copy), £1. 2s Qd 1790 


PROOFS of the engravings, 2 vols, in one, thick 4to. 
half calf , yellow edges, £1. 125 Qd 

The most useful body of Mythology in the language. 

BELLE W (J. C. M.) Poet's Corner : a Manual 
for Students in English Poetry, with Biographical 
Sketches of the authors, square post Svo. morocco, 
gilt edges, 13s Qd 1S78 

Cheap edition, post Svo. cloth, 3s 1SS4 

[BELOE (Rev. W.)] The Sexagenarian ; or, 
the Kecollectioiis of a Literary Life, 2 vols. Svo. 
in one, neatly half bound, Is Qd ISIS 

"These volumes for presumption, misstatement, and 
malignity have rarely been exceeded, or even equalled." 


BELLEVILLE (P. de) Theatre d'Histoire, 
on, avec les grandea Provesses <•! Auentures 
6tranges du noble et vertueux Cheualier, Poli- 
mantes, Prince d'Arfine, se represented an 
vrai plusieurs Occurrences fort rares et merueill- 
engravings, the title enclosed in elegant engi 
border, 4to. fine copy in tree-marbted calf extra, 
gilt edges, with bullion-tagged marker, by Kal- 
thocber (Mr. Beckford's copy), t'4. is 

Bruxelles, 1G13 

BEMROSE (W.) Manual of Wood Carving, 

illustrated, small 4to. eloth, 4s u. d. 

BENNETT (Joseph) Billiards, with frontis- 
piece ((/id numerous diagrams, crown Svo. eloth. Qs 


New edition, "by "Cavendish," with o>;,- 

200 illustrations, post Svo. half bound, gilt edges, 
lis 1884 

BENNETT (W. C.) Contributions to a Ballad 
History of England, post Svo. cloth, lv Qd n. d. 

BENSON (J. W.) Time and Time-Tellers, 
post Svo. cloth, 2s 1875 

BENTHAM (Jeremy) Church of Englandism 
and its Catechism examined : the exclusionary 
System in the National Society's Schools ; Kernel- 
dies for Abuses, and Examination of the Parlia- 
mentary System of Church Reform, Svo. new half 
calf, \6s Qd 1818 

An acrid work that would be found very useful by an 


Introduction to the Principles of Morals 

and Legislation, post Svo. cloth, os 1879 

BENTLEY (Dr. Richard) Works : Epistles 
of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, 
and iEsop ; Epistola ad Jo. Millium ; Boyle 
Lectures ; Proposals for an Edition of the Greek 
Test, etc., ed.,with Notes, by the Rev. A. Dyce, 
3 vols. Svo. calf extra (nice copy), with bookplate 
of the late Master of Trinity, £1. 10* 183G-S 

•'I will venture to pronounce Dr. Bentley the greatest man 

amongst scholars." — De Quincey. 

Dissertations upon the Epistles of 

Phalaris, Themistocles. Socrates, Euripides, and 
-Esop : also Epistola ad Jo. Millium : edited with 
Notes by the Rev. A. Dyce, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. Is 1836 

Dissertation upon the Epistles of Pha- 
laris; with Answer to Boyle; and Dissertation 
on the Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, 
Euripides, etc., and the Fables of -Esop, Svo. old 
mottled calf gilt, 9s Qd 1777 

— - — - Another edition, Svo. calf, "s Qd 1S07 

BERANGER (P. J. de) (Euvres Completes; 
nouvelle edition, revue parl'Auteur, with portrait 
and 53 beautiful engravings after Johannot, 
Raffet, etc., and facsimile of Letter, 2 vols, royal 
Svo. half morocco gilt, gilt edges. £1. 7s Qd 

Paris. 1S.51 

BERESFORD (Rev. G.) Fountain of Sorrow 
and River of Joy, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1875 

BERJEAU (Ph. Ch., Bibliophile) The Horses 
of Antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renais- 
sance, with 60 plates giving representations of the 
Horse as depicted by the Greeks, Romans, Old 
Masters, and others, 4to. eloth, Is Qd (pub. 12s) 


BERKELEY (Bishop) Works, collected and 
edited with Prefaces and Annotations by PrOf. 
A. C. FRASER, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. Is (pub. 
£2. 2s) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1871 


BERLIOZ (H.) Treatise on Modern Instru- 
mentation and Orchestration, translated by 
Mrs. Cowden Clarke, revised by J. Bennett, rov. 
Svo. doth, 9s 1882 

BERNARD (W. D.) Narrative of the Voyage 
of the Nemesis the first Iron Steamer to double 
the Cape), 1S40-3, and of the Xaval and Military 
Operations in China, and account of Hong Kong, 
from the notes of Commander Hall, plates, etc., 

2 vols, royal Svo. new half calf gt., £1. 2s 6d ' 1S44 
BERNI (Fr.): Opere Burlesche del Berni, 

Aretino, Yarehi, Molza, Dolce, Galileo, e d'altri 
Autori, with portrait of Berni and 3 vignettes, 

3 vols, post Svo. calf gilt, nearly new. 15s 

Usecht al Reno [Venezia), 1771 

BERRY (C. B., Victorian) The Other Side: 
How it Struck Us, Svo. cloth, 3* Qd , 1880 

BETHAM (Sir W.) Etruria Celtica : Etrus- 
can Literature and Antiquities Investigated, the 
Language of that people compared and identified 
with the Ibee no-Celtic, and both shown to be 
Phoenician, with numerous facsimiles and other 
plates, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 10s Dublin, 1842 

BETH AM-ED WARDS (M.) A Year in 
Western France, post Svo. cloth, Ss 1877 

BEVAN (C. P.» The Industrial Classes, 
maps. leap. Svo. cloth. 3s 1S76 

BEWICK (T.) History of British Land and 
Water Birds (first edition), with brilliant 
impressions of the celebrated, woodcuts {including 
the scarce block without the bar), 2 vols. 1797-1804— 
General History of Quadrupeds, fifth edition, 
with fine impressions of the woodcuts, 1S07 ; 
together, 3 vols, medium Svo. large paper, 
russia qilt {rebacked), fine copies (VERY RARE), 
£18. 18s 1797-1S07 

History of British Land and Water 

Birds, ORIGINAL EDITION, Large Paper, 
with fiw. impressions of the Woodcuts, 2 vols. 
roval Svo. original marbled calf extra, £7. Is 

Newcastle, 1797-1S04 

General History of Quadrupeds ; 

second edition, with fine impressions of the wood- 
ruts, Svo. ncic buff calf super-extra, yellow edges, 
C2. 10s Newcastle, 1791 

The same, FOURTH edition, with fine 

impressions of the woodcuts, super-royal Svo. 
LARGEST paper, beautifully bound in green mor- 
occo extra, gilt edges (RARE), £7. 2s 6d 

Ne woastle-upon-Tyne, 1S00 
Figures to the Quadrupeds, the plates 



BEWICK (T.) Bewick GLEANINGS : being Im- 
pressions from Copperplates and Wood Blocks, 
engraved in the Bewick Workshop, remaining in 
the possession of the Family until the Death of the 
last Miss Bewick, and sold afterwards by order of 
her Executors : edited, with Notes, by Julia 
Boyd ; to which are added, Lives of T. Bewick 
and his Pupils, with Impressions from other Wood 
Blocks collected by or lent to the Author; com- 
prising 362 blocks, 53 copperplates, 2 portraits of 
T. Bewick, and original etching of the "Lost 
COPY, signed by the Author, thick 4to. dark 
green mor. extra, bevelled boards, top edges gilt, 
very scarce, £6. 6* Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1SS6 

Bewick's Woodcuts : Impressions of up- 
wards of 2000 Wood-Blocks engraved for the 
most part by Thomas and John Bewick, with 
an Introduction, a Descriptive Catalogue of the 
Blocks, and a List of the Books and Pamphlets, by 
the Rev. T. Hugo, steel portrait of ThomasBewick, 
impl. 4to. cl.. top edges gilt, £4. 4s (pub. £0. 6s) 1870 
A Prettv Book of Pictures for Little 

Masters and Misses, or Tommy Trip's History 
of Beasts and Birds, by Oliver Goldsmith, 
embellished with engravings from the original 
blocks made by Bewick in 1779, on India paper, 
with the History, Adventures and Seclusion of 
the Blocks, crown 4to. smooth red morocco extra, 
top edges gilt, by the late F. Bedford {only 250 
copies printed), £2. 5s 1867 

The Beauties of the Creation, or, a New 

Moral System of Natural History, designed to 
inspire Youth with Humanity towards the Brute 
Creation, numerous woodcuts, many of them by 
J. Bewick, second ed., 5 vols, square ltimo. rough 
old calf {VERY SCARCE), £2. 2s 1793 

- The Poetical Tabulator ; or Beauties 

only, printed separately on large paper; care 
fully worked-qff and good impressions of the 
inimitabl'i ?, second edition, 4to. cloth 

(VERY SCARCE), £3. is 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, E. Walker, 1S24 


British Land and Water Birds, 2 vols. 

in Verse, with 31 cuts by T. Bewick, 24mo. sheep, 

£1. 105 York; T. Wilson and E. Spencc, 1803 

The earliest impression of this work with the imprint of 
Wilson and Spence known to Mr. Hugo "Bewick Collector") 
seems to be that of 1810. 

The Looking Glass for the Mind ; 

Quadrupeds ; .Ksops Fables ; and Memoir 
of T. Bewick, by himself, with Preface and Notes 
fay Austen Dobson; with all the woodcuts (in- 
cluding thou of tl,, Supplements), printed from 
the ORIGINAL BLOCKS, upon specially prepared 
jKijj-r. '> vols, royal 8vo. half morocco, uncut, top 
.10. 10.y 1885 

As the whole of the above edition is limited to 750 copies, 
and has been very successful, copies are certain to shortly 
become scarce. 

The Hive of Ancient and Modern Literature : 

a collection of Essays, Narratives, etc. selected 
by Sol. Hodgson, with \A cuts by '/'. Bewick, and 
man > by I. nell, both of Newcastle, post 

Svo. A/. ca{fneat $ £l. Newcastle, 1S06 

reprint of the 1792 edition, with the illustrations 

by T. Bewick, 12mo. cloth, 6s 1S85 

Select Fables of .Esop and others, with 

all the icoodcuts by T. Bewick, crown Svo. rox- 
burghe, ~s 6d n. d. 

Hugo (Rev. T.) The Bewick Collector 

and Supplement : a Descriptive Catalogue 
of the Works of T. and J. Bewick, including 
Cuts in various states, for Books and Pamphlets, 
with an Appendix of Portraits. Autographs, etc., 
with nearly 300 cuts from Bewick's own blocks, 
2 vols. Svo. cloth, uncut, scarce (very cheap), 
£1. 10s 1866-S 

Another copy, half morocco gilt, top edges 

gilt, nice copy, £2. 10-y 

The same, on Large Paper, with fine full- 

■]i portrait, 2 vols. impl. Svo. cloth, uncut, 
VERY SCARCE, £3. 36' 

The Supplementarv Volume, with over 120 

cuts, Svo. cloth, 12s 0'/ (pub. £1. Is) 1S6S 

The same, large paper (100 copies only 

printed), impl. Sv<>. cloth, £1. 4s (pub. 12. 2s) 
ThomasBewick andhisPupils,dv Austin 

DOBSON, Editiom DE Luxe, with 95 illustrations 
engraved from the original blocks, crown 4to. 
half vellum, £1. lis 6d 1SS4 

Only no copies of this Edition de Luxe were printed for 
sale in England, of which this is no. 33. 

BEWICK (T.) Notes by F. G. Stephens on a 
Collectioon of Drawings and Woodcuts by T. 
Bewick, also List of all Works illustrated by T. 
and J. Bewick, 32 illustrations, 4to. doth, ISs 
(pub. £1. lis 6cl) 1881 


BEWICK (T.) Memoir of T. Bewick, by himself, 
with Appendix of 18 plates, and Correspondence ; 
numerous engravings on wood, Svo. cloth, uncut 
{good copy), lis (id Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1862 



BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA, Hebraice, Ckaldai'ce, Greece, et Latine, Philippi II. Regis 

Catholici pietate et jussu, ad SS. Ecclesire usum edita cura et studio B. Arije Montani, 

with numerous 'plates, maps, etc., 8 vols, imperial folio, finely hound in old crimson morocco 

extra, gold-tooled, gilt edges, in beautiful condition {with the bookplate of Bishop Shi 

Barrington), very rare, £35. Antverpice, Ghr. Plantinus, 1569-72 

The above is a complete and very fine copy, both as to condition and binding, of the celebrated 

Antwerp, Royal, or Plantin Polyglott, the second of the four great Polyglott Bibles whose production 

gives renown to Spain, France, and England. Produced by order of Philip II., under the editorship of 

the celebrated Arias Montanns, it contains the whole of the Complntensian Polyglott with the addition 

of much information of great interest and importance. It is considered the chef-d'oeuvre of Plantin's 

press, and is excessively rare, as only 500 copies were printed, and of them the greater portion was lost 

by shipwreck on their voyage to Spain. As nearly all the copies left after the shipwreck were bought up 

for public libraries (mostly on the Continent), it is of es'pecial rarity in England or America, and no 

perfect copy has occurred here for sale for many years. The present copy is quite complete, and 

has the very scarce leaves of Acta Publica in the first volume, and not in the eighth, as mentioned by 



BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA, complectentia Textus Originales : Hebraicum, cum Penta- 

teucbo Samaritano, Chaldaicum, Graecum : Versionumque Antiquarum : Samaritans, 

Grscs lxxii lnterpp., Chaldaics, Syriacj:, Arabics, iEiHiopiUE, Persicje, Vulg. Lat., 

qnicquid comparari poterat : cum Apparatu, Appendd., Tabulis, Varr. Lectt., etc. etc., 

edidit BRIANUS WALTONUS, S.T.D., with line portrait by Lombart and plates by 

Hollar, 6 vols. 1657— LEXICON HEPTAGL0TTON, authoreEDMUNDO CASTELLO, 

S.T.D., 2 vols. 1669 — together 8 vols, imperial folio, fine copy, ruled throughout with red 

ink, and bound in fine old gilt russia, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, with the bookplate of Bish<>j> 

Shute Barrington (slightly broken at a few joints), very cheap, £22. 10s 1657-6 ( .> 

To praise the London Poiyglott would be almost an impertinence : suffice it to say that while those 

of Complutum, Paris, and Antwerp may surpass it in interest or typographical grandeur, " in all other 

respects it is preferable ; being more ample and more commodious ' {Rev. T. H. Home). Copies of it 

have not often occurred for sale of recent years. The present one has the Republican Preface, with 

the Editor's expression of thanks to the Protector. 

BIBLIA SACRA Hebraica (Yeteris Testa- 
menti) et Novum Testamentum Greece, with a 
Hebrew Vocabulary beautifully written prefixed, 
square 12mo. finely printed; beautifully bound in 
old black morocco, gold and blind tooled, gilt 
edges, a fine specimen, £1. Is Noshirc, n. d. 

BIBLE (Holy) in Arabic, from Dr. Van Dyck's 
translation, thick royal Svo. calf neat, Is 6cl 

Oxford {Brit, and For. Bible Society), 1869 

GREEK, with critically revised Text, Various 
Readings, marginal References, Prolegomena, and - 
Commentary, by Dean Alford, 4 thick vols 

Svo. cloth, £2. os (pub. £5. 2s) 
The same, calf extra, £5. 



NEW TESTAMENT in the original Greek, 
with English Notes, critical, philological, and 
explanatory : by the Rev. S. T. Bloomfield, 
D.D., sixth edition, 2 vols. Svo. half morocco gilt, 
top edges gilt {nice copy), 12s (pub. £2. 8s) 1845 

NEW* TESTAMENT (Greek), with English 
Notes by the Rev, E. Burton, d.d., 2 vols. Svo. 
calf gilt, 14s Qd Oxford, 1S35 

NEW TESTAMENT (Greek), with Readings 
from Griesbach, Scholz, Lachniaim. and Teschen- 
dorf, large type, Svo. hf. mor. neat, Is Bagstcr, n. d. 

NEW TESTAMENT (Greek), with Introduc- 
tions and Notes by Dr. Christopher WORDS- 
WORTH, Bishop of Lincoln ; new edition, 4 vols, 
impl. Svo. in 2, doth, £2. (sells £3.) 1SS1-77 

Another copv, in 2 vols, new morocco elegant, 

gilt edges, £4. 10s '1871 

Novum Testamentum Syrla.ce, denno recog- 
nitum atque ad Fidem Codicum AISS. emendatum, 
4to. purple morocco super -extra, gilt edges, with 
Up. Shute Barringtoris bookplate ; IN FINE I <>v 
DITION, 12s 6d 1816 

ris's), 4to. sprinkled cat f {neat copy), 10s (".' 1826) 

HOLY BIBLE, with Notes and Introductions 
by Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lin- 
coln, new edition, 6 vols. ; also, the New TESTA- 
MENT, in the original Greek, with COMMENTARY 
by Bp. Wordsworth ; 2 vols, — together S vols. 

. impl. Svo. cloth, £4. ISs (pub. £<M ISTu 


Editions of the Holy Bible, Commentaries, etc., continued:— 

HOLY BIBLE :— The Speaker's Commentary 
on the Old and New Testaments, with Ex- 
planatory and Critical Commentary, and a Revision 
of the Translation, by Bishops and other Clergy 
of the Anglican Church, edited by the Rev. Canon 
F. C. Cook, 10 vols, royal Svo. tree-calf extra, 
£13. 15s 1877-82 

The same, hound in 11 vols., morocco, gilt 

edges, £16. 16s 

Another copy, in 10 vols., morocco elegant, 

gilt edges, £18. 18s 

It desired, the Old and New Testaments may be had 
separately, in the above or other bindings. Prices on application. 

HOLY BIBLE, Large Type Edition, with 
References, illustrated with several hundred fine 
steel plates, 2 vols. 4to. handsomely bound in black 
morocco, gilt edc/es, £1. 5s Cambridge, 1847 

HOLY BIBLE, Macklin's Magnificent 
Edition, printed in very large and beautiful 
type by Bensley, and illustrated with a series of 
beautiful plates engraved by Bartolozzi, Sharp, 
Fittler, etc., from drawings by Stothard, Opie, 
AVestall, Smirke, and other distinguished 
British Artists, 7 vols. roy. fol., A HANDSOME 
COPY in purple morocco extra, broad gold borders, 
joints, watered silk fly-leaves, gilt edges, VERY 
CHEAP, £9. 10s 1800 

HOLY BIBLE, finely printed in large type, 
with many large and elaborate designs of the most 
beautiful and imposing character by GrUSTAVE 
Dore, 2 large and splendid vols, folio, morocco, 
gilt edges, £10. - 1864 

HOLY BIBLE and Apocrypha (Wiclif's Ver- 
sion) : in the earliest English Versions, made from 
the Latin Vulgate by John Wycliffe and his fol- 
lowers, edited by the Rev. J. Forshall and Sir 
F. Madden, the versions in parallel columns, with 
Glossary and Explanatory Notes and References, 
4 vols, royal 4to. cloth, £3. 3s Oxford, 1850 

HOLY BIBLE :— A Smaller Biblia Pau- 
PERUM : Wiclif's Text, illustrated with 38 
woodcuts from a very early edition exhibited at 
the Caxton Celebration, and each page surrounded 
with borders from a book of Hours of T. Kerver, 
small 4to. cloth antique, 6s tid 1884 

HOLY BIBLE, translated by Miles Cover - 
DALE, Bishop of Exeter, 1535; reprinted [in Roman 
characters], with Bibliographical Description, 
portrait, and facsimile of woodcut title, thick 4to. 
calf antique, ear mine edges, with clasp, 15s 1838 

HOLY BIBLE, in Metre, otherwise Micro- 
BIBLION, by Simon Wastell, with commend- 
atory verse by G. Wither, small Svo. {wants 
title, half of first page of the Dedication, and leaf 
of md), calf antique, SCARCE, 10* 6^ 1629 

A perfect copy is worth about £4. 4/.. The present is sold 

with all faults, and therefore marked at a low price. 

HOLY BIBLE; The Revised Version, pica 
edition, in large type, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, red edges, 
£1. 12s Qd f Oxford, 1885 

The same, small pica edition, impl. 8vo. new. 

morocco, gilt edges, £1. 18* Cambridge, 1885 

The same, with the Authorized version 

printed in parallel columns, impl. 8vo. cloth, red 
e dges, £1. Oxford, 1885 

NEW TESTAMENT: a complete edition of 
the Authorized Version, edited, with Notes, 
b\ Archdeacon Churton and Bishop Basil 
JONES, with LOO fine woodcuts and 8 panoramic 
views from trustworthy authorities, 2 vols. Svo. 
morocco, gilt edges, £1. 10* 1869 

NEW TESTAMENT; The Speaker's Com- 
MENTARY on the Authorized Version, 4 vols, 
royal 8vo. calf antique, red edges, £6. 1878 

EDITION de luxe, illustrated by the great 


NEW TESTAMENT, profusely illustrated 
with highly finished Engravings on Wood from 
designs of the Great Masters, Fra ANGELICO, 
Perugino, Francia, Titian, Raphael, Vol- 
TERRA, and others, besides Ornamented Borders 
from Italian MSS., etc., ORIGINAL EDITION, thick 
4to. morocco super-extra, leather joints inside, 
with silk linings and fly-leaves, edges gilt over 
red, £4. 4* Longmans, 1865 


250 were printed, royal 4to. purple morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £6. 
The Finest book of Wood Engravings ever published in 
any country ; in addition to the large Subjects, each page is 
decorated with Borders, Ornaments, or Initial Letters, copied 
from the finest Italian Manuscripts of the i$th and 16th cen- 
turies. It was produced under the direct superintendence of 
perhaps the most competent Artist that could anywhere be 
found, and whose elegant works on the Decorative Arts, Dresses 
and Decorations, and Illuminated Ornaments of the Middle 
Ages, etc., have secured him a world-wide reputation — the late 
Henry Shaw, k.s.a. 

It has always been recognized as one of the most perfect GIFT 
books ever published, 

New Edition, 4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, 

12s 6cl (pub. £1. Is) 1883 

Another copy, new crimson morocco super - 

extra, edges gilt over red, £2. 5s 

NEW TESTAMENT, Revised Version, large 
type edition, royal Svo. cloth, 10s 1881 

NEW TESTAMENT, the First printed 
in the English Language (1525 or 1526), trans- 
lated from the Greek, by William Tyndale, 
reproduced in facsimile, with Introduction by 
Francis Fry, thick post Svo. fclarft letter, cloth, 
wholly uncut, in case (scarce), £5. 15s Bristol, 1862 

Of the most precious original of the above volume only one 
copy is known to exist, which is now in the Library of the Baptist 
College in Bristol. Only 177 copies of the above facsimile have 
been executed, and the paper was expressly manufactured to 
imitate the colour and appearance of the original. 

NEW TESTAMENT, Genevan Version, 
Englished by L. Tomson, woodcut title and map 
of the Holy Land, small Svo. clean copy in old 
calf [a very scarce edition), £1. Is 12. Barker, 1610 

HOLY BIBLE, Third Part of the (after some 
division), containing five excellent books (Job to 
Solomon's Song), narrow 32mo. nicely bound in 
morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 15s QdJEdinb., 1642 

Rible, shewing from the Holy Scriptures the 
Soldier's duty and Encouragement, London, 1693, 
reproduced in facsimile of the Ancient Type and 
Paper, with Introduction by Francis Fry, fcap. 
8vo. half bound, 4s 1862 

HOLY BIBLE, The Pulpit Commentary on 

the, impl. Svo. cloth, as follows : — 
I. Samuel, by Dean Payne Smith, etc., 9s 6d 1880 
I. Kings, by the Rev.' Joseph Hammond, etc., 

9*6d 1881 

Judges, by Bp. Lord Arthur Hervey, etc., 6s 6d 

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, by Canon Raw- 

linson, etc., 8s 1880 

St. Mark, by Dean Bickersteth, etc., 2 vols., 

1.3* Gd 1883 

ACTS of the Apostles, by Bp. Lord A. Hervey, 

etc., 2 vols., 13s Gd 1884 


Editions of the Holy Bible, Commentaries, Etc., continued :~ 

LIGHTFOOT (Bishop) St. Paul's Epistle 
to the GALATIANS, 8vo. calf antique, red edges, 
15* 1873 

St. Paul's Epistles to the Colossians 

COMMENTARY upon the Holy P»ible, from 
Henry and Scott, severed maps arm' useful 
tables, 6 vols. cr. Svo. hf cf. gt. . 6s 6d R. T. S., 1831 

COMMENTARY on the Holy Bible, with 
maps and plans, 7 vols, thick crown Svo. cloth, 
16s S. P. C. K., 1880 

DEVOTIONAL Commentary on the Gospel 
Narrative, by the Rev. Isaac Williams, S vo\s. 
post Svo. cf. antique, reded. [nearly new), £2.2s 1S76 

JOB (Book of), Commentary on the, with 
General Introduction to the Poetical Books, by 
J. P. LANGE, translated and edited by P. Schari', 
royal svo. cloth, Is (pub. £1. Is) Edinburgh {l^'ii 

PSALMS (Book of), with Explanatory and 
Critical Commentary" by Dean Johnson and 
Canons Elliott and Cook, row Svo. el., Ss 18S7 

PSALMS (Book of), translated by Canon 
Cheyne [Parchment Library Edition), leap. Svo. 
parchment, 5s 1883 

The same, polished morocco, gilt edges, \\s ; 

or. morocco extra, gilt edges, 12s 

PSALMS (Book of), New Translation by 
Dean Perowne. with Introductions and Notes, 
explanatory and critical. 2 vols. Svo. cl., £lAs 1878 

Another copy, calf gilt, £2. 

PSEAUMES de David : traduction nouvelle 
selon l'Hebreu, with plate and 2 vignettes on 
copper, 12mo. old Pre ink red morocco gilt, gilt 
edges, with bookplates of Bibliotheca Lamoni- 
ana and of Bp. Shute Barrington {nice copy), 
£1. 5s Paris, P. Ic Petit, 1665 

COMMENTARY on the Psalms, by Bishop 

Horne, in which their Literal and Historical 

Sense, and their application to Messiah and the 

Church, is shown, portrait, royal Svo. calf gilt 

5s tid I860 

GOSPELS (The Gothic and Anglo-Sanon), in 
parallel columns ; with the Versions of Wycliffe 
and T yndale ; arranged, with Preface and Notes, 
by the Key. J. Bosworth and G. Waring, fac- 
similes of the Codex Argenieus and other JISS., 
Svo. cloth, ISs 6d 1865 

With the photo-portrait bookplate of the late W. J. Thoms. 

ALPORD (Dean) : The Mtew Testament for 
English Headers : vol. 1. St. Matthew to Acts. 
2 parts, Svo. cloth, 10s 6d 1872 

BOYD-CARPENTER (Bp.) :-The Sermon 
ON THE MOUNT, illustrated, with Introduction, 
folio, cloth, gilt edges, Ss 6d (18S6) 

DAVIDSON (Dr. Samuel) Introduction to 
the Study of the New Testament, Critical, 
Exegetical, and Theological, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
12, U'/. pub. £1. 10s) 1868 

E3LLICOTT (Bp.) Critical and Grammatical 
Commentary on St. Paul's First Epistle to 
the Corinthians, Svo. new cloth, 12s 6d 1887 

on St. Paul's Epi.-tle to the Ephesians ; 

fifth edition (with the Greek Text and revised 
Translations) with the English Text written in top 
margin), Svo. cloth, 4s 6d 1884 

on St. Paul's Epi-tles to the Thess- 

alonians, Svo. cloth, 6s 1SS0 

liANGE (Dr. J. P.) Theological and Homi- 
letical Commentary on the Gospels, and Acts 
of the Apostles, specially designed for the u>e of 
Mini>ters and Students, 9 vols. Svo. cloth, £2. 10s 
(pub. £4. 14s Qd) Edinburgh, Clark, 1S74-9 

-JAS (Rev. J. J.) The First Epistle of St. 
JOHN, crown Svo. cloth. 3s Od 1SS7 

USTGUS iDr. J.) Bible Hand-book. 12mo. 
cloth, 4s n. d. 

and to Philemon, Svo. calf antique, red edges, 
\5s; or, tree-calf gilt, 16s 1S76 

BENGELII (J. A. ) Gnomon Noyi Testamenti, 
in quo ex nativa Verborum Vi Simplicitas, 
Protunditas, Concinnitas, Salubritas Sensuum 
Ccelestium indie. : editio tertia, per Filium E. 
B. quondam cur., quinto recusa adj. J. Steudel, 
thick super-royal Svo. vellum extra, bright gilt 
back, red edges, lls6d Tubincjce, 1855 

BLOOMPIELD (Rev. S. T.) Recensio 
Synoptica Annotationis Sacr.e; a Digest 
and Synoptical Arrangement of the most import- 
ant annotations on the New Testament, 8 vols. Svo. 
If. calf (CHEAP SET), 16s ; or, cf. gilt, £1. os 1S26-S 
" One of the most important works in Sacred Literature 

which has been offered to the attention of Biblical students tor 

main years." — Horne. 

ENGLISHMAN'S Greek Concordance of 
the New Testament, being a Verbal Connexion 
between the Greek and the English Texts ; in- 
cluding a Concordance to the Proper Names ; 
with Indexes, Greek-English and English-Greek, 
roy. Svo. (pp. 1034), white cl. gt., 13sBagster, 1870 

GRES WELL (Rev. E.) Harmonia Evan- 
GELICA, sive IV. Evangelia atque Actus Apostol- 
orum, Greece, pro Temporis et Rerum serie in 
Partes sex distributi : editio quarta, Svo. cloth, 
is 6el Oxo)i ii, 1855 

HAMMOND (Dr. H.) Paraphrase and Anno- 
tations upon all the Books of the New Testa- 
ment, briefly explaining all the difficult places 
thereof, new edition, 4 vols. Svo. calf gilt, 
£1. Is Oxford University Press, 1845 

" Hammond's works." says the Rev. T. Hartwell Horne, 

"are in great and growing reputation." 

HORNE i Rev. T. Hartwell) Introduction 
to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy 
Scriptures, last edition, edited by the Author, 
the Rev. J. Ayre and Dr. S. P. Tregelles, with 
facsimiles of Bibliccd 31 SS. and maps, 4 vols. 
Svo. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £2. 2s) 1869 

Another copy, purple calf antique extra, reel 

edges, £2. 2s 

Compendious Introduction to the Study 

of the Bible, revised by the Rev. J. Ayre, maps 
and engravings, post Svo. calf antique, red edges, 
9s 6d 1S62 

KITTO (Dr. J.) Daily Bible Illustrations, 
revised and enlarged by Dr. J. L. Porter ; illus- 
trated, 8 vols, post Svo. calf antique, £3. 10s; 
or, calf gilt, £3. 15s 1S67 

Evening Series : Julv-September, post Svo. 

cloth, 3s 1S76 

MAUNDER (S.) Treasury of Bible Know- 
ledge, fcap. Svo. tree-calf gilt, 9s 1S79 

PICK (Prof. Aaron) Bible Student's Con- 
cordance, by which the English Reader may be 
enabled readily to ascertain the literal meaning of 
any word in the Sacred Original, 4to. half calf 
<f,Ss6d 1S45 

STACKHOUSE (Rev. T.) New History of 
the Holy Bible, from the Beginning of the 
World to the Establishment of Christianity, with 
a connexion of Profane History all along, etc. 
etc., numerous large engravings, enlarged edition, 
2 vols. fol. cf. ex. , red ed. [nearly new) . 166' 6^/1742-4 



Editions of the Holy. Bible, Commentaries, Etc., continued: — 

BIBLE PRINTS :— Histori&rum Memorafoilinm 
ex Genesi, Exodo, sequentibusque libris descriptio, 
per Gul. PARADINUM et Gul.Borluyt, 110 wood- 
cuts, with accompanying verses ; also at the end, a 
series of 57 similar cuts: the whole mostly neatly 
mounted and inserted, in one vol. 12mo. sprinkled 
calf gilt, nearly new {an attractive volume), 
£1. 2s 6d Lugduni, apud Joan. Tornaesium, 1558 

Bida's Etchings illustrative of the Book of 

RUTH, 9 large and magnificent plates on India 
PAPER, besides vignettes, with the French Text 
elegantly printed, folio, gilt cloth, £1. Ss 
(pub. £2.) Paris, 1876 

BIBLE PRINTS :— Human/e Salutis atque 
Sacraroi Antiquitatum Monumenta, auc- 
toribus B. A. Montano et L. H. Andernaco ; 
consisting of a large number of finely engraved 
page-plates of Scenes from Sacred History 
and Portraits of the Patriarchs, etc. from 
Abel to Judas Maccabceus, with Odes, Poems, etc., 
in 1 vol. post Svo. old calf, RARE, £1. 4s 

Antverpiai, ex Off. Plantini, 1577 
As it is impossible to collate this book, it is marked at a 

low price and sold with all faults. 

For other works of Biblical reference see under 
Dictionaries, post. 


ALLIBONE (S. A.) Critical Dictionary of 
English Literature, andBritish and American 
Authors, living and deceased, containing over 
46,000 articles, with Forty Indexes of Subjects, 
3 large vols. impl. Svo. cl', £3. 3s Philad., 1882 

The same, new half ' russia extra, £4. 106? 

Contains a succinct biography of each author of note, with 
a list of his works, and the judgment of competent authorities 
upon them. The Index of Subjects is very copious, and the 
inquirer can rind at a glance all the authors of any note, 
arranged under the subject or subjects upon which they have 
written. Indispensable to all literary men. 

ANDERSON (Christopher) Annals of the 
English Bible, port, of Tyndcde, 2 vols. 8vo. 
hf. calf ; also The Introduction of the English 
Bible and its Consequences (pamphlet), Svo. 
sewn ; £1. 5s Pickerinq, 1845-9 

ANDERSON (J. P., Brit. Mus.) Book of 
British Topography ; a classified Catalogue 
of the Topographical Works in the British 
Museum relating to the United Kingdom, 4to. 
large paper, interleaved and bound in 2 vols. 
half morocco neat, £2. 5s 1881 

The above copy is interleaved throughout with ruled paper 
for additions, whereof a large number has already been added in 
a neat hand. 

BARBIER (Ant. -Alex.) Dictionnaire des 
Ouvrages Anonymes, 3me. edition, 4 vols, 
roval Svo. half morocco, £3. Paris, 1882 

BERJEAU (J. Ph.) The Book-Worm ; an illus- 
trated Literary and Bibliographical Review, com- 
plete from its beginning in January, 1866, to 
December, 1870 (all published), extensively illus- 
trated with facsimiles from old Books in various 
Tongues, 5 vols. impl. Svo., vol. 1 in cloth, uncut, 
the rest sewn, £4. 15s 1866-70 

This, valuable work is scarce ; only 2jO copies were printed. 
The present copy is a clean and desirable one. 

Essai Bibliographique sur le SPECULUM 

Humane Salvationis, indiquant le Passage 
de la Xylographie a la Typographic, with 2 fac- 
simile hurts, 4to. boards, 6s Qd (pub. 10s 6d) 1862 

Some Account of the Blue Coat Hospital and 
Ghet&am Library, Manchester, with rude wood- 
tut, in 1 vol. post Svo., from the Beck- 
ford Collection, \0sQclLond. and Mane., 1830-1 

BIBLIOGRAPHIE des Ouvrages relatifs a 
l' Amour, aux Femmes, au Makiage, et des 

] ivies facetieux, pantagru cliques, scatologiques, 
satyriques, etc., contenant les titres ddtaillcs, les 
Auteurs, un apercu de leur sujet, leur prix dans 
Les ventes, etc.; par le C. d'I . . . ., 3me 
Edition, consid emblement augmented, 6 vols, post 
8vo. half morocco, top edges gilt {nearly new), 
£4. 68 Turin et Londres, 1871 

Gazette Illustree des Ajviateurs de 
Livres, d'Estampes, et de haute Curiosite, 
printed on fine paper, with fine engraved portraits 
of bibliographers and bibliophiles, and beautiful 
illustrations of fine bindings, facsimiles of MSS., 
etc., besides numerous woodcuts, Vols. I. -IV. and 
nos. 2, 3, and 4 of Vol. V., 4to. vols. 1-3 in cloth, 
the rest sewn {a sumptuous and valuable work), 
£4. 55 Paris, 1868-70 

descriptive Catalogue of the General and Pro- 
fessional Library of F. C. Brightly, Esq., of 
German town, Pa., with Critical Notices and two 
indices, imperial Svo. cloth, uncut {only 50 copies 
privately printed), £1. Philadelphia, 1885 

of Books about Tobacco, with a Catalogue of 
Objects connected with the use of Tobacco in all 
its forms, collected by W. Bragge, F.S.A. , 
Large Paper, impl. 8vo. sewn, 15s 

Birmingham, 1880 

Only 200 copies privately printed. 

BLADES (W., Typograph) The Enemies of 
Books, large photograph and other plates ; FIRST 
Edition, post Svo. vellumwrapper (very scarce), 
£1. Is M 1S80 

BODLEIAN LIBRARY :— Catalogus Lib- 
rorum Impressorum Bibliothecje BODLEIAN.E, 
in Academia Oxoniensi, vignettes on titles, 4 thick 
vols, folio, cloth, £2. 12s (pub. £8.) 

Oxonii, 1843-50 
A very limited number of this extensive and ably-compiled 

catalogue of one of the richest collections of Printed Books in 

the world was printed. 

Calendar of the Charters and Rolls 

therein, ed. by W. H. Turner and the Rev. H. O. 
Coxe, thick Svo. cloth, 15s 6d (pub. £1. lis Qd) 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1878 
Calendar of the Clarendon State 

Papers, 1600-57, there preserved, edited bv the 
Rev. O. Ogle, W. H. Bliss, and the Rev. H. O. 
Coxe, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. IsQd 

ibidem, 1872-69-76 

BOOK-LORE ; a Magazine devoted to Old Time 
Literature, complete from its beginning in De- 
cember, 1884, to May, 1887, 5 vols. 4to. roxburr/he, 
mind, £1. 3s 6d 1885-7 

BOTPIELD (Beriah, m.p.) Notes on the 
Cathedral Libraries of England [with those 
of the Collegiate Chapters of Westminster and 
Windsor, and the Archiepiscopal Library at 
Lambeth Palace ; with Lists of the principal 
works], royal 8vo. cloth, uncut (scarce and 
CHEAP), £1. 12s 6d Pickering, 184£ 

Another copy, half calf, £1. 10s 



Bibliographical Works, continued:— 

BOTFIELD (Beriah, m.p.) Prefaces to the 


[and Dictionaries, Lexicons, and Grammars], and 
of the Sacred Scriptures, 4to. (pp. 156), roxburghe, 
uncut, top edges gilt, £1. Is (pub. £4. 4s) 1861 

"A most important contribution to Literature and to 
Bibliography. Mr. Botrield's Introduction of 76 pages, written 
in English, conveys to the reader the clearest notion of the 
History and Uncertainty of the Early Manuscript Literature, 
and its transition to the relatively speaking much more critical 
and certain Printed Literature. 

BOUCHOT (H. BibliothUque Nationale, Paris) 
The Printed Book, its History, Illustration, 
and Adornment, from the days of Gutenberg to 
the Present Time, trans, and enlarged by E. C. 
BlGMORE, with 118 illustrations of facsimiles of 
Early Typography, Printers' Marks, copies of 
Book Illustrations, and specimens of Bindings of 
all Ages, cr. Svo. cl. gt., top ed. gt., 6s 6d 1887 
Books printed in England, Scotland, and Ire- 
land, and of Books in English printed abroad, 
TO THE YEAR 1640, three thick vols. Svo. cloth, 
£2. 2s 1884 

This work is invaluable to Bibliographers who are desirous 
af ascertaining if particular Early English Books are contained 
n the National Library. It is alphabetically arranged according 
to Authors' Names, and is accompanied by a very full Index of 
Subjects, with certain Special Class Headings, such as Ballads, 
Plays, Poems, Songs, etc., in which the titles of the works, with 
their dates, are set forth in alphabetical order. Each article so 
mentioned has also its own separate entry in the Index. Sub- 
oined is an ample Index of the Printers, Booksellers, and 
Stationers, whose productions are here catalogued. The British 
Museum Press-Marks are appended to the articles. 

Greek Papyri, by J. Forshall, 6 p>latcs of 
facsimiles, impl. 4to. boards, 6s 1839 

Printed Maps, Plans and Charts, 2 large vols, 
folio, cloth, £4. 10.? (pub. £6. 6s) 1885 

Persian MSS., by Dr. C. Rieu, with Indexes of 
Titles, Persons' Names, Classes and Numbers of 
the MSS., 3 vols, royal 4to. cloth, £2. 10s 1879-83 
Syriac MSS. acquired since 1838, by Dr. W. 
Wright, with Preface, Appendixes and In- 
dexes, 20 photo-lithographic facsimiles, 3 vols, 
row 4to. cloth, £2. 5s (pub. £4.) 1870-2 

BRUNET (J. C.) Manuel iu Libraire et de 
1'Amateur de Livres : cinqaieme edition origin- 
ale, entierement refondue, et augmentee d'un tiers 
par l'Auteur, 6 vols, avec le Supplement, par 
P. Deschamps et G. Brunet, 2 vols. : together, 
8 vols. Svo. with numerous ivoodcut facsimiles of 
Devices of Early Printers, etc. ; olive morocco, 
top cd. gt. [nice set), £16. 16s Paris, Didot, 1860-80 

This is a wholly new edition of this invaluable bibliographic- 
il work, very much enlarged and improved, and elegantly printed 
an tine paper. 

The same, without the Supplement, 6 vols. 

hedf morocco gilt, scarce, £12. 12s ibidem, 1860-5 

A fine copy, white vellum gilt,uncut, £13. 1878 

The Supplement, 2 vols, sewn, £1. 15s 

BURTON (Dr. J. Hill) The Book Hunter, etc., 
second edition, post Svo. printed on ribbed paper, 
roxburghe, uncut, scarce, £1. Is 1863 

New edition, with Memoir, bcaidiftdly 

printed on hand-made paper, with finely etched 
portrait, and vignette engravings on ivood, crown 
4to. cloth, top edges gilt, £3. 3s. 1882 

Of this edition but iooo copies were printed, all of which 
were sold before the day of publication. 

CATALOGUE' of the York Gate Library, 
formed by S. W. Silver ; an Index to the 
Literature of Geography, Maritime and In- 
land Discovery, Commerce, and Colonization, by 
E. A. Petherick, second edition, thick impl. 
Svo. extra boards, uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 2s 1886 

CATALOGUE of the Printed Books in the 
Library of the Faculty of Adyocatks, 
Edinburgh, by S. Halkett, Jon A. Hjaltalin, 
T. H. Jamieson, and J. T. Clark, 7 thick vols. 
4to. cloth (SCARCE), £5. 5s 1867-70 

The first portion of the catalogue contains biographical 
notices of authors, adding greatly to its interest and value. 

CATALOGUE of Books Privately 
Printed: by J. Martin, f.l.s., including those 
of the Bannatyne,Maitland and Roxburghe Clubs, 
and of the Private Presses at Darlington, Auch- 
inleck, Lee Priory, Newcastle, Middle Hill, and 
Strawberry Hill, with facsimile, COLOURED, of the 
binding of Queen Elizabeth's copy "De Antiauitate 
Ecclesioj Angl." and plain duplicate, 2 vols, 
impl. Svo. LARGE PAPER, cloth, £2. 10s 1834 

CAXTON (William), England's First Printer, 
Life and Typography of, with Evidence of his 
typographical connexion with Colard Mansion, 
the printer of Bruges, compiled from original 
sources by William Blades, with port, of 
Charles Duke of Burgundy, facsimiles of pp. of 
books, MSS., engra rings, and Caxton's various 
types, 2 vols. 4to. roxburghe, uncut (scarce), 
£4. 4s 1861-3 

CORSER (Rev. T.) Collectanea Anglo- 
Poetica : a Bibliographical and Descriptive 
Catalogue of a Collection of Early English 
Poetry, with occasional Extracts and Remarks, 
biographical and critical, 10 vols. 4to. cloth 
(A — Ward) : a large paper copy (only 4 so 
printed), £17. 17s Chetham Society, "lS6Q-80 

The above splendid collection of Early English' Poetrv was 
dispersed by auction at Messrs. Sotheby's' Rooms, and realized 
nearly ^20,000. 

COTTON (Archdeacon) Editions of the 
Bible and Parts thereof, 1550 to 1850, with 
appendix of translations and bibliographical 
descriptions : also Rhemes and Doway, what 
has been done by the Roman Catholics for 
. the diffusion of the Scriptures in English : 
2 vols. Svo. half morocco extra, top edges gilt, 
£1. 2s Oxford University Press, 1852-5 

Rhemes and Doway, an attempt to show 

what has been done by Roman Catholics for the 
Diffusion of the Holy Scriptures in English, Svo. 
cloth, 10s ibidem, 1855 

DIBDIN (Dr. T. F.) Bibliomania, or Book 
Madness, a Bibliographical Romance, with numer- 
ous woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. in 1, half calf neat, 
15s 1811 

Another copy, russia extra, £1. Is 

New and Improved Edition, with 

preliminary Observations, and a Supplement, 
including a Key to the Assumed Characters, fine 
engravings, royal Svo. morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
the late F. Bedford (fine copy), £5. 5s 1842 

LAST EDITION, with portrait and numerous 

-illustrations, thick royal Svo. roxburghe, 10s 6d 
(pub. £1. Is) 1876 


burghe, top edges gilt, 17s 6d 

The same, new half morocco gilt, top edges 

gilt [nice copy), £1. 10s 

Reminiscences of a Literary Life [with 

Anecdotes of Book Collectors], fine p>ort raits, 
steel plates, and facsimiles, etc., 2 vols. Svo. calf 
(jilt, with bookplate of the late Master of Trinity, 
£1. 10s 1836 

Another copv, boards {lacking Index), £1. Is 

3 * 


BIBLIOGRAPHICAL "Works, continued :— 

DIBDIN (Dr. T. F.) Bibliographical, Picturesque, and Antiquarian Tour in the Northern 
Counties of England, and in Scotland, wit h 42 plates, Proofs on India Paper, and 
numerous woodcuts, many of them also India Proofs, illustrative of Ancient Architecture, 
facsimiles of rare prints, portraits, etc. ; 3 vols, imperial 8vo., large paper, crimson morocco 
super-extra, gilt edges, a very choice copy, £40. 1838 


TYPOGRAPHICAL ANTIQUITIES; or History of Printing in England, Scotland 

and Ireland, containing- Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of Books 
printed by them ; begun by Joseph Ames, augmented by W. Herbert, and now 
greatly enlarged with Notes, Lives, Prefaces, etc., with fine portraits and numerous plates 
and woodcuts in facsimile, also 3 additional plates (specimens of Gaxton and Machlinia*s 
Types), 4 thick vols, folio, large paper (only 66 copies so printed), a fine copy in 
red morocco super-extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, by Hay day, from the library of Joseph 
Walter King Eyton, with his emblazoned armorial bookplate, £33. 1809-19 

DIBDIN (Dr. T. F.) Descriptive Catalogue 
of the Books printed in the XV. Century, forming 
part of the Cassano Library, the property of 
Earl Spencer, with Index, etc., impl. 8vo. half 
bound {scarce), £1. 15s 1823 

• The Library Companion ; or the Young 

Man's Guide and the Old Man's Comfort in the 
Choice of a Library, thick Svo. cloth, uncut 
(with some caustic notes on the author and his 
work inserted), cheap, 10s 1824 

DONI (A. F.) La Libraria, divisa in tre 
trattati : nel primo sono scritti tutti gli Autori 
volgari ; nel secondo, gli Autori a penna ; nel 
terzo l'lnventione dell' Acadeniie, ec, with 
woodcut portraits of Dante, Petrarch, Ariosto, 
Dominichi, and Bcmbo, 12mo. old red morocco 
gilt, gilt edges (with J. Bindley 's bookplate) : 
'afterwards Mr. Beckford's copy, with MS. 
Note, 17s 6d Vinegia, 1558 

DRUJON (Fernand) Catalogue des 
Outrages, Ecrits et Dessins, Poursuiyis, Sup- 
primes ou Condamnes, depuis le 21 Octobre, 
1814, jusqu'a 1877, edition entierement nouvelle 
et accompagnee de Notes bibliographiques et 
analytiques, impl. Svo. half morocco extra (the 
wrappers bound in), SCARCE, £1. Is Paris, 1879 

EDWARDS (Edward) Free Town Libraries, 
their Formation, Management, and History, in 
Britain, France, Germany and America ; with 
Notices of Book-Collectors, thick 8vo. cloth, 
12s iSd (pub. £1. Is) 1869 

FRY (Francis) Tyndale's New Testament ; 
a Bibliographical Description of the (40) 
Editions of (1525 to 1566), with numerous Head- 
ings, Comparisons of Texts, and Historical Notices, 
the Notes in full from the Edition of Nov. 1534, 
an Account of two Svo. editions of the Bishops' 
New Testament, with unnumbered verses, etc. 
etc., 73 facsimile plates of full title-pages, 
colophons, pages, and capitals, 4to. handsomely 
printed on toned paper, cloth {only 250 copies 
printed), £3. 3s 1878 

HARTSHORNE (Rev. C. H.) The Book 
Rarities of the University of Cambridge, 
illustrated by Original Letters and Notes, 
frontispiece and vignette, Svo. cloth, 12s 6c? 1829 

HATIN (Eugene) Bibliographic Historique et 
Critique de la Presse Periodique Fi: \\<ai>i;, 
prececleed'un Essai Historique et Statistique de 
(a Presse Periodique dans lea deux Mondes, 
portrait of Renauaot, and woodcuts, royal 8vo. 
cloth, 10. 6d Paris, Didot, 1806 

HINDLEY (C.) History of the Catnach Press, 
at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Alnwick, etc., and Seven 
Dials, London, with numerous rude woodcuts in 
facsimile, crown 4to. LARGE PAPER, half vellum 
(only 250 cojnes so printed), £1. Is 1886 

The Old Book Collector's Miscellany 

Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities of the 
XVI. and XVII. Centuries, 3 vols. 8vo. rox- 
hurghe, £1. 10s 1871 

IBRAHIM-HILMY (Prince) Bibliography 
of Egypt : — see under Egypt, post. 

IRELAND (Alex.) The Book-Lover's Enchir- 
idion : Thoughts on the Solace and Companion- 
ship of Books, 12mo. cloth, 5s 1884 

Large Paper Edition, with port, and illust- 
rations, 8vo. roxburghe, top edges gilt, £1. Is 1883 

LEWIS (Rev. J.') Complete History of the 
several Translations of the Holy Bible, etc., 
and of the most remarkable printed editions, 
folding plate, Svo. calf (rebacked), 5s del 1739 

Another copv, old calf, Is 

LOWNDES (W. T.) The Bibliographer's 
MANUAL of English Literature, second edition, 
enlarged and improved by H. G. Bohn, 6 vols, 
post 8vo. strongly half bound, £1. 15s n. d. 

Large Paper Edition, 6 vols. Svo. roxburghe, 

uncut, top edges gilt, SCARCE, £5. 5s 1S69 

A very limited number were printed of this size, whose 
wide margins afford considerable space for needful notes and 

MAITLAND (Rev. S. R., Lambeth Librarian) 
List of some of the Early Printed Books in 
the Archiepiscopal Li brary atLAMBETH,/r^'s///i iles, 
Svo. hf. mor., uncut, top ed. gilt (scarce), £1. Is 

Privately printed, 1843 

NISARD (Ch.) Histoire de Livres Popuj 
la ires, ou de la Litterature du Colportage depuis 
le XYe. Siecle jusqu'a 1852, with facsimile cn- 
gravings on India Paper, original large 
EDITION, 2 vols, royal Svo. half morocco extra, 
uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 14s 6c/ Pat-is, 1854 

OTTLEY (W. Y.) Inquiry concerning the In- 
vention of Printing, in which the Systems of 
Meerman, Heinecken, Santander and Koningare 
reviewed ; also Notices of the early Use of "Wood- 
Engraving in Europe, the Block-Books, etc. ; 
with Introduction by J. Ph. Berjeau, 37 plates 
of facsimiles, and many woodcuts, 4to. lailj 
morocco, uncut, £1. Is 1803 

POWER (John > A Handy Book about Books, 
for Book-Lovers, Book-Buyers, and Book-Sellers. 
with facsimile of old types, etc., Svo. Gratia 
boards, top edges gilt (scarce), 16s 187C 

Bibliographical Works, continued: — 

QUERARD (Joseph- Marie), A Marty it to 
BIBLIOGRAPHY ; Notice of the Life and Works of, 
with notes, index, etc., by OLPHAR HAMST 
(Ralph Thomas), 8vo. seum, is Qd 1867 

REED (T. B.) History of the Old English 
Letter- Foundries, 4to. roxburghc, 12s 1887 

REES (J. Rogers; Diversions of a Book- 
worm, second edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, Zs Qd 1887 

REFERENCE Catalogue of Current Lit- 
erature, comprised in the Catalogues of all the 
Publishers in England, containing the full titles 
of books now in print together with prices, and an 
Index of move ///an 53,000 Pcfercnces, unusually 
thick 8vo. half bound, 10s Qd 1885 

RENOUARD (Ant. Aug.) Annales de 
1'Imprimerie des ALDE, ou Histoire des trois 
Manuce et de leurs Editions, 2de. edition, ports. 
3 vols. Svo. tvhite vellum gilt, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £2. 2s Paris, 1825 

RUSKIN (J.) Bibliography of the works of, 
arranged in Chronological Order, by R. Heme 
Shepherd, crown Svo. seivn, 2s 1879 

fied (priced) Catalogue of the Principal New 
Works (1700-1846) on Natural History, Chemistry 
and Mathematics published in England, Germany 
and other Foreign Countries, by W. Engelmann 
and A. Zuchold, 4 vols. Svo. half calf and half 
morocco neat {useful works containing thousands 
of articles), £1. os Leipzig and Gbttingen, 1846-58 

GETS, or a Descriptive Account of my Collection 
of rare Books relating to America, 2 vols, post 
Svo. half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, SCARCE, 
£2. 2s 1862 

BAYLOR (Rev. W.) Catalogue Raisonnee 
[sic] of Oriental Manuscripts in the Library 
of the (late) College, Fort Saint George, 
3 vols. Svo. seivn, £1. \s 3Iadrccs, 1857-62 

TALLiEE (L., Bibl. Nat.) Bibliographie des 

Bibliographies, royal Svo. (pp. 780), new half 

morocco, top edges gilt, £1. 8s Paris, 1883 

I. Catalogue des Bibliographies generates et particulieres, 

ar Ordre alphabetique dAuteurs. I!. Repertoire des memes 

Ublio^raphies par Ordre alphabetique de Matieres. 

^HEATLEY (H. B.) Dedication of Books 
to Patron and Friend, fcap. Svo. cloth, 4s 1887 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 


TYPOGRAPHICAL Society of Newcastle- 
UPON-Tyne, Publications of the, on the ORIGIN, 

etc. of Printing (large paper copies, very 
rare), bound in one vol. royal Svo. handsomely 
hound in maroon morocco extra, borders of gold, 
gilt edges, as good as new {a small number only 
printeafor the Members), £2. los Newcastle, 1819-20 

I. Historical Essay on the Origin of Printing; trans, from 
the French of De la Serna Santander, by Thomas Hodgson : 
second ed. (igo copies printed) — II. Biographical Memoirs of 
Win. Ged, including a particular Account of his Progress in 
the Art of Block Printing (160 copies printed) — III. Memoir on 
the Origin of Printing by Ralph Willett (150 copies printed) — 
IV. Essay on the Origin and Progress of Stereotype Printing, 
including a Description of the various Processes (306 copies 

UPCOTT (W.) Bibliographical Account of the 
Principal Works relating to English Topo- 
graphy, views of the London Institution, 3 vols. 
Svo. handsomely bound in embossed russia gilt, 
gilt edges (SCARCE), £5. 5s 1818 

The same, Large Paper (of which only 

50 copies were printed), half bound, wholly 
uncut (VERY SCARCE), £13. 15s 
A most accurate and trustworthy as well as complete work 
of reference on the subject, and indispensable to the English 
topographical collector. A large paper copy is especially suit- 
able for a PUBLIC LIBRARY. 

VAN DER LINDE (Dr. A.) The Haarlem 
Legend of the Invention of Printing by L. J. 
COSTER, Critically Examined ; trans, from the 
Dutch by J. H. Hessels, with Classified List of 
Costerian Incunabula,, 9s Qd 1871 

WATT (Dr. R.) Bibliotheca Britannica ; 
or General Index to British and Foreign Litera- 
ture, 4 vols. 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, 
£4. 10s Edinburgh, 1824 

Another copy, calf gilt, £5. 5s 

A work of great practical utility. It consists of two 
divisions, in the first of which the books are ranged alphabeti- 
cally, under the names of their Authors ; and in the second the same 
materials are digested under the names of their several Sur.jec ts. 

Bibliotheca Piscatoria : a Catalogue of Books 
ON Angling, the Fisheries, and Fish-Culture ; 
with Bibliographical Notes and Appendix of Cita- 
tions touching on Angling and Fishing from Old 
English Authors, 4to. large paper, new hf. mor. , 
uncut, top edges gilt (scarce), £1. lis Qd 1883 

In this painstaking work are registered and fully described 
no less than 3158 editions and reprints of 2148 distinct Works. 

eminent scholars, with English Commentaries ; 
under the direction of the late George Long, 
and the late Rev. A. J. Macleane ; in cloth, 
as follows : — 
Euripides, by F. A. Paley, 3 vols. £1. 4s (pub. 

£2. 8s) 1872-80 

Homer, by the same, 2 vols. 14s (pub. £1. 6s) 

Horace, bv the Rev. A. J. Macleane, revised by 

G. Long," 12s (pub. 18s) 1881 

SICKNELL. (P. B.) Police Manual: with 
Digest of Statutes in plain terms, post Svo. cloth, 
2s Qd 1882 

SIDPAI'S Fables: Kalila and Dimna, trans- 
lated from the Arabic by the Rev. Wyndham 
Knatchbull, Svo. cloth, 8s Qd Oxford, 1819 

BINDING :— Ludovici Caelii Rhodigini Lec- 
tionum Antiquarum Libri XXX, folio, VERY 
handsomely BOUND in bright morocco, the sides 
covered with fieurs-de-lys, with a large coat of 
arms, the whole in fine condition [a good example 
of old French binding), £2. 10s s. L, 1599 

BINDING :— The Bloom and Flower of the 
Year, being a Picture Gallery of Three 
Hundred and Sixty-five Females [sic on title], 
representing the various days of the year 
in regular succession according to the 
Seasons, with thirty-six supplementary 
PLATES OF Females [sic], 401 portraits of every 
Type of Beauty (many finely coloured by 
hand, LIKE Drawings); very thick atlas folio, 
TOOLING, consisting principally of the Rose, 
Shamrock and Thistle interwoven, with broad 
inside borders of gold, leather joints, silk lining 
and cud papers, together with silken divisions 
between the Seasons, beautifully tooled and gilt, 
gilt edges : a magnificent specimen of Biblio- 
pegistic Gallantry, £35. {circa 1850) 




BINDING in Polished Tortoiseshell :— Het 
Nieuwe Testament, door Last Van de Hoog 
Moog : Heeren Staten Generael, fclarfc letter, 
with numerous plates; Dordrecht, 1754: Het 
Boek der Psalmen nevens der Gezangen hij de 
Hervormde Kerk van Nederland, with music to 
each Psalm ; Rotterdam, 1779 : CATECHISMUS, 
etc. — in one thick vol. post 8vo. beautifully 

SHELL [two small pieces broken from the back), 
with solid silver corners, JOINTS to back, and 
clasps, gilt edges (unique), £6. 6s 

BINDING : Book of Common Prayer, folio, 
tlarU letter, old 'purple morocco, panelled tooling, 
gilt edges {a fine specimen), £1. 15s 1686 

BINDING : — Famiani Stradae 'Romani e Socie- 
tate Jesu Prolusiones Academical ; engraved 
title, square 8vo. bound in old French red morocco 
gilt, in nice condition, with the Osterley Park 
bookplate, lbs Romcc, 1617 

BINDING :— L'Office de la Vierge Marie 
pour tous temps de l'annee, fine engraved title 
and copperplates by Sebastian Govion to the 
Calendar in the style of the MS. Books of Hours, 
the text finely printed in red and black, 8vo. 


£6. 6* Paris, 1621 

This fine old volume contains also, with a separate title 
dated 1623, " Orations Devotes, pour tous Chrestians et 
Catholiqves, composees par le R. P. Cotun." The present 
edition is not in the rich collection of foreign Liturgies in the 
British Museum. 

BINDING :— Taylor (Bp. Jeremy) Rule and 
Exercises of Holy Living and Holy Dying ; 
engraved titles and 2 curious engravings, 2 vols. 
8vo. in one, old English red morocco gilt, gilt 
edges {ivith Bp. Shute Barrington's bookplate), 
10s 6d 1690 

BINGHAM (J.) Antiquities of the Christian 
Church, and other Works ; with the Quotations 
at length, and Life by the Rev. R. Bingham, 
maps, last and best edition, 10 vols. 8vo. new calf 
antique, red edges, £5. 1855 

BIRCH ( W. de Gray) Fasti Monastici Aevi 
►Saxonici : a list of the Heads of Religious 
Houses in England before the Norman Conquest, 
with Catalogue of Contemporary Foundations, 
8\o. cloth, 4s 6d 1873 

A useful Index Nominum for Kemble's Codex Diplomaticus, 
Dugdale's Monasticon, etc. 

BIRD (Isabella L., Mrs. Bishop) Unbeaten 
Tracks in Japan ; Travels of a Lady in the 
Interior of Japan, etc., map (Did woodcut illust- 
rations, 2 vols, post 8vo. cedf gilt, £1. Is 1880 

Cheap edition, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1885 

BIRTHDAY BOOK, designed by H.R.H. the 
Princess Beatrice, printed in colours on hand- 
made paper, with. 15 full-page water-colour Draw- 
ings, reproduced in the highest style of Chromo- 
lithography, 4to. cloth extra, gilt edges £1. 12s (\d 
(pub.£2. 2s), 1881 

The same, finely bound in morocco super- 
extra, richly tooled, (jilt edges (a handsome gift- 
book), £5. ' 1881 

BISHOPS and CLERGY (Oik), 37 Port- 
raits with biographies, edited by the Rev. C. 
Bullock, post 8vo. cloth, 3s n. d. 

BISMARCK (Prince) : a Biographical Sketch 
by W llhelmGorlach, withportravt, 12mo. cloth, 
Is (id 1875 

BLAAUW (W. H.) The Barons' War, includ- 
ing the Battles of Lewes and Evesham, with 
views of the site of Lewes and illustrations from 
old chronicles, and illuminated titlepage, crown 
4to. half morocco neat, 16s 6d Lewes, 1844 

BLACK ( W. ) The Strange Adventures of a 
Phaeton, illustrated edition, with 13 designs by 
S. E. Waller, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 1874 

The Wise Women of Inverness, etc., 

crown 8vo. cloth, 5s 1885 

BLACKBURN (H. ) Normandy Picturesque, 
with numerous illustrations, crown 4to. cloth, 
12s 6d 1869 

The Pyrenees, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1881 

BLACKIB (Prof. J. S.) Natural History 
of Atheism, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1877 

BLACKWOOD (Tales from), first and second 
series, 36 vols. 12mo. in 18, half calf gilt, £3. 5s v. y. 

First series, 12 vols, half calf gilt, £1. 6s n. d. 

BLAKE (W.) Poetical Works, Lyrical and 
Miscellaneous ; edited with Memoir, by W. M. 
Rossetti, port., fcap. 8vo. new cf. extra, 8s 6cl 1885 

The same, new morocco, 10s ; or, morocco 

extra, gilt edges, 12s 

Life of, with selections from his Poems 

and other Writings, by Alex. Gilchrist ; New 
and Enlarged Edition, containing additional 
Letters, an Essay on Blake by James Smetham, 
and additional plates, edited by Anne Gil- 
christ ; printed on hand-made paper with por- 
traits and many illustrations from Blake's oivn 
works, printed ON India Paper, and mounted 
in the text, 2 vols. 8vo. new tree-calf extra, uncut, 
top edges gilt, £2. 16s 1880 

BLANC (Louis) History of Ten Years, 
1830-40, map, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. £1. 6s) 


BLAND (R.) Greek Anthology, enlarged, 
with Specimens of all the Poets (translated) etc. : 
Collections from the, included in Meleager's Gar- 
land, by J. H. Merivale, 8vo. cloth, 3s 1833 

BLANK BOOK, containing 68 leaves of 
fine millboard, folio, brown morocco extra, 
elaborately tooled in gilt, ivith design inlaid in 
back and sides in green and red morocco, gilt 
edges, £3. 10s n. d. 

A very handsome volume for mounting Photographs, 
Drawings, etc. 

BLOOMFIELD (Georgiana Baroness) 
Reminiscences of Court and Diplomatic 
Life, with portraits and illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. 
calf gilt, £1. Is 1883 

Cheap edition, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1883 

BLOOMFIELD (R.) Poems: The Farmer's 
Boy, Rural Tales, and Wild Flowers, nicely 
printed and illustrated ivith 13 pretty vignettes 
engraved by Thov^Json, fcap. 4to. new half mor- 
occo neat, uncut, top edges gilt [nice copy), 
£1. 7s 6d Van Voorst, 1846 

Poems, with 13 fine woodcuts designed by\ 

Sidney Cooper, Horsley, Taylor, and Webster, 
12mo. elegantly printed; morocco, gilt edges, 
12s 6d 1845 

The Farmer's Boy, withZO exquisite engrav- 

ings from drawings by Birket Foster, Harrison 
Weir, and G. Hicks, post Svo. morocco super- 
elegant, gilt edges, £1. Is 1858 
Views in Suffolk, Norfolk, and North- 
amptonshire, illustrative of his Poems : with 
Descriptions and LIFE hy E. W. BRAYLEY 5t> /?«< 
portraits and engravings by Storcr and Greig 
royal 8vo. boards, 10s iSd 180( 



BOLINGBROKE (Henry St. John, Viscount), Works of: comprising Philosophical Works; 
edited by David Mallet, 5 vols. 1754, Collection of Political Tracts, 1748, Letters on 
the Stndy and Use of History, 1752, Letters to Sir W. Windham and to Pope, and 
Reflections on the State of the Xatioo, etched portrait, 1753, Remarks on the History of 
England, from the Minutes of Humphry Oldcastle (with State of the Case of Richard 
Francklin's claim against D. Mallet), 1754, Dissertation upon Parties, / iece t 1754 ; 

together 10 vols. 8vo. calf, newly rebacked and gilt, red edges, with the library stamp of 
the late Mark Pattison, Lincoln Coll. — Lettres du Yicomte Bolingbroke, port., 3 vols. 
8vo. old half calf, Paris, 1808, a remarkable Copy, having the stamp in each vol. 
•'Bibliotheque de Citoyen Xapoleon Bonaparte,-" and (subsequently) the arms in 
gold on sides of his. brother Jerome, King of Westphalia; and after passing to 
Prince Napoleon having been rescued from the destruction of his library at the Palais 
Royal by the Communists in 1871 — Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 
Edinburgh, 1773 — Memoires Secrets de Mylord Bolingbroke, 2 vols. 12mo. in 1, half 
morocco, uncut, Londres (Paris), 1754 — and a collection of original editions of his works 
and tracts against him, as under : in all 43 vols. ; a remarkable collection, botli from 
its extent and from the interest of its former possessors, £10. 10s c. y. 

Miscellaneous Volumes, mostly in Svo. and bound in old calf, unless otherwise d I- — 

Dissertation upon Parties, seconded., mottled calf, with the Duke of Bedford 's arms on sides, 1735 : Ditto, 
third ed., 1735 : Collection of Political Tracts, 174S : Ditto, post Svo. Dublin, 1748: Dissertation upon 
Parties, seventh ed., front., 17-49: Letters on Patriotism, etc., 7 tracts in 1 vol. 1749, i; « very curious 
collection of what was wrote pro and eon on the publication of these celebrated letters," MS. Note: Letters 
on the Spirit of Patriotism, On the Idea of a Patriot King, and On the State of Parties at George I.'s 
Accession ; first genuine ed., 1749: Lettres sur FEsprit de Patriotisme, etc., Londres [Paris), 1750: 
Letters on the Spirit of Patriotism, post Svo. 1750 : Letters on the Study and Use of History, and 
Reflexions on Exile, 2 vols. 1752 : Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testament, in answer 
to Lord Bolingbroke, by Dr. K. Clayton, Bp. of Clogher, Dublin, 1752: Ditto, improved ed., London, 
1753 : Letter to Sir W. Windham, etc., port., 1753, with bookplate of Lord KUwarden, piked to death by 
Irish rebels in Thomas St., Dublin, July 23rd, 1803: Ditto, another copy, 1753: Ditto, 12mo. Dublin, 
1753 : View of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy, in 4 Letters to a Friend, 1754-5 : Remarks on the History 
of England, third ed., 1754: Observations on Lord Bolingbroke's Work-, on the Answers to them (Bp. 
Clayton's, etc.), on Voltaire's Defence, and on the subjects, by a Free-Thinker (Bp. Warbnrton); Free- 
Thinker's Catechism : View of Bolingbroke's Philosophy; Heathcote's Sketch of do.; Analysis of do.; 
Bulkeley's Notes on Bolingbroke ; in 1 vol., 1755 : Answer to the latter part of the Letters on "the Study of 
History, by Lord Walpole of Woolterton, 1763 : Collection of Political Tracts. 1769 : Sketch of Boling- 
broke's Philosophical Character, by the Rev. T. Hunter, 1770 : Pensees de Milord Bolingbroke, port., 
\2mo. French calf gilt, Amsterdam, 1771: Letters on the Spirit of Patriotism, port., 1775: Remarks of 
the History of England, T. Da vies, n. d. 

BLOUNT (C.) Miscellaneous Works (Oracles of BLUNT (Prof. J. J.) On the Bight Use of the 
Reason, AnimaMundi, Original of Priestcraft and Early Fathers, two series of Lectures at Cam- 
Idolatry, Vindication of the Liberty of the Press. bridge, thick Svo. cloth, 8s 6d 1S57 

etc. etc.), with his Life and Death, thick 12mo. Sermons before the University of Cam- 

( foxed), new dark red morocco gilt, red edges, bridge, 1845-51, post Svo. cloth, 4s 6d 1873 

£1 - 5s 1695 Undesigned Coincidences in the Old 

the Ddst 1 !.''''^ 1 '' W ° rkS are hdd in S ° me Uttle estimation with and New Testaments, Svo. cloth, 65 6d 1S56 

BLOUNT (T ) Feagmenta \ntiouit\tis • BLUNT (Rev. J. H.) The Sacraments and 

Ancient Tenures of Land and Jocular Customs of Sacramental Ordinances of the Church, post Svo. 

Manors; enlarged by JosiAH Beckwith, with cloth, 3s 6d IS/ 6 

other additions^by Hercules Malebysse Beckwith. BOCCACCIO (Gh) II Decamerone : a reprint 

royal 4to. half calf antique, red edges, £1. 13s 1815 °f the uncastrated Giunta edition, 12mo. red 

•' This tield whence so manv roots of our law have been mOTOCCO • ttra, (jilt edges (VERY SCARCE), £3. 10s 

taken and transplanted." * A//lsL ( y 16 gg 

-Tenure^ of Land and gistoms of Manors lL Decamerone, con on Discorso critioo da 

collected by T.L., and republished in i 1,84 : and " Ugo Foseolo, with portrait and 10 exq 

WV £ e ' V edltK . m ' corrected and enlarged by engravingsby A. Fox,from designs by T.Stothard, 

W. C. Hazlitt, mipl. Svo. large paper, doth, IxDIA Pr00FS) 3 vo £ ciwn J Svo . J /lloroC co, <,ilt 

scarce, 1.1. os IS, 4 edges, by Hay day, £3. 6s Pickering, 1825 

BLOXAM.CC. L.). Laboratory Teachings; the new translation: laege paper: 

or, progressive exercises m Practical Chemistry, The Decameron, now first completely 

post 8vo. cloth, 2s 6rf 1869 done into English Prose and Verse by John 

BLUNT (Prof. J. J.) History of the Payne, finely printed, 3 vols. 4to. Labge Papeb 

Christian Church during the First Three Cen- (only 50 COPIES so printed), vellum extra, 

turies, Svo. cloth, 6s Qd 1S56 uncut, top edges gilt, £10. 10-y 

The same, calf extra, XOsGd 1S09 For Private Circulation only, 1SS6 



BOCCACCIO (G.) The Decameron, carefully 
translated, Avith Remarks on his Life and Writ- 
ings, and an Advertisement by the Author of 
Old Nick, 8vo. cloth, scarce, £1. 5s 

Printed for all boolcscllcrs, 1845 

BOCK (Carl) The Head-Hunters of Borneo, 

with 30 coloured plates, woodcuts, and map, impl. 

Svo. cloth, 16s (pub. £1. 16s) 1882 

Temples and Elephants, a narrative of a 

journey of exploration through Upper Siam and 
Lao, with map, woodcuts, and coloured plates, 
Svo. cloth, ls6d (pub. £1. Is) ' 1S84 

BOHN'S Extra Volumes, as wider, 7 vols, post 
Svo. cloth, VERY SCARCE, £3. 15$ 1849-55 

Hamilton's Fairy Tales and Romances, portrait, 1849 — 
Cervantes's Exemplary Novels, with the Serpent and the Pre- 
tended Aunt, port., 1855 — Boccaccio's Decameron, with the 
two suppressed novels, port., n. d — Heptameron of 
Margaret, Q. of Navarre, port., 1855— Works of Rabelais, 2 
forts., 2 vols. 1849 — Grammont's Memoirs of the Court of 
Charles II., port, of Nell Givynne, 1846. 

avec des Eclaircissemens historic] ues, donnes par 
lui-meme ; edition augmentee de diverses Re- 
marques (par CI. Brossette et Du Monteil, illust- 
rated with fine incites and vignettes byB. PlCART, 
2 vols, folio, old smooth blue morocco extra, gold- 
tooled back, gilt edges, in beautiful condition, 
£4. 4s Amsterdam, D. Mortier, 1718 

" Premiere Edition de luxe que Ton ait donn^e de ce grand 
poete. Elle se recommande et par sa belle execution typo- 
graphique et par d'assez bonnes estampes ou vignettes." — 

CEuvres ; avec un nouveau Commentaire 

par J. A. Amar, plates by Desenne, and portrait, 
4 vols. 8vo. half morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is 

m Paris, 1821 
(Euvres, avec Notes et Imitations des 

Auteurs Anciens ; precedees d'une Notice par 
C. A. SAINT-BEUVE, portrait and plates after 
Moreau, Svo. morocco extra, gilt edges [handsome 
copy), 17s Qd Paris, 1853 

BON GAULTIER'S Book of Ballads (by 
Prof. Aytoun and Sir Theodore Martin), 
with illustrations by Doyle, Leech, and Crowquill, 
crown 8vo. cedfgilt, 9s ; or, morocco, gilt edges, 13s 


BONIVARD (P., Ancien Pricur de St. Victor) 
Advia et Devis de la Source de ITdolatrie et 
TYRANNIE Papale, par quelle Practique et 
Finesse les Papes sont en si haut Degre montez : 
suivis des difl'ormes Reformateurz de l'Advis et 
Devis de Menconge et des faulx Miracles du 
Temps present, 8vo. wrapping vellum, uncut, 
8s Qd Gendve, 1856 

" Cet ouvrage rest£ jusqu'alors inddit, a 6t6 publie avec un 
court Preambule par MM. J. J. Chaperon et G. Revilliod, qui 
Ton fait imprimer a l'imitation des productions typographiques 
genevoises de l'e"poque ou vivait l'auteur." — Brunet. 

BONNECHOSE (E. de) History of France 
from the Invasion of Clovis to the Accession of 
Louis Philippe, with Continuation to present 
Time, thick post 8vo. new cedfgilt, lis 1872 

BONOMI (Joseph) Nineveh and its Palaces, 
with Index, 7 full-page illustrations and 294 
woodcuts, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1878 

BOOK of GEMS : or, The Poets and Artists 
of Great Britain, edited, with Memoirs, by S. ('. 
Hall ; finely printed on thick paper, and illust- 
rated with 150 exquisite engravings after Turner, 
Eastlakc, Collins, Hqfiana, a in! others ; 3 vols. 
8vo. green morocco extra, gilt edges (a choice 
i.ari.v SET, nearly new), £4. 4s 1848-9 

. New edition, 3 vols, crown 4to. new morocco 

super-extra, gilt edges, €5. 1877 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

BOOK OF ST. ALBANS, containing the 
Treatises of Hawking, Hunting, Coat-Armour, 
Fishing, and Biasing of Arms, as printed at 
Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde, in 1496 ; 
$3Iarfe Heller, with biographical and biblio- 
graphical notices by J. Haslewood, facsimile 
icoodcuts, 4to. printed on thick paper, green 
morocco extra, blind tooled, gilt edges (ONLY 150 
COPIES PRINTED), £13. 15s 1S10 

Boke of St. Albans ; a facsimile from 

the original of 1486, with Introd. by William 

Blades, finely printed in old fclarft letter type on 

rough paper, with numerous coats of arms, 4to. 

handsomely bound in white old-style parchment, 

w'holly uncut, £2. 2s. 1881 

The author is supposed to have been Juliana Barnes, Bernes 

or Berners, the prioress of Sopwell Nunnery, situated within the 

precincts of the Abbey of St. Alban. 

The " Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle " (included in 
the above-mentioned volume) " is not only the earliest, but by 
far the most curious essay upon angling which has ever 
appeared in the English, or perhaps in any other language. In 
the most important features, Walton has closely followed this 
production. In piety and virtue — in the inculcation of morality — 
in an ardent love for their art, and still more, in that placid and 
Christian spirit for which the amiable Walton was so con- 
spicuous, the early writer was scarcely inferior to his or her 
more celebrated successor." — Lozundes. 

$>©KD1S (Andrew, m.d.) ftofte of tfjeHiitrouuetton 
of liSnobJletrge, which doth teache a Man tospeake 
al maner of Languages, the Usages of Countreys, 
of Coynes, etc. [in Verse and Prose], rude wood- 
cuts, including one of the Author, Maeft letter, 4to. 
boards, uncut, 18s Qd Reprint, 1814 

Only 124 copies were reprinted [edited by W. Upcott] of this 
exceedingly curious work, in exact facsimile of the rare edition 
printed by Copland, about 1548. The author— a physician of 
some eminence in therein of Henry VIII. — has the reputation 
of being the original " Merry Andrew." 

BORROW (George) Works, comprising 
Lavengro, Gypsies of Spain, Bible in Spain, 
Romany Bye, and Wild Wales ; portrait, 5 vols, 
post Svo. half calf gilt, £1. 15s 1872 

BOSANQUBT (J. W., f.r.a.s.) Messiah the 
Prince, or the Inspiration of Daniel's Prophecies, 
etc. etc., maps, etc., Svo. cl., 3s Qd (pub. 15s) 1869 

BOTHWBLL (James Hepburn, Earl of), 
Life of, by F. Schiern, translated by the Rev. 
D. Berry, Svo. cloth, 12s Edinburgh, 1880 

BOTANY -.—See under Natural History, post. 

BOSWELL (James) Life of Dr. Samuel 
Johnson, including the Journal of a Tour to the 
Hebrides, with numerous Additions and Notes 
by the Right Hon. J. Wilson Croker, portrait 
from a miniature, Library Edition, 5 vols. Svo. 
calf gilt (SCARCE), £4. 4s 1831 

The same, with Croker's Notes, and 2 

Supplementary vols, of JOHNSONIANA by Haw- 
kins, Piozzi, and others; upwards of 50 illustra- 
tions bi/ Finden, 10 vols. 12mo. half morocco gilt, 
£1. 15s 1851 

- Later edition, half morocco neat, £2. 5s 1880 
The same, calf gilt, £3. 5s ; or, trec-ccdf 

extra, by Biridre, £4. 

The same, edited with Notes, etc. , by the 

Rev. Alex. NAPIER; numerous portraits, fac- 
similes, and steel plates, 5 thick vols. Svo. calf 
qilt, £4. 4s; or, tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £4. 10s 

The same, Large Paper, with fine impres- 

sion of the plates on India paper, 5 vols. impl. 
Svo. cloth, wholly uncut (only 104 copies 

PRINTED), £9. 9s 

Cheap edition of the same, with portrait, 

6 vols, post 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 2s 1884 



BOSWELL (James) Life of Samuel 
Johnson, including Dr. Johnson's Diary of a 
Journey into North Wales ; edited, with Notes 
etc., by G. Birkbeck Hill, d.c.l., with several 
fine portraits and other illustrations, 6 vols. 8vo. 
half bound in roxburghc style, top edges gilt, 
£2. 12s (id Clarendon Tress, Oxford, 18S7 

This handsome edition, for which the author of "Dr. 
Johnson, his Friends and his Critics" has been collecting 
material for many years, embodies the result of the most recent 
research on the subject. The editor has been able, by means 
of many unpublished letters of Dr Johnson, to clear up some 
obscure points in his history, and has likewise taken every 
opportunity of testing Boswefl's statements and those of former 
editors. The index is intended to be absolutely exhaustive, 
and will, it is hoped, serve as a key to that vast mass of litera- 
ture and anecdote which has accumulated round the name of 

The same, Reprint of the First Quarto 

Edition, with Notes, etc., by Percy Fitzgerald, 
portrait, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 1874 

The same, tree-calf extra, £2. 2s 

The same, edited by Croker, with addi- 

& CO., 136, STRAND 


tional Notes, Letters, etc., complete in 1 vol., with 
portraits, royal Svo. cloth, ds Gd 1848 

- Another copy, calf gilt, Vis 
The same, another edition, with many ill "st- 

rut ions, 4 vols, post Svo. in 2, half calf gilt, 14s ; 
or, calf gilt, 18s Gd n. d. 

The same, Cheapest Edition, illustrated, 

complete in one vol. post Svo. calf gilt, 6s Gd n. d. 

BOTANY : see under Natural History, post. 

BOUCHIER (B.) Manna in the House ; or, 
Daily Expositions of the Acts of the Apostles, 
thick 12mo. calf gilt, os 1858 

BOURBONS:— Rerum ah Henrici Borbonii 
Franciae Protoprincipis Majoribus gestarum 
Epitome, ejusdeimrue Henrici Genealogia 1 Expli- 
catio (a Fr. Jos. Texera, Portugucs.), 18mo. old 
calf, Gs Parisiis, 1598 

BOUTELL. (Rev. C.) Arms and Armour in 
Antiquity and the Middle Ages ; also a descript- 
ive notice of modern weapons, numerous ill "st- 
rut ions, post Svo. calf gilt, Is Gd 1S74 

BOWES (Rev. G. S.)In Prospect of Sunday, 
post Svo. cloth, 3s 1880 

BOWES (J. L., Liverpool) Sheep Rot : an 
Attempt to Estimate the Loss caused from it 
amongst our Flocks, and its Effect on the Supply 
of Wool and Mutton, with coloured maps of 
E ngla nd and Ireland, 4to. sewn, Is 1880 

BOYD (Rev. A. K. H.) From a Quiet Place. 
post Svo. cloth, 4s 1879 

Our Homely Comedy and Tragedy, post 

Svo. cloth, 3s 1887 

A Scotch Communion Sunday, post Svo. 

cloth, 4s 1873 

BOYLE (P.) The Narrative of an Expelled 
Correspondent, Svo. cloth, os (pub. 14s) 1877 

BRACOIOLINI (Poggio), Life of, by the Rev. 
W. Shepherd, Svo. calf extra, yellow edges, by 
the late F. P>edford, 15s 1837 

BRADDON (M. E., Author of "Lady Audleifs 
Secret") Garibaldi and other Poems, thick 
12mo. cloth, SCARCE, 6s Gd 1861 

BRADY (Dr. R.) History of England, with 
the Introduction, Appendix, and Continuation to 
the death of Richard II. , 2^ortraits, 4 vols, folio 
in 3, splendidly bound in crimson morocco 
super-extra, gilt edges, as good as new, with 
Mr. Hartley 's bookplate, £4. 15s 1684-1700 

Includes a copious glossary of words used in our ancient 
records, Laws and Historians, and many original Records, 
Councils, etc., of importance. 

C.) SERMONS, preached 

chiefly at the Celebration of the Lord's Supper, 

8vo. cloth [scarce), 9s 1S43 

BRAND (J.) Populab Antiquities of Great 

BRITAIN : with very large Corrections and Addi- 
tions, and a copious Index, by W. C. Hazi.itt, 3 
vols, royal Svo. doth, £\. 5a (pub. £2. 10*) 1S70 

BRANDE ( W. T.) and A. S. TAYLOR :— 
Chemi stry , thick post Svo. coif gilt, \2s 1863 

BRASSEY (Lady) A Voyage in the " Sun- 
beam," second Library edition, with maps and 
118 wood engravings, Svo. el., 6s (pub. £1. Is) 1878 

The same, with 66 illustrations, crown Svo. 

calf extra, 12s 1881 

The same, People's Edition, illustrated, 

folio, cloth, 2s 1SS6 

Sunshine and Storm in the East, or 

Cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople ; Library 
Edition, with over 100 illustrations by the Hon. 
A. Y. Bingham, and map, Svo. cloth, Is Gd (pub. 
£1. Is) 1880 

Cheap edition, with the illustrations, post 

Svo. new calf extra, 10s Gd 1881 

Tahiti : a series of 30 photographs taken by 

t 'pi. Stuart- Wortley, with Letterpress Description 
by Lady Brassev, crown 4to. cloth gilt, gilt edges, 
1 5s Gd l 18S2 

- In the Trades, the Tropics, and the 

Roaring Forties, cheap edition, with 220 wood- 
cuts after R. T. Pritchctt, crown Svo. cloth, gilt 
edges. 5s (pub. 7-s- Gd) 1886 

BRASSEY (Lord) British Seamen, as de- 
scribed in recent Parliamentary and Official 
Documents, Svo. cloth, 4s Gd (pub. 10s Gd) 1S77 

BRASSEY (Thomas, Pail way Contractor, 
Father of the above), Life and Labours of, with 
Appendix of Letters, etc., bv Sir Arthur 
Helps ; portrait, post Svo. cf. gt., 10s Gd 1872 

[BRATHWAIT (R.)] Drunken Barnady's 
IV Journeys to the North of England ; with 
Bessy Bell : in Latin and English Metre : third 
edition: 6 plates, 12mo. calf antique, red edges, 
£1. 1723 

. The English Gentleman, containing ex- 
cellent Rules tending to Direction of every 
Gentleman how to demeane himself in the manage 
of publike or private affairs, second edition, re- 
vised and enlarged, elaborate frontismea by 
Vaughan inlaid, 1633 — English Gentle- 
woman, drawn out to the full Body, expressing 
her Habilliments, Ornaments, and Complements, 
frontispiece in compartments by Marshall inlaid, 
1631 — together 2 vols. sin. 4to. new green morocco 
super-extra, gilt edges (with Mr. Comerford's 
bookplate), £3. 3s' 1631-33 

According to Lowndes, the second edition contains three 
I of the characters omitted in the third. 

I Natures Embassie (Divine and Morall 

Satyres, Shepheard's Tales, Omphale, Odes, or 
Philomel's Tears, etc.) ; finely reprinted by 
! . Pobcrt Roberts from the 1621 edition, with 
Memoir of the Author, crown Svo. cloth (only 400 
copies printed), 10s Gd Boston, Lincolnshire, 1877 

Another copy, beautifully bound in smooth 

green morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 10s 

The same, Large Paper [only 50 copies 

printed), Svo. cloth, £1. Is 

BRAY (Mrs.) Romances ; new and revised 
edition, with frontispieces. 12 vols, post Svo. new 
half morocco gilt, contents lettered, £3. 10s 1884 

Courtenay : De Foix : Father's Curse : Fitz of Fitz Ford: 
Hartland Forest: Henry de Pomeroy : Protestant: Talba : 
Trelawny : Trials of the Heart : Warleigh : White Hoods. 


BRIDGES, Theory, Practice, and Archi- 
tecture of, of Stone, Iron, Timber, and Wire — 
The Supplementary volume, being vol. 5 of 
the Works, edited by G. R. Burnell, C.e., 40 
folding 2 } l((tcs, impl. Svo. half morocco, 12s 6d 
(pub. £2. 10s) 1850 

BRIGHT (Right Hon. John) Speeches on 
Questions of Public Policy, edited by Prof. 
Thorold Rogers, m.p., second edition, steel 
portrait by Jccns, 2 vols, Svo. cloth, £1. 1869 

Another copy, half calf gilt, £1. 6s 6d 

Public Addresses ; edited by Prof. 

Thorold Rogers, Svo. cloth, Ss 1879 

Life and Speeches, by G. Barnett 

Smith, portrait, 2 vols. Svo. calf gilt, £1. Ss 1881 

BRIGHT (Rev. J. Franck) History of Eng- 
land, 1485-1837, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, gilt, Us 1877 

BRIGHT (Dr. Tim.) A Treatise of Melan- 
cholie ; containing its causes and reasons of the 
strange effects it worketh in our minds and bodies, 
12mo. beautifully large clean copy of the first 
edition, in the original veil tun, wrapper, £2. 2s 

T. Vautrollicr, 1586 
As the precursor of Burton's celebrated book Blight's 

Treatise must always remain of interest, and be a desideratum in 

every library of early English literature. 

BRINE (Mrs. M. D.) From Gold to Grey: 
Poems and Pictures of Life and Nature, impl. 
Svo. cloth, 5s 1886 

[BRINKLOW (Henry)] The coplaint of 
Koderyck Mors | sometime a gray Fryre I vnto 
the parlament house of Ingland hys naturall 
countrey : For the r,edresse of certeyn wycked 
lawes | euell custumes & cruell decrees, 12mo., 
fclarfc Ifttci", olive morocco extra, gilt edges {very 
fine copy, with wide margins), £3. 10s 

Imprynted at Geneve in Sauoye by Myghcll boys 

(n. d.) 

This is a remarkably desirable copy of a highly curious and 
instructive little book, on the state of England at the period of 
the Reformation, too celebrated to require any description. A 
worm has pierced slightly the front blank margin, but not so as 
to injure or distigure the volume. (See Hazlitt's Collections and 
Notes, 1876, p, 52.) This edition was really executed at London 
about 1548 by Anthonv Scoloker and William Seres. 

BRITISH MUSEUM Marbles, Illustra- 
tions and Descriptions of the, by Taylor 
Combe, E. Hawkins, and C. R. Cockerell, 
with upwards of 150 beautiful engravings of 
Statues, Groups, etc. by Cooke, Bromley, H. Moses 
and others, 10 vols, in 6, 1812-45— Description 
of the Ancient Terracottas in Brit. Mus., by 
Taylor Come, with SO beautiful engravings, 
1810 — together 11 vols. 4to. in 7, brown calf extra 
[very fine set), £13. 13s 1810-45 

— Inscriptions in the Himyaritic Character 
discovered in Southern Arabia, with 18 large plates, 
oblong royal folio, boards, 12s (><7(pub. £1. 4*) 1863 

Inscriptions in the Phoenician < Jhabacter 

discovered on the Site of CARTHAGE, by Nathan 
Davis, 1856-8, with 32 plates containing 90 in- 
scriptions, oblong royal folio, boards, l2.s- 6d (pub. 
£1. 5s) 1863 

-Flavin*; CARDS: with a History of the 

136, STRAND. 

Concilii Tridentini restitutum, suis locis inter- 
positis Officiis Sanctorum Anglia?, edidit F. C. 
Husenbeth, rubricated, 4 vols, stout 24mo. cloth, 
13s 6d Novici, 1830 

Cum Officiis Sanctorum novissime per Sum- 

mos Pontiiices usque ad banc diem concessis ; 
printed in red and black, 4 vols, post Svo. black 

Subject, and Remarks on Cards of Divination, 
etc., by W. 11. Willshire, M.D., 23 fine plates, 
some coloured, royal Svo. cloth, 17s 6rf 1876 

Early German and Flemish Prints, by 

the same, with 22 facsimile plates, 2 vols, royal 
8vo. cloth, £1. Is 1870 

BRENT ANO (Lujo) History and Development 
of Guilds, and Origin of Trade-Unions, 8vo. 
cloth, SCARCE, 3* 1870 

morocco extra, gilt edges (as good as new), £1. Is 

Mechlinicc, 1879 

BREWER (Rev. J. S.) History of the Reign 
of Henry VIII., to Wolsey's Death, edited by 
James Gairdner, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. tree-calf 
extra, by Riviere, £1. 18s 1884 

BREWING: — Lacambre (C.) Fabrication des 
Bieres et de la Distillation des Grains, 
Pomnies de Terre, Vins, etc., fine folding plates, 
2 vols roy. Svo. cloth, Is (pub. £1. \s) Bruxeiles, 1851 

BROAD Shadows on Life's Pathway, frontis- 
piece, 12mo. morocco extra, gilt edges, 6s Qd n. d. 

BROCCHI (G. M.) Vite de' Santi e Beati 
Fiorentini, with numerous engravings of Events 
in the Lives of Florentine Saints, 2 vols. 4to. in 3, 
vellum (Mr. Beckford's copy ),£l. Firenze, 1742-61 

BROCKEDON (W.) Handbook for Travellers 
in Italy, from London to Naples, with 25 beau- 
tiful steel engravings by W. and E. Findcn from 
drawings by the author, Stan field, Front, etc., 
Svo. calf gilt, 6s 6d n. d. 

Passes of the Alps : see under Alps, ante. 

BROOKES (B. H., Hamburg Poet) AUSZUG der 
vornehmsten Gedichte, with numerous pretty 
copperplates, the designs within elaborate floral 
borders, Svo. vellum, with stamped metal corners, 
12s Hamburg, 1738 

BRODIE(E. H.) Sonnets, 12mo. cloth,2s6d 1885 

BRONTE (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) 
Works, new collected edition, with the Life of 
Charlotte Bronte by Mrs. Gaskell ; woodcuts of 
the Places described in the Novels, 7 vols, post Svo. 
new half morocco, £2. 12s Qd 1885 

Comprises Jane Eyre ; Shirley ; Villette ; The Professor ; 
Wuthering Heights ; Agnes Grey ; Tenant of Wildfell Hall ; 
and Life by Mrs. Gaskell. 


Poems, by Currer, Ellis, and Acton 

Bell, post Svo. First Edition, cloth (very 
RARE), £2. 2s Smith and Elder, 1846 

■ (Charlotte) The Professor, 2 vols. 

1857 ; Shirley, 3 vols. 1849 ; Villette, 3 vols. 
1853, First Editions ; also Life by Mrs. Gas- 
kell, third edition, portrait, frontispiece and 
facsimile, 2 vols. ; together 10 vols, post Svo. hf. 
morocco gilt (Life not quite uniform in colour), 
£3. Ss 1S49-57 

The Professor; a Tale: by Currer Bell, 

First Edition, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth {read copy, 
CHEAP), 125 6d 1857 

Life, by Mrs. G askell, revisedand collected 

edition, with portrait, view of Haworth, and fac- 
simile of Handwriting, 2 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 
12s (pub. £1. 4i) 1857 

BROOKE (Rajah Sir James) : Borneo and 
Celebes, Narrative of Events in, from his 
Journals, by Captain Hodney Mundy, portrait, 
-maps, plates, etc., 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 8s (pub. 
£1. 12s) 1848 

BROOKE (Rev. Stopford A.) The Unity of 
(!<>i> and Man, and other Sermons, post Svo. 
cloth, 3* 1886 

BROOKS (Rev. Phillips) Sermons, post Svo. 
cloth, 3s (id 1885 



BROOKS (W. G.) The Public Worship Regu- 
lation Act, post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d 1875 

BROOKPIELD (Rev. W. H.) Sermons, with 
Biographical Notice by Lord Lyttelton, por- 
trait, post Svo. cloth, 6s 6(1 1875 

LORUM veterum ac recentioruni Adorationibus 
Dissertatio, with engravings, 12mo. fine copy in 
old gilt reaufauve, BY DEROME (Mr. Beckford's 
copy), lbs Amst., 1713 

BROUGHAM and VAUX (Henry Lord) 
Works, biographical, critical, historical, and 
miscellaneous, corrected and enlarged by him- 
self with many new Lives of Philosophers, Men 
of Letters, and Statesmen, 11 vols, post Svo. new 
half morocco, £3. 10s 1872 

The British Constitution, its History, 

Structure, and Working, post Svo. cloth, 3s 1873 
Contributions to the Edinburgh Review 

(Rhetorical, Historical, on Foreign Policy, Con- 
stitutional Questions, Political Economy, Criminal 
Law, Physical Science, etc.), 3 vols. Svo. scored 
a df gilt (as good as new), £1. 12s 6d 1856 

Sketches of Statesmen who flourished in 

the time of George III., with Remarks on Party 
and Appendix, numerous fine portraits engraved 
by Holl etc., 3 vols, row Svo. half calf gilt, 
£1. 12* 6d 1839-43 

Speeches upon Questions relating to Public 

Rights, Duties, and Interests : with Historical 
Introductions, and a critical Dissertation upon 
the Eloquence of the Ancients. 4 vols. Svo. 
cloth, 166- (pub. £2. 8*) 1838 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £1. 2s Gd 

Life and Times of, written bv himself, por- 
trait, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 16s (pub. £2. 8s) 1871 

BROUGHTON (Rhoda) Belinda, crown Svo. 
cloth, os 1884 

Doctor Cupid, crown Svo. cloth, os 1887 

BROWN (H. S.) Autobiography, Common 
Place Book, etc., edited by W. S. Caine, portraits, 
post Svo. cloth, 3s Qd (pub. 6s) 1SS7 

BROWN (Dr. John) Locke and Sydenham, 
portrait, post Svo. cloth, 6s 1885 

BROWN (Oliver Madox>: a Biographical 
Sketch, 1855-74, by J. H. Ingram, with 2 por- 
traits, and 2 autotypes from his pictures, impl. 
Svo. large and thick paper ; cloth, 16s 1883 

BROWN (Prof. J. C.) Forests and Moisture, 
8vo. cloth, 4s (pub. 10s Qd) 1877 

BROWN (R. E.) Book of the Landed Estate, 
the Management and Development of Landed 
Propertv, woodcuts, rov. Svo. half roan, lis 6d 
(pub. £i. Is) 1869 

BROWN (Mr. Thomas) Works complete, 
Serious and Comical, in Prose and Verse, with 
his Remains, and Life, etc., by Mr. J. Drake, 
frontispiece and copper p)latcs, BEST EDITION, 
4 vols. 12mo. mottled calf extra (nice copy), 
£3. 10s 1760 

BROWN (Thomas, M.D., Professor of Moral 
I } hilosophy, Edin.), Life and Writings of, by 
the Rey. D. Welsh, portrait, Svo. bright calf 
extra, gilt edges [nice copy), os Edinburgh, 1825 

BROWNE (E. Harold, Bp. of Winton) Ex- 
position of the Thirty-nine Articles, new 
edition, thick Svo. new calf gilt, 19s; or, new calf 
antique, red edges, £1. 1-s 1882 

BROWNE (SirThos.) Religio Medici (Golden 
Treasury Scries), with vignette title, ISmo. new 
morocco super-extra, 10s 6d 1SS1 

BROWNE (Sir T.) Works; including his Lip] 
(by Dr. Johnson, and supplementary Memoir) an< 
Correspondence; edited by Simon Wilkin 
portrait, tomb, and facsimile letter, 4 vols. 8vo 
cloth, £3. 10*' Pickering, 183i 

The same, calf super -extra, gilt edges, a. fin 

copy by the late F. BEDFORD, £5. 10s 

''The best-edited book in the English Language is, accordin 
to Southey, Wilkin's edition of Sir Thomas Browne."— C 
Saintsbury, in Preface to Dryden. 


into very many received Tenents and common], 
presumed Truths, or Enquiries into Vulgar am 
Common Errors, second and much enlarge* 
edition, folio, old calf, 10s 6d 165 

BROWNE (W., of Tavistock) Whole Works 
now first collected, with a Memoir and Notes, b; 
W. C. Hazlitt, facsimiles, 2 vols, crown 4t< 
roxburghc, 14s Eoxburghc Library, 1868-6 

BROWNING (Mrs. E. B.j. Poetical Work 
(Aurora Leigh, Poems before Congress, Las 
Poems, Greek Christian Poets, etc., etc.), portrait 
5 vols. fcap. Svo. cloth, £1. os 188 

The same, new calf gilt, £2. Ss 

Another copy, new morocco super -extra, gil 

edges, £3. 3s 

The same, new half morocco gilt, £1. ISs 

Aurora Leigh, port., post 8vo. cl., 6s 188 

The same, new calf gilt, lis 6d ; or, nex 

morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s 6d 

Sonnets from the Portuguese, illus 

trated by Ludvig Sandoe Ipsen, each pacj 
containing one Sonnet handsomely printed on whit 
vellum paper within a beautiful design, oblon, 
folio, cloth extra, linen-guarded, top edges gilt 
£3. Ss n. a 

Selections from the Poetry of, Both Serie 

Complete, portrait and vignette, 2 vols, post 8vc 

cloth, 12s 6d m 1882- 

The same, new calf extra, each series, Ils6i 

Another copy, new morocco extra, gilt edges 

each series 15s 
New edition, without portrait and vignetti 

2 vols. fcap. Svo. calf extra, lbs ISS 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 18s ; oi 

morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 2s 6d 

(and Robert), Selections from the Poetr; 

of, with steel portraits and vignettes, 4 vols, pos 
Svo. new calf extra, £2. os ; or, beautifully bourn 
in new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 188 
Cheaper edition, without portraits, 4 vols 

fcap. Svo. new calf extra, £1. 10s; or, new morocc 
super-extra, gilt edges, £2. os ISS 

BROWNING (Robert) Poetical Works 
6 vols. 1868, and The Ring and the Book 
FIRST EDITION, 4 vols. 1S6S-9 — together 10 vols 
fcap. Svo. new half morocco extra, marbled edges 
contents lettered, A NICE SET, £3. 106- 1S68- 1 

Poetical Works, beautifully printed m 

toned paper, 6 vols. fcap. Svo. new calf extra 
£2. 12s ISS; 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

or, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges 


12s 6d 

- Earlv 

edition, with portrait, 3 thick vols 
fcap. Svo. morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £2. 186. 

Balaustion*s Adventure : including ; 

transcript from Euripides, fcap. Svo. morocc\ 
extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d u. d 

The Ring and the Book, 4 vols. fcap. Svo 

new calf gilt, £1. 16s; or, new morocco super-extra 
gilt edges, £2. 56- 187' 



BROWNING (Robert), Selections from the 
Works of, both series, 2 vols, post 8vo. cl. , 12,* Od 1883 

Another copy, new calf! gilt, £1. 3s 

The same, new morocco extra, gt. ed., £1. 10s 

New edition, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. new calf gilt, 

gilt edges, 15s 1884 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 18.5 ; or, 

new morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 2s 6d 

BRUCE (Dr. J. Collihg-wood) Account of 
Incised Markings on Stone, found in North- 
umberland, Argyleshire, and elsewhere, from 
drawings made under the direction of Algernon 
Duke of Northumberland in 1863-4, with 32 large 
lithographic plates, atlas folio, half morocco, gilt 
edges, £4. 10s Privately printed, 1869 

BRYANT (Jacob) New System ; or Analysis of 
Ancient Mythology, including a History of 
the most Ancient Nations, with portrait and 41 
plates, 6 vols. 8vo. If. mor. gt. (need set), £2. 2s 1S07 

Another copy, calf antique, red edges, nearly 

new, £2. Ss 

An excellent edition, with the learned Author's Life, Vindi- 
cation of the Apamean Medal, and copious Index. 


BRYANT (William Cull en), an American; 
Poems by, edited by Washington Irving, 
First Edition, post 8vo. brown calf extra, uncut, 
top edges gilt, by the late F. Bedford (FINE copy : 
VERY SCARCE), £3. 3« 1832 

BRYDGBS (SirS. Egef ton) The Anti-Critic 

for August 1821 and March 1822: containing 
Literary, not Political, Criticisms and Opinions, 
8vo., red morocco extra^ gilt edges, by Rividrc (fine 
copy), £1. 18* ' Geneva, 1S22 

One of its author's scarcest works : only 75 copies were 

ClMELlA: seu Exainen Criticnm Librornm, 

ex Diariis Literariis lingua praecipue Gallica, ab 
anno 1665 usque ad annum 1792 scriptis, selectum, 
Svo. roxburghc, uncut (scarce), £2. 10s Geneva,1823 

Of this valuable contribution to Continental Bibliography 
but 75 copies were printed, of which 25 only were sent to 
England. Pp. i-xl\iii consist of Indexes to Sir Egerton's Res 
Literaria? and Polyanthea. 

Desultoria : Comments of a South-Briton 

on Books and Men, with 2 vignettes, post Svo. 
half morocco, gilt edges {scarce, only 100 copies 
privately printed), 9s Od Lee Priory Press, 1815 
The Lake of Geneva, a Poem, Moral and 

Descriptive, in Seven Books, with Notes, Hist 
orical and Biographical, folding facsimile of 
curious view, and portraits, 2 vols, crown 4to. 
LARGE l'A PER, cloth {scarce, only 25 COPIES 
PRINTED), £1. Is Genera, 1S32 

Letters on the Character and Poetical 

Genius of Lord Byron, 1824 ; llecollections of 
Foreign Travel, on Life, Literature, and Self- 
knowledge, 2 vols. 1825; Imaginative Biography, 
2 vols. 1834 — together 5 vols, post 8vo. (nicely 
prink 'I ). calf gilt, gilt edges, £1. 10s 1824-34 

LlBELLUS Gebensis [i.e. Genevan'] : Poemata 

selecta Latina Media" et Infinite .Etatis, fcap. 
8vo. printed on thirl, paper, red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Bedford ; fine ropy (rare : only 37 
copies privately printed), £1. 13*6*7 Gebenis, 1822 

The above is not in Lowndes, nor in Martin's Catalogue 
of Privately Printed Books. The authors contained in it are 
B audi us. Barlaus, Barberirius, Jacomotus, Fayus, Olyphantus, 
Tronchinus, Pictetus, Pontanus, Scaliger, Menagius, Thuanus, 
Dalidus, T. Grayus, T. and H. Strozius. Among the person- 
ages commemorated are Elizabeth, Secretary Cecil, Sir P. 
Sidney, Thomas Lord de Burgh, W. Herbert, the Earl of Pcm- 
. Sir Dudley Carleton, Abp. Whitgift. John Scot, J. 
Selden, John Cecil, Charles Dormer Earl of Carnarvon, T. 
Beza, ;n)'l othi 
See also under BiULioCRAPHY, ante. 

BUCHANAN (Robert) Poetical Works, 
with portrait, post Svo. cloth, 6s 1884 

Annan Water, crown 8vo. cloth, 3s 1884 

Book of Orm, a Prelude to the Epic, post 

Svo. calf gilt, gilt edges, 9s 1870 

Napoleon Fallen, a Lyrical Drama, post 

Svo. cloth, Ss 1871 

BUCHNER (Ludwig") Force and Matter, or 
the Principles of the Natural Order of the Uni- 
verse, portrait, post Svo. cloth, 6s Qd 1884 

BUCKINGHAM (Duke of) AVorks, with fine 
portraits, 10 vols. Svo. cloth, £4. 15s 1853-61 

Contents : — Memoirs of the Court and Cabinet of George 111., 
4 vols.: the Court of England during the Regency, 1811-20, 
2 vols. : the Court of George IV., 1820-30, 2 vols. : the Court 
and Cabinets of William IV. and Victoria, 2 vols. 

BUCKLAND (Frank), Life of, by G. C. 
Bompas, portrait, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s 1886 

BUCKLE (H. T.) Works : History of Civil- 
ization in England, 2 vols.— Miscellaneous 
and Posthumous Works, with Biographical 
Notice by Helen Taylor, 3 vols.— Life and 
Writings, by A. H. Huth— together 7 vols. 
Svo. new tree-calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt, by 
Riviere (very scarce), £8. Ss 1857-80 

History of Civilization in England 

[France, Spain, and Scotland], Large Type Library 
Edition, 2 thick vols. Svo. trec-ccdf extra (SCARCE), 
£2. 18s 1858 

Cheap edition, 3 vols, post Svo. new calf gilt, 

£1. 166- 1885 

Miscellanies and Posthumous Works 

[including his copious Common Place Books], 
edited with Biographical Notice by Helen Taylor, 
3 vols. Svo. tree-calf extra, as good as new 
(scarce), £3. 10s 1872 

New edition, by Grant Allen, 2 vols. 

post Svo. new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £1. 10s 

Life and Writings of, by A. H. Huth, 

portrait, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 12s Od (pub. £1. 12s) 


BUCKLEY (Arabella B.) Short History of 
Natural Science, and of the progress of Dis- 
covery from the time of the Greeks to the present 
day, illustrated, post Svo. new calf gilt, 12s 1876 

BUDDHISM : — The Mahay ansi, the Raj<i- 
Ratnacari and the Raja-Vali, forming the Sacred 
and Historical Books of Ceylon, also a collection 
of Buddhist Tracts, translated from the Singha- 
lese, edited by E. Upham, m.r.a.s., 3 vols. Svo. 
cloth, £1. 6s 6d (pub. £2. 2s) 1833 

BULLEN (A. H.) Carols and Poems from 
the XV. Century to the Present Time {beaut /fully 
printed within red borders), crown Svo. cloth, 4s 


■ The same, new morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, 16s 

England's Helicon, a Collection of Lyrical 

Poems published in 1600, 8vo. printed on hand- 
made paper, Large Paper {only 250 copies so 
done), Svo. half calf gilt, uncut, top edges gilt, 
15s 18S7 

Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Eliza- 

BETHAN Age, Svo. Large Paper {only 250 copies 
printed uniform with the above), half russia, 
uncut, top edges gilt, 15s 1887 

BULLINGER :— The iudgment of the Reuerend 
Father Master Henry Bullinger, Pastor of the 
Church of Zurick, in certeyne matters of 
Religion, 12mo. tilarfc ?lrttfl\ half bound, fine 
copy, VERY RARE, £1. 5s 1566 



BURNET (Gilbert, Bishop of Swrum) History of the Reformation, with 22 highly finished 

-portraits, 6 vols.; also History of His Own Time, with, the suppressed passages and 

Notes by Lords Dartmouth and Hardwicke, and Speaker Onslow ; also the Remarks of 

Swift, G vols., together 12 vols, super-royal 8vo. large paper, dark blue morocco extra, 

gilt edges, in beautiful condition, very scarce, £28. 10-5 Oxford, 181G-23 

Only fifty copies were printed on large paper. Williams's copy sold for £.31. 9s. 

This excellent edition contains the Collection of Records, Letters, and Original Papers, from which 

the history Mas compiled. 

BULWER (Sir Henry Lytton, Lord Balling) 
Historical Characters: Mackintosh, Canning, 
Talleyrand, Cobbett, and Peel, post Svo. new calf 
(jilt, 10s: or, new calf extra, gilt edges, 12s 1876 

BUNSEN (Dr. C. O. J. von) Hippolytus and 
his Age ; or, the Beginnings and Prospects or 
Christianity ; second edition, portrait, 2 vols. 
Svo. cloth, £1. Is 18,34 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £1. 8s 

BUNYAN (J.) Works complete, with Intro- 
ductions, Notes, and Life hy G. Offor, portraits 
and numerous .steel plates, including Stothard's 
scries to the "Pilgrim's Progress,'" 3 large vols, 
impl. Svo. morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1858 

Another copy, half calf gilt, £1. 5s (pub. 

£2. 145) 1860 

The first complete edition, carefully collated and printed 

from the Author's own editions. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, Second Part, 

BUNYAN (J.) The Pilgrim's Progress, 
Golden Treasury Edition, 16mo. new calf 
antique, Is 1877 

— ■ The Pilgrim's Progress, a Serifs of 

29 finely executed and spirited Outline 
Drawings illustrative of, by H. C. Selous, 
carefully laid down on cardboard mounts, royal 
folio, in portfolio, £2. 5s n. d. 

[Fowler (E., Bp. of Gloucester)'] Dirt 

Early and Hare (Nineteenth) Edition, with 
curious woodcuts, 12mo. prettily bound in olire 
•morocco gilt, blind-tooled, yellow edges, as good as 
new, 18s 6d 1751 

The early editions of Bunyan are of considerable rarity. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, curious old edition 

(the 58th), with rude woodcuts, thick 12mo. old 
calf, Is 6rf 1782 

The Pilgrim's Progress : accurately 

printed from the First Edition ; with Notices 
of all the subsequent Additions and Alterations 
made by the Author : edited for the Hanserd 
Knollys Society, with Introduction hy G. Offor, 
quaint old woodcuts, Svo. el Ah, 8s Qd 1847 

The Pilgrim's Progress, with Memoir 

and Notes by G. Offor, elegantly printed on 
thick toned paper, with 110 icood engravings by 
Balziel after J. B. Watson, crown 4to. calf 
antique, red edges, 12s 1879 

The same, new morocco antique super-extra, 

£1. 155 

Another edition, new morocco antique extra. 

£1. 8s 1S61 

The Pilgrim's Progress, with Life hy P. 

Southey, portrait and several choice engravings, 
Svo. calf antique, with MS. notes on, 
145 6d Major, 1830 

The Pilgrim's Progress, Illustrated 

Edition, with 100 designs by F. Barnard and 
others, engraved by Dalziel, 4to. morocco super- 
extra, bevelled boards, gilt edges, £2. 15s 1S80 
The Pilgrim's Progress, in fine large 

WlP'T OFF : or, A manifest Discovery of the gross 
Ignorance, Erroneousness and most Unchristian 
and wicked Spirit of one John Bunyan, Lay- 
Preacher in Bedford, which he hath shewed in a 
Vile Pamphlet Publish't by him, against the 
Design of Christianity, -mail 4to. half bound, 
very rare and curious, £1. Is 1672 

BUNTING (Dr.), Life of, hv his Son, portrait, 
Svo. cloth, 4.v 6d (pub. 10s 6d) 1887 

BURBIDGB (F. W.) Cool Orchids, and how 
to grow them, post Svo. cloth, 3s 6d 1874 

BUKCKHARDT (J. L.) Travels in Arabia, 
including an account of those Territories in Hed- 
jaz which the Mohammedans regard as Sacred, 
map and plans, 2 vols. Svo. half russia gilt, nearly 
new, scarce, £1. 10s 1829 

BURGHLEY (William Cecil, Lord), Life 
of, with those of his Successors, description of 
Burghley House, with guide to the Works of Art 
therein, etc. etc., by the Rev. W. H. Charlton, 
fine portraits aval vices on India Paper, royal 
Svo. cloth, 10s 6d Stamford, 1847 

BURKE (Right Hon. Edmund) Works, 
including his Speeches and Correspondence, 
edited by Earl Eitzwilliam and Sir R. Bourke, 
fine Library Edition, with beautiful portrait 
and facsimiles, 8 vols. Svo. new half calf extra, 
FINE set, £8. 10s Rivingtons, 1S52 

This is the last and best edition, containing the whole of the 
matter contained in the previous edition in 20 vols. 


Works Complete ; carefully revised and 

collated with the latest editions, with engraved 
portrait after Sir Joshua Reynolds on India 
paper, 12 vols. Svo. cloth, £5. 5s 1S87 

The same, new half morocco extra, £7. 10s 

- Another copy, /tew calf extra, £8. 8s 
Also, new tree-calf gut, marbled edges, £9. 

or, new tree-calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt, by 
Riviere, £10. 

Works, with his Speeches on the Impeach- 

antique type ; with Stothard's series of 16 beautiful 
designs in permanent photography, thick Svo. 
roxburghe, 8s 1SS2 

The same, new morocco extra, antique style, 

gilt edges, £1. 4s 

The Pilgrim's Progress, with Preface by 

Canon Kingsley, illustrated by Bennett, crown 
4to. cloth, red edges, 8s Qd n. d. 
The Pilgrim's Progress, cheap illust- 
rated EDITION, 4to. cloth, red edges, 6s n. d. 

ment of Warren Hastings, and a Memoir by 
Sir James Prior, 9 vols, post Svo. new half calf 
gilt, £2. 10s 18S3 

Another edition, 6 vols, crown Svo. hedf 

roan, £1. 2s 1876 

- The same, ncic half calf gilt, £1. 13s 1883 
The same, new calf gilt, £2. os; or, new tree- 

calf extra, £2. 12s Qd 

Correspondence, 1744-1797, edited by Earl 

Eitzwilliam and Sir R. Bourke, j^ortrait, 4 vols 
Svo. cloth, 8s Qd 1S44 




BURNET (John) Treatise ox Paixtixg, in Four Parts: the Education of the Eye, and 
Practical Hints on Composition, Chiaroscuro, and Colour, illustrated with 130 etchixgs 
from celebrated pictures of the Italian, Venetian, Flemish, Dutch, and English Schools, also 
u'oodcuts, thick medium 4to. half mor., uncut, top edges gilt, £3. 3s (pub. £4. 10s) 1880 
The folloiving large paper parts may be had separately, in half cloth : 
Ox Colour ix Paixtixg, with the plates on India Paper, and duplicates of each 
printed in colours, £1. 10s 

Ox the Educatiox of the Eye, Ixdia proofs, 15s 
Ox Light axd Shade, Ixdia proofs, 15s 
The complete work on large paper, the plates on INDIA paper, ROYAL 4TO. (oxly 100 copies 
PRIXTED), originally pub. at £8. Ss, now £5. 5s. 

"The preliminary difficulties of drawing can scarcely be overcome without the assistance of a master, 
but in his absence the student may obtain useful help from books. He should thoroughly master and 
remember Burxet's ' Essay on theEducation of the Eye,' which is most concise, and contains nothing 
doubtful or disputable."— P. G. Hamertox, in Ency. Brit. (" Art Drawing "), 1877. 

BURKE (Right Hon. Edmund) Wisdom of •. 
Extracts from his Speeches and Writings, selected 
by E. A. Paxkhurst, post Svo. cloth, 5s 1886 

Life of ; with Sketch of his Contemporaries, 

by R. BlSSET, 2 vols. Svo. grained calf, 5s 1800 
ax illustrated copy. 

Memoir of the Political Life of, with 

Extracts from his Writings, by the Rev. Dr. 
vols, post Svo. hf. red mor. at. , top ed. gt. , £2. 2s 1840 

BURKE (S. Hubert) Historical Portraits 
of the Tudor Dyxasty and the Reformatiox 
Period, 3 vols. Svo. cl., 18s (pub. £2. 5s) 1880-3 

BURN (J. S.) Antiquarian Works: History 
of Parish Registers, 1829— History of the Fleet 
Marriages, 1834 — Account of the Fleet Prison, 
1S43 — Livre des Anglois a Geneve, 1831 — in one 
vol. Svo. calf gilt, £1. 12s 6d 1829-43 


The Fleet Registers, comprising the Hist- 
ory of the Fleet Marriages, and some account of 
the Parsons and Marriage-House Keepers, with 
Extracts from the Registers, and about 70 PAGES 
of curious and interesting extracts from the St. 
Paul's Cathedral, St. Gregory by St. Paul's and 
other Parish Registers, and Notes, in the clear 
handwriting of the Rev. R. H. Barham, and 
his inscription to Sir C. Young- Carter, Svo. 
half calf neat, £3. 3s 1833 

BURN (R. Scott) Practical Directory for 
the Improvement of Laxded Property, Rural 
and Suburban, and the Economic Cultivation of 
its Farms, 77 plates and n umerous woodcuts, 2 vols, 
row 4to. cl.. £1. Is (pub. £3. 3s) Edinburgh, 1882 

BURNABY (Col. Fred) Ox Horseback 
through Asia Mixor, with portrait and maps, 
2 vols. Svo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1, 18s) 1877 

BURNET (Bp.) History of the Reformatiox 
of the Church of England, with the Collection of 
original Records, 22 ]JO)'traits and frontispiece, 
vols. Svo. half calf gilt, 16s 6d 1820 

Another copy, calf gilt, £1. 8s 

History of the Reformatiox, with Collec- 

lioii of Records, and the Suppressed Passages, 
HEW EDITION, carefully revised by the KEV. 

Nicholas Pocock, 7 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 4s 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1865 

The same, new tree-calf extra, £3. 8s 

Another edition ; portrait, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. 

calf gilt (nice copy), £1. 10s 1850 

Exposition of the XXXIX Articles, 


BURNET (J.) Treatise ox Paixtixg, in four 
parts, viz. : Education of the Eye, and Practical 
Hints on Composition, Chiaroscuro, and Colour, 
with 130 Etchings from Pictures of the Italian, 
Venetian, Flemish, Dutch and English Schools, 
Ixdia PROOFS {including the duplicate COLOURED 
plates), and fine port., roy. 4to. large paper, 
mor.,gt. ed. {only 50 copies so printed), £6. 10s 1837 

Laxdscape Paixtixg in Oil Colours ; 

the Theory and Practice of, illustrated with 
7i umerous finch/ engraved examples from the several 
schools, 4to. cloth, 18s 6d 1849 

BURNS (R.) Complete Works, in Verse and 
Prose, Best Collective Library Editiox, the 
Pieces (including some hitherto unpublished) 
arranged in chronological order, with the Poet's 
Autobiography, and Biography and Notes by the 
Editor, W. SCOTT Douglas, with portrait and 
vignettes on steel, map coal facsimiles, 6 vols, 
royal Svo. cloth, £1. 15s Edinburgh, 1877-9 

The same, new calf gilt, £4. 10s 

Another copy, new crushed morocco elegant, 

gilt edges, £8. 8s 

The same, OX LARGE PAPER, with fine im 

edited by the Rev. J. R. Page, Svo. cloth, 3s n. d. 

pressions of the plates on Ixdia paper, 6 vols, 
impl. Svo. cloth, uncut, £3. 3s (pub. £8. 8s) 
Another large paper copy, with dupli- 
cate impressioxs of the PLATES IX TWO 
STATES, bound in calf super-extra, uncut, top> 
edges gilt ; A VERY FIXE SET, £13. 13s 

The above edition of Burns's Works, published by Mr. 
Paterson of Edinburgh, is by far the best which has yet appeared. 
" Without being unfair to previous collections, we cannot recall 
any which can for a moment be compared in magnificence to 
this. It is, if we may say so, the completest of the many 
' complete editions ' of the Poet's works " — Times. 

The same, Cheap Editiox, on smaller and 

thinner paper, but the text unaltered or abridged ; 
6 vols. Svo. new cedf gilt, £4. 4s 1883 

Poetical Works, edited by the same, with 

portrait and 17 fine steel-engravings, 3 vols, royal 
Svo. cloth gilt, £1. 4s (pub. £2. 5s) Edinburgh, 1886 

Poems, chieily in the Scottish Dialect, Songs, 

Edinburgh Poems, and Posthumous Poems ; Ke- 

OTHER EDITIONS, with portrait, 4 vols. Svo. old- 
fashioned boards, uncut, £1. lis (id 

Kilmarnock, McKie, 1867-9 
Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, impl. 

Svo. large PAPER, boards, £1. Is 

Kilmarnock, 1786 (McKic's Reprint, 1867) 

But 50 copies were printed of the above, with the same types, 
and in exact facsimile of the excessively rare original. 

BURNS (R.) Poetical Works, with Notes, 
Glossaries, and Index, portrait and frontispieces, 
3 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 5s Edinburgh, n. d. 

The same, new calf gilt, top edges gilt, 15s 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas, and additional 
Copyright Pieces, portrait, 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. 
polished morocco, gilt edges, £1. 16s 1878 

Poetical Works (Chandos Poets'), with 

Memoir and Notes, portrait and illustrations, 
square post 8vo. new calf gilt, lis n. d. 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s ; or, 

new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s Qd 

Poetical Works and Correspondence 

complete, with Life by Allan Cunningham, 
Notes by various Authors, and Glossary, portrait, 
vignette, and facsimiles, roy. 8vo. cl., 7s Qd 1840 

Poems and Songs, "Edina Edition," with 

illustrations by W. H. Paton, M'Whirter, and 
other Scottish Artists, crown 4to. cloth gilt, gilt 
edges, 10s Qd 1875 

The same, new morocco super-extra, gUt 

edges, £1. 10s 

Poems, Songs and Letters, Globe Edition, 

edited, with Glossary and Memoir, by Alex. 
Smith, crown 8vo. new calf gilt, Is Qd 1875 

The same, new half morocco, gilt edges, 

6s 1881 

Another copy, new morocco super -extra, gilt 

edges, 12s Qd 

- Poetical Works, Lansdowne edition, illus- 


BURTON (Robert) Anatomy of Melancholy, 
new edition, thick 8vo. new calf gilt, \2s6d u. d. 

BURTON (Robert, i.e. 'Nat. Crouch) 
History of the Lives of those famous English 
Divines that were most zealous in promoting the 
Reformation, rude woodcut portraits, 12mo. half 
calf, 8s N. Crouch, 1709 
Unparallel'd Varieties : or the Match- 

t rated, crown 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges, 6s n. d. 
Poetical Works, Macmillan's Elegant- 
ly Printed Edition, edited from the best 
authorities, with Memoir and Glossary, by Alex. 
Smith, portrait and vignette, 2 vols, post 8vo. 
cloth, 8s 1883 

The same, new mor. extra, gt. edges, £1. 4s 

Poetical Works, edited, with critical 

Memoir by W. M. Rossetti, illustrated by J. M. 
Smith, post 8vo. new calf extra, 6s; or, neiomor., 
gilt edges, 9s n. d. 

Poetical Works, with Life, edited by the 

Rev. R. A. Willmott, illustrated by Sir J. 
Gilbert, crown 8vo. new calf gilt, 8s n. d. 

The same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, 

10s Qd 
Songs, complete, the Text carefully revised 

from original sources, 12mo. new calf gilt, 8s 1864 
Tam O'Shanter, a Tale in Verse, with 

coloured illustrations by G. CRUIKSHANK, 4to. 

cloth, 15s 1884 
Life and Works, edited and chronologically 

arranged by Robert Chambers, 4 vols. 8vo. new 

calf gilt, £1. 15s 1880 
Another edition, 4 vols. fcp. 8vo. in 2, half 

bound, 6s 1860 

BURTIN (P.-X. de) The Knowledge Necessary 

to Amateurs in Pictures, translated and 

abridged by R. White, several plates on India 

paper, Svo. cloth, 6s Qd (pub. 12s) 1845 

BURTON (Richard) The Wars in England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, during the Reign of Charles 
I., with his Tryal and Execution, Fourth Edition, 
curious copperplates, 18mo. half calf (a few leaves 
slightly torn), SCARCE, 10s Qd 1683 

BURTON (T.) Diary Avhile Member in the Par- 
liaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, 
from 1656 to 1659, with account of the Parliament 
of 1654, by G. Goddard, M.P., both now first pub- 
lished and edited with Notes, etc. by J. T. Rutt, 
frontispiece, 4 vols. Svo. cloth, 16s Qd 1828 

less Actions and Passions of Mankind, displayed 
in near Four Hundred notable Instances and 
examples ; fourth edition, with quaint rude wood 
cuts, 12mo. half cedf, 8s A. Bcttesworth, 1728 

Female Excellency ; or the Ladies' Glory : 

illustrated in the Lives and memorable Actions "of 
nine Famous Women, the whole adorned with 
Poems and the Picture of each Lady, quaint wood- 
cuts, 12mo. calf, 18s ibidem, 1728 

In the Grenville Collection in the British Museum is a series 
(amounting to 44 vols.) of these once-popular compilations, 
published (and supposed to have been written) by Nathaniel 
Crouch. Dr. Johnson, in a letter to C Dilly, the bookseller, 
entreats that they should be procured for him, for they seem very 
proper (he goes on to say) to allure backward readers ! — See 
ALlibone's Dictionary of Literature. 

BURY (Richard de, Eveque de Durham) Philo- 
biblion, excellent Traite sur 1' Amour des Livres, 
traduit pour la premiere fois en francais, et pre- 
cede d'une introduction, etc., par Hippolyte 
COCHERIS, post Svo. half morocco gilt, top edges 
gilt {only 500 copies printed), 18s Qd Paris, 1856 

BUSCH (Dr. M.) Bismarck in the Franco- 
German War, 1870-1, 2 vols, crown Svo. half 
morocco, £1. Is 1879 

BUSS (R. W., Artist) Correspondence with 
Mr. Mayer : about 100 Autograph Letters 
and over 70 Engravings from the works of C. 
Dickens and others, loose in boards; A very 


Dickens, etc., £12. 12s v. y. 

BUTLER (Rev. Alban) Lives of the Primitive 

Fathers, Martyrs, and other principal Saints ; 

third edition, with Life of the Author by C. 

Butler, portrait, etc., 12 vols. Svo. half calf, 

£2. 10s Edinburgh, 1798 
Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and other 

principal Saints, woodcuts, 12 vols. 24mo. cloth, 

£1. 5s n. d. 

BUTLER (Bishop) W^orks, with Account of 
the Character and Writings of the Author by 
Bishop Halifax, 2 vols. 8vo. new calf antique, red 
edges, £1. Is 1874 

Analogy of Religion, Natural and Re- 

vealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, 
with Analytical Index by Bishop Steere, printed 
in antique type by Whittingham, 8vo. cloth, 4s Qd 
(pub. 9s) 1873 

The same, new tree-calf gilt, by Riviere, 13s ; 

or, new morocco, gilt edges, 15s 
Analogy, with account of the Character and 

Writings of the Author by Bp. Halifax, 8vo. new 

calf gilt, Qs 1845 
Analogy, with two Dissertations and 15 

Sermons, post Svo. cloth, 3s 1S86 

BUTLER (Sam.) Hudibras, the three parts 

complete, with portrait and plates by HOGARTH ; 

fcap. Svo. new panelled calf gilt, £1. 4s 1732 
Hudibras; with Notes bv Dr. Grey and 

others, Life, etc., 12 coloured plates, 2 vols. Svo. 
boards, uncut (scarce), £1. 8s Qd T. McLean, 1819 

Hudibras, with Notes by Dr. T. Nash, 

and 60 highly finished portraits of celebrated 
Political and Literary Characters and Impostors, 
2 vols. 8vo. scored calf gilt, £1. Is 1835 


BUTLER (Sara.) Hudibras, with large Anno- 
tations by Dr. Z. GREY, and Copious Index, 
Baldwin's Fine Edition, in large tape, with 
portraits aud numerous beautiful woodcuts, 3 vols. 
Svo. calf extra, £2. 2s 1819 

The same. LARGE paper, with the 60 extra 

plates, on India paper, 3 vols, royal Svo. calf gilt 
{binding broken), £4. 4* 

The same, A copy of the very limited 

AND RARE LARGE PAPER ISSUE, with the beautiful 

vignettes on India paper; additionally illus- 

engraved by Cooper, INDIA proofs, also on large 
paper, inserted, 3 vols. Baldwyn, 1810 — Butler's 
Genuine Poetical Remains, edited byR Thyer. 
portrait and plates, on india paper, Booker, 
1827 — together 4 vols, royal 4to. Largest Paper; 
///. morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £16. 16s 1S19-27 

Only 25 copies of this excellent and beautiful edition were 
published on the largest paper as above. The additional 
Portraits alone cost £.-. las. 

Hudibras. with Life and copious Notes by 

Tin. TREADWAY Nash {splendidly printed in 
large type), with numerous large and fine engrav- 
ings by Hogarth, fine portraits of Author and 
Editor, and many vignettes, 3 vols. 4to. dark blue 
smooth morocco, gilt edges, by Kedthocber (very 
fine copy), £8. 105 1793 

Scarce: only 200 copies printed. 

Hudibras, with Variorum Notes selected 

principally from Grey and Nash, edited by H. G. 
Bohn. portrait and engravings, post Svo. calf gilt. 
9s 1S77 

Another copy, with 62 additional portraits, 

half morocco gilt. 12s 

Hudibras, with 62 portraits, 2 vols, post Svo. 

cloth, Is (id n. d. 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

Illustrations, and Vignettes to Baldwyris edition, 
choice India proofs, mounted on tinted paper, 
and bound m a folio volume, brown calf extra, 
gilt edges, bn C. Smith tMr. Beckford's copy;. 
£5. 15* 1819 

BUTLER i.Rev. W. Archer) Sermons, edited, 
with Memoir, by Dean Woodward, ninth edition, 
portrait. 2 vols. Svo. calf antique, red edges, £1. -is 


BYRNE (J.) General Principles of the Structure 
oi LANGUAGE, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 8s Gd 1SS5 

[BYRNE (Mrs. W. Pitti] Feudal Castles of 

F"RAN< i. (Western Provinces), by the Author of 
'■ Flemish Interiors." with sketches by the Author, 
Svo. half calf gilt, 7s 6d 1S69 

BYRON (Lord.) Works, complete, including his 
Poem-. Letters, Journals, and Life by Thomas 
MOORE, and all the Variorum Note-, portraits 
and b< dutiful i ngravings byFinden,from drawing* 
&y Turner, Stanfield, etc, 17 vols. fcap. 8vo. 
cloth, uncut, £2. 2s 1S32-3 

The same, morocco elegant, gilt edges, £4. 10* 

& CO., 130, STRAND. 

BYRON (Lord) Works, later edition, wiih the 
plates. 16 vols. fcap. Svo. new calf gilt. £5. 10* 


The same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, £S. 8* 

The same, but without the Life, Letter-. 

and Journals, 10 vols. fcap. Svo. new half calf gilt, 
£'2. 5s; or new half morocco elegant, gilt edges, 
£3. 1879 

The same, new tree-calf gilt, £3. 10* 

Another copy, new polished morocco, £4. As ; 

Memoir by the Rev. J. Mitford, portrait. 2 vols, 
fcap. Svo. new calf extra, gilt edges, £1. 1* 1SS0 

The same, new morocco elegant, gilt edges, 

£1. 10* 1S66 

Poetical Works, edited with Memoir by 

R. Bell, well printed handy edition, 3 vols. fcp. 
Svo. morocco neat, gilt edges, 16* 1S62 

Genuine Remains in Prose and Verse, with 

Notes by R. Thyer, portraits of Butler and 
Thyer added. 2 vols. Svo. calf gilt, red edges, 
18* Gd 1759 

Plates to Hudibras : A set of the Portraits, 

or. new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £4. 15* and 
£5. 5* 

Poetical Works, new Library Edition, 

in large type, with fine portrait, 6 vols. Svo. new 
calf gilt, £3. 13* Gd ; or, new tree-calf extra, by 
Riviere, t'4. 1S79 

Another copy, new morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, contents lettered, £5. 10* 

Another Edition, complete in one volume, 

■with notes by Scott, Moore, Campbell, and others. 
portrait and illustrations, royal Svo. cloth, 5*1S76 

The same, m w calf gilt, 14* ; or, new morocco 

elegant, gilt edges, £1.*2* Gd 1883 

The same, with Life, 2 vols, royal Svo. neto 

calf extra, €1. is 1873 

Another edition, with plates, royal Svo. cloth, 

4* Edinb., n. d. 

Poetical Works, with upwards of 200 

woodcuts after Birket Foster, Kenny Mead 

H. K. Browne, etc., impl. Svo. cloth extra, gilt 

>. 8* Gd a. d. 

Old Octavo edition, 8 vols. Svo. half 

morocco, £2. 5* 1839 

Another edition, 10 vols. 12mo. c7.,£l. 5* 1S79 

Handy-Volume Edition, 12 vols. i6mo. 

cloth, in case, 16* n. d. 
Another edition, edited by W. B. Scott, 

3 vols, post Svo. cloth, Is M 1886 

Poems [Chandos Edition), reprinted from 

the original Editions, with Explanatory Notes. 
portrait and original illustrations, square crown 
Svo. new calf gilt, 11* n. d. 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14*; or, 

norocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16* 6d 

Lansdowne Edition, with portrait and 

illustrations, post Svo. in"- morocco elegant, gilt 
edges, 10* Gd n. d. 

Poetical Works complete. Murray's Pearl 

Edition, crown Svo. new calf gilt, Is Gd ; or, new 
morocco extra, gilt edges, 10* Gil />. d. 

Another edition, with Memoir by W. Bell 

Scott, ill 'ust rated, square crown Svo. nt w calf 
extra, gilt edges, 12s n. a. 

Poetical Works, edited, with Memoir, by 

W. M. Rossetti. illustrated by F. M. Brown, post 
Svo. new morocco, gilt edges, 9* Gd n. d. 

early edition- : 
Poetical Works, first collected edi- 
tion, 5 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, nia copy, 12* 1821-3 
English Bards and Scotch Reviewer-. 

third edition, with marginal notes, neatly written 
ami copied from Byron's own annotations, post 
Svo. old half morocco [scara I, 10* Gd 1S10 

Hours of Idleness, a Series of Poeni>. 

original and translated, fine large type edition, 
withfrontispi ce, posl Bvo. half calf , 5* Gd 1820 
The Deformed Transformed; a Drama. 

FntST Edition, post Svo. redmorocco gilt, G* Gd 

J. and II. Leigh Hunt, 1824 




BYZANTINE HISTORIC SCRIPTORUM CORPUS : editio emendatior et copiosior, opera 
B. G. Niebuhrii, Imm. Bekkeri, L. Schopeni, G. ot L. Dindorfii aliorumque parata, 
47 vols. 8vo. beautifully hound in dark red morocco extra, gold-tooled, uncut, top edges gilt, 
contents lettered, £35. Bonno3, 1828-55 

Contents : 

Joannis Cantacuzeni Historiarum libri IV., 3 vols. 
Nicetas Choniata. 

Cedreni Compendium Historiarum, 2 vols. 
Theophylacti Simocattae Historiarum libri VIII. — 

Codinus de Officiis et Officialibus curiae et ecclesiae 

Ducae Historia Byzantina 
Laonici Chalcocondylae Historiarum libri X 
Annas Comnenae Alexias 
Constant. Manasses. — G. Acropolita 
Leo Diaconus — Theodosius Acroases 
Constantinus Porphyrogenitus, 3 vols. 
Geo. Syncellus et Nicephorus, 2 vols. 
Dexippus, Eunapius, etc. 
Jo. Malalas — Procopius, 3 vols. 
Jo. Cinnamus — Nicephorus Bryennius 

Merobaudes et Corippus 

Jo. Lydus, 2 vols. — Zosimus Paulus Silentiarius, etc. 

Geo. Phrantzes Cananus, etc. 

Theophanes — Anastasius, 2 vols. 

Ephraemius — Zonaras, 2 vols. 

Leo Grammat. : — Eustathius 

Historia Politica 

Condinus de Antiquitatibus Constantinopolitanis 

Theophanis Chronographia 

Agathias de Imperio et Rebus Gestis Justi- 

Glyco? Annales 

Georgii Pachymeris Historia, 2 vols. 
Historiae Byzantina 1 Scriptores post Theoplianem 
Chronicon Paschale, 2 vols. 
Nicephori Gregorae Byzantina Historia, 2 vols. 
Georgius Phrantzes, etc. 

BYRON (Lord), Selections from the Poetry 
of, chosen and arranged by Matthew Arnold, 
fcap. 8vo. new calf neat, Is 6d 1885 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 9s ; or, 

morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d 

A Large Paper copy, 8vo. beautifully 

bound in crimson morocco extra, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £1. 10s 1881 

Selection from the Works of, edited bv 

A. C. Swinburne, 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, 
Ss 6d ; or, morocco extra, gilt edges, 10s 1866 

Life of, with his Letters and Journals, by 

Thomas Moore, frontispieces and vignettes by 
Turner and Stanfield, 6 vols. fcap. 8vo. calf 
extra, nearly new, £1. 12s 6d 1854 

Life and Letters, royal 8vo. new morocco 

extra, gilt edges, 18s 1873 

•Finden 5 s Landscape and Portrait Illust- 

rations to the Life and Works of Lord Byron, 
with 126 highly finished plates, in 24 parts ; and 
the Appendixes to the same containing Accounts 
of the Subjects of the plates, etc. etc., by W. 
Brockedon, with frontispiece and vignettes; 
together 27 parts, square royal 8vo. sewn, as 
published {scarce), £2. 5s (pub. £3. 19s) 1833-4 
Another copy, bound in 3 vols, grained 

purple calf extra, marbled edges (in nice condi- 
tion), £2. 2s 

These beautiful and interesting engravings are from draw- 
ings by Turner, Stanfield, Roberts, Harding, Cattermole, 
Callcott, Copley Fielding, Prout, and others. 

Illustrations to Childe Harold, by 

W. and E. Finden : an Original Proof Set 
of these 61 exquisite steel-engravings, most beau- 
tiful impressions on India Paper, remarkably 
free from spots {except as to the portrait of Byron), 
in original half morocco portfolio, royal folio 
size, £6. 6s (1841) 

TSAR'S Commentaries on the Gallic and 
Civil Wars, post 8vo. cloth, 4s 1851 

C ALDER (A.) For Happiness, 8vo. cloth, 3s 
(pub. 7s Gdj 1886 

CALENDARS of State Papers : see Public- 
ations of Learned Societies, etc., post. 

CABALA, sive Scrinia Sacra : Mysteries of 
State and Government, in Letters of Illust- 
rious Persons and Ministers, Foreign and 
Domestic, in the Reigns of Henry VIII , 
Elizabeth, James I. and Charles I. ; best edi- 
tion, with a second collection of original letters, 
brilliant frontispiece containing portraits of 
Queen Elizabeth, Burleigh and Walsingham, 


super-extra, gilt edges, ivith Mr. Hartley's 
bookplate, £5. 1691 

CALLCOTT (Sir A. W., R.a.) Italian and 
English Landscapes, 26 large plates, litho- 
graphed by T. C. Dibdin {foxed), impl. folio, half 
morocco, 15s (pub. £4. 4s) Graves, 1847 

interesting collection of sir a. w. callcott's 
drawings : 

The Seven Ages of Shakespeare Illust- 
rated, 4to. Holloway, 1850, accompanied by a 
duplicate set of 5 of the engravings, INDIA 
PROOFS before letters, also 2 other India 
proofs, the Original Sketches for the ' ' Witches 
in Macbeth," and also those for " The Justice" 
in a 4to. vol. cloth, ivith the book-label of W. H. 
Callcott, £3. 3s 

C ALTON (R. B.) Annals and Legends of Calais, 
etc., with frontispiece and vignette, post 8vo. 
cloth, Is 6d 1852 

CALVERLEY (C. S., bom Blayds) Poetical 
Works : Verses and Fly Leaves, Translations, 
and Theocritus ; 3 vols, crown 8vo. calf gilt, 
£1. 12s 1883-5 

Theocritus, translated into English Verse, 

" post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1883 

Translations into English and Latin, post 

, 8vo. cloth, 6s 1885 

Verses and Translations, post Svo. 

cloth, 4s 1886 

CAMOENS (L. de) The Lusiads, translated 
by J. J. Aubertin, 2 vols, crown 8vo. cloth, 
9s 6d 1884 

Lusiads, translated by Sir Richard and 

Isabel Lady Burton, 6 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 
£1. 15s 1880-4 



CAMBRIDGE:— Alma Mater, or Seven Years 
at the University, by a Trinity Man. facsimile 
anil music, 2 vols! post Svo. in 1, calf gilt, scarce, 
£1. Is 1S27 | 

This work was written by J. M. Wright, of Trinity, and is 
believed to have been suppressed at the instance of the author- 

CAMBRIDGE Senate House Problems and 
Riders, for 1S7S ; Solutions by J. AY. L. Glai- 
sher, J. Prior, X. M. Ferrers, and others, Svo. 
cloth, 9s 6d 1879 

CAMDEN SOCIETY :— Catholicon Angli- 
CUM, an English- Latin Wordbook (14S3), with 
Introduction, etc., by S. J. H. Heritage, etc., 
crown 4to. cloth, 10s 6d 1882 

See under Publications of Learned 

Societies, post, for a set of the Camden Society's 
Publication >. 

CAMPAN (Mme.) The Private Life of Queen 
Marie Antoinette, with Sketches and Anec- 
dotes of the Courts of Louis XI Y., XY., and 
XVI. , revised edition, with 16 steel plates, 2 vols. 
Svo. new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £1. 10s 18S3 

New edition, port., cr. Svo. new cl., bs 1887 

CAMPANELLA (Canon Giuseppe M. ) 
Life in the Cloister, in the Papal Court, and 
in Exile, portraits, Svo. cloth, os Qd 1S77 

CAMPANOLOGY :— Ellacombe (Rev. H. T.) 
The Church Bells of Gloucestershire [read 
by its late venerable author in 1S77], to which is 
added a Budget of Bell Matters of General 
Interest, plates and woodcuts, 4to. sewn, very 
scarce, £3. 5* Exeter, 1SS1 

[CAMPBELL («J. P., of Islcnj)] Life in 
Normandy : Sketches of French Fishing, Farm- 
ing, Cooking, Natural History, and Politics, 
drawn from nature, with plates, 2 vols, post Svo. 
half morocco, top cd. gt., Vis 6d Edinburgh, 1S63 

My Circular Notes •. Extracts from 

Journals, Letters, etc.. written while travelling 
round the -world, numerous illustrations, 2 vols, 
in one, thick crown Svo. calf gilt, 10* 6d 1S76 

CAMPBELL (John Lord) Lives of the 
Chief Justices of England from the Norman 
Conquest, and of the Lord Chancellors and 
Keepers of the Great Seal of England from the 
earliest times : together 1 1 vols. Svo. Large 
Type Library Editions ; new brown calf super- 
extra, gt. cd.: A FINE SET (SCARCE), £11. lis 1846-69 

The same, Cabinet Edition, 14 vols, post 

Svo. half calf gilt, £4. is 1S74 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £6. 12s Qd ; or, 

new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £7. 10s 1S6S-74 

Lives of the Chief Justices of England, 

from the Norman Conquest to Lord Tenterden's 
Death (1S32), 3 voLs. Svo. cloth, scarce, £2. 2s 


Another copy, calf extra, £2. 15s 

The same, Cabinet Edition, 4 vols, post Svo. 

cloth, £1. 1874 

Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers 

of the Great Seal of England from the earliest 
times, 10 vols, post Svo. bright hf cf. gt., 
£2. 2s 1856 

The same, fifth edition, cloth, £2. 10s 1868 

Another copy, new half calf gUt, £3. 15s 

The same, new calf gilt, £4. 15s ; or, new 

panelled calf extra, £5. os 

Life, consisting of a Selection from his 

Autobiography, Diary and Letters; edited 
by his Daughter the Hon. Mrs. Hardoastle, 
portrait, 2 vol* Svo. new Wee-calf gilt, £1. -is 1581 

CO., 136, STRAND. 

CAMPBELL (T.) Poetical Works, complete, 
with Notes, elegantly printed, and embellished 
with exguisitt tngravings by Turner and numer- 
ous beautiful vignettes by Harvey, Svo. new 
polished Levant mor., uncut, t. c. g., £2. 10s 1S4S 
The tirst edition with Harvey's beautiful woodcuts. 

Another edition of the same, with portrait 

and 37 woodcuts by Harvey, post Svo. morocco 
extra, gilt edges, 12s 6d n. d. 

Poetical Works, with Notes and Bio- 
graphical Sketch by the Rev. W. A. Hill, with 
portrait, and 20 vignettes, from designs by Turner, 
crown Svo. new morocco extra, gt. ed., £1. 4s 1S68 
Another copy, beautifully bound in polished 

olive Levant morocco extra, richly tooled on bad: 
and. sides, with foliated designs, and broad -inside 
borders of gold, gilt edges, £2. 2s 

Another edition, by the Rev. W. A. Hill, 

with Life by W. Allingham, portrait, fcap. Svo. 
■ calf gilt, Ss fid 1875 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

Memoir, port. , fcap. Svo. new cf. gt., Ss 6d 1S75 
The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 10s; or, 

/<<_<'• morocco elegant, gilt edges, 12s 6d 

Poetical Works (Chandos Poets), with 

Memoir, Explanatory Notes, etc., portrait and 
illustrations, crown Svo. new calf gut, lis n. d. 
The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s; or, 

new morocco extra, gilt edges, 16s 6d 

Poems, with Memoir by Dr. C. Rogers, 

portrait and numerous beautiful vignettes by 
Stothard, Howard, etc., post Svo. new morocco, 
gilt edges, 9s Qd n. d. 

Poetical Works, printed witltin red lines, 

with illustrations by Sir Joint Gilbert, R.A., post 
Svo. new calf gilt, ~s del; or, new morocco, gilt 
edges, 9s n. d. 

Essay on English Poetry: one of three 

copies OKLY printed on large and fine paper, 
being a presentation copy from the Axdhor and 
the Publisher to Sir Francis Fritting, super- 
imperial Svo. dark crimson smooth morocco gilt, 
tooled bach, gilt edges, with Sir Francis's book- 
plate, £2. 2s ^ Murray, 1619 

C A N T I Q U E des Cantique>. traduit en 
Francois, avec une Explication tiree des SS. 
Peres et des Auteurs Eeclesiastiques, 12mo. old 
French red morocco, marbled and gilt edges (good 
copy), £1. 10s Paris, 1694 

C APRON (J. R.) Photographed Spectra, 
37 plates, Svo. cloth, 15s (pub. £1. 10s) 1S77 

CARACCI (Ant.) L'Enea Vagante, Jmelv en- 
graved title-page and twenty tngravings by G. M. 
Mitelli, obl. roy. fol., hf. hd., £2. 2s Roma, 1663 

From the Osterley Park Collection, with bookplate of the 
Earl of Jersey. 

CARE (H.) The Grandeur and Glory of 
France drawn in the triumphant Portraietures 
of her present victorious Monarch [Louis XIV.] 
and most illustrious Nobility, portrait of the King, 
fcap. Svo. hedf calf [with autograph of J. Y. 
Akerman), 9s 6d 1673 

Dedicated in highly laudatory terms to the Duke of Monmouth. 

CARLETON (G., Bp. cf Chichester) A Thank- 
FULL Remembrance of God's Mercie : in an 
hi>toricall Collection of the great and merciful] 
Deliverances of the Church and State of England, 
from the beginning of Q. Elizabeth, with fin > port. 
of the author, engraved front. "n'J numerous other 
tngravings, small 4to. white vellum extra, <iilt 
edged, £2. 1630 




CARICATURE Annual ; or McLean's Monthly 
Sheets of Caricatures, for 1831-2, containing 
nearly 100 plates of powerful caricatures in con- 
nexion with the Great Reform Bill, all 
COLOURED, 2 vols, folio, half morocco, gilt edges 
(scarce), £3. 3s 1831-2 

CARLYLB (T.) Collected Works, new 
Library Edition, handsomely printed, with 
portraits, plans of battles, etc., 34 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
£10. 10* 1870-1 

The same, new half calf gilt, £18. 

The same, new- calf gilt, £22. ; or, new tree- 
calf extra, by Riviere, A HANDSOME SET, £25. 

Contents : 

The French Revolution, 3 vols. 
Cromwell's Letters & Speeches, 

5 vols. 
Life of John Sterling 
Life of Friedrich Schiller 
Heroes and Hero Worship 
Frederick the Great, 10 vols. 

Critical and Miscellaneous 

Essays, 6 vols. 
Latter Day Pamphlets 
Past and Present 
Sartor Resartus 
Translations, 3 vols. 

- Works, "Ashburton Edition," 8vo. 
cloth, as follows: each vol. 6s 1885-7 

French Revolution, and Past and Present, 2 vols. : Sartor 
Resartus, and Heroes, 1 vol. : Latter-Day Pamphlets, etc., 
1 vol. : Lives of Schiller and Sterling, 1 vol. : Cromwell's Letters 
and Speeches, 3 vols. : Frederick the Great, 6 vols. 

Works, complete uniform edition, well 

printed, 23 vols, post 8vo. hf calf gilt, £6. 65 1871 
- Another copy, new half calf gill, £8. 15s 
The same, new calf gilt, £11. lis; or, new 

tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £12. 12s 

Contents : French Revolution, 2 vols. — Cromwell's Letters 
and Speeches, 3 vols. — Life of John Sterling, and of Friedrich 
Schiller, i vol. — Heroes and Hero Worship, and Sartor Resartus, 
1 vol. — Frederick the Great, 7 vols. — Critical and Miscellaneous 
Essays, 4 vols. — Latter Day Pamphlets, 1 vol. — Past and Present, 
etc., 1 vol. — Translations, 3 vols. 

Works, cheap edition, with portrait, 37 vols. 

post 8vo. in 18, new half calf gilt, £4. 15s n. d. 

Another set, new calf gilt, £7. 7s 

Works, Early Editions, as below, 9 vols., 

8vo. and post 8vo. cloth, £2. 10s 1839-43 

French Revolution, 3 vols. — Hero Worship, 1 vol. — Chartism, 
1 vol. — Past and Present, 1 vol. — Translation of Goethe's 
Wilhelm Meister, 3 vols. 

The French Revolution ; new library 

edition, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 16s Qd (1872) 

The same, new cloth, £1. 2s 

Another copy, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, 

£2. 2s 

Another edition, 2 vols, post Svo. cl., 9s n. d. 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. 

Another edition, 3 vols, post Svo. in 1, neiv 

calf gilt, 10s Qd 

French Revolution and Past and Pres- 
ent, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s Qd 1885 
Oliver Cromwell's Letters and 

Speeches, with Elucidations, portrait, Library 

Edition, enlarged, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5s (pub. 

£1. 16s) 1846 

The same, later edition, cloth, 18s Qd 1885 

Another edition, 5 vols. 8vo. cl., £1. YJsQdn. d. 

Another edition, 5 vols, post Svo. in 2, new 

calf gilt, 18s Qd n. d. 
Another edition, portrait, 4 vols, post 8vo. 

cloth, 14s Qd 1850 
Another edition, 3 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 9s 

(pub. 18s) 1866 
Lives of Schiller and Sterling, portraits, 

Svo. cloth, 6s Qd 1885 

Life of Sterling, portrait, Svo. cloth, 7s n.d. 

Life of Schiller, Svo. cloth, Is n. d. 

Sartor Resartus and Heroes and Hero- 

Worship, 8vo. cloth, 6s Qd 1885 

CARLYLE (T.) History of Frederick the 
Great, Library Edition, with maps and fine 
frontispieces, 6 vols. 8vo. cloth, £3. 3s 1858-65 

Another copy, beautifully bound in sprinkled 

calf extra, gilt backs, gilt edges, by Riviere {with 
autograph of the Earl of Gosford), £5. 15s 

Another edition, with portraits, maps, and 

plans, 10 vols. 8vo. new calf extra, £6. 10s n. d, 
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays; 

fine portrait, 6 vols. 8vo. vellum, red edges, 

£4. 10s n. d. 
Another edition, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 

19s Qd 1887 
Early (second) edition, well printed ; 5 vols. 

post 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. 4s 1840 
Latter-Day Pamphlets, Kings of Norway 

and John Knox, Svo. cloth, Qs Qd 1885 

German Romance : Specimens of its chief 

Authors; translated, with biographical and critical 
Notices, vignettes, 4 vols, post 8vo. half morocco 
gilt, top edges gilt, £1. 18s Edinburgh, 1827 

Translations from the German : Wilhelm 

Meister, Musseus, Tieck, Richter, Library Edi- 
tion, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 2s n. d. 
Shooting Niagara : and After?, first 

separate EDITION, cr. Svo. green paper wrapper, 

tvith several neivspaper -cuttings inserted, 5s 1867 
Early Letters, edited by C. E. Norton, 

portrait, 2 vols, crown 8vo. cloth, 14s Qd 1886 
— and Goethe, Correspondence between, 

edited by the same, post 8vo. cloth, Qs 1887 
Reminiscences, edited by the same, 2 vols. 

post 8vo. cloth, 10s 1887 

CAROLINE (Queen), Memoirs of, by John 

Wilks, Jun. , with portrait by Woolnoth, 2 vols. 

8vo. new half calf gilt, 15s Qd 1822 

CARTER (Canon) Manual of Devotion for 

Sisters of Mercy, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, 8s 1877-82 

CARTERET (Lord) ; a Political Biography, 
1690-1763, by A. BALLANTYNE, 8vo. cloth, Qs 
(pub. 16s) 1S87 

CASQUET (The) of Literature: a Selection 
in Poetry and Prose, from the Works of the most 
admired Authors, with Biographical and Literary 
Notes by Charles Gibbon ; ports, and nearly 50 
plates, 6 vols. Svo. cl. gt., £1. 5s (pub. £2. 5s) 

Blackie, 1877 

CASSANDRA ; the famed Romance ; the whole 
Work [by Gauthier de Costes] : elegantly rendered 
into English by Sir C. Cotterell, folio {title mended), 
panelled calf gilt, neatly rebacked, £1. 4s 1664 

CASTELNAU (Michel de) Ses Memoires, 
et l'Histoire Genealogique de la Maison de 
Castelnau, etc., by I. le Laboreur, with por- 
traits and coats of arms, 2 vols, folio, calf gilt, 
gilt edges, with arms of Sauvion in gold on side 
{choice copy), £1. 5s Paris, 1659-60 

Written during the author's second Embassy, and of value 
a.nd importance as bearing on the British History, especially in 
connection with Mary Queen of Scots. He only it is who 
mentions her son by Bothwell, who died a Monk at Soissons. 

CATTERMOLE (Rev. R.) The Great Civil 

War of Charles I. and the Parliament, tvith 

15 highly finished engravings, from the beautiful 

drawings of George Cattermole, and portraits 

of Charles and Cromiucll after VANDYKE, under 

the superintendence of C. Heath, 2 vols, square 

royal 8vo. dark green morocco extra, gold tooled, 

gilt edges {fine copy, as good as new), £1. 18s Qd 


CAULFIELD :— see Portraits, post. 

4 * 



CATHEDRALS, Essays on ; by Archbishop 
Benson, Bishop Harvey Goochvin, Archdeacon 
Norris, Mr. Beresford Hope, Mr. Freeman, 
Chancellor Massingberd, Sir F. Gore Ouseley, 
Dean Perowne, and Canons Venables, Mac- 
Donnell, AYestcott, and Durham, edited by Dean 
Howson, 8vo. cloth, 4s (pub. 12s) 1872 

" CAVENDISH " on the Laws of Ecarte, with 
a treatise on the game, post Svo. cloth, 2s 1878 

Laws and Principles of Whist, post Svo. 

doth, gilt edges, Is 1886 

Whist Developments, post Svo. cloth, gilt 

edges, 4s 1885 

The Whist Triad, by Cavendish, Clay, 

and Pole, post Svo. half bound, 10s 1884 

CAXTON (W.) Statutes of Henry VII., in 
exact facsimile from the very rare original 
printed by Caxton in 1489, edited, with Notes 
and Introduction, by J. RAE, 4to. roxburghe, 
10* Qd (pub. £1. lis 6d) 1869 

" The earliest collection of English laws ever printed ; and 
besides containing much information illustrative of the Politics, 
Trade, and Domestic Affairs of England, is further remarkable 
as being in our native tongue, and not in Norman French." 

CEILLIBR (Don Remy) Histoire Gener- 


23 vols., cheap, £3. 10s Paris, 1729-63 

" Contenant leur Vie, le Catalogue, la Critique, le Juge- 
ment, la Chronologie, l'Analyse, et le De"nombrement des 
diffe'rentes Editions de leurs Ouvrages ; ce qu'ils renferment de 
plus interessant sur le Dogme, sur la Morale, et surla Discipline 
de l'Eglise; l'Histoire des Conciles tant ge"ne'raux que par- 
ticuliers, et les Actes choisis des Martyrs." 

CELLINI (Benvenuto), Vita di, scritta da lui 
medesimo, tratta dall' Autografo per cura di G. 
Molini, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco 
gilt, 12s Qd Firenze, 1832 

CERNITIUS (J.) Vies des Electeurs de 
Brandebourg de la Maison des Burgraves de 
Nurenberg, avec leurs Genealogies, mis en 
Francois par Antoine Teissier, with 12 finely 
engraved portraits, and one of Teissier, folio, calf 
extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. 25 6c/ 

Berlin, 1701 

Don Quijote de la Mancha : a Photo-litho- 
graphic Facsimile of the First Edition, 
A.I). 1605-15, executed under the superintendence 
of D. Juan Hartzenbusch ; also his collection 
of 1633 Notes for the same ; with the Bulletin 
(\0 nos.) published for the subscribers' informa- 
tion during the progress of the work ; and the 
" Iconografia de Quijote," a heliographic 
reproduction of 100 PLATES chosen from 60 editions 
published during 257 years in Barcelona, Boston 
(Mass.), Brussels, Copenhagen, the Hague, Leip- 
zig, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Tours, and 
Venice; together 14 parts impl. Svo. as published; 
SCARCE, £7. 7s 

Barcelona, Asociacion Propagadora, 1871-9 

History and Adventures of Don 

QUIXOTE, translated from the Spanish by 
P. A. MOTTEUX ; the new and handsome 
edition de LUXE, illustrated with a portrait 
and beautiful etchings (on Holland paper) by Ad. 
LALAUZE, 4 vols, royal 8vo. cloth, uncut, £2. 2s 
(pub. £3. 12*) Edinburgh, 1879-84 

Other copies, new half morocco elcg<mt. un- 

cut, top edges gilt, or new tree-calf gilt, £4. 4s 
The same, LARGE PAPER, (only 200 copies so 

CERVANTES (M. de) History and Advent- 
ures of Don Quixote : The same edition, larg- 

plates on India paper, and a duplicate set on 
Holland Paper (only 50 copies so printed), 
4 vols. impl. Svo. new puiple morocco extra, silk 
linings, gilt edges, A very fine copy, £18. 

Don Quixote ; revised translation by 

Mary Smirke, finely printed by Buhner in large 
type, with 74 beautiful and highly finished engra v- 
ings after the designs of R. SMIRKE, R.A., 


4to. Largest Paper, half smooth morocco extra, 
uncut, top edges gilt, by Mayday (very scarce), 
£14. 145 1818 

" The magnificent designs of Smirke are beyond all praise. 
It may be said of them that of all the works of this admired 
artist they deserve the foremost rank, and posterity will pro- 
bably adjudge him his place in the Catalogue of British 
Painters chiefly with reference to these illustrations of Don 

Don Quixote, translated by C. Jarvis, 

printed on hand -made paper, with 15 etchings on 
steel by George Cruikshank, royal Svo. new 
half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. Is 1885 

The same, with duplicate set of the 

ETCHINGS ON INDIA PAPER (only 50 copies 
printed), cloth, 15s 

The same, with duplicate set of the 

printed),with proofs of the etchings onChina paper, 

4 vols. imp]. Svo. cloth, uncut, £3. (pub. £8. S-s) 

plates on India and Japanese paper [only 
50 copies so printed), roxburgJte, £1. \s 
— Don Quixote, Jar vis's Translation, 
revised, with new Translation of the Poetry, Life, 
etc., portrait, Quixotic map and 19 engravings 
from designs by Spanish art ids, Stothard, 
Thurston, etc., 4 vols. 8vo. scored calf gilt, 
£1. Is 1810 

Don Quixote, Jar vis's Translation, 

carefully revised, illustrated edition, with 
several hundred spirited icoodcuts by Tony 
JoHANNOT,2 vols. roy. Svo. hf. mor. gt.,£l.8s 1S42 

Don Quixote", Jarvis's Translation, 

edited by J. W. Clark, printed in large type, and 
illustrated with several hundred engravings by 
Gustaye Dore, thick royal 4to. new half 
morocco elegant, gilt edges, £1. 12s n. d. 

The same, handsomely bound in new morocco 

super-extra, gilt edges, £3. Ss 

Don Quixote, translated, with a life of 

Cervantes, by T. Smollett, numerous fine plates 
from the designs of the Madrid Academy, etc., 
4 vols. Svo. calf gilt, £1. 5s Dublin, 1796 

Don Quixote, translated by Smollett, 

with Memoir by T. Roscoe, illustrated with many 
etchings by G. Cruikshank, and fronts, by 
Kenny Meadows, 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. cedf gilt (very 
scarce), £2. 5s 1S33 

Don Quixote, newly translated by A. J. 

Duffield from the originals of 1605 and 1608, 
with some of the Notes of Bowie, Pellicer, 
Clemencin, and other commentators, 3 vols. Svo. 
cloth, Us (pub. £2. 2*) 1881 

Exemplary Novels, translated by W. K. 

Kelly, portrait, post 8vo. new half polished nan- - 
occo, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 55 Bohn, 1855 

Alken (H.) Illustrations of Don 

Qcixote, a series of 12 humourous engravings by 
Z fitter, PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS (same slightly 
foxed), atlas 4to. half morocco gilt, nearly new\ 
£1. 10s (1831) 

CESNOLA (General L. P. di) Cyprus: its 

Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples, with maps 
and illustrations, royal Svo. cloth, £2. 1877 


CHANDOS CLASSICS : a Selection of Standard Works in Prose and Verse, in crown 8vo., 
clearly 'printed and well and tastefully bound in bright half calf gilt, marbled edges, 
suitable for a Village Library or Presentation : each volume 3s 6d, asunder : — 


Arabian Nights. 
Eliza Cook's Poems. 
Dante. By Cary. 
Moore's Poetical Works. 
Cowper's Poetical Works. 
Milton's Poetical Works. 
Runyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 
Lamb's Tales from Shak- 

Robinson Crusoe. 
Swiss Family Robinson. 
Mrs. Hemans's Poetical 

Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
Andersen's Fairy Tales. 
Don Quixote. 

Evelyn's Diary. 
^Esop's Fables. Illustrated. 
Southey's Life of Nelson. 
Bacon's Essays, etc. 
Shelley's Poetical Works. 

Campbell's Poetical Works. 

Kkats's Poetical Works. 

Coleridge's Poetical Works. 

Pope's Iliad. Flaxman's Illust- 

Pope's Odyssey. Ditto. 

Hood's Poetical Works. 

Gil Blas (Adventures of). 

Heber's (Bishop) Poetical 

White's Natural History of 


CHAFFERS (W.) History of English Gold 
smiths and Plateworkers, and their marks on 
plate, 2500 illustrations, royal 8vo. cl., 145 6c? 1883 

(W. J. J., r.n.) The Cruise of H.M.S. ''Chal- 
lenger," map and many illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 
Is 6d (pub. 185) 1877 

CHALLONER (Richard) Memoirs of 
Missionary Priests, as well Secular as Regular, 
and of other [Roman] Catholics, of both Sexes, 
that have suffered Death in England on Religious 
Accounts, from 1577 to 1684, 2 vols, post 8vo. 
half calf antique, red edges, £2. 2s 1741-2 

CHAMBERLAIN (B. H.) The Classical 
Poetry of the Japanese, cr. 8vo. cl., 6s 1880 

CHAMBERLAYNE (W.) Pharonnida, an 
Heroic Poem : and Love's Victory, a Tragi- 
comedy, with critical and biographical Notice, 
3 vols, foolscap 8vo. boards, scarce, Ss 6d 1820 

CHAMBERS'S Miscellany of Instructive 
and Entertaining Tracts, illustrated, 20 vols. 
post 8vo. in 10, new half calf gilt, £1. 18s n. d. 
Another copy, new half morocco, £2. 2? 

See also under Dictionaries and Scotland, post. 

CHAPLIN (Dr. G. Child) Benedicite ; or 
the Song of the Three Children ; Illustrations 
and Power, Beneficence, and Design manifested 
by the Creator in His Works, post 8vo. cl., 5s 1879 

The same, new calf gilt, 10s 6d ; or, new calf 

antique, lis 
Another copv, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s Qd 

CHAPMAN (Gt\ t Translator of Homer) Com- 
edies and Tragedies, with illustrative Notes, 
and Life, 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. half morocco neat, 
with bookplate of the late Master of Trinity, 
ISsQcl 1873 

Another copy, 3 vols. 8vo. large paper, 

boards, wholly uncut, £1. 12s 1873 

Works: comprising Plays, Poems, and 

translation of Homer, with Introduction by A. C 
Swinburne,3 vols, post 8vo., £1.85 1875 
Plays, edited with Notes by R. H. Shep- 
herd, post 8vo. new cedf gilt, 10s 6d 1874 

CHARLES I. {King of England) Reliquiae 
Sacr,e Carolina : The Workes of that Great 
Monarch and Glorious Martyr, both Civil and 
Sacred, with a Short View of his Life and Reign, 
frontispiece by Marshall, also the folding plate to 
EiKtbv (3am\iKT]. 2 vols, in one, scored calf, with 
the King's monogram on side, gilt edges, \0s 6d 

Hague, 1650-49 
An edition which apparently does not agree with that 

mentioned by Lowndes, as it contains two portraits, etc., and 

the first volume also several more sheets. 

CHARLES I. — Rlkoov /3acrc\iKr} : the 
Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majestie in his 
Solitudes and Sufferings [cf. Leighton, "Sion's 
Flea, " post], with large folding plate of the King 
praying in his Chamber, 12mo. antique cf., red 
edges, 13s Qd 1648 

Commemoration of King Charles his In- 
auguration ; or a Sermon preached at Pauls 
Crosse by William Laud, then Bp. of London, 
late Arch-Bp. of Canterbury, beheaded on Tower- 
hill on Fryday the 10. of Jan. 1644. Printed 
according to Order, large ivoodcut of Royal Arms, 
sm. 4to. hf. bd. 4s 1645 
England's Black Tribunal, containing 

the complete Tryal of King Charles I. , a relation 
of the Sufferings and Death of his adherents, 
etc. etc., with an Historical Preface by a True 
Churchman, portrait of the King by Mynde, 8vo. 
(title in mourning bars), old cedf, 9s 1737 

The Freeholders Grand Inquest touch- 

ing our Soveraigne Lord the King and His Par- 
liament, 4to. cedf 7s Qd s. I. (1647) 

Attributed to Sir R. Holbourne. Not in Lowndes. 

and II. — Essay towards attaining a true 

Idea of the Character and Reign of Charles I. , 
and the Causes of the Civil War, portraits and 
plates inserted, 1748 — Character of King 
Charles II., and political, moral, and miscel- 
laneous Thoughts and Reflections, by G. Savile, 
Marquess of Halifax, 2 portraits inserted, 1750 
— 2 vols. 8vo. in one, half calf , 19s Qd 1748-50 

II., Secret History of the Court and 

Reign of, by a Member of his Privy Council ; 
with Introductory Sketches, Notes and a Supple- 
mentary Narrative to the Revolution, by the 
Editor, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 12s 1792 

CHARLES (Rev. R. H.) Forgiveness, etc., 
post 8vo. cloth, 2s (pub. 4s Qd) 1887 

CHARLESWORTH (Maria Louisa) Min- 
istering Children, a Tale Dedicated to Child- 
hood, illustrated, post 8vo. calf gilt, 5s n. d. 

CHARTERS (Ancient), Calendars of, and of 
-the Welch and Scotish Rolls, in the Tower of 
London, also all the Treaties of Peace entered into 
by the Kings of England with those of Scotland, 
etc., with Introduction by Sir Joseph Ayloffe, 
four facsimile plates ofMSS. ,4to. old cf. , 10s Qd 1774 

CHARTERS (Ancient) in the British 
Museum, a.d. 679 to the Norman Conquest, 
autotype facsimiles of, with Transcripts and 
Notes, 1 vol. small folio and 3 vols, royal folio, 
together 4 vols. cl. £4. 10.5 For the Trustees, 1873-8 

CHATEAUBRIAND ( Vicomte de) Atala: 
Rene : les Abencerages, 12mo. cf., 4s Paris, 1874 



CHATEAUBRIAND (Vicomte de) Atala, 
translated by J. S. Harry, illustrated by G. 
Dore, 4to. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. Is) n. d. 

CHATHAM (W. Pitt, Earl of) Correspond- 
ence, edited from the original MSS. by his Son, 
facsimiles of autographs, 4 vols. Svo. new half calf 
'extra, Us (pub. £3. 12s in cloth) 1838 

CHATTERTON (T.) Works in Verse and 
Prose, including his Rowley Poems, Glossary, 
and Life, by Dr. Gregory, engravings and fac- 
similes, 3 vols. Svo. sprinkled calf extra, yellow 
edges, by the late F. Bedford, as good as new, 
scarce (fine COPY), £3. 15s 1803 

Best Edition, edited by Southey and Cottle, published by 
Subscription (with list of Subscribers) for Miss Newton, 
Chatterton's niece. 

Poetical Works, with notices of his life, 

History of the Rowley Controversy, selection of 
his letters, and Notes, facsimiles of handwriting , 
2 vols. 12mo. half morocco (neat copy), 14s 

Cambridge, 1842 
Poetical Works, reprint of the Aldine 

edition, with Essay on the Rowley Poems by the 
Rev. W. W. Skeat, and Memoir by E. Bell, 2 
vols, crown Svo. Large Paper, morocco, gilt 
edges, £1. 8s 1872 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

Memoir by E.Bell,2 vols.fcap.8vo. cloth, 8s Q>d 1883 
CHATTO (W. A.) Playing Cards, Facts and 
Speculations on the Origin and History of, with 
jitnnerous colonized and other illustrations of 
ancient and Oriental examples, Svo. half morocco 
gilt, 12s 6d , 1848 

CHAUCER, (Geoffrey) Poetical Works, 
Aldine Edition, with Memoir by Sir Harris 
Nicolas, edited by the Rev. Richard Morris, 
portrait, 6 vols. fcap. 8vo. new calf extra, gilt 
edges, £2. 2s . 1882 

The same, new morocco elegant, gilt edges, 

£3. 15s 

Poetical Works, edited, with Memoir, by 

R. Bell, and Essay by the Rev. W. W. Skeat ; 
portrait, 4 vols, post 8vo. half cf gilt, £1. Is 1878 

Another copy, neiv calf extra, £1. 8s 

Poetical 'Works, with Introductions, 

Glossary, and Notes by T. Tyrwhitt, portrait 
and vignette, royal 8vo. calf antique, red edges, 
8s 6d Moxon, 1852 

Another edition, by Tyrwhitt, with Essay 

on his Language and Versification, Notes, and 
Glossary, complete in one volume, portrait, royal 
8vo. new calf gilt, 14s n. d. 

The same, new morocco super-extra,, gilt 

edges,- £1. 3s 

Canterbury Tales, from the text and 

with the Notes and Glossary of T. Tyrwhitt, 

printed within red lines, and illustrated by E. 

Corbould, post Svo. calf gilt, 8s n. d. 
Canterbury Tales, Parchment Library 

Edition, fcap. 8vo. parchment, 3s 1886 

CHESNEAU (Ernest) English School of 

Paintino, post 8vo. cloth, 4s 1885 

CHESNEY (Gen. P. R, Projector of the 
Euphrates Valley Railway), Life of, by his Wife 
and Daughter, edited by Stanley Lane- 
Poole, portrait, Svo. cloth, 14s 1885 

CHESS, STUDIES of, containing Ca'issa, a poem 
by Sir William .(ones, and Systematic Introduc- 
tion to the Game, and the whole analysis of 
Chess, by A. I). Philidor, with criticisms and 
diagrams, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, Imlf calf neat, 
[OsQd 1810 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

CHESTER (H. M.) Russia, Past and Present, 
map and illustrations, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1881 

CHEVALIER (N.) Recherche Curieuse d'AN- 
tiquites que Fon voit dans la Chambre de 
Raretez de la Ville d'UTRECHT, 4 emblematical 
frontispieces by Romain de Hooge and nearly 100 
plates of Antiquities of all kinds, folio, vellum 
(Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. 2s Utrecht, 1709 

CHILD'S Life of Christ (The), illustrated, 4to. 
cloth, lis 1882 

CHILDHOOD'S Golden Days, a Series of 
rated, royal 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 12s 6d) n. d. 

CHINA : Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, 
with some account of Ava and the Burmese, 
Siam, and Anam, map and nearly 100 illustra- 
tions, post Svo. calf extra, 9s 1853 

CHINA : Its History, Government, Literature, 
Manners and Customs, etc., by Prof. R. K. 
Douglas, numerous illustrations, Svo. tree-calf 
extra, 10s 6d 1882 

CHINA:— Martinius (M.) Bellum Tartari- 
cum, or Conquest of China, trans, into English, 
portrait (by Cross) of " Theinmingus, Emperor of 
the Western Tartars," and map, 16mo. calf 
antique, red edges, rare, £1. 5s 1654 

A most graphic account of the Conquest of China bv the Tartars. 

CHINESE :— Monzz Doctor MAxiMuspost Con- 
fucium de Directione Morum, Sinice, printed 
on Chinese paper, ivith autograph note from Lord 
Macartney, with description of the work written 
by Paulus Cho, the Chinese missionary, folio, old 
calf (with Bp. Shute Barrington's bookplate), 
£1. 8s Scec. XVIII. 

According to Paul Cho, this work is " Liber Classicus quo 
utuntur Sinenses ad Scientias addiscendas et ad Gradus 
Doctorum adipiscendos, et praecipue tractat de directione morum 
proprii individui, familije, et totius reipublicce." 

CHINESE Chrestomathy in the Canton Dia- 
lect, by E. C. Bridgman, Chinese and English, 
with the Chinese in native and Roman characters 
and an English translation, in three parallel 
columns, and full English Notes, 4to. (pp. 693), 
native binding (a few leaves torn), rare, £2. 15s 

Macao, 1841 

Printed on weak and brittle native paper. The book is a 
popular Cyclopaedia, " designed to furnish a series of easy 
lessons, comprising, as its title indicates, simple instruction. . . 
Its object is threefold : to aid foreigners in learning the Chinese, 
to assist native youth in acquiring the English tongue, and to 
show how far this language can be expressed and acquired 
through the medium of the Roman letters." Mr. Bridgman 
acknowledges able assistance from Dr. Morrison and other 
Chinese scholars. 

CHINESE :— The Tourists' Guide and Mer- 
chant's Manual ; an English-Chinese Vocabulary 
of Articles of Commerce, etc., in the Court and 
Punti dialects, long 8vo. hfi bound, 5s 

Hong Kong, 1864 

exquisite coloured drawings on Rice Paper, 
of Floivers, Butterflies, and Female Costume, 2 
vols, small folio, morocco super-extra, gilt edges 
(in fine condition), £5. 10s n. d. 

In these beautiful drawings the Oriental artist has surpassed 

himself in delineating the gorgeous colouring of the flowers, the 

velvet of the butterfly's wing, and the harmonies of the silken 

gown of the almond-eved Celestial beauty. 

CHISHOLM (G. G.) The Two Hemispheres, 
a popular account of the Countries and Peoples 
of the World, with over 300 illustrations, thick 
Svo. cloth, 12s 6rf 1882 

and P. W. RUDLER : Europe, edited 

by SlB A. C. RAMSAY, with Ethnological Index 
by A. H. Keane, maps and illustrations, thick 
post 8vo. cloth, 16s 6d 1885 



CHRYSOSTOMUS (S. JOAN.) Opera Omnia, Greece et Latine, Editio Parisina Altera, 

emendata et aucta, opera et studio Dom. Bernardi de Montfaucon, 13 vols, imperial 8vo. 

brown calf gilt (nice set), £13. 13s Parisiis, Gauvie, 1837 

Best edition of the entire works of St, Chrysostom. Dr. Dibdin emphatically says — " The various 

readings, notes, versions, and indexes render it a work perfect in its kind." 

CHOISELAT (Prudens) A Discovrse of 
Housebandrie, declaryng how by the House- 
bandrie or rather Housewiferie of Hennes, once 
emploied, one maie gaine in the yere five hundreth 
pounds of honest protite : all costs and charges 
deducted, traslated into Englishe by R. E., small 
4to. fclarft letter, russia, gt. ed. (rare), £2. 8s 1580 

This is probably the first book issued in England upon the 
evergreen dispute as to whether Poultry Farming pays. At the 
back of the title is a curious table of French money. A few 
headlines are slightly shorn. 

[CHORLBY (H. P.)] The Lion ; a Tale of the 
Coteries [of Modern Life and Literature], 3 vols, 
post 8vo. half calf gilt {presentation copy, with 
autograph), 8s Od 1S39 

CHRISTIAN Evidence Society's Lectures, 
fcap. 8vo. cloth, each Is 1880 

Faith and Free Thought. Modern Scepticism. Striving 
for the Faith. 

[CHRISTIE (J.)] Disquisition upon Etrus- 
can Vases, displaying their probable Connexion 
with the Shows at Eleusis, and the Chinese Feast 
of Lanterns : 16 steel plates, besides vignettes, 
folio, morocco extra, gilt edges (with. Lord G-os- 
ford's crest, on vellum), £2. 18s Qd 1806 

Only ioo copies printed for private distribution. 

CHRONICLE of Geoffrey of Monmouth (or 
his British History), translated by A. Thomp- 
son, revised by Dr. J. A. Giles, Svo. roxburghe, 
■uncut, os (pub. 10s) 1842 

of Richard of Deyizes, concerning the 

Deeds of Richard I., and Richard of Cirencester's 
Description of Britain, translated and edited bv 
Dr. J. A. Giles, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d (pub. 12s) 1841 

of the White Rose of York (temp. Edward 

IV.), portrait, etc., Svo. roxburghe, uncut, 5s 
(pub. 12s) 1845 

CHRONICLES of Crime, or the New Newgate 
Calendar; including a number of curious cases 
never before published, by Camden Pelham, 
Barrister, with 48 engravings, from drawings by 
H. K. Browne, 2 vols. Svo.' cloth, 10s 6d 1886 

CHRONICLES of the Crusades : Contemp- 
orary Narratives by the Lord John de Joinville, 
with illustrative notes and index, post Svo. calf 
gilt, 8s 1871 

a curious old chronicle. 

CRONICLE OF Yeres, from the begynnynge of 
the Wo ride, wherein ye shal fynde the names of ] 
all the Kynges of Englande, of the May res and 
Shyriffes of the Cytie of London, and briefly of 
many noble Actes done in and sens the Reign of ! 
K. Henry IV., 12mo. half bound, uncut, 4s 6d ' 
(pub. 7s Qd) 1552 (reprint 1859) 

CHURCH (The) and the Age : Essays on the j 
Principles and Present Position of the Anglican 
Church ; Second Series, by Lord Nelson, Bp. | 
Cleveland Coxe, Dr. I. Brunei, Mr. J. G. Talbot, I 
Dean Cowie, Dr. Irons, etc., Svo. cloth, 4s (pub. ' 
12s) 1872 | 

CHURCH (The) and the World : Essays on 
Questions of the Day (by Prof. Thorold Rogers, 
Dr. Littledale, Canon Humble, the Rev. S. Baring- 
Gould, Canon Trevor, Canon Carter, G. E. Street, 
R.A., etc.), edited by the Rev. Orby Shipley, 
thick Svo. cloth, 5s (pub. 15s) 1866 

DAR, compiled by Emily Cuyler, with a 
Preface by the Rev. F. S. Cuyler, exhibiting 
the Flowers appropriate for each Saint's Day and 
Holy-Day on 3S leaves, each embellished in a 
different style, with Ornaments and Borders in 
Gold and Colours, designed and chromolitho- 
graphed by W. R. TYMMS, crown 4to. orna- 
mental stamped binding, gilt edges, 12s 6d 
(pub. £2. 2s) n. d. 

CHURCH CONGRESS at Stoke-upon- 
Trent, 1S75, Authorized Report, Svo. cloth, 
4.s 1S75 

CHURCH (A. H.) Precious Stones, considered 
in their Scientific and Artistic Relations, coloured 
plates and woodcuts, post Svo. cloth, 2s 1883 

CHURCH (Rev. A. J.) The Chantry Priest 
of Barnet, a Tale of the Two Roses, with 16 
coloured illustrations, crown Svo. ncio cedf gilt, 
10s 1885 

Stories from the Greek Tragedians, with 

24 illustrations from designs by Flaxman and 
others, post Svo. new calf extra, 10s 1880 

Stories from Homer, toith 24 illustrations 

from Flaxman's designs, post Svo. new cedf gilt, 
10s Qd 1878 

Stories from Livy, with 16 illustrations 

from Pinelli's designs, crown Svo. new calf gilt, 
10s Qd ; or, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s Qd 1883 
Stories from Virgil, with 24 illustrations 

from PinelUs designs, crown Svo. new cedf gilt, 
10s ; or, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s Qd 1879 

CHURCH (Dean) Saint Anselm, with view- of 
the Metropolitical Cathedral, post Svo. new cedf 
antique, red edges, 9s 1873 

CHURCHILL (C.) Poetical Works; with 
copious Notes and Life by W. Tooke, f.r.s. 
(elegant reprint of Pickering' 's Aldine edition), 
portrait, 3 vols. fcp. Svo. morocco, gilt edges 
(nearly new), 19s Qd Boston, 3Iass., 1854 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

Memoir by James Hannay, portrait, 2 vols. fcap. 
Svo. morocco elegant, gilt edges, £1. 5s 1880 

Another copy, new polished Levant morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £1. 10s 1866 

CHURCHILL (Sir Winston) Divi Britan- 
NICI : being a Remark upon Lives of all the 
Kings of this Isle, from A.M. 2855 to A.D. 1660, 
vignette on titleandcuts of arms, folio, splendidly 
bound in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, 
with Mr. Hartley's bookplate, £2. 16s 1675 

" This work, written by the father of the great John 
Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, shows the author to have been 
well read in our ancient historians, and is considered very 
accurate as to dates and authorities." 

CHURCHWARD (W. B.) My Consulate in 
Samoa, 8vo. cloth, lis (sells 15s) 1887 

CHURTON (Rev. Edward) Poetical Re- 
mains, portrait, post Svo. cloth, 4s Qd 1876 

CIBBBR (Colley) Dramatic Works, with 
portrait, 5 vols, post Svo. old cedf gilt, contents 
lettered (nice copy), £2. 2s 1777 

CLARBTIE (Jules) Noras, crown Svo. half 
morocco, 5s Paris, 1S83 


CICERO (M. T.) Opera Omnia, cum Indicibus, 

Variis Lectionibus, et Clave, 10 vols, royal 4to. 
sound russia gilt, gilt edges, £1. 10s 

Oxonii, e Typogr. Clarcndoniano, 1783 
" A very elegant and correct re-impression of the text of 
Olivet, with various readings." — Lowndes. 

Opera Omnia, ex recensione et cum Notis 

J. A. Ernesti, 8 vols. — Oliveti Delectus Com- 
mentariorum in Ciceronem, 3 vols. — together 
11 vols. Svo. calf gilt {neat set), £1. 15s (pub. 
£10. 145) 1819 

De Officiis, de Senectute, et de Ami 

CITIA, Pickering's beautiful miniature edition, 
in minute but readable type, with portrait, 4Smo. 
cloth, uncut, 3s 1821 

Academics, De Finibus, and Tusculans, 

translated by C. D. YONGE, post Svo. cl., 4s 1853 
On the* Nature of the Gods, Divination, 

Fate, etc., translated by the same, post 8vo 
cloth, 4s 1853 

Oratory and Orators, with Letters to 

Quintus and Brutus, translated by the Rev. J. 
S. Watson, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1862 

Select Letters, with Introductions, 

Notes, and Appendices, by A. Watson, 8vo. 
cloth, 9s (pub. 18s) Oxford, 1881 

Life, by Dr. Conyers Middleton ; and 

Letters to several of his friends, and to Atticus, 
translated, respectively, by W. Melmoth and 
Dr. Heberden, fine portrait and vignette of his 
Villa by R. Wilson, thick royal Svo. calf gilt, 15s 


CINCHONA CULTURE, Handbook of, by 
Karel Wessel van Gorkom, Chief-Inspector 
of Cultures in Dutch E.I., trans, by B. D. Jackson, 
Sec. Linn. Soc, impl. 8vo. cl. 15s (pub. £2.) 1883 

CIVIL WAR of 1641-7:— A Collection of ten 
important and scarce Pieces relating- to the Affairs 
of Scotland, Ireland, and the Kingdom gener- 
ally, as under, all clean and uncut, £6. 6s 1646 

i. The Reeson of the War, with the Progress and Accidents 
thereof, written by an English Subject, 1646, a -very uncommon 
piece, pp. 152 ; 2. Some Papers given in by the Commissioners, 
concerning the disposing of His Majesties Person, 1646 ; 
3. The Lord Marquesse of Argyle's Speech, 1646 ; 4. Papers 
delivered by the Commissioners of the Kingdom of Scotland at 
London, 1646; $. Manifest Truths, containing a narration of 
the Proceedings of the Scottish Army, 1646; 6. An Ordinance 
for raising .£'20,000 a Moneth for the Relief of Ireland ; 7. The 
King's Letter to the Marquesse of Ormond, and the Marquesse 
of Ormond's Letter to Monroe, 1646; 8. An Ordinance for the 
Selling of the Lands of all the Bishops in England and Wales, 
1646 ; 9. All the Ordinances for sequestring the Estates of 
Delinquents, 1646 ; 10. The Propositions for a Peace, sent to 
His Majesty at Newcastle, 1646. 

The first piece was published by John Field, who was after- 
wards Printer to the Commonwealth, and that he put his name 
to it is some indication that the Republican feeling was gaining 

CIVIL WAR :— England's Worthies : under 
whom all the Civill and Bloudy "Warres 1642-47 
are related, wherein are described the various 
battles, etc., with frontispiece of " Cromwell 
between the Pillars," and 18 fine portraits, 4to. 
half roan, 8* Qd 1647, reprint 1819 

CIVIL WAR SQUIBS :— The Speech of a 
CAVALEERE to his Comrades, in answer to the 
Warden's Speech, by Agamemnon Shaglock 
Van DAMMEE, 4to. (8 pp.), half bound, 4s 6d 1642 

CLARENDON (Edward Earl of) History 
of the REBELLION and Civil Wars in England, 
7 vols. — Life and Continuation of his History, 
3 vols. — together 10 vols, royal 8vo. BEST 

Edition, with the suppressed passages, etc., 

new calf gilt, £6. 10s 

University Press, Oxford, 1827-49 

CLARENDON (Edward Earl of) History 
of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 
7 vols. — Life and Continuation of his History, 
2 vols. — together 9 vols, royal Svo. calf gilt, 
£6. 10s ibidem, 1849 

History of the Rebellion and Civil W^ars 

in England, with Bishop Warburton's Notes, in 
large type, 7 vols, royal 8vo. cedf gilt, £3. Is 6d 

ibid., 1849 
History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars 

in England, new edition, from the Original MS., 
7 vols. 16mo. new cedf extra, £2. 5s ibid., 1839 

An uncommon edition, printed in a very handy form and in 
large clear type. 

Life, and Continuation of his History, 

2 vols, roval Svo. cedf gilt, £1. 10s ibid., 1857 

CLARKE (Dr. E. D.) Travels in various 
Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa ; por- 
trait, maps and engravings {slightly foxed), 
11 vols. 8vo. cedf , full gilt backs (a bright set), 
£2. 2s 1816-24 

The " Eclectic Review" says of Dr. Clarke, with reference 
to this work, " No man has surveyed the world with the advan- 
tage of more various learning, or has communicated the results 
of his remarks on mankind in a style more distinguished for 
clearness, elegance, and facility." 

CLARKE (G. S.) Elements of Graphic Statics, 
post Svo. cloth, 4s 1885 

CLASSICS (Ancient) for English Readers, 
edited by the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, 20 vols, 
post Svo. in 10,, £4. 10s Blackwoods, v. y. 

Comprising Homer's Iliad and Odyssey ; Herodotus; Casar; 
Virgil ; Horace ; /Eschylus ; Xenophon ; Cicero ; Sophocles ; 
Pliny; Euripides; Juvenal; Aristophanes; Hesiod ; Plautus 
and Terence; Tacitus; Lucian ; Plato; and Greek Anthology. 

The same, including the Supplementary 

Series of 8 vols. : 28 vols, post 8vo. in 14, half 
vellum, £3. 3s 1879 

Another set, in 28 vols, new lif. mor. gt. , £6. 13s 

Contains in addition to the above, Livy ; Ovid ; Catullus, 
Tibullus, and Propertius ; Demosthenes ; Aristotle ; Thucydides ; 
Lucretius; and Pindar. 

CLAY (Rev. W. L.) Essays on Church Policy, 
Svo. cloth, 3s 6c? (pub. 9s) " 1868 

CLEGG (S.) Practical Treatise on the Manufac- 
ture and Distribution of Coal Gas, illustrated 
with engravings on 32 large plates from working 
designs, with general Estimates, 4to. cloth, 8s 
(pub. £l.lls6d) 1859 

CLEMENT (C.) Michelangelo, Leonardo 
da Vinci, and Raphael, translated, with illust- 
rations, crown Svo. cloth, 18s 1880 

C LOUGH (A. H.) Poems and Prose Remains, 
with selection from his Letters, and Memoir ; 
edited by his Wife, portrait, 2 vols, post 8vo. 
new calf extra, £1. 8s 1869 

Poems, with Memoir, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1885 

The same, new calf gilt, 10s 6d 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s 6d ; 

or, newmorocco super-extra, gilt edges, 15s 

COBBETT (W.) History of the Protestant 
Reformation in England and Ireland ; with 
List of the Abbeys, Priories, Nunneries^ etc. 
which were Confiscated, 2 vols, royal Svo. in one, 
half morocco gilt, 15s 1829 

Another copy, calf extra, £1. 2s 

COBBOLD (Rev. Richard) Valentine 

Verses, or Lines of Truth, Love, and Virtue, 

2 portraits and 100 serio-ludici'ons etc/tings, Svo. 

boards, 13s 6d Ipswich, 1827 

This book — perhaps on account of its utter absurdity — was 

bought up, and consequently is somewhat scarce. 

COBDEN (Richard) Political Writings, 
2 vols. Svo. half russia extra, £1. 2s Qd 1867 


COBDEN (Richard) Political Writings, i 
2 vols. 1867 ; SPEECHES on Questions of Public Pol- 
icy, edited by John Bright and Prof. Thorold 
Rogers, with fine portrait, 2 vols. 1870 ; Cobden . 
and Political Opinion, by Prof. Thorold Ro- | 
gers, 1873 ; — together 5 vols. Svo.c/.f 2. 15s 1867-73 

Speeches on Questions of Public Policy, 

edited by Mr. Bright and Prof. Thorold Rogers, 
portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. Is 1870 

Speeches, post 8vo. cloth, 3s 1880 

Life of, by John Morley, Library Edition, 

with etched portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 16s (pub. 
£1. 126) _ 1881 

The same, Popular Edition, portrait, crown 

Svo. cloth, 6s 1883 

COCKBURN (Lord) Works : Life of Lord 
Jeffrey, and Memorials of his Time, portraits, 
2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 8s 1872 

Journal, 1831-54, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 10s 6d 

(pub. £1. Is) 1874 

COCKTON (H.) Valentine Vox, the Ven- 
triloquist, First Edition, with very numerous 
amusing illustrations, thick 8vo. half calf gilt, 
£1. Is 1844 

Another copy, new half morocco gilt, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £1. 3s 

COFFEE, its Cultivation and Profit, by E. L. 
Arnold, illustrated, Svo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 
10s 6d) 1886 

COKAIN (Sir Aston) Dramatic Works, with 
Memoir, Introduction and Notes by J. Maid- 
ment and W. H. Logan, large post 8vo. new 
cloth boards, 4s 6d (pub. 10s 6d) 1874 

Only 4<o copies of this edition printed, for Subscribers only. 

COLCHESTER (Lord : Speaker Abbot, 1802-17) 
DlARY and Correspondence of : edited by his Son, 
portrait, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. £2. 2s) 1861 

COLE (Sir Henry, c.b.) Fifty Years of 
Public Work, portrait, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. 8s 6d 1884 

COLEMAN (J.) The Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs 
of Great Britain, illustrated, 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1887 

COLENSO (Bishop) The Pentateuch and 
Book of Joshua Critically Examined, parts 
1-6, Svo. cloth (CHEAP), £1. Is 1862-71 

COLERIDGE (Hartley) Lives of Northern 
Worthies : the most distinguished Persons that 
have been born in, or connected with, Yorkshire 
and Lancashire, fine portraits, First Edition, 
Svo. hedf calf gilt, red edges {nice copy, nearly 
new), 17* 6d 1836 

COLERIDGE (Herbert) Glossarial Index 
to the printed English Literature of the Thir- 
teenth Century, Svo. cloth, 5s 1859 
" May be considered the foundation-stone of the Historical 

and Literary portion of the Philological Society's proposed 

English Dictionary" (no-w publishing). — Preface. 


COLERIDGE (S. T.) Works in Verse and 
Prose, edited by Hartley and Derwent 
Coleridge, First Editions {elegantly and uni- 
formly printed), with portraits, etc., 28 vols. Svo. 
and fcap. 8vo. neivly and beautifully bound in 
calf super-extra, top edges gilt (A CHARMING SET), 
very RARE, £22. Pickering and Moxon, 1835-53 

This very tine set comprises Poems, 3 vols., 1835 : The 
Friend, 3 vols., 1844 : Essays on his own Times, 3 vols., 1850: 
Lectures on Shakespeare, 2 vols., 1849 : Confessions of an In- 
quiring Spirit, 1840 : Church and State, 1839 : Aids to Reflexion, 
2 vols., 1843: Notes on English Divines, 2 vols., 1853 : Literary- 
Remains, 4 vols., 1836-9 : Life by J. Gillman, Vol. I. {all pub- 
lished), 1838. 

Of these, all are in foolscap 8vo. except the " Literary- 
Remains" and "Life," which arc in Svo. 

CO., 136, STRAND. 57 

COLERIDGE (S. T.) Poetical and Dramatic 
\\ ORES, wit li many additional pieces now first in- 
cluded, and with a collection of various readings, 
and Memoir, beautif idly printed by Robert Roberts, 
4 vols. fcp. 8vo. new mor., gt. ed., £2. 12s 6d 1880 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, elegantly 

printed, 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. new calf gilt, \8s 1885 

The same, new morocco super -extra, gilt 

edges, £1. 4s 

Poetical Works, Chandos Poets, reprinted 

from the early editions, with Memoir, Notes, etc., 
portrait and illustrations, crown 8vo. new calf 
gilt, lis n. d. 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s ; or, 

new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, \6s 6d 

Another edition, Chandos Classics, foolscap 

8vo. new half calf , 3s 6d n. d. 

Poems by, Second Edition, to which are 

now added Poems by Charles Lamb and 
Charles Lloyd, fcp. 8vo. brown calf gilt, uncut, 
top edges gilt, rare, £2. 2s Bristol, Cottle, 1797 

This is the First Edition' of Lamb's and Lloyd's Poems, 
and in such tine condition as the above very difficult to obtain. 

Christabel : Kubla Khan, a vision : The 

Pains of Sleep ; FIRST edition, Svo. calf gilt 
{rebacked), 15s 1816 

Dramatic Works, edited by the Rev. Der- 

went Coleridge, 12mo. new calf gilt, 9s 6cl; or, 
new morocco, gilt edges, 12s 6d v. y. 

Rime of the Ancient Mariner, icith 20 

large engravings from pictures by Sir Noel 
Paton, oblong folio, cloth, gilt edges (scarce), 
8s 6d Art'Union, 1863 

Ancient Mariner, illustrated in 40 plates 

by Gustave Dore in his own peculiar and 
masterly style, impl. folio, cloth, £1. 15s (pub; 
£4. 4s) 1876 

Osorio : a Tragedy, as originally written in 

1797, now first printed from a MS. copy recently 
discovered, with Variorum Readings of "Re- 
morse," and Monograph on the Play by the 
Author of " Tennysoniana,"fcp. Svo. bds. , os 1873 
The Friend : a Series of Essays to aid in 

the formation of fixed principles in Morals, 

Politics, and Religion, 12mo. calf gilt, Is 6d 1866 
Miscellanies, ^Esthetic and Literary ; and 

the Theory of Life, post 8vo. cloth, 3s 1885 
Notes on English Divines, 2 vols. 12mo. 

morocco, gilt edges, 8s 1853 

Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare, 

and some of the Old Poets and Dramatists, witli 
other Literary Remains, edited by Mrs. H. X. 
Coleridge, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. blue morocco neat, 
gilt edges, bound by Hayday (a pretty copy, very 
SCARCE), £3. 5s IT. Pickering, 1849 

Notes and Lectures on Shakespeare, 

Ben Jonson ; and Beaumont and Fletcher, post 
Svo. cloth, 3s 1881 

Another edition, post Svo. new morocco, gilt 

edges, 10s 6d 1883 

Literary Remains, collected and edited 

by the Rev. H. N. Coleridge, 4 vols. 1S36-9- 
Life, by J. Gillman, vol. 1 (all pub.), 1838: 
together 5 vols, large Svo. printed in fine bold 
type by Whittingham ; half morocco gilt, uncut, 
top edges gilt (scarce), £4. 4s Pickering, 1836 9 
Life of, by James Gillman, vol. 1 (all 

published), Svo. cloth, uncut (a few pages slight!;/ 
stained), cheap, 5s Pickering, 183S 

This volume, though the work was unfortunately never 
finished, is indispensable to every student of Coleridge, and 
should always form part of a set of his works- 



handsomely printed on toned paper, as below : — 

136, STRAND. 

v. y. (circa 1862-70) 

THE PHOENIX NEST of the most rare and 
refined workes of Noble men, woorthy Knights, 
braue Schollers, etc., set forth by R. S., 1593 ; 
and The Gorgious Gallery of Gallant 
Inventions, by T. P., 1578, in 1 vol. roxburghe, 
top edges gilt, £1. 2s 6d n. d. 

GORGIOUS Gallery of Gallant Inven- 
tions, garnished and decked with divers 
dayntie devices, by divers Worthy Workemen 
of late Daves, joyned together and builded up 
by T. P., 1578, sewn, £1. \s n. d. 

THE LAMENTATION of a Christen against 
the City of London, for some certain greate vyces 
used therein, 154S, roxburghe, 6s t 6d n. d. 

noble and valiant Knight Plasidas, by John 
Partridge. 1566, roxburghe, 6s Qd n. d. 

THE TRAGICAL and lamentable Historie of 
Two FAYTHFULL Mates, Ceyx and Alcione, by 
W. Hubbard, 1569, roxburghe, 6s 6d n. d. 

WHETSTONE (G.) The Rocke of Regard, 
1576, roxburghe, top edges gilt, £1. 2s 6d n. d. 

DAVISON'S Poetical Rapsody, containing 
Sonnets, Odes, Elegies, etc., 1602; also, The 
Paradyse of daynty deuises, by Mr. Ed- 
wardes and others, 1578, in 1 vol. roxburghe, top 
edges gilt, £1. 2s 6d n. d. 

PIERCES Supererogation ; or a New Prayse 
of the Old Asse, a Preparation to certaine larger 
Discourses intituled S. Fame, by Ga- 
briell Harvey, 1593, roxburghe, top edges gilt, 
£\.2s6d n.d. 

TURBERVILE (G.) Epitaphes, Epigrams, 
Songs and Sonets, 1567, roxburghe, top edges 
gilt, £1. 2s 6d n. cL 

Allot, 1600, 5 parts, crown 4to. sewn, as issued, 

clean and uncut, £3, 
- Another copy 

35 Privately printed, 1867 
in 1 vol. roxburghe, top edges 

Title, Introduction, and 
Seven English Poetical 

gilt, £2. 105 

The above copy contains the 
Preface to the editor's series of ' 

The impression was strictly limited to fifty copies. Mr. J. 
Payne Collier assigned many of the poems for the first time to 
their true authors. Among the contributors to this Anthology 
is Shakespeare himself. 

DANIEL (Samuel) Delia: containing cer- 
tayne Sonnets : with the Complaint of Rosamond, 
1592, sewn, \6s n. d. 

An exact facsimile of the earliest known edition of Daniel's 
Delia, made from an unique copy of that impression. The other 
piece, " The Complaint of Rosamond," is a new and enlarged 
edition of the first impression. 

beth, and Jacob. I. ; in 8 parts, crown 4to. sewn, 
£5. 105 1870, etc. 

Greene's (R.) Perimedes the Blacke-smith : a golden 
Methode, how to use the Minde in pleasant and profitable 
Exercise, 1588 ; A Quip for an Upstart Courtier, 1592 — Nashe's 
(T.) Strange Newes of the intercepting certaine Letters and a 
Convoy of Verses, 1592 ; Pierce Penilesse, Supplication to the 
Divell, 1592 — Harvey's (Gabriel) Foure Letters and certaine 
Sonnets : especially touching Robert Greene, etc., i$Q2 ; Pierce's 
Supererogation, 1593 ; New Letter of Notable Contents, 1593 — 
Guilpin'b (Edward) Skialetheia; or a Shadowe of Truth in 
certaine Epigrams and Satyres, 1598. 

Of some of these Privately Printed Pieces only 50 copies (and in some cases only 25) were 
executed ; consequently none are more difficult of acquisition. Their intrinsic merit and importance are 


ations on English Poets and Poetry, par- 
ticularly of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I., 
2 vols, post 8vo. boards, Vis 6d 1820 

HISTORY of English Dramatic Poetry, to 
the time of Shakespeare, and Annals of the 
Stage to the Restoration, 3 vols, crown 8vo. half 
levant morocco, top edges gilt, £3. 1831 

COLERIDGE (Sara), Memoirs and Letters 
of, edited by her Daughter, post Svo. cl., 6s 1875 

COLIGNY, by E. Bersier, trans, by Holmden, 
8vo. cloth, 3s Qd (pub. 7s 6c?) 1884 

COLLIER (Jeremy) Ecclesiastical History 
of Great Britain, with brief account of Ireland; 
edited with Life, Notes, etc., by F. Barham, 
9 vols. 8vo. half morocco, red edges (cheap), 
£2. 2* 1840 

Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain. 

from the earliest times to the end of the Reign of 
K. Charles II., with Brief account of the Affairs 
of Religion in Ireland ; new edition, with Life, 
by the Rev. T. Lathbury, the Controversial 
Tracts connected with the History, and enlarged 
Index, 9 vols. 8vo. cl., £1. 10s (pub.* £4. 14.? 6d) 1852 
Short View of the Immorality and Pro- 

i \nk.\ ess of the English Stage, third edition, 

8vo. old calf {scarce), 5s 1098 
FOUETB Edition, fine copy in old red 

morocco gilt {scarce), 13s dd 1699 

COLLOP (J., m.d.) Poesis Redivtva, or Poesie 

Reviv'd, small Svo. old calf, 9s 1656 

i:cated to Lord Dorchester. Bindley's copy fetched i°]s. 

COLMAN (G.) Dramatic Works, 4 vols, post 
Svo. clean copy in old at. cf. {scarce state), £1. \s 


COLLINS (William) Poetical Works, with 
Memoir, reprint of the elegant Aldine edition, 
portrait, post Svo. large paper, new calf extra, 
gilt edges, 10s 6d 1866 

COLLINS (W. Wilkie) Novels, new illust- 
rated Library Edition ; with several full-page 
illustrations in each volume, 24 vols, post Svo. new 
half morocco, £7. 187.1 

The Woman in White: Antonina, or the Fall of Rome: 
Basil: Dead Secret : Queen of Hearts: Moonstone: Man and 
Wife : Hide and Seek, or the Mystery of Mary Grice : Poor 
Miss Finch: Miss or Mrs.?: New Magdalen: Frozen Deep: 
My Miscellanies : The Law and the Lady: After Dark : Arma- 
dale : No Name : Fallen Leaves : Jezebel's Daughter : The 
Two Destinies : Haunted Hotel : The Black Robe : I say No ! j 
Heart and Science. 

After Dark, first edition, 2 vols, post 

8vo. cloth, 106- 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1856 

COMBER (T., Bean of Durham) Companion 
to the Temple ; a Help to Devotion in the use of 
the Common Prayer, 7 vols. 8vo. tree-marbled 
calf gilt, by Rividre, £2. 5s Oxford, 1841 

" Let him read Comber's Companion to the Temple, which I 
heartily wish might be put into the hands of every Clergyman." 
— Dr. H. OtaetCi Address. " It is an able and devotional work of 
considerable value." — Bicker st eth. 

CONDE (Dr. J. A.) History of the Dominion 
of the ABABS in Spain, trans, by Mrs. J. Foster, 
front. ,3 vols, post Svo. {nice copy), 16s 1854 


Lawmind (John, i.e. John Wildmax), Putney 
Proiects, Or the Old Serpent in a New Forme, 


the only copy which has occurred for sale) ; 
Papers of the Treatie at a great Meeting of the 
Generall Officers of the Army at the Head- 
quarters at PUTNEY, woodcitt portrait of Fairfax, 
1647 ; A Declaration from his Excellence Sir 
Thomas Fairfax and the Generall Councel of the 
Army, held at Putney, 1647; and numerous 
other tracts, bound together in 2 vols. 4to. half 
calf, fine uncut copies, £2. 2s 1645-7 

COMMYNES (Philippe de), Memoires, 
nouvelle edition, revue sur un MS. ayant appar- 
tenu a Diane de Poitiers, par R. Chantelauze, 
4 fine chromolithographs and numerous wood- 
engravings, super-royal 8vo. sewn, £1. 1.9 

Paris, Didot, 1881 

COMTE (A.) Positive Philosophy, freely 
translated and condensed by Harriet Mar 
TINEAU, 2 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 10s 6d 1853 

System of Positive Polity : vol. 2, Social 

Statics, Svo. cloth, Us 1875 

CONCHOLOGY :— See Natural History, 

CONDER (Capt. C. R, R.e.) Syrian Stone- 
lore ; or, the Monumental History of Palestine, 
with illustrations, Svo. new cloth, 6s 1SS6 

CONDER ( Josiah) Analytical and Comparative 
View of All Religions now extant ; with their 
internal Diversities of Creed and Profession, Svo. 
half calf antique, red edges, 5s 6d (pub. 14-5) 183S 

CONINGTON (Prof.) Miscellaneous 
Writings (on English Literature, Latin Litera- 
ture, General Scholarship, Essays from the " Con- 
temporary Review," Virgil's Poems translated 
into English Prose, etc.), edited by J. A. Symonds, 
with Memoir by Prof. H. Smith, 2 vols. Svo. 
tree-calf gilt, £1. 16s 1872 

Another copy, vellum gilt, red edges, £2. 2s 

CONSTABLE (Henry) : Diana, or the excel- 
lent conceitful Sonnets of H. C, augmented with 
divers Quatorzains of honourable and lerned per- 
sonages, Deuided into viij Decads ; 16mo. new 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 18s 6d 

Reprint o/1584 (1818) 

Obviously misdated for 1594. Only 50 copies printed. 

Diana ; Sonnets and other Poems ; now 

first collected, and edited, with Life, by W. C. 
Hazlitt ; with a few Notes and Illustrations by 
T. Park, square post Svo. cloth, 5s 

B. M. Pickering, 1859 
The same, Svo. LARGE paper [only 20 copies 

printed), calf extra, gilt uncut edges, by the late 
F. Bedford, 10s Qd 

" Malone considered that Shakespeare was probably in- 
debted to Constable's ' Shepherd's Song of Venus and Adonis.' 
Ben Jonson and Sir John Harington mention Constable in very 
laudatory terms." 

COOK (Captain) Voyages round the World, 
edited by John Barrow, with illustrations front 
drawings made during the Voyages, crown Svo. 
new calf gilt, 8s 1879 

COOK (Eliza) Poems, with portrait and 11 
pretty steel plates by Adlard, 3 vols. fcap. Svo. 
cloth, Is M 1848 

Poems, selected and edited by the Author, 

elegantly printed on toned paper, with portrait 

and 80 beautiful woodcuts by Sir J. Gilbert, 

Harrison Weir, etc., crown 4to. morocco super - 

ra, gilt edges, 12s M 1861 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 59 

COOK (Eliza) Poetical Works, complete, 
Chandos Poets, with portrait and steel engravings, 
crown Svo. neiv calf gilt, Us n. d. 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s ; or, 

new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 165 6d 

Another edition (Chandos Classics), post Svo. 

new calf gilt, 3s 6d n. d. 

Poetical Works, Lansdowne Edition, 

illustrated, or. Svo. new morocco, gt. ed., 6s n. d. 
CONTRASTO di Cicarello da Cazan da Contras- 
tare in Maschera & uno maridazzo di Toniolo & 
la Meguosa, narrando tutte le virtu del sposo, & 
della sposa, cosa piaceuole & rediculosa, curious 
woodcut on title-page, lSmo. half morocco, 9s n. d. 

CONYBEARE (Rev. W. J.) Essays (Social 
Condition of the Mountain Clergy at the present 
day, Church Parties, Mormonism, Intemperance, 
etc.), Svo. cloth, 4s (pub. 12s) 1855 

and DEAN HOWSON : The Life 

and Epistles of St. Paul, large type Library 
edition, illustrated with numerous highly finished 
steel plates, maps and woodcuts, 2 vols. 4to. new 
cedf extra, gilt edges, £2. 15s 1855 

New Edition, cloth gilt, top edges gilt, 

£1. 10s 1875 

Another copy, new cedf antique, red edges, 

£3. 10s 

- Another copy, new morocco extra, gt. ed., £5. 
The same, new edition, with upwards ofQO 

fine steel plates and numerous wood engravings, 
2 vols, square Svo. new cedf gilt, or, calf antique, 

or, tree-calf, £1. 10s 1S77 

The same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, 

£2. 2s 

Cheap Edition, with woodcuts and maps, 

thick post Svo. new calf gilt, 12s ; or, new calf 
antique, 13s 1883 

Another copy, new morocco ex., gt. ed., 16s 6d 

BRISSE (Baron) 366 Menus and 1200 Pre- 
cipes, translated by Mrs. M. Clark, post Svo. 
hedf bound, 4s 1S84 

FRANC ATELLI (C. Elme) The Modern 
Cook, a practical guide to the Culinary Art, 
portrait and 60 illustrations, Svo. cloth, 9s 1883 
GOUFFE (A.) The Book of Preserves, 34 
woodcuts, Svo. half bound, 8s Qd 1871 

MODERN Domestic Cookery, woodcuts, post 
Svo. cloth, 4s 1SS0 

MURRAY'S Modern Cookery Book, illust- 
rated, crown Svo. cloth, 4s 1880 
COOPER (J. Fenimore) Novels and Tales ; 
26 vols, post Svo. in 13, cloth, £1. 12s M n. d. 

The same, new half calf extra, £2. 12s 6d 

COPLEY (John, Seminarie Priest) Doctrinall 
and Morall Observations concerning Reli- 
gion : Wherein the Avthor declareth the Reasons 
of his late un-enforced departure from the 
CHURCH of Rome, and of his incorporation to the 
present Church of England, small 4to. scwti {clean 
copy), very RARE, u)iknown to Lowndes, 12s 1612 

CORNEILLE (P.) Theatre complet; avecsa 
Vie par Fontenelle, et un Dictionnaire des Mots 
qui ont vieilli, portrait and numerous COLOURED 
PLATES of his principal characters, impl. Svo. hfi 
morocco, gt. ed. {handsome edit.), £1. Is Paris, 1869 

CORNWALL (Barry,£. W.Procter) Dramatic 
Scenes, with other Poems, now first printed, 
with woodcut illustrations by J. Tenniel, Birket 
Foster, and others, crown Svo. morocco extra, 
gilt edges, as good as new, £1. 4s 1S57 





Consisting of 500 Plates (300 in Colours, Gold, and Silver, and 200 in 

" Cama'ieu," or improved tinted lithography), executed in the finest style of Art by 
Messrs. Firmin-Didot and Co., of Paris, representing authentic examples of the 
Costumes and Ornaments of all Times and among all Nations, with numerous choice 
specimens of Furniture, Glass, Ornamental Metal Work, Arms and Armour. Useful 
Articles, Modes of Transport, etc., with Explanatory Notices and an Historical Dissert- 
ation (in French). 

The complete work, forming Six fine Volumes, will consist of Five Volumes of Plates (each containing 
100, with notices) and One of Text. 

The first portion of the 20th part has recently been published, and the second 
portion, containing complete tables of contents, title -pages, indexes, etc., com- 
pleting the work, will be published at an early date, gratis. 

Price of the Work complete in Twenty Parts :— Nett price. 

Ordinary Edition, small 4to. (8i "by 7 2 inches), in portfolios . . . . £10 10 

LARGE PAPER EDITION, folio (16 bv 114 inches) impressions on Tinted Paper, 

ditto 21 

This magnificent work is undoubtedly the finest of its class that has ever been published : it 
approaches finality in its thoroughness and exhaustive character as a work of research, and the exquisite 
nature of its chromolithographic illustrations (such as the finest art of Paris only could produce) makes 
it worthy to be possessed wholly on account of their beauty as works of art. As no possessor of it would 
wish his" copy to remain in an unbound state, Messrs. H. SOTHERAN and Co. beg to direct attention 
without delay to the subject of the 


which they possess the greatest facilities for executing in the choicest styles, worthy of so fine a work, and 
for which they therefore invite early communications from subscribers to enable them to have their copies 
attended to without delay on the completion of the work. 

MODES ET COSTUMES HIST0RIQUES, dessines et graves par Pauquet Freres, d'apres 
les meilleurs Maitres de chaque epoque et les Documents les plus authentiques, an 
extensive series of full-length Figures, beautifully engraved and tastefully hand-coloured 
on 96 plates, representing the various French Costumes from the Fifth Century to the 
present time, thick royal 4to. handsomely bound in half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 15s s. d. 

The same, morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s 

A beautiful and charming book, the plates being drawn and coloured with rare precision and taste. 
All the Figures, which are full-length, are taken from trustworthy authorities, and represent the varieties 
and changes of the Costume of different classes from the earliest times to the present. We have Kings, 
Queens* and the Members of their Courts, the Nobility, Professional Men, Belles, and Beaux, Domestics, 
Town and Country People, Courtesans, Ladies in full dress and en deshabille, the strict dress of High 
Society, and the grotesque habiliments of the period of the Revolution and the Directory, followed by 
more recent vicissitudes of fashion. 

to the present day, 96 full-length portraits engraved by Pauquet Brothers, after the 
designs of Albert Diirer, Titian, Vecellio, Jost Amman, Holbein, Rubens, Vandych, Hollar, 
Bourdon, St. Sauveur, Koning, Lecluse, Dupre, and the principal Artists of the present 
age, all delicately and accurately hand-coloured, royal 4to. handsomely half bound in 
morocco, gilt edges, £2. 15s 1875 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s 

This work is executed in the same style of excellence as the preceding, to which it forms a companion, 

and has an interest of its own, as displaying not only costumes, but the portraits of nearly 100 eminent 

personages as depicted by celebrated painters. 


Books on Costume, continued : — 


COSTUMES OF ALL NATIONS, Ancient raid Modern, exhibiting the Dresses and Habits 
of all Classes, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Noble, Military, and Civil, both Male and Female, 
from the earliest historical Records to the Nineteenth Century, by Messrs. Rohrbach 
and Kretschmer, with 104 coloured plates, displaying nearly 2000 full-length figures, 
including many Historical Personages, arranged in chronological order, finely executed in 
chromo-lithography, 4to. half morocco, emblematically gilt on side, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1882 

Another copy, finely bound in morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £4. 10s 

This comprehensive and authoritative Work is, in addition to the Costumes, made more interesting by 
its exhibiting numerous necessaries and adorn mints, e.g. : — 

Regal Insignia : Crowns, Sceptres, Orbs, Thrones, etc. ; Arms and Armour of every description ; 
Personal Ornaments : Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Bangles, Earrings, Sandals, etc. ; Domestic 
Articles: Cabinets, Commodes, Cotters, Reading Desks. Beds, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Seats, Mirrors, 
Clocks, Water- Vessels, Baskets, Inkstands, Walking-sticks, Umbrellas, Fans, Torches, Lamps, Incensi ■ 
burners, etc. ; Musical Instruments of all kinds, and various other articles. 

The Designs are copied with scrupulous exactness from Artistic and Literary Sources : so that we are 
enabled to look upon a Perfect Picture of the Costumes of all Nations in Peace and in War. 

COSTUMES of the CLANS of the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, by R. R. MTan : see under 
Scotland, post. 

ALEXANDER (W.) Picturesque Repre- 
sentations of the Dress and Manners of the 
English, Austrians, Turks, Russians and 
Chinese, consisting of 274 beautiful plates, 
coloured by hand, with Descriptions to each, 
5 vols, square 8vo. half morocco gilt (nice set), 
£3. 10s n. d. 

BEYSCHLAG (R.) Figures of Female Grace 
and Beauty in Costumes of Various Centuries ; 
being 12 charming reproductions of Drawings in 
Pastel, mounted, roval folio, in a handsome decor- 
ated cloth portfolio^ 10s 6rf (sells £1. 1*) 1886 

A splendid series of costumes : 

BONNARD (Camille) Costumes Historiques 
du Xlle an XVe Siecle, Texte Historique et 
Descriptif : avec Introduction par Charles Blanc, 

3 vols.— Costumes Historiques des XVIe, 
XVIIe, et XVIIIe Siecles— Texte par G. Dr- 
plessis, 2 vols. — the t'-hole illustrated with 3.50 
splendid and most accurately drawn and 
coloured plates, heightened with gold and 
silyer, designed by E. L. Cheyignard and 
Paul Mercuri ; together 5 vols, royal 4to. half 
morocco neat, top edges gilt, £14. 14.s Paris, 1S60-7 

COSTUMES :— A CoUection of the Dresses of 
different Nations. Antient and Modern, particu- 
larly Old English Dresses, after the Designs 
of Holbein, Vandyke, Hollar, and others, to 
which are added the Habits of the Principal 
Characters on the English Stage, with Descrip- 
tions in English and French, a very extensive and 
vol noble series of portraits in character or costunn . 
including many after Titian and several of the 
heroes and heroines of Shakespeare's Plays. 

4 vols, royal 4to. in 2, old calf, with the late Rev. 
H. T. Ellacombe's bookplate, extremely rare. 
£5. 10* 1757 

Trachten der Yolker, von Reginn der ge- 
schichte his zumneunzehnten Jahrhundert,von Dr. 
Carl Rohrbach, with 100 coloured plates con- 
taining several thousand figures by A. Kretsch- 
mer, plates and text guarded throughout, thick 
4to. stamped leather, extra gilt, gilt edges, in a 
box, £3. Leipzig, 1864 

See above for the English translation of this valuable work. 

BOOK of COSTUME, or Annals of Fashion, 
from the Earliest Period, by a Lady of Rank - . 
with illuminated title, and. 236 wood-engravings 

by the most eminent artists, Svo. cloth, Ids 6c/ 
(pub. £1. 1*) 1847 

FAIRHOLT (P. W.) Costume in England, a 
History of Dress to the end of the 18th century, 
with illustrated Glossary of Terms, nearly 700 
engravings by the Author, revised edition, by the 
Hon. H. A. Dillon, 2 vols, post Svo. new hf. mor. 
extra, 16s; or. new cf. extra, top cd. gt., lis 1885 

GRANT (James) The Tartans of the Clans 
of SCOTLAND, with an Introductory Account of 
Celtic Scotland, Clanship, Chiefs, their Dress, 
Arms, etc., with Historical Notes of each Clan. 
71 large and accurately coloured plates of the 
Tartans, with the Arms of the Chiefs emblazoned 
in gold and colours, roval 4to. cloth extra, top 
edges gilt. £1. Is (pub. £2. 2s) 1S86 

GUILLAUMONT (Mons., Fils) Costumes 
Anglais du Temps de la Reyulution [Fran- 
chise] et du Premier Empire, 1795-1806, 25 
etchings, carefully coloured by hand, 4to. in clot// 
case, 16s 1879 

HOPE (T.) The Costume of the Ancient-: 
Egyptians, Parthians, Persians, Armenians, 
Dacians, Phrygians, Amazons, Sarmatians, 
Syrians, Etruscans ; Greek and Roman Costume, 
Armour, Head-Dress, Warriors, Priests, Females, 
Monarchs, Bacchanalians, Phil - ■pliers, .Musical 
Instruments, Altars. Arms, etc., 300 plates, 2 
vols, royal Svo. half calf . £2. 2s 1812 

Nev.' edition, with numerous additional 

plates. 2 vols, roval Svo. cloth. £2. 1841 

ITALIAN SCENERY ; representing the 
Manners, Customs, and Amusements of the dif- 
ferent States of Italy, 32 large coloured engravings 
containing numerous FIGURES OF THE PEOPLE 
from drawings by P. VAN Lerberghi : the Nar- 
rative, in French and English, by Buonaiuti, folio, 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 18-s 1823 

LACY (T. H.) Costume, Male and Female; 
Historical, National and Dramatic, 400 accu- 
rately coloured plates, with a Classified 
Index ; 2 vols. 4to. half morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£6. 10s (pub. £10. 106) Lacy, 1S65-8 

One of the largest and most suggestive and useful collections 
of costumes for Fancy-Dress Balls etc. published. 



Books ox Costume, continued: — 

LA MODE, containing about 750 CAREFULLY i 
female fashions, including thcsingularly ridiculous 
children, mostly conceived in the lowest bathos of \ 
bad taste and of almost inconceivable hideousness, 
and exceedingly interesting as illustrating the 
France of the Romantic Period ; with descriptions 
of the plates, and political and literary gossip, etc., 
39 voLs. 8vo. and roval Svo. uniformly bound in 
half calf gilt, rare,* £6. 65 {Paris, 1830-42) 

MARECHAL (Sylvain) Costumes Ciyils, tie 
Tous les Peuples Connus, accompagnes d'une 
Notice Historique, etc., numerous carefully 
coloured plates, 4 vols, crown 4to. red morocco, 
gilt edges {scarce), £4. 15s Paris, 17S4 

MEYRICK (Sir S. R) and C. H. SMITH, 
Costnme of the Original Inhabitants of the British 
Islands and Gothic Nations on the Western Coasts 
of the Baltic, Ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons and 
Anglo-Danes, 24 fine coloured plates, folio, morocco 
extra {with Lord Farnborough's book-plate), 
£2. 106- Bulmer, 1821 

of the Dress and Manners of the English, 

FIFTY COLOURED FLATES of all classes of the 
people, with descriptions, square 8yo. russia, gilt 
edges, with book-plate of the late Rev. H. T. Ella- 
combe {cheap), £1. Is 1814 


PLANCHE (J. R., Somerset Herald) Cyclo- 
paedia of Costume, or Dictionary of Dress. Regal, 
Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, from the 
Earliest Period in England to the Reign of 
George III., including Notices of contemporaneous 
Fashions on the Continent, and General History 
of the Costumes of the principal Countries of 
Europe, embellished with SEVERAL thousands 
of Illustrations {plain plates, woodcuts, and 
chromolithographs), 2 fine large yoIs. 4to. half 
morocco, gilt edges, £3. 135 Od (pub. £7. 7s) 1876-9 

Another copy, 'morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, £8. 8s 

" One of the most perfect works ever published upon the 
subject. The illustrations are numerous and excellent, and 
would, even without the letterpress, render the work an invalu- 
able book of reference for information as to costumes for fancy 
balls and character quadrilles." — Standard. 

PLANCHE (J. R., Somerset Herald) General 
History of Costume in Europe, from the begin- 
ning of the Christian Era to the Accession of George 
III., with woodcuts a.ndbeau.tif idly coloured plates, 
4to. cloth, extra gilt, yeey cheap, 12s 6d n. d. 
The above is the volume of "History" in the well-known 
" Cyclopaedia of Costume," and is the remainder of the edition 
of that work, the rest of which was unfortunately destroyed by 
a recent tire. As it contains not only the Text, but also the 
woodcuts and coloured plates (though the exact number is not 
guaranteed], it is certainly the cheapest and usefullest General 
History of Costume at present to be had. 

RELIGIOUS Orders, Costumes of, Male and 
Female : — BONANNUS ^Ph. ) Ordinum Religiosoruni 
in Ecclesia Militanti Catalogus (Lat. et Ital.), 
vols. 1 and 2, with 241 plates of Religious Habits; 
square royal Syo. veil tan, £1. 10s Roma, 1706-7 

RELIGIOUS and Ciyil Orders, Costumes 
of : Afbeeldingen en Beschryvingen van alle 
Geestelyke en Wereldlyke Ordens, Zedert Haare 
stichting tot, Op Onzen tyd, 18 etched plates 
coloured by hand, thin Svo. half bound {scarce), 
12s 6 d Te Amsterdam, 1791 

SHAW (H., f.s.a.) Works on Costume and 
Decoration : see under Shaw, post. 

SMITH (Lt.-Col. C. Hamilton) Ancient 
Costume of Great Britain and Ireland, 
7th to 16 th century, from rare Specimens, "with 
Descriptions, 60 spirited coloured plates, some 
Icightened with gold, of Historical Characters, 
different Classes of Society, Engines of War and 
Peace, Ships, etc., with full letterpress, folio, half 
morocco, uncut, £1. 17s 6d (1S13) 

STRUTT (Joseph) Works on Costume etc. 
see under Strutt, post. 

THEATRE, Histoire du Costume au, with 27 
plates, impl. Svo. sewn, 6s Paris, 1S80 

VECELLIO (Cesare) Costumes Anciens et 
Modern es, precedes d'un Essai sur la Gravure 
sur Bois par M. Anibroise Firmin Didot ; 513 
full-length figures, with descriptions in F remit 
and Italian, every page surrounded with woodcut 
borders, 2 vols. Svo. morocco super-extra, hand- 
somely tooled on sides, gilt edges, £3. 3s I860 

WALKER (G.) Costume of Yorkshire, a re- 
production of the original edition of 1S14, with 
Introduction by E. Hailstone, Forty-one Col- 
oured Engrayings, with Descriptions in 
English and French, royal folio, half moroccm 
neat, top edges gilt, £3. 3s (pub. £4. 4s) Leeds, 188a 

k rem \rkably magnificent WORK : 
solemnized in Westminster Abbey, July 19, 1821 : 
a Series of 33 large and most magniheent paint- 
many of the most illustrious and distinguished 
personages who formed the splendid procession, 
attired in their resplendent robes of State, bearing 
all the Insignia of Office in their various capaci- 
ties, COLOURED in the FIRST STYLE of ART, like 

highly finished miniatures, with descriptivi letter- 

9, FEINTED in LETTERS OF GOLD, on thick 

card-boards, Atlas folio, in new half morocco 
portfolio, £8. 10» Westminster, Whittaker, 1821-9 

A cheaper copy, with plain letterpress, half 

morocco, £6. 10s 
This is one of the most sumptuous works ever executed, and 
was produced regardless of expense, to the glory of "the 


The Portraits are all full-length, dressed in their sumptuous 
Coronation robes, and acquire an additional value from the 
fact that the distinguished personages sat expressly for this 
work, and of several no other portraits exist, 

CORPUS ScriptorumClassicorum, Graecornnj 
et Latmorum, ad optimorum librorum ridem accu- 
rate editum, sumptibus et typia TAUCHNJTII, 61 
yoIs. ISnio. half cedf neat, A CHEAP AND USEFUL 
SET, £3. 3s Lipsice, 1S20 

CORY (W.) Guide to Modern English Hist- 
ory, vols. 1 and 2, 1815-35, Sxo. cloth, 18s 6rf 1SS0-2 

CORY (I. P.) Metaphysical, Mythological 
and Chronological Inquiries {the first ai 
Appendix to the " Ancient Fragments**), the three 
series complete, 3 vols. Svo. in one, cloth, 10s 6d 

Pickering, 1S33-7 

CORYAT'S (T.) Crudites, reprinted from the 
edition of 1611, to which are now added his 
Letters from INDIA, and other numerous Addition*, 
being a more particular account of his Travels 
(mostly on foot) than any hitherto published ; 
with his Orations. Character, Death, etc. : copper 
/dates, 3 yoIs. Svo. new Judf morocco gilt, £3. 10s 



COURTISAN (Le) Predestine, ou le Due de 
Joyeuse, Capucin, par M. de Calliere, both parts 
in one volume, frontispiece of the Ducal Ascetic, 
12mo. purple morocco extra, gold borders and gilt 
edges, RARE, £1.7s Qd Paris, 1668 

COVERDALE (Bishop Miles) A Christen 

"What a righte & lawfull othe is : whare, and 
"before whom it ought to be. Item, The maner of 
saying grace, or geuyng thankes vnto God ; 18mo. 
Mark [s\\ix, fine copy i>i brown morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by F. Bedford ; excessively rare, 
£5. 10* " N. Hyll,for A. Fete [1550] 

A beautifully clean copy, with the blank leaf at the end. 


necessary & profitable for all them that entend to 
liue quietly and godlye in the Christen state of 
holy wedlock, newly set forth in Englyshe, 1546 
[sic pro 1543], 18nio". Mark Icttrr, calf, £3. '6s 1543 
This was Herbert's copy. It is one of the books prohibited 

by proclamation 21 Henry VIII. Prefixed to the first chapter. 

at si;j;n C 3, is a singular woodcut in the style of Holbein, of 

the creation of Eve. 

COWPER (W.) Works : Poems, Correspond- 
ence, and Translations, with Life and Notes by 
SOUTHEY, fine portraits and other plates {slightly 
foxed), 15 vols. fcap. 8vo. hfi morocco, £1. Is 1835 

Another edition of the same, with portrait 

and illustrations, 8 vols, post 8vo. new tree-calf 
extra, £2. 10s 1854 

Poems, edited, with Memoir, by Robert 

Bell, 3 vols. 12mo. morocco, gilt edges, 16s n. d. 

Poems, Aldine Edition (with Life by Sir 

Harris Nicolas), portrait, 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. 
morocco, gilt edges, 10s Qd Pickering, 1843 

Reprint of the Aldine Edition, with Memoir 

and additional Pieces (including his Translations), 
edited by J. Bruce ; 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. half morocco, 
10s n. d. 

The same, newmor. elegant, gt. edges, £1. 10s 

The Chandos Edition, with Memoir. 

Notes, Portrait, and many illustrations, crown 
8vo. morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s Qd n. d. 

Globe Edition, with Notes and Biograph- 
ical Introduction by the Rev. W. Benham, b.d., 
crown 8vo. cloth, 3s 1879 

The same, neiv cedf gilt, Is Qd 

Another copy, new morocco elegant, gilt 

edges, 10s Qd ; or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 
12s Qd 

Another Edition, including his Translation 

of Homer, edited by the Rev. H. F. Cary, por- 
trait and plates, royal 8vo. calf gilt, 14s Qd 1875 

Lansdowne Edition, illustrated, crown Svo. 

new morocco, gilt edges, 6s n. d. 

Poetical Works, edited, with Memoir, by 

W. M. Rossetti, illustrated by T. Seccombe, post 
Svo. cloth, 3s n. d. 

The same, new cedf gilt, 8s; or, new morocco 

extra, gilt edges, 12s Qd 

Poetical Works, with Life, edited by the 

Rev. R. A. Willmott, illustrated by Birkct 
Foster, 12mo. new calf gilt, Is Qd 

Another Edition, post Svo. new morocco 

extra, gilt edges, 12s Qd n. d. 

The Task, illustrated by Birkct Foster, 

crown 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 8s 1878 

Selections from his Poems, with Intro- 
duction by Mrs. Oliphant (Golden Treasury 
Series), fcap. Svo. new morocco, gilt edges, 9s 1883 

Letters, with Introduction by the Rev. W. 

Benham (Golden Treasury Series), fcap. Svo. 
cloth, 3s Qd 1884 

CO., 136, STRAND. 63 

COWTAN (R.) Memories of the Briiimi 
MUSEUM, with portrait, Svo. cloth, ±s Qd (pub. 
14s) 1872 

COX (A.) The Landlord's and Tenants ( ;uide : 
Information upon the Procuring, etc., of Estates 
and Houses, geological map, Svo. cloth, 5s 1853 

COX (David), Biography of, with remark- on 

his Life and Genius by W. Hall, portrait, Svo. 

cloth, Is Qd 1881 

COX (Rev. Sir G. W.) History of Gri 

from the Earliest Times to the close of the 

Peloponnesian War, numerous maps, 2 vols. Svo. 

cloth, £1." Is (pub. £1. 16s) ]s74 

Another copy, new cloth, £1. 8s 1878 

The same, new calf extra, £1. 18s 

General History of Greece, to the Death 

of Alexander the Great ; with Sketch of its after 

History to the present Time, numerous maps, 

post Svo. new cedf gilt, lis 6c/ 1876 
Tales of Ancient Greece; post Svo. new 

cedf gilt, 9s Qd 1880 
The Athenian Empire, 5 maps, 24mo. 

cloth, 2s 1876 
Introduction to the Science of Mythology 

and Folklore, post Svo. cloth, Is 1886 

and E. H. JONES : Popular Romances 

of the Middle Ages, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s; 
or, new tree-calf extra, lis 1880 

COX (Serjeant) The Mechanism of Man, an 
Introduction to Mental Physiology and Psycho- 
logy, Third Edition, 2 vols. cr. Svo." cloth, \hs 1879 


COXE (Archdeacon) Historical Works, best 
editions, with numerous fine portraits, together 
7 vols, royal 4to. LARGE paper, SPLENDIDLY 
edges, as good as new, from Mr. Hartley's collec- 
tion, with his bookplate, £21. 1798-1S29 

Contents : — Memoirs of the Life and Administration of 
Sir Robert Walpole, 3 vols. 1798 — Memoirs of Horatio, Lord 
Walpole, 1675-1757, 1 vol. 1803— Private and Original Corre- 
spondence of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury. 1 vol. 1821 
— Memoirs of the Pelham Administration, 2 vols. 1829. 

CRABBE (Rev. G.) Poetical Works, com- 
plete, edited with Life by his Son, with port re it 
and steel plates after R. Westall, Leslie, etc., 
royal Svo. cloth, 5s Qd (pub. 9s) 1861 

- The same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, ISs 
Another copy, cedf gilt {nice copy), Is Qd 1847 

CRAIK (G. L.) History of English Litera- 
ture and of the English Language, 2 vols, roval 
Svo. cloth, £1. 1878 

CRAIK (Mrs., Miss Unlock) Thirty Years : 
being Poems New and Old, crown Svo. cloth, 
4s 1881 

The Fairy Book, the best Popular Fairy 

Stories selected and rendered anew, 12mo. new 
morocco, gilt edges, 9s ; or, morocco extra, gilt 
edges, 10s Qd 1878 

-William, 24th Earl of; when Lord Lindsay) 

Lives of the Lindsays, with facsimiles and 
pedigrees, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, scarce, £2. 2s 1S49 

Sketches of the History of Christian 

Art, original edition, 3 vols. Svo. half calf 
neat, SCARCE, £4. 10s 1S47 

Second edition, 2 vols, large post Svo. cloth, 

18s Qd 1885 

"Lord Lindsay's work will long be appealed to upon 
questions connected with the mental development of the Middle 

. Argo : or the Quest of the Golden Fleece, 

Svo. cloth, Qs 1876 


CRAVEN (Mme. Augustus) Le Mot de 
1'Enigme, 2 vols. 12mo. in 1, calf, 6s Pan's. 1875 

CRAWLEY (Capt.) and W. COOK : The 
Billiard Book, enlarged and revised edition, 
illustrated, royal 8vo. cloth, 12s 1877 

[CRESSY (Seranus de)] Roman-Catholick 
Doctrines no Novelties ; or an Answer to Dr. 
Pierce's Court-Sermon, mis-call'd The Primitive 
Pule of Reformation : by S. C. a Roman-Catholick, 
12mo. half calf (RARE), £1. 1* 1663 

Dedicated to Oueen Henrietta Maria. 

CRIME (Records^of ) :— Life of Jack Rann, 

otherwise Sixteen-string Jack, Highwayman, 

hung- 1774 : George Barnwell, hung, showing 

the Evil Effects of Bad Company : David Hog- 

GART, Murderer of Motrin, hung- 1S21 : Wolfe, 

Captain of a Gang of Thieves in a Haunted Castle 

in the Black Forest : James Cook, the Leicester 

Murderer, hung* 1832 : The Treacherous Danish 

Knight : and the White Plume — in one vol. post 8 vo. 

with coloured fronts, to each ; new half /nor. gt., 

toped. gt.,£l. lis 6d Derbij and London, n. d. 

Cook's crime resembled the late " Yillemomble Tragedy," 

as he sawed his victim's body asunder and cremated it in the 

grate {see illustration) : the English jury, however, less cowardly 

than the French one, saw no "extenuating circumstances" in 

the case, and Cook was executed and his body hung in chains. 

CROFTON (Zach.) Defence against the Dread 
of Death, made publique for the advantage of 
such as abide under God's present visitation in 
London by the Pestilence, 12mo. calf gilt (an in- 
teresting Plaque tract, not in Lowndes), 8s 6d 1665 

CROKER (Right Hon. J. Wilson) Corre- 
spondence and Diaries, edited by Louis J. 
Jennings, m.p. ; portrait, 3 vols/ Svo. cloth, 
£1. 155 1884 

Another copv, new cedf gilt, £2. 10s 

CROLY (J. W.j Old Jewels Reset : Fables 
in Verse, with 25 illustrations, Svo. new morocco, 
gilt edges, 16s 1873 

The same, new morocco extra, £1. 

CROMWELL (Richard, Lord Protector) 
Petition to His Highness of the General Council 
of Officers (soon after his Accession, respecting 
the Intrigues of the Royalists and divisions in the 
Army), with a fine impression of his rare portrait 
(unknown to Bromley and Granger), and the 
original broadside List of the Parliament q/"1659, 
4to. sewn, 10s 6d H. Hills, 1659 

CO., 136, STRAND. 

CROMWELL (Oliver) : an Historical Play, 
by G. S. Green [a Watchmaker at Oxford and 
celebrated for his eccentricity], portrait by Yonder 
Gucht, Svo. half morocco, 5s 6cl 1752 

CROMWELLIANA.— A Chronological Detail 
of Events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged, 
1642-58, and a Continuation of other Transactions 
to the Restoration, portrait, facsimiles and other 
plates, folio, LARGE TAPER, calf extra, uncut, 
£2. 2s Westminster, 1810 

CROWE (Mrs.) Adventures of Susan Hop- 
ley, 3 vols, crown Svo. new half morocco c/ilt, 
13s M 1841 

The Story of Lilly Dawson, 2 vols, post 

Svo. cloth gilt. 10s Qd Hall, n. d. 

Another copy, half morocco, 13s Qd 

LlNNY Lockwood, 3 vols, crown 8vo. new 

half morocco gilt, 12s 6d 1854 

CROWE (Eyre E.) Lives of Eminent Foreign 
Statesmen, with vignette portraits, 5 vols, post 
Svo. canvas boards, 15s 1833 

ory of Painting in North Italy, from the 
Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Century, illustrated, 
2 vols. 8vo. new moi\ extra, gt. ed., £3. 12s 1871 

Early Flemish Painters, their Lives and 

Works ; 17 engravings from their Pictures, post 
Svo. cloth, 12s 6d 1S72 

The same, new calf gilt, lis 6c/; or, new tree- 

calf extra, gilt edges, 15s 

CROWEST (P.) The Great Tone-Poets, being 
Short Memoirs of the Greater Musical Composers, 
post Svo. calf gilt, 7s 6d 1878 

CROWNE (John) Dramatic Works, with 
Memoir and Notes by J. Maidment and W. H. 
Logan, 4 vols, large post 8vo. cloth boards, 18s 
(pub. £2. 2?) 1873-4 

Only 450 copies of this edition printed, for Subscribers only. 


fine copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, EX- 
TREMELY RARE, £2. 12s s. /., 1585 
The late Mr. Napier's copy with MS. notice by him of 
the contents, which relate to the death of Henry Percy, Earl 
of Northumberland (proving that he did not shoot himself), 
0. Elizabeth's expulsion of the Romish clergy, etc. 



[BARKER M. H.)] Greenwich Hospital ; a 
Series of Naval Sketches descriptive of the Life 
of a Man-of- War's Man ; by an Old Sailor, with 
12 full-page illustrations, besides vignettes, 4to. 
cloth, £4. 4s 1826 

[BERENS (Rev. Edward)] Christmas 
Stories, containing John Wildgoose,the Poacher; 
The Smuggler ; and Good-Nature ; or, Parish 
Matters ; with three etchings, second edition, post 
Svo. original S. P. C. K. stamped calf, scarce, 
12s Qd Oxford, 1827 

BO WRING (Sir J.) Minor Morals for Young 
People, with 12 illustrations by George Cruik- 
shank, and 8 by Heath, 3 vols. i2mo. boards, 12s 
(pub. £1. 10s) ' 1834-9 

CAT'S TAIL (The), a Tale (in verse), by the 
Baroness de Katzleben, with 3 full-page etchings 
of a highly humourous character, fcap. Svo. rox- 
burghe, 8s 6d 1831 

COMIC ALMANACKS, containing Articles 
by Thackeray, Albert Smith, a Beckett, the Bros. 
Mayhew, etc., with a large number of humourous 
woodads ; both series complete, 1835-1853, 2 thick 
vols, post Svo. cloth, 12s n. d. 

The same, half morocco extra, uncut, top 

edges gilt, £1. Is 

DIBDIN (C.) Songs, Naval and National, -with a 
Memoir and Addenda by T. Dibdin, with charac- 
teristic etchings, post Svo. calf gilt (nice copy), 
£1. Is 1841 

steel and wood, with Descriptive Letterpress, 
good impjressions, printed on toned paper, 4to. half 
cloth, gilt edges, 12s 6d Tegg, n. d. 

GORE (Mrs.) The Snow Storm, a Christmas 
Story, with several illustrations, post Svo. cloth, 
gilt edges, 10s 60? Fisher, n. d. 

Works Illustrated by George Ceuikshank, 

ILLUSTRATIONS of Time, 7 plates, contain- 
ing 36 most humourous sketches, the very rare 
original edition, oblong folio, sewn (very scarce), 
£1. 7s 6d 1827 

MORNING-S at Bow Street ; First Series : 
FIRST edition, with 21 illustrations, post 8vo. 
calf, £1. 10* 1825 

MY SKETCH BOOK, Parts 1 to 6, in one 
vol. oblong 4to. cloth, and Nos. 8 and 9 in parts, 
containing 33 most humourous plates on highly 
amusing subjects (VERY SCARCE), £3. 10s 1832-6 

The work should comprise 9 parts; the above, therefore, is 
complete with the exception of part 7.. 

The same, beautifully reproduced, 37 plates, 

in printed wrapper, 2s 6d n. d. 

OLIVER TWIST, Illustrations to, the 
complete series of '24 plates, as originally published 
in Bentleifs Miscellany, 1837-8 [a clean set), 
8vo. £2. 12s 6d 1837-8 

OMNIBUS (The), with 100 engravings on steel 
and wood, royal 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 1870 

The same, Fine paper edition, printed in 

brown ink on INDIA paper (limited to 300 copies), 
impl. 8vo. half bound, £1. Is (pub. £1. lis 6d) n. d. 

or an Artist's View of the Craniological Systems 
of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim, 34 illustrations; IL- 
LUSTRATIONS OF Time. 35 illustrations and ela- 
borately etched title-page ; Scraps and Sketches, 
both parts, 60 illustrations, several full page ones 
— together 4 parts, oblong folio, fine original 
impressions, VERY SCARCE, in original paper 
wrappers, A nice clean set [with the exception 
of Scraps and Sketches, Part II, which is stained), 
£9. 9s 1827-8 

PETER SCHLEMIHL, from the German of 

I Adelbert von Chamisso, translated by Sir J. 

j Bowring, third edition, with 7 plates on India 
Paper, 4to. Large Paper, roxburghe, top edges 
gilt, 10s 6d 1878 


PUNCH AND JUDY, accompanied by the 
J Dialogue of the Puppet Show, an Account of its 
I origin, and of Puppet-Plays in England, with 23 
\ coloured plates and many other illustrations, Svo. 
pale calf, uncut, top edges gilt, by Riviere (very 
r ! SCARCE), £3. 10s 1828 


continued : 


SCRAPS and Sketches, 24 etchedplates, oblong 
folio, cloth, 6s n. d. 

— The .same, beautifully reproduced, oblong 

folio, in printed wrapper, 2s 6d n. d. 

SUNDAY in London, illustrated in Fourteen 
Cuts by G. C. and a few Words by a Friend of 
his ; with Sir A. Agnew's Bill, 14 illustrations, 
post Svo. boards, £1. 10s 1833 

TABLE BOOK, edited by G. A. A'Beckett, 
with 12 engravings on steel and 116 woodcuts in 
his most inimitable style, FIRST edition, royal 
Svo. cloth {a few plates loose), SCARCE, £4. 15s 1845 

Later edition, with good impressions of the 

plates on India Paper, "royal 8vo. new cl. gt., 
gt. cd., £1. 15s 1869 

Another edition, cl., gt. edges, 15s 187S 

Fine paper edition, printed in brown ink 

on india paper (limited to 300 copies), impl. Svo. 
half bound, £1. Is (pub. £1. lis 6d 1885 

TALES of Humour, Gallantry, and Romance ; 
selected and translated from the Italian, with 16 
woodcuts, post Svo. boards, uncut {choice copn/), 
£2. 10s 1824 

TIM BOBBIN'S Lancashire Dialect; and 
Poems, with a literal interpretation, obsolete 
words explained, etc., with plates by G. G, and 
portrait (1773) inserted, post 8vo. calf gilt {scarce), 
£1. 15s 1S28 

the DEVIL, showing how the Horse Shoe came 
to be a Charm against Witchcraft, by E. C. Hight, 
with illustrations engraved by J. Thompson after 
G.C., square post Svo. cloth, 2s 6cl (pub. 3s 6d) 1871 

LIFE of George Cruikshank, by Blanchard 
Jerrold ; with numerous illustrations, 2 vols, 
post Svo. crimson morocco elegant, uncut, top edges 
gilt, inside borders richly gilt, £2. 2s 1SS2 

CRUIKSHANK at' Home: a new Family 
Album of Endless Entertainment ; with numerous 
plates and vignettes on wood by Robert Cruik- 
shank, 2 vols. fcap. Svo. cl., uncut, 18s Bohn, 1845 

EGAN (Pierce) Finish to the Adventures of 
Tom, Jerry, and Logic in Life in and out of 
London, with 36 coloured plates by Robert 
Cruikshank, roval Svo. half bound, top edges 
gilt, Us 1887 

JRUTTWELL (Rev. C. T.) and P. BAN- 
TON : Specimens of Roman Literature ; 
Passages illustrative of Roman Thought and 
St vie, for the use of students, crown Svo. new 
tree-calf gilt, Us 6d 1879 

JUMBERLAND (GJ Poem on the Landscapes 
of Great Britain, with 2 etchings by the author, 
4to. half calf {very scarce, very few copies having 
been privately printed), 5s 1793 

Critical Catalogue of Rare and Valuable 

Italian Prints ; with Essay on the Utility of 
Collecting the best Works of that School, portrait 
and 2 plates of facsimile signatures, 4to. LARGE 
paper, boards, uncut (SCARCE), 16s 6d 1827 

lUMBERLAND (Richard) Posthumous 
Dramatick Works, edited by his Daughter, 
F. M. Jansen (with List of Subscribers), 2 vols. 
8vo. full calf gilt, yellow edges, by the late F. 
Bedford {fine copy), £1. 14s 1813 

URWEN (H.) A History of Booksellers, 
the Old and the New, portraits, etc., crown Svo. 
new half cedf extra, 6s 6d (1873) 

CUMMING (Constance P. Gordon) From 
the Hebrides to the Himalayas : eighteen 
months' wanderings in Western Isles and Eastern 
Highlands, numerous full -page illustrations, 2 
vols, large Svo. cloth gilt, 16s 6cl (pub. £2. 2s) 1876 

CUMMING (John, d.d., Scots Church, Covcnt 

Garden) Works (uniform edition), 13 thick vols. 

fcap. Svo. cloth, £1. 6s (pub. £3. 19s) 1853-9 

Contents: Apocalyptic Sketches, 2 vols. — The Church 

before the Flood — Lectures on the Seven Churches — Lectures on 

the 'Miracles and Parables, 2 vols.— The Great Tribulation; or 

the Things coming on the Earth — Benedictions; or the Blessed 

Life— Lectures on Daniel— The End; or the proximate Signs of 

the Close of this Dispensation— Voices of the Day, of the Night, 

and of the Dead, 3 vols. 

CUNNINGHAM (Allan) Lives of the most 
eminent British Painters, revised edition, 
annotated and continued to the present Time, by 
Mrs. Heaton, 3 vols, post Svo. cloth, Ss 6d 1879 

The same, new half calf gilt, 16s 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £1. 2s ; or, new 

tree-calf extra, £1. 4s 




Chroniqnes, efc autres anciens Monumens, depuis la Naissance de Jesus- Christ (pai 
Donis Maur d'Antine, Charles Clemencet, Ursin Durand, et F. Clement), 3 vols, folic 
in six, LARGE PAPER ; a beautiful copy in crimson straight-grained morocco extra, sil) 
linings, gilt edges, by Boz^rian, £38. Paris, 1783-8< 

Mr. Beckford's very fine copy. This third edition is not only the most correct, hut is very scavc< 
on large paper. 

" Comprenant les Annates Comparatives de tons les Peuples et de tousles Pois du Monde; ouvragi 
n'on pent, a juste titre, appeler la clef de l'Histoire Generate ; car point de hons livres sans l'Art d< 
'eritier les Dates ; point de Bibliothfeque s'il n'en occupe la premiere jriace ; point d'hoinme savant s'i 
ne connait a fond ce precieux travail." 

"For Chronology use the great French work, TArt de Verifier les Dates.'" — Professor Smyth' 
Lectures on Modem History. 


CUNNINGHAM (Allan) Traditional Tales 
of the English and Scottish Peasantry, 2 
vols, post Svo. half morocco extra, uncut, top edges 
gilt {scarce), 15s ' 1822 

New edition, 12mo. boards, 4s 1874 

CUNYNGHAMB (Lt.-Gen. Sir A.) 
Travels in the Eastern Caucasus, etc., with 
n umerous itlustrations,8xo. cl., 8s Qd (pub. 18s) 1872 

My Command in South Africa, maps, Svo. 

cloth, 6s Qd (pub. 12s Qd) 1879 

port of the Comptroller of the Currency of 
the United States, December 1st, 1885, Svo. 
cloth, 5s Washington, D. C, 1885 

CYPLES (W.) Inquiry into the Process of 
Human Experience, thick Svo. cloth, 7s Qd 
(pub. £1. Is) n. d. 

CYPRUS, Historical and Descriptive, from 
the German of F. von Loher, maps, crown 8vo. 
cloth, os Qd (pub. 105 Qd) 1878 

CYPRUS, its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and 
Temples, by Gen. L. Palma di Cesnola, maps 
and illustrations, thick Svo. cloth, top edges e/ilt, 
£1. 10s (pub. £2. 10s) 1877 

See also under Cesnola, ante. 

CZARTORYSKI (Prince Adam), Mem- 
OIRES du, et Correspondance avec l'Empereur 
Alexandre Ier ; avec Preface de Ch. de Mazade, 
2 vols. Svo. sewn, 9s Paris, 1887 

e ^f 5 *^ANCE (La Grant) Macabre des Femmes 
-\ c l ue composa Maistre Marcial de Paris, dit 

JX^/ d' Auvergne (en vers) publiee pour la premiere 
fois par P. L. Miot-Frochot, fclarfe letter, with 
many curious woodcuts, facsimiles of the rude 
original designs, royal Svo. sewn (only 100 copies 
printed), 9s Qd Paris, 1869 

DANCING :— The Compleat Country 
Dancing Master : containing Great Variety of 
Dances, both Old and New ; particularly those 
performed at the several Masquerades, with their 
Proper Tunes and Figures (or Directions) to 
each; the Tunes fitted to the Violin, or Haut- 
Boy, and most of 'em within the compass of the 
Flute, oblong 8vo. (364 pp.), new mottled calf 
extra, gilt edges, by Pratt (rare), £3. 3s 1718 

A valuable record — in many cases possibly the only one — 
of numerous old English Dances. The directions would enable 
any one to be revived ; the titles of a great number of the 
dances are very curious, and the book is also an interesting 
companion to the novels of the early XVIIIth Century. 

DANIEL (Samuel) Certaine Small Poems 
lately printed, with the Tragedie of Philotas, 
1605 j also, A Panegyrise Congratulatory 
delivered to the King's Most Excellent Majestie ; 
alsoCEBTAJNE Epistles, with a Defence of Ryme, 
1603, in one vol. post 8vo. vellum, £5. 16s 1603-5 
Ym<y rari : priced in the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica at £15. 

and £6. 6s respectively. 

DANIEL (Gr.) Merrie England in the Oldei 
Time, with humourous etchings by John Leech 
and numerous facsimile wooclcuts of curious olt 
Prints, etc., 2 vols, post Svo. half calf neat, to A 
edges gilt {rather used copy), cheap, £1. 12s 184: 

DANTE ALIGHIERI : II Purgatorio ed i 

PARADISO (in Italian and French), splendidh 
printed in large type on fine paper, with Dore' 

royal Svo. in 1, morocco super-extra, gilt edges 
£5. 5s Parigi, 186 

Another copy (Italian text only), sump 

tuously bound in red morocco super-ext ra , the side 
decorated in diagonals with inlays of diffcren 
colours, gilt edges, £6. 6s 

LA Divina COMMEDIA, crown Svo. hed 

calf, Qs Paris, 187. 

Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, trans 

lated in Verse by the Rev. Henry France 
Cary, with Notes and Life, large type librar\ 
edition, 3 vols. Svo. cedf gilt, scarce, £1. 4s 181 

Another edition, with Life and Notes, pot 

trait, post 8vo. new cedt gilt, Is Qd; or, ne\ 
morocco, gilt edges, 10s Qd 185 

Another Translation, by H. \Y. Lonc 

FELLOW ; post 8vo. calf gilt, Is Qd 

Vision of Hell, translated by Cary, wit 

Life, and Critical and Explanatory Notes, 1 
splendid designs by G. Dore, impl. 4to. clot, 
12s n. . 

The same, new morocco super -extra, gi 

edges, £3. 10s 

The same, a Literal Prose Translation, wi 

Notes, by Dr. J. A. Carlyle ; 'portrait, po 
Svo. new calf gilt, 9s 18 

Pnrgatorio, edited, with Translation a: 

Notes, by A. J. Butler, crown 8vo. cloth, 10s 18 
Essay on, by Dean Church, with a trai 

lation of theDEM0NARCHiA,cr. 8vo. cloth, Qs 18 

DARCIE (Abraham) Annales of the Famo 
France, and Ireland, etc., portrait of the Qua 
and engraved title and portrait of DARCIE 
Delaram, 4to. FINE PAPER, bound in dark bt 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis {cho 
copy), £8. 8s B. Fisher, 1( 

The portrait of Elizabeth and the title are inlaid, and a I ' 
words consequently lost. But the value of the book cons t 
almost entirely in the excessively rare and very beaut 1 
print of Darcie, which in this copy is a most brilliant impress . 
The title and other print could be easily replaced from s 
ordinary issues, where the reverse of the last leaf is bla » 
instead of containing the author's 'vera effigies. From the 6 
Rev. ]. Fuller Russell's collection, with his bookplate 


DAUDET (Alphonse) Fromont Jeune 
Risler Aine, 12mo. hedf calf Is Qd Paris, 1 


DAUDET (A.) La Belle Niyepnaise, histoire 
d'un vieux et de son equipage, handsomely printed 
on th ick paper, with plates and sen rat h undredcuts 
by Montegut, impl. Svo. sewn, \0s Paris, s. d. 

Tartarin on the Alps, translated by 

H. Frith, profusely illustrated, crown Svo. new 
half polished morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 
10s M 1887 

DA VIES (Edward) Celtic Researches, or the 
Origin, Traditions, and Language of the Ancient 
Britons, with Sketches of Primitive Society ; also 
Mythology and Rites of the British E»ruids 
from early MSS., etc., with Ancient Poems, and 
Remarks on Coins, 2 vols, roval Svo. calf gilt 
{scarce), £2. 2s 1S04-9 

DAVIES(Sir J.) Poetical Works (Immortality 
of the Soul ; Hymns of Astrsea ; Orchestra, a Poem 
on Dancing) ; published from a corrected copy, 
with Life, fcap. Svo. mottled calf extra [nice 
copy), 8s 6d 1773 

-Complete Poems, edited, with Memorial- 
Introduction and Notes, by the Rev. A. B. 
GROSART, 2 vols. Svo. LARGE paper {only 50 
copies so printed), cloth {not cut up), 15s (pub. 
£1. Is) 1876 
Another copy, handsomely bound in morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £2. 5s 

DA VILA (A. C.) Istoria delle Guerre 
Ciylli Di Francia (dopo l'anno 1559 al 159S), 
portrait, 6 vols. Svo. brown calf extra, gilt edges, 
b>i Clarke and Bedford, £1. 5s Firenze, 1S23 

DAVISON (Francis) The Poetical Rhap- 
sody : with several other Pieces by him : with 
Memoirs of the Contributors, and Notes by Sir 
Harris Nicolas, 2 vols, post Svo. tree-marbled 
calf gilt, by Rivi&re, £1. Is Pickering, 1826 

In this improved edition many curious Original Letters are 
introduced. " Of these letters (says the Editor), the extra- 
ordinary communication from Dyer to Sir Christopher Hatton, 
respecting Queen Elizabeth, which it is believed has not hitherto 
been printed, must be read with no common interest, for it 
appears to throw considerable light upon the delicate question of 
her Maiestv's moral character." 

DAWSON (George) Prayers, with a Dis- 
course on Praver, post Svo. cloth, As 6d 1878 

;DAY (J., author of " The Parliament of Bees ") 
Works, now first collected, with Introduction 
and Notes by A. H. Bullen, thick crown 4to. 
printed on tJtick paper ; half parchment, uncut, 
£3. 55 Privately printed, 18S1 

DEANE (Rev. J. B.) The Worship of the 
Serpent traced throughout the World, attesting 
the Temptation and Fall of Man by the instru- 
mentality of a Serpent Tempter ; second ed., con- 
Edderably enlarged, with plates, Svo. calf gilt, 
with bookplate of the late Master of Trinity: 

1 VERY SCARCE. £2. 2s 1833 

DEBRETT ( J.) Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, 
in Prose and Verse, not in any other Collection, 
with several never before printed, 4 vols, post Svo. 
new black morocco super-extra, gilt edges, A 
choice copy, £2. 2s 1785-93 

DEBANS (C.) LaPeau dv Mort, crown Svo. 
half calf 45 6d Paris, 1880 

DEFOE (Daniel) Novels and Miscellaneous 
Works, with Prefaces and Notes (including those 
attributed to Sir Walter Scott), portrait, 
7 vols, post Svo. half roan, £1. 105 18S2 

The same, hf morocco or hf calf gilt, £1.185 

The same, half veil urn gilt, £2. 55 

Another set, new calf gilt, £2. 125 Qd 

•\ Works, edited with Memoir of his Life and 

Writings by William Hazlitt, portrait, 3 vols. 

i royal Svo. new half calf {scarce), £2. 55 1840 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 67 

DEFOE (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe [fine large-type <</ifio/>). with 22 highly 

finished engravings by C. Heath <>ft>r Stot- 

hard's charming designs, 2 vols, roval 8vo. 

LARGE PAPER PROOFS,' calf super-extra, £6. 105 

Cadell, 1820 

" If ever Mr. Stothard entered more warmlv upon anv one 
of his labours than another, these illustrations to Robinson 
Crusoe have that honour. Composed at a time when he was in 
the fullest possession of his powers, there is a charm about them 
which no other book-illustrations possess. They are as unique 
in their ivay as the book they adorn." 

— Robinson Crusoe, with numerous steel 

engravings by C. Heath after Stothard, Svo. cloth, 
85 Qd ' 1S83 

The same, new calf gilt, 145 ; or, 


tree-calf, 15s 

Another Edition, printed in large type, with 

STOTHARD's series of 12 illustrations in permanent 
photography, Svo. new tree-calf extra, 12s Qd 1881 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 145 

■Robinson Crusoe, edited by J.Major, finch/ 

printed on hand-made paper by Ballantyne, with 
plates and many vignettes, engraved by George 
Cruikshank, with India Proofs of the plates ; 
4to. large PAPER, boards, uncut {only 100 copies 
printed), £1. 155 1SS3 

Another copy, finely bound in new morocco 

super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £4. 

Robinson Crusoe, with Memoir of the 

Author by J. Ballantyne, and Notes, portrait 
and 8 etchings by Mouilleeon, 2 vols, crown 
Svo. cloth, 12* 18S2 
The same, Large Paper, with proofs of 

new crimson morocco elegant, uncut, top edges gilt 
{only 150 copies 2*rinted), £4. 

Robinson Crusoe, with portrait and 100 

Engravings by the Bros. Dcdzicl, royal Svo. new 
calf extra, gilt edges, 165 n. d. 

The same, new morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, £1. 15 

Robinson Crusoe, Golden Treasury Edition, 

12mo. new morocco elegant, gilt edges, 9s 1SS5 
Robinson Crusoe, Globe Edition, with Bio- 
graphical Introduction by Henry Kinosley, 
post Svo. new calf gilt, 7s 6d 18S2 

Robinson Crusoe, Ufith illustrations by 

GRANDVILLE, Svo. calf gilt, 9s n. a. 

Robinson Crusoe, Facsimile Reprint of 

the First Edition, post Svo. old-fashioned cloth, 
75 Qd 1SS2 

Aventures de Robinson Crusoe ; traduit 

de l'Anglais, illustre de 40 vignettes par Emilc 
Bayard, gravecs par Hildibrand, post Svo. mottled 
calf, gilt edges {an admirable priz< -book), \0s 1S6S 
A New Voyage round the World, by a 

Course never sailed before, FIRST EDITION, with 
MAP and 3 other plates, Svo. brown calf gilt, red 
edges {Mr. J. W. Mackenzie's nice copy), £2. 2s 1725 

Lowndes mentions the map as if it had been published 
subsequently, but it doubtless forms part of the volume as 
originallv published. 

Life and Recently Discoyered Writings 

of, extending from 1716 to 1729 ; by W. Lee, 
numerous portraits of Defoe and his friends, fac- 
similes, etc., 3 vols. Svo. cloth, Us (pub. £1. I65) 1S69 

It appears from a discovery of certain Letters in the State 
Paper Office in 1S64, that Defoe did not give up literary pursuits 
at so early a period as has been generally supposed, but continued 
contributing to several political journals, 

Memoirs of the Life and Times of, con- 
taining a Review of his Writings, Opinions, etc., 
by Walter Wilson, steel portrait, 3 vols. Svo. 
half calf, gilt backs {nice copy), ISs 1830 

5 * 



DEKKER (T.) The Honest Whore, with, 
The Humours of the Patient Man, and the 
Longing Wife {part the first), First Edition, 
4to. cut to Svo. size, calf, red edges {stained copy, 
but scarce), £1. los 1604 

DELEPIBRRB (Octave) Tableau de la 
Litter at ure du Centon, chez les Anciens et 
chez les Modernes, 2 vols, crown 4to. {well 
printed), sewn, 10s 6d Trubner, 1874 

DELL (J. A.) NaturePictures, 30 eery beautiful 
original Compositions of Land and Water Views, 
drawn on wood by the author, and exquisitely 
engraved by B. Paterson, proofs, imperial folio, 
large paper, gilt cloth, gilt edges, £1. 10s 1871 

DELL A VALLE (Guglielmo) Vita dei Pit- 
tori antichi Greci e Latini, frontispiece and 
numerous large cojipcr-plate ports., 4to. veil, gt., 
uncut (Mr. Beckford's copy), 12s Qd Siena, 1795 

DEMAGOGY :— The Idol of the Clownes, 
or Insurrection of Wat the Tyler, with his fellow 
Kings of the Commons, against the English Church, 
the King, the Lawes, etc., 1381 (by John Cleve- 
land). 12mo. calf [slightly wormed), 12s Od 1654 

DEMAUS (R.) The Prose and Prose Writers 
of Britain, from Chaucer to Ruskin, with Bio- 
graphical Notices, Notes, and Introductory 
Sketches of the History of English Literature, 
portrait of Addison and vignette, post 8vo. new 
calf extra, 10s 6c? ; or, new morocco, gilt edges, 
14s 1860 

DEMIDOFF (A. de) Travels in Southern 
Russia, and the Crimea ; through Hungary, 
Wallachia, and Moldavia, in 1837, steel portrait 
of the Emperor Nicholas, map and numerous 
illustrations by Baffct, second edition, 2 vols, 
impl. 8vo. cloth, 15s 1855 

quae extant Omnia, Greece et Latine, Lectt. 
Yarr. , Scholiis, Annotationibus Variorum et suis, 
illustravit G. S. Dobson ; accedunt Animadver- 
siones Reiskii, 10 vols. 8vo. half calf, 15s 1828 

DEMOGEOT (J.) Histoire de la Litter a - 
TURE FRANCAISE, 12mo. cf extra, Is Qd Paris, 1874 

DENHAM (Sir J.) Cooper's Hill, now printed 
from a perfect copy, 1655 — The Plague of Athens 
[after Thucydides and Lucretius], attempted in 
English Verse, by T. Sprat, 1667— Poem to the 
King, by Sir W.'Davenant, 1663— Elegy upon 
the most incomparable K. Charls I., titlc-jxtge 
with mourning border, 164S-9 ; — in 1 vol. small 
4to. old English red morocco, gilt edges, 15s 

DENNISTOUN (James) Memoirs of the 
Dukes of Urbino ; illustrating the Arms, Arts, 
and Literature of Italy, from 1440 to 1630, 
numerous steel portraits and plates, 3 vols. Svo. 
new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £2. 17s 0d 1851 

Memoirs of Sir R. Strange, Engraver, 

and of his Brother-in-law, A. Lumisden, Private 
Secretary to the Stuart Princes, portraits, 2 vols, 
post 8vo. brown calf extra, gilt edges {fine copy) 
£1. Is 1855 

DES PERIERS (Bonaventure) Cymbalum 
MUNDI ; ou Dialogues Satyriques sur differens 
Sujets ; avec 1' Histoire, 1' Analyse, et l'Apologie 
de cet ouvrage par Prosper Marchand, et des 
Notes, plates by B. Picart, 12mo. gilt veau marbrt 
(Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. Is Amsterdam, 1732 

DEUTSCHE Lieder, illustrirt von Cari 
LOSSON, 11 fine plates and other illustrations, 
folio, half morocco, gilt edges, 18s 

Munchen unci Berlin, o. J 

DEUTSCHES Land and Deutsche Lieder 
ausgewahlte Dichtungen mit Illustrationen voi 
H. Stilke, 16 fine Chromo-lithographic View 
within illuminated borders, royal Svo. cloth extra 
8s Leipzig, o. I 

DIBDIN (C.) SONGS, chronologically arranged, 
with Notes, Historical, Biographical and Critical 
and Life, by G. Hogarth, with the Music and 
Pianoforte Accompaniments, fine portrait, 2 vols 
roy. Svo. cloth gilt, 16s 1S4J 



EDITION DE LUXE, splendidly printed in large type, and illustrated with upwards o 
Seven Hundred Engravings: 30 vols, imperial 8vo. cloth, wholly uncut, very cheai 
£13. 10s 1881- 

: — The same, half morocco super-extra, top edges gilt, contents lettered, £31. 10s 

Another set, new polished morocco super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt, contents letteret 

£43. 10s 

■ ■ A very fine set, magnificently bound in full morocco, the sides, backs, and edg> 

exquisitely tooled and gilt, inside borders also richly tooled, k SPLENDID specimen OF th 
binder's skill, £70. 

The plates on Steel, Copper, and Wood, comprise the whole of the original Illustrations drawn 1 
Cruikshank, Seymour, " Phiz," Cattermole, Tenniel, Doyle, Maclise, F. Walker, Marcus Stone, Jol 
Leech, Clarkson Stanfield, and Frank Stone, as well as a selection from those by other Artists in the lat 
editions ; and are printed on real China paper ; the Woodcuts and Vignettes being mounted with tl 
letterpress, and the Steel and Copper plates on plate paper. 

ALL THE YEAR ROUND, and HOUSEHOLD WORDS: together 56 vols. impl. 8v 
original cloth, £5. los 1850-* 

The above well-known and most interesting magazines, edited and containing many articles 
Charles Dickens, would be a valuable acquisition to a village or other public library. At a small co: 
they present a large body of reading of the highest character. 

Charles Dickens's ^'orks, continued:— 
Illustrated Library Edition, in large type, 


with the illustrations by Cruikshank, "Phiz,'' 
Stone, Cattermole, and others ; 30 vols. 8vo. new 
half calf gilt, £17. 1874 

■ The same, new half morocco gilt, £18. ; or, 

new calf extra, £21. 
Contents : — Pickwick Papers, Nicholas Nickleby, Dombey 
and Son, Barnaby Rudge, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, 
David Copperrield, Martin Chuzzlewit, Sketches by Boz, Christ- 
rrias Books, Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Hard Times, Pictures 
from Italy, Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend, Christmas 
Stories, A Child's History of England, American Notes, Re- 
printed Pieces, Uncommercial Traveller, Old Curiosity Shop, 
Edwin Drood. 

Complete Works, Library Edition, in large 
type, with all the original illustrations by G. Cruik- 
shank, "Phiz," Sto?ie, Cattermole, and others, 
30 vols, large post 8vo. new half morocco extra, 
contents lettered, £14. 145 v. y. 

Another set, handsomely bound in new tree- 
calf extra, by Riviere, £18. 18s 

Contents as above. 

Popular Library Edition, in large type, 

with nearly 500 illustrations, 30 vols, post 8vo. 
new half morocco extra, £9. n. d. 
Novels, Reprint of the Original Octavo 
Edition, with cdl the illustrations by Cruik- 
shank, "Phiz," and others, 16 vols. 8vo. new tree- 
calf extra, by Riviere, £14. v. y. 
Another copy, 15 vols, hound in 13, new tree- 
calf, by Riviere, £11. lis; or, new tree-calf extra, 
gilt edges, £12. 12s 

Separate volumes, as below, mottled calf, 

red edges, each 18s 

Dombey and Sox: Barnaby Rudge: Sketches by Boz: 
Martin Chuzzlewit : Old CuriosityShop: Christmas Books: 
Nicholas Nickleby. 

Charles Dickens Edition, complete, 

with reproductions of many of the original illus- 
trations by "Phiz" and others, 21 vols, crown 
8vo. in 15, new half vellum, gilt backs, £3. 10s n. d. 
The same, bound in 16 vols., nciv half 

morocco gilt, £4. 15s 

Another set, 18 vols, half bound (CHEAP), £3. 

Illustrated Library Edition, each in 2 vols. 

8vo. cloth, 12s (sells £1.), as below: — 

Barnaby Rudge, Bleak House, Martin Chuzzlewit, 
Nicholas Nickleby, Old Curiosity Shop. 

Library Edition, with all the illustrations 

by "Phiz," Stone, Leech, etc.. large post 8vo. 
cloth, as below ; each 6s 6d n. d. 

Little Dorrit, 2 vols. : Dombey and Son, 2 vols. : Pictures 
rom Italy and American Notes : Christmas Books. 

Cheap Edition, in double columns, com- 

prising Old Curiosity Shop, Barnaby Rudge, 
Martin Chuzzlewit, and Oliver Twist, with 
frontispieces by Cattermole, H. K. Browne, F. 
Stone, and G. Cruikshank, 24 parts crown 8vo. 
(forming 4 vols.), in the original ivrappers (VERY 
scarce), £1. Is 1848-50 

IvMERICAN Notes for General Circulation, First 
Edition, 2 vols, post 8vo. original cloth, uncut, 
SCARCE, £1. 18s 1842 

Another copy, half morocco extra, top edges 

'Jill, Jtl. 1U<5> 

Second edition, half calf gilt, £1. Is 1S42 

. engravings by Phiz, 8vo. new buff calf extra, gilt 
' edges, by Rividre (fine copy), £1. 10s 1850 

;)ombey and Son, First Edition, with 39 en- 
I gravings by Phiz, 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. Is 1848 
Iard Times, for these Times, post Svo. new calf 
extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 4s 1854 

A choice set, with autograph : 
Christmas Books, a complete set as under, chiefly 
first editions, with illustrations by Maclise, 

Stanfeld, Leech, Richard Doyle, Tcnnicl, Sir 

Edwin Landscer, and F. Stone, 5 vols, post Svo. 

beautifully bound in bright calf extra, gilt edges, 

very scarce, £5. 
Contents:— The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, 
FirstEd.ition.i6 illustrations, iH^— The Cricket on the Hearth, 
First Edition, 14 illustrations, 1846— The Battle of Life, First 
Edition, 13 illustrations, 1846— A Christmas Carol, eleventh 
edition, 4 coloured plates and 4 -woodcuts, 1846— The Chimes, 
seventh edition, 13 illustrations, 1845. 

" Charles Dickens. Gad's Hill Place, Higham by Rochester." 
— Slip on half-title. 

Another set : Battle of Life, first edition, 

1846: Chimes, first edition, 1845; Christmas 
Carol, sixth, edition, 1855 ; The Cricket on 
the Hearth, first edition, 1846; Haunted 
Man, first edition, 1848 : 5 vols, post Svo. 
ORIGINAL CLOTH, gilt edges, £4. 10s 1845-55 

Another set : Battle of Life, first edition, 

1846: Chimes, first edition, 1845; CHRISTMAS 
Carol, thirteenth edition, 1855 ; The Cricket 
on the Hearth, first edition, 1846 ; Haunted 
Man, first edition, 1848 : 5 vols, post Svo. calf 
extra, gilt edges {nearly new), £4. 4s 1845-55 

Master Humphrey's Clock, First Edition, 
with numerous wood-engravings by G. Catter- 
mole and Phiz, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. new half calf 
gilt (NICE COPY ; SCARCE), £1. 10s 1840-1 

Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by "Boz," 
with portrait, also remarkably clever and inter- 
esting etchings by George Cruikshank, 2 vols. 

SCARCE, £8. 1838 

Another copy, newly bound in buff coif 

extra, uncut, top edges gilt, by Rivi&re {fine copy), 
£7. 15s 

Nicholas Nickleby, with portrait by Maclise and 
numerous engravings by "Phiz," First Edition, 
Svo. half calf {frontispiece somewhat spotted, 
otherwise fair copy), £1. 5s 1839 

Oliver Twist ; or the Parish Boy's Progress, by 
" Boz," with 24 illustrations by George Cruik- 
shank, FINE EARLY IMPRESSIONS, 3 vols, post 8vo. 
calf gilt, uncut, £5. 5s 1840 

Our Mutual Friend, with illustrations by 
Marcus Stone, First Edition, in the original 
NUMBERS, 20 parts Svo. in 19, sewn, 17s 6d 1864-5 

Another copy, 2 vols, half calf gilt, 16s Gd 

Reprint of the octavo edition. 2 vols. Svo. in 

1, half calf , 15s 1865 

Plays and Poems, with a few Miscellanies in 
Prose, edited and annotated by R. H. Shepherd, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, os 6d 1885 

Humour and Pathos of Charles Dickens, 
selected by C. Kent, post Svo. cloth, 5s 1884 

Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, with 
43 plates by Seymour and Phiz, fine early im- 
pressions, thick Svo. original cloth, uncut, 
scarce, £4. 4s 1S38 

Later edition, cloth, uncut [fresh copy), 

12s Qd 1863 

Jubilee Edition, with Notes by Charles 

Dickens the Younger, and numerous woodcut 
illustrations of the scenes and places referred to, 
2 vols, crown Svo. cloth extra [a most attractive 
edition), £1. Is 1887 


Chaeles Dickens's Works, continued: — 

preparing for publication ". 
Pickwick Papers: The VictoriaEdition (limited 
to 2000 copies), to consist of two volumes 
large 8VO. (OF ABOUT 500 PP. each), printed on 
handmade paper, with upwards of 50 illustrations ; 
bound in smooth grained olive-green cloth extra, 
with a special pattern in gold from the original 
ic rapper : 

Messrs. H. Sotheran and Co. will be happy 
to supply the above edition (of which, they 
will send a descriptive prospectus on appli- 
cation) AT the advertised prices, VIZ. : 

Ordinary edition, with the plates on fine 
plate paper (limited to 1500 copies)* £2. 25 ; 

SPECIAL EDITION, with the plates on India 
Paper and mounted (limited to 500 copies), £4. 45 

It is believed that there will be an unusual demand for the 
above edition, and the advertisers therefore recommend an 
early application even for ordinary cofcies, ivhile copies ivith the 
plates on India Paper can only be secured by immediate subscription. 

Pictures from Italy, and American Notes, 
ivith vignette, post 8vo. half morocco gilt, gilt 
edges, Is Gd 1859 

Sketches by " Boz," First Edition of the First 
Series, with 16 plates by George Cruikshank, 
2 vols, post 8vo. beautifidly bound in polished 
levant morocco extra, gold tooling in sides and 
inside covers, gilt edges (rare), £6. 65 1836 

First Octavo Edition, with good impres- 
sions of the forty plates by George Cruikshank, 
8vo. new buff calf extra, iincut, top edges gilt (a 
desirable copy, £5. 55 1839 

Forster, Library Edition, with fine portraits 
and plates, 3 vols. : Charles Dickens's 
Letters (1833-70), edited Toy his Sister-in-Lawand 
his eldest Daughter, 3 vols. — together, 6 vols. 8vo. 
new buffcfi ex., t. e. g. (fine set), £5. 105 1872-82 

Life, by John Forster, Library Edition, with 
portraits, plates, facsimiles and ivoodcuts, 3 vols. 
8vo. cloth, £1. 25 Qd (pub. £2. 25) 1872-4 

The same, new Library Edition, with ports. 

and illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 2s 6d 1876 

The same, new tree-calf extra. £1. I85 

Charles Dickens as I knew him, by G. Dolby, 
post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1885 




(founded on that of Dr. Johnson, as edited by the Rev. H. J. Todd), with numerous 
Emendations and Additions, 4 vols. 4to. cloth, £2. 8s (pub. £7.) 1882 

The same, new half russia neat, £4<. 45 

■ Abridged edition, in 1 vol. thick royal 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d (pub. £1. 4s) 1882 

The same, new half morocco, 16s 

"Dr. Latham's work is not only an English Dictionary in the strict meaning of the term, but in 
many important respects a very valuable addition to our national Lexicography. It deserves to be 
studied by every one interested in the language, and as a book of reference is admirably fitted for general 
usefulness. " — Edinburgh Review. 

" This truly great Philological Work is now brought to a conclusion. To the Vocabulary 
of the original work, which has always been considered defective, Dr. Latham has made so many 
Additions that his work may fairly be pronounced the most comprehensive AND COMPLETE that has 
hitherto been attempted. He has very properly admitted Provincial Words having an undisputed 
ancient origin ; those WORDS OF FOREIGN ORIGIN which have been incorporated bodily into the English 
language ; purely COLLOQUIAL PHRASES, and modern scientific terms, and COMPOUNDS of recent 
date. Another important improvement upon the original has been made in the Etymology, all 
conjectural derivations having been rejected." 


Now Ready, Part III. Batter— Boz (pp. 705-1040). 
Price 10s 6d nett. 
A NEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY on Historical Principles, founded mainly on the Materials 
collected by the Philological Society. Edited by James A. H. Murray, ll.d., President 
of the Pliilological Society ; with the Assistance of many Scholars and Men of Science. 

This grand work has been in preparation for more than a quarter of a century. Its design is to 
furnish a complete account of the Meaning, Etymology, and History of English Words now in use, 
or known to have been in use at any time in the course of the last 700 years. The various Meanings 
are arranged in a logical order ; the Obsolete Senses and Constructions are distinguished, and each 
sense is illustrated by Quotations, from the earliest known use down to the present day. 

The Vocabulary will contain all words English in form which have been in use since the 13th century, 
and all Foreign words that have been, or now are, more or less in use, including all Scientific Terms of 
general interest ; and will be much, more extensive than that of any other English Dictionary. 

Quotations. — The work of collecting these has occupied about 1300 readers, and they number 3| 
millions, collected from above 5000 authors, including' all those of the early periods that have been printed, 
and many which exist only in manuscript. 

As to the Printing: in order to facilitate reference, great pains have been taken to make the 
Dictionary eloquent to the eye, by the employment of different sizes and styles of type, by the 
arrangemenl 01 tin; articles, and by tin: prominence given to the Dates of the Quotations. 

M ESS Its. II. SOTfl K KAN AND < '< >. will be happy to receive Subscribers' Names for this great work 
(which it is confidently expected will be completed in a reasonable time) at the above nett price per part. 




ANNANDALE (Dr. C.) Concise English 
Dictionary, crown 4to. cloth, 8s 1886 

Another copy, new and strong hf. mor., lbs 


ASH (Dr. John) New and Complete English 
Dictionary, with a Comprehensive Grammar, 
and Supplement, 2 vols. 8vo. ccdf, lis Gd 1775 

Replete with a multitude of obsolete, provincial, vulgar, 
and cant words and phrases, besides technical terms, etc. 

CHAMBERS'S English Dictionary, Pro- 
nouncing, Explanatory and Etymological ; with 
Vocabularies of Scottish Words and Phrases, 
Americanisms, etc., edited by J. Donald ; roval 
8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1883 

Another copy, half morocco, 13s Gd 

CRAIG'S Universal English Dictionary, 

2 vols, thick royal 8vo. tree-calf, £2. os n. d. 
IMPERIAL Dictionary, English, Techno- 
logical, and Scientific, with Supplement, by Dr. 
Ogilvie, frontispiece and about 2400 woodcuts, 

3 thick vols, super-royal 8vo. half calf neat, 
cheap, £1. 2s Gd Blackie, 1851-6 

■ New edition, by Dr. Ogilvie, complete 

with Supplement, upwards of 2500 woodcuts, 
2 large vols. impl. 8vo. cl., £2. 15* (pub. £4.) 1878 
Last Edition, Encyclopedic, Literary, 

Scientific, and Technological, Revised and Aug- 
mented by C. Annandale, with above 3000 en- 
gravings, 4 vols. impl. 8vo. new cloth, £4. 1886 
The same, new half morocco, £5. os 

NUTTALL'S Standard English Dictionary, 
crown Svo. cloth, 3s 1887 

RICHARDSON (C, ll.d.) New Dictionary 
of the English Language, combining Explana- 
tion with Etymology, and illustrated by Quota- 
tions from the best Authorities, 2 vols. 4to. (pp. 
2346), half russia neat (CHEAP), £1. Is 1858 

New edition, new tree-calf ex., £5. 105 1875 

ROGET (Dr. P. M.) Thesaurus of English 
Words and Phrases, classified and arranged so 
as to facilitate the expression of Ideas and assist 
in Literary Composition, edited by J. L. Roget ; 
post Svo. new ccdf gilt, 145 Gel 1884 

SKEAT (Rev. W. W.) Etymological Dic- 
tionary of the English Language, thick 4to. 
cloth, £1. 165 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1882 

The same, half russia, cloth sides, £2. bs 

Another copy, new half morocco, £2. 105 

Concise Etymological Dictionary of 

the English Language [a separate work], crown 
Svo. new calf gilt, 105 ; or, new tree-calf extra, lis 

ibidem 1 8S*? 
WEBSTER (Dr. Noah) An American Dic~ 
tionary of the English Language, revised, 
enlarged, and improved by Dr. C. A. Goodrich 
and N. Porter, with Memoir of Webster, History 
of the English Language, and Appendix, portrait 
and a large number of pictorial illustrations, 
BEST EDITION, 2 vols, folio", LARGE PAPER, SCWll, 

£2. 155 Cambridge, 31ass., 1865 

New Edition, with 3000 woodcuts, thick 

4to. half morocco, lbs London, n. cl. 

The same, with Supplement of new words, 

new half morocco, £1. 45; or, new half russia, 
cloth sides, £1. 85 n. cl 

- Another copy, new tree-calf gilt, £1. 125 
The same, with a new Biographical 

Appendix of 9700 Names, 4to. new half morocco, 
cloth sicks, £1. I85 ; or, new tree-cf. gt., £2. 2s 1884 

SMITH (Rev. C. J.) Synonyms Discriminated, 
a complete Catalogue of the Synonymous Words 
in the English Language, with Descriptions, 
Quotations, etc., 8vo. ccdf gilt, 145 1871 

STORMONTH'S Dictionary of the English 
Language, Pronouncing, Etymological, and Ex- 
planatory, 4to. new half morocco gilt, £1. 55 1884 

Handy English Word Book, post Svo. 

cloth, 65 1877 

WEDGWOOD (Hensleigh) Dictionary of 
English Etymology, with an Introduction on 
the Origin of Language, Library Edition, 4 vols. 
Svo. cloth, £1. 55 1859 

Third edition, royal Svo. cloth, IGs 1878 

" Dictionaries are a class of books not usually esteemed 
light reading; but no intelligent man were to be 'pitied who 
should rind himself shut up, on a rainy day, in a lonely house on 
the dreariest part of Salisbury Plain, with no other' means of 
recreation than that which Mr. JVedgtuood' s Dictionary of Etymo- 
logy could afford him. He would read it through from cover 
to cover at a sitting, and only regret that he had not the second 
volume to begin upon forthwith." — Spectator. 

WORCESTER (J. E.) Universal Critical 
and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English 
Language, including Scientific Terms, compiled 
from Dr. Webster's Materials, new edition, with 
Pronouncing Key to Classical, Scriptural, and 
modern Geographical Proper Names, and English 
Grammar, royal Svo. tree-calf extra {nearly new), 
95 Qd 1871 

— — Comprehensive Dictionary, revised, with 
illustrations, crown Svo. cloth, 45 Gel n. cl. 


ARCHAIC and Provincial Words, Glossary 
of, bv J. O. Halliwell-Philliprs, tenth edition, 
2 vols. Svo. cloth, 12s Gd 1S87 

DAVIES (Rev. T. L. O.) Supplementary 
English Glossary, Svo. (pp. 736), cloth, 9s Gd 
(pub. I65) 1881 

[GROSE (Capt. P.)] Classical Dictionary of 
the Vulgar Tongue {un mutilated reprint of the 
First Edition), printed on large paper, crown 
4to. roxb., uncut, toped, gt., IsGd Reprint of '1785 

A Provincial Glossary, with Collection 

of Local Proverbs and Popular Superstitions, first 
edition, 8vo. old tree-calf gilt, 9s Gd 1787 

Second edition, post Svo. brown ccdf gilt, 

8s Gd 1790 

LANCASHIRE (S.), Dialect of, or Tim Bob- 
bin's Tummus and Meary, with his Rhymes and 
an enlarged Glossary, by S. Bamford, post Svo. 
cloth (with Horace " Wigan's stamp on title), 
45 Gd 1854 

Phrases, Glossary of ; with Examples of their 
colloquial use, and Illustrations from various 
Authors: with the Customsof the County: byANNE 
E. Baker, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, IGs 1854 

NORTH COUNTRY Words, in use, Glossary 
of, by J. Trotter Brockett, from an original 
MS. in the Library of J. G. Lambton, Esq., with 
considerable additions, post Svo. brown ccdf gilt, 
9s Gd Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1825 

Another copy, third edition, corrected and 

enlarged by W. E. Brockett, with portrait, 
2 vols. cr. Svo. in 1, cl., IGs Gd ibidem, 1846 

SHROPSHIRE Word-Book ; a Glossary of 
Archaic and Provincial Words, etc., by G. F. 
Jackson, thick Svo. cloth, £1. bs 1S79 



Dictionaries and Cyclopedias, continued:— 

SWAINSON (Rev. C.) Folk-Lore and Pro- 
vincial Names of British Birds, Svo. cloth, 
5s Qd (pub. 126) 1886 

YORKSHIRE : Cleveland Dialect, Glos- 
sary of the, Explanatory, Derivative, and 
Critical, by the Rev. J. C. Atkinson, thick 
square Svo. cloth, £1. Is 1868 

YORKSHIRE : Hallamshire Glossary ; by 
the Rev. Joseph Hunter, post Svo. beautifully 
bound in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by C. 
Lewis, £1. Is Pickering, 1829 


BOS WORTH (Rev. J.) Dictionary of the 
Anglo-Saxon Language, with preface on the 
origin and connexion of the Germanic Tongues, 
and the essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, 
map, showing the distribution of Languages in 
Europe, thicK royal Svo. new tree-calf extra, by 
Riviere, £1. 17s Qd 1838 

LYE ( Ed. ) Diction arium S axonico- et Gothico- 
Latinum : accedunt FragmentaVersionis Ulphil- 
AN^E, etc., edidit, Grammaticamque utriusque 
Linguae praemisit, Owen Manning, s.r.s., 

2 vols, folio, half calf ', uncut, £2. 10s 1772 

COLLOQUIA et Dictionariolum Octo Lin- 
GUARUM [Latin, French, Flemish, German, 
Spanish, Italian, English, and Portuguese'], en- 
graved title with portraits, oblong 12mo. clean 
copy in vellum, £1. lis Qd Amstelodami, 1631 

The compiler of this Traveller's companion exhibits a very 
imperfect knowledge of English, although he asserts that the 
volume would enable the speakers of the various tongues to 
dispense with an interpreter. It was a popular book, and passed 
through a series of impressions ; yet clean and complete copies 
are very uncommon. 

TOLHAUSEN (A.) Technological Dic- 
tionary in the English, German, and French 
LANGUAGES, containing 76,000 Technical Terms, 

3 vols. 12mo. half bound, £1. 12s Qd Leipzig, 1877 


BENGALI and SANSKRIT Dictionary, 
explained in English, with Index, serving as a 
Reversed Dictionary, by Sir G. C. Haughton, 
4to. (pp. 2851), hf. rus., very neat, £1. 12s Qd 1833 


LITTRE (E.) Dictionnaire de la Langue 
Francaise, 5 thick vols, royal 4to. (including 
Supplement), strongly bound in half English 
russia, £7. 7s Paris, 1881 

" The French Academy, which was originally commissioned 
to produce a Classic French Dictionary, after two centuries 
and a quarter has arrived at the sixth letter of the alphabet ; 
while M. Littr6 in the course of a single life devoted to science 
and consumed in the severest daily and nightly studies, has 
accomplished by his own unassisted ex-ertions a classical and 
phraseological dictionary of the French language unrivalled 


POITEVIN (P. ) Dictionnaire Universel de la 
Langue Franchise, 2 vols, thick 4to. cloth, 
£2. 10s Paris, 1868 

BELLOWS (J.) Pocket French-English and 
English-French Dictionary, maps and tables, 
18mo. roan tuck, gilt cd., 8s Qd 1883 

SPIERS (Dr. A.) French-English and Eng- 
lish-French Dictionary, revised and enlarged by 
H. Witcomb, 2 vols. roy. Svo. cloth, 12s 6^ n. d. 

The same, half calf gilt, £1. 3s 

TARVER (J. C.) Royal Pheaseological 

EnGLISH-FeENCH and French-English Diction- 
ary, sixth edition, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. cl., £2. 1879 
The same, new half morocco gilt, £2. 12s Qd 


BARRERE (A., Officicr del Instruction Publique) 
Argot and Slang : a new French and English 
Dictionary of the Cant Words, Quaint Expres- 
sions, Slang Terms and Flash Phrases used in the 
High and Low Life of old and new Paris, with 
etched frontispiece by Godefroy Durand, thick 
crown 4to. (pp. 495), printed by Whittingham 
on handmade paper ; roxburghe, top edges gilt, 
£3. 10s Privately printed, 1887 

BURN (Col.) Naval and Military Technical 
Dictionary of the French Language, thick 
crown 8vo. cloth, lis Qd 1870 

JAL (A.) Glossaire Nautique: Repertoire 

Polyglotte de Termes de Marine anciens et 

modernes, illustrative woodcuts, 2 thick vols. 4to. 

half morocco extra, £2. Paris ; Didot, 1848 


SEUBERT (A.) Allgemeines Kunstler- 
Lexicon, oder Leben und Werke der Beruhm- 
testen Bildenden Kunstler, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. sewn, 
£1. 8s (pub. £2. 2s) Frankfurt am Main, 1882 

German-English and English-German Dic- 
tionary, Svo. cloth, 3s 1885 

HILPERT (J. L.) WOrterbuch der Englisch- 
Deutschen und Deutsch-Englischen Sprache, 
4 vols. 4to. new half morocco neat, £3. 15s 1828-45 

FLUGEL'S German-English and English- 
German Dictionary, 2 thick vols, royal 8vo. 
boards, 16s n. d. 

GRIEB'S Dictionary of the English and 
German Languages, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. half 
morocco, £2. 10s Stuttgart, 1880 


SUIDiE Lexicon, Greece et Latine, ad tidem 
optimorum Librorum exactum, post T. Gaisfordum 
recensuit et Annotatione critica instruxit G. 
Bernhardy, 4 vols. 4to. sewn, £2. 12s Halis, 1852-3 

LIDDELL and SCOTT'S Greek-English 
Lexicon, sixth edition, revised throughout, thick 
4to. cloth, 14s (pub. £1. 16s) 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1869 

Later edition, new half russia, cloth sides, 

£2. 5s 1883 

Abridged edition, revised, square crown 

Svo. cloth, Qs 1887 

CREMER (H.) Biblico-Theological Lexicon 
of New Testament Greek, 8vo. cloth, 14s 1872 

SOPHOCLES, Lexicon to; principally abridged 
and trans, from Ellendt, 8vo. cf gt. , Is Oxford, 1841 

LASCARIDES (G. P.) English-Modern 
Greek Lexicon, compiled by Dr. L. Myrian- 
theus, 2 vols, post 8vo. cl., 15s (pub. £1. 10s) 1882 

HEBREW Dictionary, with Grammar, by 
M. H. Breslau, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 9s 1856 

HEBREW and CHALDEE Lexicon to the 
O. T. Scriptures, by W. Gesenius, translated, 
with Additions and Corrections, by the Rev. S. 
P. Tregelles, thick 4to. cl., 10s Qd Bagster (1857) 

The same, with Gesenius's Hebrew Gram- 
mar, enlarged by Rodiger and translated by 
Davies and Davidson ; together 2 vols. 4to. cloth, 
£1. Is 1857 
Lexicon (Analytical), by B. Davidson, 

containing every word and inflexion in the O. T. 
Scriptures, precisely as they occur, a grammati- 
cal analysis, and complete series of paradigms, 
etc., thick 4to. cloth, 10s 6^ Bagster, n. d. 

Diction aries and Cyclopaedias, continued :— 


BARETTI'S Italian -English and English- 
Italian Dictionary. 2 vols, my. 8va cl., £1. is >>. d. 

MILLHOUSE '(J.) Italian-English and 
English-Italian Dictionary, with additions by 
F. Bracciforti. 2 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 10s n. a. 

SMITH (Dr. W.) Latin-English and English- I 
Latin Dictionary, 2 vols, thick roval Svo. cloth, ' 
£1. 12* 6d 1S83 

The same, strongly and neatly bound in half 

morocco, £1. 10s 1S74 

Latin-English Dictionary, doth, 12s 1S64 , 

Another copy, fourteenth edition, half mor- 
occo, £1. 2s 6d 1877 ' 

Engli>h-Latin Dictionary,, £1.4slSlS 

■ Smaller Latin-English and English- 

CD., 136, STRAND. 


Latin Dictionaries, 2 vols. cr. -ito. d., 12s 18S6 
The same, sprinkled calf gilt, 16s 6d 1872-3 

Latin-English Dictionarv, tree-calf gilt, 

10s Qd 1873 

English-Latin Dictionarv, half morocco, 

10s 6d ; or, calf gilt, 10s Qd 1873 

WHITE and RIDDLE'S Latin-English 
Dictionary, thick royal Svo. cloth, 16s 6d 1SS0 

WHITE (Rev. J. T.) Latin-English Diction- 
ary, royal Svo. cloth, Ss 6d 1879 

The same, half morocco, 16s 6d 1S69 

Small ENGLISH-LATIN Dictionarv, square 

post Svo. doth, os 18S0 

DU CANGE : Glossarium Medle et Infemlk 
Latinitatis ; auctum a Monachis Ordinis S. 
Benedicti ; cum Supplements integris CARPEN- 
TEEII, et Additamentis Adelungii et aliorum : 
digessit Henschel, with plates of Coins, Mono- 
grams, etc, 7 thick vols. 4to. calf gilt, marbled. 
edges (scarce), £10. 10* Paris, Didot, 1S40-50 

The present edition of this work is more complete than its 
predecessors, and the Supplements are incorporated. The 
seventh vol. contains the French Glossary, revised and com- 
pleted; the highly important Table of Technical Terms, 
omitted in the previous editions, and here doubled in extent; a 
Table of Foreign Words ; Dissertations from Joinville and 
Yillehardouin ; a Dissertation on Byzantine Coins, etc. 


CODRING-TON (Rev. R. R., Mclanrsian 
Mission) The Melanesian Languages: Voca- 
bularies, Comparative Grammar, Phonology, 
Numeration, Grammars, maps, Svo. (pp. 572), cl., 
Is 6d (sells 18*) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 18S5 


J. (A.) A Compleat Account of the Portugueze 
Language, being a copious Dictionary of English 
Avith Portugueze and Portugueze with English, 
folio, old panelled calf, with the bookplate of Lord 
Pet re, very scarce, los London : Printed by 

P. J a.ncicay , for the Author, M.DCC.I. 

EL WES (A.) Portuguese-English and Eng- 
lish-Portuguese Dictionary, post Svo. cloth, 
3-y Qd 1884 

VIEYRA'S Portuguese-English and Eng- 
lish-Portuguese Dictionarv, abridged, 2 vols. 
ISnio. cloth, Ss 6d Paris, 1S7S 


MEADOWS (F. C.) Spanish-English and 
English-Spanish Dictionarv, post Svo. cl.As 1SS4 

English and English-Spanish Dictionary, 2 
vols, royal Svo. cloth, £1. 2> 6d ,]. d. 

SALVA (V.) Xucvo Diccionario FRANCE 
ESPANOL y ESPANOL-FrANCES, with tin: Pro- 
nunciation, sixth edition, by J. B. Guim, 2 thick 
vols. impl. Svo. in one, half French morocco, 
12s Paris, 1S76 



JAMIESON (J., d.d.) Etymological Dic- 
tionary of the Scottish Language, with 
a Dissertation on the Origin of the Language : 
New Edition, carefully revised and collated, 
with the "whole Supplement incorporated by J. 
Longmuir and D. Donaldson, complete, with 
a New Supplement, 5 vols. 4to. cloth, uncut, 
£7. 5« Paisley, 1879-S7 


royal 4to. half mor. uncut, top edges gilt, £12. 12s 

Ihis elaborate work illustrates the Words, in their different 
Significations, by examples from ancient and modern Writers ; 
shows their affinity to those of other Languages, especially the 
Northern : explains many Terms, which, though now obsolete 
in England, were formerly common to both countries ; and 
elucidates National Rites^ Customs, and Institutions, in their 
Analogy to those of other Nations. 


EVANS (T.) Welsh-English and English- 
Welsh Dictionary, 2 vols. Svo. half calf, red 
edges, ISs 1852 


RICH (Anthony) Dictionary of Roman and 
Greek Antiquities, with ncarly2000 engravings 
on wood , square post Svo. new calf gdt, 12s fid 1874 

SMITH (Dr. W.) Dictionary of Greek and 
Roman Antiquities ; woodcuts, roval Svo. new 
calf gilt, £1. 12» 1882 

The same, Smaller Dictionary, with 200 

woodcuts, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s 6d 1S74 


URE (Dr.) Dictionary of Arts, Manu- 
factures and Mines, an Exposition of their 
Principles and Practice, edited by Prof. R. Hunt, 
F. W. Rudler. and other eminent Writers, last 
edition, with upwards of 2100 icoodcuts, 4 large 
vols, royal Svo. cl., £1. 15s (pub. £7. Is) 1878 


BOUTELL (Rev. C.) Bible Dictionary of Bio- 
graphy. History. Antiquities, Geography, Natural 
History, etc., including the results of the latest 
explorations, thick Svo. half calf gilt, 9s ; or, half 
russia, 10s 6d 1871 

The same, new calf ccctra. 12s; or, new tree- 

calf gilt, 16s 

CALMET (Dora. A.) Dictionary of the Bible, 
by C. Taylor, with numerous additions, maps 
and engravings, impl. Svo. (pp. 1000), cl., Ss 1S55 

The same, calf gilt, nearly new, 14s; or, calf 

e xtra, 16s 

CRTJDEN (A.) Concordance to the Bible, 
with Memoir by W. Youngman, portrait, impl. 
8vo. cloth, os n. d. 

Another Edition, with Life by A. Chalmers, 

portrait, thick 4to. new tree-calf gilt, £1. 12s 1879 

The same, edited by the Rev. G. S. Cary. 

crown Svo. calf gilt, ~s 6d n. d. 

HAYDN'S Bible Dictionary, edited by the 
Rev. C. Boutell. fully illustrated, thick Svo. 

ENGLISHMAN'S (The) Greek Concord- 
ance of the New Testament, roval Svo. cloth 
£1. Ss 1S70 


Dictionaries AND CYCLOPEDIAS, continued:— 

SMITH (Dr. W.) Dictionary of the Bible, 

by eminent writers, with maps and hundreds of 

woodcuts, 3 thick vols, royal Svo. cloth, £3. 3s 

(pub. £5. 5s) 1863 
Another copy, handsomely bound in full 

purple morocco extra, gilt edges (cheap), £4. 4s 
The same, new calf gilt, £5. 10s ; or, new 

tree-calf extra, by Rividrc, £5. 18s 

Another copy, newmor. extra, gilt ed.,£6. 10s 

Concise Dictionary of the Bible, con- 

densed from the larger work, with maps and 300 
illustrations, royal Svo. cloth, 17s 6d 1875 

The same, new cedf extra, £1. 5s 

Smaller Dictionary of the Bible, new 

edition, with numerous full-page and other illus- 
trations, post Svo. neio tree-calf extra, 12s Qd 1880 


ALLIBONB (S. A.) Great Authors of All 
Ages, with Index, royal Svo. new cedf, 18s 1885 

depute les temps les plus recules jusqu'a nos jours, 
avec les renseignements bibliographiques, publiee 
par Firmin DiDOT Freres sous la direction du Dr. 
Hoefer, many thousand references, 46 volumes 
roy. Svo. in 23, neio half brown mor. extra, cloth 
sides, to}) ed. gt. (a handsome and strongly bound 
sctfrom the Hartley collection), £11. lis Faris, 1855 

BRYAN (M.) Dictionary of Painters and En- 
gravers ; new edition, revised and enlarged, by 
R. E. Graves, Vol. I : A-K, royal Svo. half 
bound, £1. 6s 1886 

CATES (W. L. R.) Dictionary of General 
Biography, fourth edition, with Supplement, 
very thick royal Svo. cloth, red edges, £1. 2s 1885 

Another copy, new half mor. gilt, £1. 6s 1881 

CHALMERS (A. ) General Biographical Dic- 
tionary ; an historical and critical account of the 
Lives and Writings of the most eminent Persons 
in every Nation, particularly the British and 
Irish, 32 vols. Svo. bds. (cheap), £1. 14s M 1812 

COOPER (T.) New Biographical Dictionary, 
new edition, with Supplement to 1882 ; thick 
crown Svo. (pp. 1430), new half morocco, cloth 
sides, 16s 1883 

The same, new cedf gilt, 18s 

Men of the Reign, a Biographical Dictionary 

of Eminent Persons of English and Colonial Birth 
who have died during this reign, edited by T. H. 
Ward, very thick post Svo. cloth, 12s 1885 

MEN of the Time, a Biographical Dictionary 

of Eminent Living Characters of both Sexes, new 
edition, brought down to the Present Time, very 
thick post 8vo. new cedf gilt, 16s 1884 

The same, LAST EDITION, edited by T. 

Humphrey Ward, new hedf morocco, 16s Qd ; or, 
calf gilt, 18s 1887 

FOSTER (Joseph) Men at the Bar; a bio- 
graphical hand -list of the Members of the various 
Inns of Court, including Her Majesty's Judges, 
etc., impl. 8vo. cloth, 15s 1885 

HAYDN'S Dictionary of Biography, Past and 
Present, by Benjamin Vincent, royal 8vo. new 
half morocco extra, 12s 6d n. d. 

The same, new calf gilt, 14s 

" It has the merit of condensing into the smallest possihle 
compass the leading events in the career of every man and •woman 
of eminence."— 'Tunes. 

GRAVES (A.) Dictionary of Artists who 
have exhibited Works in the principal London 
Exhibitions of Oil Paintings from 1760 to 1880, 
impl. 8vo. half mor., top edges gilt, £1. lis 6^ 1884 

A work of great utility for the Biography and Identity of 
Artists; compiled from the Catalogues of the Royal Academy, 
the British Institution, the Society of Artists, the Free Society 
of Artists, and the Suffolk Street Exhibition. It comprehends 
nearly 16,000 Names, arranged in several columns, viz., Town, 
from which the first Exhibit was sent ; First and Last Year 
of Exhibition; Specialty; a column for each of the Five 
Societies ; and the Total Number of Works exhibited by each 
Artist, whether as Painter in Oil or Water Colour, Architect, 
Engraver, Medallist, Sculptor, etc., for the last 120 years. One 
of its chief uses is the distinction between different members of 
one family; from mistakes in this respect many dealers in 
works of art become confused. 

IMPERIAL Dictionary of Universal Bio- 
graphy, a Series of Original Memoirs by Writers 
of Eminence, conducted by Professors Lan- 

etc., with numerous fine engraved portraits, 5 vols. 
4to. cloth, £1. 8s (pub. £5. 5s) Mackenzie (1865) 
Another copy, bound in 3 large vols., strong 

half morocco gilt, £1. 18s 

One of the fullest and usefullest general biographies. 

KNIGHT (C.) English Cyclopaedia: Bio- 
graphical Portion, 6 vols. 4to. cl., £1. 6s 1856-8 

OTTLEY (H.) Dictionary of Painters and 
Engravers, a Supplement to Bryan's Dictionary, 
royal Svo. cloth, 9s 1877 

REDGRAVE (S.) Dictionary of Artists of the 
English School, Svo. cloth, 13s 1878 

ROSE (Rev. Hugh James) New General 
Biographical Dictionary (the articles con- 
tributed by the most eminent Scholars of the 
day), complete, 12 vols. Svo. cloth, £3. 3s (pub. 
£10. 16s) 1S57 

Another set, cedf gilt, marbled edges, £5. 5s 

The best General Biographical Dictionary published in this 
country, containing no fewer than 20,700 names. 

STEPHEN (Leslie) Dictionary of National 
Biography (by the most eminent literary men of 
the day), vols, as published, Svo. cloth, each 15s 

Or, in strong half morocco, each £1. 

Full particulars of this great national work may be 
had on application to messrs. h. sotheran and co. 


SMITH (Dr. W.) Dictionary of Christian 
Antiquities, being a Continuation of the Dic- 
tionary of the Bible, with numerous woodcuts, 
2 thick vols, royal 8vo. cl., £3. 1875-SO 

The same, new calf gilt, £3. 15s ; or, neio 

tree-ccdf extra, by Riviere, £4. 

Dictionary of Christian Biography, 

Literature, Sects, and Doctrines, being a Con 
tinuation of the Dictionary of the Bible, 4 thick 
vols, royal 8vo. cloth, £5. 15s 1S77-87 

The same, cedf extra, £7. 

Another copy, morocco, gilt edges, £8. 



ENCYCLOPAEDIA Britannica ; or, 
Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, 
Commerce, History, Geography, Biography, and 
General Literature, illustrated by upwards of 
Five Thousand engravings on wood and steel, 
eighth edition, 21 vols, and volume of Index, 4to. 
half russia, cloth sides, marbled edges {in excellent 
condition), £8. 10s 1853-60 

Ninth edition (nearly complete) -.—see 

next page. 


Dictionaries and Cyclopedias, continued. •— 






Illustrated with Wood Engravings, Steel Plates, and Coloured Maps. 


In Quarto, cloth extra, Price £1. 5s each; or bound in half morocco, marbled edges 

{publisher's binding), £1. 10s. 


It having been represented that a re-issne of the Encyclopedia Britannica at this time would be a great 
convenience to those who have hitherto been unable to purchase a large number of volumes at one time, 
and who would in the way now proposed have less difficulty in acquiring the work, the Publishers have 
decided to adopt the course suggested. 

In re-issuing the Encyclopaedia, the Public are informed that it will be simply as a Re-issue and 
not as a New Edition that the work will be published. No change whatever will be made in the 
contents of the work, and the title-pages with their respective dates will remain unaltered. In other 
particulars, however, everything will be done to make the New Issue attractive and useful to the reader. 

In offering the Encyclopaedia at this time in a more convenient form of publication than was 
formerly available, the Publishers have reason to believe the opportunity will not be lost sight of by those 
who may formerly have been deterred from subscribing to the work on the ground of economy. 

It is proposed to begin the issue on 1st December next, continuing the publication in monthly 
volumes until complete. Intending subscribers are invited to apply as early before that date as 
convenient to 



A COMPLETE SET TO DATE, being vols. 1 to 22, can be supplied at the following prices, 
the binding being those of Messrs. H. Sotheran and Co. : — 

I. Strong hcrff morocco, very neat, per volume £1. 12s Od 

II. Strong half russia, ,, £1. 14s 

III. Whole tree-calf extra, by Riviere ,, £2. 


plementary Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and 
General Literature, Vols. 1 to 3 (A to Navv), 4to. 
cloth gilt, each £1. 12s Qd New York^ 18S3-6 

CHAMBERS'S Encyclopaedia ; a Dictionary 
of Universal Knowledge for the People, revised 
edition, with 39 coloured maps and 3400 wood- 
engravings, 10 large vols, royal Svo. half calf gilt, 
£4. 15s; or, half russia, £o. 10s 1886 

The same, tree-calf gilt, £6. 10s 

CHAMBERS (R.) Information for the People : 
Treatises on Science, Philosophy, History, Geo- 
graphy, Literature, etc. ; icoodcuts, 2 vols, royal 
Svo. new half morocco, £1. 4s 1883 

The same, earlier edition, hf, cf. gt., lis 1S75 

ENGLISH Cyclopaedia: a New Dictionary of 
Universal Knowledge, by the most eminent 
writers of the day. conducted by C Knight : 
Natural History and Geography, with very 
numerous icoodcuts, complete in 34 parts, royal 
4to. sewn, cheap, £1. (pub. £3. 4s) (1854-62) 

" Whoever wants a Cyclopaedia extensive and yet cheap, and 
compiled throughout on the principle of compendious and accu- 
rate information on all subjects rather than on that of collected 
individual dissertations, cannot do better than secure this 
English Cyclopaedia." — Quarterly Review, 


CHAMBERS (W. and R.) Book of Days; 
Popular Antiquities in connexion with the 
Calendar, Anecdote. Biography, History, Curio- 
sities of Literature, and Oddities of Human Lite 
and Character ; woodcuts, 2 vols, imperial Svo. 
half calf, £1. 6s ; or, half morocco, £1. Ss 1SS5 


Dictionaries and Cyclopaedias, continued:— 

HAYDN'S Dictionary of Dates and Universal 
Information, relating to all Ages and Nations, 
last edition, with additions, by B. Vincent, 
thick Svo. cloth, 14* Qd 1885 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. 3s ; or, new 

tree-calf extra, by Hi v arc, £1. 4s 

Earlier edition, trcc-calf gilt, lbs 


TOWNSEND (G. H.) Manual of Dates ; a 

Dictionary of Reference to the most important 

Events in the History of Mankind : fifth edition, 

by F. Martin, thick Svo. half bound, 16s Qcl 1877 

The same, cedf gilt, £1, Is 

BROOKES'S General Gazetteer and Geo- 
graphical Dictionary : descriptions of every known 
country in the World : New Edition, enlarged 
and with Maps and Census, edited hy J. A. Smith, 
thick royal Svo, half calf gilt, lis Qd 1876 


BARTHOLOMEW (J., f.r.g.s.) Gazetteer 
of the British Isles, Topographical and Statist- 
ical, containing Descriptions of 60,000 Places, 
illustrated with 29 specially prepared maps, impl. 
Svo. newly half bound, £1. 10s 1S87 

The above wholly new work supplies a complete, trust- 
worthy, and handy Reference Gazetteer of the United Kingdom, 
with its information brought up to the present date. It 
consists of 920 pages, and is specially minute in treating of the 
Statistics and Physical Geography; and the Physical, Statistical, 
Parliamentary, Railway and- General Maps are unusually clear, 
complete, and possessed of the most recent changes. 

LEWIS (S.) Topographical Dictionary of 
Great Britain, Ireland, and the Islands, with 
Historical and Statistical Descriptions, with four 
ATLASES containing many maps, and the Arms 
and Seals, 14 vols. 4to. cloth (CHEAP), £3. os 1840-5 

The portion containing England and 

Wales, 8 vols, new half morocco neat, £2. 18s 1831 
- Wales only, 2 vols, cloth, 14s 1845 

LUCKOMBE (P.) England's Gazetteer, an 
accurate Description of all the Cities, Towns, and 
Villages, best edition, with map, 3 vols, post Svo. 
old calf gilt {nice copy), Qs 1790 

A singularly useful work of reference, comprehending the 
whole of the Index Fillaris of Adams. 

by Sir William Hunter :— see under India, 


GARRETT (J., Director of Public Instruction, 
Mysore) Classical Dictionary of India, 
illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy, 
Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, 
CUSTOMS, etc. of the Hindus ; with the Supple- 
ment, Svo. (pp. 953), strongly half-bound, neat, 
£ 1 . lis Qd Madras, 1 87 1 -3 

This standard work, is of importance to the scholar and 
general reader alike, and is the most convenient work on the 
subject yet published. 

"WILSON (H. H.) Glossary of Judicial and 
REVENUE Terms, etc. of British India; from 
the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit and 
other Languages, compiled under the authority of 
the H. E. I. Company, 4to. cloth, £1. Is (pub. 
£2. 2s Qd) 1855 


HOBBES (J. R.) Picture Collector's 
MANUAL, a Dictionary of Painters, an Alpha- 
betical Arrangement of Scholars and ;i Class- 
ification of Subjects; 2 vols. Svo. <f. gt.,£\. 10s 1849 


ALLIBONE (S. A.) Poetical Quotations, 
from Chaucer to Tennyson, with copious Indexes, 
royal Svo. cloth, 10s Philadelphia, 1885 

The same, new calf, 18s 

Prose Quotations, from Socrates to 

Macaulay, with Indexes, royal Svo. new calf, 18s 

ibidem, 1885 

The above two works, together with Alii bone's " Great 

Authors," can be supplied uniformly bound, as above, for £2. ioj. 

BARTLETT (J.) Familiar Quotations: an 
Attempt to trace to their source Passages and 
Phrases in common Use, post 8vo. cf. extra, 8s n. d. 

The same, Last Revised Edition, new half 

cedf extra, 9s Qcl ; or, new calf extra, lis 1883 

BOHN (H. G.) Dictionary of Quotations 
from the English Poets, sq. Svo., 15s 1882 

Another edition, crown Svo. new cedf gilt, 

10s; or, new tree-calf extra, lis 1884 

The same, new morocco gilt, 12.y (id 

BREWER (Dr. E. C.) Dictionary of Phrase 
and Fable, crown Svo. cloth, 3s n. d. 

HENDERSON (A.) Latin Proverbs and 
Quotations ; with Translations and Parallel 
Passages, and copious English Index, square 
Svo. cloth, Is Qcl (pub. 16s) 1869 

LITTLE (C. E.) Historical Lights : 6000 
Quotations from Standard Histories and Bio- 
graphies, very thick royal Svo. cloth, 16s 1886 

A COMPLETE SET, forming 15 thick royal 8vo. 
volumes, newly bound in full calf gilt, £25. v. y. 

The same, new trce-cf. extra, by Riviere, £28. 

Contexts : — The Bible ; Greek, and Roman Biography ; 

Greek and Roman Geography ; Greek and Roman Antiquities ; 

Christian Antiquities ; and Christian Biography. 


BLUNT (Rev. J. H.) Dictionary of Doctrinal 
and Historical Theology, thick impl. Svo. 
half calf antique, red edges, £1. Ss Qd 1870 

Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiast- 
ical Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought, 
impl. Svo. cloth, £1. 6s (pub. £1. 16s) 1874 

B E E T O N (Mrs.) Book of Household 
Management, with several hundred coloured 
plates and woodcuts, thick post Svo. hf bd., Qs n.d. 

Home Book : a Domestic Encyclopaedia, 

numerous coloured and other illustrations, thick 
post Svo. half bound, Qs n. d. 

BOTANY :— Paxton (J. P.) Botanical Dic- 
tionary, comprising the Names, History, and 
Culture of all known Plants in Britain, new edi- 
tion, revised and corrected hy S. Hereman, royal 
Svo. cloth, 18s Qd (pub. £1. 5s) n. d. 

Smith (J.) Dictionary of Economic 

Plants, their History, Products and Uses, Svo. 
cloth, llsQd 1882 

BURN (R. Scott) Self- Aid Cyclopaedia : 
General, Architectural, Mechanical and Orna- 
mental Drawing, Mechanics, and the Steam Engine, 
over 1000 engravings, Svo. half bound, Is Qd n. d. 

CASSELL'S Domestic Dictionary, an Ency- 
clopaedia for the Household, fully illustrated, 
royal Svo. cloth, Qs n. d. 

CHAMBERS (R.) Cyclopaedia of English 
Literature ; a History of British Authors 
from the earliest to the present time, with 
copious selections from their writings ; edited 
hy II. Carruthers, numerous portraits, 2 vols, 
royal Svo. ueu- half Calf gilt, £1. 6s ; or, new half 
morocco, £1. 8s 1886 



Dictionaries and Cyclopaedias, continued:— 

CHEMISTRY:— Watts (H.) Dictionary of 
CHEMISTRY and the Allied Branches of other 
Sciences, 5 vols, and the THREE SUPPLEMENTS : j 
together 8 vols, royal Svo. in 9, cl., £7. 7-s- 1879-81 I 

" The editor, having the assistance of an able staff of scientific 
writers, has produced a work of great value, from which both 
practical and theoretical enquirers mav derive solid advantage." 

eleventh edition, Svo. calf gilt, 9s 6d 1871 

New edition (the fourteenth), adapted to 

the requirements of the present day, by the Revv. 
W alter Hook and Prebendary" Stephens, 
thick Svo. (pp. 788), cloth, lis 6d 18S7 

The same, new cf. antique extra, reded., £1. 5s 

.Mythology, and Geography, by Dr. W. Smith, 
new edition, with 750 illustrations, thick Svo. new 
calf gilt, £1. 2s 6d 1874 

— Smaller Classical Dictionary, with 200 

nigra rings, post Svo. new, ov,ant.,10s6d 1874 

COOKERY, Cassell's Dictionary of, with 
numerous coloured and other illustrations, royal 
Svo. half bound, 6s n. d. 

COX (Rev. Sir Gr. W.) Little Cyclopaedia of 
Common Things, numerous illustrations, post 
Svo. cloth, 6s Qd 1882 

ENGINEERING (Civil), Encyclopedia of, 
by E. Cresy, fully illustrated, thick Svo. cloth, 
18s 1880 

THING, 75th and last revised edition, post Svo. 
cloth, 2s 1878 

CO., 136, STRAND. 


GREEK and ROMAN Biography and Myth- 
ology, edited by Dr.W. Smith, woodcuts, 3 vols, 
thick royal Svo. new tr, te -calf gilt, £4. Us 6d 1880 

GREEK and ROMAN Geography, edited by 
Dr. Smith, with maps and /"onerous woodcuts, 

2 thick vols, royal Svo. cloth, £2. 6s 1S78 

The same, new tree-calf extra, £3. 3s 1870-3 

MEDICINE (Domestic) Haydn's Dictionary 

of, edited hy Dr. E. Lankester, 33 plates, thick 
Svo. cloth, 6s n. d 

MIRACLES, Dictionary of, by Dr. E. C. 
Brewer, crown Svo. cloth, 6s 1884 

SCIENCE, Literature, and Art, Dictionary 
of, by W. T. Brande and the Key. Sir G. W. 
Cox, comprising Definitions and Derivations of 
Scientific Terms, with the History and Descrip- 
tion of Scientific Principle ; new edition, revised, 

3 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 5s 6d 1875 
The same, new cloth, £1. 12s 

Another copy, new half russia, £4. 

SHAKESPEARE Glossary, by the Key. A. 
DYCE, Svo. half bound, 5s 1880 

Phrase Book, hy J. Bartlett ("a con- 
cordance of phrases rather than of words :? ), crown 
Svo. (pp. 1034), calf extra, 13s 6d 1881 
Lexicon, a complete Dictionary of all the 

English Words, Phrases and Constructions in 
the Works of the Poet, by Dr. A. Schmidt, 
2 vols, square roval Svo. cloth {scarce), £2. 1874-5 
WHEELER (W. A. andC.G.) Familiar 
Allusions : a Handhook of Miscellaneous In- 
formation, Svo. cloth, 6s 18S4 

DIGBY (Kenelm H.) The Broad Stone of 
Honour, or Rules for the Gentlemen of Eng- 
land, thick post Svo. cf. gt., £1. 5s Rivingtons, 1823 

Another copy, morocco gilt {edges slightly 

shorn), £1. Is 

Very scarce : only a few copies printed with the alteration* 
from the First Edition, before the author left the English Church. 

Notices of the, with List of Members from its 
Foundation {very carefully annotated in neat 
MS.), Printed for Private Circulation only, por- 
trait of W. R. Hamilton, Secretary, 1830-55, 
royal 4to. cloth, SCARCE, £1. 5s Nichols, 1855 

See under Publications of Learned Societies, 
etc., post, for a set of its Publications. 

DILKE (Sir Charles) L'Europe en 1SS7, 
impl. Svo. sewn, 6s 6d Paris, 1887 

DIODORI SICUL.I Bibliotheca Historica, 
Greece et Latine, cum Notis variorum et P. 
"Wesselingii, frontispiece and PROOF PORTRAIT 
of Wcsseling, 2 vols, royal folio, large paper, 
fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Johnson (VERY rare), £9. 9s Amstclodami, 1746 

This copy was purchased by Mr. YVodhull in 1809 for 
£i&. i8i. The MacCarthv copy sold for 4*0 francs. 

and Remarkable Sayings of the most famous 
Ancient Philosophers ; to which are added the 
Lives of several other Philosophers, by Eunapius 
01 Sardis : Englished by several hands, port. ,2vols. 
post8vo. cedf extra, yellow edges, £1. 5-s 1688-96 

DOBSON (Austin) At the Sign of the 
Lyre, frontispiece, 12mo. new calf extra, 9s6d 1885 

The same, new polished Levant morocco, 

uncut, top edges gilt, 12s 18S6 

Old World Idylls, front. 12mo. new 

polished Levant mor., uncut, top ed. gt., 12s 1SS6 

Eighteenth Century Essays (selected), 

frontispiece, 12mo. parchment, 5s 1884 

DTSRAELI (Isaac) Works, best large type 
Library Editions : — Curiosities of Litera- 
ture, 6 vols. : Amenities of Literature, 
3 vols. : Commentaries on the Life and Reign of 
Charles I., 5 vols. : together 14 vols. Svo. 
uniformly bound in half cedf gilt {nice set), 
£7. 10* 1817-41 

Another octavo set : Curiosities of Literature, 

6 vols. : Amenities of Literature, 3 vols. : Com- 
mentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles I., 
edited by Lord Beaconsfield, 2 vols. : Literary 
Character of Men of Genius, 1 vol. : together 
12 vols. Svo. cf. gt. {notquite uniform) £ 1842 etc. 

New edition : Amenities of Literature, 1 vol. ; 

Calamities and Quarrels of Authors, 1 vol. ; 
Curiosities of Literature, with Life by Lord 
Beaconsfield, 3 vols. ; Literary Character of Men 
of Genius, 1 vol. ; together 6 vols, post Svo. new 
half calf gilt, £2. 2s n. d. 

The same, new calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d ; or, tree- 

calf extra, by Riviere, £3. 3-s 
Curiosities of Literature, portrait and 

facsimile, crown Svo. calf gilt, ~s 6d n. d. 

Narrative Poems, First Edition, finely 

printed, 4to. mottled calf gilt, uncut, top edges 

gilt {fine copy}, SCARCE, £1. Is Murray, 1S03 
DIXON (W. Hepworth) Free Russia, third 

edition, with coloured illustrations, 2 vols. Svo. 

cloth, Is 6d (pub. £1. 10s) 1S70 
Her Majesty's Tower, with 60 portraits 

and other plates, 2 vols. Svo. cl., 15s(pub.£ 1S85 
The same, on Large and Fine Paper, 

2 thick vols. impl. Svo. cloth, £1. 5s (pub. £2. 2s) 

History of Two Queens, 4 vols. Svo. cloth, 

£1. (pub. £3.) 1873 

History of William Penn, Founder of 

Pennsylvania, port., Svo. cl., 4s (pub. 12s) 1872 



DIXON (W. H.) Royal Windsor, 4 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, los (pub. £3.) 1879 

Spiritual Wives, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. 

cloth, Is (pub. £1. 10s) 1868 

DOBREB (P. P., Grace. Litt. Prof. Reg.) 
Adversaria, edente Jac. Scholefield, 2 vols. 
Svo. calf gilt {neatly rebacked), with bookplate of 
the late Master of Trinity, 16s 6d Cantab., 1831-3 

: New edition, 5 vols, post Svo. in 2, cloth, 

7-v 6d 1883 

DODD (Rev. H. P.) The Epigrammatists : 
a Selection from the epigrammatic literature of 
ancient, mediaeval, and modern times, with Notes, 
Observations, Illustrations, and an Introduction, 
post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s Qd 1875 

DODSLBY (R.) Select Collection of Old 
English Plays, Math additional Notes by Isaac 
Reed, O. Gilchrist, and J. Payne Collier, 
12 vols. Svo. LARGE PAPER, half morocco neat, 
top ed, gt. {nice copy, VERY SCARCE), £4. 10s 1825 

The same, new tree-calf super-extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt, contents lettered, by Riviere, A very 
fine SET, £9. 95 

- The same, fourth edition, chronologically 

arranged, revised and enlarged, with the notes of 
all the commentators, and new notes, by W. C. 
Hazlitt, and Glossary by the Rev. Richard 
Morris, 15 vols, post Svo. cloth, uncut, £3. Is Qd 
(pub. £7. lis 6d) 1874-5 

Another set, calf gilt, £4. 15s 

Large Paper, 15 vols. 8vo. half morocco gilt, 

marbled edges, £6. 6s 

The same, new half morocco extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £7. 10s 

Another set, new tree-calf extra, uncut, top 

edges gilt, by Riviere, £11, 

DODWELL (E.) Scenery of Greece, with 

topographical letterpress, 30 large and splendid 

DRAWINGS, mounted on cardboard, royal folio, 
crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 1821 

Only ioo copies issued in this state. The finest work of 
Grecian Scenery ever executed. Drury's copy sold for £13. 11s, 
and the Duke of York's for £io. 

DOLLINGER (Dr. von) The Gentile and 
the Jew in the Courts of the Temple of Christ, an 
Introduction to the History of Christianity, trans, 
by N. Darnell, 2 vols. 8vo. el., scarce, £3. 10s 1862 

DONALDSON (J. W.) The New Cratylus, 
or contributions towards a more accurate Know- 
ledge of the Greek Language, second edition, 
enlarged, 8vo. cloth, 6s (pub. 18s) 1850 

DORAN (Dr. J.) A Lady of the Last Century 
(Mrs. Elizabeth Montague) illustrated in her 
unpublished letters, with a chapter on Blue 
Stockings, second edition, 8vo. half roan, top 
edges gilt, 8s 6d 1873 

Lives of the Queens of England of the 

House of Hanover, fourth edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, 8s (pub. £1. 5s) 1875 

"Mann" and Manners at the Court of 

Florence, 1740-1786, founded on Sir Horace 
Mann's Letters to Horace Walpole, 2 vols. 8vo. 
half Half 'jilt, 8s 6d 1876 

The same, handsomely illustrated with 

124 extra portraits and Plates, chosen with 
taste and discrimination, 2 vols. 8vo. new half 
orange mor. extra, uncut, toped, gt., £5. 10s 1876 
Memories of our Great Towns (written 

for the scenes of the British Association's Meet- 
ings), post 8vo. cloth, 4s Qd (pub. 7s 6d) 1882 

DOUGLAS (Prof. R. K.) China : its History, 
Government, Literature, Manners and Customs, 
etc., numerous maps and illustrations, Svo. cloth, 
5s 1882 

DOYLE (Sir Francis Hastings) The Re- 
turn of the Guards, and other Poems, post 8vo. 
cloth {scarce), 10s 1866 

Another copy, new edition, new morocco 

extra, gilt edges, 14s Qd 1883 

Lectures on Poetry, with Poems, second 

series, crown Svo. cloth, 7s 1877 

DOYLE (J. E.) Chronicle of England, from 
B.C. 55 to A.D. 1485; Written and Illustrated by 
the Artist, beautifully printed on thick toned 
paper, with 81 COLOURED ENGRAVINGS of Re- 
markable Events, engraved and printed by Ed- 
mund Evans, thick 4to. cl., gt. ed., £2. 7s 6d 1864 

The same, new mor. extra, gt. ed., £4. 10s 

Another copy, newly and beautifully bound 

lured mor. super-extra, ed. gt. over red, £4. 16s 

I ndependently of its historical and literary merits, this volume 
is valuable for the author's scrupulous fidelity in the Architectural 
Details, Costume, and Arms and Armour of each period. It 
forms the most admirable English Historical Prize to be 

DOYLE (Richard, "Dick") Journal of the 
Year 1849, with Introduction by J. H. Pollen, 

with several hundred remarkable sketches by the 
Author ivhen a boy, 4to. extra boards, 16s (pub. 
£1. Is) 1885 

DRAMA, Origin of the English, by T. 
Hawkins, of Magdalene College ; illustrated in 
Mystery, Morality, Tragedy and Comedy, fac- 
similes, 3 vols, post Svo. old calf neat, 9s Qd 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1773 

DRAMA :— The London Stage, a Collection 
of the most reputed Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, 
Melodramas, Farces, and Interludes, accurately 
printed from Acting Copies, with frontispieces, 
engraved titles, and numerous woodcuts, 4 vols. 
Svo. half cedf {nice copy), £1. 5s {circa 1820) 

DRAMATISTS (British), Works of, carefully 
selected from the best Editions, with Notes, Bio- 
graphies, etc., by J. S. Keltie, steel port, of Ben 
Jon son, and vignette, royal 8vo. half calf gilt, 
9s Qd Edinburgh, 1870 

DRANT (T.) AMedicinable Morall, that is, 
the two Bookes of Horace his Satyres, englyshed 
accordyng to the prescription of Saint Hierome : 
The Wailyngs of the Prophet Hieremiah, 
done into englyshe verse, also epigrammes, 
FIRST EDITION, 4to. filarft letter, blue morocco 
super-extra, tooled sides, gilt edges, by Riviere, 


In Flete Strcte, by Thomas Marshe, anno 1566 

A copy has been priced as high as £12. 12s. 

DRAPER (Dr. J. W.) History of the Intel- 
lectual Development of Europe, 2 vols, 
post 8vo. neu) calf extra, 18s Qd 1882 

DRAYTON (J. B.) Poems [with long list of 
aristocratic Subscribers, with their addresses], 
fcap. 8vo. boards, 4s 6d 1813 

DRESSER (Dr. Chr.) Studies in Design, 60 
large plates in COLOURS, some heightened in gold, 
and descriptive letterpress, folio, cloth gilt, £1. 5s 

Cassell, n. d. 

DREW (S.) Essay on the Immateriality and Im- 
mortality of the Human Soul, founded solely on 
Physical and national Principles, First Edition, 
post 8vo. neio half calf, very scarce {not in 
Lowndes), 12s Qd St. Austell. 1802 


DRAMATISTS of the RESTORATION, a complete set, edited, with Prefatory Memoirs 

and Notes, by James Maidment and W. H. Logan, 14 vols, post 8vo. cloth, £3. 

(pnb. £7. 7s) 1872-9 

The same, new half morocco, top edges gilt, £6. 15s 

Another set, new calf extra, gilt edges, £10. 10s 

Large paper edition (scarce), 14 vols. 8vo. cloth, £5. 5s (pub. £12. 8s) 

The same, printed on Whatman paper {only 30 copies so executed), 14 vols. 8vo. cloth, 

£6. 10s (pnb. £21.) 

No Dramatic Collection can he considered complete without the above Authors, who, for the most 
part writers of Comedy, nourished after the extinction of the Commonwealth. As the Text, in previous 
editions, had been either imperfectly or corruptly dealt with, the several Plays are now presented in an 
umnutilated form. They are beautifully printed on tine paper, and range with the best editions of lien 
Jonson, Shirley, and other early Dramatists. 

DRUMMOND (Right Hon. Sir W. ) Works, 
including : Origines, map, 4 vols. 1824 — The 
Oedipus Judaicus, 1811 — Review of the Gov- 
ernments of Sparta and Athens, 1794— The 
Rev. G. D'Oyley's Letters on Oedipus Judai- 
cus, and Letter to D'Oyley by Vindex, etc. — 
together 8 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt, £3. 10s 

The " British Critic " attributed to Sir William " the most 
patient industry of antiquarian research, great learning, and 
skill." It has elsewhere been remarked of the Origines {see next 
article) " that it is a work of great erudition and research, 
important to the student of Eastern History." 

Origines; or Remarks on the Origin of 

several Empires, States, and Cities, map and 
tables, vols. 1 and 2, 8vo. {with 7 pages of caustic 
MS. Notes by Mr. Beckford), half russ-ia, 
uncut, top edges gilt, "Font/till binding" (lettered 
"Origines, with a few Notes by an Original") : a 
choice and interesting copy, £1. 10s 1824-5 


DRYDEN (John) Works: illustrated with 
Notes, historical, critical, and explanatory, and 
Life, by Sir Walter Scott ; revised and aug- 
mented'by George Saintsbury ; vols. 1-13, Svo. 
finely printed in a large new type; cloth, each 
Ss Gd Edinburgh, 1882-7 

Large Paper edition (only 100 copies 

PRINTED) super-royal, Svo. cloth, each lis 
The remaining volumes will be supplied on the same terms, 
but orders can only be taken for complete sets. 

This Edition of Dryden's Works is not an exact reprint 
of Sir Walter Scott's, nor is it a reprint of that edition with 
additions merely. On the other hand, the present Editor has 
included the whole of Sir Walter's editorial matter, and has 
not interfered with the order of his arrangement. 

Poetical Works, Globe Edition, with 

Memoir and Notes hy W. D. Christie, crown Svo. 
new calf gilt, Is 6d 1874 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d ; or, 

morocco extra, gilt edges, lis Qd 

Another Edition, including TALES and 

Translations ; with Life hy Dr. Johnson, and 
Notes by Warton and others, portrait and vig- 
nette, royal Svo. calf gilt, 10s Gd Moxon, 1856 
The same, new edition, new tree-calf gilt', 

14s; or, newmor. super -extra, gilt edges, £1. Is 1873 

Illustrated Edition, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 

6s Gd; or, neic morocco, gilt edges, Ss Qd 1869 

DRYDEN (John, Junior, second son of the 
poet) A Voyage to Sicily and Malta, written 
when he accompanied Mr. Cecill in that Expedi- 
tion, in 1700 and 1701, Svo. calf, os 1776 
DRYSDALE(J.)andJ. N. Hayward: Health 
and Comfort in House Building, with plans, 
8vo. cloth, 6s 1876 

[DU] BARTAS [(G. Saluste, Sieur)]: his 
Devine YVeekes & Work es Translated; v.v. Dedi- 
cated to the King's most excellent Maiestie by 
Iosvah Sylvester, engraved title {.slightly 
damaged), 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. fine clean copy of 
the first collected edition, old calf, with the book- 
plate and MS. notes oft>B.. Bliss, £4. 4s 

Humfrcy Lownes, 1605-7 

Dr. Bliss remarks on the fly-leaf : " This copy of Sylvester 
has been carefully collated with Mr. Malone's' copy in the 
Bodleian, with which (so far as Mr. M.'s copy goes) it agrees in 
every particular. Mr. Malone's copy, however, wants the whole 
of the supplemental volume, printed in 1606-7. which will be 
found here at page 496 and again after p. 516. I believe this to 
be the first collected edition of Sylvester's translation. Many 
of his own additions to the author's text are here given for the 
first time." Dr. Bliss has also transcribed Malone's MS. 
notes on another leaf. Altogether the present is perhaps the 
most complete and desirable copy of the work of the " Silver- 
tongued " Sylvester which has been offered for sale. 

The same, now thirdly corrected and aug- 
mented, engraved title by IV. Hole, and a few 
woodcuts, small 4to. old calf gilt, rebacked, fine 
COPY, £2. 2s H. Lownes, 1611 

DU BOYS (A.) Catherine d'Aragon, et les 
Origines du SCHISME ANGLICAN, thick Svo. half 
calf gilt, 6s Gd Paris, 1S80 

DUCAREL (Dr.) Anglo-Norman Antiqui- 
ties considered, in a Tour through Normandy, 
with 27 copper plates of buildings, seals, etc., royal 
folio, old tree-calf gilt [with the book-plate of John 
Townclcy), £1. os 1767 

DUCLOS (C. D.) Memoires Secrets sur les 
Kegnes de Louis XIV. et de Louis XV., 2 vols. 
post Svo. fine copy in tree-marbled calf extra, with 
silken bullion-tagged markers, by Kalthoerer 
(Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. Paris, 1791 

The period which immediately preceded the great Revolu- 
tion will always awaken a keen interest in the historical student, 
as the causes which eventually produced that catastrophe are to 
be traced backwards at least to the beginning of the century. 

DUDLEY (R.) Monthly Maxims : Rhymes 
and Reasons to suit the Seasons, with numerous 
humourous and pretty fancies beautifully executed 
in chromolithography ', and printed on cardboards, 
4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, "is Gd (pub. £1. os) 1SS3 

DUPFERIN (Earl of) Letters from High 
Latitudes ; an Account of a Yacht Voyage to 

Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen, in 1S56, 
with numerous woodcuts, maps, etc., Library 
Edition, Svo. brown calf extra (choice copy), 
£1. 4s6d 1857 

[DUPFERIN (Lady)] Lispings from Low 
Latitudes ; or Extracts from the Journal of 
the Hon. Impulsia Gushington. 23 very i 
and humourous plates, oblong 4to. half calf t/ilt, 
Us 1863 



DUGDALE (Sir W.) A Short View of the 
Late Troubles in England, with the Append- 
ix, EXTRA illustrated by the insertion of 
many fine portraits by Houbraken, views, etc., 
folio, handsomely bound in sound and bright 
russia, tooled on sides and inside covers, gilt edges 
(fine copy), £3. 3s Oxford, 1681 


English Topography, post. 

DUHAMEL (J. M. C.) Cours <le Mecanique 
de PEcole Poly technique, 4 folding plates, 2 vols. 
Svo. in 1, half calf gilt, 8s Qd Paris, 1845-6 

DUMAS "(Alexandre, Pcre) Novels and 
Tales, uniform edition, 19 vols. fcap. 8vo. half 
calf gilt, £4. n. d. 

The Count of Monte-Cristq, 12mo. half 

bound, 3s n. d. 

Les Trois Mousquetaires, 2 vols. 12mo. 

half cedf neat, 4s Qd Paris, 1877 


DUMAS (Alex., Fils) La Dame aux Camelias, 
a new Translation, with new Preface by the 
Author, illustrated with 40 Photogravure's and 
Etchings by Albert Lynch, 4to. cloth extra, 
uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 2s 1887 

The above work is elegantly pr'nted on fine paper in 4to. 
size, and the illustrations are in the best st> le of modern 
French book-illustration. The whole edition for England and 
America is strictly limited to 550 copies, and the greater part of 
them are already sold. 

DUMOULIN (Abbe G.) Histoire Generale 
de Normandie ; folio, vellum, scarce, £2. 10s 

Rouen, 1631 

DUNCAN (Wm., Scotch Weaver and Botanist), 
Life of, with Sketches of his Friends, by W. 
Jolly, portrait, crown 8vo. cloth, Is 1883 

DUNCIAD (The Modern), Virgil in London, 
and other Poems (ascribed to T. J. Mathias), fcp. 
8vo. cloth {presentation copy from the author to 
John Nicholls), 4s Qd Pickering, 1835 

DUNCKER (Prof. M.) History of Ant- 
iquity, translated from the German by Evelyn 
Abbott, 6 thick vols. 8vo. new tree-calf extra, bi/ 
Riviere, £7. 7s 1877 

DUNLOP (J.) History of Fiction ; a Critical 
Account of celebrated Prose Works of Fiction, 
from the earliest Greek Romances to the Novels 
of the Present Age, second edition, 3 vols, post 
8vo. calf gilt, £1. 4s Edinburgh, 1816 

History of Roman Literature to the 

Augustan Age, with 3 portraits by Lizars, 3 vols. 
8vo. half calf extra, with the bookplate of the 
late Master of Trinity, £2. 5s 1824-8 

Scarce, especially as to the third volume. 

DUPL AIS'S Treatise on the Manufacture and 
Distillation of Alcoholic Liquors, trans. 
by M. McKennie, M.D., with 14 folding plates, 
royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 12s Qd Philadelphia, 1871 

DUPLESSIS (G.) Histoire de la Gravure 
en Italie : Espagne : Allemagne : les Pays-Bas : 
Angleterre : France, with 73 reproductions of 
prints by great artists {some very fine), impl. 8vo. 
///'. mor. gi '., uncut, top ed. gilt, £1. 4s Paris, 1880 

DURER (Albert), History of the Life of, with 
a translation of his Letters and Journals, and 
some Account of hifl Works, by Mrs. C. HEATON, 
with 31 illustrations, 'mostly specimens of his 
works, 10 of them reproductions by the autotype 
process, impl. 8vo. half morocco extra, u?icut, top 
edges gilt, by Rwiere [as good as new), £1. 5s 1870 

Cheap edition, with portrait and illustra- 
tions, 8vo. cloth, 8s Qd 1881 

DURUY (Victor) History of Rome and the 
Roman People, edited by Prof. Mahaffy, 
with nearly 3000 plates (MANY coloured), and 
other illustrations, 6 vols. impl. 8vo. new half 
morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £10. 10s 1883-6 

DYER (T. H.) Ancient Athens: its History, 
Topography, and Remains, with illustrations, 
plans, etc., royal 8vo. cedf gilt, £1. \\s Qd 1873 

Pompeii ; its History, Buildings, and An- 
tiquities, with an Account of the Destruction 
of the City, etc. , with maps and nearly 300 wood- 
engravings, post 8vo. calf extra, lis Gel 1875 

ASTLAKE (Sir C. L.) Contributions to 
the Literature of the Fine Arts, with a 
Memoir of the Author, and Selections from 
his Correspondence, by Lady Eastlake, 2 vols. 
8vo. cloth, 15s Qd (pub. £1. 4s) 1870 
EASTLAKE (C. L.) Hints on Household 
Taste in Furniture, Upholstery,and other Details, 
illustrated by 33 plates, some coloured, and many 
woodcuts, sq. 8vo. cloth, 10s Qd 1868 
History of the Gothic Revival : see 

under Architecture, ante. 

EATON (T. D.) Musical Criticism and Bio- 
graphy, post 8vo. cloth, 4s (pub. 7s Qd) 1872 

EBER (General) Ten Years of Imperialism 
in France : Impressions of a " Flaneur," 8vo. 
doth, 4s Qd (pub. 9s) 1862 

ECCLESIASTIC (The), a Critical, Antiquarian, 
and Literary Magazine, from its beginning in 
1846 to 1857, 11 vols. 8vo. half vellum, £2. 2s 

Masters, 1846-57 

Advocating the characteristic doctrines of the Church of 
England as embodied in the Book of Common Prayer. Con- 
tains contributions by many eminent churchmen and leaders of 
the Oxford Movement- 

ECCLESIASTICAL Apparel and Ceremo- 
nies, Eight early and rare Tracts relating 
to, printed secretly at English or foreign presses ; 
in a 12mo. volume, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 
good perfect copies {as under), £8. 18s Qd (1566) 

i. A briefe discourse against the outwarde apparell and 
Ministring garmentsof the popishechurche, 1566; 2. An answere 
for the tyme to the Examination put in print, with out the 
authours name, pretending to mayntayne the apparrell prescribed 
against the declaration of the mynisters of London, 1566 ; 3. The 
Fortresse of Fathers, translated out of Latin, 1566; 4. To my 
louyinge brethren that is troublydabowtthe popishe aparrell, two 
short and comfortable Epistels. By Anthony Gilby [1566;] $. To 
myfaythfull Brethren now afflicted [1566 ;] 6. [To my Brethren.] 
An answere to a question, that was mouyd, whi the godly man 
wold not weare a surples. A Godly Prayer [1566;] 7. The 
judgement of Henry Bullinger, 1566; 8. The mynd and expo- 
sition of Martin Bucer, translated into Englishe. Printed at 
Emden, 1566. 

Some of these pieces have coeval MS. notes. A volume 
containing only three of them was recently priced £g. gs. They 
are of the greatest interest at the present time in connexion with 
the "Vestment Question " in the Church of England. 

ECCLESIOLOGY :— Cutts (Rev. E. L.) 
Manual for the Study of the Sepulchral Slabs 
and Crosses of the Middle Ages, ivith 83 ivoodcut 
plates, containing over 300 examples, 8vo. cloth, 
10s Qd 1849 

ECHEROLLES (Alexandrine des) Early 
Life of ; Private Trials and Public Calamities : 
during the Troubles of the first French Revolu- 
tion ; trans, from the French, 2 vols, post 8vo. 
hf. morocco extra, top ed. gt., nearly new, SsQd 1853 

EDGEWORTH (Maria) Tales and Novels, 
with frontispiece and vignettes, 18 vols. 12mo. 
cloth, £2. 10s 1832 

New edition, with 38 fine steel engravings, 

10 vols. fcap. 8vo. new hf. mor. extra, £2. 10s n. d. 

Tales of Fashionable Life, 6 vols. fcap. 

8vo. old half calf, 12s 1 809-12 


EDGEWORTH Mariai Illustrations to the 
Novels and Tales of : the wain of 36 highly 
finished engravings, by Goodall, Cooke, etc, after 
the beautiful designs of W. Harvey, India 
proof impressions on folio paper, ~s 6d n. d. 

1 and 2 [issued at interval.- of six months], 
forming volume 1, thin Svo. half calf (BABE), 
£1. Is Edinburgh, IT."." 

" Of this volume containing the only two numbers published 
at the time, the scarcity has long been so great, that in 1819 it 
was reprinted — on account of the interest excited by it containing 
tberirst literary essays of Robertson, Smith, and Wedderburn." 

EDINBURGH REVIEW, Selections from 
the (the present periodical), comprising the best 
Articles, from its beginning ; with preliminary 
Dissertation and Notes by Maurice Cross, 4 vols. 
Svo. cloth, WsQcl r833 

For a complete set see Publications oe Learned 
S ieties. post. 

EDWARDS 'Edward; Lives of the Founders 
of the British Museum, with Notices of its 
chief Augmentors and other Benefactors, 1570- 
1870, with plans and woodcuts, thick impl. Svo. 
Large Paper, doth, top ed. gt., £1. 2s Qd 1870 

& CO., 136, STRAND. SI 

EDWARDS IE., a.r.a.) Anecdotes of 
Painters who have resided or been born in 
England, with critical remarks on their produc- 
tions ; intended as a Continuation to Walpole's 
Anecdotes ; portrait, also 33 additional portraits 
and other engravings, royal 4to. large paper, 
smooth blue mar. t, £3. \2s6d 1808 

EGAN 'Pierce) Life and Adventures of S. D. 
HAYWABD, the Modern Maeheath, his Intrigues 

and Yillanies on the Town, and final Execution, 

I Svo. new calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt ; 

fine copy (very scarce), £1. 5s 1822 

Tom and Jerry, or, Life in London, plates, 

-t Svo. cloth, Qs n. d. 

Finish to the Adventures of Tom. Jerry, 

and LOGIC, in their pursuits through Life in and 
out of London; numerous coloured illustrations 
by R. Cruikshank. Svo. cloth, £1. 15s 

Hotten, n. d. 

EG- AN 'Pierce, Junior) The Flower of the 

Flock, a Novel, 3 vols, post Svo. beautifully 

bound in blue morocco extra, richly gold-tooled on 

i and back, gt. ed. [a presentation copy, with 

inscription of the Author), 17* Qd 1865 


napoleon's great work on bgypt: 

DESCRIPTION DE L'EGYPTE : Observations et Recherches qui ont ete faites en "Egypte 

pendant l'Expedition de FArmee Francaise : publiees par les ordres de S. M. l'Emper- 

eur Napoleon le Grand, containing nearly 900 splendid Engravings {many of immense 

.-) of Antiquities, Views, Natural History, etc. (including 72 of Antiquities, Birds, 

and Minerals, finely coloured), 3 yoIs. Elephant Folio, and 11 vols. Atlas Folio of 

Plates, and 9 vols, folio of Text; together 23 yoIs. -newly half bound in morocco super- 

extra, with emblematical gold tooling on the bads, top edges gilt (a fine copy of the original 

subscription edit : , b. £160. unbound), £75. Paris. 18o9-22 

The grandest work of Engravings ever published, and the most glorious monument of Napoleon's 

latronage of the Fine Art-. 

^BOUT (Edmond) Le tellah; Souvenirs 
d'Egypte, Svo. new half g>'c>:n morocco i 

>. uncut, top edges gilt, by Chatelin (fine 

), 9s Paris. 

A.BULFED^3±] Descriptio .Egypti, Arabice et 

Latine ; cum Notis J. D. Mich.elis. royal Svo. 

mottled calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy . 

£1. is Goettinga. , 1776 


ANDREWS iE. J.) Sketches in Egypt and 
Nubia : 45 black lead drawings, most beautifully 

' Architectural Remains, Plans, I 
ume, etc. [a few coloured), with notes in illus- 
tration, mounted on cardboard, in an impl. 4to. 
vol. sound half russia gilt, £2. 2s n. d. 

From the late amy's library, with his autograph, 

The above collection should be of considerable archajo- 
Dgical value, as it is the work of a practical architect, and each 
_" has a full description in a very neat handwriting. 

3ARTLETT (W. H.) The Nile Boat, or 
Glimpses of the Land of E.^ypt. first edition, 
with 35 beautiful steel-engravings and. \~ wood- 
cuts, Svo. morocco super -extra, gilt edges [pretty 
.. as good as new), 12* 6d 1S49 

3TJNSEN (C. C. J. von) Egypt's Place in 
L'niversal HISTORY; translated by C. H. 
Cottrell, with numerous engravings of Hiero- 
. vols. 1 to 4. thick Svo. half calf gilt, 
f:ce, £5. 10* 1545-60 

Memoir of the: Tastes, Part I.. 1883-4, by W. 

Flinders Petrie, 19 plates and plans, "royal 
4to. boards. £1. os 1885 

This memoir forms a part of what promises to be a very 
important undertaking, which must largely increase our know- 
ledge of Ancient Egypt, and that from the only trustworthy 
rce — buried monur.::.'.^. 

GORDON Lady Duffi Last Letters from 
EGYPT, etc.. portrait, post Svo. cloth, os 1S75 

GORRINGE iH. H., Lt.-l usnder U.S. 
Navy) Egyptian up.eli-k^ : a Inscription and 
History, with 50 full- jxtge illustrations (31 
artotypes [sic], 18 and 1 chromo- 

lithograph), row 4to. cloth, emblematically gilt, 
£1. : sella £2. 2s) 1SS5 

Contents: — Removal of the Alexandrian Obelisk. "Cleo- 
patra's Needle," to New York — Archaeology of ditto — Removal 
of the Luxor Obelisk to Paris, and of the Fallen Obelisk of 
Alexandria to London — Re-erection of the Vatican Obelisk — 
Record of all Egyptian Obelisks — Notes on the Ancient Methods 
of Quaming, Transporting, and Erecting Obelisks — Analysis of 
the~Mate*rials and Metals found with the Obelisk at Alexandria. 

HOSKINS (G.A., f.r.g.s.) A Winter in Upper 
and Lower Egypt, coloured frontisp 
Svo. half calf qdt, os 6d 1S63 

KLUNZINGER <Dr. C. B.) Upper Egypt: 
its People and its Products, with Prefatory Notice 
by L)r. G. Schweinfurth, illustrated, Svo. cloth, 
6^6r^pnb. 14*) l^S 



Books on Egypt, continued: — 

LANE (E. W.) Manners and Customs of the 
Modern Egyptians, edited by his Nephew, 
E. S. Poole, numerous illustrations, 2 vols, post 
Svo. new tree-calf gilt, £1. 25 1871 

LANE-POOLE (Stanley) The Art of the 
Saracens in Egypt, with 108 plates and other 
illustrations, impl. Svo. Large Paper {only 100 
copies printed), on thick vellum 'paper; extra 
canvas boards, £1. lis Qd 1886 

LENOIR (P.) The Fayoum, or Artists in Egypt, 
with 13 plates, post Svo. calf gilt, 9s Qd 1873 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 13s Qd 

MANNING (Rev. S.) The Land of the 
Pharaohs, new edition, revised bv R. Lovett, 
4to. cloth, 5s Qd 1887 

OSBURN (W.) Monumental History of 
Egypt, as recorded on the Ruins of her Temples, 
Palaces and Tombs, with numerous plates (many 
coloured) and woodcuts, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, SCARCE, 
£1. 12s 1854 

RAWLINSON (Canon) History of Ancient 
Egypt, down to its Conquest by the Persians, 
B.C. 527, with map, 9 plates, and over 250 wood- 
cuts, 2 thick vols. Svo. new tree-ccdf extra, by 
Fuviere, £3. 3s 1S81 

SHARPE (Samuel) History of Egypt to 
A.D. 640, new edition, with maps and over 400 
woodcuts, 2 vols, post Svo. new calf gilt, 18s 1876 

STUART (Villiers) The Funeral Tent of an 
Egyptian Queen, numerous plates {some folding 
and coloured), royal Svo. cloth, 18s 1882 

VYSE (Col. Howard) Operations carried on at 
the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837, with Voyage 
into Upper Egypt, and Appendix, 125 plates of 
Egyptian Antiquities, 3 vols. impl. Svo. cloth, 
£2. 15s Qd (pub. £6. 6s) 1840-2 

WERNER (Carl) Nile Sketches, painted 
from Nature during Travels through Egypt, 24 
fine water-colour facsimiles by G. W. Seitz, impl. 
4to. cloth, £2. n. d. 

WHARNCLIPPE (Lord) Sketches in 
Egypt and the Holy Land, taken during 1855, 
17 large plates and vignette on title, COLOURED 
lithographs like drawings, impl. folio, half 
cloth boards, £1. Is Privately printed, n. d. 

WILKINSON (Sir J. Gardner) The Man- 
ners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians ; 
new edition, revised and corrected by Dr. S. 
Birch, with 650 woodcut illustrations, besides 
COLOURED ONES, 3 vols, large Svo. new calf extra, 
£4. 15s 1878 

The Ancient Egyptians : a Popular 

Account of their Private Life, Manners, and 
Customs, new edition, with 500 woodcuts, 2 vols, 
post Svo. new cedf gilt, £1. Is ; or, new calf extra, 
gilt edges, £1. 5s 1874 

Modern Egypt and Thebes : beimr a 

Description of Egypt, with Traveller's Informa- 
tion, map and wood-engravings, 2 vols. Svo. cloth 
(SCARCE), £1. lis 6^/ 1843 
Topography of Thebes and General View 

of Egypt ; with Remarks on the Manners and 
Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, map and 
plates, thick Svo. cloth, 13s 1835 


ELIOT (GEORGE) Works, the original large type editions, 13 vols, post 8vo., 8 vols, crown 

8vo. and 1 vol. demy 8vo. — together 22 vols, full bound in brown calf extra, full gilt 

backs, marbled edges, by ¥. Bedford (fine uniform set), scarce, £31. 10s 1858-79 

CONTENTS :— Scenes of Clerical Life, 2 vols.— Adam Bede, 3 vols.— Mill on the Floss, 3 vols.— Silas 

Marner, 1 vol.— Felix Holt, 3 vols.— Spanish Gypsy, 1 vol.— Middlemarch, 4 vols.— Daniel Deronda, 

4 vols. — Theophrastus Such, 1 vol. 

BISSLER (M.) The Modern High Explos- 
ives : Nitro-Glycerine, Dynamite, Gun-Cotton, 
etc., their manufacture, use, etc., illustrated, Svo. 
cloth, Ss Qd New York, 1884 

ELECTRICITY —Watson (W., f.r.s.) Ex- 
periments and Observations, tending to illus- 
trate the Nature and Properties of Electricity, 
with Sequel, pl:de of electrical machine, Svo. 
sewn, 6s 1745-6 

ELECTROLYSIS: a practical Treatise on 
Nickelling, Coppering, Gilding, etc., by means of 
Electricity, by Hippolyte Fontaine, trans, by 
J. A. Berlv, 34 'Must., 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub. 9s) 1885 

ELEGANT EXTRACTS; being a copious 
Selection of Instructive, Moral, and Entertaining 
Passages from the most eminent British Poets, 
with 36 vignettes by C. Hccdh, 18 vols. 24mo. 
smooth vior. ex.,gt. eel., nice set, £3. 3s Sharpe, n. d. 

ELIOT (George) Novels, Cabinet Edition, 20 
vols, post 8vo. new half calf gilt, £6. 10s; or, new 
half morocco, £6. 15s and £7. 7s n. d. 

The same, new tree-ccdf extra, by Rivi&re, 

£10. 10s 

Cheaper Edition, with woodcuts, 11 vols. 

post 8vo. in 10, new half morocco, £3. 13s Qd ; or, 

half vellum gilt, £3. 15s n. d. 

Adam Bcde : Mill on the Floss : Silas Marner : Felix Holt : 

Scenes of Clerical Life: Romola: Middlemarch: Daniel Deronda: 

Theophrastus Such: Legend of Jubal: Spanish Gipsy. 

ELIOT (George) Daniel Deronda, first edi 
tion, 4 vols, post 8vo. hf bd. {mediocre copy), 
SCARCE, £1. 1876 

The same, new half cedf gilt, top edges gilt 

[it ice copy), £2. 2s 

Felix Holt, the PvYdical, first edition, 

3 vols, post Svo. cl., not cut up {scarce), lis Qd 1866 

Another copy, new half red morocco, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £1. Is 

Impressions of Theophrastus Such, 

second edition, crown 8vo. half morocco gilt {nice 
copy), 12s Qd , 1879 

Romola, Edition de Luxe, beautifully 

printed and illustrated with the beaidiful designs 
o/Sir F. Leighton, engraved on wood and pi-inted 
on India Paper, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. new polished 
morocco elegant, uncut, top edges gilt, £5. 5s 1880 

Cabinet Edition, with frontispiece, crown 

8vo. half morocco, 16s 1875 

The Legend of Jubal, and other Poems, 

12mo. cedf gilt, 10s 1874 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, lis Qd 

- The Spanish Gipsy, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1876 
The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 16s 

ELLIOT (Prances) Old Court Life in France, 
with 20 illmtrctiions, royal Svo. cloth, 6s 1886 

ELIOT (Sir John), a Biography, by John 
Forster, portrait, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1872 


ELIOT (Sir John) De Jure Majestatis, or 
Political Treatise of Government ; and Letter- 
Book, 2 vols. — all for the First Time minted : 
with Introductions, Facsimiles and Notes, etc. by 
Dr. A. B. Grosart, 6 vols, crown 4to. {only 100 
copies printed), cloth, £5. 5s 

Printed for Earl St. Germans and 
Private Circulation only, 1881-2 


ELIZABETH (Queen) :— A Letter : whearin, 
part of the entertainment vntoo the Qneenz 
Maiesty, at Killingwoorth Castle, in Wanvik 
Sheer in this Soomerz Progress 1575, iz signified : 
from a freend officer attendant in the Court 
[Robert Laneham] nnto hiz freend a Citizen and 
Merchaunt of London, tlarfe Irttrr, 16mo. inter- 
leaved with thick white paper {the title mounted), 
and bound in red morocco extra, gilt edges, exces- 
sively rare, £8. 10^ (1575) 

A very rare and interesting volume. The whole of the 
details of the Virgin Queen's celebrated visit to Kenihvorth are 
given with minuteness. GirTord's assertion that the book is 
" written in a most uncouth style by a pedantic coxcomb, under 
an affectation of humour " appears rather ill-natured and 
exaggerated when account is taken of the faithful narrative the 
author has rendered and other very entertaining (and histor- 
ically important) results which he attains. Tite's copy cut 
down, and with a piece cut from title, etc.) was sold for 
iiS. \%s. Only a few copies are known to exist, and a note in 
the above copy by Mr. W. Hamper characterises it as " almost 

ELLIS (G.) Specimens of the Early English 
Poets, with an Historical Sketch of the Rise and 
Progress of the English Poetry and Language, 
fourth corrected edition, 3 vols, post Svo, half red 
morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 145 6d 1811 

ELLIS (Mrs.) Family Secrets, or Hints to 
Those Who Would Make Home Happy, with 
numerous steel engravings, 3 vols, post Svo. half 
calf neat, SsQd (1843) 

Social Distinction : or Hearts and 

Homes [a History in High Life], with numerous 
steel engravings, 3 vols. Svo. hedf morocco gilt, 
Us (1S49) 

ELLIS (Sir H.) Original Letters illustrative 
of English History, with Notes and Illustrations ; 
the Three Series complete, with engravings 
and facsimiles, 11 vols, post Svo. new half morocco 
extra, top edges gilt, £4. 10* 1825-46 

Third Series, with Notes and Illustrations, 

frontispieces, 4 vols, post Svo. cloth, 105 6d (pub. 

£1. 45) 1S46 

" With delight we recommend them for curious illustration ; 
corrections of long received historical theories ; development of 
famous characters ; discovery of new and important facts : — in 
short, for everything that renders such a collection interesting in 
a co untry that is keenlv alive to the value of such researches." 

ELWES (R.) A Sketcheb's Tour Round the 
World, with tinted lithographic illustrations by 
the author, impl. Svo. cloth, Is (pub. £1. 15) 1854 

EMBLEMS :— Arwaker (E.) :— Hugo (Herni.) 
Pia Desideria, or, Divine Addresses, in Three 
Books, Englished by E. Arwaker, m.a., third 
edition, with 47 spirited engravings on copper, 
good impressions, post Svo. old calf gilt, tooled on 
sides, embossed gilt edges, 8s 6d 1702 

BMBLE MS :— Emblemata F. Schoonovii. 
partim Moralia, partim etiam Civilia ; cum latiori 
eorundem Interpretatione ; accedunt et alia qure- 
dam Poematia {first edition), with bestimprei 
of the 75 fine engravings and portrait ; Gouda:, 
1618— BURGUNDIA (A. a) Mundi Lapis Lydius, 
sive Yanitas per Vanitatem falsi accusata et con- 
victa, with 50 engravings by Andre Vowels after 
Dicppenbeck, Antverpiw, 1639 (SCARCE): — 2 vols, 
small 4to. in 1, vellum, 17s 6d 

& CO., 136, STRAND. S3 

EMBLEMS -—Cats (Jacob) and Robert Far- 
lie's Moral Emblem-, with Aphorisms, Adages, 
and Proverbs, of all ages and nation-, translated 
and edited by K. PlGOT ; most beautifully ill us. 
t rated with fine woodcuts, engraved by J. Leigh- 
ton, 4to. cloth, 155 1S60 

Another copy, most sumptuously bound, in 

new dark green morocco super-extra, e/ilt et 

be vdl< d boards, £2. 1 2s C>d 1 -1 ;:, 

EMBLEMS : — Idea Principis Christiano- 
Politici, CT Symbolic expressa, a Didaco 

SAAVEDEA FAXARDO, fine impressions of the 
engravings, thick ISmo. calf binding broken (Mr. 
Comerford's copy, with bookplate 
curious, Is Amstclodami, 1660 

EMBLEMS :— Lingu.e Vitia et Remedia em- 
blematice expressa per D. Antonium a Burgundia, 
with 96 copper-plates {fine impressions), small 
oblong 4Smo. old olive morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s 

Antverpias, 1631 

The illustrations to this work are of unusual interest from 
the greatest proportion being drawn from " the masses ; " but a 
few display interiors among the " classes." 

EMBLEMS :— Pia Desideria Gemini* Animre 
Pamitentis : Yota Animae Sanctse : Suspiria 
Animre Amantis : auctore Herm. Hugone, S.J., 
with 47 engravings, ISmo. dark morocco, joints, 
gilt edges {title mounted), 17s Qd Antverpim, 1676 
*' The two last books of Quarles's Emblems are exactly 

copied from Hugo." — Loiundes. 

EMBLEMS :— Ripa (Cesare) Iconologia, of 

uytbeeldingen des Verstands, with 196 woodcuts, 

thick 4to. vellum, 5s Amsielredam, 1644 

The curious cuts are illustrative of the various callings and 

conditions of life. 

EMERSON (Ralph Waldo) Complete 
Works, the handsome RIVERSIDE Edition, with 
fine portrait, 11 vols, post Svo. new half calf, 
£2. I85 1SS4 

The same, A Large Paper Copy of the 

original American Impression, beautifully 
printed on the finest handmade paper, with fine 
impression of the portrait on India Paper, 
10 vols, roval Svo. extra boards, wholly uncut, 
£1S. 1SS3 

Only twenty-five copies of the above beautiful edition 
were printed for the English market, of which the above is 
no. 8. It is the finest edition of Emerson that will probably 
ever be published, and the only one of a size to match the 
standard Library Editions of great English authors. 

Contents: — Nature: Addresses and Lectures: Essays 
English Traits : Representative Men : Conduct of Life : Society 
and Solitude : Letters and Social Aims : Poems: Miscellanies: 
Biographical Sketches. 

Works, Macmillan's Elegant Edition, with 

an Introductory Essay by John Morlev, 6 vols, 
post Svo. new calf gilt, £2. 12* %d 1SS4 

Contents : — Miscellanies : Essays : Poems : English Traits : 
Representative Men: Conduct of Life : Society and Solitude: 
Letters : Social Aims, etc. 

WORKS, comprising his Essays, Lectures, 

Poems, and Orations, 3 vols, post Svo. new hedf 
calf gilt, I65 : or, new calf extra, £1. I5 1SS3 

: Essays, 2 vols, post Svo. cloth, os 6d 18S6 

Poems, Riverside Edition, portrait, post Svo. 

cloth, 65 1SS4 

ENGELHARDT (C.) Denmark in the Early 
Iron Age, illustrated by Recent Discoveries in 
the Peat Mosses of Slesvig, with map, 33 plates, 
containing several hundred articles, all finely en- 
graved, and woodcuts, roy. 4to. cloth. £2. 25 1S66 

ENGINEER and Machinist's Drawing Book : 
a complete Course of Instruction for the Practical 
Engineer : on the Basis of the Works of Le Blanc 
and Armengaud, with 71 large plates, folio, half 
morocco <7j7/"(cheap), 95 Blackie, 1S62 

6 * 


ENGINEERING : — Rennie (Sir J.) Ply- 
mouth Breakwater ; an Historical, Practical 
and Theoretical Account of, with 25 large plates 
of Charts and Plans of Elevations and Sections 
of Lighthouses, Diving Bell Apparatus, and 
Machine for Cutting off Piles under Water, etc., 
and fine portrait by Scriven, Proofs OX Ixdia 
Paper, impl. folio, lif. mor. ex., g. e., £3. 10s 1848 

For the Proceedixgs of the Ixstitutiox of 
Civil Exgixeers see under Publications of 
Learxed Societies, post. 


ENGLISH Country Life, by Martingale [— 

White], a Series of Essays, post8vo. hedf calf gilt, 
7s 6d 1843 

ENGLISH Prose Style, Specimens of, from 
Malory to Macaulay, selected and annotated 
with Introductory Essay by G. Saixtsbury, 
large crown 8vo. Large Paper, new polished 
Levant morocco, uncut, top edges gilt (SCARCE), 
£4. 10.? 1885 

Only go copies of this Large Paper edition were published, 

of which this is no. 31. 


(See under SCOTLAND and IRELAND for books relating thereto.) 



represented in 71 finely coloured Lithotints, reproduced in facsimile from the Original 
Drawings by J. D. Harding, G. Cattermole, S. Prout, W. Muller, J. Holland, 
F. W. Fairholt, T. Allom, and others, with Descriptions by Samuel Carter Hall, 
illustrated also with numerous finely executed Wood Engravings of Archways, Porches, 
Windows, Fireplaces, Furniture, etc. etc., 2 vols, royal 4 to. cloth extra, £3. 3s (pub. 
£4. 4.9) 1881 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £7. 7s 

- Large Paper Edition, 2 vols, folio, half morocco, £6. 6s 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. 10s 

Another cop}', with the plates beautifully coloured after the manner of the original 

drawings, 2 vols, folio, morocco extra, gilt edges, £14. 14s 

Contents : 

Holland House 
Holland House (Interior) 
Blickling Hall 
Burghley House 
Castle Ashby 
Kirby Hall 
Wollatton Hall 
Benthall Hall 
Pitchford Hall 
Montacute Great Cham- 
Caverswall Castle 
Ingestrie Hall 
The Oak House 
Throwley Hall 
Trentham Hall 
Helmingham Hall 
Hengrave Hall 

West Stow Hall 
Ham House 
Loseley House 
Arundel Church 
Boxgrove Church 
Aston Hall 
Beau champ Chapel 
Charlecote (Interior) 
Combe Abbey 
Warwick Castle 
Wroxhall Abbey 
Brougham Hall 
Sizergh Hall 
Charlton House, Wilts. 
The Duke's House 
Westwood House 
Fountains Hall 

Helmsley Hall 
Sawstone Hall 
Brereton Hall 
Crewe Hall 
Dorfold Hall 
Moreton Hall 
Phis House 
N a worth 

Naworth, Long Gallery 
H addon Hall 
Haddon Hall (Interior) 
Hardwick Hall 
Ford Hall 
Sherborne Lodge 
Audley End 
Audley End (Interior) 
Feering House 1 , 
Horeham Hall 

St. Osyth's Priory 

Berkelev Castle 


Hatrield House 


Hinchinbrook House 

Charlton House, Kent 

Cobham Hall 

Cobham Church(Interior) 

Hever Castle 

Knole Gallery 


Penshurst Courtyard 

Hall i' the Wood 

Smithells Hall 

Speke Hall 

Speke Hall (Interior) 

Turton Tower 

ANDERSON (J. P.) The Book of British 
Topography ; a classified Catalogue of Works 
in the British Museum relating to Great 
Britain and Ireland, royal Svo. clotfi, top edges 
gilt, 186- 6d 1881 

BRUCE (Dr. J. Collingwood) Lapidarium 
Septentrioxale : or a Description of the 
Monuments of Roman Rule in the North of 
England ; published by the Society of Anti- 
quaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with 3 
maps, 4 chromolithographs, and nearly 950 accu- 
rate and finely executed wood engravings, thick 
folio, strongly bound in half morocco neat, uncut, 
top edges gilt (scarce), £10. 1875 

The most important and splendid of the works published on 
Roman Britain, owing many of its embellishments to the muni- 
ficence of the late and present Dukes of Northumberland. 

BEAUTIES of England and Wales, or Original 
Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and De- 
scriptive of each County, by Britton, Brayley, 
and others, with Brewer's Introduction, with 
700 engravings of Mansions, Views, etc., and 
woodcuts by Bewick, 26 vols. 8vo. ludf calf gilt, 
contents lettered, £4. 17s 6^ 1801-23 

A valuable and interesting work : the only one containing 
illustrations of all the Counties of England and Wales. 

BLOME (R.) Britannia: a Geographical 
Description of the Kingdoms of England, Ireland, 
and Scotland, with the Isles and Territories [in- 
cluding Colonies] thereto belonging, with upwards 
of 800 engravings of Arms, maps of each county, 
plan of London before the Fire, etc., folio, old calf 
gilt, with the Osterley Park bookplate), £1. 5s 1677 
A favourite book with our forefathers; it includes ar 

account of the first Plantation of America. 


English Topography, continued :— 

The most Beautiful Work on " The Stately Homes of England." 




Depicting the most Characteristic Features of the Domestic Architecture of the Tudor Age, and also 
illustrating the Costumes, Habits, and Recreations of our Ancestors ; faithfully reproduced exactly half 
size of the original work, and executed in the highest style of Lithography ; with a new and complete 
History of each Mansion by J. Corbet Anderson, 4 vols, imperial 4to. cloth gilt, £3. 3s (pub. 
£6. 6s) 1869-72 

Also, bound in 2 vols, cloth extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s. 
Or, bound in 1 vol. morocco extra, emblematically tooled, inlaid with coloured leather, gilt 

edges, forming an elegant table booh, £6. 6s. 


4 vols, imperial 4to. in 2, morocco extra, gilt edges, £12. 12s. 

*#* Only 50 copies so executed, of which a few only are noio left for sale. 




In 4 handsome Portfolios, Imperial Folio Size, half morocco, £21. 

ANOTHER SIMILAR COPY, each plate carefully mounted on linen guards, with the 

Text in a separate volume, forming 5 vols, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £30. 

A SUMPTUOUS COPY OF THE SAME, superbly bound in crimson morocco, 

the sides and backs richly tooled, gilt edges, £42. 10s. 

The coloured copies, although now issued at one half the price of the former publication, will 
be found on inspection to be in no way inferior, every care having been taken to ensure faithful copies of 
the Original Sketches, which were drawn and coloured on the spot, with all but the finish of a 

The Figures which enliven each scene, are all, both as regards their Costumes and 
OCCUPATIONS, taken from the most trustworthy authorities ; and are introduced not merely as pictorial 
adjuncts, but from a desire to identify the Edifices they illustrate with the Characters and Habits of a 
people that have now passed away, and to represent, in some of its peculiarities, "the very A^e and 
Body of the Time." 


Southam, Gloucestershire. 
West wood, Worcestershire. 
Beddington, Surrey. Hall. 
Boughton-Malherbe, Kent. 
Penshurst, Kent. 


Broughton Castle, Oxon. Drawing Room. 
Wroxton Abbey, Oxon. 2 plates. 
Hardwicke Hal), Derbyshire. 4 plates. 
Hever Castle, Kent. 2 plates. 

East Barsham, Norfolk. Doorway. 
Hatfield, Herts. 2 plates. 
Ockwells, Berks. 3 plates. 
Wakehurst, Sussex. 2 plates. 
Bramshill, Hants. 2 plates. 
Crewe Hall, Cheshire. Staircase. 

Combe Abbey. Doorway. 
Audlev End, Essex. 2 plates. 
Littlccotes, Wilts. Hall. 
Moathouse, Ightham, Kent. 2 plates. 
Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire. Hall. 

Cranborne, Dorsetshire. 2 plates. 
Burleigh, Northamptonshire. 2 plates 
1 Parham, Sussex. Hall. 
Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. 2 plates 
Lanhydroc, Cornwall. Gallery. 
Aldermaston, Berks. Staircase. 

Entrance to the Moat- 

, Ightham, Kent 
Lyme Hall, Cheshire. Bay Window. 
Levens, Westmoreland, 5 plates. 
Brereton, Cheshire. 

Bramhall Hall, Cheshire. Banqueting 


Athelhampton, Dorsetshire. 2 plates. 
Waterstone, Dorsetshire. 
Chastleton, Oxon. Drawing Room. 
Hatfield, Herts. . 2 plates. 
Charlecote, Warwickshire. 
Hampton Court, Middlesex. 2 plates. 


Franks, Kent. 

Holland House, Kensington. 2 plates. 
Sutton Place, near Guildford, Surrey. 
Loseley, near Guildford. 
Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 5 plates. 

Sutton Place, near Guildford, Surrey. 
Knowle, Kent. 7 plates. 
Bramshill, Hants. Stairs to the Terrace. 
Postlip Hall, Gloucestershire. Room. 

Dorfold, Cheshire. Drawing Room. 
Montacute, Somerset. Porch. 
Penshurst, Kent. Hall. 
Compton Wynyate, Warwickshire, 2 

Bramhall Hall, Cheshire. 3 plates. 



Sizergh, Westmoreland, 

Crewe Hall, Cheshire. 2 plates. 
Bingham, Melcombe, Dorsetshire. 
Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Room in the 

Speke, Lancashire. $ plates. 
Adlington, Cheshire. Hall. 
Milton Abbey, Dorsetshire. 
Borwick Hall, Lancashire. 
Aston Hall, Warwickshire. 3 plates. 
Moreton Hall, Cheshire. 

No Pictorico- Architectural work was ever so immediately successful on its publication as " Nash's 
Mansions ; " and this resulted not only from the interesting specimens of the grand Domestic 
Architecture of England which were selected, but from their having been executed by a first-rate 
! Draughtsman distinguished by very superior taste. The original edition (for copies of which see post) 
having long become scarce and dear, the present edition has been published, without any sacrifice of the 
beautiful effects of the former one. 


English Topography, continued;— 


DUGDALE (Sir W.) and Roger Dodsworth, MONASTICON ANGLICANUM, greatly 
enlarged by Calev, Ellis, and Bandinel, and History of ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL, 
London; tvith over 260 fine engravings, proof impressions, and woodcuts, 9 splendid vols, 
royal folio bound in 18, large paper copies, uniformly bound in olive morocco extra, gilt 
edges, with the bookplate of the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire (as usual slightly foxed), 
£85. (published at over £340. unbound) 1817-30 

The same, later edition, on small paper, without the History of St. Paul's, 8 vols. 

half morocco neat, uncut, top edges gilt (cheap), £21. 1846 

• ' A magnificent national work ; it may he honestly avowed that the Annals of the Press in no 

Country throughout Europe can hoast of a nobler performance whether on the score of accuracy and 

fulness of intelligence, or the splendour of paper, type, and graphic embellishments." — Dr. Dibdin. 

CAMDEN'S Britannia Epitomized and Con- 
tinued : a Compendious account of the ancient 
and present state of the Counties of England, by S. 
TTMMS, maps, 7 vols. 12mo. cloth, 14s 6d 

Bohn, n. d* 

COTMAN (J. S.) Architectural Remains in 
various Counties in England, but principally in 
Norfolk, the five series complete, with 240 


Architectural Observations by T. Hickman, and 
Descriptions by Dawson Turner, 2 vols, imp! 
folio, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £5. 5s (pub. 
£24) 1838 

DELINEATOR (The), A series of splendid 
Engravings of Remarkable Edifices, Places of 
Antiquity, etc., in Great Britain and Ireland, 
with Topographical and other particulars, 28 
beautiful views after Dayes, Girtin, etc., 4to. 
cloth, 6s 6d 1831 

DOMESDAY BOOK of William I. :— A 
photozincographic facsimile of the portions relating 
to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucester- 
shire, Hampshire, two parts, Middlesex, and 
Surrey, produced under the direction of Sir H. 
James, with introductions, 7 vols, folio, cloth, £2. 5.? 
Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1861-4 

Translation of Domesday for the Counties 

of Middlesex, Hertford, Buckingham, Ox- 
ford, and Gloucester, by the Rev. W. Bawd- 
wen, 4to. boards (SCARCE), £1. 6s 6d 

Doncaster, 1812 

The same for Yorkshire, and Amounder- 

ness, Lonsdale, Furness in Lancashire, also 
"Westmoreland and Cumberland as far as con- 
tained in the Survey, and the Counties of Derby, 
Nottingham, Rutland, and Lincoln : translated, 
with Introduction, Glossary, and Indexes, by the 
same, 4to. boards, £1. 2s 6d Doncaster, 1809 

Return of Owners of Land, 1873 ; giving 

the Names of all owners of One Acre or upwards 
in each County of England (exclusive of the 
( ivil Metropolis) and Wales, Scotland, and 
Ireland, with the estimated acreage and rental ; 
also the number of owners of less than one acre, 
and the estimated aggregate gross rental, and the 
estimated extent of common and waste land, 
3 vols, folio, strongly half bound [with " Times" 
,-, /•/, ,/• inserted), scarce, £2. 15s 1875 

DUGDALE (Sir W.) History of Imbanking 
and Draining of divers Fens and Marshes, 
both in Foreign parts and in this Kingdom: 
second edition, by C. X. Cole, numerous maps, 
folio, very fine copy, russia extra, with joints and 
(jilt edges, byHering, £4. 15s 1772 

ENGLISH Landscapes and Views, compris- 
ing 24 beautiful steel-engravings on India Paper 
by T. A. Prior, J. Godfrey, and others, after 
Drawings by E. Duncan, J. H. Andrews, T. 
Allom, A.' L. Thomas, and W. and F. J. 
Havell, with Descriptions by J. Corbet Ander- 
son, oblong folio, cloth gilt, gilt edges, £1. 15s 1883 

Illustrates .Windsor Castle, Arundel, Durham, Warwick 
Castle, Whitby, Holyhead, Portland Harbour, Chatham. Ports- 
mouth Harbour, Devonport, Falmouth, Dartmouth, the Thames 
Embankment, the Tower of London, Westminster, Bank and 
Royal Exchange, Greenwich Hospital, Chelsea, Hampton Court, 
Dover, Folkestone, Barrow-in-Furness, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
Kingstown Harbour. 

EXCURSIONS in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, 
Cornwall, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex, 
with Walks through London, with over 500 
brilliant engravings of the Scats of the Nobility 
and Gentry, Cathedrals and other Churches, etc., 
by Storer and Greig, 12 vols. Svo. scored calf 
extra (fine sets), £5. 5s 1817-24 

GOUGH (R.) British Topography; an 
historical Account of what has been done for 
illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of Great 
Britain and Ii'e\sn\d,curious facsimiles of old /naps, 
etc., 2 thick vols. 4to. boards, uncut, \5s 1780 

This work contains an account of all Books, Prints, Draw- 
ings, etc., illustrating the various counties, till its nublication. 

GROSE (Capt. P.) Antiquities of England, 
\Vales, Scotland, and Ireland, with brilliant 
impressions of the numerous fine engravings of 
Castles, Abbeys, Churches, etc., 10 vols. impl. Svo. 
crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. Ss 1773-97 

Original and best edition of this valuable work, printed on 
thick paper. 

Another edition, with the Supplement, 

with 678 maps and engravings of Castles, Abbeys, 
etc. : fine impressions, 8 vols. impl. Svo. old calf 
gilt, £3. 105 17S4-7 

The same, on Large Paper, with all the 

plates coloured (plan of Dover Castle icantiug), 
8 vols, folio, half calf, £8. 85 

Copies with coloured plates are very scarce. 

HEARNE and BYRNE'S Antiquities of 
Great Britain, with Descriptions in French 
and English, S2fnc large engravings of Castles, 
Monasteries, Churches, etc., brilliant original 
IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols, folio in 1, half red morocco 
extra, uncut, top edges gilt, nearly new, £3. 18s 


KENNETT (Bishop White) Parochial 
Antiquities attempted in the History of 
Amhrosden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts 
in the Counties of Oxford and Bucks; BEST 
edition, greatly enlarged, from the Author's 
MSS., with Notes, etc., by Dr. Bandinel, por- 
trait and several plates, 2 vols. 4to. brown calf 
gilt, £2. 25 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 181 S 


English Topography, continued: — 

KING- (Richard John) Handbooks to the 
Cathedrals of England and Wales, with 
historical notices of the Sees; with numerous 
very beautiful wood-engravings by Orlando 
Jewitt, 8 vols, post Svo. new tree-calf extra, by 
Riviere, FINE set, £7. 155 Murray, 1869-81 

The same, new tree-calf extra, gilt edges, 


£8. 8* 

Mr. King's work now needs no commendation, as the ability 
of his treatment of the noblest monuments of religious archi- 
tecture in the world has been universally admired. The series 
comprises Canterbury, St. Paul's, London (not by Mr. King), 
Winchester, Norwich, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, St. 
Alban's, Hereford, Peterborough, Wells, Oxford, Chichester, 
Ely, Rochester, Lichfield, Exeter, Lincoln, Salisbury, LlandarF, 
St. David's, St. Asaph, and Bangor in the Southern Province, 
and York, Durham, Chester, Manchester, Ripon and Carlisle in 
the Northern. 

KNIGHT (C.) Journey Books of England, 
containing, Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, and 
Derbyshire, with folding maps and numerous 
woodcuts, 4 vols. sq. 12mo. half morocco gilt 
[with Mr, ComerforoVs book-plates), 16s 1840-2 

Old England ; a Pictorial Museum of Re- 
gal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial, and 
Popular Antiquities, with numerous large coloured 
l^atcs and an immense number of woodcuts of 
lews of places and buildings and historiccd scenes, 
ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols, folio, half morocco 
gilt edges, £1. 15s 1845 

LAKES : — Clarke (James, Land-Survey or), A 
Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmor- 
land, and Lancashire, together with an Account 
of the Adjacent Country. To which is added, A 
Sketch of the Border Laws and Customs, numerous 
large folded maps, folio, calf neat, slightly stained 
in the loivo- margin, very scarce, £2. 2s 1787 

LYSONS (Rev. D. and S., ff.r.s.) Magna 
Britannia : a Topographical, Historical, and 
Biographical Account of the Counties of Bedford, 
Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, Chester, Corn- 
wall, Cumberland, Derby, and Devon, with 
numerous fine plates of Churches, Mansions, 
Antiquities, etc., also a large number of extra 
plates ; 6 vols. 4to. in 9, half red morocco gilt, 
tup edges gilt, £12. 12s 1813-22 

Another copy in 7 vols, calf (binding of one 

riJ. broken)^ £9. 9s 

Few topographical works possess so much merit as this, as no 
pains or expense were spared to obtain authentic information. 

The same, containing Bedfordshire, 

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge- 
shire, and Cheshire, with numerous engravings; 
also many additional ones inserted from the 
finely engraved series (" Britannia Depicta ; '), 
published by Hcarne and Byrne, and Fariugton, \ 
2 very large and thick vols, royal 4to. large i 


ex., g. c. (John Flaxman's copy), £5. 5s 1806-10 i 
See also under London, post. 

I LELANDUS (J.) Collectanea de Rebus 
Britannicts ; cum T. Hearnii Prcefatione, 
Notis, et Indice : editio altera : acced. de Rebus 
Angl. Opuscula varia e divv. Codd. MSS. descr. 
et nunc primum in lucem edita, plcdcs, 6 vols. 
Svo. old calf gilt, £3. 3s 1774 


NASH (Joseph) The Mansions of England 
in the Olden Time, with 104 Views depicting 
the most characteristic Features of the Domestic 
Architecture of the Tudor Age, and also illus- 
trating the Costumes, Habits, and Pastimes of 
our Ancestors, all finely coloured by hand, 
4 vols. impl. folio, in portfolios (some of the plates 
as usual slightly foxed), £36. 1839-49 

Accompanying this set is the octavo volume containing a 
full description of each mansion. 

The same, an uncoloured COPY, with fine 

impressions of the beautiful tinted lithographs, 
4 vols, half morocco, scarce (CHEAP), £13. 155 
ORMEROD (G., d.c.l., f.r.s.) Parentalia: 
Genealogical Memoirs, with Sketches, of Sed* 
bury Park and Ormerod House, Lancashire, Svo. cl. 
(very scarce), £2. 15? Privately Printed, 1851 
PECK (Rev. Francis) Academia Tertia Angli- 
cana ; or the Antiquarian Annals of Stanford 
in Lincoln, Rutland, and Northampton Shires, in 
XIV Books, with large folding view of the town 
by Van der Gucht after Tillcmans, and other 
pi. row folio, L. P., new panelled, cf. ex. £5. 5s 1727 
PARKYNSJG.J.) Monastic and Baronial 
REMAINS, with other interesting Fragments of 
Antiquity in England, Wales, and Scotland, 
illustrated with upwards of 100 beautiful aqucc- 
tinta plates, with Descriptions by John Caley, 
2 vols. Svo. morocco extra, borders of gold, gilt 
edges (fine COPY), £1. 12? 1816 

PENNANT (T.) Journey from Chester to 
London [with Topographical, Historical and Bio- 
graphical Notices, Lists of Pictures, etc.], royal 
Svo. large paper, morocco, gilt edges, lAsQcl 1811 
VIE W S of Seats : Gezichten der Steeden 
Jorck en Lancaster en andere omleggende 
Plaatzen, 51 double plates of maps and bird's-eye 
views on copper of Scats in the Counties of York, 
Lancaster, Cumberland, Lincoln, Nottingham, 
Hereford, Worcester, etc., carefully executed, good 
imjjrcssions, small 4 to. boards, £1. 15s 

Tc Amsterdam, Cent. XVIIL 
WATTS (W.) Views of the Seats of the 
Nobility and Gentry in England and Scotland ; 
84 fine engravings from drawings by the most 
eminent artists, with Descriptions, 4to. morocco 
super -extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, £1. Ss n. d. 
WOOLNOTH (W.) Ancient Castles of 
England and Wales, with Historical Descriptions 
by E. W. Brayley, Jun., about 120 fine engrav- 
ings, 2 vols, royal Svo. boards, 13s Qd 1825 

BERKSHIRE :— King (Lieut, -Col.) History 
of Berkshire, small 4to. Large Paper, half 
morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 5s 18S7 

Holland (Airs.) Descriptive Account of the 

Mansion and Gardens of White-Knights, a 
Seat of the Duke of Marlborough, with 23 en- 
gravings ON INDIA TAPER from lectures by T. C. 
Hofland, impl. 4to. half vellum, uncut, £1. 10s 

Privately printcel for the Duke (1819) I 
Adams ( W. H. Davenport ) Windsor i 

Castle, with 12 coloured plates and 74 other 
illustrations, 4to. cloth, gilt edges, Is 18S0 

BERKSHIRE :— Tighe and Davis's Annals 
of Windsor, being a History of the Castle and 
Town, an account of Eton, and Places Adjacent, 
withcurious facsimile plates, maps, and plans of 
the Castle, Forest, etc., 2 thick vols, roval Svo. 
cloth, £1. 5.5 (pub. £4. 4s) 1S5S 

Pote's Windsor Castle, and the Royal 

College and Chapel of St. George ; with the Insti- 
tution, Laws, etc. of the Order of the Garter ; 
etc., plates and plans, 4to. calf, lis Qd ib. (1749) 

Loftie (Rev. W. J.) Windsor, with many 

illustrations, folio, cloth, Ids 1886 


English Topography, continued:— 

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, History and Antiquities of, by Dr. G. LIPSCOMB, comprising the 
-whole County, compiled from Manuscripts and the most authentic Records, with nearly 
270 fine engravings of Ancient and Modem Mansions, Churches, and other edifices, Coats of 
Arms, Seals, Coins, Antiquities, and Portraits, with numerous Pedigrees, Indexes, Maps, 
etc., 4 yoIs. 4to. new half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt (scarce), £12. 12s 1847 

The same, on Large Paper, 4 yoIs. imperial 4to. new half morocco super-extra, 

uncut, top edges gilt, A FINE COPY, £19. 10s 
Buckinghamshire yields to no county in England in the interest of its ancient families, particularly 

such as have been foremost in the tight for the liberties of the English people. 

BERKSHIRE : — History and Antiquities of 
Windsor Castle, and the Royal College and 
Chapel of St. George, with the Institution, La"\vs, 
and Ceremonies of the Order of the Garter, 
Account of the Town and Corporation of Windsor, 
etc., also the scarce Appendix ; by Joseph 
Pote, with 13 engravings and three additional 
virus inserted, 4to. LARGE PAPER, sound russia 
extra, gilt edges )fine copy), £1. 10s 

Eton, 1749-62 
This work contains many particulars not in Ashmole, 

Anstis, or anv other writer. The Appendix is often wanting. 

including a short Account of the Villages of 
Tweedmouth and Spittal, etc., by Dr. J. Fuller, 
with plan and 7 views of the Town, and coloured j 
agricultural map of the Shire, 8vo. old half calf, 
Is 6d ' Edinburgh, 1799 i 

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE :- Willis (Browne) 
History and Antiquities of Buckingham 
Town, Hundred, and Deanry, with Transcript | 
out of Domesday-Book and Translation ; the 
Epitaphs, Inscriptions and Arms in all the Parish 
Churches, etc., 4to. calf, neatly rebacked (yery 
scarce), £3. Ss 1755 

Parker (J.) The Early History and Anti- 
quities of Wycombe, with large ancient plan, 
plates, and fine portrait of Gen. Sir Howard 
Douglas by Holl, 4to. cloth, 14s Wycombe, 1878 

Chattock (R. S.) Sketches of Eton, 14 

etchings, pott folio, cloth, gilt edges, 12s 6d 1874 

Lyte (H. C. M.) History of Eton College, 

1440-1875, with numerous beautiful illustrations, 
large 8vo. trec-ccdf extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s 1S77 
and Middlesex :— Rimmer (A.) Rambles 

round Eton and Harrow,, with 52 very pretty 
woodcuts, post 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 1882 

The same, Large Paper, with the cuts 

on China, Paper (only 250 so printed), impl. 
8vo. boards, uncut, £2. 2s 

CAMBRIDGESHIRE : — Carter (Edmund) 
The History of the County of Cambridge, 
from the Earliest Account to the present time ; 
also a Particular Account of Ancient and Modern 
Cambridge; new edition, enlarged and continued 
by W. Upcott, royal 8vo. large paper (only 
40 copies printed), boards, uncut, with notes and 
corrections in neat MS., £1. Is 1819 

History of the UNIVERSITY of Cambridge, 

from its Original to the Year 1753, with a 
particular account of each College and Hall, and 
of their celebrated members, and lists of Univers- 
ity Officers, etc., by the same, 8vo. new half calf 
gilt, Us 6d 175*3 

Annals of Cambridge, 605-1849, by C. H. 

Cooper, f.s.a., Town Clerk, 4 vols. 8vo. doth, 
£2. 2* Cambridge, 1842-52 

CAMBRIDGESHIRE : — Cantabrigia De- 
picta; 36 fine engravings by Byrne, from Drawings 

by R. B. Harraden, of the most Picturesque 
and Interesting Edifices in the University, with 
an Historical and Descriptive Account of each ; 
also the Academical Costumes, royal 4to. 
large paper, russia extra, gilt edges (Sir It. C. 
Hoare's fine copy, with his crest and arms). 
£5. 10s Cambridge, 1809 

This copy has Harraden's 14 coloured plates of Academical 
Costumes inserted. 

Memorials of Cambridge, its University 

and Public Buildings, by J. Le Keux, with 76 
highly finished steel engravings of the Colleges, 
Halls, and Public Buildings, FIRST IMPRESSIONS 
on INDIA paper, and numerous woodcuts, with 
Descriptions by T. Wright and the Rev. H. L. 
Jones, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER (slightly foxed), 
in 38 parts, sewn, as issued, SCARCE, £2. Is 6d 
(pub. £5. 145) 1840-2 

Of the above valuable work only a few copies were issued 
with the plates on India Paper, and they are now becoming 
very scarce. 

The same, greatly enlarged from the work of 

J. Le Keux, by C/H. Cooper, f.s.a., beau- 
tifully illustrated with 31 photographs, 138 fine 
steel engravings by Le Keux, etc., impressions on 
INDIA PAPER, 90 wood engravings, 17 etchings and 
the Arms of the Colleges etc., 3 vols. 4to. half 
morocco super-extra, gilt edges, with bookplate of 
the late Master of Trinity, £4. 10s Cambridge, 1860 
The same, last edition, with the addition of 

many etchings by Robert Farren, 3 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, top edges gilt, £2. 2* (pub. £3. 15s) 

ibidem (1880) 

The same, new calf gilt, £4. 4s 

The same, the vol. containing Peterhouse 

to Jesus College, cloth, 10s n. d. 

Storer (J. and H. S.) Views of the Public 

Buildings of the University and Town, 78 fine 
steel plates, proofs on India Paper, with 
Descriptions ; 2 vols. 4to. in one, russia extra, 
gilt edges (nice copy), £1. 10s Cambridge, 1834 

Cambridge Portfolio, edited by the Rev 

J. J. Smith, with numerous plates and a large 
number of woodcuts, illustrating the architecture 
etc. of the University and Town, 2 vols, roval 4to. 
cloth, £2. 4s 1840 

Bentham (Rev. James, F.S.A.) History and 

Antiquities of Ely Cathedral, from the Found 
ation of the Monastery (by St. Etheldreda), A.D. 
673 to the year 1771 ; second edition, by the Rev. 
Jas. Bentham, with numerous copperplates — 
Supplement, by W. Stevenson, with many 
further fine plates after J. C. BUCKLER, 2 vols, 
roval 4to. half russia gilt, FINE COPY, £3. 3s 

Norwich, 1812-17 


English Topography, continued :— 


CHESHIRE, HISTORY of, by G. ORMEROD ; new and enlarged edition, corrected 

throughout, by Thomas Helsby, of Lincoln's Inn, with all the illustrations of the first 

edition, from the original copper-plates, and additional heraldic designs, 3 vols, royal 

folio, large paper, boards, uncut, £1-4. 14a (pub. £28. 7s) 1875-81 

This new edition is considerably enlarged, and corrected throughout, and contains all the original 

illustrations, with fresh heraldic designs, and new and ornate heraldic woodcuts by the most eminent 

heraldic engravers, with further illustrations in the shape of Seals, etc. etc. 

of some of the British Norman Isles constituting 
the Bailiwick of Guernsey ; Parts 1 and 2, with | 
Postscript [all published], comprising the Casket 
Lighthouses, Alderney, Sark, Herm, and Jethou, 
with part of Guernsey, many plates and vignettes, 
in 1 thick vol. roval Svo. calf gilt, £1. 5s 

Paris, 1S30, etc. 

An Authentic Narrative of the Op- 
pressions of the Islanders of Jersey, with a 
History of that Island [attributed to Dr. 
Shebleare], 2 vols. Svo. calf (with authors 
inscription to the Earl of Suffolk), £1. 2s dd 1771 

'■ Intended to disclose a small part of that multiplicity of 
facts of the prostitution of justice to the views of cruelty and 
avarice during the last 20 years." 

CHESHIRE :— Hanshall (J.) History of the 
County Palatine of Chester, with numerous 
illustrations, 4to. cloth (the wrappers bound in), 
£2. 5s Chester, 1817 

East Cheshire, Past and Present, or 

History of the Hundred of Macclesfield, from 
original Records, by J. P. Earwaker, with 250 
plates and illustrations, with the Blazon of the 
Shields of Arm*. 2 Large vols, roval 4to. extra 
cloth, £3. 18* 1S77-SO 

Howson (Dean) The River Dee, its Aspect 

and History, with 93 illustrations by Alfred 
Simmer, 4to., gt. cd.. \2s6d (pub. £1. Is) 1S75 
Hemingway (J.) History of Chester, 

from its Foundation, with Account of its Anti- 
quities, Curiosities, Local Customs, and peculiar 
Immunities, and a concise Political History, 
maps and numerous plates, etc., 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£l.\2s6d Chester, 1S31 

Hughes (T.) Ancient Chester and its 

Neighbourhood, a Series of Illustrations of the 
Streets of this Old City, taken Sixty Years since; 
29 large and fine plates, drawn and etched by 
G. and W. Batenham and John Musgeoye. 
1S14-17, with Preface and Descriptions, folio. 
£1. U (pub. £2. 12* 6d) Manchester, 1880 

The same, with India Proof impressions 

of the beautiful etchings, in portfolio, or neatly 
hf bd. in mor., top edges gilt, £2. 2s (pub. £4. As 

Of these beautiful etchings, depicting some of the quaintest 
street views in old Chester, only 200 copies have been taken on 
plain paper, and 100 on India paper ; the copperplates have been 
destroyed, and no more copies can ever be produced. In many 
cases these etchings give the only record of many interesting old 
buildings which have since been destroved. 

CORNWALL : — Carew (Richard) The 
Survey of Cornwall, and Epistle concerning 
the Excellencies of the English Tongue, with Life 
by H[ugh] C[arew], third edition, with List of 
Subscribers, 6 pp., 4to. Spanish cedf gilt, yellow 
cd., SCARCE, ISsQd 1769 

This is considered the most accurate and satisfactory, 
' beyond all comparison,' says Lowndes, of the Histories of 
Cornwall. The author in his address to the Reader in 
remarking the numerous changes in the country says " this 
treatise plotteth down CornivaU as it now standeth " 1602 . 
The dedication to Sir Walter Raleigh signed " Your Lordships 
poor Kinsman" is curious and interesting. 

CORNWALL :— Borlase (Rev. W.) The Anti- 
quities of Cornwall, Historical and Monu- 
mental, with Vocabulary of the Conm-British 
Language ; second edition enlarged, 
numerous plates, 1769; also Natural History 
of Cornwall, by the same, map and numerous 
plates, Oxford, 175S — together 2 vols, folio, old 
russia, bright gilt backs, gilt edges, in fine < OK- 
dition, £6. Ids 1758-69 

The "Antiquities" contains Essays on the Druids, Super- 
stitions, Customs, and Remains of the most remote Antiquity, 
and was largely consulted by the late H. T. Bickle, in writing 
his " History of Civilization." The other vol. is a very complete 
Natural History of the County: its Climate, Rivers, Metals, 
Birds, Fishes, Inhabitants, etc. 

Polwhele (Rev. R.) History of Corn- 
wall, 3 vols., Falmouth, 1803— History in re- 
spect to Population, and the Health, Longevity, 
Diseases, etc. of the Inhabitants, portrait, Truro, 
1S06 : Civil and Military History, Exeter, 1S06 : 
Language, Literature, and Literary Character, 
London, 1806: Cornish-English Vocabulary. Truro. 
1S0S — together 7 vols. 4to. in 5, with map, views, 
ports., pedigrees, etc.; old trcc-cf. gt., £7. 10s 1S03-S 

The above is a sound and clean copy of the original edition 
with good impressions of the plates: it does not contain the 
I'ocabulary of Local Sames after p. 65 in the Glossary, which is 
usually lacking. As hardly any two copies exactly agree, the 
above is not guaranteed perfect, and is therefore marked at an 
unusually low price. 

Biographical Sketches in, by the same, 

with his and other portrait* and plates, 3 vols- 
post Svo. boards (scarce, from the Hartley Col- 
lection), £1. Is Truro, 1S31 
Gilbert (Davies. p.r.s.) Parochial Hist- 

ory of Cornwall, from the MSS. of Hals and 
Tonkin, with additions, etc., woodcuts. 4 vol-. 
Svo. half cloth, £2. 2s Nichols, 1S3S 

Another copy, half morocco neat, £2. 5s 

Maclean (Sir J.) Parochial and Family 

History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, 
coloured i^l at cs, etc., including illustrations of all 
the churches, with their ground-plans, 3 vols. 4to. 
in 14 parts, sewn, £3. 10$ (pub. £7. 13s) 

Bodmin. 1868-72 
Statistical Account of the Parish of St. 

Just, in Penwith ; and of its Ecclesiastical and 
Druidical Antiquities; by the Key. J. BULLEB, 
plates and map, Svo. cloth {presentation copy to 
Sir Harris Nicola s), 9s Penzance, ls4"2 

and DEVON :— Pearce (T.) The Laws 

and Customs of the Stannaries, folio, calf 
neat, with thirty-eight pages of early MS. Ad- 
ditions. £2. 2s 17 2.5 
CUMBERLAND :— The Antiquities of the 
Cathedral Church of St. Mary. Carlisle 
drawn by Robert Carlile, fifty-two fine 
water-colour drawing's, bound in one vol. 
royal folio, Etruscan calf gilt edges, £14. 14s 1791 

This interesting and valuable collection, in addition to 
Exterior and Interior Views of the Cathedral, Tombs, etc , 
contains 40 drawings devoted to the Legends of Saint Anthony 
and Saint Austin, copied from the original paintings in the 
North and South Choir Aisles. 


English Topography, continued: — 

DORSETSHIRE, History and Antiquities of, by the REV. J. HUTCHINS, compiled from 
the best and most Ancient Historians, Records, MSS., Domesday Book, etc., with 
numerous fine engravings, maps, genealogical tables, etc., 2 vols, folio, neatlij half bound, 
wholly uncut, £4. 4s Nichols, 1774 

The same, third edition, much augmented by Shipp and Hod son, and embellished 

with numerous Engravings, Views of Seats, Antiquities, etc., complete in 15 parts, royal 
folio, sewn, £10. 1861-75 

— Another copy, new crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, £20. 

The same, Large Paper, 4 vols, imperial folio, neiu crimson morocco extra, gilt elges 

(scarce), £31. 10s 

This third edition of the History and Antiquities of the important county of Dorset is much aug- 
mented by assistance rendered to the editors by many gentlemen (some of whose names are mentioned in 
the Preface), either residing in or connected with the County. Its value is further enhanced by many 
fine engravings by Le Keux, who was specially retained for the production of Views of Gentlcmei/s Seats, 
in addition to some of the old plates which still retain a peculiar interest. 

CUMBERLAND :— Jefferson (S.) History 
and Antiquities of Leath Ward, Cumberland, 
with Biographical Notices and Memoirs, with 
fine jrfatcs of Churches, Antiquities, etc., India 
'proofs, impl. Svo. large taper, cloth, £1. 105 

Carlisle, 1840 

DERBYSHIRE, History of, by John Pen- 
dleton, containing numberless curious and 
a nt using anecdotes, bcdlads, antiquarian notes, 
etc., Svo. cloth, Is 6d 1886 

■ Chantrey's Peak Scenery ; or Views in 

Derbyshire, engraved by W. B. and G. Cooke 
after drawings by Sir Francis L. Chantrey, R.A., 
with Descriptions by James Croston, f.s.a., 
4to. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £1. Us 6d) Derby, 1886 
The same, large paper, with Proofs 

on India paper from the original copperplates, 
folio {only 50 copies printed), half morocco neat 
{an attractive book), £3. 15s 

Simpson (Rev. R.) Collection of Frag- 

ments illustrative of the History and Antiquities 
of Derby [with numerous Biographies] : com- 
piled from authentic Sources, with many engrav- 
ings aud ports., 2 vols. Svo. bds., 12s Qd Derby', 1826 

Chronicles of the Collegiate Church or 

Free Chapel of All Saints, Derby : by the 
Rev. J. C. Cox, d.d., f.s.a., and W. H. St. 
John Hope, with 18 plates and 28 woodcuts, 
royal 4to. extra cloth, £1. 13s Qd 1881 

Onlv 300 copies were printed as above, and 12 on large paper. 


Natural History of Tutbury, and the Fauna and 
Flora of the District surrounding, by Sir Oswald 
MOSLEY {with his auto, inscription) and E. 
BROWN, 9 illustrations, impl. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5s 

Van Voorst, 1863 

DEVONSHIRE, History of, by the Rev. 

Richard Folwhele, with map and 23 {out of 

24) engraved plates, 3 vols, royal folio, old mottled 

calf (SCARCE), £15. 10s Exeter, 1797-93-1806 

The above copy is marked at a very low price as it wants 
in vol. i the original map (one being substituted), 8 pp. of 
contents, 4 pp. of postscript etc., and in vol. 2 the half-title, and 
the plate of BridweU, the scat of R. Hall. It is, however, the 
ca~-e that it is very difficult to say when a copy is perfect or not, 
as hardly any two copies are to be found agreeing with each 
other in all particulars. 

Westcotej(T.): View of Devonshire, in 

1030; with Pedigree of most of the Gentry, by 
Thomas WESTCOfrE, edited by the Rev. G. 
Oliver, d.d., and Pitman Jones, thick crown 
4to. cloth (scarce), £3. 3* Exeter, 1845 

DEVONSHIRE :— Risdon (T.) Chorographi- 
cal Description or Survey of Devonshire, 
with the City and County of Exeter, containing 
the History, Antiquity, Chronology, Nature of 
the County, Commodities, and Government there- 
of : with Prince's Continuation ; plates ofCarfoix 
Conduit and of Arms of the Sp>iccrs ; post Svo. 
first edition, brown cf. extra, gt. eel. {nice copy, 
with SirE. M. Elton's book-plate), £2. ISs 1714 

Worth (R. N., f.g.s.) Devonshire, with. 

Sketches of its leading Worthies, roval 8vo. cloth, 
6s 1886 

The same, LARGE Paper, crown 4to. hedf 

morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 5* 

Freeman (E. A.) History of Exeter, 

4 maps, crown 8vo. cloth, 3s 1887 

Izacke (R.) Remarkable Antiquities of the 

City of Exeter ; second and enlarged edition, 
by S. Izacke, Chamberlain, map, view of the 
Cathedral, and cuts of arms, Svo. old English 
black morocco, gilt edges, 16s 1724 

Jenkins (A.) History and Description of the 

City of Exeter and its Environs, with Survey 
of the Churches, etc., folding map and plcdcs, 
thick Svo. half calf, Is Qd Exeter, 1806 

Oliver (Rev. G., d.d.) History of Exeter, 

8vo. boards, Is Qd Exeter, 1821 

Dartmoor, a Descriptive Poem, by N. T. 

Carrington, with long Preface and Notes [form- 
ing half the book, being almost a guide to the 
Moor ; containing also a list of the birds and 
insects, etc.], by AV. Burt, with 12 etchings of 
scenery, royal Svo. half morocco gilt, 16s 1826 

A True Narration of the most observable 

Passages in and at the late Seige of Plymouth 
[by the Cavaliers], from Sept. 15th, 1643, to Dec. 
25th, 1644 ; with the Cavaliers' Summons to the 
Mayor and Governour, and Prince Maurice his 
Warrant to the Countrey ; imprimatur John 
White ; with map by Hollar and t/ic ra re portrait 
of Prince Maurice by Stent, sm. 4to. blue morocco 
gilt, gilt edges, £2. 10a' 1644 

Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish 

of Tiverton, by Martin Dunsford [with List 
of Subscribers], maps and plates, 4to. calf neat, 
£1. 3s 6d Exeter, 1700 

DORSETSHIRE, Civil Division of, method- 
ically digested and arranged : comprising Lists 
of the Civil Ministerial Officers, Magistrates, and 
subordinate Officers, a complete Nomina Vill 
arum, Annual Value, Taxes, etc., byE. BOSWELL, 
map, Svo. boards, 8s Qd Sherborne, 1795 



English Topography, continued :— 

compiled from the Original Records and MSS. by ROBERT SURTEES and the REV. 
JAMES RAINE, with numerous fine plates of Buildings, Monumental Antiquities, Seals, 
Arms, and Portraits, after Blore and others, engraved by Scriven, Pye, etc., 5 vols, royal 
folio, original boards, wholly uncut, rare (cheap), £26. 10s Nichols, 1816-52 

Another and magnificent copy on LARGE PAPER, imperial folio, beautifully bound 

in dark orange morocco super-extra, gold rulings on sides, tooled backs, gilt edges, in perfect 

condition, £63. 

The ahove fine copies are in every respect perfect, having those sheets which were subsequently printed 
Is 3apply the gaps left open at Mr. Surtees's death. Of this great history of the Bishopric, as of YVhitaker's 
Craven, it may be said that in it is the groundwork laid for many romances: and to the serious student 
i)f history or lover of architecture its value and fascination is no less. 

DORSETSHIRE, Civil Division of, second 
edition, super-royal Svo. boards, 13s Qd 

Dorchester, 1833 

— ■ — Archaeology : — A quarto vol. containing an 
Autograph Letter and a Drawing by W. A. 
Miles, relating to Deverel Barrow, JIS. Xotcs 
cling Ruins at Knowlton, by Sir R. C. 
Ho are, with an original Drawing, etc. — MlLES 
(W. A.) Description of the Deverel Barrow, 
opened 1S25, and Account of the Kimmeridge 
Coal Money [by Sir R. Colt Hoare, with draw- 
ing], plates, royal Svo. 1826 — together 2 vols. 18s 6d 


DURHAM, History and Antiquities of the 
County Palatine of, by William HUTCHIN- 
SON, with numerous fine engravings {the cuts of 
Roman Altars and other Antiquities, and the 
Arms and Seals of the Bishops admirably executed 
by T. Bewick), also additionally illustrated 
with taste by the insertion of about 30 very choice 
views, water-colour drawings, maps, etc., 3 vols. 
4to. handsomely bound in panelled calf extra, 
gilt edges (a tall and choice copy), £8. Ss 

2s ewcastle, 1785-94 

The same, A fine Large Paper copy, with 

all the original ill ustrcdions^.3 vols, royal 4to. new 
panelled, calf super-extra, gilt backs, uncut, top 
edge* gilt, in nice condition (corner of margin of 
one leaf mended), £10. 10s Durham, 1817-23 

A Large Paper copy of the edition without 

the full series of illustrations, 6 plates and wood- 
cuts, 3 vols, roval 4to. half calf neat, £4. 10s 

Durham, 1823 

Billings (R. YV.) Architectural An- 
tiquities of the County of Durham, eccles- 
iastical, castellated, and domestic, 64 highly 
finished engravings by Le Kcux and others, with 
Descriptions, 4to. half cloth, £1. Is Durham, 1846 

D[ayies] (J., of Kidwelly) Ancient 

Rites and Monuments of the Monastical 
and Cathedral Church of Durham, collected 
out of ancient MSS., about the time of the 
Suppression, 12mo. old cedf, 10s 1672 

Record of Benefactions for the Support 

of Churches, Chapels, Oratories and Schools, 
made by the Dean and Chapter of Durham, 
from 1750 to 1857, 4to. boards (scarce, printed for 
private circulation only), £1. 17s Qd Durham, 1S5S 
Longstaffe (W. H. D.) Historv and 

Antiquities of the Parish of Darlington," in the 
Bishoprick, with steel plates, pedigrees, and wood- 
cuts, royal Svo. handsomely bound in red morocco 
super-extra, gilt edges, as good as new, £1. 2s Qd 

Darlington, 1854 

DURHAM :— Local Collections, Records of 
Remarkable Events, connected with the BOROUGH 
of Gateshead, 1841, frontispiece, 4to. sewn 
(scarce; only QO copies printed) , £1. l'2s 6d 

Gateshead-on-Tyne, 1842 

Allan Tracts, including Collections relat- 
ing to Sherburn Hospital, facsimile of charter, 
Legend of St. Cuthbert, History of the churches 
at Lindisfarne, Cunecascestre, and Dunholm, by 
R. Hegg, 1626, reprint, 1777; Charter of the 
Hospital at Gateshead, Life of Bishop Trevor of 
Durham, portrait, Origin and Succession of the 
Bishops of Durham, Foundation Charter of 
Durham Cathedral, and other tracts, 4to. half 
morocco, uncut (VERY SCARCE), £4. 10s 1771 etc. 
Collection of Letters, from the New- 

castle Newspapers, addressed to the Magistrates 
of Durham, etc., and other Durham tracts, in 
1 vol. 4to. boards (uncut), £1. lis Qd 1S10, etc. 

From Mr. Hartley's Library, with the following in his hand- 
writing : — " These books should accompany Surtees's History of 
Durham." The other tracts are Letters to Sir J. Eden, Bart., 
Newcastle, 1810; to Richard Wharton, m. p., i8io;tothe Bishop 
of Durham, 1811 ; Sir J. Eden, 1811 ; and a Letter to Leuconotus, 

Jacob Bee, His Booke, given him the 29th 

of August, 1681, 3 cuts, facsimile of autograph 

and pedigree, Svo. beautifully bound by Hayday 

in crimson morocco extra, gold tooled, gilt edges 

(SCARCE, only 25 printed), £2. 2s (Durham, 1819) 

Jacob Bee lived 75 years in Durham, and kept in his Diary, 

of which the above is a reprint, a register of Births, Marriages, 

and Deaths, besides a chronicle of events between the years 

16S2-1706. All sorts of events were jotted down as they occurred 

— murders, foot-races, floods, comets, elections, etc. — and now 

possess great interest. 

ESSEX : — Suckling (Rev. Alfred) Memorials of 
the Antiquities and Architecture, Family History 
and Heraldry of the County, with 34 plates (with 
the Arms illuminated), and 71 woodcuts, impl. 
4to. large paper, hedf morocco, £3. 3s 1845 

Morant (Rev. Philip) History and Anti- 
quities of Essex, with many fine old plates and 

maps, 2 vols, folio, vol. 1, ORIGINAL AND BEST EDI- 
TION, and vol. 2, reprint; sound russiagilt (cheap), 
£10. 10s London, 176S, and Chelmsford, 1816 

History and Antiquities of Colchester : 

collected chieily from MSS. ; with Appendix of 
Records and original Papers, by the same, map 
and plates, folio, calf, £2. 5s 1748 

History and Description of COLCHESTER, by 

T. Cromwell, with numerous fine steel portraits, 
plates, maps, etc., all on INDIA PAPER, 2 vols, 
roval Svo. large PAPER (rather cut down), calf 
gilt, gilt edges, ISs 1825 

Another Large Paper copy, wholly uncut, 

but the plates, etc., not on India, pa per, boards, 18s 


English Topography, continued: — 

FIRST AND BEST EDITION, with portrait of the Author by Vander Guchtand 73 fine 
copper -plates engraved by T. Kip, exhibiting panoramic views of the various seats and 
estates, the armorial bearings, etc., thick folio, red morocco extra, gold tooled, gilt edges, by 
W. Pratt : a very fine copy both as to binding and general condition (see note), 
£52.105 1712 

The same, SECOND EDITION, with the 73 engravings by Kip (this edition not 

having the portrait), proofs before letters, royal folio, Large Paper, new mottled calf 

extra, yellow edges : a fine copy, £31. 10s 1768 

The above valuable work is, BOTH IN its first and SECOND editions, one of the scarcest of 

OUR COUNTY histories, a large portion of both editions having been destroyed by fire at the printers' 

warehouses. Moreover, most of the remaining copies of the first edition were scorched or stained, 

whereas both the above copies are in fine and perfect condition throughout. 

LYSONS (Samuel) Account of ROMAN ANTIQUITIES discovered at WOOD- 
CHESTER, with 40 large coloured and other engravings of Mosaic Pavements, Sculpture, 
Ornaments, Utensils, Views, etc. atlas folio, blue morocco extra, borders of gold, leather 
joints, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber, very rake (Mr. Beckford's fine copy), £14. 10s 1797 
Only twelve copies were executed in the superior manner of the above, and a copy has hardly ever 

occurred for sale. 

ESSEX.— History and Antiquities of Colches- 
ter, plates (icith the folding sheet of the List of 
Members, which is rarely found in the book), 8vo. 
calf extra, with Mr. Comcrford's bookplate, 16s 

Colchester, 1789 

Epping Forest, by E. N. Buxton, fcap. 

8vo. cloth, ls6d ' 1885 

Descriptive Sketch of Ancient Statues, 

Busts, etc. at Felix Hall, Kelvedon (Lord 
Western's), 9 plates on India paper, folio, boards 
[with his Lordship's presentation inscription), 
Is 6d Chelmsford, 1833 

A Season at Harwich ; with Excursions 

by Land and Water : also Researches, historical, 
natural, etc. by W. H. Lindsey, Architect, maps 
and 14 plates, 8vo. half calf gilt, 9s 6d 1851 

History and Antiquities of the Round 

Church at Little Maplestead, formerly be 
longing to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, 
with an Historical Sketch of the Crusades, by 
WILLIAM Wallen, f.s.a., etched views and other 
plates, and woodcuts, royal 8vo. LARGE paper, 
with the arms and initial letters illuminated, 
cloth, uncut, 10s 1836 

Stifford and its Neighbourhood, past and 

present ; also More about Stifford, by the 
Rev. W. Palin, 2 vols. 4to. large paper, cloth 
(printed for private circulation), £2. 12s 6<r/ 


Contains Historical and Antiquarian descriptions of Stifford 
and the surrounding parishes, -with numerous engravings of 
iiieivs and antiquities. 

Collection of, by S. Lysons, 110 plates (2 
coloured) of Churches, Pulpits, Fonts, Tombs, 
Brasses* Stained Glass, Castles, Manor Houses,' 
etc., folio, old cedf, with Archdeacon Owen's 
bookplate (scarce), £2. 2s- 1799 

Another copy, half bound, £2. 1804 

Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis : Scarce and 

Curious Tracts relating to the City and County ; 
edited by J. Washbourn : 3 parts complete ; por- 
traits, 4to. boards, £1. \2s 6a Gloucester, 1823-5 

These curious pieces are chiefly illustrative of the times of 
Charles I. and II. and Cromwell. 

Bristol, Chilcott's Descriptive History 

of, with Guide to the Neighbourhood, etc., maps 
and cuts, fcap.Svo. canvas bds.,6s6d Bristol, 1851 

NALSof Bristol in the XIX. Century, royal 8vo. 
cloth, Is 6d (pub. 16s) 1887 

Britton (J. ) Historical and Architectural 

Essay on Redcliffe Church, Bristol, v-ith 
plans, views and architectural details ; and an 
drawing of the S.E. View by J. Buckler added, 
impl. 4to. large paper, calf extra, gt. ed. (SirR. 
Colt Hoare's copy, with his Crest), £1. 12? 1813 
Griffith (S. Y.) New Historical Descrip- 

tion of Cheltenham, with nearly 100 fine steel en- 
gravings (proof impressions i, maps, and plan of 
Pittvillc, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, calf extra, gilt 
edges, £1. \os Cheltenham, 1826 

Corbet (J.) An Historicall Relation of the 

Military Government of Gloucester : From 
the beginning of the Civill Wane to the removall 
of Colonell Massie to the Command of the Westerne 
Forces, ^to. fine clean uncut copy, hf. cfi , £1. Is 1645 
with the author's original drawings : 
HAMPSHIRE : — Englefield (Sir H. C, 
f.r.s.) A Walk through Southampton, 1801 ; 
the same, second and enlarged edition, with 
some account of the Roman Station Clausentum, 
and the Appendix containing an Account of an 
Ancient Building in Southampton, the whole with 
the original plates in several states, and folding 
view, with original sepia and pencil draw- 
ings by Sir H. Englefield inserted, 4to. finely 
bound in sound russia extra gilt, double; bcauti- 
full// blind- and gold-tooled without and within, 
and the monogram H. C. E. worked on side, gilt 
edges, a unique and interesting copy, £8.' 8s 

Southampto)i, 1801-5 

The above copy was presented by the author with his 
autograph inscription to W. Alexander. It was afterwards re- 
purchased by Sir Henry at Mr. Alexander's Sale in 1817 for 
£10. io.f, as an autograph note in the book testifies. 

The same, original edition, with 6 plates ; 

additionally illustrated BY 3 MAPS AND 10 
other Water - colour Drawings ; besides 
6 extra engravings inserted, post 8vo. boards, 
uncut, \6s6d ibidem, 1S01 

The same, second edition, considerably 

augmented, with account of the Boman Station 
Clausentum, 12 plates and 5 woodcuts, 8vo. Ids. 
{with Mr. Hartley's bookplate), \6s 6d ibidem, 1805 


English Topography, continued:— 

T. C. WILKS, and C. LOCKHART, with upwards of 70 full-page Engravings, Portraits, 
Maps, Views, Antiquities, etc., India proofs ; 3 handsome vols, folio, large paper {only 
50 copies so printed), new half r its sia extra, top edges gilt, uncut, £10. 10s (pub. £15. 15s) 


Another cop} 7- , newly hound in full morocco extra, gilt edges, £15. 15s 

This exceedingly interesting and valuable County History was begun by the late B. B. Woodward, 
P.S.A., formerly librarian to her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle, and after his decease was com- 
pleted by the Rev. T. C. Wilks. The portion relating to the Isle of Wight was supplied by Mr. C. Lockhart. 
The work contains in ample detail the History, Antiquities, and Peculiarities of every Place of 
importance in the Shire, with numerous references to Family History, Anecdotes and Biographies of 
listinguished Natives and Residents, and accounts of Local Manners "and Customs. It supplies what 
baa long been wanted, a good and trustworthy History of this Shire, and is indispensable to every 
Topographical Library. 
WARNER \Rev. Richard) Collections for the History of Hampshire, and the 

Bishopric of Winchester: including the Isles of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey and Sarke ; 

with the original Domesday, and Translation, etc., with upwards of GO engravings, 6 vols. 

4to. in 3 ; calf neat, scarce, £12. 12s 1795 
Onlv 250 copies of this valuable work were printed. 
THE NEW FOREST : its History, Scenery, Antiquities, Geology, Botany, and 

Lepidoptera ; by J. R. WISE, third Edition, with new Preface and Corrections by the 

Author, with 63 beautiful illustrations after Walter Crane, by W. J. Linton, and 2 

maps, crown 4to. Large Paper, cloth elegant, gilt edges, 15s 1880 

The same, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £1. Is; or, morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s 

The same, with a series of 12 fine photographs inserted ; morocco super-extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt (a very attractive volume), £1. 15s 
The same, ARTIST'S EDITION, printed on Dickinsons hand-made paper, with all the 

original 63 illustrations by Walter Crane, on India paper, and a new series of 12 

beautiful etchings by HEYW00D SUMNER, on Japanese vellum paper, impl. 8vo. 

half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £2. 10s 1883 

> The same, handsomely bound in green morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £3. 10s 

The same, on large paper, 4to. bound in an original manner from a woodland design, 

resembling wooden boards, leathern bade, uncut, top edges gilt, £4. 14s 6d 

Another copy, polished green morocco super-elegant, gold tooled, gilt edges, £8. 8s 

Only 50 copies were printed of the above size. They were speedily bought up, and the book is now 

The above Series oT Twelve Etchings by Heywood Sumner, proofs, in wrapper, 12s 

The same, Signed Artist's proofs on vellum paper, small folio, in portfolio, £2. 2s 

(pub. £5. 5s) 

"And here let me acknowledge great and loving obligation to the labours of Mr. John R. Wise. 
His book is perfectly beautiful, written in admirable English, full of observation, taste, and gentle 
earning; and the descriptions of scenery are such that they make the heart yearn to verify them." — 
B. D. Blackmore in " Cradock Nowcll." 

HAMPSHIRE : its Past and Present Condition, 
and Future Prospects : an Illustrated History of 
the County: by R. Mudie, with nearly 150 highly 
finished steel plates, fine impressions on India 
jKtper, and coloured maps, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, 
£2. 2s (pub. £5. 5s) Winchester (1838) 

Vol. 3 contains the Isle of Wight and Channel Islands. 

Nomina Villaeum of the County of South- 
ampton ; or a List of the Divisions, Boroughs, 
etc., published by order of Epiphany Session, 
1791, interleaved and enriched with MS. Notes 
by Sir F. Madden, ivhose autograph is on fly- 
leaf, small 8vo. calf, unknown to Upcolt, extremely 
rare, £3. 3s Romsey (1791) 
Duthy (J.) Sketches of Hampshire, em- 

bracing the Architectural Antiquities, Topo- 
graphy, etc. of Country adjacent to the River 
Itchen, map and views of scats, roval 8vo. cloth 
(slightly spotted), 12s Qd Winchester (1839) 

HAMPSHIRE :— Warner (Rev. R.) Topo- 
graphical Remarks relating to S.W. Hamp- 
shire, with a Descriptive Poem, 2 vols. 8vo. in 
1, half morocco neat, 15s 6d 1793 

History of Southampton, partly from the 

MS. of Dr. Speed, in the Southampton Archives, 
by the Rev. J. Silvester Davies, royal 8vo. 
cloth, top edges gilt, 13s 6<i Southampton, 1883 
The same, Large Paper (only 50 copies so 

printed), 4to. cloth, top edges gilt, £1. 15s 

Book of Accounts of the Wardens of the 

Fraternity of the Holy Ghost in Basingstoke, 
1557-165-4, edited by Canon Millard, 4to. sewn, 
Is 6d Southampton, 1882 

Longcroft (C. J.) Topographical Account 

of the Hundred of Bosmere, including the 
Parishes of Havant, Warblington, and Hayling ; 
with Appendix, map, plates, and cuts, impl. 
8vo. half bound, top edges gilt, 15s 1857 


English Topography, continued: — 


comprising the whole County, from printed Authorities, and Original Records in 
Public and Private Collections, ivith many highly finished engravings by Le Keux and 
others, of Mansions, Churches, Monumental Effigies, and other Antiquities, Maps, etc., 
3 vols, folio, boards, uncut, £10. 10s Nichols, 1815-27 

The same, new half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £15. J 5s 

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges (a beautiful copy), £18. 18s 

The same, on LARGE PAPER, ivith proof impressions of most of the plates, 3 vols. 

royal folio, new half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt (six leaves neatly inlaid), £18. 18s 
(pub. £47. 5s) 
Another copy, new ivhole morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £27. 10s 

HISTORY OF, by J. E. CUSSANS, containing an account of the Descents 

of the various Manors, Pedigrees of Families connected with the County, Anti- 
quities, Local Customs, etc., compiled chiefly from original MSS. in the Record 
Office and British Museum, Parish Registers, Local Archives, and Private Col- 
lections, complete in 8 Parts, imperial 4to. sewn, £10. 10s (issued to Subscribers at 
£16. 16s) 1870-3 

The same, bound in 3 vols, new half morocco extra, £12. 12s 

Another copy, new calf super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £14. 14s 

Another copy, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £16. 16s 

The same, LARGE PAPER (only 75 copies so printed), in 8 Parts, royal folio, 

sewn, £21. (pub. £33. 12s) 

The same, bound in 3 vols, new half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £24. 

Another copy, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £31. 10s 

Another copy on large paper, with the Arms of the Landowners illuminated, 3 vols. 

royal folio, new morocco extra, gilt edges ; A magnificent work, £45. 

The Illustrations comprise many full-page Plates on Steel and on Stone of Portraits, 
Views of Seats, etc. (some coloured), and a profusion of smaller Engravings on Wood of Curiosi- 
ties, Antiquities, and other Objects of Interest in the County, and the Arms of the principal 
Landowners ; together with elaborate Pedigrees (126 in all), now for the first time printed. 

" Scarcely anything which tends to illustrate County History is omitted in this valuable work. 
From Domesday Book down to a sketch and a note by John Leech, little has escaped the author's 
industry. . . . There is a spirited way of dealing with subjects generally considered dull, which is 
not at all common in histories like these." — Athcncvum. 

" Mr. Cussans appears to have spared neither time, labour, nor expense to render his volumes worthy 
of ranking in the highest class of County Histories." — Academy. 

Of this work only 350 copies were printed, with the addition of 75 upon large paper. 

HAMPSHIRE :— History and Description of 
the Abbey Church of Romsey, by C. Spence ; 
fourth ed., 5 plates, 8vo. cloth, 5s Romsey, 1862 

Manuscript Researches from the Records, 

Manuscripts, etc., existing of the Family of 
Leigh, of North Court, m the Isle of Wight, 
by a Grandson of the late John Leigh, Esq. 
(Patrick Strachan), very neatly and clearly 
written and illustrated by pedigrees and pretty 
WATER-COLOUR drawings, including views of 
North Court House and Shorwell Church, 
besides drawings of furniture, tombs, emblazoned 
Arms, etc., with MS. Notes by Sir F. Madden, 
post 8vo. morocco gilt, gilt edges {a very in- 
teresting volume, from the Hartley collection), 
£3. Is Qd 1831-2 

Wise (J. R.) The New Forest, its History 

and Scenery, Original Edition, with 63 illus- 
trations on wood by W. J. LlNTON, from designs 
by Walter Crane, and two maps, crown 4to. 
calf extra, £1. 7s Qd 1863 

See above for copies of the new editions. 

HEREFORDSHIRE, Collections towards 
the History and Antiquities of, by the Rev. 
J. DUNCUMB, with portraits and engravings, 2 vols. 
royal 4to. interleaved throughout, and 
bound in 4 vols, half russia neat, entirely uncut 
(fine sound copy), £7. 10s Hereford, 1804-12 

This valuable History (the only one of this County) was 
published under the patronage and at the expense of the Duke 
of Norfolk. 

Vol. 4 of the above set consists of blank paper and invites a con- 
tinuation of the tuork by any one zealous enough to undertake it. 

HERTFORDSHIRE, Historical Antiqui- 
ties of, by Sir H. Chauncy, with the Original 
of Counties, Wapentakes, Boroughs, account of 
the Abbots of St. Albans, Domesday of the 
Shire etc. , FIRST edition (wanting the portrait, 
maps, and engravings), folio, calf, £4. 45 1700 

The same, new edition, with folding map, 

portrait, and numerous double-page engravings, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5* Bishops Stortford, 1826 

History of Gorhambury, by the Hon. 

Charlotte Grimston, lithographed in facsimile 
of the original MS., with several drawings, impl. 
4to. new panelled cedf extra, gilt edges (scarce), 
£3. 105 n. d. 


English Toro ;raphy, continued:— 


rIASTED'S HISTORY OF KENT, corrected, enlarged, and continued to the present time 
from the MS. Collections of the late Revv. Thomas Streatfield and Lambert Black- 
WELL Larking, the Public Records, and other sources, edited by HENRY H. DRAKE, 
M.R.A.T. : Part I, the HUNDRED OF BLACKHEATH, comprising the Kentish 
Suburbs of London, with 'SO pages of illustrations, folio, cloth, top edges gilt, £5. 1886 
The present volume is the first-fruits of an enterprise first undertaken as far back as 1836, when the 
late Rev. T. Streatfield, of Charts Edge, issued a circular announcing his attention of publishing a History 
di Kent, to the accumulation of materials for which he, for nearly half a century, devoted his life's energies. 
He secured the cooperation in his task of his friend the late Rev. Lambert B. Larking, Vicar of Ryarsh, 
himself a well-known collector of information connected with the County. The result of the untiring 
energy of the two friends in their joint investigations was the acquisition of a vast amount of inform- 
ation, which their deaths however (in 1S4S and 1868 respectively) prevented their submitting to the public 
Their collections fell into the hands of Mr. J. W. Larking, who determined to perpetuate his brother's 
and friend's memories by utilizing them, and having found a competent Editor in Dr. Drake, the 
present work is now as a result published, as one complete in itself, but designed, if it meets with success, 
to form a part of the History of the whole County. Copies will be supplied at the SUBSCRIPTION Price 
of £5. bv H. Sotheean and Co. 

KENT, History and Topographical Survey 
of, by E. Hasted, f.r.s., Second Edition, 
improved, corrected, and continued, with maps, 
plates, etc., with additional illustrations 
and some MS. notes by a former owner inserted, 
12 vols. 8vo. and Atlas, half morocco neat {an 
interesting copy), £11. \\s Canterbury, 1797 

New and Complete History of Kent, by 

W. H. Ireland, with many. fine steel engravings 
of Views, etc. by Shepherd, Gastineau, etc., 
4 vols. 8vo. canvas boards, £2. 2s 1828 

Lambarde (W.) Perambulation of Kent, 

written in 1570, now increased and altered from 
the Author's own last copy, with sketch of his 
Life, map) and portrait, Svo. boards, 85 

Chatham, 1826 
Another copy, with 22 extra illustrations 

carefully arranged throughout the text, boards, 
£1. Is 

"The first history of any county: considered a model of 
topographical writing." 

Villare CANTIANUM, or Kent Surveyed 

and Illustrated, an exact description of all the 
Parishes, Boroughs, Villages, and other Manors, 
etc., by T. Phillipot, with Historical Catalogue 
of the High Sheriffs by J. Phillipot, p>latcs (wants 
map), folio, half calf, £1. Is Lynn, 1776 

Excerpta Cantiana : Prospectus of a 

History of Kent, preparing for publication by 
the Rev. T. Streatfeild (see above), finely 
printed, with engraved portraits, and fine woodcuts 
of Arms, Houses, etc., folio, hf. bound, 9s 6rf 1836 

Account of the Grand Court of Shepway, 

Holden on the Bredenstone Hill at Dover for the 
Installation of Lord Palmerston as Warden of 
the Cinque Ports, etc., 1861, by E. KNOCKER, 
frontispiece, etc., crown 4to. cloth, with Author's 
inscription to Lord Lytton, 13s 6d 1862 

I) art (Rev. J.) History and Antiquities of 

Canterbury Cathedral Church, and the 
once-adjoining Monastery [Christ Church] ; with 
the Lives of the Archbishops, etc., upwards of 60 
fine large engravings of Vieivs and Monuments, 
and many Coats of Arms of the Subscribers, folio, 
russia extra, gold- and blind-tooled, A FINE copy, 
£2. 5s 1727 

Gostling (Rev. W., Minor Canon) A Walk 

KENT :— History of CANTERBURY, with maps, 
vieivs, and other engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf , 
Ss Qd Canterbury, 1801 

History, Antiquities, Improvements, etc. 

in and about the City of Canterbury, new and 
enlarged edition, with portrait and numerous 
other engravings, Svo. cl., 9s 6d Canterbury, 1825 

of the Parish of Bromley, by C. Freeman, post 
Svo. boards (SCARCE), £1. 2s (id Bromley, 1832 
History and Antiquities of Bromley, by 

John Dunkin, and Antiquities of Holwood Hill, 
by A. J. Kempe, 2 plates ; Bromley, 1815 — 
Biographical Sketches of the Descendants of 
John Dunkin, of Merton, ib. 1816 — Oxfordshire 
Anecdotes ; with historical and topographical 
Notes, 1826 (only 12 copies printed) — in one vol. 
Svo. half calf gilt, £2. 12* M 1815-26 

Willement (T., f.s.a.) Historical Sketch 

of the Parish of Davington, and of the Priory 
there dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene ; with 
Appendices, plates and woodcuts, 4to. large 
paper [only 30 copies printed), half morocco, top 
edges gilt, £2. 2s B. M. Pickering, 1S62 

Shaw (Rev. W. Frank, Vicar) Liber 

Estrlf: ; or Memorials of the Roval Ville and 
Parish of Eastry, with Upl., 4to. cl., 13s 6d 1S70 

History of Gravesend and the Port of 

London, by R. P. Cruden, with 37 fine pi 'ate s 
and woodcuts, including some of Ancient Shipping, 
imperial 8vo. LARGE paper, cloth, £1. Is 1843 

Contains a complete history of the Thames and all that is 
connected with it; its Docks and Arsenals, and the great 
historical scenes that have been witnessed on its shores, etc. 

Historical Account of the Royal Hospital 

for Seamen at Greenwich, by the Revs. J. 
Cooke and J. Moule, fine large folding view and 
3 plates, 4to. half calf neat, 8s 6d 1789 

Martin (C. Wykeham, m.p.) Leeds Castle, 

Kent ; History and Description of, finely printed 
and illustrated by 8 beautiful Photographs, a 
' ground plan of the Castle and several vignettes, 
impl. 4to. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £2. 12s 6c?) 

Privately printed, 1869 

" Mr. Martin has left a monument at once of his historical 
knowledge and of his antiquarian taste in this work, for which he 
had long been collecting materials, after having in former years 
devoted careful attention to the architectural renovation of that 
tine mediaeval structure." — Heraldic Chronicle. 

In tracing the descent of the Castle, the historian conducts 
the reader through several interesting family circles, including 
that of Crevecceur, Leyburn, Badlesmere, Bourchier, and others, 
and renders the work of considerable value by the insertion of a 
number of Pedigrees. The building itself, standing almost 
unaltered within its ancient moat, is of almost greater interest 
to the architect than to the antiquary. 



English Topography, continued :— 

KENT :— History and Antiquities of Rochester, 
and its Environs, with a Description of the Towns, 
Villages, Ancient Buildings, etc., on the Road 
from "London to Margate, Deal and Dover, plan 
and plates, post Svo. calf, Ss 6d Rochester, 1772 
" A work in some estimation, compiled by Thomas Fisher, 

with the assistance of the Rev. S. Denne and \V. Shrubsole." — 


Antiquities of Smarden, by the Rev. Francis 

Haslewood, several lithographic plates {one in 
colours), etc., crown 4to. hf. mor. need, 14s 6tf 1S66 
Some Account of the Church of St. Mary 

Stone, near Dartford, by G. E. Street, It. A., 
with fine woodcuts from his drawings, impl. Svo. 
oh thick paper, within red borders; half morocco, 
gilt edges {with Mr. Uuvrifs bookplate), 12s 1861 

This beautiful example of Early English is of especial interest 
from the likeness of much of its design and detail to that of the 
choir of Westminster Abbev. 

Tour through the Isle of Thanet, and some 

other Parts of East Kent ; including a particular 
Decription of the Churches and Monumental 
Inscriptions [bv Zecheriab. Cozens], with plates, 
4to. old half calf (very scarce), £5. 5* 1793 

Burr (T. Benge) History of Tunbridge 

Wells, with Appendix, Svo. old calf ', 10s 0>d 1766 
Deakin (Dr. R.) Flowering Plants of 

Tcnbridge Wells and Neighbourhood, coloured 
frontispiece and other plates, Svo. limp roan gilt, 
circuit binding, 9s 6d Tunbridge Wells, 1S71 

LANCASHIRE, History of, by E. Baines, 
with Lives of Eminent Natives, by W. Whatton, 
120 fine engravings of Views, Buildings, Portraits, 
Autographs, etc.. also Pedigrees, 4 vols. 4to. half 
russia gilt, £10. 10s 1836 

. The same, new edition, edited by J. 

Harland ; continued and completed by the Rev. 
B. HERFORD ; with map and numerous engravings 
of views, buildings, seals, etc., also Pedigrees, 
2 thick vols, royal 4to. large paper, cloth, 
uncut, £2. 10s 1S6S-70 

— Another copy, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, 

£3. Ss 

Baines (T.) Lancashire and Cheshire, 

past and present, History and Description of, 
with the Rise and Progress of Manufactures and 
Commerce, and Engineering, by Sir W. Fair- 
bairn, numerous highly finished engravings after 
H. Warrens R. A., and portraits on India Paper, 
2 laro-e vols, roval 4to. in 4. extra cloth, gilt edges, 
£1. 18* (1867) 

- Corey (J.) History of Lancashire [in- 

cluding numerous Pedigrees], with engravings of 
Views, Coats of Arms, etc., 2 thick vols. 4to. half 
morocco super-extra, top edges gilt, £6. 6s 1S25 
Illustrations to the same, 30 engravings of 

Buildings and Coats of Arms, impl. 4to. bds., 
£1. os (pub. £4. 45) 1S26 
Lancashire : Brief Historical and De- 

scriptive Notes by Leo H. Grindon, with 14 fine 
large etchings by Jacomb Hood, Brunct-Dcbaines, 
Toussaint, Kent Thomas, Riley, and Law, and 
numerous vignettes, illustrative of Lancashire 
Life, Buildings, and Views, royal 4to. gilt cloth, 
gilt edges, 10s 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1882 

Eakwaker (J. P.) Local Gleanings 

relating to Lancashire and Cheshire (reprinted 
from the "Manchester Courier," revised and cor- 
rected) : 2 vols, crown 4to. in lo parts, sewn, as 
. with numerous MS. notes and corrections, 

ea ios is75-s 

Only 3fo copies printed. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

LANCASHIE :— Croston (J.) Historic Sites 
of Lancashire and Cheshire, being Notes 
Historical, Legendary, Genealogical and Descrip- 
tive, with plates and cuts, 4to. Large Paper, 
cloth gilt, £1. Is Manchester, 1SS3 

Leigh (Dr. C.) Lancashire, Cheshire and 

the Peak of Derbyshire, Natural History 
of ; with the Pluenician, British, Armenian, 
Greek and Roman Antiquities ; plates, folio, calf 
gilt, £1. 4s 1700 

Gregson (M.) Portfolio of Fragments 

relative to the History and Antiquities, Tono- 
graphy, and Genealogies of the Shire : third 
edition, with additions and improvements, by 
John Harland, f.s.a., numerous Portraits, 
Views, Seats, Coats of Arms, and folding Genea- 
logical Plates, etc., with copious general Index, 
folio, large paper, cloth, £3. 155 1869 

The same, Largest Paper, royal folio, half 

crimson morocco, uncut {fine copy) ; ONLY 27 
COPIES SO PRINTED, for subscribers, £5. 10s 
This work includes much valuable information, and also 
Old Documents not found in other works. It contains by far 
the largest collection extant of delineated Lancashire Coats of 
Arms ;as well as those of many Cheshire families.^, which, in 
this edition, are easily found bv a special Index. 

Manchester ; History of the Found- 
ations in (Christ's College, Chetham's Hospital, 
and the Free Grammar School), drawn up from 
original documents by Dr. S. HibbertAYare, 
3 vols.— also the Ancient Parish Church [now 
Cathedral] of Manchester, and Why it was Col- 
legiated, 1 vol. — together 4 vols. 4to. in 3, with 
numerous portraits, views, and other illustra- 
tions ; calf extra, £3. 10s Manchester, 1830-48 
The same, Large Paper, with fine im- 

pressions of the plates on India paper ; brown 

calf extra, gilt edges (NICE COPY, nearly new), 
£4. 10* 

Procter (R. Wright) Memorials of By- 

gone Manchester, with Glimpses of the Envi- 
rons, with large maps and pjhotographic and other 
plates, 4to. Large Paper, cloth, top edges gilt, 
12s Gd (pub. £1. 10s) Manchester, 1880 

Payn (James) Furness Abbey and its 

Neighbourhood, a scries of finely executed Photos. 
and maj)s, with Descriptions, 4to. gilt cloth, gilt 
edges, 10s 6d n. d. 

Fishwick (H.) History of the Parochial 

Chapelry of Goosnargh, woodcuts, folding 
pedigrees, etc., crown 4to. cloth, 12s 6d 

Manchester, 1S71 
Brooke (R.) Liverpool as it was during 

the last quarter of the XVIIIth Century, with 
engravings of old buildings, roy. Svo. cloth, 9o> 6d 
(pub. £1. 5*) Liverpool, 1S53 

Gore's Directory of Liverpool for 18S4, 

thick imp. Svo. cloth, Is (pub. £1. Is net) 1884 
"WiLCOCKSON (I.) Authentic Records of the 

Guild Merchant of Preston in 1822, with the 
Origin of Guilds, etc., etc., portrait of Mayor 
Grimshaw and print of the Procession of Trades, 
Svo. halfccdf, 6s 6d Preston, 1822 

History of the Ancient Hall of Samles- 

BURY (near Preston), and its earlier Possessors ; 
and Particulars relating to the more recent 
Descent of the Manor, derived chiefly from un- 
published Sources, by James Croston, with 
illustrations, pedigrees, etc. {only 200 copies 
printed for presentation), folio, half morocco, top 
edges gilt, £2. 10s 1871 

English Topography, continued:— 


LANCASHIRE.— Rob y (J.) Traditions of 
Lancashire, with numerous beautiful engravings 
on steel and wood, INDIA PROOFS, 2 handsome 
vols. 4to. large paper, cloth, £3. 3* 1867 

This beautiful reprint of the scarce originals embraces both 
series (each consisting of twenty tales) as published in 1829 and 
1831, and also three additional stories from his Legendary and 
Poetical Remains, published in 1854. 

A later edition (complete), with illustrations 

on steel and wood, 2 vols, crown 8vo. liandsomcly 
bound in tree-calf gilt, gilt edges {as good as new), 
£1. Is 1872 

Lancashires Valley of Achor is Eng- 

lands Doore of Hope, a most interesting local 
tract of 36 pp., 1643 ; To the Faithfull and True- 
Hearted Covenanters, which are the Noble Phila- 
delphians, BY W. B. of Darbie, 1644, a Journal 
of proceedings in Derbyshire, Lancashire {includ- 
ing Manchester), and Cheshire ; and other tracts: 
in one volume 4to. half calf {fine copies, not cut ?ip), 
£1. 45 Qd 1643-4 

Complete Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq. 

(John Collier), in prose and verse, with Memoir 
by J. Corry and copious Glossary, also a rendering 
into simple English of the Dialogue of Tummus 
and Meary byE. Ridings, h umoro us plates, super- 
royal 8vo. cloth, 15s Manchester, 1862 
Prince (J. Critchley, Mancunian) Poet- 
ical Works, edited by R. A. D. Lithgow, and 
Life by the same, with portrait ; 3 vols, crown 
4to. Large Paper, cloth extra, 16s 6d (pub. 
£1. lis 6d) Manchester, 1880 

Of this Lartje Paper edition onlv ioo copies were printed. 

LEICESTERSHIRE, Description of, con- 
taining matters of Antiquitye, Historye, Armorye, 
and Genealogy, by W. Burton, with the beauti- 
ful portrait and engraved title by DELARAM, map 
by Kip after Saxton, and cuts of arms, folio, calf 
gilt (Sir R. Colt Hoare's copy), £2. 10s (1622) 

Throsby (J.) Select Views in Leicester- 
shire, with Historical Relations, 2 vols. ; also 
History and Antiquities of Leicester, by the 
same : together 3 vols. 4to. with portraits, maps, 
and upwards of \%0 fine engravings of famous old 
buildings, mansions, and antiquities ; russia, gilt 
edges, A cheap copy, £5. 5s 1789-91 

Including the most valuable parts of Burton, Nichols, etc. 

Notices illustrative of the Drama and other 

popular Amusements in XVI. and XVII. Cent., 
incidentally illustrating Shakespeare and his 
Cotemporaries ; extracted from the Chamber- 
lain's Accounts and other MSS. of the Borough 
of Leicester, by W. Kelly, view of Leicester in 
i 1610, post 8vo. cloth (with Mr. Hartley's book- 
i plate), Is Qd 1865 

LEICESTERSHIRE— Modern Leicester, 
with a history of Corporation Undertakings, 
etc., by R. Reade, illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 
4s 6c? 1881 

— ; History and Description of the restored Par- 
ish Church of Saint Mary, Wymeswold [by Dean 
ALFORD], with numerous fine illustrations on 
wood and stone, crown folio, cloth, gilt edges, 8s 6d 
(pub. £1. 5s) 1846 

LINCOLNSHIRE. -Collections for a Topo- 
graphical, Historical, and Descriptive Account of 
the Hundred of AvELAND : by J. MOORE, with 2 
plates, impl. 4to. large paper, half morocco 
{with Mr. Hartley's bookplate), £1. Us Qd 

Lincoln, 1809 

Thompson (Pishey) Collections for a Topo- 
graphical and Historical Account of Boston and 
the Hundred of Skirbeck, with fine engravings 
and numerous woodcuts, on India PAPER, royal 
4to. LARGE PAPER, boards, £1. 18s 1820 
History and Antiquities of Boston ; with 

Skirbeck, Fishtoft, Freiston, Butterwick, Bening 
ton, Leverton, Leake, and Wrangle (comprising 
the Hundred of Skirbeck) ; the Fens, River Wit- 
ham, Biographies, Natural History, Archaisms 
and Provincial Words, Local Dialect, Supersti- 
tions, etc., by the same, with 100 fine wood-engrav- 
ings, including full illustrations of the Church and 
the "Stump,'" thick folio, large paper, cloth, 
uncut, £1. 15s Boston, 1856 

[Creasey (James)] Topography and History 

of New and Old Sleaford, and the Neighbour- 
hood ; with engravings on Lndia paper, and 
woodcuts, roy. 8vo. large paper, bds. £1. 12s 6d 

Sleaford, 1825 
Topographical and Historical Account of 

Wainfleet, and the Wapentake of Candleshoe, 
by E. OLDFIELD, with fine engravings and wood- 
cuts on India Paper, 4to. large paper, boards, 
18s (pub. £2. 2s) 1829 

Another copy, with some fine additional 

plates inserted, £1. Is 

and YORKSHIRE:— A MS. and 

Printed Collection, embracing a considerable 
assemblage of Papers, Broadsides, Maps, etc., 
relative to these two interesting shires, folio, 
rough cedf, from the Hartley Collection, £3. 3s 

This, among other documents relating to Lincolnshire and 
Yorkshire, contains an excellent folded "' Plan of the Town, 
Harbour and Lordship of Great Grimsby," surveyed by W. 
Smith, and engraved by G. Parker; an original writing of the 
year 1695 ; Eleven Numbers (all publshed) of ■' The Dauntless," 
by James Acland Hull ; Account, on parchment, of Sheriffs of 
York for year 31-2 King George II. : etc. 


CENTRAL London Street Re-Alignment, 
Reconstruction, and Sanitation, large maps, etc., 
8vo. cloth 6s 6d 1886 

CHARITIES of London ; a Selection from the 
voluminous Reports of the Commissioners for 
inquiring concerning Charities in England and 
Wales from 1818 to 1837 ; very thick folio, 
half cloth (a valuable storehouse of facts), 
£2. 2s 1839 

LONDON, a Pilgrimage : by Gustave Dore 
and Blanchard Jerrold, with 80 remarkable 
illustrations by the former {some of his most really 
able designs), impl. 4to. cloth, £2. 10s 1877 

FOREIGNER'S Guide (The) : or, a necessary 
and instructive Companion both for the Foreigner 
and Native, English and French on opposite pages, 
post 8vo. old calf {scarce and interesting, not in 
Loicndcs), 12s J. Pote, 1729 



English Topography, continued:— 


OLD AND NEW LONDON, a Narrative of its History, its People, and its Places, by 
Walter Thornbury and the Rev. Edward Waleord, with about 1200 woodcut illustrations, 
insertion of several thousand additional engravings, etching's, portraits, plans, maps, 
and a series of clever water-colour drawings (illustrating the town in its widest 
extent, and the River Thames from its Source to the Sea) TO FIFTEEN VOLUMES 
ATLAS FOLIO, newly bound in half morocco extra gilt, cloth sides, gilt edges, £75. 

Cassell and Co., n. d. 
The above fine work contains the following additional illustrations : — 
1261 Engravings. 
261 Portraits. 
55 Original Drawings. 


The set forms one of the most extraordinary, varied, and comprehensive Thesauri 
of London illustrations ever brought together, and would form an admirable basis 
for a complete collection (as far as that may be possible) of London Topography. 


LONDON, WESTMINSTER, and SOUTHWARK, by T. PENNANT, illustrated by upwards 
of 250 engraved Portraits, Views, Historical Prints, Medals, etc. and many extra 
plates, several of them coloured, and an extra frontispiece, together with Appendix 
and extensive Index, bound in 4 vols. 4to. russia super-extra, gilt edges (with Bp. Jebb's 
bookplate), £12. 12s 1814 

Another copy, illustrated by over 200 Portraits, Views of Houses, Statues, Anti- 
quities, etc., 2 vols. 4to. new half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £6. 6s (1805) 
" Pennant had the happy art of relieving the dullest subjects by enlivening and amusing digres- 

Bions ; and his productions are distinguished by a fund of anecdote, an easy familiarity of style, and that 

pleasant turn for research which engages the reader's attention, because it agreeably refreshes his 

memory, and supplies him with information at a small expense of trouble." 

fine library copies of the best edition. 

enlarged and continued by JOHX STRYPE, with large map and numerous fine folding 
and other engravings, sixth and best edition, 2 vols, folio, handsomely bound in new 
mottled calf extra, gilt backs (fine copy), £15. 155 1754-5 

Another fine copy, new panelled calf extra, yellow edges, £16. 16s 

The Survey of London by Stow is one of the most early, valuable and interesting of our topographical 

works ; and the best edition, as the above, indispensable to a good historical library. Indeed, such a 

minute and trustworthy history and description of London in the Seventeenth Century (when the race 

was but just beginning to spread) should make it a work of the highest interest to the whole English 

people throughout the world. 

For a copy of the earlier edition see below. 

GEORGE (Ernest) Etchings of Old London, KNIGHT (C.) London Pictorially Illus- 

20 very fine etchings on double mounts, with trated (being a History and Description of it, 

Descriptive Text by the Author, impl. folio, in ancient and modern), with nearly 700 woodcuts of 

portfolio, £8. 8s 1884 Buildings, Antiquities, Costumes, Curiosities, etc., 

GWYNN (John) London and Westminster 6 vols : ro >; 8v0 - clot1 \ ^^kled edges £1 Is 1841 

Improved, Illustrated by Plans, four folded Another co V7 , Wf ru^ gilt, £1. 10s 

plates showing the improvements then under con- \ Another copy. New Edition, m 3 vols, super- 

sideration in all parts of both cities, 4to. old ealf, royal 8vo. new half morocco gilt, £1. 18* n d. 

with Lord Petre's bookplate, 9s 6rf ~ T1 , ie sa ™ e ' "f* ca V **■ £2 ' l0s > or new trcc ' 

Printed for the Author, 1766 ,/f££?T' x ff: }^ T „ „ e , n^,,. t T nm ^ 

__.__.. , ~,,,- . i _ ... j M AITL AND W., f.r.s.) History of London, 

HARE (A. J. C )^ alks in London with wood- from its foundation ' f continued to 1772, by the 

cuts, 2 vols, thick post 8vo. cloth, 17s 6d 1883 ; Kfv j EnticKj with maps and ph(teS) 2 vols. 

HOLME'S Views in London, Westminster folio, calf, £2. 2s 1772 

and their Vicinities, also Select Illustrated MALCOLM (J. P., f.s.a.) Anecdotes of the 

Topography of 30 Miles around London, 69 fine 
steel />lat<s, with Descriptions by W.G. Fearnside 
and T. Harral, 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 16s n. d. 
LONDON in 1887, illustrated with IS bird's-eye 
vines of the principal streets, by II. FRY, post 8vo. 
limp cloth, Is (pub. 2s) 1887 

Manners and Customs of London during the 
Eighteenth Century ; including the Chanties, 
Depravities, Dresses, and Amusements ; also the 
domestic and ecclesiastical Architecture and Im- 
provements, with 50 engravings {those of Costume 
coloured), 4to. boards, 16s 6d 1808 



English Topography, continued :— 

MAYHEW (The late Henry) London 
Labour and the London Poor, including the 
portion relating to Prostitution, and those who 
will not work, with numerous Portraits of Street 
Worthies and Scamps and Street Scenes from 
daguerreotypes, 4 vols. 8vo. half calf extra (nice 
copy), £1. 105 1861-2 

This, the only thorough and systematic investigation of the 
condition and habits of the Great Residuum of London Society, 
is still of great value and of singular interest, though the con- 
dition of many of the classes treated of has happily considerably 
improved during the author's latter vears. 

and J. Binney : The Great World of 

London: the Prisons, with numerous engrav- 
ings from photoginphs of prison scenes, roval 
Svo. half calf gilt, 10s Qd 1862 

or, London in the Nineteenth Century, 160 steel 
engravings of the principal Buildings, from 
Drawings by T. H. Shepherd, with Descriptions 
by James Elmes, 4to. hf bd.,8s (pub. £2. 2*) 1S30 

MICROCOSM of London, a series of 104 

Pugin and Rowlandson, of the Insides and 
Outsides of the Public Buildings in London, and 
of the Manners, Customs, etc., of its Inhabitants ; 
3 vols, royal 4to. old tree-calf gilt, £5. 5s 

Ackermann, 1811 

LONDON, Westminster, Southwark and 
Suburbs, an exact Delineation of, with all the 
Thorough-fares, Highwaies, Streetes, Lanes, and 
common Allies : composed by a Scale, and ichno- 
graphically described by Richard Newcourt, a 
Lithographic facsimile of Faithorne's rare copper- 
plate engraving (published in 1658), on 12 sheets, 
each 20 by 14 inches, on scale of about 12 inches to 
a mile, atlas folio, half calf (nice copy, with Mr. 
Hartley's bookplate), £1. Is 1857 

A later facsimile, in portfolio, 10s 1878 

Of the original Two Copies only are known to exist. 
Engraved on the margins are the Arms of the Twelve Great 
Livery Companies. Views of Old St. Paul's and of St. Peter's, 
Westminster ; a short History of the City. etc. It is on a very 
large scale, showing each house separately. 
ROC QUE (J., Surveyoi'Y LONDON, WEST- 
MINSTER, and Southwark, and the Surround- 
ing Country for 19 miles in length by 13 miles 
in depth, New and Accurate Survey of, 16 large 
double sheets, impl. folio, half morocco, very scarce, 
£3. 35 1748 

This Survey was begun in 1741, completed in i74<, and 
published in sheets between 1746 and 1748. The scale is large 
enough to show "all the main and cross roads, lanes and bye- 
ways, walls, hedges, springs, ponds, woods, churches, houses, 
gardens, etc., etc." The growth of London in 140 years shown 
thereby is wonderful and horrible to contemplate. 

STOW (J.) SuRVAYof London, contayning the 
Originall, Antiquity, Increase, Moderne Estate, 
and Description of that Citie ; with Appendix, 
etc., small 4to. Marft letter, old cedf (title worn), 
with autograph of G. Baker, £2. 2s 1598 

Second and enlarged edition, small 4to. 

fclarfe letter, fine clean copy in old vellum, 
£1. 45 1603 

Survey of London, Westminster, and South- 

wark, enlarged and continued by Strype, with 
Life and Appendixes, large map and numerous 
engravings, 2 vols, folio, new half cedf gilt, old 
style, £4. 155 1720 

A fine COPY in mottled calf neat, nearly 

new (cheap), £6. 65 

This edition contains the North and East prospects of St. 
Paul's Cathedral by Kip, besides having the first impressions of 
he plates. 

Sec p. 98 for fine copies of the last and best edition. 

THORNBURY (Walter) and the 'REV. 
London, a Narrative of its History, its People, 
and its Places ; with 1200 illustrations and maps, 
6 vols, super-royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 16s n. d. 

The same, new half morocco, £4. 4.9 

See page 98 for a remarkable copy of this work, 

HISTORICAL Charters and Constitutional 

• Documents of the City, with Notes by AN 

Antiquary, 4to. cloth, Qs " 1884 

TOPOGRAPHICAL Memoranda of the Ward 
of Farringdon Without : by an Antiquary 
[an Account of numerous Houses in this classic 
Neighbourhood made famous by their eminent 
Inhabitants, with Anecdotes]: 4to. limp cloth, 
(only 50 copies printed), \QsQd Unpublished, n. d 

BARTHOLOMEW FAIRE ; or, Variety of 
Fancies, where you may find a faire of wares, and 
all to please your mind. With the severall Enor- 
myties and Misdemeanours, which are there seene 
and acted ; cut on title, Svo. inlaid to 4to. size, 
half red morocco, top edges gilt (rare), lO.s Qd 

Bible and Harpe in Smithfield, 1641 
(Reprint c. 1816) 

Memoirs of, by Prof. H. Morley, with 

facsimile drawings, etc., by Dalzicl Brothers, Svo. 
handsomely bound in new half morocco gilt, top 
edges gilt (nice copy), £1. 1.9 1S59 

CARLETON (W.) City Ballads, illustrated, 
crown 4to. cloth, 6s (pub. 12s Qd) 1886 

CEREMONIALS to be observed by the Lord 
Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs and Officers, folio, 
half roan, uncut, Is Qd 1S45 

COUNTER-SCUFFLE (The) : Whereunto is 
added the Counter-Kat (infesting the Counters 
of Wood-Street and the Poultrey), written by R. S., 
two curious frontispieces, 4to. carefully inlaid, 
half calf neat, Qs Qd 1667 

COX (Rev. J. E., D.D., Vicar-in-charge) ANNALS 
of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, with numerous 
illustrations on wood, roval 8vo. cloth, Is Qd 
(pub. £1. 10*) 1S76 

CROSBY (Brass, Lord Mayor, 1770-71 [Success- 
ful Vindicator of the right of publishing Parlia- 
mentary Debates]), Memoir of, portrait, royal 
4to. boards, uncut (scarce), 10s 1829 

DOUTHWAITE (W. R., Librarian) Grays 
Inn ; its History and Associations, from original 
and unpublished documents, with 7 plates, Svo. 
roxburghe, top edges gilt, 4s Qd 1886 

DUGDALE (Sir W.) History of St. Paul's 
Cathedral, second edition, corrected and en- 
larged by the Author ; together with the Cathe- 
- drals of York, Durham, and Carlisle ; and the 
principal Collegiate Churches in the Province of 
York : published by Edward Maynard, D.D., with 
fine plates by Hollar (no port rait), folio, cedf neat, 
£3. 35 1716 

History of St. Paul's Cathedral in 

London, with Continuation and Additions, in- 
cluding Life of the Author, from his own MS., 
and Marginal Notes and Illustrations by Sir 
Henry Ellis, and the Supplement, fine por- 
trait, and very many choice engravings, also a few 
extra plates inserted, thick folio, cloth, quite uncut 
(a nice copy), £5. 1818 



English Topography, continued -.— 

FISHMONGERS' PAGEANT on Lord Mayor's Day, 1616: Chrysanaleia, the Golden 
Fishing, devised by ANTHONY MUNDAY, represented in 12 fine large plates by 
H. SHAW, from contemporary drawings in the possession of the Fishmongers' Company ; 
with illustrative documents and historical Introduction, by J. G. NICHOLS, numerous 
coats of arms, richly emblazoned, imperial folio, sumptuously bound in crimson morocco 
super-extra, broad gold borders, gilt edges, with Mr. Hartley's book-plate, £19. 10s 

Privately printed for the Company, 1844 
This magnificent copy has for frontispiece the Arms of the Fishmongers' Company, boldly draivn and 

emblazoned by hand, as "well as all the Initial Letters, Cuts, and Anns in text, in rich Gold and variegated 

Colours. It contains also A DUPLICATE set of the twelve plates — ONE plain, and the other 


FIRE of London :— A Short and Serious Narra- 
tive of Londons Fatal Fire, with' its Diurnal 
and Nocturnal Progression, a Poem : as also 
Londons Lamentation to her Regardless Passen- 
gers, title within black border, 4to. (pp. 12), rare, 
18s 1667 

GILBERT (W.) The City : an Inquiry into 
its corporations, etc., post 8vo. cloth, 3s Qd 
(pub. 7s Qd) 1877 

HEATH (J. B.) Some Account of the Grocers' 
Company, second edition, plates, cuts of arms, 
etc., thick royal 8vo. (printed on hand-made 
paper) ; cloth, rough edges, £1. 8s 

Privately printed, 1854 

HERBERT (W., Librarian to the Corporation) 
History of the Twelve Great Livery Com- 
panies of the City of London, with copies and 
translations of the Charters, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. half 
calf neat, £1. Is 1837 

The same, Large Paper, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 

boards, uncut, £1. 7s Qd 

The gilds in question are the Mercers', Grocers', Drapers', 
Fishmongers', Goldsmiths', Skinners', Merchant Taylors', 
Haberdashers', Salters', Ironmongers', Vintners', and Cloth- 

HUMPHERUS (H.) History of the Water- 
men's Company, from their Records, with num- 
erous Historical Notes, photographic frontispiece, 
vol. 1, 8vo. half calf, also vol. 2 and parts 1-9 of 
vol. 3 (19 nos.), scivn, as issued, £1. 15s (c. 1859) 

LIBER ALBUS, Liber Custumarum et Liber 
Horn (Munimenta Gildhallre Lond.), edited with 
Introductions, etc., by H. T. Riley, facsimiles of 
MSS., 4 thick vols. impl. 8vo. roxburghe, £1. 6s 
(pub. £2.) Rolls Series, 1859-62 

LONGMAN (W., f.s.a.) The Three Cathe- 
steel and wood engravings, 8vo. cloth, IsQd 1873 

See other copies under Architecture, ante. 

LUCAS (Rev. Richard, Vicar of St. Stephen's, 
Coleman St.) Devotion and Charity, in a Dis- 
course before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, 
and Governours of the Hospitals, etc., at St. 
Bridget's Church, Easter, 1692, 4to. new half 
morocco, 5s 1692 

NORTON (G.) Commentaries on the History, 
Constitution, and Chartered Franchises of the 
City of London, 8vo. half calf, 9s Qd 1829 

OVERALL (W. H., f.s.a., Librarian to the'.Cor- 
poration) Accounts of the Churchwardens of 
the Parish of St. Michael, Comhill, 1456-1608 : 
with Memoranda from the Great Book of Accounts, 
and Extracts from the Proceedings of the Vestry, 
1563-1607; edited from the Originals by the same, 
with plate and facsimiles, cr. 4to. cloth, £1. 7s Qd; 
or, morocco, gt. ed. (very scarce), £1. 15s (1869) 

Only ioo coi'iEs of this curious and valuable record were 
"printed with the consent of the Vestry, for Private Circulation 
only, by Ai-mtn James WaTBRLOW, Churchwarden." 

OVERALL (W. H., f.s.a.) Catalogue of 
Engraved Portraits, Topographical Drawings 
and Prints, Coins, Gems, '.etc., Exhibited at the 
opening of the Guildhall Library and Museum, 
with an Historical Account by Dr.\\ r . S. Saunders, 
thick 4to. finely printed on hand-made paper ; half 
bound, uncut, top edges gilt (presentation copy), 
£1. 5s Privately printed, 1872 

PEARCE (R. R.) History of the Inns of Court 
and Chancery, with Account of the Eminent 
Men of Lincoln's Inn, the Inner and Middle 
Temples, Gray's Inn, etc., 8vo. cloth (ivith num- 
erous MS. notes), 5s Qd (pub. 15s) 1848 

PRICE (P. G. H.) Signs of Old Lombard 
Street, with 60 full-page illustrations, 4to. 
boards, 8s Qd (pub. £1. Is) (1887) 

SIMPSON (W. S.) Chapters in the History of 
Old St. Paul's, frontispiece, 8vo. cl., 4s Qd 1881 

SMITH (C. Roach, f.s.a.) Illustrations of 
Roman London, with 41 finely engraved plates, 
containing a great number of 'antiquities found in 
the City and bed of the River, 4to. morocco extra, 
gilt edges (handsomely bound), £1. lis Qd 

Printed for Subscribers only, 1859 

Another copy, with several EXTRA plates, 

new hf. morocco gilt, uncut, top ed. gt., £1. 18s 

TOWER of LONDON :-Dixon (W. Hep- 
worth) Her Majesty's Tower, with 60 portraits 
and other plates, 2 vols. 8\o. cl., 15s(pub. £ 1885 

The same, on Large and Pine Paper, 2 

thick vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5s (pub. £2. 2s) 
Bell (D. C.) Notices of Historic Persons 

buried in the Chapel in the Tower of London 
(St. Peter's ad Vincula), illustrated, 8vo. cloth, 
7s 6^ (pub. 14s) 1877 

Inscriptions and Devices in the Beau- 

champ Tower, with a short historical Sketch of the 
Building and the Prisoners formerly confined there - 
in,by W.R.Dick, 31 fcs. pis., 4to. bds. 10s Qd 1853 
A True Relation of Two Merchants of 

London, who were taken prisoners by the Caval- 
iers, and of the barbarous cruelty inflicted 
ON them, 4to. uncut, 10s Qd 1642 

This uncommon tract includes some curious particulars 
about Dr. Soames, Vicar of Staines, and the alleged intrigues 
of the Cavaliers with his daughters. 

A True Relation of the Cruell and un- 

parallel'd Oppression which hath been illegally 
imposed upon the Gentlemen, Prisoners in the 
Tower of London, 4to. (pp. 20), boards (clean 
copy), 10s Qd 1647 

A different pamphlet from the ahove. 

On the fly-leaf occurs, in Hearne's handwriting: " Stmm 
cuiqz. Tho. Hearne 1719. Given me hy Mr. Richd. Dyer, 
fellow of Oriel College." 

WREN'S (Sir Christopher) City Churches, 
by R. H. Mackmurdo. a.r.i.b.a., with engraved 
title and fine mezzotint by A. Allen, on India 
Paper, 4to. half vellum, wholly uncut, £1. Is 1883 


English Topography, continued :— 


ELLIS (Rev. H.) History and Antiquities of the Parish of ST. LEONARD, SHOREDITCH, 

and Liberty of Norton Folgate, in the Suburbs of London, 4to. illustrated by the 

insertion of a fine collection of scarce prints by Mr, Daniel, and bound in brown calf gilt ; 

unique, £12. 12s Nichols, 1798 

The present copy of this work, itself very scarce (nearly all the copies having been destroyed in the 

Nichols tire) needs no further recommendation than the following note on its rlyleaf: " Very scarce : 

illustrated with a variety of rare and curious plates ; including the Dinner Ticket inviting " the Natives 

of the Parish,'' 6th. Nov. 1717; the two rare portraits (large and small) of Mr. Cooper Thornhill riding 

from the Bell Inn in Huntingtonshire to the Queen's Arms opposite Shoreditch Church, etc. etc. on 29tli? 

April, 174.3; some very rare news by Bernard Lens, 1735; "The woeful Ballad of Jane Shore " etc. ; 

the autograph of Henry Ellis, author of the Book; several scarce old Shoreditch Shop Bills, etc. etc. — 

George Daniel, Canonbury, 6th. January, 1853." 


WESTMINSTER ABBEY and Henry the Seventh's Chapel, History and Antiquities of, 
by J. P. NEALE, illustrating its ancient and present state, with exterior and interior 
views, monuments, etc., with Lives of the Abbots and Deans by E. W. Brayley, Le Keux, 
Woolnoth, etc., Proofs on India Paper, 2 vols, royal folio, Largest Paper, splendidly 
bound in morocco super-extra, richly and appropriately tooled on bach and sides, leather 
joints, gilt edges, £10. 10s 1818-23 

Only twenty-five copies were published (at £31. 10s) in the above size to match the large paper 

Dugdale's Monasticon. 

An ordinary Large Paper copy", 2 vols, folio, hf. mor. extra {nice copy), scarce, £6. 6s 

A small paper copy, 2 vols, royal 4to. half morocco super-extra, £3. 

Xew Edition, in one vol. royal 4to. half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 8s 1856 

VADE MBCUM (A) for Malt-Worms, or a 
Guide to Good Fellows ; a description of the 
Manners and Customs of the most Eminent Pub- 
lick Houses in and about the Cities of London 
and Westminster, with many cuts of signs, a fac- 
simile reprint from J. B. Inglis's copy of the rare 
original, 8vo. hedf red morocco, cloth sides, top 
edges gilt, 3s 6d n. d. 

BRENTFORD, Ealing and Chiswick, History 
and Antiquities of, with Biographical Notices, by 
T. Faulkner, plates, roval Svo. large paper, 
cloth, £1. 10* 1S45 

CANSICK (F. T.) Curious and Interesting 
Epitaphs from Monuments in various Church- 
yards (St. Pancras Church and Cemetery, Horn- 
sey, Tottenham, Friern Barnet, Southgate, 
Edmonton, Enfield, and Hadlev), illustrated, 3 
vols, post Svo. cloth, lis 1869-75 

CHELSEA, Kensington, Fulham, and Ham- 
mersmith, their Antiquities and present State, 
with particulars of Old Families : by Isabella 
Burt, plates, roval Svo. cloth, Is 6d 1871 

CROKER (T. C.) Walk from London to Ful- 
ham, revised and edited by T. F. Dillon Croker, 
numerous icoodcuts of interesting Localities etc. 
by Fairholt, post Svo. cloth, Is Od I860 

FULHAM, Historical and Topographical Account 
of, with the Hamlet of Hammersmith, by T. 
Faulkner, large map and many engravings, 
8vo. calf gilt (scarce), with the late Key. H. T. 
Ellacombe's bookplate, £1. 8s 1813 

GREENWICH :— The Palace and the Hos- 
pital, or Chronicles of Greenwich, by the Rev. 
A. G. L'Estrange, frontispieces, 2 vols, crown 
Svo. cloth, 16-9 1S86 

See also under Kent. 

HAMPSTEAD, Topography and Natural 
History of, by J. J. Park, with an Appendix 
of Original Records, folding and other maps, 

! plates, plans, etc., roval Svo. large paper, calf 
gilt {scarce), £1. 12s 6d ISM 

HAMMERSMITH, History and Antiquities 
of, with Biographical Notices of Eminent Inhab- 
itants, by T. Faulkner, woodcuts and map (one 
map wanting), Svo. cloth, presentation copy from 
the author with autograph, cheap, lis Qd 1839 

Another copy, complete, icith two scarce 

plates inserted, half calf gilt, £1. 5s 

HAMPTON COURT Palace in Tudor 
Times, History of, by E. Law (with 130 auto- 
types, etchings, engravings, and maps), crown 4to. 
new half polished Levant morocco, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £1. 12s 1885 

KENSINGTON, History and Antiquities of, 
with Biographical Anecdotes, and a Catalogue of 
the Pictures in the Palace, etc., by Thomas 
Faulkner, with plates, additionally illus- 
trated by a few engravings inserted and a large 
number of interesting and curious MS. additions, 
newspaper cuttings, etc. etc., BEST EDITION, 4to. 
half bound, £2. 15s 1820 

LARWOOD (Jacob) Story of the London 
Parks, illustrated, post Svo. cloth, 3s 1881 

MIDDLESEX County Records, edited by J. 
Cordy Jeaffreson, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. el., los 1886 

MILLBANK, Memorials of, and Chapters in 
Prison History, bv Major Arthur Griffiths, 
illustrated, Svo. cloth, 5s (pub. 12s) 1884 

[SHARP (Granville)] Remarks concerning the 
Encroachments on the Thames near Durham- 
Yard ; 2 parts in 1 vol. post 8vo. boards, 3s Qd 1771 

STOKE NEWINGTON, History and Anti- 
quities of, by W. Robinson, f.s.a., with folding 
maps, portraits, etc. (and 2 inserted plates), 
second edition, Svo. half calf gilt, £1. 5s 1842 

and Antiquities of the Parish of ; accounts of 
the Manors, Church, etc., with Coleraine's and 
Bed well's Histories, " The Tournament of Totten- 
ham," Glossary, etc., by W. Robinson, folding 
map and plates", Svo. boards, 16$ Tottenham, 1816 


English Topography, continued:— 


LYSONS (Rev. D.) The ENVIRONS of LONDON : an Historical Account of the Towns, 
Villages, and Hamlets within Twelve Miles of that Capital, interspersed with Bio- 
graphical Anecdotes, the complete work, including the Middlesex Parishes and the 
Supplement, with numerous fine portraits, engravings, etc., six volumes extended into 
fourteen by the insertion of nearly TWO THOUSAND ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS, 
comprising maps, plans, ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, and engravings {many very fine and 
rare) of Views, Arms, Monuments, Antiquities, Buildings, Portraits of Eminent Personages, 
and Remarkable People, etc., 14 thick and magnificent vols, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, 
half morocco, uncut (in very fine condition), £145. 1792-1811 

No description brief enough for a bookseller's catalogue can give anything like an adequate conception 
of the contents of these volumes. The great variety of Engravings and Drawings, representing almost 
every object of interest in, and person of note connected with, the locality, as well as the wonderful 
brilliancy of impression of a large number of the portraits, must be seen to be appreciated. Some of 
the engravings are in two states, and in many cases there are several different views of the same place. 
Here and there is inserted a local Tract, or a MS. copy of a monumental inscription. Altogether, it 
must have cost many years of patient effort to collect and arrange with so much judgment and taste so 
large an assemblage of materials for the illustration of this valuable work. 

An ordinary copy, 6 vols. 4to. calf gilt (newly, strongly, and neatly rebacked), £4. 15s 

The same, Large Paper, but without the Supplementary Volume, 5 vols. impl. and 

royal 4to. new half calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £6. 6s 1800-11 

W.) and J. Britton, (History of the Ancient 
Palace and late Houses of Parliament at 
Westminster, with 39 engravings by R. "NY. Bil- 
lings, 8vo.7mv hf. morocco, top ed. gt., 10s Qd 1836 

ROKEWODE (J. G.) Account of the Painted 
Chamber in the Royal Palace at Westmin- 
ster, with coloured facsimiles and engravings of 
the paintings, royal folio, half morocco gilt, gilt 
edges (two of the plain plates foxed), £2. 10s 1812 

NORFOLK, HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the County of, by the Rev. F. BL0MEFIELD; 

new edition, continued by the Rev. C. Parkin, with portrait, plates, coats of arms, 
pedigrees, etc., 11 vols, royal 8vo. sound half russia gilt, £13. 13s 1805-10 

MAN (Isle of), Historical and Statistical Account 
of the ; with its Ancient Laws, Peculiar Customs, 
and Popular Superstitions, by Joseph Train, map 
andplates, 2 vols.8vo. el., £1. Ils6d Douglas, 1845 

MONMOUTHSHIRE, Historical Tour in, 
by Archdeacon Coxe, with views by Sir R. 
Colt Hoare, large map and numerous other 
fine engravings, 2 vols. 4to. half leather, uncut 
(SCARCE), £3. 12s 6d 1801 


Marsh (J. Fitchett) Annals of Chepstow 

Castle, or Six Centuries of the Lords of Striguil 
from the Conquest to the Revolution : edited by Sir 
J. MACLEAN, F.S.A., 4to. printed on hand-made 
paper; cloth, uncut, SCARCE, £1. lis 6d Exeter, 1881 

NORFOLK, History and Antiquities of, 
with numerous plates of Port rait a, Views, Anti- 
quities, etc., 10 vols. 8vo. old half calf neat, £3. 3s 

Norwich, 1781 

A very extensive and careful work, copiously illustrated. 

Norfolk Archaeology, or Miscellaneous 

Tracts relating to the Antiquities of the County 
of Norfolk, published by the Norfolk and 
Norwich Archaeological Society, with num- 
erous illustrations, some in gold and colours, 
Vols. 1 to 9, 8vo. cloth (Vol. 9 in two parts un- 
bound), £8. Noru'ich, 1847-81 

A most valuable and extensive series of Papers on the 
Antiquities of the County, as well as Biography, Family History, 
Heraldry, Literature, the Fine Arts, etc. 

Original Papers, published under the 

direction of the same : Visitation of Norfolk 
from an Harleian MS. in the Brit. Mu&, by the 
Rev. G. H. Dashwood, Vol. 1 (Nine Portions), 
and Vol. 2 (Two Portions), 4to. sewn, £2. 12s 

ibid., 1865, etc. 

NORFOLK.— Rye (Walter) History of Nor- 
folk, royal 8vo. cloth, 6s 18S5 

Ninham (H.) Views in Norfolk, consisting 

of 15 small and clever Etch ings of in tcrcsting Views 
on cardboards, post 8vo. 16s 6d 1831-7 

History of the Religious Orders and 

Communities, and of the Hospitals and Castle, of 
Norwich, by J. Kirkpatrick, written about 
1725, Svo. cloth, Is 6d Yarmouth, 1845 

Emerson (P. H.) and T. F. Goodall : Life 

and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads, illus- 
trated icith 40 beaut if id permanent plates from 
nature executed in Platinotypc, oblong folio, cloth, 
£3. 3s (pub. £6. 6s) (1887) 

History and Antiquities of Great Yar- 

mouth, from the Corporation Charters, Records, 
etc., by H. Swinden, with a scarce Plate of Old 
Yarmouth Pier by Rowlandson, and a scarce 
old View of Yarmouth inserted ; thick 4to. 
old russia, binding broken (with Mr. Comcrford's 
bookplate), £1. os Norwich, 1772 

A Booke of the Foundacion and Anti- 

quitye of the Towne of Greate Yermouthe, 
from the original MS. of Queen Elizabeth's time, 
with Notes and Appendix, edited by C. J. 
Palmer, plan and several plates, thin crown 4to. 
cloth, 9s Qd Great Yarmouth, 1S47 

Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, 

with Gorleston andSouthtown [Descriptive, Hist- 
orical, Antiquarian, Biographical, and Genealog- 
ical], by C. J. Palmer, 121 plates and 166 wooa- 
cuts of Antiquities, Views, Portraits, and Coats of 
Arms, 3 vols. 4to. hf. russia extra (MS. Additions 
inserted), £3. 12s- 6rf Gt. Yarmouth, 1872-5 


English Topography, continued:— 

MSS., Rare Tracts, etc., as under, 31 vols, post 8vo. brown calf gt., gt. ed., Mr. Trotter 
Brockett's handsome set, with crest in gold on sides, £14. 14s Newcastle-on-Tyne, 181 7-28 
Contents : — Life of Ambrose Barnes, Alderman of Newcastle — Essay on Stereotype Printing, by 

Selecta Nuniismata Aurea Imp. Romanorum — Willett's Memoir on the Origin of Printing, 3 series — 
Public Life of Sir W. Blackett, plates — Taking of Newcastle (1644) — Scots March from Barwick to 
Newcastle (1644) — His Maiesties Passing through the Scots Annie (1641) — Battle of Flodden Field, blarft 
Utter — Chorographia, a Survey of Newcastle (1649) — Letters of the Rev. J. Brand — Marriage of the 
Coijuet and the Alwine — The Gododin and Odes of the Months — Life of Bp. Andrewes, portrait — 
Lithgow's Siege of Newcastle (1645) — Enfield's Essay on Taste, vignettes — Memoirs of William Ged — 
Account of the Great Floods, 1771-1815, vignettes — Life and Death of Robert Earle of Salisbury [1612] 
— Cheviot. A Poetical Fragment by R. W., title on India Paper — Mrs. Cockle's Elegy on the Princess 
Charlotte — Life and Raigne of Henry III, fine portrait — Essay on Antique and Counterfeit Coins — 
Brockett's Glossary of North Country Words. 


S. I History of Peterburgh Cathedral, edited 

by Bp. Symon Patrick, 4 plates by King, etc., 

folio, large paper, russia extra, gilt edges, A 


At page 173 is a catalogue of the very curious old Cathedral 

Library, extending to page 224. It also contains biographical 

sketches of all the Abbots and Bishops, and a narrative of the 

rifling and defacing the Cathedral under Oliver Cromwell in 1643. 

Architectural Notices of the Churches 

of the Archdeaconry of Northampton, 47 fine 
plates by Mackenzie, Le Kcux, etc., and numerous 
beautiful u-oodcuts by Orlando Jewitt, impl. 
8vo. new hf. mor. extra, top edges (jilt, £1. 5s 1849 
History and Antiquities of YY eston Fayell, 

by J. Cole, portrait of the Rev. James Hervcy, 
and other p)lates, 8vo. hf. bd. (only 50 copies 
PRINTED), 14« Qd Scarborough, 1827 

The Ruins of Liyeden, with Historical 

Notices of the Tre>hanis and their connexion with 
the Gunpowder Plot ; by T. Bell, illustrated, 
4to. seum, 5s 1847 

Contains, also, a Legendary Poem suggested by the Ruins of 

The Church Bells oi\lNORthamptonshire, 

their Inscriptions, Traditions, etc., with Chapters 
on Bells and the Northants Bell Founders, by T. 
North, f.s.a., plates and icoodcuts, crown 4to. 
doth, £1. 10s Leicester, 1878 

NORTHUMBERLAND, Views of, by W. 
Hutchinson [historical and antiquarian] ; with 
an Excursion to the Abbey of Mailross [i.e. Mel- 
rose ; also Dryburgh and Kelso Abbeys, etc. in 
Scotland], with engravings, also a woodcut by T. 
Bewick, 2 vols. 4to. russia gilt {fine cojjy), £2. ISs 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1778 

Eastern Branch of the WATLING 

STREET in the County of Northumberland, with 
Plans of the Adjacent Camps, from a Survey by 
H. MacLauchlan, the plates in an impl. folio 
volume, with Descriptive Letterpress in 8vo. — 
also, The Roman Wall, through Northumber- 
land and Cumberland, from original Surveys made 
by the same, and in the same volume, The Wat- 
lino Street from the River Tees to the Scotch 
Border, with Plans of the neighbouring Stcdions 
and Camps, from Surveys in 1850-1, by the same, 
impl. folio, with 8vo. letterpress : together 2 vols, 
impl. folio, and 2 8vo. half morocco, uncut, top 
edges gilt (very scarce), £9. 

Privately printed, 1852-64 

A limited number of the above were privatelv printed at the 
expense and under the direction of the Duke of Northumberland, 
for presents to his friends. These copies were presented to the 
Archbishop of Canterbury. 

NORTHUMBERLAND. -History and Anti- 
quities of the Town and County of the Town of 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; with" an account of its 
Coal Trade ; by the Rev. John Brand; numerous 
fine engravings, 2 thick vols. 4to. mottled calf gilt, 
£2. 10s 1789 

Richardson (T. M.) Memorials of Old 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a scries of ±2 etchings, 
after original drawings, of old Towers, Gateways, 
Streets, Bridges, Churches, coal Public Buildings, 
as they existed in the early part of the present^ 
century, proofs before letters on India paper, 
and sketch of the artist's Life, etc., with Descrip- 
tions to each, royal folio, cloth, gilt edges, £1. 15s 
(pub. £4. 4s) Newcastle-upon-Tyne, n. d. 

Richardson (M. A.) Armorial Bearings, 

Inscriptions, etc., in St. Nicholas's Church 
[now Cathedral], Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and 
Chapelries of Gosforth and Cramlington, plates 
and icoodcuts, 2 vols, royal Svo. boards, uncut 
{nice copy), £2. 15s Newcastle, 1820 

Newcastle Tracts, containing the Battle 

of Flodden Field (rep. 1823), fclarfe UXXzv, Scots' 
March from Banvick to Newcastle (rep. 1827), and 
other rare tracts, in 1 volume, Svo. cf. gt., marbled 
edges, £2. 12s Gd Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1818, etc. 

On fly-leaf in handwriting of Mr. Wm. Hamper, is the 
following note : — " The several Tracts in this Volume were from 
time to time presented to me by Mr. Adamson and Mr. Brockett. 
Very few copies were printed ; in some instances not more than 
thirty-two." From the Hartley Collection. 

Tracts, Broadsides, etc., issued bvthe cele- 

brated John Sykes, icith pis. cuts,ctc. in I vol. Svo. 
hf mor., uncut {mostly VERY rare), £3. 3s 1833, etc. 

The ahove is a very tine collection of the publications of this 
well known Newcastle bookseller and antiquary (author of 
Local Records, etc.). Among the tracts and other papers in the 
volume worthy of mention are part i [all published) of the New- 
castle Literary Magazine. The Sunderland Projectors, a ballad 
reprinted from the unique copy found by Mr. Sykes. The Tin- 
mouth Bathers ; another copy of the same on tinted paper, with 
Sykes's autograph ; also Auction catalogue of his sale, etc. In 
the volume is an autograph letter from J. Sykes to Mr. Fenwick, 
with that gentleman's book-plate. 

North Country Tracts, collected by the 

Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, 32 rare tracts, 
mostly privately printed, bound in 4 vols. Svo. 
and 1 post Svo. half calf neat , £4. v. y. 

Contains among others, Rebellions in Northumberland, 
1831 ; Exhortacyon to Nobyll* and Comons of the Northe, 
privately printed ; The Scots Army in the Bishoprick ; Sepulchral 
Stones found at Hartlepool ; A Leaf from the Pilgrimage of 
Grace, privately printed, etc. ; a Skirmish in Northumberland, 
164S, reprint, 1842; etc. From the Hartley Collection. 

Palmer (W. J.) The Tyne and its Tribut 

aries, described and illustrated, with 153 beauti- 
ful wood engravings (many full -page), and map, 
impl. 8vo. cloth extra, 12s (pub. £1. Is) 1S82 



English Topography, continued :— 

NORTHUMBERLAND. — Synopsis of the 
Newcastle Museum (late the Allan, formerly 
the Tunstall, or Wycliffe Museum) ; with Memoirs 
of Mr. Tunstall and Mr. Allan, and occasional 
Remarks on the Species by them and the Editor, 
G. T. Fox, plates and icoodcuts by T. and R. E. 
Bewick, Svo. bds., £1. 5s Ncwcastle-on-Tyne, 1827 

Bruce (Dr. J. Collingwood) The' Roman 

Wall, an Historical, Topographical, and Descript- 
ive Account, from personal surveys, folding 'maps 
and plates, 8vo. hf. mor., uncut (scarce), £\. 15s 1851 
The same, enlarged edition, with 3 coloured 

maps, 30 large plates, and 250 icoodcuts, 4to, 
large paper, half roan, uncut, top edges gilt 

(VERY SCARCE), £5. 1853 

This very elaborate work on one of the most interesting of 
British Antiquities is especially rare on large paper. 

History of the Parish of Meldon and the 

Township of Rivergreen, by the Rev. J. Hodg- 
son, 4to. LARGE PAPER, sewn (scarce, privately 
printed), 12s 6d Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1828 

Gibson (W. S., f.s.a.) History of the 

Monastery at Tynemouth ; with etched views 
and woodcuts, on India PAPER; the numerous 
large Capitals RICHLY illuminated in gold 
AND COLOURS after originals in Breviaries, Bibles, 
Books of Prayer, etc. together ivith coloured fac- 
similes of Seeds and Documents, and 3 full-page 
ILLUMINATED TITLES, 2 vols, royal 4to. half 
morocco, uncut, £2- 12s Qd Pickering, 1846-7 

Deep learning and religious ardour were never better 
employed than in chronicling the history of that noble monu- 
ment of old English piety Tynemouth Priory. 

Hartshorne's Illustrations of Alnwick, 

Prudhoe, and Warkworth : see under Archi- 
tecture, ante. 

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Annals of: History 
of the County of Nottingham, including the 
Borough : by Thomas Bailey, map and plates, 
4 vols, super-roy. 8vo. gilt cloth, £1. 14s 6^ (1853) 

From the Hartley collection. 

Raine (Rev. John) History and Antiquities 

of the Parish of Blyth, in the Counties of Not- 
tingham and York ; with Introduction, Notes, and 
Appendix of Documents, plates, royal 4to. cloth, 
£1. 105 1860 

Newark-upon-Trent, History of, its 

Antiquities, Edifices, Public Institutions.Charities, 
Charters, etc., by R. P. Shilton, folding rentals 
a)idplates,2 vols.fcp. Svo. hf el. , lis 6cl Newark, 1820 
Brown (Cornelius) Annals of Newark- 

upon-Trent, comprising the History, Curiosities 
and Antiquities of the Borough, with. Contribu- 
tions by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, 
engravings and autographs, and nine photographs 
by the Woodbury permanent process from origincd 
drawings by G. Shcppard, 4to. cloth, 15s (pub. 
£1. 106) 1879 

The same, FINE PAPER EDITION (very few 

printed), morocco extra, £1. 10s (pub. £2. 12s 6d) 
OXFORDSHIRE :— Guide to the Architect- 
ural Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of 
Oxford, by J. H. Parker and W. Grey, with 
many fine woodcuts, 8vo. new half mor. (stilted to 
royal 8vo. size), top edges gilt, lO.v 6d Oxford, 1 846 

Selections from the Records of the City 

of Oxford, with Extracts from other Documents 
illustrating the Municipal History : 1509-1583, 
edited by W. H. Turner under the direction of 
It. S. Hawkins (Town Clerk) ; facsimile page 
from the Council Book, royal Svo. half bound, 
uncut, 10s 6d (pub. £1. Is) ' Parker, 1880 

OXFORDSHIRE.— Rimmer (Alfred) Pleas- 
ant Spots round Oxford, with 70 fine illus- 
trations, small 4to. tree-cf. extra, gt. edges, 18s n. d. 

The same, morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is 

Memorials of Oxford, by the Rev. James 

INGRAM, d.d., with a large number of beautiful 
steel-engravings by J. Le Keux and icoodcuts by 
Orlando Jewitt (slightly foxed, but fine impres- 
sions), 3 vols. 4to. Large Paper, morocco gilt, gilt 
edges, £4. 4s Oxford, 1837 

Later edition, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, top edges gilt, 

£1. 5s ibidem, 1847 

Oxford: Brief Historical and Descript- 
ive Notes, by Andrew Lang, with 10 fine 
etchings, and numerous vignettes by A. Brunet- 
Debaines etc., folio, cloth, gilt edges, £1. Is 1885 


Records of Oxford Founders, with 25 beautiful 
engravings of Monuments, Brasses, Ports., etc., 

impl. 4to. cl., uncut, £1. 10s (pub. £6. 10s) 

Oxford, 1828-31 
Worthies of All Souls : Four Centuries 

of English History illustrated from the College 
Archives : by MONTAGU BURROWS, Chichele 
Professor of Modern History, Svo. cloth, 6s 1874 
Register of the Visitors of the University 

of Oxford, 1647-58, with Account of the Univers- 
ity during the Commonwealth, by the same, 4to. 
cloth, 10s Qd Camden Society, 1881 

Remarks on the Novel of "Reginald 

D ALTON," with Extracts illustrative of Life in 
Oxford, plates by N. Whittock, post Svo. boards, 
5s Oxford, 1824 

RUTLANDSHIRE, History and Antiqui- 
ties of, from Records, ancient MSS., Monuments 
etc., by James Wright, with the scarce Addi- 
tions and MAP, plates and coats of arms, folio, 
old calf gilt, newly rebacked (rare), £4. 4s 1684-7 

SHROPSHIRE, Early History and Anti- 
quities of, by J. Corbet Anderson : describing 
its important British and Roman Remains, Saxon 
and Danish Reminiscences, and History of its 
Forests, Towns, Manors, Abbeys, Churches, 
Castles, and great Baronial Houses ; with the 
Domesday Survey, profusely illustrated, 
thick super-roy. 8vo. cloth, scarce, £2. 2s 1864 

History of Shrewsbury, by H. Owen and 

J. B. Blakeway, with nearly 100 fine engravings 
and woodcuts, 2 vols. 4to. half cloth (RARE), 
£5. 10s 1825 

"A most valuable topographical work." 

SOMERSETSHIRE, History and Antiqui- 
ties of, by the Rev. John Collinson, with map, 
and numerous engravings of Views, Churches, 
Seats, Baths, Antiquities, Seals, etc., 3 vols, royal 
4to. in 4, half morocco, top edges gilt, nearly new 
(the plates in a separate volume), £11. 15s 

Bath, 1791 

Eyton (Rev. R. W.) Domesday Studies : 

an Analysis and Digest of the Somerset Survey 
(according to theExon Codex), and of the Somerset 
Sheld Inquest of A.D. 1084, numerous tables, 
2 vols. 4to. cloth, 15s (pub. £2. 12s 6d) 1880 

Wells Cathedral : its Foundation, Con- 
stitutional History, and Statutes, illustrated from 
various Records, edited by the Rev. H. E. Rey- 
nolds, Priest- Vicar and Librarian of Exeter 
Cathedral, with numerous icoodcuts, thick crown 
folio, sewn, £1. 12s- 6d 1881 

English Topography, continued: — 


SOMERSETSHIRE:— Bath, The Municipal 
Records of, a.d. 1189 to 1604, by Austin J. King 
and 13. H. Watts, with facsimile of the Charter of 
December 1th, I. Eic. I., chronological list of 
Charters, Crown Grants, Writs, Commissions, etc., 
4to. cloth extra, Ss (1885) 

Answers to Inquiries respecting Frome 

Selwood, by the Editor of the Imperial Cyclo- 
paedia and the Imperial Gazetteer : by T. BUNN ; 
Frome, 1851— Letter on the Affairs "of the Poor 
of Frome, for the Information of H.M. Commis- 
sioners : with Observations on the Extinction of 
Pauperism, etc., 1851 — 8vo. cloth, os 6d 1851 

Monastic Remains of the Religious Houses 

at WlTHAM, Bruton, and Stavordale, collected 
by Sir R. Colt Hoare, with numerous plates 
(presentation copy from the Author, with Auto- 
graph), 4to. boards (only 50 copies printed), 
£3. 10s Privately Printed, Frome, 1824 

and Gloucestershire ; — History of 

Bristol, Civil and Ecclesiastical, including 
Biographical Notices of eminent and distinguished 
Natives, by J. Corry and the Rev. J. Evans, 
engravings, 2 vols, royal 4to. in one, LARGE paper, 
new half red morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, 

FINE COPY, £3. 155 1816 

■ Barrett (W.) History and Antiquities of 

the City of Bristol [with Extracts from the 
Rowley Poems and engraved facsimiles], large 
plan and numerous plates, 4to. fine copy in russia 
extra, joints, and gilt edges {from Mr. Beckford's 
collection), £2. 2s Bristol, 1789 

Rogers (Rev. H., Vicar) The Calendars 

of All-Hallowen, Brystowe ; Elucidating 
the History of the Calendars of All Saints', 
Bristol, frontispiece, post 8vo. boards, Is 6d 

Bristol, 1846 

Blagdon Deeds, a very large collection of 

Parchment Documents, Agreements (some of very 
large size), etc. etc., relating to the Manor of Blag- 
don and Sturdon, and tv Churchy 11, Clifton, 
Croscomb, Iron Acton, Shepton Mallctt, Wells, etc. 
etc., neatly folded and sewn on guards, in one 
thick vol. atlas 4to. calf neat, lettered Blagdon 
Deeds etc., a very rare collection, £7. 7s 

circa 1543-1793 

STAFFORDSHIRE, Collections for a 
History of : edited by the William Salt 
Archaeological Society, 4 vols, royal Svo. cloth 
{with some additional cuttings and MS. Notes 
inserted), £5. 10s Birmingham, 1880-3 

Niven (W., Architect) Illustrations of Old 

Staffordshire Houses, 21 etchings, with 
Descriptions to each, royal 4to. cloth, £1. lis Qd 

Privately printed, 1882 

Descriptive and Historical Account of 

Dudley Castle and its surrounding Scenery, by 
the Rev. L. Booker, with plates, 8vo. calf gilt, 
10s Dudley, 1825 

History of the ancient Parish of Leek, 

including Horton, Cheddleton, and Ipstones, by 
J. Sleigh : with the Geology of the Neighbour- 
hood by T. Wardle, numerous illustrations, Svo. 
cloth, £1. Is Leek, 1862 

The same, new edition, with 29 large ptlates, 

including emblazoned coats of arms, portraits, 
facsimiles of charters, antiquities, view's, etc., 
royal 4to. cloth extra {printed for subscribers 
only), £2. 2s (1883) 


SUFFOLK, History and Antiquities of, by 
the Rev. Alfred Suckling, with Genealogical 
and Architectural Notices of its Towns and 
Villages, with numerous plates, some COLOURED, 
Arms, woodcuts by Orlando Jewitt, etc., etc., 
2 vols, folio, Large Paper, new half morocco 
extra, uncut, top edges gilt; fine copy, VERY 
SCARCE, £12. 12s 1846-8 

— Domesday for Suffolk : this portion of the 

printed work (170 pp.), interleaved with writing 
paper, folio (with some loose MS. Xotcs concerning 
it inserted); in old half binding (with Craven 
Orel's book-plate), £3. 3s (1783) 

Proceedings of the Bury and West Suf- 

folk Archaeological Institute, A^ols. 1, 2, 3, 
and first 4 parts of Vol. 4, Svo. with numerous 
plates and pedigrees ; the first 3 vols, bound in 
half broivn morocco, uncut, with Mr. Hartley's 
book-plate; the remainder in wrappers (very 
SCARCE), £5. 5s Bury St. Edmund's, 1853-70 
Views in Suffolk, Norfolk and Northampton- 
shire, illustrating Bloomfield's Works ; with 
Descriptions and Memoir by E. W. Bray ley, 14 
beautiful full-page engravings, 8vo. hedf morocco, 
6s 6d 1S06 
Annalls of Ipswiche : the Lawes, Cus- 

tomes, & Government of the same ; collected out 
of ye Records, Bookes and Writings of that 
Towne : by Nath. Bacon, Recorder and Town 
Clark, 1654 : edited by W. H. Richardson, m.a., 
with Memoir by Sterling Westhorp, Mayor, 1884-5, 
photo. -portrait of Bacon, thick royal 4to. cloth, 
£1. 5s "Ipswich, 1884 

This valuable volume was printed for the Subscribers only, 
and is already scarce. 

Ipswich : The People's Lamentation for 

the loss of their Dead Ministers ; three Funeral 
Sermons on John Fairfax and Timothy Wright, 
both of Ipswich ; by Sam. Bury, small Svo. new 
calf extra, red edges (scarce), 14s 1702 


Clay (E.) History and Description of Fram- 

lingham, with Notes, Translations of the Latin 
Inscriptions, etc., small 8vo. inlaid throughout 
in royal folio paper, and ILLUSTRATED BY ADDI- 
TIONAL Engravings, and large Coats of Arms, 

FINELY EMBLAZONED, unbound, £4. 10s 

Halesworth (1810) 
Hawes (R.) History of Framlingham, 

including Notices of the Masters and FelloAvs of 
Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge, from its Founda- 
tion : with considerable Additions and Notes by 
R. Loder, 10 plates, 4to. boards (with Additions 
in MS.), £ 1 . 10s J Voodbridge, 1 798 

History and Antiquities of Hengrave. by 

JOHN Gage Rokewode. with fine portraits and 
plcdes of Views, Seeds, etc., on India paper, folio, 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, gilt edges (Sir It. C. 
Hoare's fine copy, with his crest on the back), 
£5. 1822 

Thingoe Hundred, History and Antiquities 

of, by John Gage Rokewode, with map and 84 
plates and vignettes, thick roval 4to. half cedf, 
£2. (pub. £4. 14s 6rf) 1838 

Another copy, new hfi mor. neat, t. e. g., £2. 8s 

The Suffolk Garland, or collection of 

Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, and Ele- 
gies, illustrative of the Scenery, Manners, Habits, 
etc. of the County, cuts, Svo. calf gilt (neat copy ; 
title slightly defective), scarce, 15s Ipswich, 1818 


English Topography, continued:— 


View of Albury, portrait and map (wants View of Richmond Palace), 5 vols. 1719 — 
Dreams, Apparitions, Knockings, Magick, Converse with Angels and Spirits, etc., 
second edition, with Additions, and Account of Life), plate, 1 vol. 1721 —together 6 vols. 
8vo. russia extra (tender at joints), gilt edges, £15. 15s 1719-21 

MANNING (Rev. Owen) and W. BRAY: HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the 

County of Surrey, compiled from the most authentic Historians, Records, and Manu- 
scripts, with a facsimile copy of Domesday for the county, engraved on thirteen plates, and 
upwards of one hundred finely engraved portraits, views, mays, plates of arms, monuments, 
etc, 3 vols, imperial folio, LARGE PAPER (very scarce), newly hound in olive morocco 
super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt (very fine copy), £54. 10s 1804-14 

SUFFOLK.— New Suffolk Garland, a Mis- 
cellany of Anecdotes, Romantic Ballads, Poems 
and Songs, etc., relating to the County; with 
Biographical Notices : compiled hy J. Glyde, 8vo. 
half morocco neat, gilt edges, Is Gd Ipswich, 1866 

Suffolk Stud Book ; a History and 

Register of the County Breed of Cart Horses, 
with folding Tables of Winners, Pedigrees, Sales, 
etc., compiled for the Suffolk Stud Book Associa- 
tion, by H. Biddell, 14 portraits of 'prize winners, 
thick 4to. half calf neat, £1. Diss, 1S80 

SURREY.— Ye Parish of Camerwell, a brief 
account of its History and Antiquities, by W. H. 
Blanch, many illustrations, thick royal 8vo. cloth, 
gilt edges, 10s Gd (pub. £1. Is) 1875 

Croydon Church, Past and Present, by 

J. Corbet Anderson : comprising Monuments 
and Antiquities of the Old Parish Church of St. 
John the Baptist, destroyed by Fire, 1867, with a 
Description of the Structure re-built 1867 69 by Sir 
Gilbert Scott, with 36 exquisite full-page en- 
gravings on steel and wood of 'themagnificent Monu- 
ments, and numerous woodcuts of the Decorations 
both in the Old and Neiv Buildings, drawn by the 
Author, and executed by eminent engravers, folio, 
cl., £2. 5s (pub. for subscribers at £3. Us Gd) 1871 
A few copies of each part separately as follows : — 
I. Monuments and Antiquities of Croydon Old 
Church; II. The Parish Church of St. John 
the Baptist, at Croydon, as it was rebuilt during 
the vears 1867-69 : Each volume folio, cloth, 
£1. 1* (pub. £2. 2s) 

A few copies of the complete work specially 

printed on thick paper, with the capitals 
rubricated, and several plates coloured, 
£3. 3s (pub. £4. 14* Gd) 

Croydon church is not only the finest church in the county 
after St. Saviour's, Southwark, but one of the most beautiful 
examples of Early Perpendicular in England. It also contains 
the remains of the remarkably fine series of monuments of 
Archbishops of Canterbury, of which large and fine views are 
given in the first part of the above work (those in the special 
edition having the elaborate and brilliant colouring carcfully 
reproduced). The whole work is of especial interest to the 

A Short Chronicle concerning the Parish 

of Croydon, by J. Corbet Anderson, with 
plan, illustrations of ancient relics, coins, etc., 
and facsimile of Domesday Book (on Whatman 
paper), 8vo. half vellum, top edges gilt, uncut 
[Subscriber's copy), Is Gd 1882 

The parish of Croydon is one of the largest in England, 
being 36 miles in circumference. 

Old Southwark and its People, by AY. 

Rendle, folding frontispiece and woodcuts, 4to. 

half morocco, very neat, I3s6d Southwark, 1878 
See also under London. 

SURREY.— Brayley (E. YY.) and J. Britton : 
History of Surrey, including its Antiquities, 
Topography, Picturesque Beauties, etc. (the Geo- 
logical portion by Dr. Mantell), with 400 beauti- 
ful steel-engravings and woodcuts, engraved under 
the superintendence of T. Allom, 5 vols, royal 
8vo. in 9 parts, cloth, £4. 4s Dorking, 1841-8 

The same, Large Paper, 5 vols. 4to. cloth, 

uncut [nice fresh copy), £6. 15s (pub. £15. lbs) 1850 

The same, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £8. 10s 

Another copy, half russia gilt, £8. 15s 

This work is without exception the most beautifully illus- 
trated County History ever published; and it has received the 
highest encomiums for accuracy and research. It is now scarce. 

Lambeth Palace, Concise Account of, 

Historical and Descriptive, by YY. Herbert and 
E. YY. Brayley, with 18 fine copper plates of 
views, details, portraits, etc. (the portraits and 
the stained glass coloured), further illus- 
OF THEM splendid mezzotints), and 8 scarce 
views, folio, large paper, half morocco extra, 
£7. 17s Gd 1806 

The above is an exceptionally fine memorial of the ancient 
home of the Archbishops of Canterbury, collected many years 
ago, illustrating as it does not only the palace itself but most of 
its occupants from its foundation to the present time, and many 
of the prominent men with whom they had to do. 

[Nichols (J.)] The History and Antiquities 

of Lambeth, including Biographical Anecdotes 
of several Eminent Persons, 19 plates, 4to. half 
vellum, £1. 10s Nichols, 1786 

History and Antiquities of Lambeth, by J. 

Tanswell, numerous views, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1858 

Case between Sir YY. Clayton, Bart., and 

the Duchy of Cornwall ; Svo. boards (only 50 
copies priva tcly prin ted) , 8s Gd 1 83-4 

This case was the result of a dispute about some land situ- 
ate at Kenmngtox. The volume also contains, besides much 
other valuable research, a history of the constitution of the Duchv. 

SUSSEX, History, Antiquities, and Topo- 
graphy of, by the Key. T. W. Horsfield, maps 
and upwards of 50 fine engravings of Churches, 
Mansions, Portraits, and many woodcuts of Arms, 
etc. 2 thick vols, royal 4to. Large Paper, half 
bound, £4. 4s (pub. £6. 6s) Lewes, 1835 

History and Antiquities of Lewes and its 

Neighbourhood, with Supplement, by the same ; 
the Natural History by Dr. Mantell, map and 
plates ; 2 vols. 4to. brown calf gilt (Sir R. C. 
Hoare's copy, with his crest on the backs), 
£2. 18s ibidem, 1824 32 

Putron (Rev. P. de) Nooks and Corners 

of Old Sussex, illustrated with numerous wood- 
cuts of architectural and 'other ancient remains, 
4to. /if. mor. gilt, gilt edges, lbs Gd ibidem, 1875 


English Topography, continued:— 


WARWICKSHIRE, Antiquities of, by SIR WILLIAM DUGDALE, with Maps, Prospects, 

and Portraictures, FIRST EDITION, folio, fine copy in sound old russia extra, with the 

Wodhull Arms in gold on sides, £13. 13s 1656 

Although the edition by Thomas in 1730 is desirable as containing additional matter, this is far more 

correct, and has the best impressions of the portraits and plates. From the dedication " To my Honoured 

Friends the Gentry of Warwickshire," the author indicates a familiarity with that Shire, which makes us 

regret that he did not leave us further particulars of Shakespeare. Even the engraving of the monument 

at°Stratford is not very satisfactory. But it is the earliest view of it, and is so far of value and interest. 

Tbe same, SECOND AND ENLARGED EDITION, revised, augmented, and 

continued (to 1730) by the Rev. W. Thomas, with Alphabetical Index and Blazonry 
of Arms, illustrated with portrait, maps, and numerous very fine and large copperplate 
engravings by Hollak, etc., 2 vols, folio, beautifully bound in red morocco super-extra, 
gold borders, bads, and gilt edges, in fine condition (a very choice copy), £42. 1730 

Both the above are desirable copies of this celebrated work, Sir William Dugdale's chef cVceuvre, 

which according to Mr. Gough "must stand at the head of all our County Histories." — " Its scrupulous 

accuracy united with stubborn integrity has elevated Dugdale's Warwickshire to the rank of legal 


SUSSEX.— Lower (Mark Antony, f.s.a.) Com- 
pendious History of Sussex (alphabetically 
arranged), Topographical, Archaeological, and 
Anecdotical, containing also an Index to the first 
20 vols, of Sussex Archaeological Collec- 
tions ; map, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 15s 6d Lewes, 1870 

Worthies of Sussex: Biographical Sketches 

of its most eminnet Natives or Inhabitants, 
to the present Time, with Notices of Sussex 
History, by the same, with numerous engravings 
of Portraits, Views, Architecture, etc., royal 4to. 
LARGE paper, cloth, £1. Is 

Printed for Subscribers only, ibidem, 18G5 

Another copy, slightly foxed, 16s 

Another copy, additionally illustrated 

with 17 etchings of churches by B. H. Xibbs, 
severed portraits and views of Brighton on steel, 
and Mr. Edmund Sharpens fine scries of details of 
Chichester Cathedrcd and Xcw Shoreham Church, 
half morocco gilt, uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 2s 

This work contains upwards of 200 Memoirs of Notabilities 
of all classes and of various periods, from Selden to Cobden. 

Dayis (J. B., M.D.) The Origin and Descrip- 
tion of Bognor or Hothamton, front., 12mo. 
hf. cf., (i Fonthill Binding" {scarce), 13s 6d 1807 

This belongs to a class of local literature, of which the value 
must greatly increase from the destruction of copies and the 
changes in localities. The present was Mr. Beckford's copy, 
and has MS. notes by him. 

History of Brighthelmston, or Brighton 

as I view it and Others knew it : with a chrono- 
logical Table of Local Events : by J. A. Erredge, 
Svo. cloth, 7s 6d Brighton, 1862 

Roundell (Mrs.) Cowdray, the History of 

a Great English House, illustrated by A. Salyin, 

4to. cloth, Is 6d 1884 

History of the Hundred of Guestling, by 

W. Durrant Cooper (extracted from Horsfield's 
Sussex), plate and woodcuts, roval 4to. boards, 
ISs 6d 1834 

MS. Title prefixed to thin 4to. containing Horsrield's 
printed account of the Hundred of Guestling (pp. 463-487 of 
Vol. 1. Hist, of Sussex). The Coats of Arms are emblazoned, 
and the margins enriched by various additional Escutcheons, 
Book-plates, and MS. Notes. The vol. also contains much 
valuable matter written by Mr. W. D. Cooper on interleaving- 
paper, or otherwise inserted : with cuttings from newspapers 
and pictorial illustrations. 

Hastings Guide, containing a Description 

of the Town and Port, the Cinijue Ports, etc., 
plates, Hastings, 1821 — Herefokd Guide, by 
YV. J. Rees, third edition, plates, 1827 — in 1 vol. 
post Svo. cedf gilt, gilt edges, 8s Qd 

SUSSEX.— Champneys (Basil) A Quiet Cor- 
ner of England : Studies of Landscape and 
Architecture in Winchelsea, Rye, and Romney 
Marsh, with numerous illustrations by Alfred 
Dawson, impl. Svo. cloth, 2s Qd 1S75 

WARWICKSHIRE, _ Graphic Illustra- 
tions of, with Descriptions, 32 highly finished 
and beautiful engravings by Badclyffe, from 
Drawings by David Cox, Dewint, Westell, 
Harding, etc. (with 1 extra plcde inserted), royal 
4to. viorocco extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, 
£2. 105 Birmingham, 1829 

A Large Paper copy, ivith the plates on 

India Paper, folio, cloth, £3. 

Worthies of Warwickshire, a.d. 1500 to 

1800 : by the Rev. P. L. Colyile, thick crown 
4to. cloth, 12s (pub. £1. Is) Warwick, 1869 

Contains biographies of upwards of 300 celebrities, among 
whom are Addison; Dr. Arnold ; M.Drayton; Rob. Dudley, 
Earl of Leicester ; Val. Green, engraver ; YV.S. Landor ; Shake- 
speare; and Sir Christopher Wren. 

NlVEN (W., Architect) ILLUSTRATIONS of 

Old Warwickshire Houses, 31 etchings, with 
Descriptions to each, royal 4to. cloth, £1. lis 6d 

Privately printed, 1878 

Monograph of Aston Hall, by the same, 

with 15 plates, folio, cloth, 15s n. d. 

Memoranda of Leamington Spa, 8 India 

PROOF engravings, 4to. boards, 5s ; or, LARGE 
paper, imperial 4to. boards, Ss Gd Warwick, 1822 

WESTMORELAND, Cumberland, 
Durham and Northumberland Illustrated 
by T. Allom, G. Pickering, etc., with Descriptive 
Text by T. Rose, numerous finished steel engrav- 
ings, 4to. half morocco, £1. 1832 

Annals of Kendal, Westmoreland, an 

Historical Account of the Town and Neighbour- 
hood, with Biographical Sketches, by C. Nichol- 
son, portrait and woodcuts, Svo. cloth, 12s 1861 

WILTSHIRE.— Domesday for Wiltshire, 
with Translation, Notes, Analysis and Intro- 
duction by the late Canon Rich Jones, 4to. 
cloth, £1. 10s 1S65 

Monumental Brasses of Wiltshire, a 

Series of Examples from the XIII. to the XVII. 
Centuries, with Descriptions of Ancient Costumes 
etc. by E. Kite, 32 plates on India paper (including 
folding o)ies of Bp. WyvWs at Sarum Cathedral 
and Bp. Hall um 'a at Constance), pedigrees, icood- 
cuts, etc. roy. Svo. cloth, scarce, £2. 2s 1S60 


English Topography, continued: — 

WESTMORELAND and CUMBERLAND, History and Antiquities of; by Joseph Nicolson 
and Richard Burn, ll.d., with 2 maps, 2 vols. 4to. in the original marbled tree-calf, gilt 
backs, saffron edges (fine copy), scarce, £9. 15s 1777 


HOARE (Sir Richard Colt) ANCIENT HISTORY of South and North WILTSHIRE, 
with over 120 finely engraved maps, 'plans, views of the singularly important rude stone 
monuments, antiquities from barrows, etc., and 2 portraits, 2 vols., Buhner, 1812-19: also 
MODERN HISTORY of Wiltshire', including the History of Old and New Sarum by 
Robert Benson and Henry Hatcher, with numerous fine engravings of portraits, 
churches, sepidchral monuments, manor houses and seats, etc. etc. and maps, 11 parts 
forming 6 vols., large paper, Nichols, 1822-52 — together 8 vols, royal folio in 13 parts, 
boards, wholly uncut and beautifully clean (a most unusual state), very scarce, 
£94. 10s 1812-52 

In the above copy of Modern Wilts the Hundreds of South Damerham, Downton and Cawden have 
been carefully mounted to size from a small paper copy, and half a dozen plates are foxed. These draw- 
backs however are but slight, and the present as a whole is an exceptionally desirable copy of this 
magnificent work, which gives the continuous history of a most interesting district of England and of its 
inhabitants, British, Roman, and English, during the last two thousand years. 

History of the Hundred of Branch and Dole, by the Rev. John Offer and Sir R. 

Colt Hoare, fine map and plates (that of Sir Richard Grobham s monument coloured), 
royal folio, large paper, boards, uncut, £6. 6s 1825 

History of the Hundred of Heytesbury, by Sir H. Colt Hoare, fine map, and 14 

portraits and plates (one tinted and one coloured), royal folio, large paper, boards, uncut, 
£11. 105 - 1824 

History of the Hundred of Mere, by Sir R.Colt Ho are, with map, and finely engraved 

portraits, views, etc. (some stained), royal folio, large paper, boards, uncut, £4. 10s 1822 
The same, russia extra, joints, gilt edges (fine copy), £3. 16s 

The above large paper parts in boards, uncut, are particularly valuable for making up a complete 
set of the whole work, such as the fine copy above described. 

WILTSHIR E.— Registrum Wiltunense, 
Saxonicum et Latin um, in Museo Brit, asservatum 
ab anno Reg. Alfredi 892, ad ann. Reg. Eadwardi, 
1045, nunc demum Notis Illustr. J. J. Ingram, 
Sharon Turner, T. D. Fosbroke, T. Phillipps, et 
11. C. Hoare, roy. folio, sewn (only 100 copies 
printed), 12s Qd Nichols, 1827 

Repertorium Wiltonense : printed with a 

view to facilitate inquiry into the Topography 
and Biography of Wiltshire : collected by Sir R. 
Colt Hoare,' folio, hf. calf gilt (with some MS. 
Additions), £3. 3s Bath, 1821 

Only <o copies privately printed. The present was Mr. 
Hartley's eppy. 

Guide to the British and Roman Anti- 
quities of the North Wiltshire Downs, 
in a Hundred Square Miles round Abury (or 
Avebury) ; being a Key to the Large Map of 
the above (the Ordnance Map of One Inch to the 
Mile enlarged to Six Inches), by the Rev. A. 
C. Smith, Rector of Yatesbury, royal 4to. new 
cloth, and THE M AP folded into a royal ±to. case, 
very rare, £4. 10s Devizes, 1884 

This elaborate and valuable work (the outcome of the labour 
of many years) is published by the Marlborough College Natural 
History Society. Almost all the impression, limited as it was, 
perished by rire. 

History and Antiquities of the Cathedral 

Church of Salisbury, and the Abbey Church 
of Bath, Somersetshire : [by RichardRawlinson], 
plates : also, Vindication of the King's Sovereign 
Rights over all ecclesiastical bodies corporate, & 
especially in his Free Chapel and Church of Sarum, 
etc. (by the Dean of Sarum, in opposition to his 
Bishop), 8vo. new panelled calf gilt, £2. 5s 1719 

WILTSHIRE.— Memoirs illustrative of the 
History and Antiquities of Wiltshire, and of 
the City of Salisbury, communicated to the 
Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of 
Great Britain and Ireland, July, 1849 [by eminent 
Writers], numerous plates (some coloured), 8vo. 
neatly half bound, 10s Qd 1851 

History of Old and New Sarum or Salis- 
bury, by R. Benson and H. Hatcher (Hoare's 
Modern Wiltshire), icith fine portraits and engrav- 
ings of Buildings, Monuments, Seals, etc., thick 
folio, boards, uncut, £4. 4s. Nichols, 1843 
— Another copy, on Large Paper, in 2 vols. 

royal folio, boards, uncut, £5. 5s 

Waylen (James) History, Military and 

Municipal, of the Town (otherwise called the 
City) of Marlborough, and the entire Hundred 
of Selkley, 8vo. cloth, 15s Qd 1854 

Chorea Gigantum, or the most famous 

Antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called 
Stone-heng, restored to the Danes, by Dr. W. 
Charleton, 2 folding woodcuts, small 4to. sewn 
(scarce), 10s Qd 1663 
Stukeley (Dr. W.) Stone-henge and 

Abury, Temples Restored to the British Druids, 
with some others, Described, with fine portrait, 
map, and 76 engravings, 2 vols, folio in 1, calf 
extra, FINE COPY, £4. 15s 1740-3 

"WORCESTERSHIRE.— History and 
Antiquities of Worcester, by Valentine 
Green, F.S.A., with portrait and numerous fine 
plates of the Cathedral and other buildings, 2 vols. 
4to. scored calf gilt, morocco backs, £1. 16s 1796 


English Topography, continued:— 


WORCESTERSHIRE, Collections for the History of, by Dr. TREADWAY NASH, with 

map, engravings and pedigrees, and 13 facsimile pages from Domesday, 2 vols, folio, new 

olive morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £21. Nichols, 1781-2 
The same, ox Large Paper, with the Supplement added on small paper, 2 vols, royal 

folio, half calf (neat and fresh) , £27. 10s 
Another copy on Large Paper (with Supplement, and Additions as below), 2 vols. 

impl. folio, handsomely hound in crimson rtissia extra, fall gilt backs, gilt edges, £42. 
The last copy Mas Mr. Hartley's, and contains Dr. Nash's printed Queries relative to his pro- 
posed history, dated Sep. 26th, 1774, and the Supplement (pp. 104), published separately at a guinea, 
m 1799. Inserted in Vol. II. p. cxxx, is a neatly written copy of Inscriptions on the Monuments and 
Stones at, and List of Incumbents of, All Saints', Worcester. It likewise contains Heraldic Notes 
written in an old hand-writing (Vol. II. p. civ) and numerous other MS. additions, hesides beino- 
extra illustrated with 36 additional plates. 

YORKSHIRE :— WHITAKER (Rev. T. D.) History and Topography of the Town and Parish 
of LEEDS, and parts adjacent, including the whole of Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis ; 
also Aredale, Wharfdale, and Vale of Calder (the Loidis and Elmete of Bede), with 
all the Genealogical Tables and numerous fine engravings after J. M. W. TURNER, R.A., 
and others, 2 vols, royal folio, russia gilt, gilt edges (newly rebacked), £13. 13s Leeds, 1816 

■ HISTORY of RICHMONDSHIRE, in the North Riding ; with those Parts of the 

Everwicschire of Domesday which form the Wapentakes of Lonsdale, Ewecross, and 
Amnnderness, in the Counties of York, Lancaster, and Westmoreland, with numerous 
fine engravings after drawings by Turner, woodcuts of Antiquities, etc., and Pedigrees, 
2 vols, royal folio, choice copy in crimson morocco super-extra, gold tooled, gilt edges, in 
beautiful condition, £31. 10s 1823 

WORCESTERSHIRE, The Rambler in, or 
Stray Notes on Churches and Congregations 
(comprising every Church in the County), by 
John Noake, the three series complete, with 
several plates and ivoodcuts, 3 vols, post 8vo. 
cloth, scarce, £1. 18s 6d Worcester, 1848-54 

Evesham : History and Antiquities of the 

Abbey and Borough of, by the Rev. W. Tindal, 
with several engravings, Appendix, and long list 
of subscribers, 4to. half calf neat, 18s 

Evesham, 1794 

YORKSHIRE, Crutchley's Map of, Improved 
from the Ordnance Survey, on a scale of two 
miles to the inch, mounted on linen, and folded in 
case, crown folio, half bound, 7s 6d n. d. 

Churches of Yorkshire, numerous Per- 
spective Views, Ground Plans, Sections, Details, 
etc., from Drawings by J. W. Hugall, Bcvan, 
etc., India Proofs, with Descriptions, 15 parts 
(forming 2 vols.) royal 8vo. sewn, in the original 
wrappers {ivith lists of subscribers), £1. 5s 

Leeds, 1842-7 

Illustrates Add, Methley, Skelton, Bolton Percy, Thirsk, 
Birkin, Bubwith, Patrington, Skirlaugh, Rotherham, Ripon 
Chapels, Stainburn, and Nun Monkton. 

The same, the parts containing Adelto Bub- 
with (as above), India Proofs, in 1 vol. royal 
8vo. half red morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 
(nearly new), £1. 

Dayes (E.) Works, ^ highly -finished engrav- 

YORKSHIRE.— Yorkshire Anthology, a 
Collection of Ancient and Modern Ballads, Poems 
and Songs, relating to Yorkshire, collected by J. 
O. Halliwell[-Phillipps], curious frontispiece 
of Mother Shipton, royal 4to. cloth, with bookplate 
of the late Master of Trinity, £1. 16s 6rf 1851 

Of the above but ioo copies have been printed by Adlard,for 
private circulation only. 


Ralph Thoresby, the Topographer, his 

ings by Cooke, etc., of views in Yorkshire, vignette, 
and portrait, INDIA PROOFS, royal 4to. extra 
boards, uncut, top edges gilt (Mr. Beckford's 
copy), 19s 1805 

Rambles by Yorkshire Rivers, by the 

Rev. G. Radford, with 12 etchings by J. A. S., 
crown 4to. cloth, 10s 6d (sells 14s) " Leeds (1886) 

Only Jio copies printed, of which this is No. 66. 

Town and Times, by D. H. Atkinson, beauti 
fully printed upon hand -made paper, with rough 
edges, with fine portrait on hidia paper, after 
Parmentier, 2 thick vols. 8vo. half vellum, top 
edges gilt [only 500 copies printed, each numbered), 
£1. 5s Leeds, 1885-7 

Drake (Francis, f.r.s. and f.s.a.), Ebor- 

ACUM : or the History and Antiquities of the City 
of York, from its Original to the present time, 
together with the History of the Cathedral Church, 
illustrated with copperplates, folio, fine copy in 
old calf, with the Southcote bookplate, £9. 10s 

W. Bowycr, 1736 

The engravings, which accompany this elaborate and trust- 
worthy account of the Northern Metropolis, are on a large 
scale, and include a map, views, plans, buildings, and archaeo- 
logical remains. 

Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities 

of the City of York(« different work from Drake's), 
plan and 16 plates, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 12s M 

York, 1788 

Gent (T.) Antient and Modern History of 

the famous City of York, and in a particular 
Manner of its magnificent Cathedral : with De- 
scription of the most noted Towns in Yorkshire, 
view and plan of the City [wants Addenda), fcp. 
8vo. calf, £1. Is York, 1730 

Davies (R.) Walks through the City of 

YORK, Svo. cloth, 4s Qd (pub. 10s) 1880 



English Topography, continued:— 

YORKSHIRE.— Hargrove (W.) History and 
Description of the Ancient City of York, with 
coloured plan of the City, and 33 engravings of 
Buildings, Antiquities, etc. by Le Keux, 2 vols, 
royal Svo. in 3, half calf gilt, £2. 2.9 York, 1818 

York Cathedral and its Antiquities, by 

the Rev. G. A. Poole and J. W. Hugall, Archi- 
tect ; with History and Description of the Minster 
Organ : plan and numerous lithographs of views 
and details by F. Bedford, impl. 8vo. white boards, 
12* 6d York, 1850 

Archjeologia Adelensis ; a History of 

the Parish of Adel, in the West Riding, Archaeo- 
logical, Topographical, and Scriptural : by the 
Rev. H. T. Simpson, numerous' etchings by 
IV. LI. Ferguson, impl. 8vo. cloth, 7s Qd 1879 

Another copy, new half morocco gilt, 10s 6d 

Oliver (Rev. G. ) History and Antiquities of 

the Town and Minster of Beverley, of the 
Abbeys of Watton and Meaux, the Convent of 
Haltemprise, and various Villages and Hamlets : 
plates and woodcuts, royal 4to. Large Paper, 
hf. cl., uncut, £1. 125 (pub. £3. 3s) Beverley, 1829 
Ord (J. W.) History and Antiquities of 

Cleveland, comprising the Wapentake of East 
and West Langbargh, with Genealogies, etc., with 
portrait, map, and numerous engravings, 4to. 
cloth, scarce, £2. 15s 1846 

Another copy, calf extra, £3. 5s 

[Miller (E., Mus. Doc.) History and Anti- 

quities of Doncaster and its neighbourhood, 
with anecdotes of eminent men, map, 10 plates, 
and cuts, 4to. half morocco, 13s Doncaster (1804) 

History of Ecclesfield ; by the Rev. J. 

Eastwood, 8vo. cloth, 10s (pub. 16s) 1862 

First Book of the Marriage, Baptismal and 

Burial Registers of Ecclesfield Parish Church, 
1558 to 1619 ; also the Churchwardens' Accounts, 
1520 to 1546; annotated by A. S. Gatty, view of 
church, royal 4to. cloth, 10s Gd 1878 

Storer (J. and H. S.) Delineations 

Graphical and Descriptive of Fountains' Abbey, 
with Historical Notices, 16 plates and 2 vignettes 
on India Paper, 4to. half bound, £2. 2s n. d. 

Halifax and its Gibbet-Law placed in a 

true Light : with a Description of the Town, etc. 
[by Dr. S. Midgley], plate of the Gibbet {i.e., a 
Guillotine), post 8vo. sprinkled calf, nice copy 
(SCARCE), £1. 18s Halifax, n. d. 

" From Hell, Hull, and Halifax, good Lord, deliver us ! " — 
Thieves' Litany. 

Hunter (Joseph, f.s.a.) Hallamshire : 

History and Topography of the Parish of 
Sheffield, with numerous engravings by Blore, 
folio, boards, uncut, £3. 5s 1819 

Includes Historical and Descriptive Notices of the Parishes 
of Ecclesfield, Hansworth, Treeton, and Whiston, and of the 
Chapelry of Bradfield. 

The same, new edition, with Additions, by 

the Rev. Alfred Gatty, Sub-Dean of York, 
urith 26 fine engravings by E. Blore, etc., Pedi- 
grees, and Armorial Bearings, thick folio, new 
half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s (1875) 

History and Antiquities of HAREWOOD : by 

J. Jewell, folding plate of Harewood House ; 
Leeds, 1882— History and Antiquities of North- 
allerton, by J. LANGDALE ; cut of Church ; 
Northallerton, 1813 — 2 vols. post8vo. in one, half 
morocco, top edges gilt, 18s Qd 1813-22 

YOEKSHIR E.— Kingston - upon - Hull : 
Greenwood's Picture of Hull, with 70 illustrations 
on India Paper, and coloured plan, 8vo. half calf 
gilt,£1.2s6d Hull, 1835 

Thoresby (Ralph, f.r.s.) Vicaria Leodi- 

ENSIS : the History of the Church of Leedes ; 
with Account of the Learned Men, Bishops, and 
Writers who have been Vicars, etc., folding map 
and plates, 8vo. old cedf gilt, £2. 2s 1724 

Account of some Natural Curiosities in the 

Environs of Malham, in Craven : by T. Hurt- 
LEY, fine folding plates, 8vo. half calf , 12s Qd 

J. Walter's Logographic Press, 1786 
Marske, in Swaledale : a small Contribu- 

tion towards Yorkshire Topography ; by the Rev. 
James Raine, Canon of York, pedigrees, roy. 
Svo. sewn {only 40 copies printed) , £1. YlsQd 1880 

Extracted from the Journal of the Yorkshire Archaeological 
and Topographical Association. 

History and Antiquities of Morley, in the 

West Riding (including Salt aire): by W. Smith, 
with portrait and upwards of 100 illustrations, 
8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1876 

History of the Ancient Borough of Ponte- 

fract [Pomfret], its Castle, and three Sieges 
during the Civil Wars ; with Notes and Pedi- 
grees of distinguished Royalists and Parliament- 
arians, by B. Boothroyd, plates ; also a Memoir 
of the Author and some other Additions, 8vo. 
boards, lis 6d Pontefract, 1807 

-Historical Sketches of Scalby, Burnis- 

ton, and Cloughton ; with Notices of Hayburn 
Wyke and Stainton Dale ; by John Cole, one 
plate, and another inserted, 8vo. cloth, planted on 
pink paper (rare), £1. Is Scarborough, 1829 

Attached is an original letter by the author, in which he 
says that 50 copies of this book were struck off on pink-coloured 
paper ; and of these this is one. 

Hinderwell (T.) History and Antiquities 

of Scarborough and the Neighbourhood ; with 
several good steel-engravings of scenery, 4to. half 
calf, £1. 5s York, 1798 

Scarborough Guide ; with a descriptive 

Route through Hull and Beverley, Remarks, 
Anecdotes, and Characters, 8vo. morocco, gilt 
edges, 6s Qd Hull, 1796 

History of Selby, Ancient and Modern, by 

James Mountain, folding plan and plate of the 
Abbey, post Svo. boards, uncut, 12s 6d York, 1800 
- Wapentake of Strafford and Tickhill, 

historical and topographical introduction to the 
ancient state of the, with Accounts of Doncaster 
and Conisbrough, etc., by J. Wainwright, 
plates of views, antiquities, etc., 4to. boards, 
£1. 18s 6d Sheffield, 1829 

- Whittaker (Rev. T. D.) History and 

Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven ; Third 
Edition, with, many Additions and Corrections, 
edited by A. W. Morant, with a Chapter on the 
Geology, Natural History, and Pre-historic Anti- 
quities by Prof. L. C. Miall, portrait of the 
Author, engravings of Views, Seats, Antiquities, 
etc., woodcuts and pedigrees, including new ones, 
thick royal 4to. half morocco gilt, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £2. 7s 6d Leeds, 1878 

The some, Large Paper, thick impl. 4to. 

half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £3. 10s 

"In Whitaker's History of Craven — which is an excellent 
model for all future writers of Local History — there is a ground- 
work laid for at least a dozen Romances. Craven is indeed 
the Region of Romance." — Quarterly Review 


English Topography, continued: — 


a large paper copr, with numerous fine views of Scenery, ancient Castles, Pottery, etc., 
chiefly by Sir Richard Colt Hoars, engraved by Store r, mostly in 3 states, proofs 
upon satin. India proofs, and open letters, and eight of the Original Drawings 
inserted (three of which were never engraved), 2 vols. -ito. smooth red morocco extra, Mi ml 
tooled, inside gold borders, leather joints, gilt edges, by Staggemeier, £30. 1810 

It is difficult to imagine the exquisite beauty of the impressions upon Satin — a material admirably 

adapted for taking such. 

An ordinary copv. on small paper, one vol. -Ito. new half morocco gilt, top edges gilt 

£4. fe isii 


CHARTERS GRANTED to SWANSEA, the chief borongh of the Seignory of 

Gower in the Marches of Wales and Co. of Glamorgan : translated, illustrated,' and 
edited, with Appendix, by COL. GEO. GRANT FRANCIS, F.8.A., with portraits, views, 
seals, maps, etc., and port, of the Author, large folio, finely printed within red borders, 
on one side of the paper only (alio icing space for MS. additions), handsomely bound in 
morocco super-extra, bevelled boards, with the arms of the borough on the sides, gilt edges, 
£11. 11* " ' 1867-73 

In the above volume the accomplished and public-spirited author of "Copper-Smelting in the 
Swansea Distil -:low . and of so many other works relating to the history of his native place, 

produced a most valuable and interesting work. In addition to the charters, which are given in the 
originals and in translations, the Appendix contains a large mass of notes etc. of great importance to the 
historian of South Wales. There is also a copious Index. From there only having been ONE hundred 
COPIES printed, most of which remain in public institutions, the present is probably almost the onlv 
copy that has ever occurred for sale. 

YORKSHIRE.— Jefferson (T. B.) History of 
Thirsk. including an account of its own- cele- 
brated Castle, woodcuts, Svo. boards, scarce, \2s6d 

Thirsk, 1521 

and LANCASHIRE : — Whittaker 

(Rev. T. D.) History of the Original Parish of 
YVhalley, and Honour of Clitheroe, in the 
Counties of Lancaster and York, with an Account 
of the Parish of Cartmell ; fourth edition, re- 
vised and considerably enlarged by J. G 
Nichols and the Rev. Ponsonby A. Lyon-. 
with numerous fine engravings, including addi- 
tional ones for th is edit. , 2 splendid vols, thickfolio, 
largest paper, hf. mar., uncut, £11. 10.? 1872-6 

Only forty copies were specially printed on the size and ; 
qualityof paper of the above for gentlemen who subscribed for them 
prior to publication, and whose names are given. The number of the 
present copy is 21. — See Declaration of the Printers and Publishers. 

For original editions of some of Dr. YVhftaker's grand works 
see p. 109. 

ALES.— Ancient Laws and Insti- 
tutes of WALES, with English transla- 
tion, Glossary, and Indexes by A. Owen, 
2 thick vols, super-royal Svo. cloth, wholly uncut 
{nice copy), £2. 2s 1S41 

These valuable Public Records were published bv the 
Record Commissioners by command of King William IV. 

Bridgeman (Hon. and Rev. G. T. Orlando) 

History of the Princes of South AY ales, pedi- 
grees, impl. 8vo. cloth {with some notes in MS.), i 
£2. 5s Wigan, 1876 

ByegoNES relating to YYales and the Border 

Counties, from October, 1877, to December, 1882, 
edited by Joseph Joseph f.s.a. {wanting pp. 
206-212 in 'Jan. -March. ISM'. 20 para crown 4to. 
uncut, £2. 10s Oswestry, 1S77-S2 

Very scarce, as only ioo copies were printed. Complete sc:s 

are verv seldom met with. 

The Cambrian Register, published under 

the Auspices of the Cambrian Institute, for 
1795-6 ; with coloured woodcuts. 2 vols. 8vo. half I 
calf gilt, scarce, £1. 2s 6d 1796-9 : 

WALES : —The Mabinogion, from the Llvfr 
Coch o Hergest [Hergest's Red Book] and other 
Ancient Welsh MSS., edited, with English 
Translation and Notes, by Lady Charlotte 
GUEST, finely printed, with numerous woodcuts 
a ind facsimiles of the old Welsh and other MSS., 
3 vols, royal Svo. half morocco extra, top edges 
gilt, scarce, £5. 15s Llandovery, Bees, 1849 

The same, on Large and Fine Paper, 

3 voLs. impl. 8vo. handsomely bound in crimson 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by the late F. Bedford 
(YERY SCARCE), £10. 

— ■ Another copy, beautifully bound by Bedford 

in green morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt ; a 
yery fine COPY, as good as new, £10. 10c? 

This work is one of the most important additions to the 
literary Archaeology of Wales which has been produced during 
this century, and one which, alike in its Editor and Printer, true 
local patriotism may look upon with just pride. 

"We must not forget the services rendered to her country 
by Lady Charlotte Guest, whose Mc is an inestimable 

treasure. There are the favourite topics of the most celebrated 
Troubadours of Mediaeval Europe to be found in all their 
primitive beauty and simplicity; and without any disparage- 
ment to Sir T. Malory or Mr. Tennvson. few can have anv 
notion of the primitive beauty of these old Tales till they read 
them in the ' Mabinogion.'" — Athenaeum. 

- Giraldus (de Barrd Cambrensis : The 

Itinerary of Abp. Baldwin through Wales, 
a.d. 11SS, with historical and topographical illus- 
trations by Sir R. Colt Hoare, 59 fine engrav- 
ings, 2 vols, royal 4to. russia ailt. tooled on sides, 
gilt edges (fine COPY), £2. 8s (pub. £8. 8s) 

Buhner, 1806 

" Giraldus is the oldest topographer of Wales ; even where 
quoted by Camden as an author of undoubted cred'it and 
reputation." — Sicholson. 

History of the Literature of Wales, 

from 1300 to 1650, roval 8vo. cloth, bs M (pub. 
105 6d) Cardiff, 1884 


English Topography, continued :— 

WALES :— Enderbie (Percy) Cambria Tri- 
UMPHANS, or Britain in its perfect Lustre, shewing 
the Origen and Antiquity of that Illustrious Na- 
tion, with numerous coats of arms, 2 vols, folio in 1, 
russia extra, blind-tooled, gilt edges, £5. 5s 1661 

This is an interesting copy, having the autograph of Fabian 
Philihps and an inserted portrait of him, also the autographs of 
R. F. Greville and Lewis Morris, 1753 (the antiquary), with 
numerous notes by the latter. 

Grant-Francis (Colonel, f.r.s.) History 

of Copper-Smelting in the Swansea District of 
South Wales, from the time of Queen Elizabeth 
to the present day, illustrated, 8vo. half bronze 
roan, Malachite sides, 10s 6d 1881 

The same, on large paper, crown 4to. 


WALES.— Roscoe (T.) Wanderings in North 
and South Wales, with the Scenery of the 
Wye, with 100 highly finished engravings after 
D. Cox, etc., 2 vols, square post 8vo. morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1862 

— ; Walton (Elijah) Welsh Scenery (chiefly 

in Snowdonia), a series of 20 beautiful chromo- 
lithographs in exact imitation of the original 
water -colour drawings, with Descriptions by the 
Rev. T. G. Bonney, roval 4to. cloth extra, gilt 
edges, £1. 10s (pub. £3. 10s) 1875 

Westwood (J. O.) Lapidarium Wallle, 

roxburghe, with Malachite linings, 15s 

" The ' South Wales Process ' of Copper- Smelting is noiv the 
dominant one of thetuhole world." — H. Hussey Vivian, f.g.s., m.p. 

A New and Improved Edition of the Author's work issued in 
1S67 ; enlarged by additional Information, further Illustrations, 
and explanatory Notes. It includes a mass of evidences of the 
time of Queen Elizabeth (from the Public Record Oflice), from 
which he has given verbatim transcripts of details of the most 
interesting and valuable nature in a social and mercantile sense ; 
with much that is extremely curious in reference to the manipu- 
lation of Mines, Furnaces, and the Chemistry in practice, during 
her reign. 

Halliwell[-Phillipps] (J. O., F.R.S.) 

Notes of Family Excursions in North Wales, 
taken chiefly from Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, 
and Bangor, square post 8vo. half morocco neat, 
uncut, top edges gilt, 6s Privately printed, 1860 

JONES (Morris C, of Gungrog) The FEUDAL 

Barons of Powys, 8vo. cloth, with some MS. 
notes, 6s 1868 

— Nash (D. W.) Taliesin ; or the Bards and 

Druids of Britain, a translation of the Remains 
of the earliest Welsh Bards, and an Examination 
of the Bardic Mysteries, 8vo. cloth, 8s Gd (pub. 
14s) 1858 

History of Merthyr Tydfil : by Charles 

Wilkins [with numerous Biographies], 8vo. cloth, 
13s Gd Merthyr Tydfil, 1867 

the Early Inscribed and Sculptured Stones of 
Wales delineated and described, with 101 tinted 
plates, 4to. new half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 
£3. 5s University Press, Oxford, 1876-9 

Mona Antiqua Restaurata : Antiquities 

of the Isle of Anglesey, Natural and Historical, 
by the Rey. H. Rowlands, engravings and map, 
4to. calf, scarce, 18s Dublin, 1723 

The same, second edition, with Memoirs of 

Owen Glendowr, in 1 vol., by Dr. Owen: also the 
Supplement, engravings and map, 4to. half calf , 
uncut, £2. 15s 1766-75 

The work contains many interesting particulars respecting 
the Aboriginal Britons, Druids, etc., and comparative Tables 
of the Keltic and other languages. 

Ancient and Modern Denbigh, a Descript- 
ive History of the Castle, Borough, etc., by J. 
Williams, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 10s Gd 1856 
Historic Notices of the Borough of Flint, 

with Topographical and other Gleanings, by H. 
Taylor, Town Clerk, with illustrations by Miss 
L. Rayner, Randolph Caldecott, etc., crown 
4to. ivhitc cloth, uncut [with author's inscription), 
14s Gd 1883 

Morgan (Mrs. Mary) Tour to Milford 

Haven in 1791 (giving many details of the 
Scenery, Natural History, and Antiquities), 8vo. 
half calf gilt, 4s Gd 1795 


cations of Learned Societies etc., post. 

See under Publi- 

ENGLISH Sacred Lyrics, leap. 8vo. vellum, 
(is 1883 

ENGLISH Verse : a Selection from the most 
famous works of the most famous British Poets, 
edited by W. J. Linton and R. H. Stoddard, 5 
vols, post 8vo. cloth, £1. 1884 

The same, new calf extra, £2. 6s Gd 

ENGRAVERS, a Chronological List of, 
from the Invention of the Art to 1735, with nearly 
300 of their marks, post 8vo. half cloth, 4s Gd 

Cambridge, 1770 

ENTOMOLOGY :— see Natural History, 

EPINAL Glossary, Latin and Old English, of the 
8th Century, photographed from the original MS., 
with Introduction and Notes by Henry Sweet, 
impL 4to. bds., 16s Gd Printed for Subscribers, 1883 

EPITAPHS :— Buttes (Sir W.) A Booke of 
EPITAPHES upon the death of, Who deceased the 
third day of September, Anno 1583, woodcut on 
title, small 8vo. smooth blue morocco extra, gilt 
edges, VERY rare, £2. 15s H. Midleton [1583] 

The above has fetched as much as £\\ at auction, and but 

two or three copies are known. The Epitaphs are signed by 

their various authors and are in Latin and English ; some are 

curious, and it is pleasant to hear in one by Robert Lawes that 

" Buttes pinched not the poor, Buttes raised not his rent; 

Euttes fed the needie with his store and that which God 

had sent." 

EPITAPHIA Joco-Seria, Franciscus Swertius 
Antwerp, collegit, small Svo. olive calf extra, 
tooled gilt back, gilt edges, by C. Lewis {a pretty 
copy), 14s Colonics, 1623 

Some of the epitaphs are amusing, e.g., on a drunkard — 
" Hie jacet amphora vini." 

EPIPHANII (S.) Physiologus et Sermo in 
Festo Palmarum, Grrece et Latine, cum Notis 
C. Ponce de Leon, with large portrait of St. 
Epiphanius and numerous woodcuts of emblems, 
small 4to. calf extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's 
copy), £1. 10s Romoz, 1587 

" Premiere Edition, orne'e de gravures en bois assez 
bonnes." — Brunei. 

ERASMUS (Desiderius) Colloquia, nunc 
emendatiora {pp. 672), also, CORONIS Apolog- 
ETICA pro iisdem, atque Dissertatio de eorum 
utilitate {ppA4), engraved title, thick 16mo. {second 
Elzevir edition), vellum, 6s Gd Lugd. Pat., 1643 

Eloge de la Folie, traduit par Mr. Gueude- 

ville, with frontispiece containing portraits of 
Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, and Holbein, and 
numerous engravings from the designs of the last, 
12mo. new mottled calf extra, gilt edges {nice 
copy), £1. Is Leide, 1713 

The Praise of Folly, translated, with 

explanatory notes, by the Rev. James Copner, 
8vo. cloth, 5s Gd (pub. 10s 6f/) 1878 


ERASMUS (D.), Life of, more particularly that 
part of it which he spent in England ; an Account 
of his Learned Friends, etc. ; with Appendix con- 
taining Original Papers, by Dr. S. Knight, ivith 
portraits and other engravings, including large one 
of the Family of Sir T. More by Holbein, 8vo. 
panelled calf extra, red edges, nearly new, with 
bookplate of the late Master of Trinity, £1. 10-s 

Cambridge, 1726 

Rurigni (J. Levesque de) Vie d'Erasme, 

dans laquelle on trouvera l'Histoire de plusieurs 
Hommes celebres avec lesquels il a et6 en liaison, 
2 vols. 12mo. new half calf gilt, yellow edges {nice 
fresh copy), Is 6d Paris, 1757 

Madame Therese, 12mo. new calf gilt, Qs 6d 

Paris, s. d. 

ERSKINE (Right Hon. Lord) Speeches at 
the Bar and in Parliament, with Memoir by 
Lord Brougham, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. russia 
gilt, £2. 105 1847 

ESSAYISTS (British): Tatler, Spectator, 
Guardian, Adventurer, Rambler, and Idler, with 
Drake's Essays, illustrative of the same ; 
Sharpe's elegant edition, a large and fine 
PAPER SET, with beautifully engraved portraits 
and plates after Stothard, Thurston, etc., 29 
vols, post 8vo. green morocco extra, gt. ed. {fine 
uniform set, but foxed), £10. 155 1803-10 

with Prefaces, historical and biographical, 

by A. Chalmers, and General Index, por- 
traits, 45 vols. 12mo. half russia gilt (neat set), 
£4. 45 _ Trade, 1803 

with Prefaces, biographical, historical, and 

critical, by the Rev. L. T. Berguer and the Rev. 
R. Fellowes, portraits, 45 vols. 12mo. in 22, neat 
half calf , contents lettered, £2. 145 1823 

Contents : — Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, Adventurer, 
Rambler, Idler, World, Connoisseur. Mirror, Lounger, and 
Observer; and noiv first added, The Olla Podrida (by the Rev. 
T. Monro, Bishop Home, the Rev. H. Kett, etc.) ; Knox's 
Winter Evenings, and the Microcosm (by G. Canning, J. H. 
Frere, and others). 

Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, Rambler, 

Adventurer, Idler, Lounger, Mirror, World, 
Observer, Knox's Essays, Microcosm, Olla 
Podrida, and Connoisseur, with portraits and 
plates, complete in 5 thick vols. 8vo. half calf 
extra, contents lettered, £1. 55 1828 

with Prefaces, historical and biographical, 

by A. Chalmers, and General Index, portraits, 
38 vols, post 8vo. handsomely printed ; half cloth, 
uncut {only 100 copies printed), £5. 105 

Boston, Mass., 1866 
Contents : Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, Adventurer, Ram- 
bler, Idler, World, Connoisseur, Mirror, Lounger, Observer, and 

ESSAYS and RE VIE WS, by Bishop Temple, 
Mark Pattison, Prof. Jowett, and others, 1860, 
and the Replies by Dean Goulburn, Bp. 
Christopher Wordsworth, Dr. Irons, and others, 
1862 : 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 95 1860-2 

The same, with the addition of Aids to 

Faith, by Dean Mansel, Bp. Fitzgerald, Canon 
Rawlinson, etc. : together 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, WsQd 


ESSEX, Lives and Letters of the Devereux, 
Earls of, 1540-1646, by the Hon. W. B. 
Devereux, 2 fine portraits by Holl, 2 vols. 8vo. 
half morocco gilt, gilt edges {with Mr. F. Ouvry's 
book-plate), as good as new, lis 6d 1853 

EVANS (A. J.) Through Bosnia and Herze- 
govina, with map and 58 illustrations, Svo. cloth, 
Zs M (pub. 185) 1877 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 113 

ETONIAN (The) : Essays on various Subjects, 
by Eton Boys : from October, 1820 to August, 
1821, 2 vols. Svo. hfi cf neat, Is Qd Windsor, 1821 

Many of these papers were written by W. M. Praed, the 
Rev. John Moultrie, and H. Nelson Coleridge, when at Eton. 
The other contributors were the Hon. W. Ashley, Edmund 
Beales, W. Chrichton, the Hon. Francis Curzon, Bishop Durn- 
ford, Charles Fursdon, Henrv Neech, W. H. Ord, T. P. Outram, 
the Rev. J. L. Petit, Walter Tower, and W. Sydney Walker. 


Sermons and Letters on the, by the Rev. Patrick 
Chevne, Aberdeen, John Keble, Bishop 
Forbes, and Bishop Charles Wordsworth ; 
also Letter to Mr. Cheyne from the Rev. Edward 
Stuart ; the Bp. of Brechin's Opinion ; On the 
term " Oblations" ; Modest Reply to the Rev. 
W. G. Shaw's Pamphlet ; and the Canons of the 
Church of Scotland ; 9 tracts, 8vo. sewn, 7s6d 1851-8 
EVELYN (John) Memoirs, Diary, and Cor- 
respondence, from 1641 to 1706 ; with the 
Private Correspondence between King Charles I. 
and Sir E. Nicholas, and between Lord Clarendon 
and Sir R. Browne, edited by W. Bray, f.s.A., 
fine portraits and other engravings, 2 vols, royal 
4to. half morocco {nearly new), £1. 175 6d 1819 

Another copy, calf extra, £1. 105 

Diary and Correspondence, edited by 

W. Bray ; with Life of the Author by H. B. 
Wheatley ; portraits executed by the Autotype 
Process, 4c large vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 105 1879 

- The same, roxburghe binding, £1. 185 
The same, new half morocco extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt, or, new tree-calf extra, by Pdviere, 
£3. 35 

The same, with a fine series of extra por- 

traits, 4 vols, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, 
£3. 155 

Diary and Correspondence, edited by 

Bray, with numerous portraits and views, 4 vols, 
post 8vo. new calf gilt, £1. 155 1872 

Life of Mrs. Godolphin, edited by Bishop 

Wilberforce, fine portrait and facsimile of auto- 
graph, fcap. 8vo. cloth, Is Qd Pickering, 1848 
and PEPYS'S Diaries and Corre 

SPONDENCE, edited with Lives and Notes by 
W. Bray, Lord Braybrooke, and H. B. 
Wheatley, printed on ribbed paper by Whit- 
tingham, with numerous fine portraits and plates, 
10 large vols. 8vo. newly and beautifully bound in 
panelled calf super-extra, gilt edges (fine set), 
£14. 145 1879 

Diaries and Correspondence, edited with 

Lives and Notes by AY. Bray and Lord Bray- 
brooke, numerous portraits and engravings, 
8 vols, post Svo. new half morocco, £2. I65 1883 
The same, new cedf gilt, £3. 105 ; or, new 

tree-calf extra, £3. 155 

EVERETT (Alex. H.) Critical and Miscel- 
laneous Essays, with a few Poems, 2 vols, post 
Svo. calf gilt, Is Qd Boston, Mass., 1845-G 

EXHIBITION (Great) of 1851, Dickinson's 
Comprehensive Pictures of the, from the 
originals painted for H.R.H. the Prince Consort, 
by Nash, Haghe, and David Roberts, r.a. ; a 
series of 55 very large and FINELY COLOURED 
PLATES, all proofs, mostly before letters, with 
Descriptions, plates and text throughout mounted 
on linen guards, 2 vols, atlas folio, half morocco 
gilt, gilt edges, £3. 35 (pub. £18. I85) 1854 

The largest and most interesting series of illustrations of the 
collections of Art and Industry in the Great Exhibition. 

EYRE (M.) Over the Pyrenees into Spain, 
crown 8vo. cloth, \0s6d 1865 




EWING (Alexander, d.c.l. Bishop of Argyll 
and the Isles), Memoir of, by the Rev. Alex- 
ander J. ROSS, B.D., fine photo-portrait, thick 
Svo. cloth, 6s (pub. £1. Is) 1877 

^ABER (Rev. G. Stanley) The Origin 
of Pagan Idolatry ascertained from 
Historical Testimony and Circumstantial 
Evidence, map and plates, 3 vols. 4to. boards, 
uncut (very scarce), £5. 5s 1816 

This rare and important work represents all the Religious 
Systems of Antiquity. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

Jfafigan's Crongcle, newly prynted, wyth the 

cronycle, actes, and dedes done in the tyme of 
the reygne of the moste excellent rjrynce kynge 
Henry vii., with engraved title {backed and 
mended), 2 vols, in 1, folio, old red morocco, gilt 
edges (the Duke of Grafton's copy with auto- 
graph), £4. 15s W. Rastell, 1533 

With the exception of the blemish noted above, this copy is 
a sound, clean and good one — indeed, in a far better state than 
usually met with. 


A TRIP to MARGATE, by Paul Pry, Esq., 
also The Omnibus, by W. Heath; and the 
Heiress, a series of numerous humourous 

COLOURED SKETCHES by SEYMOUR, etc. , in 1 vol. 

folio, half morocco, SCARCE, £2. 10s McLean, n.d. 

ACADEMY for Grown Horsemen, containing 
the completest Instructions for Walking, Trotting, 
Stumbling, Tumbling, etc. by Geoffrey Gam- 
bado, Esq. (H. Bunbury), second edition, ivith 
Jiumourous coloured portrait of Gambado, and 11 
coloured PLATES by the Author, impl. 4to. half 
calf, scarce, £3. 10s 1788 

ANGLICAN Mysteries of Paris (The), re- 
vealed in the stirring Adventures of Captain 
Mars and his two Friends Messrs. Scribbley and 
Daubiton, depicted and described by Messrs. 
Smith, Payne, and Co., with very numerous 
comic illustrations, folio, cloth, 18s Moxon, 1870 

Jests : together with Archie's Dream, fncly 
printed on ribbed paper ivithin red rulings, with 
portrait and elegant woodcut title, large post Svo. 
cloth (only 225 copies printed), 16s (pub. £1. 4s) 

Edinburgh, 1872 

The same, on Whatman's Paper (only 25 

copies printed), £1. 4s — or, new half calf extra, top 
edges gilt, uncut, £1. 7s fid 

** This book has been considered worth republication for two 
reasons — for its intrinsic value and for its rarity. Although 
from 1630 to 1660 at least nine editions were issued, a copy of 
any one of them is now quite a rara avis, and proportionately 
high priced. A more amusing budget of Odd Stories, Clever 
Witticisms, and Laughter-moving Tales, is not to be found in 
the Jester's Library." 

BROWN (Mr. [Tom]) Amusements Serious 
and Comical, calculated for the Meridian of 
London, post 8vo. new panelled cedf extra, gilt 
edges, £1. Is 1700 

CRAMBE Repetita : a second course of Bubble 
and Squeak, or British Beef Gallimaufry'd ; etc., 
by the Author of Topsy-turvy, Salmagundi, etc. 
[in Verse, with Notes, by G. Huddesford], 1799 
— History of Tobit (a Poem ; with other Poems 
on various Subjects, Death of C. Churchill, etc.), 
by Jane Timbury (with List of Subscribers), 
1787 — Poems on several Occasions, by David 
Mallet, 1762— in one vol. 8vo. bds., 10s 1762-99 

ENGLISH ROGUE (The) : described in the Life of 
Meriton Latroon, a witty Extravagant ; a com- 
pleat History of the most eminent Cheats of both 
Sexes, frontispiece, and curious woodcuts, 4 vols. 
poet 8vo. boards, uncid, £1. 5s 6d 

(Reprint of 1665-80) 

Another copy, on LARGE paper, 8vo. boards, 

uncut, £2. 2s 

FOLLIES (The) of St. James's Street, 2 vols. 
l2nio. old calf (scarce), 16s Gd ■ 1789 

'I his work, evidently alludes to the author's contemporaries, 
for in her Preface she says, " As there is but too much reality in 
the piece, and the principal character is well known, she is aware I 
that curiosity will be excited," etc. 

DURPEY (T.) Wit and Mirth; or Pills to 
Purge Melancholy, a Collection of Humorous 
Songs set to Music, portrait, 6 vols. fcp. Svo. new 
half morocco neat, top edges gilt, £1. 15s 

Facsimile reprint of 1719-20 

Another copy, new cedf extra, gilt edges, 

£4. 15s 

The same, LARGE paper, 6 vols, crown 4to. 

(only 100 COPIES PRINTED), boards, uncut, 

(SCARCE), £3. 15s 
D'Urfey's Tory Songs did much to strengthen the Royal 
cause, and his Protestant lays helped to bring Popery into 
disrepute. " I myself remember (says Addison in the 'Guardian') 
King Charles leaning on Tom D'Urfey's shoulder more than 
once, and humming a song over with him. It is certain that 
monarch was not a little supported by ' Joy to Great Ca?sar," 
which gave the Whigs such a blow as they were not able to 
recover that whole reign. My friend afterwards attacked Popery 
with the same success, having exposed Bellarmine and Porto- 
Carrero more than once, in short satirical compositions which 
have been in everybody's mouth." 

GREAT World (The), a Geographical and Hist- 
orical Account of ; with a Voyage to its several 
Islands (Almacks, Boodleton, Brooks, etc.), and 
Vocabulary, map, 8vo. sewn (scarce), 6s 1829 

A rare and choice Collection of Queens and 
Kings and Other Things, designed and written 
by the Author, 20 humourous plates, besides 
descriptions, printed in gold and colours, royal 
4to. cloth gilt, 12s 6cl n. d. 

LECTURE on HEADS, by G. A. Stevens, 
with additions by Mr. Pillon, as delivered by 
C. Lee Lewes ; with an Essay on Satire, 
24 heads by Nesbit, after Thurston (9 coloured), 
12mo. old tree-calf, 5s 6d 1799 

LEROUX (P.) Dictionnaire Comique, 
Satyrique, Critique, Burlesque, Libre et Pro- 
(best edition), neat half 
Pampclune (Paris), 1786 
(The) : edited by Albert 
Ileach, with 12 humourous 
many woodcuts, by Phiz, 
Kenny Meadows, Hine, A. May hew, Cham, and 
others, 12 numbers in 2 thick vols, square 18mo. 
cloth (very SCARCE : wanting title to Vol. 2), 
£2. 12s 6d 1848-9 

MERRY PICTURES by the Comic Hands of 
"Phiz," Crowquill, Doyle, Leech, Meadows, 
Hone, and others, several hundred amusing 
woodcuts, folio, half mor., gilt edges, 12s 6d n. d. 

MUSARUM Delicle ; or the Muses Kecreation 
— Wit Restor'd, in severall Select Poems, not 
formerly publish't : — Wits Recreations, selected 
from the finest fancies of Moderne Muses, with a 
Thousand Out-landish Proverbs, by Sir J. Mennis 
etc., new edition, with Additional Notes, Indexes, 
etc., engravings, 2 vols, post 8vo. boards, 14s 

Hotten (1870) 

Large Paper, 2 vols, crown 4to. boards 

(SCARCE), £1. Is (pub. £1. 10s) 

verbial, 2 vols. Svo. 
calf, uncut, 19s 
MAN in the Moon 
Smith and Angus B. 
folding plates and 


POINTS of Misery ; or Fables for Mankind : 
Prose and Verse, chiefly original : by C. West- 
macott, with 20 designs by Robert Cruikshank, 
royal 8vo. half calf ', £1. os 1823 

POLITICAL Facetle : The New Whig Guide 
[edited by Lord Palmerston], 1819 ; The New 
Tory Guide, 1819 ; The Coalition Guide, the 
Political History of 1853-4, from " The Press " 
Newspaper ; together 3 vols, post 8vo. new half 
morocco, top edges gilt (SCARCE), 155 Qd 1819-5-4 

told to some tune, by a Lover of his Country, 
both parts in one vol. post 8vo. old ccdf, 12s Qd 


The two portions of this collection of satirical and humourous 
Ballads are seldom found together. 

SPRUGGINS Family Portraits, arranged 
by Richard Sucklethumkin Spruggins, Esq., 50 
ludicrous portraits by the Rev. Walter Sneyd 
and the Countess OF Morley, with Satirical 
Descriptions, 4to. cloth, uncut (VERY SCARCE), 
£2. 5* Privately printed, 1829 

A most severe satire on the mania for publishing memoirs 
of obscure families. 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 115 

SCAR RON (Abbe P.) (Euvres : Roman 
Comique, Virgile Travesti en vers Burlesques, 
Dernieres (Envies : de plus Lettres de la Marquise 
de M . . . an Comte de R . . . [par Crebillon 
lils] : together 10 vols. 18mo. calf, £1. Is 

Paris, 1752-39 

[TABOUROT (E.)] Les Bigarrures du Seig- 
neur des Accords, et les Apophtegmes du 
Sieur Gaulard, woodcuts, 2 vols. 32mo. in 1, 
clean copy in old calf of a very rare edition, 18s Qd 

Poitiers, 1609 

" Recueil curieux, dont l'auteur, s'est plu k tempe'rer 
l'e'rudition par des plaisanteries tantot bonnes, tantot mauvaises, 
et souvent un pen graveleuses." — Brunet. 

TIPTREE : a Poem, Rustic, " Rum," and Racv ! 
by Clement Clodpole [Clarke], to which *is 
added, an Historical Account of Tiptree Heath, 
Prion' and Fair, also the Tiptree Races (Song) ; 
post 8vo. new half calf gilt, 8s Qd 1832-10 

TOWN-GALLANT, The Character of a; 
exposing the Extravagant Fopperies of some vain 
Self -conceited Pretenders to Gentility and good 
Breeding, small 4to. new half morocco {clean copy 
of this scarce London Tract), 145 1675 

FAIRFAX (Vice- Admiral R., of Steeton), 
Life of, hy C. R. Markham, 8vo. cloth, 45 Qd 
(pub. 12s Qd) 18S5 

FAIRHOLT (F. W.) Miscellanea Graphica : 
Representations and Descriptions of Ancient, 
Medieval, and Renaissance Remains (Lord 
LoxDESBOROUGH's),-\vith Introduction by Thomas 
Wright, f.s.A., AQfine Engravings, illuminated, 
tinted and plain; besides numerous Woodcuts, 
royal 4to. cloth, £2. 25 (pub. £3. 16s) 1857 

Contains Descriptions and Accounts of Drinking Cups, 
jewels, Daggers, Swords, Watches, Helmets, Sacred and 
Domestic Utensils, Objects in Ivory, Silver-Gilt, and Steel, etc. 

Tobacco, its History and Associations, with 

100 illustrations by the author, post 8vo. cloth, 
85 Qd 1859 

Costume in England :— see under Cost- 

ume, ante. 

FALKENER (E.) D.edalus, or the Causes and 
Principles of the Excellence of Greek Sculpture, 
beautiful photographic and other plates, roy. 8vo. 
cloth, gilt edges, 15s Qd (pub. £2. 25) I860 

FAMILY OF LOVE :— Knewstub (John) A 
Confutation of monstrous and horrible heresies, 
taught by H[einrich] N[icklaes] and embraced of 
a number, who call themselves the Familie OF 
Loue, small 4to. fclarfe letter, antique ccdf {fine 
clean copy), £1. 15 1579 

[Nicklaes (Heinrich)] A Publishing of the 

Peace upon Earth and of the gratious Tyme and 
acceptable yeere of the Lorde, Translated out of 
Base-almayne into English, curious woodcut, 
ISmo. sharp fclarft Utter, new brown morocco 
extra, gilt edges [very fine copy), £1. 155 

{Amsterdam?) 1574 
This is perhaps the scarcest of the works of Heinrich Nick- 

ilaes (or Nicholas), to which increased attention has of late been 

Irawn by the very elaborate and complete monograph of 

Mr. Hessels. 

The Prophetie of the Spirit of Love. Set- 
fourth by H. N. (Heinrich Nicklaes), Anno 1574, 
translated out of Base-almayne into English, with 
2 curious woodcuts, 18mo. sharp "black Tetter, new 
morocco extra, gilt edges [very fine copy), £2. 2s 

[Amsterdam,'] 1574 
A Svpplication of the Family of Love 

(said to be presented into the Kings royall hands), 
small 4to. half morocco, BARE, 155 J. Legate, 1606 

F ARGUS (F. J., "Hugh Conway") Called 
Back, Large Type Edition, with Life, 2iort rait 
and illustrations by Frederick Barnard, post 
8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 5s 1885 

FARINI (L. C.) The Roman State, 1815-1850, 
translated with Preface by the Right Hon. W. E. 
Gladstone, 4 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 95 (pub. 
£2. 85) 1851-4 

FARNBOROUGH (Lord, Sir T. Erskine May) 
Constitutional History of England, 1760- 
1860 {library edition), 2 vols. 8vo. cloth (scarce), 
£2. 75 Qd 1861-3 

The same, with Continuation to 1871, 3 vols. 

post 8vo. new- calf gilt, £1. 105 1882 

Democracy 'in Europe : a Historv, 2 vols. 

8vo. cloth, £1. 15 (pub. £1. 12s) 1S77 

The same, new ccdf extra, £1. I65 

FARRAR (Archdeacon) The Early Days of 
Christianity, 2 vols. Svo. half calf antique, red 
edges, I65 Qd 1SS2 

The same, new ccdf gilt, or new ccdf antique, 

£1. 125 

Another copy, new morocco extra, gilt edges, 

£1. I65 

Cheap Edition, complete in one vol. post 

Svo. new calf gilt, 10s; or, new antique calf, 
edges, 10s Qd 1SS4 

Life of Christ, library Edition, 2 thick 

vols. Svo. cloth, 12s (pub. £1. 4s) n. d. 

Another copy, half calf gilt, 12s Qd 

The same, new ccdf gilt, £1. 125; or, new calf 

antique, red edges, £1. 145 

The same, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, 

£1. 155 

Another copy, handsomely bound in new 

morocco super-extra, joints, and gilt edges, £2. I85 

Illustrated Edition, complete in 1 vol., 

with colouredmap and about 300 wood-engravings, 
many full-page, 4to. cloth gilt, gilt edges, 10s Qd 
(pub. £1. 15) n . d. 

The same, new tree-calf gilt, gilt edges, £1. 85 

Another copv, new morocco extra, qilt edges. 

£1. 12s 

Cheap Edition, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s ; 

or, new trcc-calf extra, lis 1SS5 

Another copy, new morocco super-extra, gilt 

edges, 15s 

8 * 


PARRAR (Archdn.) Life and Work of St. 
Paul, coloured maps, 2 thick vols. 8vo. Prize tree- 
calf gilt {nearly new), £1. 2s n. d. 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. 12s ; or, new 

calf antique, red edges, £1. 14s 

Cheap Edition, complete in one vol. post 8vo. 

new calf antique, 10s Qd ; or, tree-cf gt., lis 1884 

Chapters on Animals, post 8vo. cl., 4s 1873 

Eternal Hope, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1885 

In the Days of thy Youth, post 8vo. cloth, 

7s 1882 

History of Interpretation (Bampton 

Lectures), Svo. cloth, lis Qd 1886 

Saintly Workers, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1884 

Seekers after God : Lives of Seneca, 

Epictetns, and Marcus Aureliu's, new edition, 
illustrated, crown Svo. new calf gilt, 10s 1877 

With the Poets, a Selection of English 

Poetry, from Chaucer to the Present Time, illus- 
t reded, post Svo. new tree- calf gilt, 12s Qd 1883 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s Qd 

FARM, Book of the, by H. Stephens, with 
numerous illustrations, 2 thick vols, royal Svo. 
half bound, £l.lQsQd 1877 

orium Sepulchrale ; an Account of Antiquities 
dug up at various Parishes in Kent, from 1757 to 
1773, by the Rev. Bryan Faussett : with Notes 
and Introduction, edited by C. Roach Smith, 
fine portrait of Joseph Mayer, Esq. {the proprietor), 
and 20 plates (some coloured), besides woodcuts, 
4to. cl., £1. 8s Printed for the Subscribers only, 1856 

FEILD (Dr. E.. First Bishop of Newfoundland), 
Memoirs of the Life of, by Prebendary 
Tucker, portrait, post Svo. cloth, 5s 1877 

FELLOWS (Sir C.) Travels and Discoveries 
in Asia Minor and Lycia : Both Works, with 
upwards of 50 fine plates of Antiquities, Coins, 
Inscriptions, etc., 2 vols, royal 8vo. half calf gilt 
{nearly new), £1. 15s 1839-41 

These valuable and interesting works have become scarce: 

they were originally published at £3. 10s in cloth. 

— ■ Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, 

more particularlv in the Province of Lycia, map, 
post Svo. calf gilt, 8s Qd 1852 

FENELON (Francois de Salignac de la 
Mothe, Archeveque 'de Cambrai) Avantures de 
Telemaque, printed on thick paper, with portrait 
and 25 fine plates after designs by Dubourg, 
2 vols. 12mo. new mottled calf extra, yclloiv edges, 
by Riviere, £1. 6s 1738 

. Adventures of Telemachus, translated 

into English Verse by the Rev. M. A. Meilan, 
with numerous fine engravings by Barlow, after 
Corboidd, Picart, Du Bourg, etc. {fine impres- 
sions), 2 vols. 4to. boards, uncut, 16s Qd 1792-4 

Son Histoire ; par le Card, de Bausset ; 

nouvelle edition, revue et augmentee, portrait 
and facsimiles, 4 vols. 8vo. brown calf extra, 
r/t. ed., by J. Clarke, £1. 10s Paris, 1850 

FERGUSSON (J.) Rude Stone Monuments 
in all Countries ; their Age and Uses, with 230 
illustrations, Svo. half calf, 18s 1872 

FERRIER (Prof. J. F.) Lectures on Greek 
Philosophy and other Philosophical Remains, 
edited by Sir A. Grant and Prof. E. L. Lushing- 
ton, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, Yls (pub. £1. 4s) 1866 

FERRIER (Miss Susan Edmonstone) 
Novels (Marriage: Inheritance: Destiny), the 
handsome Edinburgh Edition, 6 vols, post Svo. new 
half morocco gilt, £2. 1881 

'I his i- 'In- onl) uncurtailed edition, since their first appear- 
, of these extremely clever works. 


FESQUET (A. A.) Practical Guide for the 
Gold and Silver Electro-plater ; 127 illus- 
trations, Svo. cloth, £1. 4s 1872 

FEUERBACH (L.) The Essence of Christ- 
ianity, translated by George Eliot, post Svo. 
cloth, 6s 1881 

FIELD (W.) Stones of the Temple [descrip- 
tions of the various parts of a Christian church], 
with numerous illustrations from good examples, 
post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1871 

edition de luxe : 

FIELDING (H.) Works : edited, with a 
Biographical Essay, by Leslie Stephen {splen- 
didly printed in Large Type) ; each volume of the 
Novels containing eight illustrations by W. 
Small ; also Hogarth's Portrait of the 
Author, all on India Paper, 10 vols, royal 8vo. 
new cloth boards, wholly uncut, £5. 5s 1S82-3 

The same, new half morocco extra, top edges 

gilt, £9. 9s 

The same, new calf extra (FINE set), 

£11. lis 

The same, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, 

£14. 14s ; or, new polished morocco super-extra, 

uncut, top edges gilt, £18. 

LIBRARY edition : large paper : 
Works, with Essay on his Life and Genius 

by A. Murphy ; new edition, edited by Dr. J. P. 
Browne, with portrait, 11 vols, super-royal Svo. 
large AND thick paper, new morocco extra, 
gilt edges, £20. 1871 

Another copy of the same, full russia extra, 

top edges gilt, £18. 

Of the Large Paper impression, as above, only 26 copies 


AVorks, Cheap Edition, complete in one vol., 

with Life by Roscoe, and 20 illustrations by 
G. Cruikshank, royal 8vo. halfcfgt., 15s n. d. 

History of Amelia, fcap. 8vo. half bound, 

4s n. cl. 

Joseph Andrews, fcap. 8vo. half bound, 

4s n. d. 

Miscellanies and Poems, edited, with 

Preface, by Dr. J. P. Brow t ne, 8vo. half morocco, 
top edges gilt, 4s Qd (pub. 7s Qd) 1872 

None of the contents of this volume have yet been included 
in any edition of Fielding's Works. 

Tom Jones, with Memoir by T. Roscoe, 

portrait and 8 plates by G. Cruikshank, 2 vols, 
fcap. Svo. half calf gilt, 15s 1831 

Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon, first 

edition, 12mo. calf, 9s 1755 

and SMOLLETT'S Novels, beauti- 

fully printed on handmade paper, 11 vols, 
impl. 8vo. new half polished morocco, uncut, top 
edges gilt (ONLY 250 COPIES PRINTED FOR 
ENGLAND), £11. lis 1884 

The same, new polished Levant morocco, 

uncut, top edges gilt, £15. 

Contents : — Tom Jones, 2 vols. : Amelia : Joseph Andrews : 
Jonathan Wild, etc. : Peregrine Pickle, 2 vols. : Roderick 
Random: Humphrey Clinker: Ferdinand Count Fathom : Sit 
Launcelot Greaves : Historv of an Atom. 

PINDEN (W. and E.) Beauties of Thomas 
Moore ; Portraits of his principal Female Char- 
acters, from Paintings by eminent Artists, Frith. 
Ward, Elmore, Stone, Egg, etc., 49 highly finishci 
engravings, with Descriptions, n. d. — Flowers 01 
Loveliness ; Groups of Female Figures emblem 
atic of Flowers, by Uwins, Parris, Fann\ 
Corbaux, etc., 36 highly finished engravings, witl 
poetical Illustrations by Miss Landon, tin 
Countess of Blessington, and T. H. Bayley, n. d 
— 2 vols. impl. 4to. in one, cf. gilt, gt. ed., 18s 


PINDEN (W. and E.) Landscapes of Interest- 
ing Localities mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, 
2 maps and 96 fine steel plates after Turner, Stan- 
field, Callcott, Roberts, etc., with Historical and 
Descriptive Narratives by the Rev. J. M. Wilson, 
2 vols, super-royal 8vo. black morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £1. Is 6d n. d. 

Tableaux of National Character. 

Beauty, and Costume, 61 large steel plates, by 
Stephanoff, Uwins, etc., with Tales and Poetry by 
Lady Blessington, Miss Mitford, Miss Landon, 
Leigh Hunt, Mrs. S. C. Hall, etc., 2 vols. impl. 
4to. morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 6s (pub. 
£5.) 1S43 

FINLAY (G-.) History of Greece and Byzan- 
tium, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5s (pub. £3.65) 1851-7 

History of Greece, from the Conquest by 

the Romans to the present time ; revised and in j 
part re-written, with additions, and edited by the 
Rev. H. F. Tozer, portrait, 7 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£2. 18s 1877 ' 

The same, new calf gilt, yellow edges, £5. ; 

or, tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £5. 105 
FITZGERALD (Wo Bishop of Kill aloe) 
Lectures on Ecclesiastical History, includ- 
ing the Origin and Progress of the English 
Reformation, from Wiclif to the Great Re- 
bellion, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 15s 6d 1S85 
FITZGERALD (Percy) The Royal Dukes 
and Princesses of the Family of George III. 
2 vols. Svo. cloth, 65 6d (pub. £1. 10s) 1882 

Life and Times of William IV., 2 vols. 

8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. £1. 105) 1884 

Croker's Boswell and Boswell ; Studies 

in the " Life of Johnson," Svo. cloth, 9s 6d 1S80 
FITZROY (Rear-Adml.) The Weather 
Book, a Manual of Practical Meteorology, with 
chart, Svo. cloth, Is 6d (pub. I05) 1863 

FLAMANG (G\, Chanoine de Lengres) Vie et 
Passion de Mgr. Sainct Didier, Martir et 
Evesque de Lengres, jouee l'an mcccclxxxii : 
publiee pour la premiere fois avec une introduc- 
tion par J. Carnandet, Svo. half green morocco 
extra, uncut, top edges gilt, bit Canape (nice copy), 
12s 6d Paris, 1855 

This work is valuable both as a record of the words of a 
justly celebrated man, as a specimen of the mediaeval drama 
while it was yet in the service of the Church, and as a specimen 
Df the French laneuage in the early part of the XV. centurv. 

PLAXMAN (J., R. a.) Lectures on Sculpture, 
with portrait and 52 plates, post Svo. new calf 
qilt, 95 6d 1881 

FLECKNO (Richard) Enigmatical Char- 
acters, all taken to the Life, 12mo. morocco 
extra, gilt edges {fine copy), £1. 115 6d 

Anno Dom. M.D.C.LVin. 

First axd Rarest Edition. The present copy is the ident- 
ical one which sold at Dr. Bliss's sale in 1858 for £3. 18s and 
las a series of MS. notes in his handwriting as to its scarcity 
md completeness. But Dr. Bliss does not remark that nearly 
all copies end on p. 106, and do not possess the Appendix, which 
It is a book full of curious matter and allusions. 

FLETCHER (Phineas) The Purple Island 

; [or Isle of Man], a Poem, with the Critical Re- 
marks of H. Headley, and Biographical Sketch by 
W. Jaques, Svo. green morocco extra, gilt edges, 
by J. Clarke (in choice condition), 18s 1816 

?OCK (H. C.) The Symmetry of Pleasing 
Proportions, trans, by F. Lowe, illustrated 
with 26 large plates, folio, boards, 45 6c? (pub. 
105 6rf) 1877 

?OOTE (Sam.) Dramatic Works, with Life, 
2 vols, small Svo. old calf neat, Is 6d 1797 

Dramatic Works, with Life, 2 vols. Svo. 

mottled cf. gt. (scarce), £1. Is W. Lowndes, 1S09 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 117 

FORBES (J. D.) Norway and its Glaciers, 
with Excursions in the High Alps of Dauphine, 
Berne, and Savoy, largt tinted plates and wood- 
cuts, impl. Svo. d., scarce, £2. 2s- Edinburgh, 1853 

FORBES (Edward, Prof. Nat. Hist. Univ. 
Edin.), Memoir of, by Prof. G. Wilson and 
Archibald Geikie, portrait, Svo. cloth, Ss 1861 

FORBES (William Alexander), Collected 
Scientific Papers of, etched portrait and num- 
erous cuts, thick royal Svo. sewn, £1. 65 6d 1 885 

The same, half morocco, top edges gilt, 

£1. 155 

This volume was published " In Memoriam " of Mr. Forbes, 
by a committee of scientific men. Of the papers included in 
the collection, the Athenaeum says, " They all show a wide range 
of knowledge, a quickness of perception, and a power of applic- 
ation, which will convince the reader that zoological science 
sutfered a severe loss in the death of this enthusiastic student. 
All who had the advantage of his acquaintance will be glad to 
have a memorial of one who endeared himself to many by the 
amiability of his disposition and the sincerity" of his character. 

FORD (J.) Dramatic Works, with Notes 
critical and explanatory, by W. Gifford, with 
Fame's Memorial, and Verses to the Memory of 
Ben Jonson : best edition, 2 vols. Svo. new tree- 
calf extra, full gilt backs, uncut, top edges gilt, by 
Riviere, £3. 3* 1S27 

Another edition, with Introduction, Glossary 

and Xotes by H. Weber, 2 vols. Svo. calf gilt, 
£1. 15 Edinburgh, 1811 

FORSTER (Rev. C.) Historical Geography 
of Arabia, or the Patriarchal Evidences of Re- 
vealed Religion, with 2 large mounted maps in 
pockets, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt, Ss 6cl 
(pub. £1. 105) 1844 

The Appendix contains Translations, with an Alphabet and 
Glossary of the recently discovered Hamyaritic Inscriptions at 

FORESTER (T.) Rambles in Corsica and Sar- 
dinia, with their History, Antiquities, and present 
Condition, map, S coloured plates, and 39 woodcuts, 
square roval Svo. cloth, lis 6d (pub. 18s) 1858 

FORESTS and Forest Trees (English), Hist- 
orical, Legendary, and Descriptive, with numerous 
pretty illustra tion s on wood, Svo. cloth, Is 1S53 

FORSYTH (W., Gardener to the King) Fruit 
Trees : their Culture and Management, with 
Diseases and their Cure, etc., Svo. calf gilt, os 1S06 

FORTUNE (R.) Yedo and Peking: a Journey 
to the Capitals of Japan and China, map and 
illustrations, Svo. cloth, os 6d (pub. 16s) 1863 

FOSBERY (Rev. Thomas Vincent) Hymns 
and Poems for the Sick and Suffering, 12mo. 
half bound, -is 6d 1871 

The same, new cedf antique, gilt edges, or, 

morocco, gilt edges, "Is 6d 1S63 

FOSBROKE (Rev. T. D.) Encyclopedia of 
Antiquities and Elements of Archa?ology, clas- 
sical and mediaeval, with portrait and numerous 
engravings, 2 vols. 4to. calf neat, £1. 15 1825 

— ■ Encyclopaedia of Antiquities, also For- 
eign Topography, with numerous engravings, 
3 vols. 4to. cedf gilt, uniform and nearly 
£2. 5s Nichols', 1S2.5-S 

These works may justly be styled the "British Montfaucon," 

containing a vast variety of curious and valuable Archaeological 

Information, Manners, Customs, etc. 

Encyclopaedia of Antiquities, Classical 

and Mediaeval, new ami improved edition, 2 vols., 
and British Monachism, or manners and cus- 
toms of the Monks and Nuns of England, 1 vol. ; 
together 3 vols. impl. Svo. improved editions, with 
portrait of the author and numerous plates ; cloth, 
£1. 12* 6d 15-43 


FOSBROKE (Rev. T. D.) Foreign Topo- 
graphy, an Encyclopedick Account of the Ancient 
Remains of Africa, Asia and Europe, with the 22 
additional engravings, 4to. bcls. SsQd (pub. £2. 10s) 


FOSS (B.) The Judges of_ England, with 
Sketches of their Lives, and Notices connected with 
the Courts of Westminster, from the Norman Con- 
quest, 9 vols. 8vo. cl. {nicefresh copy),£Q. 6s 1848-57 

FOSTER (Birket) Pictures of English 
Landscape, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel, 
with Pictures in Words by Tom TAYLOR, 30 
highly finished woodcuts ; 4to. polished morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1874 

FOSTER (J.) Essay on Popular Ignorance; 
and on the Communication of Christianity to the 
People of Hindoostan, post 8vo. calf extra, 7s 1865 

FOX (Caroline, of Penjerrick) Memories of 
Old Friends : being extracts from her Journals 
and Letters, 1835-71, edited by H. N. Pym, with 
beautiful etched portrait by Herkomer, impl. 8vo. 
half morocco gilt (nearly new), 18s 1882 

Journal and Letters, portraits, 2 vols. 

crown 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d (pub. 18s) 1882 

FOX (Right Hon. C. J.), Memorials and 
Correspondence of, edited (from materials col- 
lected by Lord Holland and John Allen, with 
Additions) by Earl Russell, Library Edition, 4 
vols. 8vo. cl., SCARCE, £1. 16s (pub. £2. 16s) 1853-7 

Another copy, newly half bound, £2. 5s 

Early History of, by the Right Hon. 

Sir G. Trevelyan, 8vo. tree-calf extra, 18s 1880 

Cheap Edition, post 8vo. tree-calf extra, 

lis 6a 7 1883 

FOXE (John) Book of Martyrs, or the Acts and 
Monuments of the Church, Library Edition, with 
Life and Defence of the Martyrologist by Dr. G. 
Townsend, with Appendices, Glossary, and Indices 
by the Rev. J. Pratt, portrait, 8 vols. 8vo. new 
ccdf antique, red edges, £4. 10s 1870 

Another edition, fidly illustrated with num- 
erous steel plates, portraits and ivoodcuts, 3 fine 
large vols, super-royal 8vo. ccdf gilt, £1. 5s 1851 

A nice edition printed in clear type, and copiously- 

FRANCAIS (Les) peints par Eux-memes : 
Encyclopedic Morale du Dix-neuvieme Siecle : 
Paris, 5 vols.— Les Provinces, 3 vols. — con- 
taining numerous full-length highly Coloured 
Engravings of every Class of French Society, 
besides ivoodcuts, from drawings by Gavarni, 
Monnier, etc., accompanied by descriptive Essays 
by Janin, De Balzac, Karr, De Kock, Soulie, 
Gautier, and other eminent Writers ; 8 vols, 
impl. 8vo. half morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 10s 

Paris, Curmer, 1840-2 

The above is a very nice set of this most interesting work, 
the most remarkable ever attempted to depict and to describe the 
tvpes of all sorts and conditions of the people of any countrv. 

FRAN CHI (Diego de, Abato di Ripoli) 
HiSTORIA del Patriarcha S. GioVANGUALBERTO, 
Primo Abbate ed Institutore del Monastico 
Ordine di Vallombrosa, fine portrait and other 
copper plates, 4to. LARGE PAPER, beautiful copy, 
with wide margins, in purple morocco, gilt edges, 
by C. Lewis (Mr. Beckford's copy),£l. 16s 

Fiorcnza, 1640 

An interesting religious biography, by a member of the same 
order, of the founder of the chief of the three great sanctuaries 
of Tuscany. 

FRANCIS (J.) History of the ENGLISH Kail- 
way, its Social Relations and Revelations, 1820-45, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. Is 1851 I 



FRANKLIN (Benjamin) Complete Works, 
including his private as well as his official and 
scientific Correspondence, and numerous Letters 
and Documents now for the first time printed ; 
also the unmutilated and correct version of his 
Autobiography : edited by John Bigelow ; 
with engraved portrait : 10 vols, royal 8vo. hand- 
somely printed ; strongly half bound, £10. 10s 

New York, 1887-8 

The above edition is the most comprehensive ever issued, 
and contains a great number of letters and documents which 
have never before been printed. It also includes the correct 
unmutilated edition of the Autobiography, printed from the 
Autograph Manuscript in the editor's possession. Most of the 
editions extant of this are either reprints of a translation from 
the French, or of the English edition of the original MS. which 
has been found to have been altered in some 1200 cases from the 
genuine text, with the omission altogether of some of the later 
pages. The present edition in short may be considered, as far 
as the material is concerned, the final edition of Benjamin 
Franklin's Works. The whole edition is limited to six 
hundred copies. 

FRASER (J. Baillie) Travels in Koord- 
istan, Mesopotamia, etc., with sketches of the 
character and manners of the Koordish and Arab 
Tribes, steel frontispieces, 2 vols. 8vo. in 1, half 
morocco gilt, Is 6d (1840) 

FREDERICK the GREAT, Life of, by F. 

Kugler, with 500 illustrations, royal 8vo. cloth, 

Is 6d 1877 

FREEMAN (E. A.) History of the Norman 
Conquest, and of the Reign of William Rufus, 
8 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £8. 12s ; or, new tree- 
calf extra, by BivUrc, £9. 9s 1877-82 
History of the Reign of William Rufus, 

maps, 2 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £2. 2s ; or, new 
tree-calf extra, £2. 5s 1882 

Historical Essays, 3 vols. 8vo. new ccdf 

gilt, £2. 5s ; or, new tree-calf extra, by RivUre, 
£2. 10s 1875 

Lectures to American Audiences, crown 

8vo. cloth, 6s 6d n. d. 

Some Impressions of the United States, 

post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1883 

FREER (Miss) History of the Reign of King 
Henry IV. of France : Part I., Henry IV. and 
the League, portraits of the King and Gabrielle 
cVEstrees, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, £1. 7s 6d 1860 

FREMANTLE (Canon) Bampton Lectures 
on the World as the Subject of Redemption, 
8vo. cloth, 12s 1885 

FRENCH ANA :— Ducatiana, ou Remarques 
de feu M. Le Duchat sur divers sujets d'Histoire 
et de Litterature ; frontispieces, 2 vols. 12mo. 
pretty copy in old gilt veau fauve, with the 
curious early bookplate of P. F. Coppette of Paris 
(Mr. Beckford's copy) 13s Amsterdam, 1738 

FRENCH LYRICS, selected by G. Saints- 
bury, front., fcp. 8vo. parchment, 2s 6d 1883 

FRENCH (Old) Province of Languedoc :— 
Memoire Historique et Politique sur la prouince 
de languedoc, contenant tout ce qui s'est passe" de 
plus memorable avant et apres sa reunion a la 
Couronne, par M. D. L. D. B., Intendant, folio 
(pp. 449), brown morocco extra, £3. 3s Scvc. XVII 

A carefully prepared survey and account by some one tilling 
a capacity which enabled him to obtain authentic information. 

FRENCH Revolution (Great) :— Characters, 
Moral and Political, of the Principal Personages 
throughout the Revolution, etc., Portraits ; also 
The Caitiff of Corsica, an Historical Drama, 
portrait of the Caitiff added, 8vo. half roan, 8s Qd 



SHIRE, etc., all in fine state, as follows : — 

HARVEY (John, Gentle/nan) — Londons Lawless 

Liberty ; or A Goznionian partie licensed. Being 

a true discoverie of a pack of prodigious Knaves, 

4t0. SCWn, EXTREMELY BABE, £1. Is 1647 

The name of this writer is as unknown to bibliographers as 

his tract. The latter affords a most singulai picture of reai or 

alleged abuses in the City of London, as well as an insight into 

the character of commercial life at the period and the names of 


The Poets Knavery Discovered, in all their 
lying Pamphlets, written by J. 13., 4to. sewn, 
£1. Is [1642] 

A most singular exposure of the fictitious nature of most of 
the popular literature of the day, purporting to show that the 
pamphlets issued under attractive titles or in the names of cele- 
brated persons were fabricated by hackney writers. The 
account is at the same time important and amusing. 

Iter Australe Attempting something upon the 
happy Return of Charles II. from Banishment to 
his throne, By a Loyal Pen, IN verse, 4to. 
excessively rare, sewn, 15s 1660 

opy of this piece seems to have occurred for public sale. 

A Tragi-Comedy, called Xew-Market-Fayre, 4to. 
sewn, 10s Printed as you may <joc look, 1649 

A dramatic dialogue. 

An Agitator Anatomiz'd ; or, The Character of 
an Agitator, 4to. sewn, 10s 164S 

There are some very interesting allusions here to Lincoln- 
shire men, Bartholomew Fair, Cromwell, etc. The writer men- 
tions an u alamode slip shooe, like an old pot-lid quarter-burnt," 
and speaks of a man whose English is worse than Chaucer's, or 
the first Scottish Papers. 

Four Fugitives Meeting, or The Discourse 

amongst my Lord Finch, Sir Francis Windebank, 
Sir John Sucklin, and Doctor Roane, as they 
accidentally met in France, with a detection of 
their several pranks in England, 4to. woodcut on 
title, sewn, 10s 1641 

A most interesting pamphlet with allusions to the North- 
amptonshire churchwardens, who had scruples as to taking the 
oath, Suckling's Cap-and-Fea:her men, an episode connected 
with his play of Aglaura, etc. Windebank says to Suckling: — 
" I thinke, Sir John, your coat of Male would scarce have kept 
out the Pedlar's bullets, as it did the Rapier, in Black-Fryars, 
when you came from Aglauro {lie}." 

[Oldisworth, Michael] The First-Fruits of Philip 
Earle of Pembroke and Montgomery, etc. [some- 
times] Knight of the Garter : And [Nov.-] Knight 
of Berk-Shire, 4to. sewn, £1. Is [1648] 

This is a speech supposed to have been delivered by the Earl 
to the Lower House, and is most humourously written, all the 
characteristic traits of the pretended orator being brought out in 
strong relief . It is quite unique in its way. 

Cromwell (Oliver), A Coppie of a Letter to he sent 
to Lieutenant Generall Crumwel from the well- 
affected Partie in the City, 1647 ; A Word to 
Lieut. Gen. Cromwel : and two words for the 
selling of the King. Parliament and Kingdom, 
1647 ; A Case FOR Nol Cromwells Nose, and 
the Cure of Tom Fairfax's Gout, in prose and 
t, 164S : together, three most rare and curious 
historical tracts, £1. U 1647-3 

The last piece is particularly rare. 

FRERE (Right Hon. John Hookham) 
Works in Verse and Prose ; now first collected, 
with a Memoir by his Nephews. W. E. and Sir 
Bartle Frere. ports. 2 thick vols. Svo. hf. cf. gilt 
(librari/ stamp on t itlcs), £1. IQsB. 31. Pickering, IS~2 

• Another copy, on large paper (only 25 

copies printed), with the p>ortraits on India paper, 
2 vols, super-roy. Svo. cloth, uncut, £3. 3s 

Second edition, revised, with Additions, 2 

portraits, 3 vols, post Svo. cloth, 145 Qd 

ae w 1 ~ork ( C h is wick Press) ,1874 

The same, half calf gilt (nearly new. £1. 10s 

B. 31. Pickering, 1874 
The same, large paper, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 

FREYTAG (G. ) Die Verlobkne Handscheift, 
2 vols. Svo. calf extra, £1. 10s Leipzig. 1S73 

FROUDE (J. A.) Historv of England, from 
the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish 

Armada, BEST library EDITION, 12 vols. Svo. 

cloth. £5. os 1856-70 

The same, new veil urn gt. , red edges, £9. 1875 

Another copy, new tree-cay gilt, £12. 

The same. Cabinet Edition, 12 vols, crown 

Svo. half calf gilt. £4. 10s ls-77 
The same, new calf extra, £5. 156- ; or, t, 

calf extra, by Piviere. £6. 15s 

Another copy, new vellum extra, red edges, 

wholly uncut, £1. 15s 
The above editions comprise his contributions to the 
Microcosm and Anti-Jacobin ; translations of the Acharnians, 
Knights, Birds, Frogs and Peace of Aristophanes; Theognis 
Restitutus; Whistlecraft ; Translations from the Cid ; and 

The Monks and the Giants : Prospectus 

and Specimen of an intended National Work, by 
William and Robert Whistlecraft, of Stowmarket 
in Suffolk, Harness and Collar Makers, 12mo. 
boards, uncut, SCARCE, 9s 1S21 

Metrical Version of Aristophank-'- 

Acharnians, Knights, and Birds, 4to. half 
vellum gilt (with Lord Leigh' sbookplatc), SCARCE. 
£1. Ss6d Malta, Government Press, 1S40 

FRISWELL (J. Hain) A Mans Thoughts, 
post Svo. cloth, 4s Qd 1S72 

Essays on English Writers ; post Svo. 

calf gilt, 9s Qd 1S69 

— Familiar Words : a Quotation Handbook, 

with Parallel Passages of Phrases which have 
become imbedded in our English Tongue, post 
Svo. rhjfli. Is Qd 1S66 

The same, calf gilt, nearly new, Ss 

Varia: Readings from Pare Bo6ka,ports.ofSir 

T. Browne and Paracelsus, post Svo. cl.isQd lb66 

The same, cod f gilt, nearly new, ~s Qd 

£6. 10s 
Cheap Edition, 12 vols, post Svo. cloth, 

£1. 14s n. d. 

The same, new half calf gilt, £3. os 

The same, new calj £4. 10s 

Cesar : a Sketch ; portrait, Svo. new calf 

gilt, lis Qd 1S7*9 
Cheap edition, post Svo. new calf gilt, 10s; 

or, new tree-calf extra, by Piviere, lis 6d 1SS6 
Short Studies on Great Subjects. 4 vols. 

crown Svo. cloth, 19s Qd 1SS3 

The same, new half calf gilt, £1. 10s 

The same, I 'gut, £2; or, new tree- 

calf extra, by LI .2. os 

' — Fourth Series, Library Edition, Svo. cloth, 

6s (pub. 12*) 1883 
The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth 

Century, 3 vols, post Svo. half bound, 14s 1886 
The same, new tree-cf extra , by Piviere, £1. 14s 

Chronicles of England, France. Spain, and 
Countries adjacent, Translated by Col. Johne^, 
with Lives and £ >n their Works; numerous 

woodcuts from ancient Ulufi . 4 vols, royal 

Svo. new half m . £3. 15s 1^74 

The same, If gilt, £4. 

If desired, the above may be had separ:. 


FROISS ART'S Chronicles (as above), 2 thick 

vols, square royal Svo. half morocco extra [very 

neat copy), £1. Is 1839 

The same, brown calf extra, £1. 4s 1848 

Illuminated Illustrations of Frois- 

sart, selected from the MSS. in the British 

Museum, the Bibliotheque Royale, Paris, and 
from other sources, with Descriptions, 72 fine 


gold, by H. Noel Humphreys, 2 vols. 4to. 
LARGE PAPER, morocco super -extra, broad gold 
borders, gilt edges, £13. 10s 1845 

Gray, in a letter to a friend, thus speaks: — "I rejoice you 
have met with Froissart : he is the Herodotus of a barbarous 
age : had he but had the luck of writing in as good a language 
he might have been immortal ! His locomotive disposition (for 
then there was no other way of learning things), his simple 
curiosity, his religious credulity, were much like those of the old 
Grecian. After him come Monstrelet and Commines." 

FRESHFIELD (D. W.) Travels in the 
Central Caucasus and Bashan, illustrated, 
8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 18s) 1869 

FULLER (Dr. T.) Church History of Britain, 
new edition, with Preface and Notes by J. Nichols, 
7 plates, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 12s 6d (pub. £1. 7s) 1837 

Davids Hainous Sinne, Heartie Repent- 
ance, Heavie Punishment (literatim reprint of the 
original edition), post Svo. beautifully bound in 
brown calf extra, top edges gilt, by the late F. Bed- 
ford, £1. 4s (1631) B. M. Pickering ; 1869 

Only ioo copies printed. 

This poetical tract, consisting of 40 leaves, is divided into 
three parts, according to its-leading title : the first contains 47, 
the second 26, and the third 71 stanzas. Hibbert's copy of the 
original sold for £6. 6s, and Prince's for £7. 15/. 

A Pisgah Sight of Palestine and the 

Confines thereof, with the History of the Old and 
New Testament acted thereon, numerous fine 
engravings, ORIGINAL AND BEST EDITION, folio, 
russia extra, with gold rulings, gilt edges, fine 
COPY, £2. 15s 1650 

"A very fine copy. Plates of arms of Fuller's Patrons, 
and the engraved Title, which are frequently wanting. The 
Browsholme copy." — MS. Note. Moreover it has the armorial 
bookplate of Miss Frances Mary Richardson Currer, in whose 
handwriting is probably the above note. 

FULLER (Dr. T.) Good Thoughts in Bad 
Times, and other Papers, portrait, post 8vo. 
beautifully printed ; cloth, 5s 1880 

- The same, new calf gilt, 10s 


edition, frontispiece by Marshall and map, folio, 
calf extra, gilt edges [nice copy), 16s Qd Camb. 1651 
History of the Worthies of England : new 

edition, with Memoirs of the Author ; and ex- 
planatory Notes by John Nichols ; portrait, 
2 vols. 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £2. 10s 1811 

Life of, with Notices of his Books, his Kins- 
men and his Friends : by J. Eglington Bailey, 
portraits and other plates, thick 8vo. cloth (SCARCE), 
15s (pub. £1. 5s) 1874 

FULTON (R.) Illustrated Book of Pigeons, 
with Standards for Judging, edited by L.Wright, 
with 50 coloured plates and woodcuts, 4to. cloth gilt, 
gilt edges, 17s 6d (pub. £1. Ils6rf) n. d. 

FURNITURE : — Talbert ( B. J. ) Gothic 
Forms applied to Furniture, Metal Work, and 
Decoration for Domestic purposes, 30 lithographs, 
royal folio, cloth, 15s Birmingham, 1867 

— Schwenke's Designs for Decorative 

Furniture -.—see under Architecture, ante. 

FUSELI ( H., r.a. ) Life, and Lectures on 
Painting, edited bv J. Kncrwles, portrait, 3 vols. 
Svo. cloth, 12s 6d (pub. £2. 2s) 1831 

Another copy, bright calf extra (as good as 

new), £1. Is 
" Fuseli's Lectures have been stamped as the noblest 

criticism extant on Art." 

AIRDNER (James) The Early 

Chroniclers of England, post Svo. cloth, 

3s Qd n. d. 

Houses of Lancaster and York, with the 

Conquest and loss of France, 5 maps, 24mo. cloth , 
2s 1875 

History of the Life and Reign of Richard 

III., second edition, portrait, crown Svo. cloth, 
5s Qd 1879 

GALLENGA (A.) Italy, Present and Fut- 
ure, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 16s 1887 

grand galleries of pictures and 
miscellaneous books on the fine arts, 

Magnificent Gallery of Engravings, uniform ivith the Folio Issues of the Turner, Vernon, 

and Foyal Galleries. 

GALLERY OF PICTURES, Selected from the Galleries and Private Collections of 
GREAT BRITAIN, One Hundred and Fifty Masterpieces of Modern Art, executed in the 
highest style of line engraving by the most eminent Engravers of the Bay, with Descrip- 
tions by S. C. Hall, Esq., f.s.a. 1872 

I. Proofs Before Letters, imperial folio, each plate printed on India Paper with 
the greatest care, and accompanied by a descriptive page of Letterpress of corresponding 
size, 150 plates, forming 4 volumes, handsomely bound in hf. morocco extra, g. e., £12. 12s 

II. Artist's Proofs, atlas folio, also on India Paper, and of which only a few copies 
were printed, 4 volumes, handsomely bound in half morocco extra, gilt edges, £18. 18s 

■ The same, new morocco super-extra, elaborate gold tooling on sides, gilt edges, £28. 10s 

Modern British Artists included in the Above Work. 

R. Ansdell, a. r.a. 
P. H. Calderon, r.a. 
\V. Collins, r.a. 
|. Constable, r.a. 
K. \V. Cooke, r.a. 
I S dney Cooper, r.a. 
'I . ( reswick, r.a. 
Sir < . L. Ivistlake, p. r.a 
E I • Egg, r.a. 
A. Elmore, r.a. 

W. Etty, r.a. 
T. Faed, r.a. 
Birket Foster. 
VV. P. Frith, r.a. 
W. E. Frost, a. r.a. 
Sir John Gilbert, r.a. 
1. R. Herbert, r.a. 
[. C 1 look, R.A. 

J. ('. I [orsley, r.a 
A. Johnston. 

Sir E. Landseer, r.a. 
C. R. Leslie, r.a. 

C. }. Lewis. 
J. Linnell. 

H. S. Marks, r.a. 

D. Maclise, r.a. 
('. L M idler. 

W. Mulready, r.a. 

Sir John Noel Paton, R.8.A. 

J. Phillip, r.a. 

P. F. Poole, r.a. 

J. Sant, r.a. 

A. Solomon. 

C. Stanfield, r.a. 

Marcus Stone, r.a. 

E. M. Ward, r.a. 

Mrs. Ward. 

H. Warren. 

T. Webster, r.a. 

Sir D. Wilkie, r.a. 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 




PICTURES SELECTED from the GALLERIES and Private Collections of GREAT 
BRITAIN ; 150 Masterpieces of Modem Art, executed in the highest style of line engraving 
bij the most eminent Engravers of the Bay, with Descriptions by S. C. Hall, Esq., f.s.a. ; 
Proofs before letters on India paper, 4 vols, atlas folio 1872 

Contents on previous page. 

ROYAL GALLERY OF ART, edited by S. C. Hall, 144 engravings from the choicest Pictures 
by Ancient and Modern Masters in the Collections of Her Majesty and H.B.II. Prince 
Albert at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Osborne; largest paper, Artist's 
Proofs before Letters on India paper, with Descriptions, 4 vols, atlas folio in 2 1854-61 

VERNON GALLERY of BRITISH ART, 152 splendid Engravings, including the most 
important productions of Turner, Bandseer, Bavid Roberts, Stanfield, Webster, Callcott t 
Collins, Creswick, Maclise, and others, engraved in the highest style of Art, by Willmore 
and other first-class engravers, large paper, Proofs before letters on India paper, 
5 vols, atlas folio in 2 1849-53 

TURNER GALLERY, 60 large and highly finished line engravings after the most famous 
paintings by J. M. W. Turner, r.a., with Memoir and Descriptions by R. N. Wornum, 


Together 14 vols, atlas folio, in 9, newly and superbly bound in green morocco, super-extra, 

broad gold borders and gilt edges, £150. 

BRITISH GALLERY OF PICTURES. — A selection of the most admired productions of 
the Modern School, from the Galleries and Private Collections in Great Britain, fifty 
large line-engravings, executed in the highest style of the art, by the most eminent engravers, 
brilliant India proofs, with descriptive letterpress, atlas folio, half morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £7. 7s n. d. 

The same, full morocco extra, with broad gold borders on sides, gilt edges, £9. 9s 

One of the finest Works of Art ever produced in any country : the Painters include the first names of 

the modern British School, and the Engravers are the most eminent of their class. 

ROYAL GALLERY OF ART, edited by Samuel Carter Hall, 144 highly finished engravings 
from the choicest pictures by Ancient and Modern Masters, in the Private Collections of 
Her Majesty and H.B.H. Prince Albert, and the Art Heir-Booms of the Crown at 
Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and Osborne; choice impressions on India Paper, 
with Descriptions by the Editor, 4 vols, royal folio in 2, sumptuously bound in whole 
crimson morocco super-extra, sides and backs richly gold-tooled, gilt edges, only £12. 12s 

Colnaghi and Co. (1854-61) 

TURNER GALLERY ; 60 large and beautiful Bine Engravings, after the most famous Paint- 
ings of J. M. W. Turner, r.a., with Memoir and Descriptions by R. N". Wornum, enclosed 
in half morocco portfolio, £12. 12s 1875 

The same, Artists' Proofs, on India Paper, Atlas Folio, new half morocco extra, gilt 

edges, £14. 14s 

The same, new morocco elegant, gilt edges, £17. 17s 

The last of the above copies is uniform in size with the Muscc Frangais, and the other great English 
and Foreign Galleries of Engravings. The work contains the choicest productions of Turner's unrivalled 
pencil, including many fine specimens of Landscape and Marine Scenery not engraved in any other work. 
ARUNDEL SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS, a Collection of these extremely beautiful Chromo- 
lithographs, most admirably printed in GOLD and colours after the paintings in fresco of 
the old Italian and German Masters, and copper, line, outline and wood engravings, some 
on Lidia paper, published between the years 1853 and the present time (1887), containing 
examples of Giotto, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Nelli, Buini, Ba Vinci, Sanzio, Ghirlandaio t 
Bippi, Era Angelico, Raphael, Memling, Van Eyck, M. Angelo, Titian, Montagna, etc., 
some very rare, contained in a large portfolio on stand, with ten vols, of text, containing 
Lives of some of the Painters, Descriptions of their Works, etc., by John Ruskin, 
R. N. Wornum, Digby Wyatt, Sir H. Layard, etc., roy. 8vo. sewn, £65. 10s 1853-87 
In this series will be found many of those scarce publications of this Society which are so often 
searched for in vain by those who desire to complete their sets. It is, however, impossible to describe 
here at length the contents of the set, but a list of them will be sent to anyone desiring it. 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued: 






Selected from Rare Examples in the Department of Prints and Drawings, 

British Museum, 

And reproduced by the Autotype Process, 



Comprising Four Parts, 

Each containing 25 Subjects, accompanied with Descriptive and Biographical Annotations. 


After Sir JOSHUA REYNOLDS, P.R.A., from the Engraving by R. S. MARCUARD, 




Of the Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum. 




1. Half morocco, flexible backs, top edges gilt £14. 

2. Whole morocco, flexible backs, top edges gilt .... £15. 

3. Levant morocco extra, flexible backs, top edges gilt . £15. 10s. 


BARTOLOZZI AND HIS WORKS, by A. W. TITER, a Biographical and Descriptive 
Account of, with 13 of his original Engravings, proof impressioxs, with Observations 
on the present Demand for and Value of his Prints ; the Way to detect Modern 
Impressions, Deceptions attempted with Prints, Print Collecting, etc. ; also List of 
upwards of 2000 of the great Engraver's Works, 2 vols, royal 4to. large paper, half 
vellum, uncut, £7. Loo* 

Another copy on large paper, with duplicates of the plates in different colourec 

inks ; besides several of them Delicately Printed on Satin, 2 vols, royal 4to. half vellum, 
uncut, £13. 10s 

Tho present copy contains duplicates of the principal illustrations printed on RICH SATIN in the 
same state aa in the copy prepared for presentation to Her Majesty the Queen, to whom the work 
Is dedicated. It is impossible to describe the charm of these impressions on Satin; no impressions 
on Paper can equal, or even approach, them in Brilliancy and Softness. 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 


BARTOLI (Pietro-Sante) Recueil de Peintures Antiques trouvees A Rome imitees fidele- 

ment, pour les couleurs et le trait ; avec la Description de la Pyramide de Cestius 

par l'Abbe Rive, the numerous plates elaborately and beautifully coloured, 2 vols, royal 

folio, original red morocco extra, yellow edges, nice copy, £42. Paris, Bidot, 1783 

Extremely rare, one hundred copies only having been printed. The Duke of Hamilton's 

copy sold for £80. 

CLAUDE LE LORRAIN,Wo rks op, containing 33 large Views from paintings by this great 
Artist, engraved by T. Major, W. Woollett, F. Vivares, J. Peak, J. Mason, W. Byrne, 
P. C. Canot, J. Browne, J. Fittler, and W. Lowry, Brilliant Impressions, several in 
different states, Unlettered Proofs and Etchings; mounted in a portfolio of tinted 
leaves, elephant folio, half morocco gilt, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), £22. 10s v. y. 

A Fine Work on American Art. 
ERS : a Series of upwards of 30 very Beauti- 
ful Photogravures, after J. C. Beckwith, E. 
H. Blashfield, T. Pielman, Wyatt Eaton, 
T. Hovenden, J. La Farge, F. Lathrop, F. D. 
Millet, etc., etc., plates and text mounted on 
guards throughout ; atlas 4to. printed on plate 
paper ; in elegant white and gold binding, uncut, 
top edges gilt, £5. (pub. £6. 65 nett) 1886 

AMERICAN ETCHINGS : a Collection of 
Twenty Original Etchings by Morgan, Par- 
rish, Ferris, Smillie and others, with descript- 
ive Text and Biographical Matter by S. R. 
Koehler, Proofs before Letters on Ja- 
panese Paper (only 40 copies so printed), folio, in 
vellum case), £4. 4s Boston, Mass., 1886 

AMERICAN PAINTERS, with 83 examples 
of their work engraved on wood by G. W. Sheldon, 
4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, 15s n. d. 

AMERICAN Art Year Book for 1884, beauti- 
fully printed on hand-made paper and illustrated 
with 11 Examples of various Graphic Processes, 
Etching, Lithography , Steel-engraving, Albertype, 
Helioty pe, Phototype, and Artotype [sic] ink colours, 
4to. boards (a handsome volume), £1. 55 1884 

ART (L') : Revue hebdomadaire illustree, 
with numerous fine plates and woodcuts, folio, vols. 
1, 2 and 4, each £1. \s 1877 

ART UNION (London) Prize annual, 1847, 
with 53 plates containing 265 fine mezzotints, 
sketched and engraved by H. Melville, folio, half 
bound (a cheap and attractive volume), 18s 1847 

ATKINSON (J. B.) The Schools of Modern 
Art in Germany, with <&fine etchings and other 
illustrations, royal 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 15s 6d 
(pub. £1. lis 6d) 1880 

BAILLIE (Capt.) Etchings and Prints after 
Paintings and Drawings by the Great Masters, 
100 fine plates, including many fine Mezzotints, 
impl. folio, russia extra, gilt edges, £5. 5s 

Boydell, v. y. 

Comprises some splendid specimens of Rembrandt, Ostade, 
G. Dow.. Teniers, Poussin, Terburg, and other old Masters. 

BEAUTIFUL Pictures by British Art- 
ists, 1800-1870; the two series, 33 high- 
class engravings, including examples of Wilkie, Con- 
stable, Turner, Landseer, Faed, Goodall, Horslcy, 
Paton, etc., with Notices by S. Armytage, 2 vols, 
impl. 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s 1870-5 

BIDA'S ETCHINGS :— The Book of Ruth : 
9 large and magnificent plates, besides vignettes, 
with the French Text elegantly printed, impl. folio, 
gilt cloth, £1. 8s (pub. £2.) Paris, 1876 

BIDA'S ETCHINGS :— The Book of Tobit : 
14 large and magnificent plates, besides vignettes, 
ivith the French Text elegantly printed, impl. folio, 
gilt cloth, £3. 3s Paris, 1880 

■ The Song of Songs (English text of the 

Revised Version) : handsomely printed on thick 
white vellum paper, ivith 20 Fine Etchings by 
E. Hedotjin andE. Boiloin, from the new and 
original designs by Bida, Proofs on India Paper, 
folio, half roan extra, gilt edges (only 250 copies 
printed), £3. 3s 1886 

The Four Gospels :— 

I. St. Matthew, 41 etchings. 
II. St. Mark, 24 etchings. 

III. St. Luke, 40 etchings. 

IV. St. John, 27 etchings. 

The Authorized Versions, beautifully printed in 
large type within red lines, and illustrated ivith 132 
exquisite full-page etchings, after drawings made 
in the Holy Land, 2 vols. impl. 4to. morocco 
antique elegant, gilt edges, £9. 9s n. d. 

This splendid series of Etchings after the designs of M. 
Bida far surpasses anything of the kind yet published, and may 
be said to inaugurate a new era in Biblical illustration. 

BLAKE (William) Sublime Works : Songs of 
Innocence and of Experience ; Book of Thel ; 
Visions of the Daughters of Albion ; America, a 
Prophecy ; Europe, a Prophecy ; The First Book 
of Urizen ; Song of Los ; reproduced in facsimile 
from the excessively rare original editions, 1789-94: 
printed like them, on one side only, and on hand- 
made paper of uniform size, 1 vol. folio, halfmor., 
uncut, top eel. gt., £5. 5s Privately printed, 1876 

One Hundred Copies only have been reproduced. The 
extraordinary- beauty and rarity of these works are well known. 

Ten Etchings from the Works of, by W. 

Bell Scott, beautifully printed on India Paper, 
with descriptive Text, royal folio, half boards, 
£1. Is 1878 

BONINGTON (R. P.) : A Series of Subjects 
from his Works, drawn on stone by J. D. Hard- 
ing, 22 plates on India paper, impl. 4to. boards, 
£1. 15s 1829-30 

** Except in the case of Mr. Harlowe, I have never known in 
my own time the early death of talent so promising and so 
rapidly and obviously improving." — Sir Thomas Lawrence on the 
death of Bonington. 

CABINET de Boyer d'Aguilles : Recueil 
d'Estampes d'apres les Tableaux des Peintres les 
plus Celebres, 118 fine large engravings by Code- 
mans, etc. (decrit par J. P. Mariette), brilliant 
impressions of the plates before the num- 
bers, BOTH PARTS COMPLETE, atlas folio, veau 
fauve, £24. Paris, 1744 

This tine collection comprises some splendid pictures of the 
great Masters of the Italian, Dutch, and French Schools, includ- 
ing Raphael, Correggio, Titian, Caracci,Guido, Rubens, Vandyck, 
Teniers, Poussin, Le Sueur, etc. 


Gkand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 

CABINET de Choiseul ; Recueil d'Estampes 
gravees d'apres les Tableaux du Cabinet de Mon- 
seigneur le Due de Choiseul, the complete scries 
of 130 fine engravings by Basan from these famous 
pictures, fine original impressions, royal 4to. 
green morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by J. Wright, 
£13. 10* Paris, 1770 

CABINET de Poullain, containing 120 beau- 
tiful engravings by Basan and others, after the 
Old Masters, original and brilliant impres- 
sions, with Descriptions, royal 4to. in the original 
mottled cf, gt. back {SCARCE), £10. 10s Paris, 1781 

Another fine copy, green morocco super-extra, 

gilt edges, by J. Wright, £11. lis , 
The above collections have always been famous for the 
choice pictures of the Dutch school which they contain, en- 
graved under the direction of the celebrated Basan. The above 
copies are uniformly bound, and in nice condition. 

CALLOT :— Miracoli e Grazie della Santissima 

Nunziata di Firenze, descritti da J. A. Lottini, 

with fine impressions of the plates by C ALLOT, sm. 

4to. red morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by 

Kalthoebcr ; an elegant specimen of his binding, in 

perfect condition, £5. 10s s. I. ed a. {Firenze, 1619) 

Mr. Beckford's copy, with reference by him to an 

engraving of the guillotine on page 209. This copy is one of the 

few issued before the place and date were engraved on the title. 

It formerly belonged to Floncel, who has written on the fly-leaf : 

" Doppo una ricerca di 30 anni ho finalmente trovato questo libro 

rarissimo." Callot's tine plates depict a variety of scenes in 

which sufferers after having implored in vain all other help 

divine and human have obtained relief from the Blessed Virgin. 

CASTELLANI Collection : a Series of 20 
Photographs by Stephen Thompson, selected 
and described by C. T. Newton, impl. folio, 
cloth, £1. Is (pub. £3. 3s) 1874 

CENTURY GUILD Hobby Horse, Vol. 1, 
illustrated with mezzotint and other engravings, 
4to. half vellum, 12s Qd 1886 

A limited number of Proofs of the illustration have been 
printed on Japankse Paper : each 10s 6d. 

Subjects: The Entombment, by Madox Brown : Two Car- 
toons of Stained Glass by D. G. Rossetti : Mask of Blake : the 
Angel of Death crowning the Angel of Innocence : the Lady 
and Swan. 

CHAUVEL (Theophile), Fourteen Proof 
Etchings by, on India paper, with Preface by 
J. Comyns Carr, royal folio, white vellum gilt, 
£3. 3s (subscription price £5. 5s) (1881) 

These beautiful Etchings are after Pictures by Old dome, 
Rousseau, Corot, Diaz, Boulenger, Daubigny, De Gegerfeldt, 
Van Marke, Jacomin, Vevrassat, and Guillemet. 

CLAUDE, Watteau and CANALETTO : a series 
of 25 coloured lithographic plates, containing 
figures and groups from Pictures in England by 
them, arranged by S. Bendixen, mounted on 
cardboards, impl. folio, in half morocco portfolio, 
£3. 3s ' Colnaghi, 1841 

COESVELT Gallery of Pictures, with Intro- 
duction by MRS. Jameson ; with 90 engravings in 
outline by Joubert, after Salvator Rosa, Poussin, 
Dominichino, Titian, da Vinci, Rubens, etc. etc., 
royal 4to. half mor. extra, at. ed., £1. lis Qd 1836 

CONTEMPORARY ART, 30 etchings and 
Chromolithographs after the original Pictures by 
Eminent Artists of the present day, with explana- 
tory Text, folio, elegantly bound, gilt edges, 15s Qd 
(pub. £2. 2s) 1876 

Contains Pictures by Masson, Hddouin, Cicdri, Hanoteau, 
Mongin, De"sandre", Hamon, Mes, Flameng, Benoist, etc. 

14 etchings from representative Works by living 
English and Foreign Artists, edited with Critical 
Notes by J. COMYNS CARE, imp], folio, cloth 
extra, 17s Qd 1878 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

COPPER-PLATES (Curious) : — Breugel 
(P. ) Toonneel des wereldts, in verse, with illus- 
trations on copper and a very singular frontis- 
piece by VlSSCHER, oblong 4to. calf neat, from 
Sir Francis Freeling's library, with bookplate 
{good clean copy), £2. 2s Weesp, 1658 

DALZIEL'S Bible Gallery, 62 illustrations 
from the Old Testament, from original Drawings 
by famous English Artists, Proofs ON India 
Paper, 4to. vellum extra, £1. 15s 1881 

DAFFORNE (J.) The Albert Memorial in 
Hyde Park, its History and Description, with 16 
fine steel engravings of the Statuary, etc., royal 
4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, 10s Qd n. d. 

DEUCHAR (A.) Etchings, after eminent 
Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, par 
ticularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Bega, and Van Vliet, 
with a few by himself, 367 very fine etchings, 
original impressions, mounted in 2 volumes, folio, 
morocco extra, gilt edges (SCARCE), £6. 10s 1803 

The original impressions of these tine etchings are very 
difficult to procure, and are vastly superior to the re-issue of 
the collection which is often met with. 

DRAWINGS in the Royal Collection at 
Windsor Castle, 20 facsimiles after Michel 
Angelo, Raphael, Leonardo and other Masters, 
with Descriptions by B. B. Woodward, f.s. a., 
4to. cloth, 8s Qd (pub. £1. 5s) 1870 

DRESDEN Gallery (Royal), nearly 150 
beautiful and highly finished engravings after 
Claude, Correggio, Guido, Raphael, Rembrandt, 
Rubens, etc. etc., with Descriptions, 2 vols. 4to. in 
one, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s (1852) 

DUSSELDORFF, Galerie Electorale de, 
par N. de Pigage, 30 large plates comprising 365 
Pictures by the Great Masters, beautifully en- 
graved by C. de Michel, fine original impressions, 
with copious Descriptions, 2 vols, oblong folio in 
one, russia gilt, £1. 18s Qd Basle, 1778 

DURER (Albert) The Little Passion, repro- 
duced in facsimile by W. C. Prime, 37 plates, 
4to. half bound, 13s Qd 1870 


ENGLISH ART in the Public Galleries of 
London (National Gallery, S. K. M., and 
National Portrait Gallery), edited by T. 
Humphry Ward, m. a., assisted by W. Armstrong, 
G. H. Boughton, A.R.A., Austin Dobson, A. W. 
Hunt and others, handsomely printed on Dutch 


Goupil AND Co., Parts 1-12 {to be completed in 15 
parts), impl. folio, in portfolios (only lOOO copies 
in all printed), £12. 

Purchasers of the above ivork must engage to take the remaining 
3 parts at the net price of £\ each. 

ENGLISH Painters of the Present Day: 
Essays by J. B. Atkinson, S. Colvin, P. G. 
Hamerton, W. M. Rossetti, and Tom Taylor, with 
12 photographs after original drawings, 4to. cloth 
extra, gilt edges, 10s Qd (pub. £1. Is) 1881 

ENGRAVINGS :— Twenty Proof Impres- 
sions of Engravings originally published in the 
English Illustrated Magazine, 4to. in silk 
portfolio, 13s 1884 

ENGRAVINGS after the Best Pictures of the 
GREAT Masters, dedicated by command to her 
Majesty, 20 fine large plates, with Descriptions in 
English and French, impl. folio, half morocco, giti 
edges, £1. 10s (pub. £5. 5s) Edinburgh (1842) 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 


CRANE (Walter) : " The First of May," a Fairy Masque, illustrated by 57 'designs, printed by 
the photo-gravure process, in exact facsimile of the original drawings by Walter Crane ; 
Proofs on India Paper, imperial folio size, in portfolio, £3. 3s (pub. £6. 6s) 1881 

The same, First Proofs on India Paper, atlasfolio size , in portfolio, £5. 5s(pub. £10.105) 

*** Copies in various sumptuous binding's, forming handsome presents, kept in stock. 

By this process the engravings are hardly to be detected from the drawings themselves. No descrip- 
tion would realize the variety of subjects, and the wide range of Mr. Crane's pencil, nor the felicity 
with which each of the characters, human and semi-human, is drawn and individualized. Men, women, 
boys, girls, fairies, demons, elves, imps, beasts, birds, and even insects, all figure before us — singing, 
dancing, hying, joyous or sad, in each scene of the masque. All is May and Fairyland. 

Opinions of the Press. 

" ' The First of May ' is a grand art-work, and bids fair to be the book not only of this but many 
another season. It is unique in character, unsurpassed and unsurpassable in beauty, and one of the 
most exquisite and choice that an artist-mind could conceive, or enlightened and liberal-minded publishers 
carry out. It will be a treasure — ' a thing of beauty ' that will be ' a joy for ever ' — to those who are 
fortunate enough to secure copies. These should be at once applied for." — The Reliquary. 

" 'The First of May 'is a work full of tender feeling, and perfect in composition. The artist's 
smaller figures, his children, are delightful. What could be prettier than the little group around the 
maypole, No. III., or the busy elves making ' the spring's green wave break o'er the fields ' ? And how 
successful, too, he is in his delineation of the half -animal, half -human creature, which, though somewhat 
sparingly, he has introduced ; two groups on Sheet XXXVIII. are not unworthy of Wilhelm Von Kaul- 
bach or of Grandville. " — Academy. 

a grand series of works on art. 
ART; the complete collection, as under:— 

Antiquttes d'HERCCLANUM, avec les Explications Monuments Inedits de VAntiquite, expliques 

par Sylvain Marechal, containing 864 engravings par Winckelmann, grave* par David et Made- 

of Etruscan and Greek Art, forming a complete moiselle Sibire, avec des Explications Francaises 

picture of Life amongst the Ancients, 12 vols. par A. F. Desodoards, 20S plates in bistre {some 

1780-1803 coloured), 3 vols. 1809 

Axtiquites Etrusques, Grecques et Romaines, Histoire de France, avec un Precis historique par 

ou les plus beaux \ ases Etrusques, Grecs, et l'Abbe Guvot, 140 plates in bistre, 5 vols. 1787-96 

Remains ; avec leurs Explication, par D'Hancar- HlsT0IRE d'ANGLETERRE, representee par figures, 

ville about 3o0 curious coloured engravings accompagnees d'un Precis historique (par Le 

a,° ' j v i T7 v • 1/b '" 6 Tourneur etc.), Ill plates in bistre, 3 vols. 1794-1800 

Museum de Florence, avec des Explications par * 

F. Mulot. exhibiting several thousand Engraved Histoire deRussiE, representee par figures, accom- 

Gems, Statues, Medals, and Paintings, 636 plates pagnees d'un Precis historique par Blin de Sain- 

in bistre, 8 vols. 1787-1803 move, 48 plates in bistre, 3 vols. 1799-1S05 

Histoire de France sous EEmpire de Napoleon, Loges du Vatican, d'apres des Tableaux de 

representee en figures, 12 plates in bistre, 6 vols. Raphael accompagnees du Texte explicatif de la 

in 3 (rare) 1813 I Sainte-Bible, 20 plates in bistre, 1 vol. 1S08 

— Too ETHER 46 vols. 4to. in 43, bound in the original French marbled calf, gilt edges, 
uniform {a few plates wanting), £16. 16s Paris, 1780-1813 

ENGRAVINGS :— Discours du Bon et Loial 
Subjet de la Grande Bretagne, a la Reyne de ce 
Pays (Henrietta Maria) touchant la Paix et 
Affaires d'iceluy, autograph letter from W. Smith 
to Dr. Bandinel, congratulating him on the posses- 
sion of the complete volume, inserted, small 4to. 
russia extra, gilt edges, from the libraries of Dr. 
Bandinel and Mr. Addington, £5. 5s 

Paris, chez M. Mettaier, 1648 

A very scarce volvme, having large oval portraits of 
Charles II. when Prince of Wales, and Henrietta Maria, with 
[ten lines of Verse in French underneath each, no engraver's 
yiame. Also, three Folding Plates. I. The King sitting in 
the Upper House, surrounded by his Great Officers xx in 
State. II. The King in the Lower House of Parliament with 
tan Assemblage of Members. III. The Order of the Convoca- 
tion and the House of Assembly, in two compartments. 
Pages 34-5-6 are occupied with a Letter, written in English, 
a.i). 1468, by Adolphus, son of Otho the Great, Duke of Saxony, in 
which he bitterly complains of his Mother-in-LaW's 
actions. On the fly-leaf is pasted down the very rare frontis- 
piece to the "Annual World and Sacred Poems," by Edward 
Browne, engraved by John Droeshout. The present is a volume 
kvhich would form a yaluable addition to any collection of 
historical prints or books. 

ETCHING CLUB : 43 beautiful etchings on 
India Paper, by PcEdgraye, Townshend, 
Creswick, Cope, Horslev, Bell, Herbert, 
Webster, etc., mounted on drawing paper, 4 vols, 
royal 4to. doth, very scarce, £7. 10* 1837 etc. 

— (Junior) -.—Passages from Modern Eng- 
lish Poets, illustrated by the Junior Etching 
Club, 47 etchings, Proofs on India Paper, folio, 
cloth, gilt edges, £2. os 1862 
The same, on large paper, proofs on 

India Paper before all letters, folio, half 
bound, gilt edges, £4. 4s 
Another copy, morocco extra, gt. ed., £5. 10s 

The Artists in this beautiful volume are Harwell, Viscount 
Bury, Clark, Clayton. Lord G. Fitzgerald, Gale, Keene, Lawless, 
Lewis, Marks, Millais, Moore. Oakes, Powell, Rossiter, Severn, 
Sleigh, Smalltield, Tenniel, Whaite, and Whistler. 

— - — Passages from the Poems of Thomas 
Hood, illustrated by the Junior Etching Club 
in a seines of 34 exquisite plates, all INDIA 
proofs before letters, by J. Tenniel, Sir John 
Millais, P. Powell, C. Rossiter, etc., ^olio, half 
morocco, top edges gilt, scarce, £3. 15* 1858 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued : — 

FLORENCE, GALERIE de, et du PALAIS PITTI, Vols. 1-3, containing 300 engravings, 

brilliant original impressions, with Descriptions, 3 vols, imperial folio in 2, half 

russia, uncut, £16. 16s Paris, 1789-1804 

Though the above copy consists of only Vols. 1 to 3 (out of 4 vols.), the best pictures are contained 

in it, and the beauty of the impressions is unequalled. The Florence Gallery is allowed to he the 

most capital collection in Europe. 

ETCHINGS :— Daumont (E.) Souvenirs des 
Bains de Wattwiller (Alsace), a series of 10 
beautiful etchings, Proofs BEFORE LETTERS, 
on India paper, with Introduction by E. 
Siebecker, folio, £1. 10s Paris, 1878 

L'Eau-Forte en 1874, 30 original and in- 

edited Etchings, by Lalanne, Leon Lhermitte, 
Yon, A. Legros, and other most distinguished 
Artists; with Text by P. Burty, impl. folio, in 
portfolio, £2. 2s Paris, 1874 

— Le Livre d'Or du Salon de Peinture et de 

Sculpture: Catalogue Descriptif des ceuvres re- 
compensees et des principales oouvres hors Con- 
cours, redige par G. Lafenestre, with 16 fine 
etchings by Damman, Flameng, Gaucherel, 
Lalauze, Yon, etc., impl. 8vo. half morocco gilt, 
gilt edges, 10s 6d Paris, 1881 

Twenty Etched Examples of Paintings 

Old and New, with Notes by J. W. Mollett, 
B.A., folio, cloth, lis 6d 1885 

The same, Edition de Luxe, printed on 

Large Handmade' Paper, royal folio, half 
morocco, top edges gilt, 1 6s 

and ENGRAVINGS :— Carracci (An- 

nibale) Livre de Portraiture, 2me Partie, 38 
plates only, including the engraved title contain- 
ing a portrait of Carracci, Paris, s. d. —-Upwards 
of fifty etchings by Della Bella of heads, land- 
scapes, figures and buildings, fine early impres- 
sions, in a volume, folio, old binding, from the 
ancient Petre collection, £2. 2s n. d. 

ETTY (W. M., R.A.), Pictures by, with descrip- 
tions and a Biographical Sketch by W. Cosmo 
Monkhouse, 4to. cloth, lis Gel (pub. £1. Is) n. d. 


reproduced in Autotype from the best engravings, 
16 very large and beautiful plates, with Descriptive 
Text, impl. folio, cloth, £1. 10s (pub. £2. 2s) 1879 

FLAXMAN (J.) Classical Compositions, 
illustrating Homer (Iliad and Odyssey) and 
iEschyius, 104 beautiful outline plates by Piroli, 
Blake, Parker, etc., fine early impressions, 3 
vols. ob. fol. bds. uncut, SCARCE, £2. 10s 1795-1805 

Compositions from Dante's Hell, Purga- 
tory and Paradise, 112 beautiful outline plates by 
Piroli, with Quotations and Translations to each 
plate, royal 4to. half calf gilt, £2. 2s 1807 
Compositions from Homer's Odyssey, 

34 outline engravings by Parker and Neagle, 
oblong folio, old boards, £1. Is 1805 

New edition, folio, boards, 10s Qd (pub. 

£1. l.s) 1870 

Compositions from the Works and Days, 

and Tlieogony of Hesiod, 37 beautiful outlines 
engraved {in the dot manner), under Flaxman's 
in pection, by W. BLAKE {slightly stained), oblong 
folio, boards, 15s 1817 

" Flaxman's unequalled compositions from Homer.^Eschylus 
and lhsiod, have long been the admiration of Europe." 

FLAXMAN (J.) Drawings in the Gallery of 
University College, London, autotype repro- 
ductions from the original frames in 32 large 
plates, each containing severed figures, with Des- 
criptions and Introduction by Sidney Colvin, 
impl., folio, in half morocco portfolio, £4. 4s 1876 

GALERIE Generale des Peintres, ou Col- 
lection des Portraits, Biographies, et Dessins des 
Peintres les plus celebres de toutes les j^coles : 
par Chabert, containing upwards of 120 copies 
of Paintings and as many Portraits of Painters, 
finely executed in lithography, 3 vols. impl. folio, 
handsomely bound in morocco extra, £14. 10s 

Paris, 1822-36 

Published at £2$ without the binding, which alone cost £12. 

GONCOURT (Jules de), Eaux-Fortes de, 
avec Notice et Catalogue de son CEuvre, par P. 
Burty, twenty fine etchings, besides wood-engrav- 
ings, folio, in portfolio {only 202 printed in all), 
£2. 2s (pub. £4. 10s) Paris, 1876 

GOYAY LUCIENTES (F.) Los Toros : a 
Series of 33 Etchings by that brutal and eccen- 
tric Artist, illustrative of the horrible practice of 
Bull -Fighting, proofs before letters, oblong 
folio, mounted on thick paper and bound in a 
handsome volume, impl. folio, new half morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £8. 10s Madrid, s. a. 

In the "Portfolio" for June, 1879, will be found an ac- 
count, by Mr. Hamerton, of that " monster of immorality, 
impudence, and ingratitude," the Spanish artist Goya. It must, 
however, be confessed that he is the most original genius of 
modern Spain. Certainly more remarkable manifestations of 
inventive power have never been given to the world. 

HADEN (P. Seymour), Descriptive Cata- 
logue of the Etched Works of, by Sir W. R. 
Drake, royal 8vo. cloth, \2s Qd 1880 

HAMILTON (Gavin) Schola Italica 
PlCTURvE, 38 large and beautiful engravings by 
Volpato, from famous pictures by the Italian 
Masters, fine original impressions, atlas folio, 
red mor. extra, joints, gt. ed. , £8. 10s Romce, 1773 

Contains some splendid Pictures by Michael Angelo, 
Raphael, Titian, Carracci, Guido, Parmigiano, Dominichino, etc. 

HAMILTON PALACE Collection; Cata- 
logue of the splendid Effects as sold by Auction 
by Messrs. Christie, Manson, and Woods, in June 

and July, 1882, with NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS 

of the more remarkable Objects, and the Price 
and purchaser's name of every article, printed 

Oil THICK RIBBED PAPER, 4tO. cl., £1. IsQd 1882 
The aggregate of the Seventeen Days' Sale was £397, 562. os 6d. 

HARDING (J. D.) Elementary Art, or the 
Use of the Lead Pencil advocated and explained, 
ivith nearly 30 fine plates, studies of Trees, Land- 
scapes, etc. {by Landseer and Briggs), folio, cloth, 
£1. Is Tilt, 1838 

Lessons on Art, second edition, and the 

Guide and Companion to the same, numerous 
illustrations, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, £1. 3s 

Day and Son (1854) 
Lessons on Art, second edition, with 48 

lithographic plates and 103 woodcuts, impl. 8vo. 

cloth, 135 6c/ 

Another copy, in parts as issued , 16s 


Brand Galleries of Pictures, continued:— 


ETCHING and ETCHERS, First Edition, w ith 35 beautiful etchings by or after Seymour 
Hade?i, Cope, Lalanne, Rembrandt, Paul Potter, the Author, and others, impl. 8vo. in the 
original half binding as issued, edges gilt over red (very rare), £9. 5s 1868 

Second Edition, with 12 etchings by the author {except one by Lalanne), large 8vo. 

half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, as good as new, scarce, £3. 10s 1876 

Third Edition, with 48 beautiful etchings (different from those in previous editions) 

after Seymour Haden, Ruysdael, Vandyke, Claude, Meryon, Lalanne, Rembrandt, Paul 

Potter, Hamerton, and others, 4to. roxburghe, uncut (scarce), £5. 5s InSO 

But 1000 copies of this edition were printed, and it lias already become scarce. The Text has been 

thoroughly revised and increased by one-fifth. It contains forty-eight plates, not one of which has 

tppeared in cither of the tiro preceding editions. These plates have been selected with great care, and 

ire either very well preserved old coppers (all which were in the least worn having been rejected), or else 

lew plates produced on purpose for this edition. The old Masters are represented by Heliogravures 

executed by M. Amand-Durand, and the closest reproductions which can be obtained. Living Masters 

ire represented by original plates. 

rHE GRAPHIC ARTS : a Treatise on the Varieties of Drawing, Painting and 
Engraving, in comparison with, each other and with Nature ; with 54 Illustrations after 
Ancient and Modem Mastei's ; comprising Drawings after Raphael, Maclise, Turner, Sir 
F. Leighton, Mulready, J. D. Harding, etc., reproduced in facsimile; Woodcuts after 
Holbein, JDilrer, Beivick, Titian and others; Etchings, etc., after Hollar, Rembrandt, 
Holt, Hurst, etc., ivith Line Engravings of Dilrer, Delanne, Visscher, Strange and others, 
reproduced in facsimile, colunibier 8vo. half bound, £o. 1882 

Another copy, large paper, with Proof Impressions on India Paper, imperial 4to. 

elegantly bound in ivhite vellum, uncut, £13. 13s 
The plates are executed in the following styles : — Pen-and-ink, Pen with wash, Silver-point, Silver- 

3oint and Chalk, Lead-pencil, Black Chalk, Brown Chalk, Black and White Chalk, Black and Red 

Jhalk, Black, White, and Red Chalk, Charcoal, Indian Ink, Sepia, Tinted Drawing. Woodcut Etching, 

Dry Point, Soft-ground Etching, Line, Stipple and Line, Stipple, Aquatint, Mezzotint, and Lithograph. 

[jANDSCAPE, consisting of a Series of Chapters or Essays on Landscape in Nature, 

Literature and Art; illustrated by 50 very beautiful etchings, engravings, etc., impl. 4to., 

Large Paper, with proof impressions of the illustrations on India Paper ; bound in gilt 

parchment, quite uncut (a cheap copy), £7. 7s 1885 

In this very interesting volume will be found illustrations of the works of Claude, Corot, David Cox, 

i r an Eyck, Heywood, Hardv, Hobbema, Colin Hunter, Sir Edwin Landseer, Linnell, Samuel Palmer, 

md other famous Landscape Painters. 
Only 500 copies were printed for sale. 

PARIS in Old and Present Times, with special reference to changes in its Architecture and 
Topography, 12 5ea?</ 'if ully etched 'plates and many other illustrations, i ol. cl . gt . ed ,16s 6d 1886 

Mr. Hamerton's new work, just published: 

rHE SAONE ; a Summer Voyage, with one hundred and forty-eight illustrations by 
Joseph Pennell and the Author, and four maps, crown 4to. cloth extra, uncut, 17s 6d 1887 

Large Paper Edition, on thick paper, 4to. half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt (only 

250 copies printed for sale), £2. 2s 

3ARDING (J. D.) Picturesque Selections: 
30 very fine lithographs on tinted paper, like chalk 
drawings, mounted, royal folio, hf. mar. neat, 
nearly new, £4. 15s (1S61) 

' Principles and Practice of Art, with 24 

large progressive plates, and numerous illustra- 
tions on wood, many being landscapes etc. of 
considerable beauty, impl. 4to. cl., £2. 18s 6d 1845 

New edition, impl. 4to. cloth, £1. 15s 1876 

Lessons on Trees, sixth edition, with finely 

executed progressive plates adapted to young 
Artists, roy. 4to. cloth, £1. 15s n. a. 

3AYTER (C.) Introduction to PERSPECTIVE, 
Practical Geometry, Drawing and Painting, etc., 
with fine portrait, coloured plates and wood- 
engravings, Svo. cloth, 10s Qd 1845 

IAYTER (Sir G., r.a.) Original Etchings, 
46 plates of Portraits, Compositions, etc., ON 
INDIA PAPER, folio, half bound, £1. 8s 1879 


HOGARTH (W.) Illustrated by John 
Ireland, with 92 accurately engraved plates, 
also the two suppressed ones, excellent impressions ; 
also the Supplement, Hogarth Illustrated from 
his original MSS., with 44 engravings, together 
3 vols. Svo. contemporary crimson morocco gilt, 
gilt edges, in good condition, £4. 17s 6d 1791-8 

Illustrated from his own Manuscripts, 

• by John Ireland, upwards of 130 engravings 
from his Pictures by Dent, with copious De- 
scriptions and Anecdotes, 3 vols, royal Svo. 
scored russia gilt {good clean copy), £2. 5s" 1806-12 

Biographical Anecdotes of : with a de- 
scriptive Catalogue of his Works, chronologically 
arranged (by J. Nichols), third edition, enlarged, 
8vo. half calf neat, 8s Nichols, 1785 

Another copy, calf {rubbed), 8s Qd 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued: — 


HOGARTH'S WORKS : 90 singularly fine Engravings, by Hogarth, including the two 
suppressed plates and the plates in their FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD States, 
with numerous Variations, also the Alterations made by Hogarth ; the whole neatly 
fastened (by two corners only) on stout paper, forming an atlas folio volume, calf extra, 
gilt edges, £38. 10s 1733-64 

To point out all the features of this set of Hogarth would require an Essay occupying too much space 
in this catalogue, hut it may suffice to mention that it contains the crux of Hogarthian collections, the 
March to Finchley, with the dedication to the King of Prussia, spelt Prusia ; the Harlot's Progress, with 
«i variation in Plate I. ; the Rake's Progress, with several curious variations, etc. 

"The scarceness of the good impressions of Hogarth's larger works is in a great measure owing to 
their having been pasted on canvas or hoards, to he framed and glazed for furniture. There were few 
people who collected his prints for any other purpose at their first appearance. The majority of these 
sets being hung up in London houses have been utterly spoiled by smoke. Since foreigners have learned 
the value of the same performances, they have also been exported in considerable numbers. Wherever 
a taste for the fine arts has prevailed, the works of this great master are to be found. I am credibly 
informed the Empress of Russia lias expressed uncommon pleasure in examining such genuine representa- 
t ions of English manners : I have seen a set of cups and saucers, with the Harlot's Progress painted on 
them in China, about the year 1739." — John Nichols. 

This copy has been bound from a set which has not been framed, which accounts for their fine state 
and freshness. Nearly all have the prices engraved upon them, and, with one or two exceptions, are 
all dated, and have Hogarth's name engraved in the usual place. 

HOGARTH Illustrated, by John Ireland, 

with 88 copper plates of his best works, super- 
royal 8vo. new cloth, imcut, 10s 6d 1884 

Works, moralized by Dr. Trusler, new 

and revised edition, 159 plates engraved by Cooke 
and Davenport, 2 vols. 4to. smooth morocco gilt, 
gold borders, gilt edges, £2. 5s 1824 

Works Moralized, with Moral Applica 

tions, by Dr. Trusler, numerous engravings ; 
with Priced List of prints to be had of Mrs. 
Hogarth at her house in Leicester Fields, 1768, 
8vo. old calf gilt, 15s 6d n. d. 
Works, reproduced from the Original En- 
gravings in Permanent Photographs and 
newly described, with Essay on his Genius and 
Character, by Charles Lamb, 116 plates, 2 vols, 
royal 4to. cloth, gt. ed., £1. 10s (pub. £5. 5s) 1872 
Works, with Life by J. Ireland and 

J. Nichols, with the ivhole of the plates repro 
ducea in facsimile, 3 vols, crown 8vo. cl., 15s n. d. 

Another copy, half bound, 18s Qd 

Genuine Graphic Works, 160 engravings 

faithfully copied from the originals by T. Cook, 
4to. rea morocco gilt, gilt edges, £1. 2s Qd 1808 

HOPMANN (H., Director of the Dresden 
Academy), Scenes from the Life of Christ, a 
series of IS I large plates mounted on cardboard, and 
coloured title with vignette, roy. folio, in handsome 
decorated cloth port folio, 10s Qd (sells £1. Is) 1886 

HOLBEIN (Hans) Illustrations of the 
Bible, " Icones Veteris Testamenti," 90 wood- 
cuts, beautifully engraved on wood by John and 
Mary By field, with the illustrative Verses in five 
Languages, and Introduction by Dr. Dibdin, 
post 8vo. cloth, 16s Pickering, 1830 

Account of the Life and Works of, by 

R. N. Wornum, with numerous engravings and 
2 photographic portraits, from his drawings, 
impl. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. lis 6c?) 1867 

Another copy, new tree-calf extra, gt.ed.,£\. 4s 

and his Time ; bv Dr. Alfred Wolt- 

MANN, translated by F. E. Bnnnett, ivith 60 fine 
(a 'I raving fi on wood, crown 4to. vellum extra, gilt 
edges, 18s (id 1872 

HOLBEIN. —Portraits of the Court of Henry 
VIII. : see under Portraits, post. 

Society's Publications : see under Pub- 
lications of Learned Societies, post. 

HOOGE (Romeyn de):— The remarkable 
series of 71 plates by Romeyn de Hooge 
depicting ivith the most admirable [and brutal) 
power the Art of Wrestling (L Academie de 
I' Art admirable de la Lutte), First Edition 
(having the Text in Dutch), fine impressions, 
4 to. (thickened with drawing-paper at beginning 
and end), newly and handsomely bound in scarlet 
morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

T Amsterdam, 1674 

HOUBRAKEN'S Lives of the Painters: 
Groote Schouburgh der Nederlantsche Konst- 
schilders en Schilderessen, door Arn. Houbraken, 
3 vols. — Van Gool, Nieuwe Schouburgh, etc., 
2 vols. , together 5 vols. 8vo., with numerous por- 
trait and plates, brilliant impressions, old calf 
gilt, £2. 12s 6d T Amsterdam, 1718-51 

HOWARD (Prank) The Sketcher's Manual, 
with numerous etchings, post 8vo. cloth, 4s 6^ 1837 

ITALIAN Art in the National Gallery, by 
Dr. J. P. RlCHTER, with 40 tinted plates, 4to. 
cloth, gilt edges, £1. 12s 6d (pub. £2. 2s) 1883 

Engravers of the XVth Century, Works 

of, reproduced in facsimile by Photo-Intaglio, 
with Introduction by G. W. Reid, F.S.A., folio, 
half calf ', uncut, £3. 3s 1884 

This volume comprises specimens of // Libro del Monte Sancto 
di Dio, 1477, La Di-uina Commedia di Dante, 1481, and The 
Triumphs of Petrarch, the last from the set of six engravings 
inserted in the Sunderland copy of a folio edition of / Triomfi 
and purchased for the British Museum for 2000 guineas. 

KEANE (A. H.) Early Teutonic, Italian, 
and French Masters, translated and edited 
from the " Dohme Series," with numerous illus- 
trations, imperial 8vo. calf gilt, £1. Is 1880 

"This work cannot fail to be of the utmost use to Students 
of Art History." — Times. 

LALAUZE (Adolphe) Trente-Quatre Eaux- 
Fortes pour les CEuvres de Moliere, the series of 
fine Proofs before Letters on India Paper, 
in portfolio, £2. 2s (pub. £5. 5s) Edimbourg, 1878 



Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued: — 

LIEVRE (E.) Collections Celebres d'CEuvres d'Art ; textes par De Saulcy, de Sommerard, 

Sir H. Cole, A. W. Franks, Baron deWitte, etc., 100 fine plates of Art Treasures from the 

originals, 2 vols, royal folio, crimson morocco super-extra, borders of gold inside, and joints 

{text and plates mounted on guards), gilt edges, £7. 7s Paris, 1866-9 

A beautiful and attractive work, containing etchings of 100 objects of virtu : Arms, Jewels, Furniture, 

Crystals, Enamels, Porcelain, the work chiefly of great artists of the Renaissance, and exhibiting the 

highest form of Art as applied to things used in the ordinary transactions of life ; chosen from different 

celebrated collections. 

Etchings and Engravings after the Old Masters : Four Series of Twenty Examples 

each, carefully selected from the most famous Collections and reproduced in exact fac- 
simile; this admirable collection comprises specimens of the works of Rembrandt, Albert 
Diirer, Mark Antony Raimondi, Vandyck, Claude Lorrain, Nicholas Berghem, Schongauer, 
Ruysdael, Caracci, and other famous old masters ; every detail of the original plates has 
been copied with such accuracy that the most critical eye can scarcely distinguish between 
the Originals and the Reproductions, the plates are neatly laid down on thick cardboard 
mounts, and each series enclosed in a half morocco portfolio, 4 vols. £10. lo's 1869-71 

Les MaItres Anciens et Contemporains, a Series of admirably executed plates after 

the works of distinguished artists, on India Paper, mounted on large impl. folio boards, 
in a portfolio, £2 2s n. d. 

■ The same, Proof Impressions before letters, on Papier de Hollande, £5. 55 

Meubles d'Art : (Euvres Decoratives Choisies danB les Collections Celebres, 30 

beautiful aqua-fort engravings of useful and decorative furniture, folio, in portfolio, 
£1. 45 Qd (pub. £2. 2s) Paris, s. d. 

Works of Art in the Collections of England, 50 plates of Pottery, Jewellery, 

Furniture, Enamelled Work, etc., drawn by him from the originals and engraved by 

Bracguemond, Courtry, Flameng, Greux, R-ajon, etc., with English Descriptions ; imperial 

folio, in portfolio, £1. 10s (pub. £10. IO5) London, 1871 

Proof copy of this extremely beautiful work. Only 100 copies were printed in this state, and 

500 of the ordinary impressions, so that it must eventually be a rare work. 

This tine work embraces some of the choicest examples of Art Workmanship contained in the 

celebrated collections of this country. It was issued for subscribers only. 

LA FAGE (Raimond) Recueil de ses meilleuis 
Desseins, grave par cinq des plus habiles Grav- 
eurs, et mis en lumiere par les soins de Vander- 
Bruggen, upwards of 60 spirited designs (some 
large and folding), including portrait, impl. folio, 
halfrussia, by Kalthoeber (Hr.Beckford'scopy), 
£9. 95 Amsterdam, s. d. 

This copy formerly belonged to Sir Reynolds, 
and has his autograph and book-stamp on the title-page. 

" His drawings (says Bnan) are the objects of the admira- 
tion of the most intelligent. His figures are elegant and grace- 
ful, and their action bold and spirited. He possessed a fertile 
invention, and a commanding facility of execution. Carlo 
Marat ti told him, if \ou could paint as well as you draw, I should 
have abandoned the art." 

LANDSCAPE Annual, the complete series, 
1830-9, with upwards of '200 highly finished engrav- 
ings by the best Artists, from Drawings by David 
Roberts, Prout, Harding, etc., illustrating the 
most beautiful scenery, 10 vols, post 8vo. original 
green morocco, gilt edges, £3. 35 1830-9 

LANDSCAPES after Claude, Poussin, Sal- 
vator Rosa, Cortesi and Rembrandt, 56 large 
and fine engravings by VlVARES, Giuntotardi, 
and others, bound in one vol. atlas folio, half calf 
gilt, lettered, £3. v. y. 

LANDSEER (Sir Edwin, r.a.) Pictures by, 
with Descriptions and Biographical Sketch by 
J. Dafforne, 20 fine steel engravings of his prin- 
cipal pictures, royal 4to. cloth, I65 * v. d. 

Pictures, a New Series, with Descriptions by 

W.Cosmo MoNKHOUSE,roy.4to.c?.,a^. ed.,Ylsn. d. 
Sir Edwin Landseer, by G. Stephens, 

with 15 fine photographs of his most famous pic- 
tures, crown 4to. cloth, gilt edges, I65 1881 

LANDSEER (Sir E.) Studies, illustrated by 
Sketches from the collection of her MAJESTY 
the Queen and other sources, with a History of his 
Art-Life by W. Cosmo Monkhouse, with 40 
plates, and 116 woodcuts, im\A. 4to. c/.,£l. 15 n.d. 

The same, new mor. super-extra, gt. ed., £3. 5s 

LASINIO (C.) Pitture a Fresco del Campo 
Santo di Pisa, 41 large plates of the celebrated 
and beautiful Frescoes which adorn the walls of 
the Campo Santo at Pisa, atlas folio, hf. russia, gt. 
edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), £10. Firenze, 1812 

LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas) Choicest 
Works of ; 50 fine mezzotinto Portraits, executed 
by S. Cousins and other eminent Engravers, of 
Royal, Illustrious, and Eminent Contemporary 
Personages ; also portrait of the Painter, royalfolio, 
hf, mor. ,gt. cd.,£i. \0s Graves and Company, 1835-46 

LEWIS (F. C.) Scenery on the Devonshire 
Rivers, 26 very beautiful copperplate "Painter's 
Etchings, "from the Pictures painted by himself 
in the Collections of the Duke of Bedford, Sir T. 
' Acland, etc., with Introductory Remarks, folio, 
cloth, scarce, £3. 105 1843 

MANTZ (Paul) Les Chefs d'CEuvre de la 
Peintlre Italienne ; with 20 large plates, on 
India paper, executed in gold and colours by 
Y. Kellerhoven, of singular beauty and perfec- 
tion of execution, 30 full-page wood engravings, 
and 40 tail -pieces and ornamental letters, folio, 
cloth elegant, £2. 75 Qd Paris, Didot, 1870 

MENARD (R. ) French Artists of the Present 
Day, with 12 facsimile engravings from their pic- 
tures, folio, cloth, gt. ed., 125 6rf(pub. £1. Is) 1876 




Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued:— 




reproduced on copper by the auto-gravure process, and accompanied with 



The Plates are attached, by the upper edge, to Whatman Paper cut-out Mounts, and 

enclosed in an elegant Portfolio. Price Three Guineas. 


Le Stryge. 

La Morgue. 

L'Abside de Notre Dame de Paris. 

La Galerie de Notre Dame. 

Le Pont au Change. 

6. Le Pont au Change— Second State. 

7. Rue des Chantres. 

8. St. Etienne du Mont. 

9. Le Petit Pont. 

10. Tourelle, Rue de la Tixeranderie. 

" These ten autogravures which the Autotype Company have just published in facsimile of some of 
Charles MeVyon's celebrated etchings, accompanied as they are with descriptive explanations by Mr. 
Stopford Brooke, form a most interesting collection, and for the first time bring specimens of Meryon's 

■work before the public at a comparatively low price The Autotype Company and Mr. 

Stopford Brooke are to be thanked for their endeavour to place some of these works within the range of 
the public ; and many a young artist, we think, who is receiving bat little encouragement from those 
around him, may gather a hue lesson in endurance and honesty of purpose from the delicate strength 
and long endurance with which these plates were wrought, by a man who lacked the very means of 
subsistence, but who would not therefore lower his art to bring it within the range of public favour, and 
who is at last justified by time." — Spectator, March 19th, 1887. 

"What developed Mdryon was his passionate wish to preserve some adequate memorial of that 
picturesque old city of Paris which has disappeared before the constructive activity of Haussmann and 
Louis Napoleon. If .old Paris had been likely to remain a generation or two longer, it is possible that 
we might scarcely have heard of Meryon, because half the quality of his work is due to the intensity 
of his affection for remains whose destruction he foresaw with the most bitter regret, as a near and 
irremediable misfortune which he had no power to avert. But if an artist cannot save an old building 
which he loves, he may at least secure a memorial of it, a memorial better than the fidelity of the 
photograph, because it expresses not only the beauty of the thing itself, but the pathetic affection of the 
one human soul that cares for it." — Mr. Hamerton, in " Etching and Etchers." 

M A Z Z O L A (detto il Parmigiariino) : 
Raccolta di Disegni Originali, incisi da 
B. Bossi, 29 plates in imitation of Drawings ; 
Parmm, 1772— Suite des Vases tiree du Cabinet 
du Marquis de Felino, 31 plates by Bossi ; ib. 
1764— Mascarade a la Grecque (un badinage), 
10 plates; ib. 1771— Raccolta di Teste inventate 
ed incise da Bossi, 39 plates — Fisonomie Possibili, 
Opere Varie, and other plates by Bossi, in one 
vol. folio, Jialf russia gilt {a large and varied 
collection), £4. 155 Parma, 1764, etc. 

MICHELANGELO, The Art of, as illustrated 
by the Collections in the British Museum, by 
L. FAGAN, portrait by the author, and ivoodcuts, 
impl. 8vo. hf. mor., top edges gilt, £1. 1883 

MORGHEN (Raphael) Engraved Works, a 
Descriptive List Catalogue of all his engravings, 
with the Inscriptions at full length and the 
Variations of the states precisely set forth, with 
Biographical and other Notes, and Life, by F. R. 
Halsey, fine portrait engraved by Morghen's 
pupil Carronni, 4to. cloth, uncut, top edges gilt, 
£1. 155 New York, 1885 

Only 350 copies printed. It is very carefully compiled, and 
is the only complete work on the subject. 

MUsilE FRANQAIS : Recueil complet des 
Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Reliefs, qui component 
la Collection Nationale ; avec l'Explication des 
Sujets, et des Discours sur la Peinture, la Sculp- 
ture, et la (i ravine, par CROZE-MAGNAN, VlS- 
conti, et Emeric David, with upwards of 300 fine 
line engravings by the first artists, good impressions, 
4 vols, atlas folio, half morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£14. 10* Paris, s. d. 

MUSEE FRANCAIS : Fifty of the Finest 
Examples of the Old Masters from this famous 
Collection, reproduced in permanent Wood- 
buritype, with descriptive Letterpress, folio, 
beautifully bound in green morocco super-extra, 
inlaid with red, gilt edges, £4. 45 n. d. 

PAGNIER (Pierre) En Touraine ; a series of 
10 original and unpublished etchings, Artist's 
Proofs before letters on India paper, folio, 
£1. 105 (pub. £5. 55) Paris, 1878 

PICART (Bernard) Le Temple des Muses, 
orne de LX Tableaux oil sont representees les 
Antiquitds Fabuleuses ; accompagn^s d'Explica- 
tions et de Remarques [par De La Barre de 
Beaumarchais], 60 large and highly finished 
engravings by B. Picart, brilliant impressions, 
royal folio, very fine copy, in old French crimson 
morocco gilt, gilt edges, £8. 155 Amsterdam, 1733 

PICTURE Gallery Annual, 30 beautifully 
executed permanent Photographs of Works by 
Landseer, Cooper, Reynolds, Turner, etc., 
4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, 7s 6d 1875 

PICTURE Gallery of Modern Art, containing 
24 permanent Photographs from original paintings, 
with Biographical Notices of their Works, royal 
4to. cloth, gilt edges, £1. 15 (pub. £1. 115 6d) 1880 

PINELLI (Bart.) Istoria Romana : 101 very 
large and fine etchings, illustrative of the 
principal Incidents of Roman History, from the 
fable of Romulus and Remus to the Death of Mark 
Antony, oblong atlas folio, setcn, I85 Roma, 1819 
Never have the stirring events recorded in Roman History 

been more graphically brought before the eye than in the above 

grand productions by the celebrated Pinell. They are more 

eloquent and moving than the finest passages of Livy or Tacitui. '< 


jtRANd Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 

ftJLREADY'S RARE POSTAL ENVELOPE : One of the Original Pictorial Penny-Post 
Envelopes designed by this great artist for public transmission, but withdrawn shortly 
after its introduction. (Unused.) Excessively Rare. 12s 6d 

Another of these Original Envelopes for the sum of Two Pence. [Tins Twopenny 

Envelope is even more rare than the Penny one.] Price £1. 5s 
The rarity of the above elaborate Official Envelope is well known. On the introduction of Postage 
itamps, the officials feared their wholesale forgery ; and with reference to this dread, The Daily News, 
ieptember 8, 1881, thus speaks : " Possibly this unreasonable dread may have been at the bottom of the 
amed Mulready envelopes, the beautiful but much too elaborate design of which afforded to the wits 
f 1S40 such abundant opportunities for satire. They have now become very scarce ; for the lampoons and 
arieatures Jaunted the authorities, and the highly artistic but wholly inappropriate vehicle for business 
ommunications was withdrawn. The scarcity is sufficiently explained by the fact that all the 
r ast stock prepared for issue was destroyed at the time. A Machine was constructed 
xpressly for the work of destruction, as related in Sir Rowland Hill's Memoirs." 

These Envelopes have been known to fetch very high prices ; and very recently one was sold by 
,uction in Paris for the large sum of £20. 

^T The specimens now offered above are known to be genuine by the slender strips of silk which are 
atroduced into their manufacture. 

fUNICH GALLERY, or Collection of the principal Pictures of the Pinacothek there, 168 
large and very beautifully execut&l lithographic plates, by Strixner, Pilott, Loehle, 
Hohe, SELB,a?i^ Flachennekker, after the famous paintings of the Old Masters of various 
Schools, the whole on India paper, mounted on thick cartridge paper, 2 vols, elephant 
folio in 1, half morocco, gilt bach and edges {some of the plates as usual somewhat foxed, 
otherwise a nice copy), £24. 10s (Munich, 1817-36) 

This splendid work is executed in the finest style of the lithographic art. The Gallery, as is well 
;nown, contains a most magnificent collection of the paintings of the Old Masters. 

IUSEE NAPOLEON, Publie par Henri Laurent, Dedie a l'Empereur et Hoi; ou Recueil 

de Gravures d'apres les plus beaux Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Reliefs Choisis dans la 

Collection Imperiale, avec description des Sujets, Notices Litteraires et Discours sur les 

Arts, fine impressions of the splendid series of plates from pictures by the grand masters, 

2 vols, atlas folio, original half red morocco, £16. 16s Paris, 1812-16-18 

This copy has both the original title and half-title to Vol. I., where the collection is described as the 

\lusfe Napoleon, and the altered title, where it is called the Musee Royal, and dated the year after 

Yaterloo. A desirable and cheap copy, in beautifully fresh state. 

IEYN0LDS (Sir Joshua, p.r.a.), CELEBRATED PORTRAITS by, comprising 200 beautiful 

Mezzotinto Engravings by S. W. Reynolds, with Descriptions, parts 1-40 in 2 splendid 

vols, royal folio, half morocco, gilt edges, £17. 17s Graves, 1865 

" In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention, and in the richness and harmony of colouring, 

ir Joshua Reynolds was equal to the greatest masters of the renowned ages. In Portraits he went 

eyond them ; for he communicated to them that description of the art in which English artists are most 

igaged, a fancy and a dignity, derived from the higher branches, which even those who professed them 

l a superior manner did not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His Portraits 

mind us of the invention and the amenity of landscape." — Burke. 

RAPHAEL: Les Arabesques et les Stucs SCOTT (David, R.s. a.) and his Works: with 
peints a Rome au Palais du Vatican, lifine large a Catalogue of his Paintings, Engravings and 
plates of the "Lodges," engraved with Text, Designs; >y J. M. GRAY, with 2 portraits and 27 

under the superintendence of Chcreau and Joubert, illustrations of his remarkable works, impl. 4ta. 
!roy. folio, half calf neat, £1. 5s Paris, 1787 newel., unettt {only 350 copies printed), £1. Is 1S34 

Cartoons, 9 plates engraved on steel by G. ! ETCHINGS selected from the Works of, etched 

Greatbach from the originals at the South by his brother \V. Bell Scott, folio, cloth, 6s 6d 
Kensington Museum, with a Biographv, portrait Glasgow, 1S67 

painted by himself, roy. fob, cl.,gt. ed., 10s Qd n.d. SCOTT (W. Bell) Gems of Modern BELGIAN 
-- — Drawings and Studies by, in the Univer- ' Art, IQJinc carbon-photographs from the Pictures 
pity Galleries, Oxford, etched and engraved by I of Eminent Living Artists, with remarks and an 
J. Fisher, 102 fine plates, with Descriptions, ! Essay on the schools of Belgium and Holland, 

crown 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. Is 1S79 

Heads from the Transfiguration, a 

Series of Sixteen Beautiful Studies of Heads, 

PROOFS ON india PAPER, folio, half morocco {very 

rce), £1. 10« (1824) 

and the Villa Farnesina, by C. Bigot, 

ranslated by Mary Healy, 15 fine engravings 
fter Raphael by t. de Mare, folio, sewn {only 
50 copies printed), £2. 2s 1884 

small 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1872 
Murillo, and the Spanish School of 

Painting, with 15 steel and 19 wood engravings, 
impl. 4to. morocco super-extra, with coloured 
leather inlaid on sides, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1S73 

ROYAL Gallery, a Selection of the Cabinet 
Paintings in H.M. Private Collection at Buck- 
ingham Palace, edited by J. Linnell, 33 finely 
engraved plates, royal 4to. roxburghe, 14? 1S50 

9 * 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued: — 

SMITH (J. Chaloner, m.i.c.e.) British Mezzotinto Portraits, a Descriptive Catalogue of 
these Engravings, from the Introduction of the Art to the Early Part of the Present 
Century, arranged according to the Engravers ; the Inscriptions given at full length ; 
and the Variations of State precisely set forth ; accompanied by Biographical Notes and 
Appendix of Prices, 4 vols, super-roy. 8vo. with a frontispiece to each volume; cl. £5. 1883 

The same, ILLUSTRATED EDITION, with one hundred and twenty-five portraits, 

tahen by the Autotype Process from the original Mezzotinto Engravings in the Author's 
collection, 4 vols, super-royal 8vo. cloth, £8. 8s 1884 

A limited number of this Series of 125 portraits, with the Titles and Extra Letter- 

press of the "Illustrated Edition," may be had separately, £4. 14s 6d 

A large paper edition of the same, forming a very handsome series of important 

portraits {especially suitable for the illustration of the folio histories), folio, in a portfolio 
(only fifty copies printed), £8. 8s 

Many of these autotype portraits, especially the female ones, are of the greatest beauty, while 
being nearly all those of historical personages they have a special interest apart from that which they 
possess as examples of a specially English school of art. 


UNG-ER (W.) WORKS : — Seventy-two most beautiful Etchings after the Old Masters, 
Tintoretto, Ruysdael, Rembrandt, Guido, Poussin, Rubens, Ostade, Jan Steen, Van 
Dyck, Wouvermans, Paul Potter, Frans Hals, Paul Veronese, Jordaens, Van der Velde, 
Brouwer, etc., with Critical and Descriptive Notes by C. Vosmaer, A large and superb 
volume, imperial folio, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £8. 8s (pub. £12. 12s) 1878 
" No engraver who ever lived has so completely identified himself with painters he had to interpret 

as Professor Unger in the seventy-two plates which compose his works. . . Mr. Vosmaer has much 

increased the interest 'in Unger's etchings by accompanying them with valuable descriptive and critical 

notes. . . . We recommend them strongly to all artists and lovers of art. " 

P. G. Hamcrton, in the International Review. 


beautiful engravings by the best artists, very fine original impressions, ARTIST'S PROOFS 

ON INDIA PAPER, with Descriptive and Historic Accounts of each View by H. E. 

Lloyd ; 2 vols, atlas folio, LARGEST PAPER, hf. mor. extra, top edges gilt, £105. 1838 

A very choice copy as to impressions ; but as the whole of the Descriptive Text is inlaid to the size 

of the plates, it is ottered at a proportionate reduction from its intrinsic value. 


The same, 72 (of 96) large and beautiful engravings, proofs before letters (many 

being artist's proofs before all letters), ivith a series of 71 etchings or unfinished 
proofs, the whole on India Paper, and the former being most beautiful and brilliant 
impressions, 2 vols, colombier folio, largest paper, one volume handsomely bound in full 
blue morocco super-extra, finely tooled on sides and inside covers, gilt edges, the oilier (con- 
taining only 12 of the plates) in half red morocco extra (k desirable and remarkably 
cheap series), £63. 1832 

It is to be regretted that the above is not actually complete, but it may safely be said that the set 
could not be matched by any one collection. The value of a perfect set in the above state — that is to say 
of the proofs alone, without the unfinished plates — would be about one hundred guineas, so that this is 
undoubtedly a moderately priced copy. 

The "England and Wales " of Turner has always been considered his greatest work. His varied 
excellencies can only be properly appreciated when seen in fine impressions of the engravings, like the 
above. Mr. RUSKIN says, more' particularly with reference to the above work, "J. M. W. Turner is 
the only man who has ever given an entire transcript of the whole system of nature, and is, in this point 
of view, the only perfect landscape painter whom the world has ever seen." To which we may 
add, that the "England and Wales " has always been considered his greatest work, while his varied 
excellencies can only be properly appreciated when seen in fine impressions of the engravings, like the above. 


Picturesque Views on the SOUTHERN COAST of England, with descriptions, 

80 exceedingly beautiful plates engraved by W. B. Cooke, G. Cooke, and other eminent 
engravers, finest original impressions on India paper, 2 vols, folio in one, large paper, 
half dark green morocco, gilt edges (a thoroughly desirable copy, very little foxed), 
bcabci, £33. 10* 1826 

■ Another Large Paper copy, with fine unfoxed impressions (not on India Paper), 

2 vols, in 1, morocco gilt, gilt edges, £18. 18s 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued:— 


TURNER'S LIBER STUDIORUM, Reproduced in Facsimile by the Autotype Process, edited, 

and eacli Plate accompanied by a Critical Notice, by the Rev. Stopford Brooke, m.a. : 

the Plates Photographed from Examples of the best " States " in possession of the 

Editor ; published in three volumes, each containing 24 illustrations ; cloth, £12. 12s 1882 

These parts may be had separately price £4. 45 each. 

« The same, bound in one fine volume oblong folio, new morocco super-extra, gt. ed., £15. 

The above Autotypes give for the first time a worthy reproduction of the wonderful designs which 
were begun by Turner in rivalry witli the Liber Veritatis of Claude. They were original studies, care- 
fully conceived for the purpose of engraving — etched on the copper by himself, their engraving carried 
On day by day under his own eye, and sometimes done by his own hand. 

On the importance to Artists of a profound study of these grand and thoughtful compositions Mr. 
Ruskin continually dilates in his "Modern Painters." In Vol. V. he sums up the lessons and the 
meaning of the Liber Studiorum, and reiterates the angry exclamation of the great painter, " What is 
the use of them," he said, "but together?" The appreciation of the public is shown by the high 
prices given for the complete series — as much as from £700 to £1000 having been obtained for them at 
recent sales. From this cause it has hitherto been impossible for people of moderate means to obtain 
the instruction and enjoyment which a study of the work must give, but which they may now, by- the 
completion of the above autotype facsimile, obtain at a price which is within the reach of almost 
anv admirer of Turner's great masterpiece. 

the Text (re-written and re-arranged) of the above Autotype Reproduction, with a fine 
Etching by Frank Short, and 5 Photo-Engravings by the Autotype Company, large 
crown 8vo. cloth, uncut, top edges gilt, 10s 1885 

The same, new half polished morocco, top edges gilt, 18s 

Mr. Stopford Brooke is well known as one of the first authorities on Turner's Liber Studiorum, and 
the above work forms a companion to the original plates, and a commentary upon " the most enduring 
record of Turner's mind." 

SHELDON (Q. W.) American Painters, with 
83 Examples engraved on wood from their works, 
4to. cloth, gilt edges, 12s fid n. d. 

STEPHENS (F. J.) Flemish and French 
Pictures ; with Notes concerning the Painters 
and their Works, 20 very beautiful etchings by 
Flameng, Gailliard, Rajon, Lalanne, Veyrassat, 
etc., impl. 8vo. cloth elegant, gilt edges, 12s 6d 
(pub. £1. Us6d) 1875 

STAFFORD (Marquess of), Gallery of the, 
nearly 300 fine engravings by Fittler, Heath, 
Schiavonetti, Finden, etc., of the most esteemed 
ivorks by Da Vinci, Claude, Salv. Rosa, Poussin, 
Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Tintoretto, and others 
of equal celebrity, with descriptions by Ottley, 
4 vols, folio, mor. super-extra, gt. ed., £4. 15s 1818 

3UMNER (Hey wood) The Avon, from Naseby 
to Tewkesbury, 21 beautiful etchings, proofs 
before letters [on India paper), besides vignettes, 
folio, new morocco super -extra, £4. 4s 1882 

The same, Large Paper, royal folio, sewn, 

£5. 5s 

3ZANA (Tanias) Magyar Muveszek, mutor- 
t^nelmi vazlatok kepekkel, exhibiting the finest 
examples of modern Hungarian art by a large 
number of etchings, photogravures, and wood- 
engravings after MunkAcsy, Zichy and other 

\ celebrated artists, with their portraits. 4to. sewn, 
12s 6d Budapest, 1887 

TENTERS (D., Junior) Theatrum Pictorium, 
large portrait and nearly 200 fine engravings from 

j Celebrated Pictures in the Royal Brussels 
Gallery ; brilliant impressions, thick royal 
folio, morocco, gilt edges, £7. 10s Bruxella;, 1660 

A valuable collection of the finest pictures by Dutch, 
'lemish, German, and French Painters, engraved under the 
Immediate superintendence of David Teniers, the celebrated 
'ainter, and Curator of the Royal Gallery, from copies made 
j/ith the greatest accuracy by his own hand. The above copv 
Vants a few plates; and the title and portrait are mended. 

TURNER'S Picturesque Views in England 
and Wales ; the complete scries of 96 engravings 
after the great Painters, with Descriptive and 
Historic Illustrations by H. S. Lloyd, 2 vols. 4to. 
half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £10. 10s 


The Southern Coast: 84 plates after 

Turner, Collins, Westall, Prout, Dewint etc., 
engraved by G. and W. B. Cooke, Goodall, E. 
Finden, etc. {the vignettes on India paper), EARLY 
impressions, with Descriptions, 4to. half morocco 
gilt, gilt edges, scarce, £7. 10s 1849 

River Scenery of France, the Loire, the 

Marne, and the Seine, 61 highly finished en 
gravings, imperial 8vo. unbound, in half morocco 
portfolio, £3. 10s 1837 

The same, New edition, with Descriptions 

by Leitch Ritchie, etc., impl. 8vo. cloth, gilt 
edges, £1. 15s 1853 

Harbours of England, 12 very beautiful 

engravings by T. Lupton, from drawings by 
Turner, and Illustrative Text by John Ruskin, 
folio, cloth, £2. 10s 1856 

The same {reprint), folio, cloth, £1. 10s 1877 

"Take these engravings all in all, they form the most 
valuable series of Marine Studies which have as yet been 
published from Turner's works." — J. Ruskin. 

— The Turner Album : Ten Views of Rivers 

and Ports of England, facsimiles of Water-Colour 
Drawings, executed in chromolithograph]/, 4to. 
padded calf gilt, gilt edges, £1. 15s ' n. d. 

Notes by Mr. Ruskin on his Collection 

of Drawings by Turner, exhibited at the Pine 
Art Society's Galleries, also a list of the engraved 
works of that Master shown at the same time, 
printed on thick hand-made paper, and illustrated 
with 35 beautifully engraved steel plates, and a 
map, 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £2. 2s 

Fine Art Society, 1878 


Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 


WHISTLER (James A. McN.) Series of 16 Etchings of Scenes on the Thames and other 
Subjects, artist's proofs before letters, on thick cardboard, inlaid mounts, atlas 4to. 
in half morocco portfolio, £10. 10s Ellis and Green (1871) 

UNGER (W.) Musee National d'Amsterdam : 
32 beautiful Etchings, on India Paper, with 
Descriptions, impl. folio, half morocco extra, gilt, 
edges (a very fine work), £10. 10s Amst., s. d. 

VAN DYCK (Antonio), Sketches by, 1599- 
1644, comprising Portraits engraved by E. 
Mitchell, 4to. cloth, 10? %d 1879 

VELASQUEZ'S Works, being a reproduction 
of VI scarce and fine prints in the British Museum, 
selected and described by G. W. Reid, photo- 
graphed by Stephen Thompson, folio, half 
morocco, top edges gilt, £1. 18s 1872 

VENICE GALLERY : — Pinacoteca della 
Imp. Reg. Accademia Veneta delle Belle Arti, 
illustrata da F. Zanotto, 100 large engravings 
of the principal Pictures, besides Portraits of 
Painters ; with Descriptions, 2 vols, royal folio, 
half bound, £3. 3s Venezia, 1834 

VOS (Martinus de) Vita Christi, a scries of 

12 large illustrations of the Life of our Saviour, 

"Adrian us Collaert scidpsit, Sadler excudit," 

fine original impressions, folio, cf super-extra, 

from the Addington Collection, £3. 10s s. I. et a. 

WEIROTTER (F. E.) Son (Etjvre, portrait 
and nearly 200 charming* etchings of Views, 
Landscapes, Ruins, Bridges, Churches, Cottages, 
etc., in France and Italy, folio, French calf, 
£6. 6s Paris (1774) 

"We have a great number of charming etchings by this 
artist, which are executed in a free, spirited style. . . . His works 
are generally found in the cabinets of collectors of taste, and are 
prized for the beautiful figures and elegant buildings with which 
they are enriched, and for the harmonious distribution of the 
light and shade." — Bryan's Dictionary of Painters. 

WEDMORE (P.) Four Masters of Etching 
—Seymour Haden, Jules Jacquemart, J. A. 
M. Whistler, and A. Legros : with original 
etchings by them (" Grim Spain," Oriental Porce- 
lain, Putney, and portrait of Mr. Watts), royal 
4to. halfmor., uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 15s 1883 

WILKIE Gallery ; a Selection of the best 
Pictures by Sir David Wilkie, including his 
Spanish and Oriental Sketches; 72 highly finished 
line engravings, with Biographical and Critical 
Notices, royal 4to. cloth, gilt edges, £1. 8s6dn. d. 

WILSON (John W. ) Sa Collection, exposee 
dans la Gal^rie du Cercle Artistique et Litt^raire 
de Bruxelles ; 68 charming etchings by Flameng, 
Gilbert, Jacquemart, Lalauze, Le Rat, etc., 
from pictures by celebrated Artists of various 
Schools, impl. 4to. scion (scarce, only 500 copies 
printed), £3. 3s Paris, 1873 

Another copy, new half morocco gilt, uncut, 

top edges gilt (fine copy), £3. 10s 

WOUVERMANS (P.) Ses (Euvres, gravees 
d'apres ses meilleurs Tableaux qui sont dans les 
plus beaux Cabinets de Paris et ailleurs ; 104 
large engravings by Moreau, Cochin, etc., 2 
vols. impl. folio, cl., £5. 5s {reprint of) Paris, 1737 

WRIGHT (Joseph, a.r.a., commonly called 
" Wright of Derby"), Life and Works of, 
by W. Bemrose, with Preface by Cosmo Monk- 
house, illustrated with two etchings by F. Sey- 
mour Haden, and other fine plates and woodcuts, 
folio, cloth gilt, 16s 1885 

Large paper (only 100 copies printed), 

royal folio, nciv half morocco, uncut, £2. 10s 


ALLOTT (J. L., m.i.c.e.) Universal 
Curve Tables, applicable to Metres, Feet, 
or Gunter's Chain, and any radius, second 
edition, enlarged, oblong 18mo. limp leather, with 
ruled memorandum paper at end, 4s 1884 

Table to Calculate Earthwork Quant- 
ities in Cubic Yards and Cubic Metres for all 
Lengths, Bases, and Slopes, with Directions in 
ExcxLish, French, German, and Portuguese 
{for South America), fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s Gd 1884 

GANOT'S Natural Philosophy for General 
Headers and Young Persons, translated by E. 
Atkinson, cuts, post 8vo. tire-calf gilt, 8s 6d 1872 

GARBETT( Archdeacon) Bampton Lectures 
for 1842, on Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d (pub. £1. 4.s) Oxford, 1842 

GARDENER (The Cottage), or Amateur and 
Cottager's Guide, conducted by G. W. JOHNSON, 
woodcuts, 10 vols. 4to. hf. cf. gt., £1. 5s 1849-53 

GARDENS (The) of England, by E. A. 
WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS, with 16 tinted vig- 
nettes, of the most famous Ornamental Flower 
< i/irdcns in the United Kingdom, impl. folio, half 
-morocco, SCARCE, £3. 3.9 (1858) 

GARDINER (Prof. S. R.) England under the 
Duke of Buckingham and Charles 1., 1624- 
1628, 2 vols., and the Personal Government of 
( lHARLES I., 2 vols. : together 4 vols. 8vo. new calf 
gill . bevelled i>o<tr<h, £3. (is- 1875 

GARDINER (Prof. S. R.) History of Eng- 
land, from the Accession of James I. to the 
outbreak of the Civil War, 1603-1642 ; 10 vols, 
post 8vo. cloth, £2. 10s 1884 

The same, new hf. calf gilt, £3. 12s 

Other copies, new calf gilt, £4. 15s and £5. 5s 

GARDNER (Rev. J.) Faiths of the World, 
an Account of all Religions and Religious Sects, 
compiled from the latest and best Authorities, 
and illustrated from authentic and trustworthy 
sources, numerous portraits and other plates, 2 
thick vols. impl. 8vo. hf. cf. gilt, £1. 45 (1858-60) 

GASCOIGNE (G.) Complete Poems : now 
first collected, and edited from the early printed 
copies and from MSS. ,with a Memoir and JSotes by 
W. Carew Hazlitt, port, and plates, 2 vols. cr. 
4to. rox., uncut (ONLY 170 copies printed), £1. 5s 
(pub. £2. 12i 6d) Eoxburghc Library, 1869-70 

GASKELL (Mrs.) Novel's and Tales, with 
illustrations, 7 vols, post Svo. hf. roan, £1. 10s 1877 

The same, new half mor. extra, £2. 2s 1886 

Another set,neiv hf. cf. extra, by Piviere,£2. 10s 

Wives and Daughters : North and South : Silvia's Lovers: 
Cranford, etc. : Mary Barton, etc. : Ruth, etc. : Lizzie Leigh, etc. 

Lizzie Leigh : Cranford : Sylvia's 

Lovers : illustrated editions, as above ; half 
bound, each 4s Qd 

GARRISON (W. Lloyd, organiser of the 
" Underground Railway" for America?} Slaves) 
The Story of his Life, 1805-40, told by Ms 
Children, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 4* 188. 




Grand Galleries of Pictures, continued :— 

GAUME (LAbbe" J.) Catechisme de Pbb- 
SEVERAN4 e, ou Ex post* Historique, Dogniatique, 
Moral, Liturgique, Apologetique, Philosophique 
ct Social de la Religion, 8 vols. 8vo. half calf neat 
[nearly new), £1. Is Paris, 1S6S-70 

Advice on Hearing Confession, translated ; 

with Preface by Dr. PUSEY, 8vo. cl., 8s Od 187S 

GAY (J.) Fables, with his Life (Stockdale's fine 
edition in large type), embellished with 70 highly 
finished engravings by W. Blake, Skelton, 
Grainger, Audinet, etc. [brilliant impressions), 
2 vols, inipl. Svo. new panelled calf gilt (fine 
copy), £3. 18s 1793 

The finest edition of Gay's Fables ever published; and 
interesting also for the beautiful engravings by W. Blake and 
other eminent Artists. 

Another edition, with Memoir, Introduction, 

and Annotations by 0. F. Owen, illustrated by 
W. Harvey, crown Svo. new calf gilt, 8s Od • or, 
new free-calf gilt, 9s n. d. 

Another copy, new calf super-extra, gilt 

edges, 10s Qd 

Parchment Librarv Edition : with Memoir 

by Austin Dobson, portrait, fcap. Svo. new 
morocco, top edges gilt, 12s 6d 1SS2 

GEE (G. E.) Silversmith's Handbook, post 
Svo. cloth, 6s 1877 

GEIKIE (Dr. Cunningham) The Life and 
Words of Christ, coloured map of the Holy 
Land, ninth edition, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, £1. Is 1S79 

GELL and GANDY'S Pompmana; Topo- 
graphy, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, 
FIRST SERIES, Excavations previous to 1819, 
seconded., with SI • gsoy Goodall, Cooke, 

etc., impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, half green morocco 
neat, top edges gilt, 1821; also, the SECOND 
Series, Excavations since 1S19, with portrait an I 
^ ' ngravings, proofs, with 30 vignettes on India 
PAPER, 2 vols. 4to. half purple morocco neat, 1832 
—together 3 vols. £4. 4s 1821-32 

New edition, with 77 fine plates, and 

numerous maps, /'bins, etc. Svo. cloth, 10s 1S75 

The same, new calf extra, gilt edges ; or, 

new morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is 

" I leave Topography to classic Gell." — English Bards and 
Scotch Reviewers, 

GEMMAE et Sculptur.e Antique depicta ah 
L. Agostini ; addita earum Enarratione in Lat. 
versa ab Jac. Gronovio, 26S engravings, fine im- 
pressions, 2 vols, small 4to. in one, old calf gilt , 
£1. llsOd Amstelodami, 16S5 

GEMS :— DactyliothecaSmithiana: Gemma- 
rum Ectypa et Historia Glyptographica, a Ant. 
Francisco Gorio, frontispiece with portrait of 
George III. and numerous plates of gems for- 
merly belonging to th>: cabinet of Consul Smith at 
Venice, 2 vols, royal 4to. old calf gilt, £1. 5s 

Venetiis, 1767 



AMMIRATO (S.) Delle Famiglie Nobili 
FLORENTINE, Parte prima, with fine engravings 
of Genealogical Trees, embellished with Views, 
Portraits, and Coats of Arms, folio, old red 
morocco, ornamented with gold tooling {from the 
Beckford collection . £3. Se Firenzc, 1615 

Rare : not mentioned by Brunet among the other works of 
this esteemed author. 

ARMORIAL China, Examples of, a series 
of 16 plates most beautifully produced in GOLD 
and colours, in the finest style of chromolitho- 
graphy, 4 parts, folio (100 copies only privately 
printed), £1. 1887 

ARMS, Crests, and Monograms : a large 
volume, 4to., composed of 46 thick sheets of 
cardboard, choicely bound in morocco super-extra, 
linen guarded, gilt edges, suitable for mounting 
purposes and lettered as above, £1. Is n. d. 

ARUNDEL, Early Genealogical History 
of the House of, being an Account of the Origin 
of the Families of Montgomery, Albini, Fitzalan 
and Howard, from the time of the Conquest of 
Normandy by Pvollo the Great ; by J. Pym YEAT- 
man, with photographic view of Arundel Castle 
Keep by Vernon Heath, other views, facsimiles, 
etc., folio, cloth, uncut, £3. &? 18S2 

An important history of one of the noblest English Families. 

^.SHMOLE (E Windsor Herald) Institu- 
tions, Laws, and Ceremonies of the Order of 
the Garter, with numerous fine engravings of 
Costumes, Ceremonies, Processions, Arms, etc. by 
Hollar, folio, new panelled calf gilt {fine copy, 
with the Osterley Park bookplate), £5. as 1672 

" A laborious and highly valuable work, drawn up with 
reat perspicuity and care/'— Lowndes. 

BANKS (Sir T. C.) Baronia Anglica Con 
centrata : Account of all the Baronies in Fee; 
shewing the Descent and Line of Heirship of the 
Families mentioned as well as omitted by Dug- 
dale : with Glossary of Dormant English, Scotch 
and Irish Peerage Titles, with reference to pre- 
sumed Existing Heir-. 2 vols. 4to. cloth, 18s 

Ripon, 1844-3 

BARONETAGE (Wotton's English), con- 
taining a Genealogical and Historical Account of 
all the English Baronets now existing, with lists 
of extinct titles, etc. etc., plates of arms, 5 thick 
vols. Svo. old calf £1. 8s 1741 

This work necessarily contains a large amount of informa- 
tion for which the ordinary modern compilations have not 
sufficient space. 

BARONETS, Catalogue of, of this Kingdom 
of England ; from the first erection of that 
Dignity, small Svo. old calf, 5s 6d 1667 

BATH (Order of the) :— Dithmap. (J. C.) De 
Ordine Militari de Balneo, cum Statutis 
Anglice et L&tine, full -length portrait of William, 
second son of George II., \ ignettes, and numerous 
cuts of Arms, folio, Presentation copy to the Bishop 
of Rochester, Dean of the Order of the Bath, with 
Author's autograph inscription ; cedf '{from Mr. 
Beckford's collection), £1. 10s 

Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1729 

BERRY (W.) Introduction to Heraldry, 
with 12 plates, Svo. half cloth, is 6d 1S10 

Kent Pedigrees, collected from Heraldic 

Visitations and other Authentic MSS., with 
numerous engravings of Arms, folio, half bound, 
uncut (very scarce), £6. 6s 1S30 



Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued :- 

BERRY (W.) Hertfordshire Pedigrees, col- 
lected from Heraldic Visitations, etc., numerous 
coats of Arms, folio, boards, SCARCE, £2. 2s (1837) 

on Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials, as preserved 
in Parochial Registers, 4to. halfrussia, inter- 
ADDITIONS/rom Mr. Hartley's library, £1. 155 1764 

On the title occurs: "The Gift of Isaac Heard, Esq. to 
C. Newling. 1766." 

BOTFIELD (Beriah, m.p.) Stemmata Bote- 
villiana : Memorials of the Families of De 
Boteville, Thynne, and Botfield, in the 
Counties of Salop and Wilts, with an Appendix 
of Illustrative Documents, ports, and other plates, 
4to. roxburghc, uncut, t. e. g. £2. 10s Nichols, 1858 

BRABAZON (Genealogical History of the 
Family of), to 1552, by Elizabeth Clifford, 
continued to the present representative and heir 
male [by H. Sharpe], with genealogical tables, fine 
views on India paper, cuts of arms, etc., 4to. 
boards [for private distribution only), £2. 2s 

Paris, July, 1825 

BR YD ALL (J.) Jus Imaginis apud Anglos; 
or the Law of England relating to the Nobility 
and GENTRY, engraved frontispiece (mounted) and 
folding table, small 8vo. calf, 5s 6d 1675 

[BRYDGES (Sir Bgerton)] Memoirs of the 
Peers of England during the Reign of James I., 
portrait, Vol. 1, all published, 8vo. calf gilt 
[scarce), 16s ' 1802 

Another copy, beautifully bound in crimson 

morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 8s 
The first of these two copies is from the late Sir Moses 

Montefiore's library, with bookplate. 

BR YD SON' (T.) A Summary View of 
Heraldry, in reference to the Uses of Chivalry, 
with Appendix of Distinctions of Kank, which 
have place in the British Constitution, 8vo. calf 
gilt, 9s 6d Edinburgh, 1795 

BURKE (John) The Patrician [a magazine 
for personages of high rank], 6 vols. 8vo. cloth 
(scarce), £1. 12s 6d 1846-8 

Contains much curious and interesting Heraldic, Genea- 
logical, Historical and Literary information, with Annotated 
Obituaries, etc. 

Genealogical and Heraldic History of the 

Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, 
with portraits and numerous coats of arms, 4 thick 
vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 8s 1837 8 

Seventh edition, edited by Sir Bernard 

Burke, 2 thick vols. impl. Svo. cloth, top edges 
gilt, £2. 105 1886 

(and Sir Bernard) Encyclopedia of 

Heraldry, or General Armory of England, 
Scotland and Ireland ; comprising a Registry of 
all Armorial Bearings, from the earliest time, 
illuminated title, thick impl. 8vo. cloth, £1. Is 1842 
New edition, thick impl. Svo. cloth, £2. 2s 

BURKE (Sir Bernard, Ulster King-of-Arms) 
Peerage and Baronetage, Genealogical and 
Heraldic Dictionary of the, with Memoirs of the 
Privy Councillors and Knights, cuts of Arms, 47th 
edition, very thick impl. 8vo. cloth, top edges gilt, 
£1. Is (pub. £1. 18s) 1885 

— Royal Descents, and Pedigrees of Founders' 

Kin, folding pedigrees, royal Svo. claret-coloured 
morocco extra, g. e., nearly new (scarce), £1.5s 1858 

Family Romance, frontispiece, post 8vo. 

doth, 4s n. d. 

The Rise of Great Families, etc, crown 

Svo. cloth (with presentation inscription from the 
author), 5s 1873 

CATALOGUE of the Heralds' Visitations, 
with References to many valuable genealogical 
and topographical MSS. in the British Museum, 
second edition, 8vo. boards, 4s 6d 1825 

CAVENDISH FAMILY :-Lives of all the 
Earls and Dukes of Devonshire, descended 
from Sir William Cavendish, with particulars, 
genealogies, etc. , of various contemporaries by Mr. 
Grove, of Richmond, 8vo. calf (scarce), £1. 5s 1764 

CLAYTON Family, Memorials of the, with un- 
published correspondence of the Countess of Hunt- 
ingdon, the Revv. J. Newton, Aug. Toplady, etc., 
by the REV. T. W. Aveling, front, containing 4 
portraits, Svo. cloth, 6s 6^ (pub. 12s) 1867 

COKE of TRUSLEY, in the County of Derby, 
and Branches therefrom, a Family History, by 
Major J. T. Coke, two plates and pedigree, 4to. 
cloth, 16s 6d Privately printed, 1880 

County of Cork, including those of Bally volane 
and Barryscourt, and Buxhall and Lavenluim in 
Suffolk), History of the, edited by A. W. Cop- 
pinger, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at- 
Law ; with many Deeds, Inquisitions, and Wills 
between 1400 and 1700 in number), two plates of 
Arms and 3 large folding Pedigrees, royal Svo. 
cloth, £1. 10s Manchester, 1884 

CRAIK (G. L.) Romance of the Peerage, or 
Curiosities of Family History, portraits by H. K. 
Browne and others, 4 vols, post 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s 


An interesting work, containing curious histories and 
anecdotes of our great families for the last three centuries. 

ander, Earl of, Lord Lindsay), The Earldom 
of Mar, in sunshine and shade, during 500 
years, with Incidental Notices of Scottish Digni- 
ties, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s Qd (pub. £1. 12s) 

Edinburgh, 1882 

CUSSANS (J. E.) Handbook of Heraldry, 
with instruction for tracing Pedigrees, etc., 
coloured front, and upwards of 400 illustrations, 
crown Svo. cloth, 6s 1882 

DOUGLAS (Sir R., Bart.) The Peerage of 
Scotland, containing an Historical and Genea- 
logical Account of the Nobility, from their Origin to 
their present generation, with engravings of arms, 
interleaved throughout with blank paper, and 
bound in 2 vols, fol., old cf (scarce), £3. 3s 

Edinburgh, 1764 

The same, second and revised edition, 

with continuation to the present period by J. P. 
Wood, many engravings of the arms of Peers, 
etc., 2 vols, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, newly and 
handsomely bound in half morocco gilt, uncut, top 
edges gilt (fine COPY), £7. 10s ibidem, 1813 

DRUMMOND (H.) : Noble British Families, 
Histories of, with their Genealogies, and Bio 
graphical Notices of the most distinguished Indiv 
nluals in each, compiled and edited by H 
Drummond, Esq., 72 fine portraits (many full 
and numerous coloured and other engravings of 
Monuments, Seals, etc., 2 handsome vols. impl. 
folio, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, by Hay- 
day, £12. 12s (pub. £25. 4s) Pickering', 1842-5 

This splendid and valuable work (of which but a very 
limited number was printed) is executed in the same sumptuous 
style as I.itta's " Famiglie Paliane," and includes Histories of 
the Noble Families of Ashburnham, Arden and Compton, Cecil, 
Hardy, Bruce, Perceval, Dunbar, Hume and Dundas, Drummond, 
and Neville. 




Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued .— 

PARISH REGISTERS, and other GENEALOGICAL WORKS, edited by, and printed at the 
Private Press of, FREDERICK ARTHUR CRISP (for Private circulation only) ; each 
vol. super-imperial Svo. handsomely printed on thick handmade paper : 
Buckinghamshire. i Suffolk. 

WESTON - UNDERWOOD :— Baptisms, 
1710 to 1785; Marriages, 1710 to 1740; Burials, 

1711 to 1723 ; Twenty-five copies printed, 
numbered and signed, bound i)i vellum, £2. 2s 1S87 

Baptisms and Burials, 1558 to 1785 ; Marriages, 
1559 to 1753; Thirty copies printed, num- 
bered and signed, bound in vellum, £4. Is 1S84 

REGISTERS of ONGAR :— Baptisms, Mar- 
riages, and Burials, 155S to 1750 ; One Hundred 
copies printed, numb, and signed, £1. Usfkl 1886 


156S to 1783 ; Marriages, 1572 to 1753 ; Burials, 
1572 to 1783 ; Thirty copies printed, num- 
bered and signed, bound in vellum, £4. 4s 1S85 


1562 to 1765; Marriages, 1563 to 1749; Burials, 

1563 to 17S5; Thirty copies printed, num- 
bered and signed, bound in vellum, £4. 4s 1885 

REGISTERS of CARLTON : — Baptisms, 
Marriages, and Burials, 153S to 1S86 ; Fifty 
COPIES PRINTED, numbered and signed, £1. Is 1886 

tisms, 1740 to 1812; Marriages, 1754 to 1812; 
Burials, 1740 to 1S12 ; One Hundred copies 
PRINTED, numbered and signed, 10s 1886 

REGISTERS of . CULPHO : - Baptisms, 
Marriages, and Burials, 1720 to 18S6 : no earlier 
Register existing ; One hundred copies print- 
ed, numbered and signed, 7s 6d 1886 

REGISTERS of ELLOUGH : -Baptisms, 
Marriages, and Burials, 1545 to 1812 ; Fifty 
copies printed, numbered and signed; roy. Svo. 

10s 1886 

DUGDALE (Sir W.) The BARONAGE of ENGLAND ; an Historical Account of the Lives 
and Actions of onr English Nobility in the Saxons' Time to the Conquest, from thence 
to the 28th year of King Charles II., cuts of arms, 3 vols, royal folio in two, calf gilt 
(good sound copy), rare, £6. 15* 1675-6 

The same, LARGE PAPER, with portrait by Hollar added : fine copy in old English 

red morocco, Harleian gold tooling, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy, with MS. Notes by 
him), very rare, £24. 10s 
" Dugdale's Baronage is distinguished by the most laborious research and extraordinary accuracy, 

and confers honour upon its author-'"'" — Sir Harris Nicolas. 

DUDLEY FAMILY :— Adlard(G.) The Sut- 
ton-Dudleys of England and the Dudleys of 
Massachusetts in New England, from the 
Norman Conquest to the Present Time, royal Svo. 
cloth {only 250 copies printed), 14s 6d 1862 

DUGDALE (Sir W.) A Perfect Copy of all 
Summons of the Nobility to the great Coun- 
cils and Parliaments of this Realme, from 
the xlix. of Henry III. until these present Times, 
folio, old calf, 18s 1735 

EDMONDSON (J., Mowbray Hercdd), Baeon- 
agium Genealogicum ; or the Pedigrees of the 
English Peers deduced from the Earliest times, 
originally compiled bv Sir W. Segar, Garter, and 
continued by Joseph fedmondson [and Sir Joseph 
Aylotfe], with numerous finely engraved plates of 
arms, 6 vols, folio, old calf gilt, £7. 15s 1764-84 

" A valuable work for general reference." — Lo-wndes. 

Historical and Genealogical Account of the 

noble Family of Greville, with Account of 
Warwick Castle, illustrated by 32 ad- 
ditional PORTRAITS and other plates {including 
some scarce ones), royal Svo. russia extra, gilt 
edges (scarce ; not printed for sale), £2. 10s 1766 
A fine and perfect copy, collated with Upcott, by Mr. James 

Comerford, with his bookplate. 

ELIOT Family {of Port Eliot, Cornwall), Genea- 
logical Memoranda relating to the, and 
Craggs, of Wyserley ; copied from Documents in 
the possession of the Earl of St. Germans, cuts 
of Arms, 4to. hf. mar,, 10s Privately printed, 1868 

ELLISES, Notices of the, of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland, including the Families of Alls, Fitz- 
Elys, Helles, etc., by W. S. Ellis, with the 
Supplement, plates, Svo. cloth {scarce), £1. 2s Qd 

Not published, 1857-66 

ESSEX, Visitations of, by Hawley, 1552 ; 
Hervey, 1558 ; Cooke, 1570 ; Raven, 1612 ; and 
Owen and Lily, 1634 : also Miscellaneous Essex 
Pedigrees from various Harleian MSS. : and 
Appendix containing Berry's Essex Pedigrees : 
edited with Index by Walter C. Metcalfe, 
F.S.A., 2 large vols. impl. Svo. cl., uncut, SCARCE, 
£3. 3s Harleian Society, 1878-9 

Another copy, half morocco, £3. bs 

GENEALOGICAL Pamphlets, privatelv 

printed and MS., relating to various Scottish 

families, as below, 4to. hf. cj \, from Lord Far n ham's 

and Mr. Hartley's libraries (SCARCE), £2. 10s v. y. 

i. Genealogical Account of the Family of Burnett, of 

Burnetland and Barnes, in the Sheriffdom and County of 

Peebles; by M. Burnett, 1S4J. 2. MS. Pedigree of Greatrakes. 

3. MS. Anstruther Thomson of Charlton. 4. Nugae Antiqure 

^comprising Genealogical Notices : Montfode of that Ilk, and 

Descendants. 50 copies printed by J. C. Malcolm, Glasgow, 

1847. The N'apiers of Kilmahew. 50 copies. Glasgow, 1849). 
5. Pedigree of Frere. 6. Account of the Ancient Family of 
Maunsell-Mansell-Mansel ; by W. W. Mansel. For Private 
circulation. London, 1850. 7. MS. Introductory Remarks on 
Titles of Hereditary Dignity, etc. 'nearly 70 pages). 8. David 
William Barclay, Esquire, against Lord Ivory's Interlocutor, 

1848. 9. Duckett, of Hartham House, Wilts, pp. 9. Printed 
by F. Haenel, Berlin. 


Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued:— 

FRASER (Dr. W.) Memoirs of the MAXWELLS of POLLOK, from the valuable original 

unpublished MSS. in possession of the family, with 17 fine lithographic portraits, and 

numerous views, facsimiles of documents, arms, seals, etc. 2 thick vols. 4to. cloth gilt, 

uncut, top edges gilt, £16. 16s Edinburgh, 1863 

This valuable historical work was prepared by Mr. Fraser, with the help of Mr. Stirling of Keir 

(whose Family Book it resembles, and which may be considered its completion) for Sir John Maxwell of 

Pollok, Bart. : only 150 copies were privately printed, of which this is No. 124. The second 

volume consists wholly of a collection of Royal, State and Official, and Family and Domestic Letters 

(with abstracts), of the utmost importance in connection with the history of Scotland. 

■ THE RED BOOK of MENTEITH (containing Memoirs of the Drummonds and 

Frasers, the Earls and Heiresses of Menteith, Histories of their Castles ; the Priory, 
Priors, and Commendators of Inchmahome, a valuable collection of historical cor- 
respondence and other documents, etc. etc.), finely printed, with numerous facsimiles, 
views, portraits of eminent Scotsmen and Scotswomen, and other illustrations, 2 thick vols. 
4to. red cloth, heraldically gilt, top edges gilt, exceedingly scarce, £20. Edinburgh, 1880 
Only one hundred and fifty copies of the above work were (like the rest of Dr. Fraser's 
valuable publications on Scottish genealogical history) privately printed, and as they were all 
distributed in quarters whence they were unlikely to be removed, it is a most uncommon occurrence for 
one of them to be offered for sale. 

GURNEY (Daniel) RECORD of the HOUSE of GOURNAY : compiled from original 
Documents, with several hundred wood engravings of Views of Castles, Manors, Abbeys, 
Tombs, etc., in Normandy and England; the Coats of Arms, and Pedigrees of the Family 
in all its Branches, etc., 5 parts in 4 vols. 4to. {including Supplement), cloth, with 
Author's inscription (very rare), £14. 10* Privately Printed by Nichols, 1848-58 

This elaborate Genealogical Monograph is invaluable to the Herald, the Antiquary, and the Hist- 
orian ; and has become excessively scarce, all the copies having been distributed among the author's friends. 

GRACE (Sheffield) Memoirs of the Family of 
Grace, also Lines written at Jerpoint Abbey ; 
with upwards of 160 ENGRAVINGS of Portraits, 
Castles, Seats, Churches, and other Buildings, 
Antiquities, Sepulchral Monuments, Tomb Stones, 
etc., very thick super-royal Svo. half morocco, 
uncut, £2. 18* Privately printed, 1823 

The author's own copy, with his book-plate. 

GENEALOGICAL Table of the Sovereigns 
of England, most carefully executed by hand on 
drawing paper, and mounted on canvas, measur- 
ing nearly 9 feet in length and 22 inches in width, 
the Memoirs beautifully written, and the Draw- 
ings of Heraldic Bearings coloured ; with 
other pictorial embellishments ; folded and bound 
in an atlas folio volume, half red morocco gilt, 
cloth sides, very neat, £8. 85 n. d. 

A very useful as well as ornamental work ; showing at one 
view the descents of the various families which have ruled the 
British Empire. The Heraldic Bearings, also, are a valuable 
feature. It includes the present royal family. 

see under Publications of Learned Societies, 

ETC., post. 

HENDERSON (J., w.s.) Caithness Family 
History, beautifully printed on hand-made 
paper, 4to. new half olive morocco, uncut, top 
edges gilt, £1. bs Edinburgh, 1884 

Contains genealogical and biographical notices of the 
Bruces, Calders, Cunninghams, Gordons, Inneses, Mansons, 
Mowats, Sinclairs (27 branches), and others, and list of Heritors 
and Wadsetters. 

JESSOPP (Rev. Augustus, d.d.) One Gen- 
eration of a Norfolk House, a Contribution to 
Elizabethan History, view of Docking Church, 4to. 
cl. gt.{with letter from the Author), £1. IsNorw. 1878 
This is an elaborate account of Father Henry Walpole, 

the Jesuit Martyr, of the same family as Sir Robert Walpole, 

Horace Walpole, etc. 

LAWRENCE (Sir J.) On the Nobility of the 
BRITISH Gentry, or the Political Ranks and 
Dignities of the Empire, compared with those of 
the Continent, fourth ed., post 8vo. cl. 3s 6d 184C 


PORTESCUE, A History of the Family of, in 
all its Branches ; by Thomas (Fortescue) LORD 
CLERMONT, with 16 Pedigrees, 42 full-page 
illustrations, consisting of Portraits, Views of 
Family Mansions, Facsimiles, etc., and 19 Wood- 
cuts in the text, Presentation Copies to Mr. 
Hartley of both the First and Second Edi- 
tions {the latter with many variations and addi- 
tions), with the Supplement; also, the Works 
of Sir John Fortescue, Chief Justice of Eng- 
land and Lord Chancellor to King Henry VI., 
now first collected and arranged by Lord Cler- 
mont, portrait: together 3 vols. impl. 4to. rox- 
burghe, uncut, and the Supplement seicn, £5. 10s 


"The history of the family is traced through all its branches, 
and everything that could be recovered concerning the lives of the 
more distinguished Fortescues has been collected and preserved. 
The labour was no doubt one of love ; yet the mere arrangement 
of materials so extensive, and gathered from so many quarters, 
cannot but have taken much time and care, and the power of 
producing from them a narrative so pleasant and readable is not 
given to every writer of family history." — Edinburgh Review, 

History of the Family of Fortescue 

(First Edition), and the Works of Chief Jus- 
tice Fortescue, with numerous plates etc., 2 
vols. impl. 4to. roxburghc, uncut, £3. 10s 

Privately printed, 1869 

Although this copy has only the first edition of the Family 
History, yet it contains the only edition of Chief Justice Fortes- 
cue's complete works, the great interest and importance of 
which to the English historical student as well as to the lawyer 
is well known. Of the two volumes only iao copies were 


FOSTER (Joseph) The Royal Lineage of our 
Noble and Gentle Families, together with 
their Paternal Ancestry, ivoodcuts, 2 vols. 4to. 
cloth, 15s Privately printed, Aylesbury, n. d. 

The same, LIBRARY EDITION, with blank 

forms for family memoranda, 2 vols. 4to. cloth 
gilt, gilt edges, £3. 10s (pub. £6. 6s) 1887 




Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued: — 

LE NEVE'S Pedigrees of the Knights made 
by Charles II., James II., William and Mary, 
William III. alone, and Anne., edited by G. W. 
Marshall, f.s.a., impl. 8vo. cloth, uncut, £1. 10s 

Harleian Society, 1873 

LODGE (J.) The Peerage of Ireland ; revised, 
enlarged, and continued by the Rev. Mervyn 
Archdall, M.R.I.A., ivith engraved coats of all 
their arms ; best edition, 7 vols. 8vo. old calf 
extra, nice set, £2. 2s Dublin, 17b9 

Lodge's Peerage and Baronetage of the 

British Empire, 56th edition, royal Svo. cloth 
qilt, gilt edges, £1. 5s 1887 

LYNDSAY (Sir David, of the Mount) : A 
Facsimile of the Ancient Heraldic Manu- 
script emblazoned by this celebrated Herald, 
Lord Lyon King at Arms in the Reign of James V. 
of Scotland, edited by David Laing, ll.d., from 
the original MS. in the possession of the Faculty 
of Advocates, folio, cloth, top edges gilt, £7. 7* 
(pub. £10. 10$) 1S7S 

The same, large paper, impl. folio, cl. 

(ONLY 50 COPIES PRINTED), £10. 10s(pub. £15. 15s) 

LOWER (Mark Antony) The Curiosities 
of Heraldry, with Illustrations from Old 
English Writers, coloured frontispiece, numerous 
wood engravings, Svo. cloth, 10s 6d 1845 

English Surnames : an Essay on Family 

Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological and 
Humorous, third edition, enlarged, with Arms, 
etc., 2 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 14s 6fZ 1849 

Patronymica Britannica ; a Dictionary 

of the Family Names of the United Kingdom, 
port., roval Svo. mor. extra, gt. ed., £1. 15s 1S60 

MEYRICK (Sir S. R. ) Heraldic Visitations 
of Wales and Part of the Marches between 1586 
and 1613, under Clarencieux and Norr^iy, by 
LEWYS DWNN, edited with notes, numerous illus- 
trations of arms, etc., 2 vols, royal 4to. cloth, 
uncut [Welsh MSS. Society), £9. 15s 

Llandovery, 1846 

MONTAGU (J. A.) Guide to the Study of 
Heraldry, cuts, 4to. cloth-, 6s (pub. 18s) 

Pickering, 1S40 

MOULE (T.) Bibliotheca Heraldica Magna? 
Britannia? ; an Analytical Catalogue of Book- on 
Genealogv, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood, and 
Ceremonies, with a list of Provincial Visitations, 
Pedigrees, Collections of Arms, etc., and Supple- 
ment of the chief Foreign Genealogical Works, 
portrait, thick roval Svo. boards. £1. Is (pub. 
£1. 16s) 1S22 

Another copy, hf. mor., top ed. gt., £1. 7s6d 

Heraldry of Fish ; Notices of the principal 

Families bearing Fish in their Arms, with 205 
woodcuts, impl. Svo. large paper, cloth, uncut, 
£2. 2s Van Voorst, 1S42 

[NARES (Archdn.)] Heraldic Anomalies ; 
or Rank Confusion in our Orders of Precedence ; 
with Disquisitions on all the existing Orders of 
Society ; by It Matters not Who, 2 vols, post 
Svo. boards, leather backs, 6s 6d (pub. £1. Is) 1823 

NICHOLS (John Gough, f.s.a. Collect- 
anea Topographica et Genealouica, com- 
plete, with the Indexes, etc., 8 vols. impl. Svo. 
half cloth, uncut, SCARCE, £7. 7s 1834-43 

A valuable collection of original papers illustrative of 

English History, Topography, Heraidn , Customs, etc. 

The Herald and Genealogist, with 

numerous cuts of Arms, Seals, etc., S vols. Svo. 
half russia. uncut, top edges gilt, £6. 6s 1S63-74 

NICHOLS (J. Gough) The Topographer and 
Genealogist, woodcuts, 3 vols. Svo. complete, 
cloth, £1. 12s 6d Xichols, 1846-58 

Another copy, roxburghe, £1. 15s 

This interesting work, forms a continuation to " Nichols's 
Collectanea Topographica," etc., and contains a valuable col- 
lection of Original Papers illustrative of English History, 
Heraldry, Customs, etc. 

NICOLAS (Sir Nicholas Harris) The 
Battle of Agincourt ; History of, and Henry 
V.'s Expedition into France, A.D. 1415, to which 
is added the Roll of the Men at Arms in the 
English Army, second edition, with portrait of 
Henry V. on India. Paper, 4 coloured maps, and 
coloured plate of banners, Svo. cloth, 14s 1832 

Orders of Knighthood of the British 

Empire ; History of the, including the Order of 
the Guelphs of Hanover, etc., with 21 fine plates, 
illuminated in GOLD and. COLOURS, including 

full-length portrait of the Queen, and numerous 

engravings of Badges, Armorial Bearings , Medals, 

Crosses, etc., 4 vols. impl. 4to. half morocco extra 

[nice copy), £4. 10s (pub. £14. 14s) 1842 

" The first comprehensive History of the British Orders 

of Knighthood ; and one of the most elaborate and splendid 

works that ever issued from the press. The author seems to 

have neglected no source of information." — Quarterly Review. 

Rolls of Arms of Peers and Knights in 

the Reigns of Henry III. and Edward III., from 
a contemporary MS. in the British Museum, with 
an Ordinary of the Arms, cut of Earl Simon, 4to. 
LARGE Paper, cloth, scarce, £1. 5s Pickering, 1829 
The Siege of Carlaverock itemp. 1300), 

in Anglo-Norman Verse, with Translation and 
History of the Castle, Memoirs of the Personages 
commemorated, Arms of the Earls, Barons, and 
Knights, 4to. boards, £1. Is Xichols, 1828 

Synopsis of the Peerage of England, 

exhibiting, under Alphabetical Arrangement, the 
Date of Creation, Descent, and present State 
of every Title of Peerage which has existed in 
this Country since the Conquest, 2 vols. 12mo. 
cloth, os 6d Xichols, 1825 

NISBET (A.) System of Heraldry, speculative 
and practical ; with the true Art of Blazon ; and 
historical and genealogical Memorials, second 
EDITION, with numerous plates, 2 vols, folio, half 
russia neat, nearly new {with Mr. Comerford's 
bookplate), £6. 10s Edinburgh, 1804 

NOBLE (Rev. Mark; History of the College 
of Arms, and Lives of all the Kings, Heralds, and 
Pursuivants from the Reign of Pilchard III., por- 
trait, 4to. boards, Is 6d 1805 

ORMEROD (George, f.r.s.j Parentally : 
Genealogical Memoirs, both parts, with Ap- 
pendix — Genealogical Essays illustrative of 
Cheshire and Lancashire Families, and 
Memoir on the Cheshire Domesday Boll, 1S51 — 
EarlyConnexionoi' the Anglo-Norman Families 
of Stockport, Fitz-Roger, Banastre, and Gernet — 
Memoir on the Cheshire Domesday Roll, and 
Notices of the Justiciaries of Chester in the 13th 
Century — Additions and Index to " Parentalia " 
and "Essays ;" pedigrees, plates, and arms, 3 vols, 
royal Svo. calf super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt 
(VERY RARE), £3. ISs Privately printed, 1851-6 
So rare are these works, that no complete collection of them 

was to he found in the sale of the Author's own library. Copies 

have hitherto brought from £6 to £7. 

REVUE Historique de la Nobee>se. par B. 
d'Hautektve, wtth numerous plates of aems, 
12 parts, impl. Svo. sewn, 16s Paris, 1S40-3 


Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued, 
OXFORD, Arms of the Colleges of, large plates, 
beautifully emblazoned in gold and colours, by 
Henry Shaw, with Historical Notices of the 
Colleges by Dean Burgon, royal 4to. cloth 
(scarce), £4. 4s Oxford, 1855 

PEERAGE (Biographical) of the Empire of 
Great Britain and Ireland, including Memoirs of 
Characters of the most celebrated Persons of each 
Family, upwards of 500 illustrations of arms, 
4 vols. 18mo. calf (scarce), £2. 10s 1808-17 

" Generally attributed to Sir Egerton Brydges." — Lo-wndes. 

PLANCHE (J. R., Somerset Herald) The PUR- 
SUIVANT OF ARMS, or Heraldry founded upon 
Facts, illuminated plate of the Beaufort Arms, 
209 woodcuts, revised edition, 8vo. cl., 8s 6d n. d. 

RIDDELL (J.) Comments in Refutation of 
Pretensions advanced for the first time, with an 
exposition of the right of the Stirlings of Drum- 
pellier to the representation of the ancient Stir- 
tings of Cadder, and statements in "The Stir- 
lings of Keir and their Family Papers," 4to. 
cloth, SCARCE, £2. 105 

Edinburgh, for Private Circulation, 1860 

RIDLON (G. T.) History of the Ancient 
Ryedales, and their Descendants in Normandy, 
Great Britain, Ireland, and America, from 
A.D. 860 to 1884, comprising the Genealogy and 
Biography for about 1000 years of the Families of 
Kiddell*, Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, etc., f idly 
illustrated with engravings of portraits, residences, 
monuments, coats of arms, and autographs, on 
steel, stone, and woody thick impl. 8vo. (pp. 786), 
cloth gilt, £1. 5s Manchester, N.U., 1884 

This important genealogical work, compiled with immense 
labour, is of particular interest to North Countrymen, as it gives 
copious investigations into the families of Riddell and its 
branches in Northumberland and the Scottish Lowlands, and 
traces all their descendants in the United States of America. 
The illustrations also comprise many views of seats in the 
northern counties of England and in America. 

SANDFORD (Fr., Lancaster Herald) Genea- 
logical History of the Kings and Queens of 
England, and Monarchs of Great Britain, from 
the Conquest to the year 1707, best edition, 
enlarged by S. Stebbing, Somerset Herald, with 
numerous fine engravings by HOLLAR and others 
of Monumental Effigies, Tombs, Seals, Armorial 
Bearings, etc., thick folio, old panelled calf, 
repacked, £4. 4-s 1707 

" A very superior genealogical account of the Royal Family 
and its collateral branches; it abounds in curious information." 
— Dalla-way. 

SCOT FAMILY :— A true History of several 
Honourable Families of the right honourable 
Name of Scot, in the Shires of Roxburgh and 
Selkirk, and others adjacent [Part 1] — Satchels's 
Post'ral, presented to his noble and worthy friends 
of the names of Scot and Elliot, and others [Part 
2]. By Captain Walter Scot (of Satchels), an old 
Souldier, and no Scholler, 4to. hf calf (very 

SCARCE), £1. 16.? 

Edinburgh, Balfour and Smellie, 1776 

Interesting particulars of this whimsical work, written by an 
ancestor of Sir /Caller Scott, will be found in Lockhart's Life of 
the latter, Vol. I., pp. H7-91. " How continually its wild and 
uncouth doggrel was on his lips to his latest days, all his 
familiars can testify," etc. 

SCOTTISH ARMS, being a collection of 
Armorial Bearings (a.d. 1370-1678), reproduced 
in Facsimile from contemporary MSS., with 
Heraldic and Genealogical Notes, by R. R. 
STODART, 2 vols, folio, cloth gilt, top edges gilt, 
£5. Edinburgh, 1881 

Turks hundred cohibs oNbY printid, of which this is No. 4. 


taining the Controversy between Sir Richard 
Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor in the Court of 
Chivalry, a.d. mccclxxxv-mcccxc, with a 
History of the Family of Scrope, and Biographical 
Notices of the Depondents (including the Poet 
Chaucer), by Sir Harris Nicolas, coats of Arms, 
2 vols, super-impl. 8vo. cloth (cheap), £6. 17s 6d 


Very rare : only 150 copies having been privately printed at 
the expense of an association of noblemen and gentlemen. It 
contains the evidence of upwards of three hundred Earls. Barons, 
Knights, and Esquires, and Abbots, Priors, and other clergy, of 
all of whom biographies are given. They describe the Battles, 
Sieges, and expeditions in which they had served, and the MSS. 
and Monuments in their churches, and their depositions abound 
in interesting information about the history, manners, and cus- 
toms of this country in the XIV. century, and the nature and 
powers of the Ancient Court of Chivalry. The present copy has 
an autograph letter of Sir Harris Nicolas. 

SHARPE'S Genealogical Peerage of the 
British Empire, with the arms of each peer care- 
fully drawn and engraved by S. Williams, 3 vols, 
fcap. 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d (pub. £1. 16s) 1830 

SHARPE (T. Elizabeth) A Royal Descent, 
and other Pedigrees and Memorials, royal 4to. 
cloth, £1. Is 1875 

Only one hundred copies printed. It shows the descent 
of the authoress and her connexions in a direct line from King 
Edward I. 

SIMS (R.) Manual for the Genealogist, Topo- 
grapher, Antiquary, and Legal Professor, con- 
taining Heraldic Collections in Public Libraries, 
etc., etc., 8vo. cloth, lis (pub. 15s) 1856 

SUTHERLAND Peerage : Genealogical 
History of the Earldom, to 1630, by Sir R. 
Gordon of Gordonstoun, Bart., with Con- 
tinuation to 1651 (edited by the First Duke of 
Sutherland) ; portrait, plate of Armorial Bearings, 
etc., folio, FINE COPY in new crimson morocco 
extra, tooled on sides, gilt gauffered edges (rare), 
£4. 10s Edinburgh, 1813 

TUCKETT (J.) Devonshire Pedigrees, re- 
corded in the Herald's Visitation of 1620, with 
additions from the Harleian MSS. and the Printed 
Collections of Westcote and Pole, in 12 parts, with 
Indexes, 4to. sewn and boards, £2. (pub. £3.) 11. d. 

WALPORD (Rev. Edward) The County 
Families of the United Kingdom, last edition, 
thick royal Svo. cloth gilt, gilt edges, £2. 1887 

Tales of our Great Families, Second 

Series, 2 vols, crown Svo. cloth, 16s 1880 

WEEVER (JJ Ancient Funeral Monu- 
ments of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Islands 
adjacent, first edition, with plates and wood- 
cuts {but WANTING PORTRAIT), folio, 71CW half 
calf gilt, £1. 12s 6d 1631 

This extraordinary collection of epitaphs and inscriptions is 
of great usefulness to antiquaries, historians, and genealogists. 

"WILSON of High Wray and Kendal, Pedi- 
gree of, and the Families connected with them, 
compiled from Private Pedigrees, and completed 
to the present time, by Joseph Foster, 4to. front, 
of arms, cloth, £2. 2s Privately Printed, 1871 

WILLEMENT (T., f.s.a) A Roll of Arms of 
the Reign of Richard II., edited with Preface, In- 
dex, etc., crown 4to. cloth, £1. Is Pickering, 1834 

Regal Heraldry: the Armorial Insignia 

of the Kings and Queens of England, from Coeval 
Authorities, 37 large emblazoned plates of arms, 
and a few woodcuts, 4to. cloth, scarce, £1. 1? 
(pub. £2. 2s) Pickering , 1821 

Genealogical and Heraldic Books, continued :— 

136 ; STRAXD. 


WILLEMENT (T.) Facsimile of a Contemp- 
orary Roll with the Xames and Arms of the 
Sovereign, and of the Spiritual and Temporal Peers, 
who sat in Parliament on the 5th Feb., 1515, in the 
Reign of Henry VIII. ; with Index to the Roll of 
Arms, and with 2S plates BEAUTIFULLY EMBLA- 
ZONED BY HAND, 4to. half calf neat, uncut, ONLY 

WYNNE (Sir John, Bart.) History of the 
Gwydir Family, with plates and pedigrees, 4to. 
cloth (uncut), 15s Oswestry, 1S78 

WORCESTERSHIRE, Heraldry of; Roll 
of Arms of the several Xoble, Knightly, and 
Gentle Families, from the Earliest Period : with 
Genealogical Xotes, bv H. S. Grazebrook, 2 
vols, small 4to. cloth, 18s 6d 1873 


AGASSIZ(L.)RECHERCHESsurlesPOISSONSFOSSILES,comprenant la Description de 500 

especes qui n'existent plus, 1'exposition des Lois de la Succession et du DeYeloppement 

Organique des Poissons durant toutes les Metamorphoses du Globe Terrestre, une 

nouvelle Classification de ces Animaux ; enfin des Considerations Geologiques generales 

tirees de l'fitude des Fossiles, containing 38-A very fine plates, mostly coloured, 5 vols. 

royal folio in 4, half morocco gilt, £10. Xeuchatel, 1833-44 

" Eighty of the greatest museums of Europe had furnished the material for it (the above book), and 

the number of described species amounted to 1700 in about 20,000 examples. It is undoubtedly Agassiz's 

most important work, and forms, with Cuvier's and Valenciennes' ' Histoire Naturelle des Poissons,' and 

J. Miillers Treatises, the foundation of our present knowledge of fishes, while it does not confine itself to 

the region of ichthyolytes, but extends over the entire wide field of the anatomy and classification of 

fishes, essentially modifying the latter/' — Xature, April, 1879. 

BUCKLAND (Dean) Geology and Miner, 
alogy considered with Reference to Natural 
Theology (Bridgwater Treatise), new edition, 
with Additions by Owen, Phillips, Brown, Agassiz, 
etc., and a Memoir bv Frank Buckland, 90 
plates, 2 vols. Svo. doth, 6s (pub. £1. is) 1S58 

The same, half calf , 8s 6d 

Another copy, )icic calf gilt, £1. It 

Reliqule DiluyiaN/E : Observations on 

Organic Remains in Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial 
(J ravel, and Geological Phenomena, attesting the 
Action of an Universal Deluge, many plates, 
some coloured, 4to. half calf neat (cheap), 5s 1823 

The same, second and best edition, half 

calf gilt, nearly new, 8s Qd 1826 
Another copy, calf extra, by the late F. Bed- 
ford (fine eopy),\6s 6d 

CAMPBELL (J. P., of May) Frost and Fire : 
Natural Engines, Tool-marks and Chips, with 
Sketches at home and abroad by a Traveller, 
numerous illustrations, 2 vols. Svo. tree-calf extra 
{nearly new), SCARCE, £1. Is Edinburgh, 1S65 

DAUBiENY (Prof. C.,f.r.s.) Active and extinct 
Volcanos ; their Origin, Chemical Phenomena, 
etc., frontispiece and maps, Svo. half morocco extra, 
gilt edges, 6s 6d 1S26 

Publications of Learned Societies, etc., post. 


GEOLOGICAL Survey of the United King- 
dom, Memoirs of the, Decades ii., vii., xi. : 
Figures and Descriptions illustrative of 
British Trilobites, by J. W. Salter, the numerous 
beautiful engravings bu J. W. Loicry, roval Svo. 
new half calf gilt, 13s 6d '1849-64 

The same : Decades i., iii., iv., v., Figures 

and Descriptions illustrative of British. Echino- 
dermata, by E. Forbes, S. P. Woodward, and 
J.W. Salter, Jiumcrous plates beautifully engraved 
by J. W. Lowry, new half calf \ 13s Qd 1S49-56 

GEOLOGICAL Society of Dublin, Journal 
of the, COMPLETE from the beginning in 1832 to 
1S75: Series I., 10 vols. 1S33-64 ; Series II. 
(called Journal of the Geological Society of Ire- 
land), Vols. I. -IV., 1S64-75— together, 14 vols. Svo. 
with many plates, half calf neat, £4. 45 1833-75 

HULL (E.) The Coal-Fields of Great Britain, 
with Notices of those in other parts of the World ; 
second edition, large map and illustrations, post 
Svo. calf gilt (nice copy), 5s 6d 1S61 

The same, third and much enlarged edition, 

embodying the Report of the Royal Coal Com- 
mission, Svo. cloth, 8s Qd 1873 

LA BECHE (Sir H. T. de) Report on the 
Geology of Cornwall, Devon, and West 
SOMERSET, coloured geological map, and numerous 
plates and woodcuts, Svo. half calf neat, 16s 1S39 

LEIDY (Joseph, U.S. Geological Survey.) CON- 
TRIBUTIONS to the Extinct Vertebrate Fauna 
of the Western Territories of the United 
States, with 37 fine plates, exhibiting many 
figures, royal 4to. sewn, 8s 6d Washington, 1873 

LESQUEREUX (Leo) Fossil Flora of the 
Western Territories, Part 1, The Cretaceous 
Flora, 30 tinted plates, roval 4to. cloth, £1. (pub. 
£1. 17« 6rf) Washington, 1S74 

Part II., The Tertiary Flora, 6o tinted 

plates, roval 4to. cloth, \8s 6d (pub. £1. 10s) 

ibidem, 1S78 

LYELL (Sir C.) The Geological Evidences of the 
Antiquity of Man, with Remarks on Theories of 
the Origin of Species bv Variation, woodcuts, Svo. 
cloth, 9s (pub. Us) 1863 

The Elements of Geology, or the Ancient 

Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants, sdxth 
edition, with 770 woodcuts, Svo. tree-calf gilt, 
13s 6d 1S65 

The Student's Elements of Geology, with 

600 illustrations, post Svo. calf gilt, 10s 6d 1S78 

The same, last edition, cloth, 7s 1SS5 

The same, new tree -calf gilt, 14s 



Geological Books, continued: — 

MANTELL. (Dr. Gideon) Geology of the 
South-East of England, with numerous engrav- 
ings and coloured Sections, 8vo. boards (SCARCE), 
125 6d 1833 

MURCHISON (Sir Roderick Impey) Geo- 
logy and Palaeontology of Russia in Europe 
and the Ural Mountains (with the assistance of 
E. deVernenil and Count A. von Keyserling),u>zYA 
large coloured maps and ?iiime7-ous fine geological 
plates, 2 thick vols. 4to. cloth (scarce), £2. 10s 1845 

Siluria ; the History of the Oldest known 

Rocks containing Organic Remains ; with the 
Distribution of Gold over the Eartji, maps and 37 
plates and numerous woodcuts, thick roval 8vo. 
cloth, 155 (pub. £2. 2s) 1854 

PARKINSON (J.) Organic Remains of a 
Former World, an Examination of Extraneous 
Fossils, with 54 COLOURED plates, exhibiting 
several hundred Fossil Remains, both animal and 
vegetable, 3 vols. 4to. tree-calf extra, £1. Is 1820-11 

A valuable work; highly commended by Dr. Buckland, 
Dr. Mantell, and other Geologists. 

PHILLIPS (Prof. J.) Manual of Geology, 
edited by Etheridge and Seelev, illustrated, 
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 18s 1885 

PHILLIPS (Prof. J., f.r.s.) Geology of Ox- 
ford and the Valley of the Thames, with maps, 
plates, and many woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, Is 6c? (pub. 
£1. Is) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1871 

SCROPE (G. Poulett, f.r.s.) Geology and 
Extinct Volcanoes of Central France, 
second edition enlarged, with maps, views, and 
panoramic sketches, 8vo. cloth, 17s 6c? (pub. £1. 10s) 


SEDGWICK (Prof.) Synopsis of the Classifi- 
cation of the British Palaeozoic Rocks ; also 
a Systematic Description of the British Palaeozoic 
Fossils in the Cambridge Geological Museum by 
Prof. F. McCoy, with many plates, thick roy. 4to. 
cloth, £2. 5s Cambridge university Press, 1854 

YORKSHIRE, A Geological Survey of the 
Coast of, from the Humber to the Tees and from 
the German Ocean to the Plain of York, by the 
Rev. G. Young and John Bird, map, plate, and 
17 coloured engravings of shells, fossils, etc., 4to. 
calf gilt, 18s 6c? Whitby, 1822 

Descriptive Catalogue of the Minerals 

and Fossil Organic Remains of Scarborough 
and the Neighbourhood, upwards of 50 COLOURED 
PLATES from Sowerby's Mineralogy and Fossil 
Conchology, 8vo. half calf , 15s Scarborough, 1816 

GENESIS in Advance of Present Science, 
a Critical Investigation of Chapters I. -IX., by a 
Septuagenarian Beneficed Presbyter, 8vo. cloth, 
5s 6c? (pub. 18s 6c?) 1883 

BRARY (The), a classified collection of the 
chief contents of that journal from 1731 to 1868, 
edited by G. Laurence Gomme, f.s.a. : each 
volume 8vo. cloth, uncut, 5s (sells 7s 6c?), as below: — 

Manners and Customs, 1883: Dialect, Proverbs and Word- 
lore, 1884: Popular Superstitions, 1884: English Traditional 
Lore ; with Customs of Foreign Countries and Peoples, 1885 : 
Archaeology, Parts 1 and 2, 3 vols, (not sold separately), 1886 : 
Romano-British Remains, Vol. 2, 1887. 

Fine Paper Edition : Romano-British Re- 
mains, 2 vols, new roxburghe binding, uncut, top 
edges gilt, £1. Is 1887 

GERARD (J. W.) The Peace of Utrecht, 
map, 8vo. cloth, 5s Qd (pub. 12s 6c/) 1885 

GERBIER (Sir Balthazar) Subsidium Pere- 
grinantibus, an Assistance to a Traveller in his 
Converse with Hollanders, Germans, Venetians, 
Italians, Spaniards, French, -written to a Princely 
Traveller for a Vade-Mecum, 18mo. cf extra, gt. ed. 
{with bookplate of Joseph Gwilt), 5s Oxford, 1665 

GERMAN Lyric Poets, Specimens of the, con- 
sisting of Translations in Verse (by Beresford 
etc.) from Burger, Goethe, Schiller, Klopstock, 
etc. , vignettes, 8vo. fine copy in brown calf extra, 
gilt edges, by Clarke {scarce), 8s 6c? 1823 

GESSNER' (Salomon) Idylles et Poemes 
Champetres, traduits de 1'Allemand par Huber, 
frontispiece and vignettes by Watelet, fcap. 8vo. 
gilt veau marbre' {with autograph, "William 
"Beckford, 1778"), 16s Lyon, 1762 

Schriften, behelzin Idyllen, 2 vols, in 1, 

with over 100 beautiful and pleasing etchings on 
copper by the author, besides vignettes, 4to. green 
morocco extra, gilt edges {a very fine copy of this 
attractive book), £1. 16s Zurich, 1777 

GHOST of ERNEST, first Duke of Sax- 
Goth a, Great Grandfather of H.R.H. the 
Princess Dowager of Wales ; with some Account 
of his Life, 8vo. cedf gilt (Mr. Beckford' s copy), 
12i 1757 

GESTA ROMANORUM, or Entertaining 
Stories, invented by the Monks as a fireside 
recreation ; and commonly applied in their dis- 
courses from the pulpit ; edited, with Introduc- 
tion, by T. Wright, f.s.a., 2 vols, post 8vo. 
boards, uncut {with bookplate of the late Master 
of Trinity), 18s 6c? Rotten, n, d. 

GIBSON (E., Bishop of London) Codex Juris 
Ecclesiastici Anglicani : the Statutes, Con- 
stitutions, Canons, Rubricks, and Articles of the 
Church of England, methodically digested ; with 
a Commentary, historical and juridical (best 
edition, enlarged), 2 thick vols, royal folio, 
cedf gilt, neatly and handsomely rebacked, £3. 3s 
Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1761 

" By much the most valuable work we have on this 
subject." — Bishop Watson. 

GIBBON (Edward) History of the Decline 
and Fall of the Roman Empire, with Notes by 
Milman, Guizot, and Smith ; best library edi- 
tion, with portrait and maps, 8 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
£2. 5s 1881 

• The same, new calf gilt, £4. 18s; or, new 

tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £5. 5s 

Bonn's British Classics Edition, with Variorum 

Notes, including those of Guizot, Wenck, Schreiter, 
and Hugo, edited by an English Churchman, 7 
vols, post 8vo. cloth, 14s 6c? 1853 

The same, new half calf gilt, £1. 18s 1883 

The same, new calf gilt, £2. 10s 

Another edition, with portrait and map, 

4 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 13s Halifax, 1844 

Cheap Edition, portrait, 3 vols, post 8vo. 

hfi cf-i 13s 6c?; or, new hf cf extra, £1. Is n. d. 
The same, new calf gilt, £1. 8s; or, new tree- 

calf extra, £1. 10s 
Miscellaneous Works, with Memoirs oi 

his Life and Writings by Himself, with Notes bj 

Lord Sheffield, portrait and engravings by Heath, 

5 vols. 8vo. half morocco gilt, £1. Is 
Another copy, calf gilt, £1. 5s 6c? 

Includes his Correspondence with many eminent persons 
Journal of his Studies, Remarks on the Books read, Antiquities 
of the House of Brunswick, and numerous Dissertations 
historical, geographical, and critical. 




PERSON (Jo.) The Crafte to Live well and to Dye well, translated out of Frensshe into 

Englysshe [probably by Andrew Ghertsey], folio, Mark letter, with numerous woodcuts; 

wanting all before fol. xi and after cxxv, with some leaves also torn and stained; sold 

therefore with all faults ; in old calf binding, £11. 11$ [WynJcyn de Worde, 1505] 

The above fragment is a copy of Wynkyn de Worde's first edition of this curious work. It in 

exceedingly rare in any state, and when perfect would fetch a very large sum ; it is however a long time 

lince such a copy has occurred for sale. The present gives a desirable opportunity of acquiring a specimen 

>f early English typography and xylography at a low price. See also " Fasciculus Temporum," ante. 

3IBS0N (John, Sculptor) A large and very interesting Collection of about one hundred 

original Drawings, SIXTY AUTOGRAPH LETTERS FROM GIBSON, and fifty 

from others in reference to him, about sixty Engravings from his works, etc., forming an 

unique collection of this ^reat Sculptor, 3 vols. 4to. 1 bound and 2 loose in boards, £40. 

This important Collection is also further enriched with the original MS. of Miss Jamieson's Article 

m Gibson, published in the Art Journal, and an original water-colour Portrait. 

HISTORY, post 

3-IBBON (Edward) : The Student's Gibbon, 
abridged by Dr. W. Smith, 100 illustrations, post 
8 vo . calf gilt, Us 6d 1 880 

3-ILBBRT (J. ) Landscape in Art before Claude 
and Salvator, with 141 illustrations, thick 8vo. 
cloth, £1. 10$ 1885 

3-ILLRAY (James) Caricatures, comprising 
the best Political and Humorous Satires of the 
lleign of George III. ; 1779-1810; 600 large and 
highly spirited engravings from the original 
plates, ATLAS FOLIO, half morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £6. 106' (1850) 

3TLPIN (Rev. W., of Boldre) Works, a com- 
plete SET, as under, 16 vols. 8vo. calf {not 
uniform, but each volume containing the book- 
plate of H.R.H. the Princess Sophia ; an 
interesting set), £3. 18s 1766-1809 

Scotch Tour, 2 vols. ; Forest Scenery, 3 vols. ; Tour to the 
Lakes; Western Tour ; Eight Essays on Picturesque Subjects, 
t vols. ; Essays on Prints ; Observations of the Coasts of 
Hampshire, Sussex and Kent; River Wye; Lives of the 
Reformers, and of Cranmer, Latimer, and Bernard Gilpin. 

GLADSTONE. (Right Hon. W. E.) The 

State in its relations with the Church, second ed., 
1839 : Church Principles considered in their 
Results, 1840 : Remarks on the Royal Supremacy 
as it is defined by Reason, History, and the Con- 
stitution, 1850 : \ aticanism : an answer to reproofs 
and replies, 1875 — 4 vols. 8vo. (scarce), 18s 1839-75 

Church Principles considered in their 

Results, 8vo cloth, 8s 6d 1840 

Juventus Mundi, or the Gods and Men of 

the Heroic Age, mop, crown 8vo.calfgilt, 14s 6^1869 

Enquiries into the Time and Place of 

Homer, post 8vo. cloth, 5,9 1876 

Studies in Homer and the Homeric Age, 

3 vols. 8vo. cl., uncut (scarce), £4. Is 6d Oxf. 1858 
Political Speeches in Scotland, Nov 

and Dec, 1879, 8vo. cloth (a valuable book of refer- 
ence), 7s 6d Edinburgh, 1879 

Gleanings of Past Years, 7 vols. 12mo. 

cloth, Us 1879 

ijLAISHER, Flammarion, De Fonvielle, and 
Tissandier's Travels in the Air ; with 125 

I fine illustrations, some COLOURED, royal 8vo. tree- 
calf gilt, £1. 8s 1871 

GLEE CLUB :— Words of the Favourite Pieces 
as performed at the Glee Club, held at the Crown 
and Anchor Tavern, Strand ; compiled from their 

i Library, by J. P. Hobler, foolscap 8vo. russia 

: gilt, gilt edges (cracked at joint), 6s Qd 1794 

Another copy, old calf neat, 5s 6d 

GLEIG (Rev. G. R., late Chaplain-Gen. to 
Forces) Essays, biographical, historical, and mis- 
cellaneous, contributed chiefly to the Edinburgh 
and Quarterly Reviews, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s Qd 
(pub. £1. 1*) 1858 

GODWIN (Rev. G. N.) The Civil War in 
Hampshire (1642-45), 4to. cloth, 8s 1882 

GODWIN (William) Thoughts on Man ; his 
Nature, Productions and Discoveries : interspersed 
with some Particulars respecting the Author, 8vo. 
half calf gilt, 5s 1831 

GNEIST (Dr. R.) History of the English 
Constitution, translated by P. A. Ashworth, 
2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt (nearly new), £1. 8s 1886 

GOETHE (J. W. von) Faust : eine Tragodie 
(handsome pictorial edition, finely printed), with 
numerous woodcuts by E. Seibertz, royal 8vo. in 
richly gilt cloth, Is (pub. \Zs6d) Stuttgart, 1864 

Another edition, 12mo. cf. gt., 6s Qd ib., 1867 

Fine illustrated edition, with the Ger- 
man Text handsomely printed within ornamental 
borders, and illustrated with 25 beautiful etchings 
by A. Liezen Mayer, and numerous vignette 
head and tail-pieces ; folio, cloth extra, gilt edges, 
£1. 15s Milnchen, o.j. 
— — - Gedichte, 12mo. cf. gt.,6s6d Stuttgart, 1868 

— Wilhelm Meister's Lehrjahre, 12mo. cf. 

gilt, 6s 6d ibidem, 1869 

Works, translated by various Authors (Sir 

Walter Scott, E. A. Bowring, Anna Swan- 
wick, R. D. Boylan and John Oxenford), 
with portrait, 8 vols, post 8vo. new half calf gilt, 
£2. 55 1880 

Contexts: Autobiography; and Letters from Italy and 
Switzerland — Faust, 2 parts — Novels and Tales — Wilhelm 
Meister's Apprenticeship — Conversations with Eckermann and 
Soret — Poems and Ballads — Gotz von Berlichingen, Torquato 
Tasso, Egmont, Iphigenia, Clavigo, Wayward Lover, and Fellow 

Works, Avith Autobiography, translated by 

J. Oxenford, fine portrait, 6 vols, post 8vo. half 
calf gilt, £\.Us6d 1872 

a most splendid edition : 

Faust ; translated in the original Metres 

by T. J. Arnold, with 50 large and very 


A. Liezen Mayer ; also Vignettes, Ornamental 
Borderings, etc. , by R, Seitz, a magnificent volume, 
imperial folio ; richly bound in gilt cloth, gilt 
edges, £3. (pub. £6.) Munich, 1877 



GOETHE (J. W. von) Faust (both parts): 
translated in the original metres by Bayard 
Taylor, 2 vols, crown Svo. cl. uncut, 18s Qd 1871 

Faust, translated by Sir Theodore Mar- 
tin, k.c.b., illustrated by Prof. A. von Kre- 
LING, pott folio, cloth extra, £1. lis 6d n. d. 

translated by D. Boylan, post 8vo. cl, 2s Qd 1881 
See also under Thomas Carlyle. 

Poems, translated by E. A. Bowring, post 

8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 1883 

Conversations with Eckermann and Soret, 

translated by J. Oxenford, post 8vo. morocco extra, 
gilt edges, 10s 6d ] 874 

Correspondence with Schiller, between 

1798 and 1805, translated by L. Dora Schmitz, 
post Svo. cloth, 2s 6d 1879 

Characteristics of ; from the German of 

Falk, Von Miiller, etc. , with Notes, original and 
translated, illustrative of German Literature, by 
Sarah Austin, portrait on India Paper, 3 vols, 
post 8vo. hf. cloth, 10s 1833 

Life of, by G. H. Lewes, with portrait, 

8vo. new calf gilt, 18s 6d 1875 

GOLDEN GLEANINGS ; a Selection from 
the Poets, Devotional and Moral, fcap. 8vo. calf 
extra, gilt edges, 8s 6d 1867 

GOLDEN VERSES from the New Testament, 
with Illuminations and Miniatures from cele- 
brated Missals and Books of Hours of the XlVth 
and XVth Centuries ; small 4to. morocco super- 
extra, £1. 18s n. d. 

GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Works, edited by 
Peter Cunningham [large type), vignettes, best 
library edition, 4vols. 8\o.hfcfgt.,£1.8s6d 1854 

The same, new calf gilt, £2. 8s; or, new calf 

extra, £2. 15s 

The same, handsomely bound in new morocco 

super -extra, gilt edges, £3. 15s 

Complete Works : with Notes by J. W. M. 

GlBBS, portrait, 5 vols, post 8vo. new half calf gilt, 
or, new half morocco, £1. 8s 1885 

- The same, new calf gilt, £1. 18s 
Complete Works, comprising Essays, 

Plays, Poetical Works, and Vicar of Wakefield, 
post 8vo. vellum gilt, red edges, 9s Qd n. d. 

Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, edited 

with Life, etc., by the Kev. J. Mitford, portrait, 
fcap. 8vo. hf mor., t. e. g., 8s Qd Pickering, 1831 
The same, later ed. , new mor. , g. e. , 9s Qd 1875 
Poetical Works, with Biographical Memoir 

and Notes by Bolton Corney, illustrated with 
very beautiful wood engravings by members of the 
Etching Club, square 8vo. white morocco extra, 
gilt edges (choice copy), £1. 8s 1846 

Poetical Works ; with Memoir by Professor 

Spalding, portraits, and numerous exquisite 
engravings after Leslie, Roberts, Stot- 
hard, ETC., small 4to. new morocco super- extra, 
gilt edges, £1. 10s 1866 

vicar of Wakefield, with 12 permanent 

Photographs from pictures by eminent British 
Artists, 8vo. new calf extra, gilt edges, 14s 1880 
The Vicar of Wakefield, with 32 illus- 

trations drawn on wood by W. Mulready, r.a., 
and engraved by J . Thompson; 8vo. tree-cf,15s 1886 
The Vicar of Wakfield, with Prefatory 

Memoir by G. SAINTSBURY, 114 beautiful coloured 
illustrations, imp]. 8vo. cloth gt. , t. e. g. , 9s Qd 1886 
Essays, First Edition, vignette on title by 

Isaac Taylor, post 8vo. new mottled calf extra, 
yellovj edges, £1. Is 1765 

GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Grecian History, to 
the Death of Alexander the Great, with sum- 
mary account to the sacking of Constantinople 
by the Othomans, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 5s 1796 

— - — Miscellaneous Works, with an account 
of his Life and Writings, plates by Cruikshank 
and Stothard, 4 vols. fcap. 8vo. half calf gilt 
{nice set), £1. Is 1848 

Miscellaneous Works, Globe Edition, 

with Biographical Introduction by Prof. Masson, 
frontispiece, crown 8vo. new calf gilt, Is Qd 1881 

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s Qd 

Life and Times of, by John Forster, 

sixth edition, with portraits and numerous other 
illustrations, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 9s (pub. 15s) 1877 
The same, new calf gilt ; or, hedf morocco, 

uncut, £1. 4s 

The same, new tree-calf ex. % by Riviere, £1. 6s 

Cheap Edition, square post 8vo. new cedf 

gilt, 9s 6c? 1875 


SHENSTONE, Poetical Works of; with 
Biographical Notices and Notes, illustrated by 
Sir J. Gilbert, fcap. 8vo. new calf neat, Is 1868 
The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 9s Qd 1865 

GONCOURT (Edmond et Jules de) L'Art 
du Dix-Huitieme Siecle, troisieme edition, with 
numerous fine plates {many coloured), 2 vols, royal 
4to. neatly half bound, uncut, £4. 10s Paris, 1880 
The New and finely Illustrated Edition : 

La Femme au Dix-Huitieme Siecle, New 

Edition, Revised, Augmented, and Illus- 
trated with Sixty-four Reproductions on 
Copper by Dujardin from the originals of the 
period, 7nost of the Costumes beautifully 
COLOURED ; 4to. Jiandsomely bound in red cloth 
super-extra, after the style of morocco, gilt edges, 
£1. 15s Paris, Didot, 1887 

The above work is one of the handsomest of Messrs. Didot's 
many elegant publications, and the illustrations are in every 
way worthy of the charming subject, who is sympathetically 
pourtrayed, anatomized, and glorified in all her enchanting 
artificiality in one of the most characteristic works of the MM. 


GOODENOUGH (Commodore), Memoir of, 
with Extracts from his Letters and Journals, 
edited by his Widow, portrait, crown 8vo. half 
morocco gilt, Is Qd 1878 

• The same, calf extra, 9s Qd 

GORDON (General) Journals at Kartoum, 
edited by A. Egmont Hake, illustrated, crown 
8vo. cloth, 4s 1885 

Private Diary of his Exploits in China, 

edited by S. Mossman, portraits and map, crown 
8vo. cloth, 6s 1885 

Events in the Life of, by his brother the 

late Sir Henry Gobdon, with maps and sketches, 
8vo. cloth, 6s 1887 

The Story of Chinese Gordon, by A. 

Egmont Hake, with portraits and maps, 2 vols. 
8vo. cloth, 10s Qd (pub. £1. 10s) 1884-5 

GORDON (J. E. H.) Physical Treatise on 
Electricity and Magnetism, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
18s 6d 1883 

GOSCHEN (Right Hon. G. J.) Political 
Speeches during the General Election, 1885, 8vo. 
cloth, 2s Edinburgh, 1886 

GOSSE (Prof. Edmund W.) Firdausi in 
Exile, and other Poems, with frontispiece ; A 
Large Paper copy of the beautiful Elzevir series, 
8vo. new polished crimson Levant morocco, uncut, 
top edges gilt, £2. 2s 1885 

Of the above only 50 copies were printed. 


GRAMMAR :— Pylades of Brescia, Vocabularium, 4to. PRINTED ON VELLUM, red 

morocco, gilt edges, from the Wodhull collection, £18. 18.9 

Impressum Brixice per Iacobum Britannicum, M.IID [1498] 
Unknown to Brunei, and believed to be the only copy which has occurred for sale. It is a most 
curious early elementary work, containing a list of Latin words arranged in alphabetical order, with 
synonyms and illustrative explanations in prose and prose. 

The first article in the alphabet is Abacus, of which the author says that there were at that time 
some made of wood and some of marble. Instead of Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man, we have here 
only five divisions of life. 

" Quinq ; hominu Aetates. Infans. Puer. atq ; Adolesces 
Tres faciunt. Iuvenes quartam. Quintain Seniores." 
A little further on, there is " As & partes eius." Some of the items in this Glossary are hardly such 
as would now find their way into a book intended for the use of the youn<*. 
Collation : a-c in eights ; d, 9 leaves. 

GOSSE (Edmund W.) New Poems, square 
post 8vo. cloth, 6s 1879 

The same, new polished Levant morocco, 

uncut, top edges gilt, £1. Is 

English Odes, selected by him, "Parchment 

Librarv ," frontispiece, post 8vo. parchment, 5s 1884 

GOSSE (P. H., f.r.s.) Sacred Streams : the 
ancient and modern history of the rivers of the 
Bible, with 44 engravings and map, new edition, 
revised by the author, post 8vo. cf extra, 12s 1877 
See also under Natural History, post. 

GOSTWICK (Joseph) and R. Harrison: 
Outlines of German Literature, post 8vo. 
cloth, Ss 1873 

The same, new half calf gilt, 12s ; or, new 

calf gilt, 14s Qd 

GOUPPE (A.) The Royal Book of Pastry and 
Confectionery, with 10 coloured plates and 137 
woodcuts, roval 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s 1874 

GOUGH (J.) History of the People called 
Quakers, 4 vols. 8vo. old calf {scarce, with 
Henry Thomas Buckle's bookplate), 12s 6d 

Dublin, 1789 

GOUGH (R.) and John Nichols's Account of 
the Alien Priories attached to Religious Houses 
in Normandy and other Parts of France ; and of 
such Lands as they possessed in England and 
Wales : also Bourget's Abbey of Bec ; map and 
cnf/rauings,3vols. Y>ost8xo. in one; olivemor. extra, 
gt. ed. , fine copy (scarce), £2. 12s 6d Nichols, 1779 

GOULBURN (Dean) Thoughts on Personal 
Religion, fcap. 8vo. new ccdf gilt, 5s ; or, new 
calf antique, Is 6d 1870 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s 1878 

Everlasting Punishment, post 8vo. cloth, 

3s Qd 1880 

The same, second edition, enlarged, post 8vo. 

cloth, 4s 6d 1881 

The Liturgical Gospels, 2 vols, post 8vo. 

doth, 12s Qd 1883 

Principles of the Cathedral System, post 

8vo. 4s 1870 

GOWER (John) Confessio Amantis, edited 
and collated with the best MSS. by Dr. Reinhold 
P 'au 'LI, finely printed in large antique type by C. 
Whitttngham, 3 vols.8vo.cZ.,£1.5s (pub.£2.2s) 1857 
- The same, new- ccdf gilt, £2. 2s 
Another copy, new morocco, gilt edges, £2. 10s 

GOWER (Lord Ronald) My Reminiscences, 
port, and front., 2 vols. 8vo. new cf. gt.,£1.4:S 1883 

GRAESSE(Dr. J. G. T.) Guide de 1' Amateur 
d'OBJETS d'Art et de Curiosite: les Mono- 
grammes des principaux sculpteurs en pierre, 
metal et bois, des medailleurs, etc., etc., du 
moyen-age et des epoques de la renaissance et du 
rococo, 69 plates, post 8vo. seivn, 3s Drcsde, 1877 

GRAFTON (R.) Chronicle, or Historv of 
England ; with his Table of the Bailiffs, Sheriffs, 
and Mayors of the Citv of London, 1189-1558 ; and 
General Index, 2 vols. 4to. hf cf, £1. 10s 1809 

GRAHAME (James) The Sabbath, Sabbath 
Walks, and other Poems, illustrated by Birket 
Foster, crown 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, 
17s 6d 1857 

GRAMMAR :— King (J., Language-Master 
A German or High-Dutch Grammar, for Eng 
lish Gentlemen to learn the German Language, 
Original unpublished 3fS. of the Author, dedicated 
to John, Lord Carteret, whose bookplate is inside 
the cover, 4to. old gilt calf binding, UNIQUE, 
£2. 12s 6d 1722 

Early English Educational works on the German language 
do not exist in print, and even autograph MSS. of them are of 
the rarest occurrence, insomuch that the present appears to be 
the only one which has ever been offered for sale. Grammatical 
treatises upon the Low-Dutch are, on the contrary, extremely 

(Italian), A New, Plain, Methodical, and 

Compleat, by Henry Pleunus, 16mo. fine clean 
copy in old vellum, Is 6d Livorno {circa 1700) 

Unknown to Lowndes. On the title is a list of the English 
Merchants at " Legorne" to whom the work, is dedicated. 

Maupas (Charles) French Grammar and 

Syntaxe, contayning most exact and certain 
Pules for the Pronunciation, Orthography, Con- 
struction, and Use of the French Language, 
translated by W. Awfeild, beautiful frontispiece 
by Glover, small 8vo. fine clean copy in new 
mottled ccdf extra, very scarce, unknown to 
Lowndes, £1. 4s 1634 

The frontispiece to this scarce book contains small portraits 
of Charles I. and Louis XIII. , and two whole-lengths represent- 
ing Cardinal Richelieu and (prohably) the author. At the foot, 
in a small compartment, two figures doff their hats to each 
other, with the words, Le "jostre ser-uiteur. Brunet says of the 
original French, printed in 1607 and again in 1625 : " Cette 
grammaire est fort recherche'e." 

GRAMMONT (Count), Memoirs of, by Count 
A. Hamilton, translated, with Notes and Illus- 
trations, portraits of the Duchesses of Portsmouth 
and Cleveland, 2 vols. 12mo. calf neat, rebacked, 
.£1. Is 1818 

Another edition, translated, with Notes, by 

Horace Walpole, with Biographical Sketch 
and Notes by Sir W alter Scott, illustrated 
with 64 Portraits of the Courtiers and Courtezans 
of the Court of Charles LL. , by E. Scriven, thick 
Svo. cloth, 7s 6cl (pub. 15s) 1876 

The same, further illustrated by the inser- 

polished crimson Levant morocco, gilt edges, £1.10s 
Memoirs of the Court of Charles II., edited 

by Sir Walter Scott, portrait, post 8vo. cloth 
(SCARCE), 15s Bohn, 1853 



GRANGER'S Biographical History of 
England : — see under PORTRAITS, post. 

GRANT (General), Around the World with 
a Narrative of his Visit to Europe, Asia and Africa 
in 1877-9, with Conversations with him on 
American Politics and History ; by J. R. Young, 
with S00 illustrations, 2 vols. imp! Svo. hf. 
{an entertaining ico?'k), £1. 5s Gel New York, 1879 

GRANT (James, Editor of Morning Advertiser) 
Random Recollections of the Lords and 
Commons [Memoirs] : second series, 2 vols, post 
Svo. cloth, 5s 6d 1838 

Sketches in London (Debtor's Prisons, 

Parliament, Penny Theatres, Police, "Workhouses, 
Lunatic Asylums, Bartholomew and Greenwich 
Fairs, etc.), 34 humorous illustrations by "Phiz" 
and others, 2nd edition, Svo. half morocco gilt, 
uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 4s 1S40 

GRANT (James, Novelist) Adventures of an 
Aide-de-Camp (large-type edition), 3 vols, crown 
Svo. half bound, 10s 6cl 1S4S 

The Girl he Married, fcap. Svo. half 

bound, 3s 6d n. cl. 

GRATAROLUS (Gul.) The Castel of 
Memorie : the restoring, augmenting, and con- 
seruing of the Memorie and Remembrance, 
Englyshed by W. Fulavood, 16mo. tlarfe Irttrr ; 
calf neat [very scarce), 15s 

IV. Hoic at Templc-barrc [1573] 

Dedicated by the Translator to Robert Lord Dudley (the 
famous Earl of Leicester), in a poem of 37 stanzas ; wherein at- 
tention is called to the many inconveniences of bad memory, e.g. 
" How shall the Preacher well recite 
his matters orderly, 
If that he be forgetful of 
his places, what thev be ? " 

GRATIANI (II Conte G.) Il Conquisto di 
Granata, Poema Heroico, fcap. Svo. smooth dark 
blue mot. gt., gt. ed., by C. Hering, a pretty speci- 
men (Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. os Bologna, 1670 

GRAY (T.) Works, with Life, Appendix and 
Notes, by the Rev. J. Mitford, Aldine 
EDITION, with portrait, etc., 5 vols. fcap. Svo. 
cloth, £1. 55 Pickering, 1853 

Eton Edition, with illustrations, l2mo. 

cloth, 6s n. d. 

Poems and Letters, with Essay by Horace 

Walpole, and notes: finely printed in large tyjK 
by Whittingham, with photographic portrait and 
vignettes, 4to. brown calf extra, gilt edges, by 
Riviere [as good as new), £1. 7s 6d 

Chiswick Press, 1874 
Elegy written in a Country Church- 

yard, Artist's Edition de Luxe, handsomely 
printed in ornamented type, and illustrated with 
22 beautiful plates, j^i'tted on India Paper, 
roval 4to. cloth, top edges gilt (only 50 COPIES 
printed), £1. lis 6d (pub. £3. 3*) 

Philadelphia. 18S3 
Elegy, with Introduction by J. W. Hales, 

illusfrafi d with lQfacsimilcs of Original Drawings 
by Norman Prescott Davies, beautifully re- 
produced in coloured tints, 4to. vellum, silk bands, 
18s n. d. 

GRAY (Mrs. Hamilton) Tour to the Sepul- 
chres of Etruria in 1839, second edition, with 
'numerous plates [many folding and coloured), 
post 8vo. calf gilt, ]2s6d 1841 

GRAY (Mrs.) Fourteen Months in Canton, 
illustrated, crown 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1880 

GREEK ANTHOLOGY, with Notes Critical 
and Explanatory: translated by MAJOR R. G. 
Macgregor, super-royal Svo. cloth, 6s 6d (1865) 

CO., 136, STRAND. 

GREEK ANTHOLOGY, translated by G. 
Burges and others, post Svo. cloth, is 1S52 

GREEK Romances of Heliodorus, Longus 
and Achilles Tatius, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1855 

GREEN (Rev. J. R.) History of the English 
People; with maps, 4 vols. Svo. cl., £2. 13s 1S85 

The same, new half cedf gilt, £3. 8s 

The same, new calf gilt, £3. 18s; or, new 

tree-calf extra, by Bwiere, £4. 4s 

Short History of the English People ; 

with maps and tables, crown Svo. neic half calf 
gilt,\0s 1885 

The same, new calf gilt, 12s 6d 1886 

The Making of England ; with maps, Svo. 

cloth, 13s 1885 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. ; or, new tree- 
calf extra, by Riviere, £1. Is 

The Conquest of England, with portrait 

and maps, Svo. cloth, 15s 18S4 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. Is ; or, new tree- 
calf extra, £1. 2s 

GREEN (Rev. S.) Pictures from the German- 
Fatherland, profusely illustrated, pott folio, 
cloth e/ilt, gilt edges, 6s n. d. 

Dramatic and Poetical Works, with Memoirs 
of the Authors and Notes by the Rev. A. Dyce, 
royal Svo. cloth, 6s 1S74 

The same, neir calf gilt, 14s 

SON, Poems of, edited by R. Bell, post Svo. 
cloth, 2s 6(7 1876 

GREG (W. R.) The Creed of Christendom, 
its Foundation and Superstructure, First Edi- 
tion, Svo. cl., 5s 6(7 (pub. 10s 6(7) Ch apman, 1851 

GRESWELL (Rev. E.) Fasti Temporis 
Catholici, and Origines Kalendarle, 4 vols. 
Svo. and 4to. Volume of Tables, from A.M. 1, B.C. 
4004, to A.M. 6004, A.I). 2000, with the Introduc- 
tion to the Tables, both General and Supple- 
mentary, Svo. — together 5 vols. Svo. and 1 vol. 
4to. all bound in full calf e/ilt, red edges (FINE 
SET), £2. 10s (pub. £3. 5s unbound) Oxford, 1S52 

in France, illustrated, Svo. cloth, 4s 1885 


GREVILLE (Charles C. P.) Journals of the 
Reigns of King George IV., King William 
IV., and of Queen Victoria (1S1S-1S60), S vols. 



GREVILLE (Henry), Leaves from the Diary 
of, edited bv the Viscountess Enlield, portrait, 
Both Series, 2 vols. Svo. cl., Us (pub. £1. 8s) 18S3-4 

GREY (Earl) The Colonial Policy of Lord 
John Russell's Administration, 2 vols. Svo. 
cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. 8?) 1S53 

Parliamentary Government, considered 

with reference to a Reform of Parliament, Svo. 
cloth [with the late Sir Henry Taylor's auto- 
graph), 8s 6d 1858 

GREY (Lady Jane) Literary Remains, 
with a Memoir of her Life, by Sir Harris 
NICOLAS, portrait after Holbein, and pedigree, 
post Svo. half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 
10s 6d 1828 

GREICHENLAND in Wort und Bild : eine 
Schildernng dee Hellenischen Konigreiches von 
Am and Freiherr von Schweiger-Lerchkn- 
FELD, with 200 large wood-engravings, royal 4to. 
cloth extra, gilt edges, £1. Is (pub. £2. 2s) 

Leipzig, 1882 


GRIFFIN (J.) FLAGS, National and Mercantile ; 
coloured plates of the Flags of the Royal Navy, 
National Ensigns for Men-of- War, and 360 House 
Flags, Svo. cloth, 6s Portsmouth, 1883 

GRISCOM (J., Prof N. Y. Institution) A Year 
in Europe : a Journal of Observation in England, 
Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, etc. in 1818-19, 
2 vols. Svo. half calf, 6s 6d New York, 1823 

GROTE (G.) History of Greece, from the 
earliest period to the close of the Generation con- 
temporary with Alexander the Great, Library 
Edition, with maps and plans, 12 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, £6. 10* 1846 

Another copy, calf gilt, £8. 15s 

The same, another edition, 8 vols. Svo. tree- 
calf, £6. 6s 1862 

The same, New Library Edition, with 

portrait, maps, and plans, 10 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£5. 1872 

Another copy, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, 

£8. 15s 

The same, Cabinet Edition, with portrait 

and maps, 12 vols, crown Svo. cl. } £2. 1883 

Another copy, new half calf gilt, £3. 10s 

Another copy, new calf gilt, £4. 15s ; or, 

new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £5. 10s 

Another copy, vellum extra, red edges, £6. 6s 

Plato and "the other Companions of So- 

krates, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 15s 1873 

The same, new cedf gilt, £2. 15s ; or, new 

tree-calf extra, £2. 18s 

The same, cheap edition, 4 vols, post Svo. 

cloth, £1. 1880 

The same, hf calfgt., £1. 12s ; or, cedf gt, £2. 

This forms a Sequel and Supplement to the " History of 

Aristotle, edited by Profs. Alexander 

Bain and G. C. Robertson, thick Svo. cloth, 
8s 6d 1880 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. Is 

Fragments on Ethical Subjects, 8vo. 

cloth, 6s 1876 

GROTE (Mrs.) : a Sketch ; by Lady Eastlake, 
post 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d 18S0 

GUARINI (Battista) II castor Fido ; dedi- 
cata al Sermo. D. Carlo Emanuele Duca di 
Savoia, nelle Reali Nozze di S. A. con la Serma. 
Infante D. Caterina d'Anstria, small 4to. white 
vellum extra, saffron edges, rare, 17s 6d 

Venetia, 1590 

" Edition rare, et regarde'e comme la premiere de cette 
Pastorale : elle est complete et pre"sentequelques lecons meilleures 
(uedans les Editions de Venise 1602 et 1621." — Brunei. 

Il Pastor Fido, Tragi - comedia, e la 

Idropica, Commedia, printed in large type, with 
engravings, 4to. old red morocco, edges marbled 
and gilt [not mentioned by Brunct), £1. 4s 

Londra, 1736 

Dedicated to Dorothy Savile, Countess of Burlington, 
portrait, by W. Kent, is prefixed. " This book formerly 
elonged to the Chancellor Lamoignon, 1798." — MS. note of 
'. A. Havrott on fly-leaf. 

xUERARD (E.) Dictionnaire Encyclo- 
pedique d'Anecdotes, 2 vols, post 8vo. seicn, OS 

Paris, s. d. 

tUERIN (Eugenie de) Lettres, l2mo. calf 
gilt, 6s 6d Paris, 1874 

tUERIN (Victor) LaTerreSainte: Histoire : 
■ Souvenirs : Sites: Monuments : elegantly printed, 
<irui illustrated with 22 full-page Steel En- 
gravings and 310 FINE WOODCUTS, from designs 
by Harper, Woodward, Fenn, Werner, etc., 
impl. 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £3. 3s 

Paris, 1882 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 147 

GUEST (Rev. Edwin) History of English 
Rhythms, 2 vols. Svo. cloth {scarce), 16s 

Pickering, 1838 

GUEST (M. J.) Lectures on the History of 
England, maps, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1879 

GUICCIOLI (Countess) My Recollections 
of Lord Byron, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 15s 
(pub. £1. 10s) 1869 

GTJIDI ( Aless. ) Poesie, non piii raccolte, con la 
sua vita da Gio. -Mar. Crescimbeni ; fine medallion 
portrait, and frontispiece, post Svo. red morocco, 
gilt edges, 13s Verona, 1726 

" Bonne Edition qui re'unit les Rime, etc., etc., et d'autres 
morceaux qui n'avaient pas e'te' recrueillis."— Brunet. 

GUILLEMIN (Amadee) The Applications 
of Physical Forces, translated by Mrs. N. 
Lockyer, with coloured plates and severed hun- 
dred other illustrations, roval Svo. cloth, 12s 6d 
(pub. £1. Is) 1877 

The Forces of Nature, a Popular Intro- 
duction to the study of Physical Phenomena, with 
coloured plates, and 456 icoodcuts, roval Svo. cloth, 
10s 6c? (pub. £1. Is) 1877 


GUINOT (E.) A Summer at Baden-Baden, 
with nwnerous well-executed full-page Engravings 
and Woodcuts, from designs by Tony JoHANNOT, 

full-length portrait of Prince Frederick, imperial 
8vo. new hf. mor., t. e. g., 6s 6d (pub. £1. Is) (1870) 

An excellent guide to the Beauties of Baden, pleasantly 
written, interspersed with appropriate Anecdotes, and beautifully 

GUIZOT (P. P. G.) Histoire Generale de la 
Civilisation en Europe, depuis la Chute de 
l'Empire Romain jusqu'a la Revolution Francaise, 
roy.Svo. mor. super-ex., g.e., £1. Is Bruxelles, 1S39 

Histoire de France, depuis les temps les 

plus recules jusqu'en 1789, large-type edition, with 
numerous engravings after A. de Ncuvillc, etc., 5 
vols. impl. Svo. hf. mor. gt., gt. cd... £3. 12s 6d 

Paris, 1875 
L'HlSTOiRE d'Angleterre, racontee a mes 

Petits-Enfants, profusely illustrated with beauti- 
ful engravings on wood by the best artists, 2 vols, 
impl. Svo. hf. mor. extra, £2. 7s 6d ibidem, 1877-S 
Histoire de laREPUBLiQUE d'Angleterre 

et de Cromwell (1649-59), 2 vols. 12mo. cedf gilt, 
13s ibid., 1864 

Histoire du Protectorat de Richard 

Cromwell, 2 vols. cr.Svo. hf. cfgt.,Us6dib., 1856 

History of England, from the earliest 

times to the Accession of her Majesty the Queen, 
edited by Mme. Guizot de Witt, and translated by 
Moy Thomas, with numerous fine woodcuts, 
3 vols, royal 8vo. cloth, 18s 1877 

Life of Oliver Cromwell, portraits, 

crown Svo. calf gilt, 9s 6d 1S74 

Embassy to the Court of St. James's in 

1840, post Svo. cloth, 3s 1863 

— : The Fine Arts, their Nature and Relations, 

trans, with the author's assistance by Sir G. 
Grove, ivood-cngravings by George Scharf, jun., 
square Svo. cloth, 8s 6d 1855 

GUIZOT DE WITT (Mme.) Recreations 
Morales, 12mo. cedf gilt, Is 6d Paris, 1866 

GUTHRIE (Dr. T.) Autobiography, and 
Memoir bv his Sons, portrait, thick post Svo. 
calf gilt, 14s 1S77 

' GYPSIES, Historical Survey of the Customs, 
Habits and Present State of the, by J. Hoyland, 
to develope their origin and ameliorate their con- 
dition, Svo. newhf mor., t. e. g., 14s 6d York, 1816 

10 * 




HAKE (E., m.p. far New Windsor, temp. Q. Elizabeth) NEWES OUT OF POWLES 
CHURCHY ARDE, written in English Satyrs ; accurately reprinted in black Utter by 
Whittingiiam, from the excessively rare Edition of 1579 in the possession of Sir 
Charles Isham, Bart., of Lamport Hall, Northants, edited, with an Introduction and 
Extracts, from the Author's other Works, by CHARLES EDMONDS, 8vo. black Utter, 
icrapping vellum, £1. 106' John Charlewood and Richard Jhones, 1579 [1872] 

The same, PRINTED ON VELLUM, bound in ivhite vellum, front edges turned in, 

wholly uncut, £7. 10s 

Only Two Copies of this Work are known. Its rarity, however, is not its only recommend- 
ation, for it throws much light on the manners and customs of the time. It consists of a spirited dialogue 
(in eight Satyrs, as they are called) hetween Bertulph and Paul as they walk in the aisle of St. Paul's 
Cathedral, then a favourite resort hoth for business and pleasure. The author inveighs with much severity 
on the abuses in all branches of sooiety, attacking the rapacity and idleness of Church dignitaries, the 
corruption and partiality of judges, and the greediness of counsel and attorneys ; the tricks and practices 
of physicians, apothecaries, and surgeons ; the unnecessary extravagance of living and consequent ruin 
of thoughtless persons : the wickedness of bawds, usurers, brokers, etc. 

Only Four Copies were taken on Vellum of this beautiful reprint (of which the present copy is 
No. 3), and only 131 copies in all of the whole edition, each copy being signed by the Editor. 

and DISCOVERIES of the ENGLISH NATION, made by Sea or Overland, to the 
remote and farthest distant quarters of the Earth, at any time within the compasse of 
these 1600 yeares {Lord Essex's Voyage in admirable facsimile), 3 vols, folio in 2, black 
letter, russia extra, gilt edges (vol. 3 being shorter than the first volume is stilted to size), 
£21. R. Barker, etc., 1598-1600 

The above should be a desirable copy to such as desire to possess this most interesting of books at a 

moderate price. 

The same, reprinted from the above rare edition, with Additions, selected and 

edited by G. Woodfall, 5 vols. — Supplementary Volume, containing pieces chiefly 
published by Hakluyt or at his suggestion, but not included in his celebrated Com- 
pilation — together 6 vols, royal 4to. newly bound in mottled calf extra, panelled sides, 
yellow edges (a handsome set), £28. 1809-12 

AKE (Thomas Gordon, m.d.) Maiden 
f Ecstasy, crown 4to. cloth, Is 6d 1880 

HAKLUYT SOCIETY'S Publications: 
several of these most interesting works of the old 
Voyagers and Travellers, hitherto unpublished, 
edited by the best modern authorities on their 
several subjects ; all 8vo. blue cloth, as follows : — 
Chronicle of Peru, the Second Part of, by Pedro 
de Cieza de Leon, translated and edited with 
notes by Clements R. Markham, £1. 5s 1883 
Cocks (Richard, Cape-Merchant in the English 
Factory in Japan) Diary, with Correspond- 
ence, i615-1622, edited by Edward Maunde 
Thompson, 2 vols., £2. 10* 1883 

Lin.schoten (John Huyghen van) Voyage to the 
East Indies, from an old English Translation of 
1598, edited by Arthur Coke Burnelland P. A. 
Tiele, portrait, 2 vols., £2. 10s 1855 

Schiltberger ( Johann) Bondage and Travels 
in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427, trans. 
by Commander J. Buchan Telfer, R.N., map, 
£1. 5s 1879 

HALDANE (J. W. C.) Civil and Mechanical 
Engineering, 9 j^latcs, 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1887 

HALEVY (Ludovic) Trois Coups deFoudre, 
with 10 beautiful engravings by T. de Mare, after 
Kauffmann, 12mo. half polished morocco, uncut, 
top edges gilt, 18s Paris, 1886 

HALL (Capt. Basil, f.r.s.) Fragments of 
Voyages and Travels, complete in l vol. royal 
Svo. new half calf gilt, 8s Qd Moxon, 1860 

HALL (Rev. Robert) Works : with Memoir 
by Dr. Olinthus Gregory ; and Observations 
on his Character as a Preacher by John Foster, 
port. , 6 vols. 8vo. calf neat, marbled edges, 12s 


HALL (Bishop) Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes, 

of Tooth-lesse Satyrs, and of byting Satyres, 2 

vols. 12mo. in one, prettily printed with head and 

tail pieces, old red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £5. 5s 

Imprinted at London by Richard Bradocke 

for Robert Dexter, 1598 

The two parts were published separately, and it is ex- 
tremely difficult to find both together, complete and in good 
clean condition as above. A later and far commoner edition, 
with a third part (not by Hall) added, was marked £'2$ in the 
Bibl. Anglo-Poetica ; but the third part does not belong to this 
issue. " A masterly analysis of these Satires will be found in 
Warton's History of English Poetry. Pope, in presenting 
Mr. West with a copy, observed that he esteemed them the 
best poetry and truest satire in the English language, and 
that he had an intention of modernizing them." — Lowndes. 

Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes : of Tooth- 

lesse Satyrs, and of byting Satyres, 2 parts ; with 
Certaine Worthye Manuscript Poems of 
great Antiquitie Reserved long in the Stndie of 
a Northfolke Gentleman and now first published 
by T. S. Guistard and Sismond, containing the 
Northern Mother's Blessing, and the Way to 
Thrift ; in one volume, with ornamental headlines, 
16mo. calf (RARE), £3. 3s 1597-1602 

This copy is the one referred to in Lowndes as containing 
the autograph of J. West, and his inscription, stating, "This 
book was given me by Alexander Pope, Esq., who at the same 
time told me he thought it contained the best poetry, and truest 
Satyr of any of our English Poets; and that he intended to 
modernize them, as he had done Dr. Donne's." 


HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS (J. 0., F.R.S.) : Reprints edited by him, of scarce and curious 
pieces of old English Literature, as under, all square 12mo. roxburghe, very scarce, thirty 
copies of each only being printed :—- 

A Treatyse of a Galaunt, with the Maryage of 
the Fayre Pusell, the Bosse of Billingsgate, unto 
London Stone, from Wynkyn de Worde's unique 
edition, 145 Qd 1860 

A curious metrical attack on the manners of the age. 

THE Fair Widow of Watling Street and her 
Three Daughters, from the earliest known edition 
printed byT. Pavier about 1600, 14s Qd 1860 

THE Debate and Stryfe betwene Somer and 
Wynter, a poetical dialogue from the unique 
copy printed by Laurence Andre w in the XVI. 
Century, 14.? Qd 1860 

THE Doctors of Dull-Head College, a Droll 
formed out of the lost play of The Father's Own 
Son, 14* Qd 1860 

THE Wyse Chylde and the Emperor Adrian, 
from Wynkyn de Worde's unique edition, lis Qd 


THE Humple Remonstrances of Rice op Mere- 
dith op Morgan, Shentilman of Wales, with 
Fery Brave New Ballacks, or Songs, 1652, 14s Qd 


Directed against " awl Incentiaries and disturbers of te 
peace of her peloved country of Wales," such as are not 
unknown in Denbighshire at the present time. 

HALL (Bishop) Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes, 
the first three Bookes of Toothlesse Satyrs, and 
the three last Bookes of Byting Satyrs, corrected 
and amended with some additions by I. H., 
ISmo. mor. extra, gilt edges (in nice condition, 
but some fore-edges cut), £1. 10s 

R. Dexter, 1602 and 1599 

Pope on presenting Mr. West with a copy observed that he 
esteemed them the best Poetry and truest Satire in the English 

The above copy has MS. notes of some of the persons and 
places referred to. 

HALL (E.) Chronicle, containing the History 
of England, from Henry IV. to Henry VIII., 
edited by Sir H. Ellis, thick roy. 4to. half cloth, 
18s 1809 

HALL (S. C.) The Book of British Ballads, 
with Introductions and Notes ; printed within 
woodcut borders, with a beautiful woodent illustra- 
tion after Cresicick, Corbould, W. Bell Scott, 
A. Crowquill etc. on almost every page (good im- 
pressions), impl. 8vo. cloth gilt, gilt edges, 145 1853 

Book of the Thames, from its Rise to its 

Fall, with 15 beautiful Photographic illustrations, 
and upwards of 100 woodcuts, royal 8vo. morocco 
super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s and £1. 16s n. d. 

Book of Gems, from the Poets and Artists 

of Great Britain, with many beautiful engravings 
on steel by Hofland, Eastlakc, Westmacott, 
Turner, etc., royal Svo. LARGE paper, morocco, 
gilt edges, £1. 2sQd 1836 

HALLAM (A. H., Son of the following, and 
subject of "In Memoriam ) Remains in Verse 
and Prose, with a Portrait, Preface and Memoir, 
and with a Memoir of H. Fitzmaurice Hallam ; 
post 8vo. calf gilt, 7sQd 1869 

HALLAM (Henry) Historical Works :— 
Europe during the Middle Ages, Introduction to 
the Literature of Europe, Constitutional History 
of England, large type library edition, por- 
trait, 9 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £6. 15*; or, new 
tree-calf extra, £7. 7* 1868 etc. 

The same, Cabinet Edition, complete in 

10 vols, crown Svo. new half cedf gilt, £2. 18s 1882 

The same, ncu: calf extra, £4. ; or, new tree- 
calf extra, by Riviere, £4. 15s 

View of the State of Europe during the 

Middle Ages, best library edition, 3 vols. 






Svo. new tree-calf extra , by Rividre, £2. 2s 

The same, Cabinet" Edition, 3 vols 

8vo. new calf gilt, £1. 4s 

The same, condensed by Dr. W. 

(" The Student's Hallam "), post Svo. 
bound, 5s Qd 


HALLAM (Henry) Constitutional History 
of England, from the Accession of Henry VII. to 
theDeathof Georgell. ; 3vols.post8vo.cZ.,9s6tf 1884 

The same, cedf gilt, nearly new, £1. 1853 

The same, new cedf extra, £1. 2s Qd 1881 

Introduction to the Literature of 

Europe, in the XVth, XVIth, and XVIIth Cen- 
turies, Library Edition, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. 10s 1873 

Another copy, cedf gilt (nice copy), £2. 5s 

The same, Cabinet Edition, with portrait, 

4 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 13s Qd 1882 

The same, new calf gilt, £1. 10s 

The same, complete in 1 volume, illus- 
trated, royal Svo. half morocco gilt, 6s Qd n. d. 

The same, Cabinet Edition, 4 vols., with the 

View of the State of Europe during the Middle 
Ages, 3 vols. — together 7 vols, post 8vo. half 
calf gilt, £2. 1872 

HALLER (Baron A. von) Usong, an Oriental 
History, translated by C. Heydinger, frontis- 
piece, post 8vo. old gilt cedf (Mr. Beckford's 
nice copy), 4s Qd 1773 

HAMERTON (P. G.) Chapters on Animals, 
with 8 etchings, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1883 

The same, new cedf gilt, 9s Qd 

HAMILTON (Alexander) Works, edited by 
H. C. Lodge, finely printed on ribbed paper, with 
portrait on India paper, 9 vols, royal 8vo. hedf 
morocco, top edges gilt (only 500 copies printed), 
£11. lis 1885-6 

HAMILTON (Le Comte Antoine) (Euvbes 
Diverses, 6 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 18s 

Londres (Paris), 1776 

See under GRAMMONT for Count Hamilton's Memoirs. 

HAMILTON (Sir W., Metaphysician) Discus- 
sions on Philosophy and Literature, Education 
and University Reform (chiefly from the Edinburgh 
Review) ; corrected, vindicated and enlarged, in 
Notes and Appendices, Svo. cloth, scarce, 12s 
(pub. 18s) 1852 

-^ Lectures on Metaphysics and Logic, 

edited bv Dean Mansel and Prof. Veitch, 
4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. lis Qd 1870 

- Life of, by W. H. S. Monck, crown Svo. 

cloth, 2s Qd ' 1880 

Another Life, bv Prof. J. Veitch, portrait, 

12mo. cloth, 2s Qd 1881 

HAMILTON (W. D.) History of England, 
front., 12mo. hedf bound, Qs Qd 1873 

HANNAY (J., Author of " Singleton Fontenoy, 
R.N.") Essays from the "'QUARTERLY REVIEW " 
(on Political Satires, Electioneering, the Historic 
Peerage, Admiral Blake, etc.), Svo. cloth, 10s 1861 



HARLEIAN MISCELLANY ; a Collection of Scarce, Carious, and Entertaining Pamphlets 
and Tracts, as well in Manuscript as Print [in Prose and Verse], selected from the 
Library of the Earl of Oxford, with Annotations by W. Oldts ; best edition, containing 
Supplement and large Additions and Notes by T. Pake, 10 vols, royal 4to. half morocco 
extra, nearly new, £12. 12s 1808-12 

Another set, calf, A baegain, £7. 7s 

HANNA (Rev. W., d.d.) The Passion Week, 
post 8vo. calf antique, carmine edges, 7s Qd 1886 

HANSARD'S DEBATES :— see under Pub- 
lications of Leaened Societies etc., post. 

HANSARD (G. A.) The Book of Aecheey, its 
complete History and Practice ; with numerous 
interesting Anecdotes, 39 beautiful line engrav- 
ings after designs by Stephanoff (including a full- 
length portrait of Q. Victoria as an Archer), 8vo. 
cloth gilt, 9s Qd (pub. £1. lis 6d) 1841 

HANSON (J. H.) The Lost Peince : Facts 
tending to prove the identity of Louis the 
Seventeenth, of France, and the Rev. Eleazae 
Williams, Missionary among the Indians of N. 
America, portraits of the pseudo -Dauphin, etc. 
post 8vo. cloth, 4s Qd New York, 1854 

HARCOURT (A. G. Vernon) and H. G. 
Madan : Exeecises in Peactical Chemistey, 
diagrams, Vol. I., post 8vo. cloth, Is 1880 

HARDWICKE (Archdeacon) History of the 
Aeticles of Religion, 8vo. half calf extra, 4s Qd 

Cambridge, 1851 

HARDWICKE (Lord Chancellor), Life of, 
with his Correspondence, Diaries, Speeches, and 
Judgments, hy G. Haeeis, portrait and plates, 
3 vols. 8vo. calf extra,, nice copy, 16s Qd (puh. 
£2. 8s) 1847 

This work contains many important particulars relating to 
the Roman Catholics. 

" If you wish to employ your abilities in writing the life of a 
truly great and wonderful man in our profession, take the life 
of Lord Hardwicke for your object ; he was, indeed, a wonderful 
character." — Lord Mansfield. 

HARDY (Sir T. Duffus) The Athanasian 
Ceeed in connexion with the Uteecht Psaltee, 
being a Report to the Master of the Rolls, with 5 
facsimile plates mounted on cardboard, and ivood- 
cuts, also Fuethee Repoet on the Utrecht 
Psalter, in Answer to Dean Stanley, 2 vols, folio, 
new half calf ', £1. Is (1872-4) 

p^artrgng (Jfjon) Chronicle, from the firste Begyn- 
nyng of England unto the reigne of Kyng 
Edward IV. [in Verse] ; with Continuacion of the 
Storie in Prose to this our Tyme, now first im- 
printed hy R. Geafton, fiest edition, thick 
8vo. Marfe letter, old calf, with printer's device at 
end (VEEY EAEE), £5. 55 R. Grafton, 1543 

Dr. Fuller says of Hardyng : "In my judgment he had 
drank as hearty a draught of Helicon as any in his age." And 
Hallam remarks "that, whilst Lydgate and Bishop Pecock are 
not read with ease by the modern student, the Paston Letters, 
Sir John Fortescue's Discourses on Monarchy, and Hardyng's 
Chronicle, present scarcely any difficulty." 

HARE (Augustus J. C.) Days near Rome, 
cuts, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 14s Qd 1877 

HARE : Guesses at Teuth, by Two Beothees 
(Archdeacon Julius Charles and Augustus William 
Hare), fcap. 8vo. new calf gilt, Is Qd 1884 

(Archdn.) The Mission of the Comfoetee, 

crown 8vo. cloth, Qs 1877 

HARRIS (J.) Three Treatises.: on Art : Music, 
Painting and Poetry: Happiness: frontispiece by 
Basire, 8vo. calf gilt, 4s 6rf 1783 

" The bebt specimen of the dividing or dia-rctic manner, as 
the ancients called it, that is to he found in any modern book, 
with which I am acquainted." — Lord Monboddo. 

HARRIS ("W"., Dissenting Divine) Historical and 
Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of 
James I. and Chaeles I. and II., Olivee 
Ceomwell and Hugh Petees, with copious 
notes, 5 vols. 8vo. calf gilt {nice set), £1. 55 1814 

" His notes are full of information, and of particulars which 
the reader may not have an opportunity of selecting from their 
original sources, or, indeed, of readily finding in any other 
manner." — Prof. Sniyth. 

HARRIS ( W.) History of the Radical Paety 
in Parliament, 8vo. cloth, 8s Qd (puh. 15s) 1885 

HART (G.) The Violin, its famous Makers and 
their Imitators, loith numerous ivood engravings 
from photographs of the works of Stradmarius, 
Guarnerius, Amati, and others, 4to. cloth, top 
edges gilt, £1. Is 1875 

HARTE (Bret) Complete Woeks, collected 
and revised hy himself, portrait, 5 vols, post Svo. 
cloth, £1. Is . 1881 

The same, new half morocco gilt, £2. 

Poems and Deamas, post Svo, cloth, 5s 1885 

HARTSHORNE (Rev. C. H.) Ancient Me- 
teical Tales : printed chiefly from Original 
Sources, post Svo. cloth (SCAECE), 12s Qd 

Pickering, 1829 

HASKOLL (W. D.) The Peactice of Engin- 
EEEING Field Woek, with large folding plates, 
8vo. cloth, 5s n. d. 

HASLEWOOD (Joseph) Ancient Ceitical 
Essays upon English Poets and Poetry (Reprints 
of the rare works of Puttenham,Gascoigne, Harvey, 
Spenser, King James, Wehh, Meres, Harington, 
Campion, Daniel, and Bolton), 2 vols, small 4to. 
half morocco neat, £3. 18s 1811-15 

Of this valuable work only 200 copies were printed ; and, 
moreover, most of the copies of Vol. 2 were destroyed by fire. 

HAUPP (W.) Lichtenstein, Roman tische Sage, 
with numerous illustrations, post Svo. new tree- 
calf gilt, 8s Berlin, 1868 

HA'VARD (H.) L'Aet a Teavees les Mceues, 
with illustrations by C. Goutzwillee, impl. Svo. 
cloth, gilt edges, £1. 5s Paris, 1882 

H A VERGAL (Francis Ridley) Life Mosaic ; 
or Ministry of Song and Under the Surface, 
coloured plates, Svo. cloth, Is 1883 

Swiss Lettees and Alpine Poems, coloured 

plates, 8vo. cloth, Qs 1882 

HAWKER (Rev. R. S., Vicar of Morwenstow) 
The Quest of the Sangeaal, Chant the First, 
crown 4to. sewn, scarce, 10s 

Exeter, printed for the Author, 1864 
Memoeials of, edited hy De. F. G. Lee, 

Vicar of All Saints', Lamheth, portrait, Svo. cloth, 
7s Qd 1876 

Written to prove that Mr. Hawker joined the Church of 
Rome before he died. 

HAWKS (Dr. P. L.) The Expedition of an 
American Squadeon to the China Seas and 
Japan, 1852-4, under Commodoee Peeey, with 
very numerous maps and engravings, thick impl. 
Svo. half calf gilt, 10s Qd New York, 1856 

HAYES (J. L.) The Angoea Goat, its origin, 
culture, and products, with appendix on the 
Alpaca, coloured front., Svo. cloth, 4s (pub. 7s Qd) 

New York, 1882 



H. B.'S POLITICAL SKETCHES, No*. 1 to 900 of these Humourous and Satirical Sketches 
by the inimitable H.B. [John Doyle], introducing Portraits of all the celebrated Politi 
Characters of the Day, neatly mounted on til I er, forming 9 vols, royal folio, half 

morocco extra, with a Kev to the Characters in 2 vols. 3vo. cloth. £35. (pub. £89. 10s) 

T. McL ■ . 1829-48 
Aa plates 26, 41, SI, S50, and 901-17 are wanting in the above, it is marked at the very cheap price 
of £35. The usual price for such a copy, perfect, would be £55. ' the fuU number 

of 917 plates, a, Singly ra 

A coloured Series consisting of 363 plat* :1s. oblong folio, half morocco, gilt 

edges, £12. Us L82 

Coloured copies are particularly scarce. 

"Among the many distinguished persons, who, within the last seventeen years, have occupied the 
mo-t exalted stations in the country, there is scarcely one of whom posterity will not have, in some part 
of this series of Sketches, the most accurate representation that the pencil can convey ; a representation, 
in which the fidelity of the more elaborate Portrait is combined with a degree of freedom and spirit that 
the more elaborate Portrait very rarely exhibits. Nor is it only a collection of Portraits of the n 
eminent public characters of the day. that posterity will possess in these Sketches : but so vigilant lias 
been the eye, and so prompt the pencil of their Author, that there has scarcely t of any 

rest in the political world, since the publication commenced, which he has failed to record." — Preface. 

HAWEIS Rev. H. B.) "Winged Words 

or Truth Re-Told, post Bvo. cloth, os ISSo 

HAWTHORNE Nathaniel) and his Wife; 
a Biography, by Julian Hawthorne, with 6 
fine portraits on India paper, and 

Is. roval Svo. large paper {only 350 cop 
printed), doth, uncut, £1. 10s 1>>4 

HAXTHAUSEN 'Baron A. von) Trans- 
caucasia : sketches of the Nations and Races 
between the Black Sea and the Caspian, with 
floured illustrations by G . 9 • half 
calf gilt, Ss 6d 1 n54 

HAYDON B. R..J-: Lectures 

on Painting and Design (Origin of the Art, 
Anatomy. Composition, Colour, etc.), with 2 fold- 
plates and numerous woodcuts, drawn by the 
author on ti svo. cloth, 8s Qd 

Life of. from his Autobiography and Journals, 

edited by Tom Taylor. 3 •• si Bvo. cloth, 

1 U Qd (pub. £1.1 Is Qd) 1 853 

Correspondence and Table-talk ; with a 

Memoir by hi< Son. F. W. Haydon, portrait 
facsimile illustrat f n his Journals. 2 thick 

vols. Svo. cloth, 12s (pub. £1. 16*) 1876 

Another copy, half morocco, ret 

HAYMAN Rev. Henry, d.'d.) Sermons in 
R ugby School Chapel, post Svo. cloth a 

HAYWARD 'Abraham., Q.c.) Biographical 
and Critical Essays, the three series complete, 
Is. Svo. new calf extra, bright gilt bad:-. 
SCARCE), £6. 1858-74 

■ Selected Essays, 2 vols, post Svo. new calf 

gilt, YlsGd 1879 

The same, new tree-calf, by B ' ■' t £1. 1878 

Sketches of eminent Statesmen and 

Writers, with other Essays, 2 vols, new calf gilt, 
£1. ; or. new tree -calf extra, £1. 8s 
HAZLITT (William) Literary and Critical 
Works: Select Poets of Great Britain-. 
Table Talk, 2 vols. ; Plain Speaker. 2 vols. ; 
View of the English Stage ; Characters of 
Shakespeare's Plays ; Conversations of 


British Galleries of Art ; Criticisms on Art. 
2 vols. : The Round Table ; Thought- and 
MAXIMS ; together 6 vols, post Svo. and 11 fcap. 
Bvo. handsomely bound in half o super- 

extra, top cdgcs^gilt, A FINE SET, £10. 108 1512-65 

HAZLITT i William WORKS, asunder, 11 vols. 
Svo. : alf dj hi set), x'.°.. ft ls39-51 

Cr : cism on Art, 2 vols ; Table Talk, a vols. ; History 
of the English Stage; English Poets,; Dramatic Literature of 
the Age of Elizabeth; English Comic Writers; Round Table; 
Sketches and Essays ; Characters of Shakespeare Plays. 

Lectures on the Literature of the Age 

of Elizabeth; post %\ o calf elegant, 7s Qd 


The Plain Speaker ; post Svo. new calf 

gilt, 7s Qd 1870 

Table Talk ; or Original Essa - :i Men 

and Manners, second edition, 2 vols. Svo. half 
calf 10s Qd 1824 

— Literary Remains, with Life by his Son, 

and Th _ ■ his Genius and Writings, by 

L i:d Lytton and Sir T. N. Talfourd, 2 vols. 
Jv . half morocco gilt, top edges ailt. nearly new, 
18s Qd 1896 

HAZLITT (W. CareTV Gleanings in Old 
Garden Literature, fcap. Svo. cloth, 3s 188? 

■ Handbook to the Popular, Poetical, and 

Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, from 
the Invention of Printing to the Restoration ; 
thick super-royal Svo. large paper, roxburghe, 
uncut. £1. Is 1S67 

JESTS, New and Old, many of which have 

never before been published, collected and edited 
with Preface and Index, Svo. Large Paper, 
printed on /. • \de paper, and interleaved for 
further facet ' [ONLY 100 

_ IE- s,j DONE . S-y Qd a. d. 

HEADLEY H. select Beauties of Ancient 
ENGLISH POETRY, with Remarks and Biographies : 
second edition, by KETT, 2 vols, post Svo. old 
smooth red morocco gilt, gilt edgt s, 17s Qd 1310 

autograph inscription to Dr. S. Parr. 

HEBER Bishop Poems and Translations 
fcap. Svo. calf gut, 4s 1812 

Poetical Works. Chandos Edition, with 

vnd port, t, aqii ..; st Svo. cloth, 
gilt edges, Qs n. d. 

The same,' nets morocco, gilt edges, 14s; or, 

morocco extra, ailt edges, 16s Qd 

Poetical Work-, with portrait, fcap. Svo. 

new morocco, e/ilf edges, 9s Qd 1S70 

HEBERT [C.,D.D.)The Lord's Supper: Unin- 

d Teaching ; from St. Clement of Rome 

\NON LXDDON, 2 thick vols. Svo. cloth. 10s Qd 

(pub. £1. 8s) 1S79 


HEBREW GRAMMAR (A) in the English 
Language, by the Rev. J. C. S. F. Frey, revised 
and enlarged edition, 8vo. cloth, 3-s Qd 1839 

HEBREW : — Liber Psalmorum, secundum 
optimas Masoreticas recensiones cum Version e 
Latina Sebast. Castalionis ; in nsum scholarum 
editus a J. H. R. Biesenthal ; post 8vo. limp 
calf, very neat, 2s Qd Bcrolini, 1840 

HELMHOLTZ (H.) Popular Lectures on 
Scientific Subjects, second series, post 8vo. 
cloth, Qs 1881 

HELPS (Sir Arthur) Brevia, crown 8vo. 
cloth, 5s 1871 

Companions of my Solitude; Essays 

written in the intervals of business ; and an Essay 
on Organization in daily life, 12mo.' new morocco, 
gilt edges, 10s Qd 1885 

The same, crown 8vo. new tree-calf extra, 

12s ; or, new morocco, gilt edges, 13s Qd 1879 

Life of Hernando Cortes, 2 vols, crown 

8vo. cloth, \2s 1871 
Essays written in the Intervals of Busi- 

ness, and an Essay on Organization in Daily 
Life, fcap. 8vo. new morocco, gt. ed., 12s Qd 1884 

Friends in Council ; a Series of Readings 

and Discourse thereon, Both Series, 4 vols, post 
Svo. cloth, £1. Is Pickering, 1848-59 

Later edition, 4 vols. fcap. 8vo. new calf gilt, 

£1. 10.?; or, new tree-calf extra, £1. 14s 1876 

Cheap Edition, 2 vols, crown 8vo. new calf 

& CO., 136, STRAND. 

[HERBERT (Hon. Algernon)] Britannia 
after the Romans ; the Religious and Political 
Revolutions of that Province in the Fifth and 
succeeding Centuries, 2 vols. 1836-41 ; also Essay 
on the Neodruidic Heresy in Britannia, Part 1 
(all published), 1838 — together 3 volumes 4to. in 
one, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt (rare), 
£1. llsQd 1836-41 

Cyclops Christianus ; an Argument to 

Disprove the supposed Antiquity of Stonehenge 
and other Megalithic Erections in England and 
Brittany {with autograph letter inserted), Svo. 
tree-calf gilt, top edges gilt, 12s 1849 

HERBERT (George) Works, in Prose and 
Verse ; with Lives by Isaac Walton and Bar- 
nabas Oley, Pickering's original edition, 
finely printed in large type by Whittingham, with 
portrait and vignette, 2 vols. Svo. calf antique, 
edges gilt over red, £1. 2s Qd 1846 

Another copy, beautifully bound in morocco 

extra, top edges gilt (fine copy), £2. 5s 1853 
Poetical Works, Aldine Edition, with 

gilt, £1. 2s ; or, new morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is 1879 
Realmah, new edition, crown Svo. cloth, 3s 

(pub. Qs) 1869 
Social Pressure, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1876 

HEMANS (Felicia Dorothea) Poetical 
Works complete, edited with Memoir by her 
Sister, port rait, frontispieces and vignettes on steel, 
7 vols. fcap. Svo. neiv/if. cf gt., el. sides, lQs 1843-4 

Poetical Works, Chandos Edition, with 

Memoir, Notes, Portrait and Illustrations, crown 
8vo. new calf gilt, lis n.d. 

The same, new morocco elegant, gilt edges, 

145 ; or, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s Qd 
Another edition, with Memoir, by W. M. 

ROSSETTI, illustrated, post Svo. new calf extra, 
Is Qd n. d. 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 8s Qd ; or, 

morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 9s Qd 

Lansdowne Edition, illustrated, post Svo. 

morocco, gilt edges, Qs n. d. 

Poems, chronologically arranged, with illus- 
trative notes, steel portrait and vignette, royal 
8vo. cloth, 4.s 1849 

HENRY (IV.) the Great, Memoirs of, and of 
the Court of France during his Reign [by W. H. 
Ireland], fine portrait, etc., 2 vols. Svo. boards, 
Is Qd 1824 

HENRY V., Essay on the Character of, when 
Prince of Wales, by Alex. Luders, frontispiece, 
post 8vo. halfrussia extra, gilt edges, " Fonthill 
binding" (with. MS. notes by Mr. Beckford), 
scarce, 13* Qd 1813 

HEPTAMERON des Nouvelles de la ties 
haute et tres illustre Princesse Marguerite 
d'Angouleme, Reine de Navarre, plates, 3 
vols, post Svo. green morocco super-extra, edges 
marbled and gilt, £8. 8* Paris, 1853-4 

Lord), Life of, by himself, edited by Horace 
Walpole, fine portrait, 8vo. cloth, Is Qd ' 1826 

Memoir, portrait, fcp. 8vo. morocco elegant, 
gilt edges, 12s ' 1876 

Chandos Edition, with Memoir, Notes, por- 

trait and illustrations, sq.post8vo. cf. gt., lis n.d. 
The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 145 ; or, 

new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, lQs Qd 

Illustrated Edition, by Birket Foster, 

J. Clayton, and H. H. Humphreys, square crown 
8vo. morocco antique, gilt edges, lQs Qd 1865 

Ovtlandish Proverbs, selected by Mr. 

G. H., T. P. for Humphrey Blunden, 1640: 
Iacula Prudentum, or Outlandish Proverbs, 
etc., selected by Mr. George Herbert, T. Maxey 
for T. Garthwait, 1651 — in 1 vol. 12mo. calf gilt, 
£2. 10s 1640-51 

This remarkable volume contains two different impressions 
of a collection of Proverbs, ascribed in the former to George 
Herbert, under his initials, and in the latter with his name in 
full. In the present copy the words on the title-page of the first 
edition, By Mr. G. H., have been scored through with a pen, as 
if some one had questioned Herbert's concern in the publication : 
but since it is publicly given to him in that of 1651, there seems 
no adequate ground for questioning his connexion with it. 

Dr. Bliss notes on the fly-leaf : "The first edition of Geo. 
Herbert's Proverbs is peculiarly scarce. It differs considerably 
from that of 1651, here bound up with it." 

The Temple, crown 8vo. cloth, Is 1876 

HERCULANO (A.) Historia de Portugal, 
desde o Comeco da Monarchia ate* o Fim do 
Reinado de Alfonso III. : terceira edicao {ele- 
gantly printed), 4 vols. 8vo. calf extra, by Rivibre, 
£1. 12s Lisboa, 1863 

gp:neral des Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, 
etc. d^couverts jusqu'il ce jour et reproduits 
d'apres tous les ouvrages publies jusqu'a present, 
et augmente de sujets inedits, par H. Roux aind, 
avec un Texte explicatif par L. JBarre, tcith over 
700 fine engravings, 8 vols. impl. 8vo. French 
boards, complete, £5. 5-s Paris, Didot, 1870-2 

The most complete work on the discoveries at Herculaneum 
and Pompeii, exhibiting all the paintings, bronzes, miniatures, 
etc. hitherto published in rare or expensive works, with the 
addition of many others which have not previously appeared. 
The present copy includes the final volume, which is often 

HERDER and his Times, by H. Nevison, por- 
trait, Svo. cloth, 5s (pub. 14*) 1884 

HERING (G. E.) Mountains and Lakes of 
Switzerland, the Tyrol, and Italy, from 
Drawings made during a Tour in those Countries, 
with Descriptions, 20 fine tinted lithographs 
plates, folio, cloth, £1. Is 



newlie amended and inlarged [by Abraham Fleming], 3 vols, thick folio in 2, black letter, 

beautifully hound by Riviere in new crimson morocco extra, full gilt backs, and gilt edges, 

but slightly imperfect, as mentioned below, and therefore ofered at the very low price 

of £14. 14 5 1587 

The above has been made up by the former possessor out of several copies. Vol. 3 (from William the 

Conqueror until the year 1577) wants the dedication to Lord Burghley and the Preface. Moreover, the 

Title is & facsimile, and the " Castrations " and part of the Table have been supplied by reprints. Some 

of the leaves, also, are rather short, and others have been cut into, but not materially. Vols. 1 and 2, 

however, containing the excellent Descriptions and Histories of England, Ireland, and Scotland, are fine 

and perfect copies. 

W. HARRISON, and 0ther3, Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland 

[reprinted from the best preceding edition, with the Author's own Orthography and 
marginal Notes ; and the castrations restored], 6 vols, royal 4 to. boards, uncut {good 
copy), £6. 1807 

Another copy, sound russia extra, gilt edges (a fine copy), £7. 15s 

" The Chronicle of Holinshed merits a high title. It is more full and complete than any of its pre- 
decessors, and less loaded with trifling matter. The Description of England by the Rev. W. Harrison, 
prefixed to the first volume, is the most interesting and valuable document, as a picture of the country, 
and of the costume, and mode of living of its inhabitants, which the XVI. century has produced." — 
Drake's Shakespeare and his Times. 

HERODOTUS, literally translated by H. Cary, 
with Index, post Svo. cloth, 4s 1850 

HERRERA (Don B.) Memorias Historical 
de los Desposorios, Viages, Entregas y respectivas 
Funciones de las reales Bodas de las Infantas 
Carlota Joachina y Mariana Victoria en 1785, 
post Svo. Spanish binding, gilt back (Mr. Beck- 
ford's copy), 4s 6d Madrid, 1787 

H E R R I C K (Robert, Vicar of Dean Prior) 
Poetical Works, with a Biographical Preface 
[edited by T. Maitland], finely printed, with 
portrait, 2 vols, post Svo. calf gilt {with Bp. Jebb's 
bookplate), SCARCE, £1. 14s 6d Pickering, 1825 

Complete Poems ; edited, with Memorial- 
Introduction and Notes, by the Rev. A. B. Gros- 
art, port., 3 vols, post Svo. new cf. gt., £1. 15s 1S76 

The same, on large and thick paper, 

3 vols. Svo. (only 50 copies so printed), cl., £1. 8s 

Poetical Works (library of Old Authors), 

2 vols. fcp. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1S69 

Hesperides ; or Works both humane and 

divine, edited by Sam. Weller Singer, Aldine 
Edition, with portrait, 2 vols. fcap. Svo. cloth, 
scarce, £1. 18s Pickering, 1846 

HERRIES (Right Hon. J. 0.), Memoirs of 
the Public Life of, by his Son, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 6s 
(pub. £1. 4s) 1880 

HERSCHEL (Sir J.) Physical Geography 
of the Globe, maps, post Svo. hf. bd., 3s 6d 1869 

HERTSLET (E.) Index of Subjects to the 
Twelve Volumes of Treaties and Conventions 
etc. between Gt. Britain and Foreign Powers 
relating to Commerce, Navigation, Slave Trade, 
Post-Office Communications, Copyright, etc., each 
leaf printed on one side only, Svo. cloth, 8s 1871 

HERVEY (John Lord) Memoirs of the Reign 
of George II., edited by the Right Hon. J. W. 
CROKER ; portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth. £1. 4s (pub. 
£1. lis 6rf) 1SS4 

Another copy, new cedf gilt, £2. 2s 

The same, on large and thick paper, 

cloth, uncut (only 50 copies printed), £3. 3s (pub. 
£4. 14s 6d) 

HEWITT (J.) Ancient Armour and Weapons 
in Europe, from the Iron Period of the Northern 
Nations to the end of the 17th Century, with 
numerous illustrations from contemporary monu- 
ments, 3 vols. 8vo. cl., t. c. g., £2. 2s, Oxf, 1S55-60 

HEYLYN (P.) Help to English History, 
containing a succession of all the Kings of England, 
Wales, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, as also Dukes, 
etc., and Bishops thereof, together with the Names 
and Ranks of Viscounts and Barons, and of all the 
Lord Mayors of London, with a great number of 
cuts o/arms, 16mo. old cedf, 6s 1675 

HEYWOOD (James) and T. WRIGHT, 
Ancient Laws of the Fifteenth Century for King's 
College, Cambridge, and for the Public School 
of Eton College, 2 plates, 8vo. cloth, Is 6d 1850 

HEYWOOD (T.) Dramatic Works ; with Life 
and Remarks on his Writings, by J. Payne 
Collier [and Barron Field], 2 vols. 8vo. calf 
extra, full gilt backs, uncut, top edges gilt, by the 
late F. Bedford (fine copy), £2. 12s Qd 

Shakespeare Society, 1850-1 

'■ Heywood has been called [by Charles Lamb] a Prose 
Shakespeare for his Dramas, which are indeed touching pictures 
of plain, homely, fireside feelings, that makes us the more inti- 
mately acquainted with the life and practical morals of our 
ancestors than the more intellectual productions of his compeers 
can possibly do." — Black-wood's Magazine. 

Philocothonista ; or the Drunkard opened, 

dissected, and anatomized, woodcut on title, small 
4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, scarce, £3. 3s 1635 

Prefixed to the work are commendatory Verses by George 
Donne and John Foord ; also some verses by "the Author to 
the Booke," signed Tho. Fami-lignum, under which disguise is 
the only occurrence of the author's name in the book. 

HIBBERT [-WARE] (S., M.D., Mancunian) 
Sketches of the Philosophy of Apparitions ; or 
an attempt to trace such illusions to their physical 
causes, Second Edition, enlarged, Svo. beautifully 
bound in citron morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt 
(nearly new), £1. lis 6d Edinburgh, 1S25 

HIGGIN (L.) Handbook of Embroidery, illus- 
trated, post 8vo. boards, 4s 6d 1S80 

MISSION'S Reports, Xos. 1-10, in 13 vols, 
folio, and 1 vol. royal Svo. ; also the Reports on 
the MSS. of the Earl of Eglinton, Sir J. Stirling 
Maxwell, C. S. H. Drummond Moray, C. F. 
Weston Underwood, and G. Wingfield Digby, in 
1 vol. royal Svo. ; and the Calendar of MSS. at 
Hatfield^ House, part 1, in 1 vol. royal Svo. — 
together 16 vols, uniformly bound in cloth neat, 
£10. 10.9 1S70-S5 

HO ARE (H., Convocation restorer), Memoir of, 
by J. B. Sweet, Svo. cloth, 6s (pub. 12s) 1S69 



HOLLIS (Thomas) Memoirs, the Original MS. prepared for the press, clearly written, and 
containing matter not in the printed copies, 2 thick vols. 4to. green vellum, with the 
Eollis crest — Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, with portraits and plates, including a likeness 
of Milton at the age of 10, after Cornelius Jansen, 2 vols, royal 4to. half russia — together 
4 vols., unique, £10. 106- 1780 

The original MS., although corresponding with the printed text generally, contains passages not 

found in the published work, which give it a value in addition to its special interest as an autograph 


HILTON (Walter) The Scale (or Ladder) of 
Perfection, 8vo. clean in the original binding, 
very scarce, 18s 1659 

This is a reprint of the book printed by Wynkvn de Worde 
in 1494, and includes the rare Third Part. It. is interesting as a 
Seventeenth Cent, reprint for English use of a devotional work of 
an English Carthusian monk of the time of Henry V. 

HOBBES (T., ofMalmesbury) Complete Works, 
English and Latin, now first collected ; edited by 
SirW. Moh-ESWORTH,po7-trait and plates, 16 vols. 
8vo. {the only complete edition) ; tree-calf extra, by 
Riviere (with autograph and holograph letter of the 
editor), £7. 7s 1839-46 

" Hobbesisagreatnamein philosophy, on account both of the 
value of what he taught, and the extraordinary impulse which 
he communicated to the spirit of Free Inquiry in Europe." — 

"A permanent foundation of his fame (says Sir James 
Mackintosh) remains in his admirable style, which seems to be the 
very perfection of didactic language," and McCulloch remarks 
that, " Hobbes seems to have been one of the first who had any- 
thing like a distinct perception of the real source of wealth. 

HODGETTS (Prof.) The English in the 
Middle Ages, 8vo. cloth, 3s (pub. 6s) 1885 

HOFFMANN (E. T. W.) Weird Tales; a 
new translation from the German, with a Bio- 
graphical Memoir by J. T. Bealby, illustrated with 
11 fine etchings by Ad. Lalauze, 2 vols, crown 
8vo. new half Levant morocco, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £1. Ss 1885 

HOGG (R.) The Apple and Pear as Vintage 
Fruits, illustrated, 8vo. cloth, 3s 1886 

HOLDEN (Dr. Hubert A.) Foliorum Sil- 
VULA, Part I., being Passages for translation into 
Latin Elegiac and Heroic Verse, post 8vo. new calf 
gilt, lis 1866 

HOLLAND (J.) Crucian a : Illustrations of the 
most striking Aspects under which the Cross of 
Christ and Symbols derived from it have been 
contemplated by Piety, Superstition, Imagination, 
and Taste [including many original Sonnets], 
ivith fine woodcuts, fcap. 8vo. vellum gilt, gilt 
edges (Mr. Beckford's copy, with MS. Note by 
him), 15s Liverpool, 1835 

HOLMES (Dr. Oliver Wendell) Poetical 
Works, withportrait, post 8vo. half 'calf gilt, 5s 6d 


Another edition, ivith portrait and other 

illustrations, post 8vo. cloth, top edges gilt, 8s 

New York, 1886 

Other Works, as follows, post 8vo. cloth, 

top edges gilt, 8s each : — ibidem, 1882-6 

i. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, <w ith portrait: 
2. Currents and Counter-Currents in Medical Science : 3. 
Elsie Venner ; a Romance of Destiny: 4. Medical Essays, 
1842-82: 5. Pages from an Old Volume of Life (Essays): 6. 
The Poet at the Breakfast Table. 

Our Hundred Days in Europe, post 8vo. 

cloth, 5.v 1887 

HOME Thoughts and Home Scenes, Poems by 
Jean [ngelow, Dora Greenwell, Tom Tay- 
lor, the Hon. Mrs. Norton, etc., with 35 fine 
wood-engravings by Dalziel, 4to. morocco 9xtra, 
gilt edges, £l.'8s 1865 


HOMER :— [DIDYMI] Scholia in Iliadem, 
Grozce, ff. 319 and blank leaf ; Vcnetiis, Aldus, 

Interpretatio in Odysseam, Greece, ff. 127 
and leaf with the anchor, Vcnetiis in ccdibus 
Aldi et Andrcai Soceri — 2 vols, small Svo. in one, 
old green morocco extra, tooled leather joints, 
anchor in gold on sides, silk end leaves, gilt edges 
{fine and clean copy from the Syston Park Col 
lection, with bookplate), RARE, £3. 3s 

Iliad and Odyssey, translated by 


Chapman, edited, with Notes, by K. H. Shepherd, 
post Svo. newef. ex.,o\, nzwef. antique, \0sQcl 1875 

Another edition, with Introduction and 

Notes by K. Hooper, 2 vols, post 8vo. new tree- 
calf gilt, £1. 1865 

The same, translated by Alexander Pope : 

Du Roveray's beautiful edition, illustrated 
with numerous fine engravings after Stothard 
and Fuseli, 12 vols, post Svo. morocco super-extra, 
gilt edges {nice set), £7. 15s 1813 

The same, with Notes and Introduction by 

T. A. Buckley, and numerous designs by Flax- 
man, thick crown Svo. new calf gilt, lis 6d n. d. 
The same, illustrated with Flaxman's De- 
signs, 2 vols, crown Svo. half bound, 10s Qd 1876 
Iliad, translated by G. Chapman, with In- 
troduction by Prof. Henry Morley, illustrated 
ivith 24 heliogravures by Henri Motte, 4to. cloth 
{only 500 copies printed), £1. Is 1887 

The same, rendered into English Blank 

Verse by Edward Earl of Derby, Library 
Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth (scarce), 13s 6d 1865 

The same, new half morocco extra, uncut, 

top edges gilt, £1. 5s 

The same, new cedf extra, £1. lis; or, new 

tree-calf gilt, £1. 15s 

Another copy, new mor. extra, gt. ed. , £2. 2s 

The same, new edition, with translations of 

other Poems Ancient and Modem, portrait of Lord 
Derby, 2 vols, crown Svo. new calf extra, 18s 1876 

The same, new mor., gilt edges, £1. 4s 1881 

LTliade, volgarizzata letteralmente inProsa 

recata Poeticamente in Verso Sciolto Italiano 

Abbate M. Cesarotti ; 10 vols. Svo. in 5, 

very neat, top edges gilt, by 



half crimson morocco 


"Bedford, £2. 2s Padova, 1798-1801 
Odyssey, done into English Verse by Wil- 
liam MORRIS, 2 vols., crown 4to. half vellum, 
19s 6d 1887 

Large Paper Edition (out of print), 

2 vols. 4to. boards, £3. 
The same, translated by Pope, illustrated 

ivith Flaxman's designs, post Svo. cf. gt, 9s 6d 1876 

The same, translated into English Verse in 

the Spenserian Stanza, by P. S. WORSLEY, 2 
vols, post 8vo. calf gilt, £1. Is 1877 
Another copy, new orange morocco super- 
extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 7s 6d 

HOMER'S Odyssey.— The series of 34 fine 
outline engravings by John Flaxman, R.A., in 
illustration of the Odyssey, oblong folio, boards 
(scarce), £1. Is 1805 

HOMO disce Mori et lege quid revelat tibi 
Spiritus Sanctus in Agone Personarum 130 
utriusque Sexus (in Latin, interspersed with Ger- 
man), with 5 portraits and 11 curious cuts, 18ino. 
red morocco extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford/s 
copy), rare, £1. 15s Hamburg, 1593 

HONE (W., Reformer) Popular Works com- 
plete: Eyery-Day Book, Table-Book, and 
Year-Book, with 550 capital woodcuts by S. 
Williams, G. Cruikshank, etc., of Old Build- 
ings, Old Customs, Remarkable Characters, Curi- 
osities, etc. ; EARLY EDITIONS, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
£1. Ss 6d n. d. 

The same, half calf , cloth sides, in nice con- 
dition, £1. 155 

Another edition, cedf, £1. 10c? 1831 

New edition, roxburghe, £1. 14s 1878 

The same, new half morocco gilt, £2. 5c? 

- The same, new calf gilt, £2. 15c? ; or, new 


HOOD (T.) Works, Comic and Serious, in Verse 
and Prose, new and complete edition, with 
Memorials prefixed, edited with Notes by his Son 
and Daughter, 10 vols, large post 8vo. cedf gilt, 
£2. 18-? 1869-73 

Poetical Works, Lansdowne Edition, with 

■caJft ctra, £3. 

Eyery-Day Book and Table Book, or 

Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, 
Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners. Customs, 
and Events, with 436 icoodcuts, early impres- 
sions, 3 vols. 8vo. half cedf neat, £1. 155 1831 
Ancient Mysteries described, especially 

the English Miracle Plays ; also Eccles. Shows, 
Festivals of Fools and Asses, English Boy-Bishop, 
Descent into Hell, Lord Mayor's Show, etc., with 
2 etchings on copper and a woodcut by G. CRUIK- 
SHANK, and a feu: other engravings, Svo. boards, 
9c? 1823 

Another copy, cedf extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d 

The Man in the Moon, with 15 cuts by G. 

Cruikshank, 1820; Life of W. Cobbett. by him- 
self, Hone, 1816 ; and other Pamphlets by Tom 
Paine, R. Carlile, etc. etc. etc., as under, in 1 
vol. Svo. hedfeedf, 12s 6d 1816-20 

Miscellaneous Letters and Essays, by Thomas Paixe, 1817; 
Agrarian Justice opposed to Agrarian Law, by the same, 1S17 ; 
Sherwin's Weekly Political Register, Jan. 1818, to Aug. 21, 
1819 ; — The Republican, published by R. Carlile, Nos. i, 2, 
and 3, 1S19; The Black Dwarf, Feb. 1820; C. H.Walker's 
Two Addresses to the Electors of Bristol, 1819: Parody on the 
Tent Scene in Richard III. [relating to Hone's Third TriaQ, 
R. Carlile, 1818. 

Political Tracts, a series of 8 of these 

famous Publications, including Political House 
that Jack Built, Right Divine of Kings to Govern 
Wrong, Non Mi Ricordo, etc.. illustrated with 
numerous icoodcuts by George Cruikshank, 
Svo. boards, clean as new, 15s 1821-2 

Radical Tracts : The Political House that 

Jack Built. The Man in the Moon, and others as 
below, with numerous icoodcuts, in 1 vol. Svo. 
half coif , lis 6d v. y. 

A Political Christmas Carol — "The Doctor," a Parody by 
George Canning, reprinted by Hone — A Slap at Slop, and the 
Bridge Street Gang — The Right Divine of Kings to Govern 
Wrong, dedicated to the Holy Alliance — The Political Show- 
man — At Home. 

Three Trials of, for publishing Three 

Parodies during December 18., 19., and 20., 1817 ; 
with the Proceedings at the subsequent Public 
Meeting, 8vo. half calf gilt, 9c? 1818 

HOOD (T.) Work^, Comic and Serious, edited. 
with notes and Life, by his Son and Daughter, 
New Library Edition, with all the original 
illustrations, 11 vols. Svo. ncwhf. mor.,£±. 15s n.d. 

The same, ncic cedf gilt, £5. 5-s 

Memoir and Notes, with portrait and illustra- 
tions, printed within red, lines, post Svo. new 
morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 12s 6d n. d. 

Poetical Works, Chandos Edition, with 

Memoir and Notes, original illustrations and 
steel portrait, square post Svo. cedf gilt, 85 6d n. d. 
— The same, new calf gilt, lis 

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 14s 6d ; 

or, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s 6cl 
Poetical Works, with Memoir by W. M. 

Rossetti, illustrated by G. Bore, post Svo. cloth, 
Ss n.d. 

Poems, beautifully printed on thick toned 

paper, and illustrated with 22 exquisite engravings 
by Birket Foster, India proofs, 2 vols. 4to. 
in one, new mor. super -extra, gt. ed.,£S. Ss 1876 
Comic and Serious Poems, with Prefaces 

by T. Hood the younger, numerous illustrations 

by the Author and others, 2 thick vols, post Svo. 

nets calf extra, lis 

The same, new mor. extra, gilt edges, £1. 6s 

Comic Poems, with Preface by T. Hood the 

younger, illustrated, thick post Svo. new cedf 

extra, 8s 6d n. el. 
[Serious] Poems, 2 vols, and Poems of Wit 

and Humour, 1 vol. ; together 3 vols. fcap. Svo. 

cloth, uncut, 15s Moxon, 1846-7 

Serious Poems, with portrait, post Svo. new 

morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d ; or, new morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges, lis 6d 1869 

Poems of Wit and Humour, foolscap 8vo. 

cloth, Ss n. d. 

The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero 

and Leander, Lycus the Centaur, and other 
Poems, first edition, post Svo. hedf cedf gilt, 
Ss 6d 1827 

Hood's Own, or Laughter from Year to 

Year, both series, with steel portrait and h undreds 

of pictorial puns and woodcut waggeries, 2 vols. 

Svo. new tree -cedf gilt, £1. Ss 1865 

Another copy, cedf gilt, £1. Is 1869-71 

The same, 2 vols, in 1, cloth, uncut, 8s 6d 1873 

The same, 2 vols. Svo. hfi cf gt., lSs6d n. el. 

Another copy, new hedf cedf gilt, lbs 

The same, new cedf gilt, £1. 

Whimsicalities, illustrated by Cruikshank, 

Leech, etc., post Svo. cloth, 4s (pub. 10s 6d) 1S70 
HOOD (T., the Younger) Poems Humourous 

and Pathetic, portrait, post Svo. cloth. 5s 1877 
HOOK (Dean) Lives of the Archbishops of 

Canterbury (from a.d. 597 to 1663), revised 

edition, with the Index Volume, 12 vols. Svo. 

cloth, £5. 10s 

The same, 

Riviere, £12. 12s 

Life and 

Stephens, with 

bound in new cedf extra, by 


Letters, by Prebendary 

j)hoto-portrai'ts, 2 vols. Svo. 

best edition, cloth, 12s 6d (pub. £1. 10-s) 1S79 

The same, new tree -calf extra, £1. Ss 

Cheap edition, with photo-portrait, post Svo. 

cloth, 4s 1S81 

The same, calf extra, nearly new, Is 6dlS80 

HOOK (Theodore) Danvers, the Friend of 
the Family, in large type, 3 vols, crown Svo. half 
bound, Ss * 1831 


HOWITT (W.) Works : an uniform set, illustrated with numerous very pretty woodcuts, 

8 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, uncut, top edges gilt (scarce), £14. 14s 1840 etc. 

Contents : Visits to Remarkable Places, Old Halls, Battle Fields, etc., 2 vols.— Homes and Haunts 

of the most eminent British Poets, 2 vols.— Rural Life in England— Northern Heights of London— Rural 

and Domestic Life, and Student Life, in Germany, 2 vols. 

HOOK (Theodore) Gurney Married, fcap. 
Svo. half morocco, 5s 6d 

Jack Brag, fcap. 8vo. half mor.,5s 6d 1872 

Passion and Principle, fcap. 8vo. half 

morocco, 5s 6d n. d. 

HOOKE (N.) Roman History from the Building 
of Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth, maps, 
genuine edition, 6 vols. Svo. calf gilt {cheap), 
10s 6d ■ Trade, 1823 

HOOKER (Richard) Works : arranged by the 
Rev. John Keble ; with Account of his Life and 
Death hy Izaak Walton, 3 vols. 8vo. new calf 
antique, carmine edges, £2. 12s 6d 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1874 

The same, new tree-calf extra, by Rividrc, 

£2. 106- 

Another edition, with his Life hy Isaac 

Walton, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 18s Qd ; or, 
new tree-calf gilt, by Rividre, £1. 4s Oxford, 1875 
HOOPER (John, Bishop of Gloucester): A De- 
claration of the ten holy commaundementes of 
allmygthye God I wroten Exo. 20. Deu. 5. ; Col- 
lected out of the Scripture Canonical! | hy Joanne 
Hopper, small 8vo. sharp fclarft letter, original 
vellum wrapper (Dr.' Bliss's copy), £2. 2s 

Zurich, 1548 
The author on the last page, in reference to the Errata, 
observes : *' Remehre I pray the that it is not in maner possible 
to prvnt in a knowen tonge a hole worke | without faultes how 
mouche more impossible whereas the setters of the prynt vndre- 
standithe not one worde of oure speche." 

HOPE (Right Hon. A. J. B. Beresford) 
Worship and Order, 8vo. cloth, Is 1883 

HORATII Opera, JEneis Tahulis Incidit 
Johannes Pine, with beautiful illustrations, 
and the long list of subscribers : corrected issue 
of the first edition, 2 vols, royal 8vo. in one, 
elegantly bound in red morocco extra, gilt edges 
(fine clean copy), scarce, £7. Is 1733-7 

Eadem, ex Recensione et cum Notis atque 
Emendationibus Richardi Bentleii, 4to. nice 
copy in contemporary calf gilt {with Ostcrlcy Park 
boo%plate), 12s 6d Cantabriguv, 1711 

Eadem, cura H. H. MlLMAN, Decani S. 

Pauli ; illustrated, post 8vo. new calf, 8* 6d ; or, 
new calf extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d 1868 

The same, neiv morocco, gilt edges, 12? 

Eadem : the text revised, with introduction, 

by the Rev. H. A. J. Munro, illustrated from 
Antique Gems by C. W. King, Svo. cloth, 9s 6d 
(pub. £1. Is) 1869 

Eadem, Parchment Library Edition ; with 

frontispiece by L. Alma Tadema, fcap. Svo 
parchment, 5s 1882 

The same, morocco, top edges gilt, lis 

Eadem ; the Text revised by J. E. Yonge, 

map, square 12mo. printed on toned paper ; calf 

extra, Is Qd r 1868 

CEuvres completes, Edition Polyglotte, 

publiee sous la direction de J. B. Mon FALCON, 
thick impl. 8vo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
J. Clarke, £1. 4s Paris, 1834 

One of the most comprehensive Horaces ever published. 
Thetongaefl are the original Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, 
English, and German, and there is a large amount of supple- 
mentary matter in addition. 

HORACE'S Works, in English Prose, Globe edi- 
tion ; with Introductions, Analysis, Notes and 
Index, by J. Lonsdale and S. Lee, crown 8vo. )icio 
calf gilt, 7s 6d; or, new morocco, gilt edges, 9s 1873 
The same, translated by C. Smart, revised 

with notes by T. A. Buckley," post Svo. cL, 3s 1883 
The same, translated into English Verse, 

with Life and Notes, by Sir Theodore Martin, 
K.C.B., 2 vols, large post 8vo. cloth, 16s 1881 

Odes and Epodes ; a Metrical Translation, 

with Introduction, Commentaries, and Latin 
Text, by Lord Lytton, post Svo. hfi parchment, 
5s 6d (pub. 105 6d) 1872 

Another copy, new trec-cf. ext., g. e., 15s 1869 

The same, new edition, crown 8vo. new tree- 
calf extra, 15s 1872 

Another copy, crushed morocco elegant, inside 

borders gilt, edges uncut, top ed. gt., £1. Is 1872 
The Odes of, translated into English 

Verse, bv W. E. H. Forsyth, crown Svo. cloth, 
is 1876 

H[ORNECK] (ALnthony], Chaplain to Queen 
Elizabeth) The Sermon on the Mount opened 
and apply 'd, being a Compendium of the Christian 
Keligion, front., 16mo. {foxed), new cf., 9s Qd 1706 

HORSLEY (J.) Britannia Roman a : or the 
Roman Antiquities of Great Britain ; I. History 
of all the Roman Transactions in Britain, an 
account of their Forces, Stations, and a descrip- 
tion of the Roman Walls ; II. A Collection of the 
Roman Inscriptions and Sculptures ; III. Roman 
Geography of Britain, with above 100 plates, folio, 
fine copy in calf, with the elaborate bookplate of 
John Earl of Hyndford, 1743, £10. 10s 1732 

A valuable work, not superseded by any later publication ; 
the foundation of the earlv history and topography of England. 

HORTON (S. E>.) The Silver Pound, and 
English Monetarv Policv since the Restoration, 
8vo. cloth, lis 6^' 1887 

HOSPITALS (London).— The Order of the 
Hospitals of K. Henry VIII. and K. Edward 
VI. — viz. St. Bartholomew's, Christ's, Bridewell, 
St. Thomas's : by the Maior, Cominaltie, and 
Citizens of London, governours of the same ; 
BLACK LETTER {Sam. Pcpys's facsimile reprint of 
the rare original edition of 1557), 18mo. new calf 
extra {scarce), £2. 10s n. d. 

HOWITT (W.) The Northern Heights of 
London, or Historical Associations of Hampstead, 
Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Islington, 
with woodcuts from expressly -taken photographs, 
square Svo. cloth, SCARCE, £1. 15s 1869 

Another copy, half calf gilt, £1. 18s 

Popular History of Priestcraft in All 

Ages and Nations, 12mo. cloth, 6s 1837 

The Rural Life of England, second and 

revised edition, with woodcuts by Bewick and S. 
Williams (fine impressions), large 8vo. cloth, 
uncut, £1. Is 1840 

Another copy, third edition, with good im- 

prcssions of the cuts, cloth, uncut, 16s 6d 1844 

Later edition of the same, cloth, 8s 6d (pub. 

£1. Is) 1862 

The author travelled, chiclly on foot, from " the Land's End 
to the Tweed, mixing with, and getting a thorough knowledge 
of the people." 





LES ARTS AU MOYEN AGE, et a l'epoque de la RENAISSANCE, with 20 

Chromolithographs and 400 wood engravings, seivn .... £1 5 

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges 

1 5 
1 8 

1 5 

1 8 

2 15 

RENAISSANCE, with 15 chromolithographs by Kellerhoyen, and 440 
admirable woodcuts, many of them full-page, sewn .... 

Another copY, half morocco, gilt edges ..... 

with 13 Chromolithographs and 400 wood engravings, seivn 

The same, half morccco ....... 

The same, full morocco extra, gilt edges ..... 

RENAISSANCE, with 14 Chromolithographs and 410 wood engravings, sewn 

XVIIme SIECLE: Institutions, Usages, et Costumes: France, 1590-1700, 
with 16 Chromolithograplts and 300 wood engravings ; sewn 

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges 

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges 

The same, large paper, sewn 

Another copy, large paper, full morocco extra, gilt edges 

XVIIme SIECLE: Lettres, Sciences, et Arts: France, 1590-1700, with 17 
Chromolithographs, 306 woodcuts in the text, and I'd full-page ones, sewn 

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges .... 

The same, large paper, 4to. sewn .... 

Another copy, large paper, morocco super-extra, gilt edges . 

XVIIIme SIECLE: Institutions, Usages, et Costumes: France, 1700-1789, with 

21 Chromolithographs, and 350 wood engravings ; sewn 

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges . 

The same, large paper, sewn .... 

Another copy, large paper, half morocco extra, top edges gilt 

Another copy, large paper, full morocco super-extra, gilt edges 

Another copy, large paper, printed throughout on Japanese Paper, unbound 

in poHfolio . . 
The same, morocco extra, gilt edges . 

XVIIIme SIECLE: Lettres, Sciences, et Arts: France, 1700-1789, with 16 
Chromolithographs and 250 Wood Engravings, half morocco extra 

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges 

The same, large paper, seivn .... 


THE ARTS IN THE MIDDLE AGES, and at the Period of the RENASCENCE, 
with 19 Chromolithographs and 416 wood engravings, morocco super-extra, 
gilt edges ......... 

MANNERS, CUSTOMS, AND DRESS during the Middle Ages and the 
Renascence, 15 Chromolithograplis and 437 wood engravings, morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges ........ 

SCIENCE AND LITERATURE in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the 
Renascence, with 13 Chromolithographs by Kellerhoven, and. 418 wood 
engravings, morocco super-extra, gilt edges ..... 

MILITARY AND RELIGIOUS LIFE in the Middle Ages, and Renascence, with 

13 Chromos. and 409 wood engravings, morocco super-extra, gt. ed., with 

'nts, ivatered silh linings and fly-leaves ..... 

THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY: its Institutions, Customs, and Costumes: 
France, 1700-1789; with 21 Chromolithographs, and 351 wood engravings 
after Watteau, Vanloo, Boucher, Lane ret, Eisen, Gravelot, etc., morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges . . . . . . . 2 10 

3 17 









3 15 






2 10 

2 10 

2 10 

3 15 


Paul Lacroix's Splendid Illuminated Works, continued:— 

A COMPLETE SET OF THE ENGLISH EDITION (see previous page), 5 thick vols, 
impl. 8vo. sumptuously bound in crimson morocco super-extra, bevelled 
boards, inlaid with green morocco, gold-tooled on sides and back, broad 
gold-tooled inside borders, green watered silk linings and fly-leaves, 
edges gilt on the solid . . . . . . . 15 15 

It is scarcely too much to say that a more beautiful, valuable, and interesting series of Books 
than the preceding never issued from the press. Not only is the Letterpress extremely valuable, 
reuniting as it does the information comprised in many and expensive ivories, but the Illustrations, 
both Chromolithographs and Wood Engravings, present the perfection of each art. The latter, 
no less than 2000 in number, are accurately copied from the originals, many of which are rare 
and difficult of access, and the Chromolithographs are facsimiles of illuminations in precious 
MSS. preserved in various public and private collections. 

of Britain, and her 11,000 Virgins; each page 
surrounded by elaborate tvoodcut borders in the 
Mediaival Missal style, and illustrated by 22 
most beautiful plates in gold and colours, 
4to. elegantly bound in morocco super-extra, 
bevelled boards, gilt edges, £4. 10s 1869 

Another copy, in violet silk, with gold cross, 

gilt edges, £3. 35 

LIVES Of the SAINTS, printed within en- 
graved borders, from Ancient Books of Devotion, 
with. 51 beautiful full-page miniatures litho- 
graphed in gold and colours, 4to. morocco super- 
extra, inside borders and gilt edges (A VERY 


VEUILLOT (Louis) Jesus-Christ, avec une 
etude sur l'Art Chretien par E. C ARTIER, illus- 
trated by 16 beautiful chromolithographic 
PLATES and 180 highly finished woodcuts, many 
full page, impl. 8vo. morocco super-extra, inlaid 
on back and sides, with joints, watered silk linings 
and fly-leaves, gilt edges, £5. 5s Paris, 1875 

WALLON (A. ) Jeanne d'Arc, Edition illustree 
d'apres les Monuments de l'Art depuis le Quin- 
zieme Siecle jusqu'a nos Jours, embellished with 
4 splendid chromolithographs and 200 en- 
gravings, impl. 8vo. new half morocco, top edges 
gilt, £1. 125 Paris, 1876 

- The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 10* 
Another copy, in morocco super extra, the 

sides richly tooled, inside joints, watered silk 
linings, and fly-leaves, gilt edges, £4. 105 

HO WITT (W.) Rural and Domestic Life of 
Germany, with numerousfine ivoodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 
£1. Is 1842 

The Book of the Seasons, or the Calendar 

of Nature, pretty vignette engravings, fcp. 8vo. 
cloth, 65 1846 

Student Life of Germany, from the un- 
published MS. of Dr. Cornelius, with nearly 
40 famous Student's Songs with the Original 
Music, and numerous steel plates and woodcuts, 
8vo. cloth, £1. Is 1841 

History of the Supernatural in all Ages 

and Nations, and in all Churches, Christian and 
Pagan ; demonstrating an Universal Faith, 2 vols, 
post 8vo. cloth, 195 Qd 1863 

Visits to Remarkable Places : Old Halls, 

Battle Fields, and Scenes illustrative of Striking 
Passages in English History and Poetry, with 
numerous woodads (fine impressions), both 
series, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 125 6d 1840 

Visits to Remarkable Places : Old Halls, 

Battle Fields, and Scenes of Striking Passages in 
English History and Poetry, third edition, with 
good impressions of the cuts, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
uncut, £1. 105 6d 1856 

Another copy, cloth, edges shorn, £1. 65 

Cheap edition, with 80 cuts, crown 8vo. new 

calf gilt, 125 1882 

HOUGHTON (Lord), Selections from the 
Poetical Works of, fcap. 8vo. new morocco 
si 1 per -extra, gilt edges, \\s 1863 

HOWSON (Dean) Before the Table; an 
Inquiry into the True Meaning of the Consecra- 
tion Rubric in the Communion Service, 8vo. cloth, 
±s§d{\)\\h.lsQ>d) 1885 

See also under Conybeare, ante. 

HUBNER (Le Baron de) A Travers l'Empire 
Britannique (1883-4), 2 vols. 8vo. sewn, 55 (pub. 
155) Paris, 1886 

HUEPPER (P.) The Troubadours, a History 
of Provencal Life and Literature in the Middle 
Ages, 8vo. cloth, 55 (pub. 125 6d) 1878 

The same, new half calf , top edges gilt, Ss§d 

Another copy, new calf gilt, gilt edges, 12s 

HUGHES (Thomas) Tom Brown's School- 
days, illustrated, crown Svo. new cf. gt., 105 1885 

The same, Golden Treasury Edition, fcap. 

Svo. calf gilt, Ss 6d 1873 

HUGHES (Rev. T. S.) History of England, 
from George III., 1760, to the Queen's Accession, 
1837, 7 vols. 8vo. half calf , £1. 15 1836 

The same, best edition, with Memoir, 

copious Notes, Improvements, etc., portrait, 
7 vols. Svo. half calf gilt, £2. 105 1855 

HUGO (Victor) (Euvres, augmented de "La 
Legende des Siecles," new Library Edition, 
handsomely printed, with 100 vignettes, 20 vols. 
8vo. sewn, £2. 55 (pub. £5.) Paris, 1875-8 

Les Miserables, translated into English, 

illustrated edition, printed in large type on 
thick paper, with over 300 PLATES AND WOOD- 
CUTS, from designs by De Neuville, Bayard, 
Morin, Valnay, and others, 5 vols. impl. 8vo. 
cloth, £2. 105 1887 

Notre Dame, or the Bell-Ringer of Paris, 

with 36 illustrations, 8vo. half bound, 65 6d n. d. 

HULBERT (C, Author of the History of Salop) 
Memoirs of Seventy Years of an Eventful 
Life, with 500 Notices of Persons, Places 
Interest, etc. ; portraits and plates, 7 parts roy 
4to. sewn, £1. 45 

Privately printed by the Author, Providence 
Grove, near Shreivsbury, 1848-52 




Crown 4to. 2 vols, handsomely bound in half German calf, top edges gilt, £1. 16s. 
LARGE paper edition, on fine super-royal 8vo. paper, only 100 co-pies printed, each numbered, 

£3. 105. 

THE LIFE of BENVENDTO CELLINI, newly Translated into English, by John Addington 
Symonds, ivith Portrait and 8 Etchings by F. Laguillermie, also 18 Reproductions of the 
Master's Works, printed in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

"A book, which Goethe thought worthy of translating into German with the pen of ' Faust' and ' Wilhelm Meister,' a book 
which Auguste Comte placed upon his very limited list for the perusal of reformed humanity, is one with which we have the right 
to be occupied, not once or twice, but over and over again. It cannot lose its freshness. What attracted the encyclopaedic minds 
of men so different as Comte and Goethe to its pages still remains there. This attractive or compulsive quality, to put the matter 
briefly, is the flesh and bio d reality of Cellini's self-delineation." 


In 3 vols, demy 8vo. Roxburghe binding, top edges gilt, £2. 14s ; also on 
large paper, royal 8vo. with Portraits in duplicate, each numbered, £6. 6s. 

ANNALS of the ENGLISH STAGE, from Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean, by 
Dr. Doran, f.s.a., edited and Revised by R. W. Lowe, from the Author's Annotated 
Copy, with 50 Copper-plate Portraits. 

The following are some of the chief features of this new edited and revised edition of Dr. Doran's well-known work. It is 
illustrated for the first time with fifty newly engraved copper-plate portraits of the leading and best known actors and actresses, all 
of which are printed as India proofs. There are also fifty-six illustrations, newly engraved on wood, printed on fine Japanese 
paper, and mounted at the head of each chapter, as well as some twenty or more character illustrations, also newlv engraved on 
[wood, and printed with the text at end of the chapters. There are numerous new and original foot notes given, as\vell as a 
copious and exhaustive Index to each volume. Besides the demy 8vo. edition, a limited number will be printed on roval 8vo. fine 
paper, with a duplicate set of the fifty portraits, one on Japanese paper and the other on plate paper, as India proofs. Each of 
pese copies will be numbered. 


Post 8vo. on hand-made paper, 10s 6d ; also on 
large paper, half German calf, each numbered, Ids. 
MORE LYRICS from the SONG-BOOKS of the ELIZABETHAN AGE, edited by A. H. 


Many of the poems in this collection are from unique books preserved in the British Museum, the Bodleian Library, the 
Royal College of Music, and Mr. Halliwell-Phillipps's Library at Hollingbury Copse. Others are printed, for the first time,' from 
jMSS. The Editor has been careful to include only such songs as are ; ' choicely good." 


In 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d per volume ; also on 
large paper, medium 8vo. cloth, each numbered, Vis 6d. 
THE WORKS of GEORGE PEELE, edited by A. H. Bullen, b.a. 

A new Library Edition of Peele's works is needed, for Pickering's beautiful volumes are rare and costly. In the present 
•dition some interesting facsimiles of title-pages, etc., will be given. 


In demy 8vo. (100 pages), cloth, 18s 

the Earliest Times to the Present Day, by Robert W. Lowe. 

The present work is intended to supply in some measure a want which has been felt by all writers on theatrical subjects, as 
Lell as by all collectors of theatrical books. It consists of about 2000 titles, the great majority of which are taken directly from the 
(.orks described. These will be arranged alphabetically, with exhaustive cross-references. Notes regarding each actor and actress 
I (.ill be given, and also an account of the occurrences to which particular works refer, special attention being paid to the less 
nown and more curious pamphlets. Thus, it is hoped, the work will have an historical as well as bibliographical value, and will 
Drm a History of the Stage, especially in those details of which regular histories take little or no cognizance. Plays will be 
xcluded, except where they have prefaces, etc., of historical or controversial interest; and of Shakespeariana, only such works will 
,e included as relate to the performance of Shakespeare's plays or the representation of his characters by particular actors, 
flotations of prices at recent famous sales will be given, and the rarity of scarce books will be pointed out. 


n large crown 8vo. with One Hundred Illustrations by It. Caulfield Orpen, cloth elegant, top 

edges gilt, 5s 9d. 

DE OMNIBUS REBUS" : an Old Man's Discursive Ramblings on the Road of Every-day 

" These pages are written in the character of a shrewd, observant, and perhaps satirical, but not ill-natured, old bachelor 
ho knows how to find in his journeyings, by omnibus or otherwise, matter for reflection or comment, and who communicates 
Liriiliarly his impressions of men and things, turning them about so as to get at their humourous, their practical, and their 
.ithetic aspect. With these he mingles past and present experiences of life, congenial episodes, and representative types of 
laracter as they suggest themselves to his memory; but his gossip is always popular in character, bearing on subjects of social 
:onomy and contemporary ethics necessarily interesting to our common humanity." 




ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, from January, 1855 to June, 1886 (vols. 26-88), with 
thousands of fine engravings on wood, and numerous coloured plates, 63 vols, thick 
folio in 61, half morocco gilt (a bargain), £11. lis 1855-86 

This excellent journal forms a complete pictorial history of recent times, including the 
stirring events of the last French Revolution ; the Indian Mutiny ; the Garibaldian Wars ; the Austro- 
Italian, the Franco- Austrian, and the American Civil Wars ; the Danish, the Austro-Prussian, and the 
Franco-Prussian Wars ; the Siege of Paris and the Commune ; the Abyssinian War, etc. The illustra- 
tions also comprise engravings from celebrated Paintings and other Works of Art, including specimens of 
all the Exhibitions : London, Dublin, Paris, Manchester, Leeds, Vienna, etc. ; Portraits of Royal and 
Distinguished Personages; Views of various places of interest at home and abroad, Public Buildings, 
Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, etc.; Engravings illustrative of Life and Customs in various parts of 
the World, Royal Visits, State Ceremonies, Sports and Amusements, and other matters which space 
forbids to mention. 

HUHN (A. von) The Struggle of the Bul- 
garians for National Independence under 
Prince Alexander, map, post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1886 

HULL AH (J.) Song Book, Words and Tunes 
from the best Poets and Musicians, fcap. 8vo. 
morocco, gilt edges, 9s 1866 

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d 


The Transition Period of Modern 

Musical History, 8vo. cl.,6s (pub. \0sQd) 1876 

HULME (P. E., f.l.s.) Floral Design; 
Suggestions in, 52 plates comprising upwards of 
230 examples, splendidly printed in colours 
and GOLD ; with Descriptions, folio, handsomely 
bound in new cloth', gt. ed., 16s (pub. £3. 3s) n. d. 

Examples for Fret-CUTTING and Wood- 

carving, folio, cloth, 6s 1877 

. The Town, College and Neighbourhood 

of Marlborough, illustrated, crown 8vo. cloth, 
5s 1881 

HUMBOLDT (A. von) Cosmos : Sketch of a 
Physical Description of the Universe, edited by 
Major-Gen. Sabine, P.R.S., 4 vols, crown 8vo. in 5, 
neio half calf gilt, £1. 4s 1859 

HUME and SMOLLETT'S History of 
England, to the Accession of George III., with 
Lives of the Authors, numerous portraits (large 
type edition), 13 vols. Svo. grained crimson 
morocco, richly gilt, gilt edges {choice set), £2. 7s 6d 

Edinburgh, 1818 

The same, with the Authors' last Corrections 

and Lives, portraits, FINE LARGE TYPE EDITION, 
8 vols. Svo. mottled calf extra, by Riviere, £2. 

Trade, 1864 

History of England, to the reign of Queen 
Victoria, with portraits, Library Edition, 17 vols. 
8vo. sprinkled cedf gilt, neat set, £4. 4s 

Trade, 1S36-41 

The same, handsome large type Library 

Edition, with portraits, 15 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
£3. 1864 

The same, tree-calf gilt, nearly new, £7. v. y. 

The same, Cabinet Edition, with frontis- 
pieces, portraits and autographs, 18 vols, post 8vo. 
cloth, £1. 5s 1854-66 
The same, half morocco gilt, £3. 15s 

HUNNE WELL (J. F. ) England's Chronicle 
in Stone (Cathedrals, Castles, Palaces, etc.), with 
60 illustrations, 8vo. cloth, £1. 1886 

HUNT (F. K.) The Fourth Estate : a History 
of Newspapers and of the Liberty of the Press, 
2 vols, post Svo. cloth, 12s §d (pub. £1. Is) 1850 

HUNT (J. H. Heigh]) Juyenilia, or a collec- 
tion of Poems written between the age of 12 and 
16, when of the Grammar School of Christ's Hos- 
pital, portrait, Svo. half calf gilt, 9s 6d 1802 

Imagination and Fancy : Selections from 

the English poets, illustrative of those hrst 
requisites of their Art, with Critical Notices of 
the Writers, etc., post 8vo. boards, 15s 1846 

Another copy, hedf morocco, top edges gilt, 

16s 6d 

The Rebellion of the Beasts : or the 

Ass is Dead ! Long Live the Ass ! ! ! by a late 
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, with 
roughly coloured cuts (one of an elephant being 
slow-boiled), post Svo. half calf neat, uncut, 12s 

Tavistock St., 1825 

Stories from the Italian Poets, with 

their Lives, 2 vols, post 8vo. hedf morocco, very 
neat, scarce, £1. 129 6d 1846 

Including the most striking Passages from Dante, Pulci, 
Boiardo, Ariosto, and Tasso. 

HURD (Bishop) Works, Collected Edition, 
with fine portrait and vignettes, 8 vols. 8vo. calf 
neat, 14s 1811 

HYJVLA.NS (H.) Histoire de la Gravure dans 
l'Ecole de Rubens, with five facsimile plates, 
royal Svo. sewn, 14s Qd Bruxelles, 1879 

^CELAND; its Volcanoes, Geysers, and 
(lj Glaciers, by C. S. Forbes, plates and cuts, 
Jk> crown 8vo. half bound, 10s 6d 1860 

Journal of a Residence in, 1814-15 ; the 

Natural Phenomena, History, Literature, and 
Antiquities, Religion, Character, Manners, and 
Customs, etc., by Dr. E. Henderson, second 
edition, with map and numerous plates, Svo. 
brown calf gilt, 12s Qd Edinburgh, 1819 

Journal of a Tour in, in the Summer of 

1809, by Sir W. J. Hooker, second ed., enlarged, 
with maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. hedf calf gilt, 
9s 6d 1813 

Sir William Hooker's first published work. 

Letters on, its Antiquities, Geology, Hist- 
ory, Manners, etc., made during the Voyage of 
Sir Joseph Banks, Dr. Solander, etc., in 1772, 
by Uno von Troil, with Letters on the Edda and 
Elephantiasis of Iceland, second edition, map, 
8vo. mottled calf extra, yellow edges, 12s 1780 

IC ELANDIC— Lodbrokar-Quida : or the 
Death-Song of Lodbroc, with Translation, a 
literal Latin version, Islando-Latin Glossary, 
and Notes : by the Rev. Jas. Johnstone, fcap. 
8vo. hedf morocco, top edges gilt, £2. 2s 

(Copenhagen), 1782 

" Exceedingly scarce : priced in a London Catalogue £i : 
only 25 copies printed." — MS. Note. 




G-UERANGER (Dom., Abbe de Solcsmcs) 
Sainte Cecile, et ia Societe Romaine aux 
I)enx Premiers Siecles {finch/ printed on thick 
PAPER), illustrated by 2 CHROMOLITHOGRAPHS, 
,"> Etchings, and 250 wood engravings : a large vol. 
imperial Svo. sewn, fancy corer, £1. Is Paris, 1S74 

Another copy, half morocco extra, gilt edges, 

£1. 16s 

This tine volume, embellished with Chromolithographs, 
highly finished engravings on India paper, and 250 woodcuts, 
exhibits a complete coup d'ail of Roman Society during the 
tirst two centuries of the Christian Church, the recently dis- 
covered Catacombs, Crvpt, Tomb of St. Cecilia, etc. 

PARABLES of our Lord, printed in tlatk Irltrr 
on cardboards, with woodcut and illuminated 
capitals, tail pieces, etc., and each page surrounded 
with illuminated borders in gold and colours, 
square fcap. Svo. bound in smooth stamped morocco, 
In celled boards, gilt edges, 12s Qd 1847 

throughout within ornamental borders, several of 
the pages illuminated in GOLD and COLOURS, with 
the addition of steel-engravings, 24mo. beautifully 
bound in purple velvet, with fine silver clasps of 
antique pattern, corners, and the initials C.B. 
surmounted with coronet (the Countess of 
Blessington's copy), silk lining and endpapers, 
gilt edges, £2. 2s Paris, s. d. 

JOINVILLE (Sire de) Histoire de Saint 
Louis, Credo, et Lettre a Louis X., texte original, 
accompagne d'une traduction par N. de Wailly ; 
with maps, FINE chromolithographs, and 
numerous engravings, from MSS. of the XIII. 
and XIV. Centuries, impl. Svo. nciv half morocco 
extra, £1. 15s Paris, Didot, 1874 

Another copy, ON LARGE paper, 4to. new 

half morocco extra, top edges gilt, £2. 15s 

Extraordinary MANUSCRIPT COLLECTION relating to 
IMMORALITY AND PROFANENESS :— Disney (John, Vicar of St. Man/sin Nottingham), 
A View of Ancient Laws against Immorality and Profaneness, Lewdness, Drunkenness, 
Gaming, Stage-Plays and Players, folio, large paper, ruled with red lines, fine old red 
morocco gilt, gilt edges, Cambridge, 1729 — the Author's own copy, with his bookplate ; 
accompanied by a series of MS. Collections, forming an Unpublished Continuation of 
the work, and containing an extraordinary thesaurus of information and anecdote, derived 
from all hinds of sources, respecting vices and abuses of every description, including the 
most gross, in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Plantations in America, and 
Foreign Countries, arranged under heads; also the autograph MS. of the printed boolc : 
lite whole very clearly written, and bound in fourteen volumes quarto and folio, vellum 
neat, £21. 10s circa 1729 

The above unique and extraordinary collection was made by one of the chief movers in a celebrated 
xt tempt to reform public morals by setting in motion all available statutes against immorality and pro- 
faneness, and as such is of singular interest and value at the present time. 

ICELANDIC— [Percy (Bp.)] Five Pieces of 
Hi xic Poetry translated from the Islandic 
Language (with the Originals), small Svo. mottled 

j calf extra, uncut, top edges {as good as new), 
bifthe late F. Bedford, £l.~10s 1763 

[CHTHYOLOGY :— see Natural History, 
I post. 

IDDESLEIGH (Sir Stafford Northcote, 
First Earl of) Lectures and Essays, Svo. 
cloth, 9s (pub. 18s) 18S7 

IHNE (Dr. W.) History of Rome (English Edi- 
tion) ; 5 vols. Svo. new cedf gilt, £4. 15s; or, new 
tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £5. 1871-82 



i^BERIGH-MACKAY (E.) Twenty-one 
I Days in India, crown Svo. hf. morocco, 4s Qd 1SS1 
^BDUR-RAHMAN (Syud, m.r.a.s.) A 
; I ilTTLE Sketch Book, or Literary Jottings (chiefly 
of a visit to England), crown Svo. cloth, 2s Qd 

Madras, 1883 
\.MARJI (Ranchodji) Tarikh-i-Sorath, a 
History of the Provinces of Sorath and Halar in 
Kathiawar, trans, from the Persian, post Svo. 
half calf gilt {presentation copy from Dr. Burgess), 
4v Qd Bombay, 1SS2 

1NDERSON (J., m.d.) Catalogue and 
Han d-book of the Archaeological Collections 
in the Indian Museum, Asoka, Indo-Scythian, 
Gupta, and Inscription Galleries, 2 vols. Svo. 
cloth, 5s Calcutta, 1883 

— - — Report on the Expedition to Western 
Yunan vid Bhamo, with large map and 5 plates, 

1 super-impl. Svo. cloth, 17s Qd Calcutta, 1871 

ARNOLD (Edwin, c.s.i.) Indian Idylls, 
from the Sanskrit of the Mahabharata, in English 
Verse, Svo. cloth, 6s Qd l8S3 

ASIATIC SOCIETY :— Transactions of the 
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain 
and Ireland, complete, with 80 plates of fac- 
similes, etc., 3 vols. 4to. half calf gilt, SCARCE, 
£2. 2s (pub. £9. 5s) 1827-35 

The above contains contributions by Professor Wilson, 
G. C. Haughton, Davis, Morrison, Colebrooke, Humboldt, Dom, 
Grotefend, and other eminent Oriental scholars. 

ASSAM, Sketch of : with some Account of the 
Hill Tribes, by an Officer in H. E. I. C.'s 
Bengal Native Infantry in Civil Employ, with 
large map and 21 coloured plates of views and 
race-types, etc., Svo. cedf extra, emblematically 
gilt {nice copy), 7s Qd 1847 

AUBER (Peter, m.r.a.s.) Rise and Progress 
of the British Power in India, maps, 2 vols. 
Svo. hedf morocco gilt, 7s Qd 1837 



Books Relating to India and its Neighbourlands, continued:— 

BURGESS (JAMES) Archjsological Survey of Western India, with about 350 plates, in 

photography, lithography, etc., 5 vols, royal 4to. half brown morocco gilt, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £9. (pub. £13. 13s) India Museum, 1875-83 

Contents : 
Vol. 1. Report of tlie First Season's Operations in the Belgam and Kaladgi Districts. _ 1874. 
Vol. 2. Report of the Second Season's Operations. Report on the Antiquities of Kathiawad and Kachh. 

Vol. 3. Report of the Third Season's Operations. 1875-7G. Report on the Antiquities in the Bidar and 

Aurangabad District. 
Vols. 4 and 5. Reports on the Buddhist Cave Temples and their Inscriptions ; and the Elura Cave Temples 

and the Branmanical and Jaina Caves in Western India : containing Views, Plans, Sections, and 

Elevations of Facades of Cave Temples ; Drawings of Architectural and Mythological Sculptures ; 

Facsimiles of Inscriptions, etc. ; with Descriptive and Explanatory Text, and Translation, of 

Inscriptions, etc. 


ATKINSON (Capt. G. F.) Curry and Rice, 
the Ingredients of Social Life at "Our Station" 
in India, forty coloured lithographic plates, with 
humourous descriptions, second edition, large 
impl. 8vo. cloth gilt (designed by Sir Digb^ 
Wt/att), SCARCE, £1. 17s 6^ Day <£• Son, n 

ATKINSON (T. W.) Travels in the Regions 
of the Upper and Lower Amoor and the Russian 
Acquisitions on the Confines of India and 
China, map, chromolithograph, and numerous 
woodcuts, royal 8vo. cloth, 9s Qd (pub. £2. 2s) 1860 

BARTH (A.) The Religions of India, Author- 
ised Translation by the Rev. J. Wood, Svo. cloth, 
9s (pub. 16s) 1882 

[BEDDOBS (Dr.)] Alexander's Expedition 
to the Indian Ocean, a Poem, woodcuts, 4to. 
half calf neat, Ss Qd Privately printed, 1792 

The above was written by Dr. Beddoes to refute his friends' 
assertions that Erasmus Darwin's style was inimitable. Dar- 
win's admirers were deceived, and Dr. Beddoes triumphed. 
Mr. Revnolds had it printed at his own expense, but for obvious 
reasons' it was not published. It was printed in Madely; the 
tvpes were set by a woman; and the wood-engravings cut by 
the parish clerk. 

BELL (Major Evans) The Annexation of 


Singh, royal Svo. cloth, 4s 1882 

Retrospects and Prospects of Indian 

Policy, large Svo. cloth, 5s (pub. 10s Qd) 186S 

BELLE W (Surgeon-Gen. H. W.) Grammar 
and Dictionary of the Pukkhto or Pukshto 
Language, the latter tracingthe words to their 
sources in the Indian and Persian Languages, 
2 vols. 4to. new cloth, 12s Qd (pub. £3. 3s) 1867 

BENNETT (J. W.) Ceylon and its Capa- 
bilities, its Resources, Indigenous Productions, 
and Commercial Facilities, with appendix, map, 
coloured and plain plates of fruits, etc., royal 4to. 
cloth, uncut, £1. Is (pub. £3. 3s) 1843 

BIGGS (Col. C.) Architecture at Ahmeda- 
pad, with historical and descriptive sketch by 
T. C. Hope, and Architectural Notes by James 
FERGUSSON ; Text only, U'ith front, and wood- 
cuts, 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 10s Qd 1866 

BIRDWOOD (Sir George, k.c.i.e.) The 
Industrial Arts of India, with map and 
nearly 100 plates, thick Svo. calf gilt, 18s Qd Pub. 
for the Committee of Council on Education (1880) 

BOMBAY Literary Society, Transactions 

of the (containing articles by Sir J. Malcolm, 

AN'. U. Sykes, Sir James Mackintosh, W. Erskine, 

Capt. Vans Kennedy and others), with numerous 

folding plates, 3 vols. 4to. half calf gilt, £1. 10s 


Reprint of the same, 3 vols. 8vo. half russia 

gilt, £1. &s Bombay, 1877 


BOMBAY Government, Selections from the 
liECORDS of the, New Series, 62 numbers in 23 
vols, royal 8vo., with numerous large maps, plans 
and plates (some coloured) ; half calf gilt, contents 
lettered, £7. 10s Bombay \ 1854-08 

Contents: — New Series, Nos. <, 7, 8, 10, 12-17, l & ( 3 parts), 
2 r, 23-26, 28-32, 34-38, 39 (2 parts), 40-45, 49-52, 54-60, 64-66, 76-78, 
86, 104, 106, in, 113, 115, 132, 147, and 4 unnumbered. 

These volumes contain valuable miscellaneous information 
on Kattywar, Sind, Cutch, Gujerat, Kolhapoor, Arabia Felix, 
the Persian Gulf, Kurrachee, the Deccan, Bombay, etc. ; also 
on the Sind Revenue, the Inam Commission, the Deccan Surin 
gams, Statute Labour, Irrigation (Sind), Land Tenures, Fores 
Revenue, Bombay Famines, Ceylon Pearl Fisheries, Femal 
Infanticide, etc. etc. 

BOMBAY Presidency, Gazetteer of the, pre 

pared under the Orders of Government, with 

maps, plans, etc., 22 vols, royal Svo. in 25 

(wanting Vols. 1 and 9, not yet ptnblishcd), new 

half cedf gilt, contents lettered, nice uniform set, 

£6. 6s Bombay, 1877-85 

Contains Surat and Broach, Kaira and Panch Mahals, 

Ahmedabad, Cutch, Palanpur and Mahi Kantha, Rewa Kantha 

Harukot, Cambay and Surat States, Baroda, Kathiawar, Rat- 

nagiri, and Savantvadi, Molaba and Janjira, Khandesh, Thana, 

Thana {place of interest), Kanara, Nasik, Ahmadnagar, Foona, 

Satara, Sholapur, Belgaum, Dhawar, and. Bijapur. 

plete in 7 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. 10s 

Bombay, 1855-8 

This ably written Review contains many valuable articles 
on the Ethnology, Philology, and Natural History of India, and 
also many early reviews of the Works of Mr. Ruskin, Thackeray 
and others (interesting as showing how they appeared from an 
Anglo-Indian standpoint), a long article, with many curious 
details, of the construction and effect of the G. I. P. Railway, 
the pioneer line in India, on the Suez Canal, etc. etc. 

BO WRING (L.) Eastern Experiences, Svo. 
cloth, 4s Qd 1871 

BRIGGS (J.) History of the Rise of the Maho- 
med an Power in India, till a.d. 1612, trans- 
lated from the Persian of Mahomed Kasim 
Ferishta, with an account of the Conquest by the 
Kings of Hydrabad of the Madras Provinces, 
with copious notes, 4 vols. Svo. half russict gilt, 
scarce, £3. 3s 1829 

BURTON (Sir Richard) Falconry in the 
Valley of the Indus, with 1 plate sketched and 
drawn by J. Wolf, and 3 by Mr. Waterhouse 
Hawkins, post Svo. cloth, scarce, £1. Is 

Van Voorst, 1852 

With interesting biographical postscript containing detail; 
of the Author's early adventures and wonderful gift of tongues. 

CAPPER (J.) Old Ceylon, illustrated, 8vo, 
cloth, 4s Qd 1878 

The Three Presidencies of India: the 

Pise and Progress of the British Indian Possea« 
sions from the earliest records, map and engrav- 
ings, Svo. half calf neat, 5s Qd 1S53 



Books Relating to India and its Neighbourlands, continued :— 

COLE (Major H. H.) Monographs on the National Monuments of India; published by Order 

of the Governor-General in Council, illustrated with 106 plates beautifully executed from 

photographs in Chromolithography and Heliogravure ; 10 parts royal folio, half cloth, 

£9. 9s Office of Curator of Ancient Monuments in India, 1884-5 

1. Gra3CO-Buddhist Sculptures from Yusufzai, 33 plates. 2. Delili, 5 plates. 3. Buildings in the 

Punjab, 7 plates. 4. Golden TTemple at Amritsar, 5 plates. 5. The Sanchi Tope, 10 plates. 6. Meywar, 

9 plates. 7. Aura and Gwalior, 9 plates. 8. Great Temple to Siva and his Consort and Madura, 4 

plates. 9. Temples at Trichinopoly, 15 plates. 10. Tomb of Jahangir at Shahdara near Lahore, 

% plates. 

CALCUTTA Gazettes, Selections from the, 
from 1784 to 1823, showing the Political and Social 
Condition of the English in India ; by W. S. 
Seton-Karr and H. D. Sandeman, maps, o vols. 
roy. Svo. new hf. cf. gt., £4. 10s Calcutta, 1S64-9 

This copious collection is not only very important in its 
more serious but very amusing in its lighter aspect, as it contains 
many witticisms, pieces of poetry, and many extraordinary 
details of the remarkable life led by our countrymen in India 
a hundred years ago. 

CLIVB (Lord), Life of, from the Family Papers, 
by Major-Gen. Sir J. Malcolm; with portrait 

and map, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 12s Qd (pub. £2. 2s) 1836 
COLE (Major H. H.) Preservation of 
National monuments : Reports as Curator 
of Ancient Monuments in India for 1SS1-2 and 
1882-3 ; with numerous plates, 2 vols. impl. Svo. 
half calf gilt coal cloth, 10s Qd 

Simla and Calcutta, 1882-3 

Report on the Pillar of Victory built 

by the Rana Rhambo of Meywar at Chittorgarh, 
Meywar, Rajputana, with 6 large plans, folio, 
sewn, 10s 6d ' 1883 

COLBBROOKE (H. T.) Miscellaneous Essays 
(on Oriental Literature, Antiquities, Manners and 
Customs, etc.), with facsimiles of MSS. and in- 
scriptions, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, scarce, £2. 10s 1837 

Includes the Vedas ; Religious Ceremonies and Philosophy 
f the Hindus; Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages, Poetry, Tenets 
\it Mohammedan Sects, Ancient Monuments, etc. 

Historical Sketch of Goa, with Account of its 
present State, and of the Surrounding Territories, 
map, crown Svo. new hf., 7s Qd Madras, 1831 

30TTON (J. S.) and E. J. Payne: India 
and the Colonies, crown Svo. cloth, 3s 1883 

CRAWFORD (J., the Envoy) Journal of an 
Embassy from the Governor-General of India to 
the Court of Ava ; with Description of Fossil 
Remains by Buckland and Clift, maps and plates, 
including White Elephant, 2 vols. Svo. half cedf, 
5s 1834 

JUNHA (J. Gerson da) Notes on the History 

I and Antiquities of Chaul and Bassein, with 
17 photographs, 9 p>l ( dcs and a map, Svo. doth, 
10s Qd (pub. £1. 5s) Bombay, 1S76 

CUNNINGHAM (Major-Gen. Alex.) 

, Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum: the In- 
scriptions of AsOKAj with map and 30 plates, royal 
4to. cloth, £1. Is Calcutta, 1877 

2UST (R. Needham) Linguistic and Ori- 
ental Essays, cr. Svo. cloth, 10s (pub. 18s) 1880 

)ESLONGCHAMPS (A. Loiseleur) Lois 

DE Manou, publiees en Sanscrit, avecdes Notes 

con tenant un choix de Yariantes et de Scholies, 

L Svo. half calf, 10s Paris, 1830 

,) U P P (James Grant) History of the 

MAHRATTAS ; map, frontispieces, etc., 3 vols. Svo. 

r half russia gilt, with boo1:platc cf the late Master 

i of Trinity ;. scarce, £3. 10s 1S26 

DUQUESNE (Mons.) New Voyage to the 
East Indies, in the years 1690-1, with an 
account of the Customs, Manners and Habits of 
the Indians, etc. etc., with a New Description of 
the Canary Islands, etc., folding map and ptlates, 
12mo. half calf gilt, Is Qd 1696 

DUTT (Shoshee Chunder) Works, 6 vols, 
crown Svo. cloth, £1. 4s 1SS4 

EAST India Association (55, Parliament St., 
S.W.), Journal of the, published under the Au- 
thoritv of the Council ; 6 vols. Svo. morocco, 
£1. 10s 1S67-72 

EAST WICK (E. B.) Khirad-Afroz (the 
Illuminator of the Understanding) by Maulavi 
Hafizu'd-din, new edition of the Hindustani text, 
with Notes, impl. Svo. cloth, llsQd Hertford, 1S57 

A Year on the Punjab Frontier, 1S48-9, map, 
portraits and engravings (the costumes coloured), 
2 vols. Svo. hf. calfqilt, 12s Qd (pub. £1. lQs) 1S51 

Memorials of the Life and Letters of, by 

his Wife, with p>ortraits etc., 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
£1. 75 Qd 1SS6 

ELLIOT (SirH. M.) Memoirs on the History, 
Folklore, and Distribution of the Races of the 
N. - W. Provinces of India ; being an amplified 
Edition of the original Supplementary Glos- 
sary of Indian Terms, edited etc. by J. Beames, 
with 2 plates and 4 coloured maps, 2 vols. Svo. 
half calf gilt, £1.2sQd (pub. £1. 16a in cloth) 1S69 

The History of India, as told by its 

own Historians, edited from the posthumous 
papers of Sir H. M. Elliot, by Prof. J. Dowson, 
S vols. Svo. cloth (scarce), £6. 105 1867-77 

Last and best edition of this valuable storehouse of Indian 

ELLIOT (Capt. R.) Views in the East : India 
and Canton, and on the Shores of the Red Sea, 
60 beautiful Views after Prout, Stanfield, Catter- 
niolc, etc., fine impressions, with Descriptions by 
Roberts, 2 vols. impl. Svo. in 1, hf., 12s 1833 

ELPHINSTONE (Hon. Mountstuart) The 
Rise of the British Power in the East, a 
continuation of the " History of India in the 
Hindoo and Mahomniedan • Periods, ; ' maps, Svo. 
cloth, IQs 1SS7 

Selections from the Minutes and other 

official Writings of, with Memoir, by G. W. 
Forrest. Svo. cloth, Ss Qd (pub. £1. 1*) 1S84 

ENGINEERING ( Indian ), Professional 
Papers on, edited by Major Medley, Principal 
of Roorkee College ; from the beginning in 1863 
to 1870, with numerous plates, photographs, etc., 
7 vols, royal Svo. half calf neat (scarce), £3. 105 

Roorhcc, 1S64-70 

These volumes contain many valuable papers on Civil and 
Military Engineering, Architecture, Surveying, etc., which in 
India possess many features of peculiar interest, besides a 
continuous account of the Great Trigonometrical Survey! of 
India. Among the contributors were numbered some of the 
most eminent Engineers in India, 

11 * 


Books Relating to India and its Neighbourlands, continued :— 

FORBES (James, F.B.S.) Oriental Memoirs, written during Seventeen Years' Residence in 
India, including Observations on parts of Africa and South America, with many fine 
engravings of Views, Antiquities, etc., those of Natural History beautifully coloured, 
4 vols. 4to. sumptuously bound in green morocco extra, inlaid with red, and richly gold- 
tooled, gilt edges, by Mackenzie {one of the Author's reserved copies), with Crest of the 
Earl of Gosford on vellum, £13. 18s 1813 

The same, second edition, by his Daughter the Countess de Mont alembeut, portrait, etc., 

2 vols. 8vo. of Text, calf gt.; also Atlas of Plates, hf. cf ; together 3 vols. £1. 7s 6d 1834 
" A most important work ; of all the books that have been published on India, this, perliaj)s, is the 
most sterlingly valuable." 

GRIFFIN (Sir Lepel, k.cs.i. ; Agent to the Governor -General for Central India) THE 
FAMOUS MONUMENTS OF CENTRAL INDIA: a series of eighty-nine photographs 
in permanent autotype, of the finest Temples, Palaces, etc., at Sanchi, Gwalior, Kha- 
jaraho, and elsewhere, with descriptive Letterpress, oblong folio, cloth extra, £5. 6s 1886 

The same, new morocco super-extra, elegantly tooled and gilt, gilt edges, £8. 

In the course of a long and eulogistic review, the Times says of this book : — 

" If there was any doubt as to the Monuments of Central India being famous, it would be removed 
by the appearance of this magnificent volume. ... As India is never likely to become a ground much 
frequented by tourists, Sir Lepel Griffin's collection will bring these remarkable Monuments before a far 
larger audience, and show people who can never hope to visit the spot their architectural and sculptural 
beauties. . . . This superb volume reflects the highest credit on the printer and binder, as well as on the 
Autotype Company. ... It rests with the Art-World of Europe and the Princes of Central India, who 
have a direct concern in the subject, to show that Sir Lepel Griffin's efforts are appreciated, and of this 
there can be little doubt, as a more beautiful volume in all its details has seldom been issued from an 
English press." 

This remarkably fine and interesting work is generally recognised as an especially appropriate gift- 
book for the present Season. Specimens of the illustrations attracted great attention at the late Colonial 
and Indian Exhibition. 

BLLBNBOROUGH (Lord), History of the 
Indian Administration of, in his Correspond- 
ence with the Duke of Wellington, and his Letters 
to her Majesty the Queen, edited by Lord 
Colchester, 8vo. hf. calf gilt, Is Qd (pub. 18s) 1874 
FBRGUSSON (James) Illustrations of the 
Rock-cut Temples of India, designed to illus- 
trate the Architecture of the Buddhist and Brah- 
minical Caves and Monoliths, from the earliest to 
the latest periods, 20 large lithographic draivings 
(first few pages spotted), mipl. folio, half morocco, 
with a vol. of text in 8vo. cloth, £2. '2s 1845 

and JAMES BURGESS, The Cave 

Temples of India, with 100 plates and 73 wood- 
cuts, impl. 8vo. half morocco gilt, uncut, top edges 
gilt, £2. '2s 1880 

F'ONSECA (J. N. da) Historical and Archaeo- 
logical Sketch of GOA, with short Statistical 
Account of the Territory, maps and plates, 8vo. 
seivn, 3s Bombay, 1878 

FORBES (Capt. C. J.) British Burmah and 
its People, post 8vo. cl._, 4s 6d (pub. 10s Qd) 1878 
FORBES (Duncan) Bagh o Bahar ; Entertain- 
ing Tale3 in the Hindustani Language, by Mir 
Amman of Dihli ; fourth edition, corrected, with 
Vocabulary, royal 8vo. cloth, 12s (1860) 

FRANCKLIN (W.). Tracts political, geo- 
graphical, and commercial, on the Dominions of 
Ava, and the N.-W. Parts of Hindostaun, 8vo. 
half calf gilt, Is 6d 181 1 

FRASER (Capt. H.) Our Faithful Ally, the 
Nizam ; being an Historical Sketch of Events 
showing the Value of his Alliance to the British 
Government in India and his Services during fclie 
Mutinies, 8vo. hf. cf. gt., Is 6d (pub. £1.) 1865 
FRERE (Sir Bartle) Speeches and Addresses 
in the Bombay Presidency, 1858-67 ; compiled 
by Bdlkrishna Nilaji Pitald, fine portrait, 8vo. 
cloth. £1. Is Bombay, 1870 

FURNUWEES (Nana), Memoir of the, from 
Family Records and extant Works, by Capt. A. 
Macdonald, with illustrations on stone from 
Native Pictures, 8vo. mor. gt., lis Qd Bombay, 1851 

GARRETT'S Classical Dictionary of India : 
— see under DlCTlONAElES, ante. 

GILL. (Capt. W".) The River of Golden Sand 
(Travels in Siam etc.), post 8vo. new calf gilt, 
10s Qd 1883 

GLANIUS (M.) Relation of an unfortunate 
Voyage to Bengal, describing their Shipwreck, 
etc. etc., and their adventures in the service of 
the Great Mogul, and his War against the Kings 
of Azo and Assam, curious frontispiece, 16mo. 
half calf gilt, £1. Is 1682 

GROWSE (F. S.) MATHURA; a District Mem- 
oir, revised and enlarged edition, with 35 plates 
by the autotype process, 4to. hf. mor., top edges gt., 
£2. 2s N. W. P. and Oudh Government Press, 1880 

GUTHRIE (Mrs.) Life in Western India, 
2 vols, crown 8vo. cloth, 3s Qd (pub. £1. Is) 1881 

HAECKEL (Prof. E.) Visit to Ceylon, post 
8vo. cloth, 6s 1883 

HEDAYA (The) or Guide, a Commentary on 
the Mussulman Laws, translated from the Arabic 
by Order of the Governor-General and Council of 
Bengal by C. HAMILTON, 4 vols. 4to. half brown 
morocco gilt, very SCARCE, £5. 1791 

A highly valuable work; valued by Lowndes and likewise 
priced in a recent catalogue at £12. 

HERBERT (Sir T.) Travels into Africa and 
Asia, especially describing the Empires of Persia 
and Indostan, engraved frontispiece and plates 
by Marshall, folio (with numerous old MS. notes 
in the margins), calf, rcbacked, 6s Qd 1638 

HINDUSTANI : Baghi Nu-Behar : Field of 
the New Springtime, lithographed, 4to. half mor- 
occo extra, top edges gilt, 10s Qd fiombay, 1852 


Books Relating to India and its Neiohbourlands, continued: — 


Published by Command of the Secretary of State for India. 


Fourteen Volumes, 8vo., Half Morocco. 




Additional Member of the Viceroy's Council, 

Late Director-General of Statistics to the Governm